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Series IV.  Material related to printing, 1935-1999


Extent:  2 linear ft.


Contents:  Catalogs, broadsides, posters, specimen books, papers samples and printed ephemera.


Arrangement:  Arranged alphabetically by official company name.





            The material in this series consists of specimen books for type samples, paper samples, and other printing related work.  Arranged alphabetically most of the material was accumulated by John DePol in the 1950s, probably in connection with his work at L. F. White.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

Series IV.  Material related to printing, 1935-1999


58        F1        Abend Typograph Company, Inc, 1962

F2        Allen, Lane & Scott, n.d.

F3        Alex. G. Highton, Inc., n.d.

F4        The Alling & Cory Company, n.d.

F5        American Type Founders, 1958

F6        Amsterdam Continental Types and Graphic Equipment, Inc., n.d.

F7        Amsterdam Continental Types and Graphic Equipment, Inc., n.d.

F8        A/N/W (Anderson/Nelson/Whitehead) annual planner, 1979

Item removed to oversize Box 70

F9        Artintype, Inc., n.d.

F10      Bauer Alphabets, Inc., n.d.

F11      Boro Typographers, Inc., n.d.

F12      Black Dot, n.d.

F13      Cardinal Type, n.d.

Poster removed to mapcase

F14      C. E. Weber Schriftgiesserei Stuttgart, 1960-1961

F15      Central Linotypers, Inc., n.d.

F16      Champion Papers, n.d.

Item removed to oversize Box 70

F17      Charles Francis Press, Inc., n.d.

F18      Chas. Henricks, Inc., n.d.

F19      Chas. D. O’Brien, Inc., 1950

F20      Chelsea Typesetters, 1948

F21      Colton Press, Inc., 1948

F22      The Composing Room, Inc., 1958-1966

Specimen sheets removed to oversize Box 70

F23      Cooper & Beatty, Limited, n.d.

F24      Cooper & Cohen, Inc., n.d.

F25      D. Stempel AG, n.d.

F26      Eastern Corporation, n.d.

Specimen sheet removed to oversize Box 70

F27      Emil P. Popp & Son, n.d.

F28      Empire State Craftsmen, Inc., n.d.

F29      Engdahl Typography, 1991-1993

Removed to oversize is a poster “from Canto LXXI” (poem by Ezra Pound), printed by Lee Engdahl and illustrated by Mayona Engdahl, copy #267 of 500.


59        F30      Fotosatz Letterphot, n.d.

F31      Gardner Design, n.d.

F32      Geyer Studio, Inc., 1979

F33      Gros Corps de Taille-Douce, n.d.

Series IV.  Material related to printing, 1935-1999


59        F34      Haas Typefoundry, n.d.

F35      The Headliners International, Inc., 1969

F36      Heller-Edwards Typography, 1935

F37      Herbert W. Simpson, Inc.

F38      Howard O. Bullard Typogrpahers, n.d.

F39      The International Center for the Typographic Arts, 1964

F40      International Typeface Corporation, 1980

Poster removed to mapcase

F41      Intertype Company, n.d.

F42      J. Walter Thompson Company, 1959-1960

F43      Joh. Enschedé en Zonen, n.d.

F44      Judson Type, Inc., n.d.

F45      Kagan Composition, n.d.

F46      Konrad Halle, 1935

F47      Lanston Monotype Company, n.d

F48      Latent Lettering Co. Inc., 1971

F49      Letter Graphics International, n.d.

F50      Lexicraft Typographers Co. Inc., n.d.

F51      Lou Van Typographers, n.d.

F52      Ludlow Typograph Company, n.d.

F53      Matrix International, Inc., n.d.

F54      Mergenthaler Linotype Company, n.d.

F55      Mohawk Paper Mills, Inc., 1966-1999

F56      Monotype Corporation Ltd., n.d.

F57      Monotype House, n.d.

F58      Morris & Walsh Typesetting Co., Inc., n.d.

F59      North American Composition Co., n.d.

F60      Northern Miner Press, Limited, n.d.

F61      O. E. Recht Verlagsanstalt, n.d.

F62      Oscar Leventhal, Inc., n.d.

F63      Out of Sorts Letter Foundery, 1983

Specimen sheets removed to oversize Box 70

F64      Paramount Linotype Service, Inc., n.d.

F65      The Photo-Composing Room, September 1965

F66      Photo-Lettering Inc., 1961-1964

F67      Plymouth Composition, Inc., n.d.

F68      Rising Fine Art Papers, n.d.

Series IV.  Material related to printing, 1935-1999


60        F69      Robinsons, n.d.

F70      Rolmor Press, 1973

F71      RoyalComposingRoom, n.d.

Posters removed to oversize Box 70

F72      Rudolf Otto Meyer, n.d.

F73      The Rumford Press, n.d.

F74      S. D. Warren Company, n.d.

Item removed to oversize Box 66

F75      S. Fischer Verlag, September 1937

F76      Security Typographic Corporation, n.d.

F77      Starkey & Henricks Typographers, n.d.
F78      Stephenson, Blake & Co. Ltd., n.d.

F79      Swift Typographers, Inc., n.d.

F80      T. J. Lyons, n.d.

F81      The Tabard Press Corporation, n.d.

F82      Thomas Cutler, n.d.

F83      Typecraft Service, Inc., n.d.

F84      Typographers Association of NY, n.d.

F85      Volk & Huxley Inc., n.d.

F86      York Typesetting Co. Inc., n.d.


F87      Miscellaneous printed material, 1948-1996

Includes material from the Hourglass Foundry, MacKenzie & Harris, Cyber-Graphics, Inc., a Sheldon Rose exhibition, The Headliner International, Inc., Am Varityper, MN Mecanorma Graphic Products, Norman Lassiter, Ewald Breuer, Ltd., the 1966 International Typeface Design Competition, and The Times, London, with some items removed to mapcase


F88      Unidentified printed broadsides, posters, and reproductions, n.d.

12 items removed to mapcase, including prints of a Galworthy quotation, a “family tree” of lettering, and reproductions of American historic documents



UD Special Collections > Finding Aids > John DePol Papers Index > Series Outline

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