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Lester Douglas Collection

1915 - 1961

Manuscript Collection Number: 211
Accessioned: Purchases, 1987, 2001
Extent: 4.6 linear ft. (ca. 1,200 items)
Content: Correspondence, books, pamphlets, flyers, proofs, ephemera, clippings, photographs, broadsides, tear sheets, and art work.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1991 and April 1997 by Anita A. Wellner.

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

As Director of Art and Printing for the Chamber of Commerce of the United States for 25 years, Lester Douglas was responsible for the design of all of the organization's publications, including the magazine, Nation's Business. Douglas was also a leading American book designer and an authority on typography.

Prior to beginning his work for Nation's Business in 1928, Lester Douglas was an assistant art editor for American Magazine, partner in a New York advertising agency, and a freelance typographical consultant.

Some of the books designed by Lester Douglas were the Limited Edition Club's versions of The Travels of Marco Polo and An Almanac for Moderns, Douglas's editions of the four Gospels designed in collaboration with Judd & Detweiler, and his illustrated edition of Ecclesiastes, which was selected as one of "Fifty Books of 1958" by the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Lester Douglas also contributed to such journals as The American Printer, Composing Room, and Direct Advertising. He was a founder of the History Publishers Foundation and an active participant in The Typophiles, The American Institute of Graphic Arts, and the American Historical Society.

Mr. Douglas died on May 30, 1961 in Washington, D. C., at the age of 67.


Teamwork. Issue no. 1210 (November 15, 1947). pp. 4-5.

The New York Times. Obituary, May 31, 1961. p. 33.

Scope and Contents Note

The Lester Douglas Collection includes 4.6 linear feet of correspondence, proofs, printed material, art work, and ephemera related to the personal and professional life of Lester Douglas. The collection spans the dates 1915-1961.

Correspondence is included from Paul A. Bennett, Typographic Promotion Manager for Mergenthaler Linotype Co.; Herman Cohen of Chiswick Bookstore; F. E. Dayton, Sales Manager of The Conde Nast Press; Bill Reydel; and Mrs. Edna Rushmore of the Golden Hind Press. Additional letters are from individuals acknowledging the receipt of copies of books designed by Lester Douglas. Subseries notes elaborate on the content of the correspondence.

Also included in this collection is material toward publishing projects, such as Horizon magazine; information on the "Colorformat" process invented by Douglas; and over thirty books written and/or designed by Douglas. Most of the books were designed by Douglas and became Christmas keepsakes which he and his family sent to friends. A number of the books were written by Ralph Bradford and some include inserts of original art work by Hans Foy or Ralph Patterson.

Letters and notes on marketing strategies for Douglas's "Playtime Picture Series" of children's cut-out books are present, as are substantial files for Notes Along the Typographic Way (which describes the creation of various books by Douglas) and An Exhibition of Making a Book Today: An Illustrated Demonstration of the Ten Parts in Making The Book of Ecclesiastes. The files for Notes Along the Typographic Way and the exhibition include photographs, galley proofs, original manuscripts, exhibition labels, and art work.

Portfolios created by Douglas comprise a significant portion of this collection, particularly in Series IV. These chronicle Douglas's involvement in a variety of organizations including the American Historical Society, the History Publishers Foundation, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and The Limited Editions Club, Inc. Douglas was fond of producing portfolios as journals of his work on particular printing projects or as keepsakes for his friends and colleagues. References to portfolios which Douglas sent to others are found among the correspondence.

Copies of some of the periodicals to which Douglas Lester contributed, such as The American Printer and Composing Room, or which he helped design, for example Teamwork, are available in Series V.

The Douglas family coat of arms, a small number of books given to Douglas, information on games, miscellaneous sketches, and a file of material about Thomas Erwin complete the Lester Douglas Collection.

The emphasis of the collection is certainly the design projects in which Lester Douglas participated, from Christmas keepsakes to business publications. The files from the exhibitions mounted in his honor, and the accompanying catalogs, further document Douglas's career as a distinguished designer of books.

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Arrangement Note

The collection is arranged in six series: I. Personal and professional correspondence, II. Books designed and/or written by Lester Douglas, III. The Douglas "Colorformat," IV. Portfolios created by Douglas related to various organizations, individuals, or printed material, V. Periodicals which Douglas designed or to which he contributed, VI. Miscellaneous material related to or collected by Douglas.

Within series one to four the subseries are arranged alphabetically by correspondent, title of book or periodical, or subject of the portfolio. Correspondence within subseries is arranged in chronological order.

Series Outline

I.	Personal and professional correspondence, 1923-1960

II.	Books designed and/or written by Lester Douglas, 1923-1961
III.	The Douglas "Colorformat," 1948

IV.	Portfolios created by Douglas related to various organizations, individuals,
     	or printed material, 1921-1961

V.	Periodicals which Douglas designed or to which he contributed, 1915-1947 

VI.	Miscellaneous material related to or collected by Douglas, 1925-1958

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1         Series I.  Personal and professional correspondence, 1923-1960
          Series I.1.  Correspondence between Paul A. Bennett and Lester Douglas,
               The letters discuss The Typophiles, a book about ampersands on which
               they worked, as well as personal and family matters.  Includes typed and
               autograph letters from Bennett and carbon copies of Douglas's responses.

     F1   1935-1939
          Includes a draft of Bennett's "A Plan for Redesigning a Children's Primer of 1836"
          and designs for a Typophile book on ampersands.  43 items (45 leaves).

     F2   1941-1949
          Includes a copy of Bennett's article "Why Not Good-Looking Checks?"  17 items
          (19 leaves).

     F3   1950-1953
          Includes a set of printed tributes to Bennett prepared for the December 3, 1953,
          celebration celebrating Bennett's thirty years in the graphic arts.  Also includes
          galleys for the Print Magazine article, " Paul Bennett: Dean of the Typophiles,"
          and a typescript draft of On Lester Douglas.  22 items (38 leaves).

     F4   1958-1959
          During these years the original letters are from Lester Douglas and the carbon
          copies are written by Bennett.  Includes a letter to Bennett from The Pastime
          Press.  37 items (69 leaves).

          Series I.2.  Correspondence between Herman Cohen and Douglas, 1958
               Includes autograph letters from Douglas to Herman Cohen of Chiswick
               Bookstore, New York, as well as copies of Cohen's responses.

     F5   1958
          Includes two portfolios designed by Douglas which contain excerpts of letters
          written to Douglas by Nestor Davis.  8 items (19 leaves).

2         Series I.  Correspondence (cont'd) 

          Series I.3.  Correspondence between F. E. Dayton and Douglas, 1932-1946
               Consists of original letters from Dayton, the Sales Manager of The Conde
               Nast Press, and carbon copies of Douglas's responses.  The letters concern
               printing projects on which they collaborated and their common interest in
               creating a popular history magazine under the auspices of the American
               Historical Association (with Douglas as the Art Director for the

     F6   1932, 1936-1937
          Discuss the creation of a magazine called "Americana."  33 items (45 leaves).

     F7   1938 Jan-Aug
          Includes material related to the American Historical Society, drafts of information
          by Max Eastman, and Douglas's concept for a popular historical magazine to be
          called "Victory" (also known as "Americana").  51 items (82 leaves).

     F8   1938 Aug-Dec
          Includes correspondence with Allan Nevins, Professor of American History, and 
          Dayton about "Americana" and "Victory,"  as well as a draft of "A Proposal to the
          American Historical Association," which bears autograph revisions by Douglas. 
          83 items (154 leaves).

     F9   1939 Jan-Jun
          Most of the correspondence is in regard to the establishment of the Society of
          American Historians, including a draft constitution and membership list. Also
          includes articles about Allan Nevins.  81 items (127 leaves).

3    F10  1939 Jul-Dec
          Includes letters from George T. Eggleston of Conde Nast Press  and a draft of the
          table of contents for the first issue of History.  75 items (91 leaves).

     F11  1940
          Includes a letter from Louis Fancher and a draft of the introduction for a magazine
          titled Aristos or The Aristocrat.  54 items (69 leaves).

     F12  1943-1944 Jul
          Includes correspondence related to the History Publishers Foundation (formed in
          1941 to publish Horizons) and the Society of American Historians, as well as the
          official document of agreement between the two groups and the articles of
          incorporation for the Society of American Historians.

3         Series I.  Correspondence (cont'd)
          Series I.3.  Correspondence between Dayton and Douglas (cont'd)

     F13  1944 Aug-Dec
          Includes material regarding Horizons, the National Geographic Society, and the 
          bylaws of the History Publishers Foundation.  90 items (128 leaves).

     F14  1945-1946
          Includes minutes of the meetings of the History Publishers Foundation, a list of
          subscribers, and a certificate of incorporation.  12 items (31 leaves).

4         Publications on which Douglas collaborated with Dayton or Conde Nast Press

     F15  The Home Electric Year Book, [1935]
          Publication sponsored by the International Paper & Power Company.  Includes a
          proposal for a merchandising project, research material, and Douglas's notes.  7
          items (25 leaves).

     F16  A Catechism of Christian Doctrine Prepared and Enjoined by Order of the Third
               Plenary Council of Baltimore, 1932
          Includes designs and layouts by Douglas and a copy of the 1885 edition of the
          catechism.  6 items (46 leaves).

     F17  "Publication Profiles:  Portraits of Magazines Printed at the Conde Nast Press,"
          Proposal for a series of publications which would highlight the publications of           the
          press, such as Arts and Decoration, Life, Nation's Business, and The New Yorker. 
          Includes Douglas's design drawings for the covers of the proposed issues.  4 items
          (4 leaves).

     F18  Horizons, 1941-1944
          Publication of the History Publishers Foundation.  Includes a five-year financial
          forecast and notes.  4 items (32 leaves).

     F19  Horizons, 1944
          Douglas's design for a prospectus.

     F20  Victory, [n.d.]
          Douglas suggested this title (which was rejected) and format for the historical
          magazine published by the History Publishers Foundation.  Includes material
          toward a prospectus, and research notes.  10 items (31 leaves).

4         Series I.  Correspondence (cont'd)
          Series I.3.  Correspondence between Dayton and Douglas (cont'd)
     F21  Americana: The Magazine of Living American History, [1936]
          Design layout for the cover and text for Americana, bearing the note: "Designed
          by Lester Douglas 1936." This was another rejected title for the History Publishers
          Foundation history magazine.  Also includes a copy of Nos Freres D'Amerique
          (text by Roger Boutet de Monvel and watercolor drawings by Guy Arnouse)
          pasted to the back cover.  2 items (38 pp.)

5         Series I.4.  Letters from Bill Reydel to Lester Douglas, 1929

     F22  1929
          Three letters.  3 items (7 leaves).

          Series I.5.  Letters from Douglas to Mrs. Edna Rushmore, 1959-1960
               Mrs. Rushmore and her husband Arthur W. Rushmore owned and
               operated The Golden Hind Press.  Douglas wrote to Mrs. Rushmore
               regarding items for his A. W. Rushmore portfolio. Includes Douglas's
               letters and several printed items.

     F23  1959
          Letters include various enclosures such as the broadside, "Bound For Heaven,"
          and items announcing the Douglas-related exhibition, "Making a Book Today...." 
          13 items (43 leaves).

     F24  1960
          Includes printed articles about Lester Douglas.  15 items (15 leaves).

          Series I.6. Letters of acknowledgment for Douglas gift books, 1929-1949
               Portfolios created by Douglas, containing acknowledgments he received
               for The Purple Robe, A Christmas Carol, Three Men of Persia, Reprieve,
               The American Flag Old Christmas, In the Image of Man, Origin of the
               Star-Spangled Banner, According to Saint Matthew, and The Nativity
               According to Saint Luke.  Includes letters from Henry Watson Kent, Philip
               Duschnes, David Guy, F. E. Dayton, Melbert B. Cary, Elmer Adler, Paul
               Bennett, Arthur Rushmore, George Nelson, Wilbur Macy Stone, Edward
               Frank Stevens, Philip Hafer, and Laurence Siegfried.

     F25  Portfolio of acknowledgments for Old Christmas, 1934
          Includes eleven letters, with printed pages from the book decorating the portfolio.
          12 items (23 leaves).5        

         Series I.  Correspondence (cont'd)
         Series I.6.  Correspondence acknowledging books (cont'd)

     F26  Portfolio of acknowledgments for In the Image of Man, 1932
          24 items (24 leaves).

     F27  Portfolio of acknowledgments for Origin of the Star-Spangled Banner, 1948-1949
          Includes letters from Paul Bennett and Arthur Rushmore and a review from The
          Washington Post.  3 items (3 leaves).

     F28  Portfolio of acknowledgments for According to Saint Matthew, 1947-1948
          Includes letters from Arthur Rushmore, Philip Duschnes, Paul Bennett, David
          James Guy, and a copy of According to Saint Matthew.  Also includes a copy of
          Book  Design for Our Day.  15  items (20 leaves).

     F29  Letters of acknowledgment for various books, 1929-1949
          Includes letters acknowledging The Purple Robe, A Christmas Carol, The Nativity
          According to Saint Luke, Three Men of Persia, Reprieve, and The American Flag. 
          68 items (72 leaves).

          Series I.7.  Miscellaneous correspondence, 1924-1938

     F30  1924-1938
          Includes letters regarding Color in Modern Printing.  15 items (22 leaves).

6         Series II.  Books designed and/or written by Lester Douglas, 1923-1960
               Following the folder on children's books, the series is arranged in
               alphabetical order by book title.

          Series II.1.  Material concerning Douglas' children's cut-out books, also
               called "Playtime Picture Stories," 1923
               Titles include "Roly-Poly-Bunky," "Funny Farm," "Little Mary's Doll
               Family," "My Spelling Story," and "In Santa's Workshop."  Each book
               contains colored pictures to be cut out and pasted to pages of the text.

     F31  Hogo the Jolly Tramp, 1923
          Letters include the text, printing costs, and marketing ideas.  9 items (12 leaves).
6         Series II.  Books designed and/or written by Douglas (cont'd)

           Series II.2.  According to Saint Matthew, 1947

     F32  Three copies of book and one incomplete copy, 1947
          One copy includes a Christmas greeting insert from Douglas.  All copies are in
          portfolios.  4 items 

          Series II.3.  After the Passage of Winter, 1934
               Written by Ralph Bradford, this book commemorates the life and passing
               of Jennie Theresa Douglas, mother of Lester Douglas.

     F33  Two copies of the book and card, 1934
          Includes the exhibition label for the book and Easter card from Jennie Douglas.

          Series II.4.  American Christmas Carols, 1948

     F34  Copy of book and Christmas greeting insert, 1948

          Series II.5.  The Battle of Fifty Books, 1932
               Printed version of an address delivered by Lester Douglas at the opening
               of the exhibition, "The Fifty Books of the Year," on February 9, 1932 at
               the New York Public Library.

     F35  Mock-up of the book, 1932

          Series II.6.  The Begotten Man: My Favorite Pratt, 1934
               This book honoring blacksmith James Lord Pratt and his wife on their
               50th wedding anniversary was commissioned by The Dauntless Club of
               Essex, Connecticut.

     F36  Portfolio, 1934-1937
          Includes a copy of the book (signed by Douglas, #1 of 50 copies), program for the
          celebration, a letter from F. E. Dayton, correspondence with metal craftsman
          Kenneth Lynch regarding a fireplace screen, and numerous pencil designs by
          Douglas for ironwork to be crafted by Pratt.

          Series II.7.  A Bit of Christmas, 1941
               First edition, written by Ralph Bradford, with drawings by Charles Dunn.

     F37  Copy of the book, 1941
          With Christmas greeting insert from Douglas.

7         Series II.  Books designed and/or written by Douglas (cont'd)

          Series II.8.  Borders and White Space, 1914
               Reprint of an essay by Lester Douglas, originally printed in The Printing
               Art (September 1914).

     F38  Portfolio with book, 1914

          Series II.9.  Brief Interludes, 1933
               Written by Ralph Bradford, one of 97 copies, this one inscribed by
               Bradford to Douglas.

     F39  Copy of book and letters, 1933
          Includes letters from Bradford and Ernest M. Strong, as well as a review of the

          Series II.10.  Ecclesiastes: The Words of the Preacher, the Son of David, King
               of Jerusalem, 1938-1959
               Includes copies of the 1938 and 1958 editions, as well as material related
               to the exhibition based on the production of the 1958 edition.

     F40   Ecclesiastes, 1938
         Includes hardcover and large paper copies.  2 items.
     F41    Ecclesiastes, 1958
          Portfolio with original trial drawings, layouts, and proofs, 1931-1958
          Drawings later used in 1958 edition.  Includes proofs for 1958 and an original
          print from the wood engraving created by Hans Foy. 

     F42  Hardcover edition and page proofs.

8         "An Exhibition of Making a Book Today: An Illustrated Demonstration of the Ten
               Parts in Making The Book of Ecclesiastes Designed and Directed by Lester
               Douglas and Printed by Letterpress and Lithograph at the Printing House
               of Judd & Detweiler in Washington, District of Columbia, 1958.  At the
               Library of Congress April 9 to July 10, 1959.  Arranged by the
               Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts."

     F43  Material for exhibition announcement, 1959
          Notes and layouts for the announcement with notations by Douglas and the editor. 
          18 items (20 leaves).

     F44  Photographs and exhibition labels, 1959
          Includes photographs and labels used in the exhibit, plus photographs taken
          during the exhibition.  41 items (74 leaves).

8         Series II.  Books designed and/or written by Douglas (cont'd)

          Series II.11.  Heritage, 1950
               Written by Ralph Bradford and inscribed to Douglas.

     F45  Copy of book, partial book jacket, flyer, and clipping, 1950

          Series II.12. The Historical Illustrations in Weem's Washington, 1931
               Written by Randolph G. Adams.

     F46  Copy of book in portfolio with two postage stamps, 1931

          Series II.13.  In the Image of Man, 1932
               Written by Ralph Bradford.

     F47  Copy of book, 1932

          Series II.14.  A Legend of the River People, 1937
               Written by Ralph Bradford, with drawings by Charles Dunn.

     F48  Copy of book, 1937

9         Series II.15.  Modernizing Business Print, 1929
               Printed version of an address delivered by Douglas to the National
               Association of Commercial Organization Secretaries.

     F49  Copy of book in portfolio with comments by Douglas, 1929

          Series II.16.  The Nativity According to Saint Luke, 1930
               Drawings by Hans Foy.

     F50  Three copies of the book, 1930
          Two copies are signed.  Two copies are in portfolios, one of which also includes
          notes by Douglas, a Christmas greeting insert, a copy of Book Design for Our
          Day, and several articles reviewing Douglas's Christmas books.

          Series II.17.  The Newest and Most Favourite American Patriotic Songs, 1799,
               Decorations drawn by Ralph Patterson.

     F51  Copy of the book signed by Douglas and Patterson, 1945

9         Series II.  Books designed and/or written by Douglas (cont'd)

          Series II.18.  Notes Along the Typographic Way, 1949-1960
               This keepsake was produced in connection with an exhibition of books
               designed by Lester Douglas, held at the Library of Congress from
               December 1949 to January 1950.

     F52  Typescript with autograph revisions, 1949
          Includes one design for "An Almanac for Moderns."  1 item (76 leaves).

     F53  Page Proofs, [n.d.]
          Miscellaneous pages, incomplete.  158 leaves.

     F54  Copy of the book and issue of Type Talk, 1949 and 1960 Mar-Apr
          The copy is inscribed to Herman Cohen and includes a Typophiles insert.  The
          issue of Type Talk contains an article by Douglas titled "Notes Along the
          Typographic Way." 2 items

          Series II.19.  Old Christmas, 1934
               Written by Washington Irving, with pen drawings by Albert Dorne.

     F55  Copy of the book with Christmas greeting insert from Douglas, 1934

          Series II.20.  On the Morning of Christ's Nativity, 1944
               Written by John Milton, drawings by Hans Foy.

     F56  Copy of the book, 1944

          Series II.21.  One There Was in Palestine..., 1949
               Written by Ralph Bradford.

     F57  Copy of the book with Christmas greeting insert from Douglas, 1949

          Series II.22.  Origin of The Star-Spangled Banner, 1947
               As recorded by Mrs. Anna H. Dorsey, a great niece of Dr. William Beanes,
               a friend of Francis Scott Key.

     F58  Two paper copies of the book with insert, 1947

10        Series II.23.  The Purple Robe, 1929
               Written by Ralph Bradford, with decorations by Einar Rygg.

     F59  Two copies of the book, 1929
          One paper cover and one hardcover copy, both signed by Douglas.  The hardcover
          is also signed by Bradford and Rygg.

10        Series II.  Books designed and/or written by Douglas (cont'd)

          Series II.24.  A Rabble Came to Trenton: A Christmastide Story of 1776, 1939  
               Written by Paul McCrea, drawings by Charles Dunn.
     F60  Copy of the book with Christmas greeting insert, 1939
          Initialed by Douglas, with note "only large paper copy."

          Series II.25.  Reprieve: A Christmas Story of 1863, 1940
               Written by Ralph Bradford, drawings by Charles Dunn.

     F61  Copy of the hardcover book, 1940
          Inscribed by Bradford to Beata Drake.

          Series II.26.  Songs Between the States, 1946
               Pictorial decorations by Charles Dunn and Ralph Patterson.

     F62  Two paper copies of the book and typescript manuscript, 1946
          One copy is inscribed by Douglas to Herman Cohen in 1958 and includes a
          Christmas greeting insert.  The second copy includes a Christmas greeting insert
          signed by Douglas.  Typescript manuscript with autograph corrections and
          editorial markings is also present.  3 items.

          Series II.27.  Three Men of Persia, 1935
               Written by Ralph Bradford, with drawings by Charles Dunn.

     F63  Two hardcover copies, with blue paper jackets, 1935
          One copy includes a caricature of Douglas as drawn by Charles Dunn on the
          colophon page and is inscribed to Douglas.  The second copy is signed by
          Douglas, Dunn, and Bradford and includes the original drawing for the book's
          greeting card (inserted in a pocket at the back of the book).

     F64  Two hardcover copies, with gray paper jackets, 1935
          Both copies are signed by Dunn, Douglas, and Bradford.  One copy includes an
          original drawing for Part 4 which was not used (inserted in a pocket at the back of
          the book).

     F65  One hardcover copy, without jacket, 1935

11        Series II.28.  The Troubler, 1935
               Written by F. Stuart Fitzpatrick.

     F66  One hardcover copy with jacket and letters, 1935-1953
          Copy is signed by Douglas and inscribed to Douglas by Fitzpatrick.  Laid in are
          several letters and poems written by Fitzpatrick.

11        Series II.  Books designed and/or written by Douglas (cont'd)

          Series II.29.  Two Miracles of Jesus According to Saint John, 1961
               Drawings by Lewis Daniel and engravings by Walter Von Egidy and
               Richard Stulz.

     F67  Proof copy with corrections, 1961

          Series II.30.  Two Poems, 1959
               Drawings by Lyle Justis and engravings by Walter Von Egidy and Richard

     F68  Paper copy of the book with Christmas greeting insert, 1959

          Series II.31.  The White Way, 1955
               Second edition of this book written by Ralph Bradford.

     F69  Hardcover copy of the book, 1955 

          Series III.  The Douglas "Colorformat," 1948
               This new method of using color and design in printing to obtain color
               unity in a publication was created by Douglas and registered in the U. S.
               Patent Office, August 2, 1948 (no. 41969).

     F70  Patent, correspondence, text for brochures, and brochures, 1948
          Includes correspondence announcing "colorformat," a copy of the patent,
          brochures bearing Douglas's autograph revisions, and typescript text for a
          brochure.  29 items (50 leaves).

          Series IV.  Portfolios created by Douglas related to various organizations,
               individuals, or printed material, 1921-1961.
               Some of the portfolios contain work done by Douglas in connection with
               certain organizations or projects and other portfolios are related to
               individuals with whom he worked.

          Series IV.1.  American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1923-1930

     F71  Portfolio, 1923-1930
          Includes material related to AIGA lectures, an exhibition in 1926-1927, the
          Illustrated Book Show in 1930, and a meeting and exhibition titled, "The
          Harmonious Book Page."  Douglas designed the broadside announcing
          "The Harmonious Book Page."  Also includes copies of AIGA Newsletter.

11        Series IV.  Portfolios (cont'd)

          Series IV.2.  Carl J. H. Anderson and Lyle Justis, 1929-1931

     F72  Correspondence, drawings, notes, printed material, 1929-1931
          Includes letters from Anderson to Douglas, a copy of "Prospectus Concerning the
          Anderson Books," a letter from Justis to Douglas, three original drawings by
          Justis, and two issues of Franklin Crier (April 1929 and Spring 1931).  The
          portfolio bears autograph notes by Douglas.  Lester Douglas may have done the
          designs for the Anderson Books.   9 items (14 leaves).

          Series IV.3.  Book Design for Our Day - The Work of Lester Douglas, 1931
               Reprint of The American Printer article which featured Lester Douglas, as
               written by Arthur Cole.

     F73  Three portfolios, 1929-1931
          Includes copies of the book, notes by Douglas, a copy of a Douglas letter to
          William A. Kittredge.

          Series IV.4.  Ralph Bradford, 1946

     F74  Jacket and title page designs for Bradford's "1996: Unistate," 1946
          Also includes a bookplate designed by Douglas for Bradford, an announcement
          for Bradford's Heritage, and an article about Bradford as Executive Vice President
          of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce.  7 items (7 leaves).

12        Series IV.5.  Caslon Old Face Roman & Italic, 1930

     F75  Portfolio containing a presentation copy of the book, 1930
          Inscribed to Douglas by the book's printer, George W. Jones.

          Series IV.6.  Direct Advertising, 1957-1959

     F76  Tear sheets from Direct Advertising, 1957-1959
          Includes draft of a letter written from Douglas to the editor.  7 items (23 leaves). 

          Series IV.7.  Claude Garamond, 1923-1927

     F77  Portfolio of material concerning Claude Garamond, 1923-1927
          Includes printed samples of his typefaces, copies of  Garamond Keepsake (1927)
          and Monotype (1923).  Removed to the oversize section.  10 items (22 leaves).

12        Series IV.  Portfolios (cont'd)

          Series IV.8.  Frederic W. Goudy and The Village Press, 1921-1948
               Six portfolios created by Lester Douglas containing keepsakes honoring
               Goudy and The Village Press.  See the oversize section for a portfolio of
               printed portraits of Goudy by Clarence P. Hornung (1926), William
               Oberhardt (1932), and by Alexander Stern (1938).

     F78  Keepsakes for "The Village Press: A Retrospective Exhibition," 1933
          Includes the broadside, "The Type Speaks;" printed keepsakes for "The Village
          Press: A Retrospective Exhibition;" Milton MacKaye's "Glorifier of the Alphabet:
          Frederic W. Goudy;" and articles about Goudy.

     F79  Presentation of the Ulster-Irish Society Award to Goudy, 1937
          Includes program and invitation.  3 items (11 leaves).

     F80  "Goudy Number" of  Monotype, 1927-1948
          Includes a copy of the "Goudy Number" of  Monotype (1927),  a copy of  A  Specimen
          Sheet of Goudy Old Style, and  the article, "A Complete Guide to Goudy."   4 items (8 leaves).

     F81  "Goudy Number" of Monotype, and a printed reproduction of a photograph of
               Frederic Goudy, 1927-1930
          Also includes a letter from the Langston Monotype Machine Company to
          Douglas.  3 items (6 leaves).

     F82  A Broadside Showing Types Designed by Frederic W. Goudy, in Use by the
               Marchbanks Press, New York, 1921
          Copy of the broadside in a portfolio.

          Series IV.9.  Walter Howe, 1959-1961
               Walter Howe was Art Director of The Lakeside Press.

     F83  Correspondence between Howe and Douglas and drawings by Howe, 1959-1961
          Drawings are the designs for a bookplate combining Douglas's initials and an
          eagle. 10 items (11 leaves).

          Series IV.10.  The Limited Editions Club, Inc., 1938-1940
               Portfolios contain information on the club, a prospectus of projects, and

     F84  Prospectus for The Limited Edition Club's The Grapes of Wrath, 1940
          Includes a copy of  Booklets for Bookmen (no. 1) containing Joseph Henry
          Jackson's "Why Steinbeck Wrote The Grapes of Wrath."  2 items (12 leaves).

12        Series IV.  Portfolios (cont'd)
          Series IV.10.  The Limited Editions Club, Inc. (cont'd)

     F85  A Prospectus of the Tenth Anniversary Series of the Fine Books Published by The
               Limited Editions Club together with Some Notes Upon a Project for an
               Illustrated Shakespeare, 1938.
          Includes a letter from George Macy to Douglas, and a copy of  the prospectus,
          which quotes Douglas regarding the club.  3 items (12 leaves).

13   F86  Material related to the Shakespeare project, 1939
          Two portfolios containing another copy of  Some Notes Upon a Project for an
          Illustrated Shakespeare, photographs of the Folger Shakespeare Library, and an
          article by Leicester B. Holland on the Folger Library.  12 items (23 leaves).

          Series IV.11.  Paper samples, [n.d.]
               Two portfolios plus loose items about paper and samples of paper.

     F87  Portfolio of Sunray opaque vellum papers made by Hopper Paper, [n.d.]
          1 item (21 leaves).

     F88  "Hopper Portfolios of the Printing Arts: Illustrated Book Pages and Book Covers
               by Lester Douglas, Printed by Letter Press and Lithography on Hopper
          Includes sample pages from Douglas' books, photographs, and autograph
          commentary by Douglas.  7 items (18 leaves).

          Series IV.12.  Enid E. Perkins, 1958

     F89  Perkins's original drawing for Lester Douglas' first calligraphic book label, 1958 
          Includes a 1958 Christmas card designed by Perkins and an original design for the
          label by Douglas.  5 items (5 leaves).

          Series IV.13.  Typefaces, 1930-1936

     F90  Portfolio of samples of printed typefaces, 1930-1936
          6 items (13 leaves).

          Series IV.14.  Publications by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, 1930

     F91a  One book and three printed brochures related to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce,
          Includes a copy of A Historic Old Virginia Pilgrimage and a brochure for the 17th
          Annual Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, both of which
          were designed by Douglas.  4 items.

		Series IV.  Portfolios (cont'd)
		Series IV.15. Art by the Way, Timothy Cole, 1922-1933
	F91b	Portfolio includes letters from Burton Emmett and Herman T. Radin to Dougals,
		a copy of Cole's portrait of Verrocchio, and a brochure for the Japan Paper

		Series IV.16.  Untitled portfolio, 1938
	F91c	Portfolio containing an issue of Adlib 6 and paste-up for 
		Pratt Institute * 50 Years, 1887-1937.

		Series IV.17.  Untitled portfolio re The President's Camp on the Rapidan, 1931
	F91d	Portfolio containing correspondence, minutes of the State Commission
		on Conservation and Development regarding this publication, brochures, and
		a copy of The President's Camp on the Rapidan.

13        Series V.  Periodicals which Lester Douglas designed or to which he
               contributed, 1915-1947
          Series V.1.  The American Printer, 1923

     F92  "Franklin Bi-Centennial Number," 1923
          Insert number 17 was created by Douglas (removed by Douglas for a scrapbook). 
          Also includes articles about Benjamin Franklin.  20 items (92 leaves).

     F93  "Pilgrim Number," 1920 Dec 20
          1 item (155 pp.)

          Series V.2.  The Composing Room, 1932
               Published by the Monotype Typographic Group of New York, Inc.

     F94  Four issues of The Composing Room, 1932
          Two copies of March 1932 and one copy each of the April, May, and June 1932
          issues.  Includes a letter from Earl H. Emmons to Douglas.  6 items (56 pp.)

14        Series V.3. The Printing Art, 1915
               Issue is contained in a portfolio created by Lester Douglas.

     F95  The Printing Art, 1915 Jan
          Contains Douglas's article, "Psychology of Type and Letter Faces."  1 item (88
          Series V.4.  Teamwork, 1947
               Published by the sales staff of Nation's Business.

     F96  Issue featuring an article about Douglas and caricature of him on the cover, 1947
               Nov 15

          Series VI.  Miscellaneous material related to or collected by Douglas, 1925-1958

          Series VI.1.  Material concerning games, [n.d.]

     F97   Essay titled "U. S. Playing Card Plan," [n.d.]
           Plus untitled material discussing how to raise public awareness in order to market
          games.  2 items (9 leaves).

          Series VI.2.  Douglas family coat of arms, 1958

     F98  Hand drawn and painted coat of arms for Douglas, 1958 Dec 26
          Signed by J. C. H. Steele.   1 item (l leaf).

14        Series VI.  Miscellaneous material (cont'd)

          Series VI.3.  Art work, [n.d.]

     F99  Drawings, [n.d.]
          Includes a facsimile of a "T" Device by John Thompson, an etching, and a design
          incorporating Lester Douglas's initials created by Douglas on his stationery.  Also
          includes five pencil sketches of John Baskerville, W. C., W. Bulmer, Richard
          Grafton, and Ulrich Gering, all by the same unidentified artist.  8 items (9 leaves).

          Series VI.4.  Material related to Thomas Erwin (a.k.a. Tommy O'Brien),

     F100 Photograph of Erwin, 1925-1943
          The photograph is inscribed to Lester Douglas from Erwin.  Also includes an
          article about Erwin. .  2 items (3 leaves).

          Series VI.5.  Books given to Douglas, 1930-1953

     F101 Bright Star, 1953
          Written by Ralph Bradford and designed by Ralph Patterson.

     F102 LD: Books Designed and Directed by Lester Douglas Exhibited at the Library of
               Congress, Washington, during the month of December 1949, [1949]
          Laid in the copy is caricature of Douglas drawn and colored by Ralph Patterson
          for Douglas's birthday in 1948.

     F103 Still Thrilled by the Future and Other Comments on the Modern Scene, 1938
          Written by Joseph T. Mackey, the book includes two inserted Christmas greetings
          from Paul Bennett.

     F104 Thirty-seven of the Finest Books of Our Time, 1937
          Written by Paul Bennett.

          Series VI.6.  Catalogs, offprints, articles, broadsides, and clippings, 1931-1938

     F105 Articles concerning Rev. John Pierpont, travel in Russia, Lester Douglas or his
               publications, an issue of The Guild News, clippings about history, and a
               catalogue from bookseller Paul A. Strock advertising a collection of Lester
               Douglas publications.  Some clippings were removed to the oversize
          23 items (50 leaves).

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