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Series VI.  Photographs, 1931-2000


Extent: 1 linear ft.


Contents:  Photographs and negatives


Arrangement:  Chronological order




            The photographs are arranged generally in chronological order, with attention to any groupings of photographs which Mr. DePol had already established.  A significant number of photographs are also found in the alphabetical files of Series II.  For example there are a large number of photographs of John Fass in the Fass files, as well as photographs related to particular exhibitions, such as at Fairleigh Dickinson and Bowne & Co. Museum.  These photographs are always designated in the finding aid.

            Documented among the photographs are DePol’s military experience during World War II, his recording of New York City, particularly Greenwich Village and the Hudson Rivers piers during the 1930s-1950s, and exhibitions of his work.  The photographs also acknowledge DePol’s many friends, particularly among printers and artists, such as John Fass, John Anderson, Bernard Brussel-Smith, Morris Gelfand, Neil Shaver, and numerous others.  Most of the photographs, with only a few exceptions, bear some connection to DePol’s work, whether scenes which inspired engravings or individuals with whom he collaborated.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

Series VI.  Photographs, 1931-2000


60        F1        Blakely, William (Bill) and Elva, 1931-1942

Photographs plus a page of explanation of his close friend during the depression

8 photographs


F2        DePol in New York City, 1937-1938

Includes DePol at the John Christopher Street Ferry, in the Etching Studio at the Art Student’s League with Gertrude Brate and Joe Keller (plus DePol’s pass to visit the school in 1996), and DePol drawing Café O’Rourke plate.  Plus a photograph of the Tombs Prison, NY

7 photographs


F3        DePol in New York City, 1937-1942

Includes DePol in the Village, DePol etching and painting at Tommy Weber’s studio, plus images of Fletcher St. and the Normandie sinking at the pier

6 photographs plus negatives


F4        New York City – Greenwich Village, 1937-1949

Includes images of Christopher, Hudson, 7th and Bleecker Streets

6 photographs


F5        DePol in New York – images matted for the Bowne & Co. exhibition, 1938-1942

Includes images of DePol as Auxiliary Lt. New York City Fire Department at a warehouse fire and images of DePol sketching O’Rourke’s Café

4 photographs


DePol in the Military during World War II, 1943-1945

F6        Basic training, 1943

Images of training in Florida and Walterboro, South Carolina, plus friends

4 photographs


F7        Stationed at Toomebridge, Ireland, 1943-1944

DePol was a clerk in the 1056 Quartermaster unit at Toomebridge, Ireland.  Includes images of DePol at work, with friends, at the Red Cross Aero Club and with its staff, and scenes from the Irish countryside and people.  Also includes a single photograph of DePol taken in England

40 photographs plus photocopies

Series VI.  Photographs (cont’d)

DePol in the Military during World War II (cont’d)


60        F8        Toomebridge Aerodrome, 1943

Aerial images of the base given to DePol by Lt. Jim Coulter

16 photographs


F9        Stationed in France and Germany, 1945

Images of DePol in Kempton, Gundlesheim, and Kaufbeuren, Germany, some with friends, his commanding officer, a German officer, and images of the cell where Hitler wrote Mein Kampf and Hitler’s home in Berchtesgaden, as well as one image of DePol in France

9 photographs plus photocopies



F10      DePol at his Astoria apartment in Queens, New York, 1946-1947

One photograph removed to oversize

2 photographs


F11      London, 1948 Apr

Images of London from St. Paul’s Cathedral

2 photographs


F12      DePol engraving “Sunday in Limerick,” 1949

Series of images showing the steps taken to make the wood engraving

14 photographs


F13      DePol in New York City, 1954-1958

Includes images of the city, DePol, his wife Thelma and his daughter Patricia, plus one image of a newpaper article about DePol’s visit to Lycoming College.  Also includes two pencil sketches of a building pictured in three of the photographs

48 photographs


F14      Visit to John Anderson, 1958 Nov 1

Images of John & Thelma DePol, Anderson, John Fass, Lew White, Valenti Angelo, as well as many other unidentified guests, plus images of his office and press

39 photographs plus a negative and photocopy

Series VI.  Photographs (cont’d)


60        F15      John DePol with others, 1961-1969

Includes images of John, Thelma & Patricia DePol, John Fass, Lew White, Valenti Angelo, Herman Cohen, Barnard & Lee Taylor, Uncle Harry May, and A. Burton Carnes, with one photograph removed to mapcase

10 photographs plus negatives and photocopies


F16      John DePol at work, 1967-1996

Includes images of DePol sketching, engravings and printing his work, as well as images of his work space and the photograph of DePol sketching at an intersection in New York City in 1967. See also Box 72 for twenty mounted photographs depicting DePol's engraving process, used in the HarperCollins Publishers exhibition in 1997.

34 photographs, 2 contact sheets and negatives

F17      John DePol at work, 1963-1994

Photocopies of many of the images in F16, some with typed descriptions


F18      John DePol with Gil Williams in Binghamton, New York, 1970

Images of DePol attached to boards, two portraits of DePol and one image       with Williams.  Photographs removed to oversize Box 66

3 photographs plus one photocopy


F19      DePol’s visit with John Fass, 1971

John DePol took these photographs which include images of John Fass, his sister Mrs.Wirt, and Thelma DePol at Fass’s home in Lititz, Pennsylvania

2 photographs plus negatives


F20      U. S. Historic sites during the Bicentennial, 1976

Includes images of sites in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia

54 photographs plus negatives


F21      John DePol and family, 1977-1982

3 photographs plus numerous negatives


F22      Gathering at the DePol’s home, 1979 Aug

Constance Witt took this group photograph which includes the DePols, Dr. Robert Leslie, Sybille & Dorothea von Elbe, Leonard Seastone, Aveve & Herman Cohen, John Witt, Gelsy & Frank Petrocelli, Ruth & Norman Cordes, Catherine Brody.

2 photographs


F23      DePol engraving “Old Church at Saillac,” 1979

2 photographs

Series VI.  Photographs (cont’d)


60        F24      DePol with Bernard Brussel-Smith, 1981]

1 photograph


F25      Slides of DePol’s exhibition Ireland Remembered, 1982

Images of work displayed in an exhibition at Fairleigh Dickinson University

76 slides



F26      DePol at Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1982-1983

Images of DePol at an exhibition of his work and the work of Bernard Brussel-Smith, at a reception, and two images of DePol receiving a Founders Community Service Award (1983).  Also includes images of John & Ruthmae Anderson, Thelma DePol, Gene Yerganian, and Viv Cohen

23 photographs plus one note


F27      DePol at Bowne & Company, 1984

4 photographs


F28      DePol with John Anderson and Neil Shaver, 1984-1986

6 photographs plus photocopies


F29      DePol at the University of Nebraska, 1985 Apr

Images of DePol teaching wood engraving, plus one image of an exhibition of his work

3 photographs


F30      DePol with Morris Gelfand, 1986-1988

3 photographs


F31      DePol at a Pierpont Morgan Library reception, 1990 Oct

Images with Morris Gelfand

2 photographs


F32      DePol with others, 1990-1999

Includes images of John & Thelma DePol, William Clarkin, Michael Fogarty, Elinor Friedel, Renate Raecke-Hauswedell, Morris Gelfand, Neil Shaver, Elsi Vassdal, Harry Duncan, Herman & Aveve Cohen, and Kay & Robert Jones

14 photographs

Series VI.  Photographs (cont’d)


61        F33      DePol with the Goudy Press, 1993

Includes one image with Thelma DePol

3 photographs plus one negative


F34      DePol printing the “Monastery plate,” 1996

Includes images of DePol at work, plus Thelma and their dog, Gigi, plus a          step-by-step explanation of the process and a photocopy of the resulting print

17 photographs


F35      DePol at the HarperCollins exhibition: The Making of a Wood Engraving,”                             1997

Images of the exhibition, plus one with Thelma DePol

26 photographs


F36      DePol at the Fairleigh Dickinson Library exhibition: Etchings 1935-1947,                                             1997

Includes images of the exhibition, plus Thelma, John & Patricia DePol, as well as unidentified guests

45 photographs


F37      DePol at the Morristown Library exhibition:  John DePol and Northern                                   Ireland, 2000 March 12-April 8

Includes images of the exhibition, John & Thelma DePol, Theo & Carol Rehak, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Davis, as well as unidentified guests

18 photographs


F38      DePol at wood engraving/printing workshop, n.d.

1 contact sheet of images and negatives


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