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1943 - 1994

Manuscript Collection Number: 363
Accessioned: Purchase, 1994.
Extent: 21 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, photographs and negatives, poems, prose, book reviews, clippings, posters, programs, financial papers, address books, calendars, interviews, books, magazines and journals, flyers, plays, and ephemera.
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Table of Contents

I. Writing by Edward Field

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Box -- Folder -- Contents

 1        Series I.  Writing by Edward Field, 1950-1994

          Series I.1.  Poetry, 1951-1994
               This series collects poetry written by Edward Field, including published
               collections of his poems, contributions to magazines, journals and
               anthologies, audio recordings of reading of his work, his translations of the
               poetry of others, his worksheets and send-out files of poems.  The series
               also includes several anthologies of poetry edited by Field, poems written
               about Field, illustrations for some of his poems, and material for poetry
               workshops taught by Field.  See also the correspondence series for
               material regarding poetry readings, the anthologies and book publication.

          Published collections of Field's poems, 1962-1994
               Arranged chronologically by publication date.

           Stand Up, Friend, With Me, 1962-1973
               New York:  Grove Press, 1963

     F1   Correspondence, contract, reviews, specification page for proofs, 1962-1963

     F2   Correspondence, reviews, royalty statements, 1964-1970
          One clipping removed to oversize box 17.

     F3   Correspondence, royalty statements, Gerald Ginsburg's score for the poem
          "Prologue," and a menu incorporating "Stand Up, Friend, With Me," 1971-1973 
          and [n.d.]
          Score of "Prologue" removed to oversize box 17.

     F4   Typescript and photocopied draft of poems, with some autograph revisions, [n.d.]

     F5   Broadside of the poem "Song," 1964 Nov
          Published by Mills College, includes four copies and a letter.

          Variety Photoplays, 1966-1990
               Originally:  New York:  Grove Press, 1967
               Reprint:  Long Beach, CA:  Maelstrom Press, 1979

     F6   Correspondence, contract, reviews, royalty statements, and Field's draft statement
               about the book, 1966-1979

     F7   Correspondence, reviews, royalty statements, photographs and play script for a
               play incorporating poems from the book, publicity lists, and drafts of
               poems included in Variety Photoplays, 1980-1990

1         Series I.  Writing by Edward Field (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Poetry (cont'd)
          Published collections of Field's poems (cont'd)

          Sweet Gwendolyn and the Countess, 1974
               Gulfport, FL:  Konglomerati, 1975

     F8   Carbon typescript of the poem, Konglomerati catalog page advertising the book,
               and page proofs of the title page and first illustration, 1974

          A Full Heart, 1970-1978
               New York:  Sheep Meadow, 1977

     F9   Correspondence, reviews, copyrights for poems, notes for corrections to the
          proofs, and publisher's order form, 1970-1978

     F10  Typescript and carbon typescript drafts of the poems for A Full Heart, with some
               revisions, [n.d.]

     F11  Page proofs, 1977

          Stars in My Eyes, 1974 and [n.d.]
               New York:  Sheep Meadow, 1977/1978

     F12  Typescript and carbon typescript drafts of poems for book, with autograph
          revisions, and a list of inclusions, 1974 and [n.d.]

          New and Selected Poems from The Book of My Life, 1987-1991
               New York:  Sheep Meadow, 1987

     F13  Correspondence, publicity lists, reviews, and table of contents, 1987-1991
          Includes letters from Henri Cole, James Broughton, Vern Rutsala, and
          Christopher Reid.

     F14  Typescript, carbon typescript, and photocopied drafts of poems for New and
               Selected Poems, with autograph reviews, [n.d.]
          Includes the original title for the book, "A Frieze for a Temple of Love."

     F15  Typescript, carbon typescripts, and photocopied drafts, with autograph revisions,

1         Series I.  Writing by Edward Field (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Poetry (cont'd)
          Published collections of Field's poems (cont'd)

          Counting Myself Lucky:  selected poems, 1963-1992, 1990-1994
               Santa Rosa, CA:  Black Sparrow, 1992

     F16  Lists of contents, typescript and photocopied drafts of poems, with autograph
               revisions, [n.d.]
          Includes several titles for the book, including "Choose Life" and "Hear O Israel."

     F17  Typescript and photocopied drafts of poems (some bearing extensive autograph
               revisions) and author's preface, [1990-1991]

     F18  Reviews and flyers, 1992-1994

          Books of poetry translated, edited and/or compiled by Field, 1976-1994
               Includes two unpublished anthologies: "Funny Poems" and "Getting Into
               Sex."  See also Series III.2 Prose for a translation and commentary on
               poems by Zisha Landau (F110).  Arranged chronologically by publication
               date, with unpublished material at the end.

          Songs and Stories of the Netsilik Eskimos, [n.d.]
               Cambridge, MA:  Education Development Center, 1967
               Translated and edited by Field and expanded as Eskimo Songs and Stories
               (New York: Delacorte/Lawrence, 1973)

     F19  Typescript and carbon typescript worksheets of poems (with autograph revisions),
          plus drafts of introductory material, [n.d.]

          A Geography of Poets: an anthology of new poetry, 1976-1986
               Edited by Field, New York:  Bantam, 1979

     F20  Correspondence, contract, Bantam catalog, royalty statements, reviews, flyer,

          A New Geography of Poets, 1989-1994
               Compiled and edited by Field, Gerald Locklin, and Charles Stetler
               (Fayetteville, AR:  University of Arkansas Press, 1992).
               Files include extensive correspondence with Miller Williams, Gerald
               Locklin, and Charles Stetler.  Also includes letters from many of the poets
               included in the anthology.

     F21  Correspondence, 1989
          Includes letter from Sharon Olds.
1         Series I.  Writing by Edward Field (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Poetry (cont'd)
          Books of poetry translated, edited and/or compiled by Field (cont'd)

          A New Geography of Poets (cont'd)

     F22  Correspondence, biographical notes on authors, and lists of poems to consider for
               inclusion, 1990 Jan-Aug
          Includes letters from James Broughton, Al Masarik, Vern Rutsala, Charles
          Ghigna, Eugene B. Redmond, John Bensko, Ami Baraka, and Turner Cassidy.

     F23  Correspondence, poems, lists of poems, 1990 Sep-Dec
          Includes letters from Ron Padgett, James Whitehead, Martin Kirby, Madeline
          DeFrees, Paul Lawson, Molly Peacock, Kathleen Iddings, and Sharon Olds.

     F24  Correspondence, permission forms, and poems, 1991 Jan-May
          Includes letters from Ishmael Reed, X. J. Kennedy, Antler, and others.

     F25  Correspondence, draft of acknowlegements, poems, and permission forms, 1991
          Includes letters from William Stafford, James Dickey, Maxine Kumin, and
          Kathleen Norris.

     F26  Correspondence, poems, reviews, royalty statements, and lists of contents, 1992
          Includes letters from James Broughton and Charles Webb.

     F27  Correspondence, notes, table of contents, list of poets and addresses, library
               information, clippings, and publishers information, [n.d.]
          Includes letters from Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Alicia Ostriker. 

     F28  Contributors' notes, 1991
          Includes a biographical note on each poet, some with letters from the poets.

          Typescript and photocopy draft, with introduction, [n.d.]
2    F29  Part I
     F30  Part II

          Final draft, with illustration for cover, [1992]
     F31  Part I
     F32  Part II

     F33  Review and publicity, 1992-1994

2         Series I.  Writing by Edward Field (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Poetry (cont'd)
          Books of poetry translated, edited and/or compiled by Field (cont'd)

          "Funny Poems," 1976
          A collection of typescript and photocopied poems for an anthology of humorous
          poems which was never published.

     F34  Correspondence and poems, 1976

          "Getting Into Sex:  An Anthology of American Poetry of the New Sexuality,"
          A collection of typescript and photocopied poems for an anthology of poem
          related to human sexuality which was never published.

     F35  Correspondence, synopsis, and poems, 1977-1978
     F36  Poems, [n.d.]
     F37  Poems, [n.d.]

          Published poems in newspapers, periodicals, and curriculum, 1951-1984
               Consists of a folder of clippings, tearsheets, or flyers with individual
               poems by Field.  For copies of magazines, journals, and newspapers
               containing poems written by Field see the magazine series.  For books
               containing contributions by Field see the book section.  Arranged

     F38  Clippings, tearsheets, and flyers, 1951-1984

          Poetry worksheets of drafts of Field poems, 1964 and [n.d.]
               Extensive collection of worksheets/drafts of Field's poems.  Includes
               autograph, typescript, carbon typescript, and photocopied drafts, many
               with autograph revisions.  The drafts remain in the order in which they
               arrived.  When possible the folder description will indicate books in which
               some of the folder's poems were published. 

     F39  Worksheets, [n.d.]
          Includes poems published in A Full Heart.

     F40  Worksheets, 1964 and [n.d.]
          Includes poems published in Variety Photoplays.

     F41  Worksheets, [n.d.]
          Includes poems published in Variety Photoplays; Stand Up, Friend, With Me; and
          Eskimo Songs and Stories.

2         Series I.  Writing by Edward Field (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Poetry (cont'd)
          Poetry worksheets of drafts of Field poems (cont'd)

     F42  Worksheets, 1964 and [n.d.]
          Includes poems published in Variety Photoplays.

     F43  Worksheets, [n.d.]
          Includes poems published in Counting Myself Lucky. 

     F44  Worksheets, [n.d.]
          Includes poems published in Counting Myself Lucky.

     F45  Worksheets, [n.d.]
          Includes poems published in Counting Myself Lucky.

     F46  "Works in Progress" [worksheets], [n.d.]

3         "Send Out Files," 1992 and [n.d.]
               Field maintained a file of poems (in no particular order) to be sent out for
               publication.  Numerous copies of poems are present, some bearing
               autograph revisions, but most being clean typescript or photocopies.  Files
               are arranged as originally received.

     F47  Send out files, 1992 and [n.d.]
          Contains photocopies of published poems written by Field.

     F48  Send out files, [n.d.]
          Typescript and photocopies of poems.

     F49  Send out files, [n.d.]
          Typescript and photocopies of poems, a few bear autograph corrections.

     F50  Send out files, [n.d.]
          Typescript and photocopies of poems.

     F51A Send out files, [n.d.]
          Typescript and photocopies of poems.  A couple of copies of published poems and
          a few bearing autograph corrections.

     F51B Send out files, [n.d.]
          Typescript and photocopies of poems, many bear lists of journals or magazines
to which the poems were submitted and which publisher accepted them. F52 "Goodbye to Berlin," 2003 Typescript (computer)of a poem written by Field in the summer of 2003. 3 Series I. Writing by Edward Field (cont'd) Series I.1. Poetry (cont'd) Audio recording of Field's poetry, 1974-1991 Includes Field reading his poetry, his memorial tribute to May Swenson, and a performance of a musical version of Field's poem "Prologue." Arranged alphabetically by title. F53 "Edward Field - October 23, 1974," 1974 Oct 23 Reel to reel recording. F54 "Edward Field - The Lost, Dancing," 1984 Audio cassette tape of Field reading his poems and Poetry on Tape catalog. Produced by Watershed Tapes as part of the Signature Series (No. C-176). F55 "Memorial Tribute to May Swenson," 1991 Mar 28 Audio cassette tape which includes Field's tribute at a memorial sponsored by the American Academy of Poets at the New York Historical Society. F56 "New Letters on the Air - Edward Field," [n.d.] Audio cassette tape featuring Field reading his poems and responding to an interviewer's questions. Also includes a list of "New Letters on the Air" titles. F57 Off the Page, The First Video Poetry Magazine, 1991 Videocassette (removed to book section, see item #106 on shelf) which includes Field reading his poems. F58 "Prologue," [1977] Audio cassette tape of a performance of a musical version of Field's poem "Prologue," as scored by Gerald Ginsburg. A copy of the original score is available in the oversize section Box 17 (removed from F3). Performances which include Field's poems, 1965-1990 Arranged chronologically. F59 Correspondence and programs, 1965-1990 Includes poetry readings and poems set to music. Ink and watercolor drawings illustrating several Field poems, 1969 F60 Illustrations for "The Garden," "The Charmed Pool," and "Mark Twain and Sholem Aleichem, plus a letter from Rita Katz, 1969 3 Series I. Writing by Edward Field (cont'd) Series I.1. Poetry (cont'd) Poems about Edward Field, 1977 and [n.d.] F61 Includes poems by Erin Boylan, Jenijoy La Belle, Sheila Bowler, and Elaine Galanis Bryan, 1977 and [n.d.] Poetry workshops and programs, [n.d.] F62 Notes and poems for poetry workshops and for the Ethnic Roots Reading Program, [n.d.] See also the "Appearances" subseries of the correspondence (II.6). Series I.2. Books written as "Bruce Elliot" (with Neil Derrick), 1982-1987 Field and Derrick used the pseudonym, Bruce Elliot, in writing The Potency Clinic (New York: Bleecker Street, 1978), Village (New York: Avon, 1982), and The Office (New York: Ballantine, 1987). Copies of The Office and Village are available in Special Collections. Included here are synopsis for two other books by Bruce Elliot. F63 Synopsis for "Trinity" and "The Drifter," [n.d.] Series I.3. Prose written by Field, 1960-1992 Includes narrations for the motion picture To Be Alive, as well as articles, introductions, autobiographical essays, and book reviews. Motion picture narration for To Be Alive, 1964 Francis Thompson Inc., 1964 F64 Reviews for the film To Be Alive, 1964 Eighteen minute film written by Field. Reviews, articles, statements, introductions, and autobiographical prose, 1960-1992 The reviews and articles are arranged alphabetically by title. Information about publication is noted when available. The various articles related to Alfred Chester are filed together under "Chester." F65 [Advice to Young Writers], [n.d.] Autograph notes and typescript drafts, written for Roy Zapeda. 3 Series I. Writing by Edward Field (cont'd) Series I.3. Prose written by Field (cont'd) Reviews, articles... (cont'd) F66 "The American Novel as Pop Art, or The Pop Novel," [1964] Typescript drafts of Field's book review of John Clellon Holmes's Get Home Free. Published as "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!" in Book Week (1964 Jun 7), a photocopy of the review is included. F67 "Brooklyn" and untitled autobiographical pieces, [n.d.] Autograph and typescript drafts. Alfred Chester books and articles Includes typescript drafts, most with autograph revisions. Head of a Sad Angel: stories, 1953-1966 Edited this selection of stories written by Alfred Chester, Black Sparrow, 1990. See the Edward Field Papers related to Alfred Chester (Ms 3xx). Looking for Genet Editor for Alfred Chester's book, Black Sparrow, 1992 See the Edward Field Papers related to Alfred Chester (Ms 340). A draft for the introduction to Looking for Genet is available in F72. F68 "Alfred Chester and Susan Sontag," [n.d.] F69 "Alfred Chester in Morocco," [n.d.] F70 "Alfred Chester's Women," [n.d.] F71 "Goodbye to Christendom," [n.d.] F72 Introduction and table of contents for Looking for Genet F73 Material for the Alfred Chester Society newsletter, 1964-1992 Includes poems, book reviews, notes. F74 Untitled and incomplete manuscript about Chester, [n.d.] F75A "The Cult of the Body," [n.d.] F75B "Dining with Rosetta Reitz," [late 1960s] Typescript with autograph revisions of an unpublished article written for the Village Voice. Field used the pseudonym Lamar Hurleburt. F76 "Doing It With Mirrors, or Deconstructing My Body," [n.d.] F77 "Frank O'Hara," [n.d.] F78 "Gay in the Army," [n.d.] F79 "Getting to Know You," [n.d.] Book review of Rudy Kikel's Long Division. 3 Series I. Writing by Edward Field (cont'd) Series I.3. Prose written by Field (cont'd) Reviews, articles... (cont'd) F80 "A Goy's Guide to Jewish New York," [n.d.] F81 [Untitled] article regarding the Greek island of Hydra, [n.d.] F82 "Herman Rose," [n.d.] Review of paintings by Rose. F83 "How to Succeed with a Homosexual," [n.d.] F84 "Leonard Bernstein," [n.d.] F85 "Living Cheaply in Puerto Rico," [n.d.] F86 "Madame," [n.d.] Autobiographical piece. F87 "Making a Living as a Poet," [n.d.] F88 "May Swenson: A Memoir," [1990] Numerous drafts with a variety of titles. F89 "The Movies as American Mythology," 1969 Jun Includes drafts and tearsheets of the article as printed in Concerning Poetry (1969 Jun). F90 "Muriel," [1992] Written for the Fall 1992 issue of Confrontation, the essay is written with Neil Derrick. Includes Confrontation page proofs. F91 "Neo Pop, The New Populist Poetry," [1992] Includes typescript drafts and photocopies of the article as published in Poets and Writers (1992 Jul/Aug). F92 "Notes Toward an Introduction," [1965] Introduction for the 1965 issue of Cross Currents. F93 "On Winning a Lammy," [n.d.] F94 "Paris 48: Education of a Poet," [n.d.] F95 [Untitled statement on Field's Philosophy of Poetry], 1960 Dec F96 "The Poetry File," [n.d.] 3 Series I. Writing by Edward Field (cont'd) Series I.3. Prose written by Field (cont'd) Reviews, articles... (cont'd) F97 [Untitled notes and draft for primal therapy], [1973] F98 "Proclamation," [n.d.] F99 "A Requiem for Five Corners," [n.d.] F100 "Robert Lowell," [n.d.] F101 "The Scandals of Tchelitchew," 1967 Feb 26 Drafts and photocopy of Field's review of Parker Tyler's The Divine Comedy of Pavel Tchelitchew: A Biography, as published in Book Week (1967 Feb 26). F102 "A Search for Bob," [n.d.] Synopsis for a 28-minute documentary. F103 Introduction for "Selected Poems of Cavafy," [n.d.] F104 "Son of Gurdjieff, In Search of Fritz Peters," [n.d.] F105 "Star Portrait: Felice Picano," [n.d.] 4 F106 "Tangier Diary: A Visit to Paul Bowles," [n.d.] Also titled "From a Tangier Diary: Tea at Paul Bowles's." F107 "T. C. and the Traveler," [n.d.] F108 Preface for poem by Tu Fu, [n.d.] F109 "Variety Photoplays, a memoir," [n.d.] Authored by "Bruce Elliot," an autobiographical piece regarding the Variety Photoplays movie theater. F110 Translation and comments on poems by Zisha Landau, [1968] Includes drafts and correspondence. Field's letters to the editor, 1965-1992 F111 Drafts and photocopies of published letters written by Field to the editors of a variety of newspapers and journals, 1965-1992 4 Series I. Writing by Edward Field (cont'd) Series I.4. Plays written by Field, [n.d.] Includes drafts of dialogue for a children's play titled "Frankenstein," plus a synopsis for "Aku-Aku," and synopsis and dialogue for "Unwanted." Arranged alphabetically by title. F112 "Aku-Aku," [n.d.] F113 "Frankenstein: A Play for Children," [n.d.] See also Ms 99 F734 for a completed draft sent to Jack Gottlieb. F114 "Unwanted," [n.d.] F115 Unidentified dialogue for plays, [n.d.] Series I.5. Journals of Edward Field, 1963-1993 This series includes the typescript pages and autograph notebooks kept as a journal by Field. The journals record Field's daily observations, dreams, travels, personal conflicts, ideas for and drafts of poems, notes and drafts for essays or autobiographical pieces, drafts of letters, and chronicles of physical symptoms. The journals are intensely personal and reflect Field's personal relationships and his craft as a poet. The journals are arranged in chronological order, with undated material at the end of the series. F116 1963 F117 1964 F118 1965 F119 1966 F120 1967 F121 1968 F122 1969 F123 1970 Jan-Mar F124 1970 Mar-May F125 1971 Jan - 1972 Dec F126 1971 Mar-Jun F127 [1971] F128 1972 F129 1973 F130 [1974-1975] F131 [1977-1978] F132 [1970s] F133 1985-1986 (with laid in items from 1989-1991) F134 1992 Aug - 1993 Jul F135 1993 Sep - 1994 Apr F136 [n.y.] or [n.d.] F137 [n.d.] 4 Series I. Writing by Edward Field (cont'd) Series I.6. Miscellaneous notes and writing, [n.d.] F138 Autograph and typescript notes, and miscellaneous portions of writing about poetry, translation, puritanism, and sex, [n.d.] Also uncludes reader's notes regarding Field's manuscript, "Kabuli Days," which chronicle his travels in Afganistan in 1972. Series I.7. Unidentified writing, [n.d.] F139 "The Portrait," [n.d.] Two-page typescript by an unidentified individual.

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