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Theodore Enslin
Correspondence with
Howard McCord

1971 - 1973

Manuscript Collection Number: 392
Accessioned: Purchase, May 1998.
Extent: .1 linear ft. (85 items)
Content: Correspondence.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: October 1999 by Devin Harner.

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

The American poet Theodore Enslin was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1925. After studying music composition with Nadia Boulanger in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Enslin settled in Temple, Maine, in 1960. In the 1970s he moved to Milbridge, Maine, where he farms and writes. Enslin has published over 80 books of poetry, beginning with The Work Proposed at Cid Corman's Origin Press in 1958. In 1999 the National Poetry Foundation published Enslin's Then, and Now: Selected Poems 1943-1993.

Howard McCord was born in El Paso, Texas, in 1932. He received a B.A. from Western Texas College (now University of Texas at El Paso) in 1957, and an M.A. from University of Utah in 1960. From 1971 - 1980 and from 1992 - 1997 McCord directed the Creative Writing program at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. McCord has published over 30 books of poetry, fiction, and criticism including 1997's The Man Who Walked to the Moon.


Metzger, Linda (ed.) Contemporary Authors. New Revision Series, Volume 40. Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1984. pp. 294-295.

Metzger, Linda (ed.) Contemporary Authors. New Revision Series, Volume 41. Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1984. pp. 122-124.

Scope and Content Note

The eighty-five items in this collection are letters from Theodore Enslin to Howard McCord, and carbons of McCord's replies from March 4, 1971 to March 23, 1973. The correspondence is arranged chronologically. The letters pertain to Enslin's progress with Ranger (published in 1978), travel itineraries, homeopathic medicine, and McCord's planning of a trip to Iceland. In addition to the correspondence in the collection there are copies of letters written by Howard McCord to Professor E.W. Tedlock, Jr., and to a Professor Jones recommending Enslin for a D.H. Lawrence Fellowship for the summer of 1973. Also included is a copy of an introduction written by Enslin for a group of Marie Mathews's "Herbal" poems.

Contents List

Folder -- Contents --

     Note:  Unless otherwise noted all letters are from Theodore Enslin to Howard McCord.
     Those noted "H.M." are carbons of McCord's responses to Enslin.

F1   1971 March - December

          1971 4 Mar          TLS       1p
               1 Jun          TLS       1p 
               10 Dec         TLS       1p
               22 Dec         TLS       1p
               30 Dec         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
F2   1972  January - April

          1972 [Jan]          TLS       1p
               15 Jan         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               18 Jan         TLS       1p
               28 Jan         TLS       1p
               9 Feb          TLS       1p
               18 Feb         TLS       1p
               26 Feb         TLS       1p
               22 Mar         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               23 Mar         TLS       1p
               27 Mar         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               27 Mar         TLS       1p
               31 Mar         TLS       1p
                    Note: w/ holograph note "Re: Synth/Cat"
               Easter         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               5 Apr          TLS       1p

F3   1972  April - May

          1972 7 Apr          TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               11 Apr         TLS       1p
               12 Apr         TL (carbon)    2p   H.M.
               20 Apr         TLS       1p
               24 Apr         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               27 Apr         TLS       1p
                    Note: holograph note: "Lycopodium"
               1 May          TL (carbon)    2p   H.M.
               4 May          TLS       1p
               12 May         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               16 May         TLS       1
               20 May         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.

F4   1972 May - August

          1972 24 May         TLS       1p
               31 May         TL (carbon)    2p   H.M.
               16 Jun         TLS       1p
               21 Jun         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               26 Jun         TLS       1p   
               29 Jun         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               2 Jul          TLS       1p
               7 Jul          TLS       1p
               13 Jul         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               18 Jul         TLS       1p
               23 Jul         TL        1p
               27 Jul         TLS       1p
               3 Aug          TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.

F5   1972  August - November

          1972 7 Aug          TLS       1p   
               14 Aug         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               22 Aug         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               28 Aug         TLS       1p
               5 Sep          TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               8 Sep          TLS       1p
               14 Sep         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               24 Sep         TLS       1p
               28 Sep         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               3 Oct          TLS       1p
               6 Oct          TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               11 Oct         TLS       1p
               9 Nov          TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.

F6   1972  November - December

          1972 12 Nov         TLS       1p
               12 Nov         TLS       1p
               24 Nov         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               2 Dec          TLS       1p
               6 Dec          TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               16 Dec         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               15 Dec         TLS       1p
               28 Dec         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               28 Dec         TL (carbon)    2p   H.M.
               29 Dec         TLS       1p

F7   1973  January - March

          1973 4 Jan          TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               7 Jan          TLS       1p
               9 Jan          TLS       1p
               9 Jan          TLS       1p
               21 Jan         TLS       1p
               23 Jan         TL (carbon)    2p   H.M.
                    Note: w/ TL to Tedlock
               25 Jan         TLS       1p
               3 Feb          TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               27 Feb         TLS       1p
               9 Mar          TL (carbon)    2p   H.M. 
                    Note: w/ TL to Jones
               12 Mar         TL (carbon)    1p   H.M.
               18 Mar         TLS       1p
               23 Mar         TL (carbon)    3p   H.M.
                    Note: w/ TS "Herbal"
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