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Series II.  John DePol working files, 1896-2004

Extent:  31 linear ft.

Contents:  Correspondence, notes, proofs and prints of engravings, preliminary drawings, transfer sketches, broadsides, photographs, keepsakes, galley and page proofs, book mock-ups, clippings, newsletters, engraving tools, print type, and printed ephemera.

Arrangement:  The series is arranged in alphabetical order and chronologically in folders.  Cross references have been added.


            These files, kept in alphabetical order by John DePol, document the varied contracts, commissions, and job files of his life work, from extensive collaborations with numerous private presses and institutions to gifts or commissions for individuals.  Because they represent most of DePol’s work for private presses, academic and cultural institutions, and individuals, these files are a natural extension of Series I. DePol’s Work.  As working files, they reflect all aspects of DePol’s projects, from conceptualization to execution.

            Using these files researchers may follow the development of a DePol project from the initial correspondence through the printed engraving.  In some cases research on a subject to be illustrated, drawings, transfer sketches, engraved wood blocks, proofs, and the final printed engraving are available for a particular project, such as the illustrations for Inishbream, published by Barbarian Press.  In other cases only the printed engraving may survive.

            In this series are found remnants of DePol’s early work for U. S. Banknote, Pandick Press, and L. F. White and files for his first illustrated book, Liam O’Flaherty’s Two Lovely Beasts and Other Stories (1950).

            Two of DePol’s most noted projects, the Benjamin Franklin Keepsakes Library, for which he created hundreds of illustrations, and the keepsakes created for The Typophiles, Inc. are represented by drawings, proofs and the printed keepsakes.

            DePol’s body of work for private presses is extensive.  He has illustrated books, broadsides, or keepsakes for Pickering Press, The Allen Press, The Barbarian Press, Press of Appletree Alley, Between-Hours Press, The Buttonmaker Press, The Glad Hand Press, The Golden Hind Press, The Herity Press, Pentagram Press, The Red Ozier Press, The Stone House Press, Yellow Barn Press, The Zauberberg Press, and numerous others.  In the process of working with these printers, DePol developed many life-long friendships which are reflected in the correspondence.  DePol’s connection to the private presses is also reflected in the numerous press marks which he created, sometimes by request but others he created as gifts.

            DePol has had ongoing relationships with numerous academic and cultural institutions, teaching courses or workshops, making gifts of his engravings to their libraries, and having his work exhibited in their galleries.  Most significantly he has created engravings for many of these schools, including the universities of Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Syracuse, Alabama, Nebraska and Fairleigh Dickinson.  He has long been associated with the South Street Seaport Museum in New York and its Bowne & Co., Stationers, illustrating books for the press and teaching workshops.

            DePol’s contributions to his craft have been honored by the National Academy of Design, by universities, and by members of the printing world., including the 1994 festschrift published by Yellow Barn Press, John DePol: a Celebration of His Work.  These honors and other printed keepsakes recognizing his life and work are documented in this series.

            The files also reflect DePol’s interest in printing and his connections with other engravers, particularly Bernard Brussel-Smith, whom he visited in France in 1979.  Among the files are examples of the work of other engravers, from Brussel-Smith to some of the students to whom DePol taught the craft.

            The files are alphabetical with cross-references when files related to a press or individual were originally in two places.  For example, all of the files related to Neil Shaver and the Yellow Barn Press are together, rather than under both Yellow Barn Press and Shaver.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

Series II.  John DePol working files, 1896-2001

26        F1        “A,” 1957-1987

Abattoir Editions, The Adagio Press, All Saints Church, New York, American Printing Equipment Company, The American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers – New England, Jerome S. Anderson, John Anzul, Edmund Arnold, American Type Founders Company, Advertising Typographers Association of America (3 posters removed to oversize and map case), and Atelier Mourlot.


F2        “About a Jefferson postcard 60 years ago,” 1999


F3        Abramson, Daniel, 1997


F4        Acorn Press, 1991-2000

Printed items, one removed to oversize, Box 66

Alabama, University of – Steve Miller, 1985-1999

John DePol taught a workshop at Alabama’s Institute for the Books Arts June 11-15, 1990.  His work was exhibited at the Institute (1989 Jan 15-Feb 25).  Includes correspondence with Steve Miller, Printer and Coordinator of the University of Alabama’s M.F.A. program in Book Arts.  Miller was formerly a proprietor, with Ken Botnick of Red Ozier Press, for which DePol produced a number of engravings.  DePol created several engravings for University of Alabama publications in the late 1980s and 1990s.

Correspondence, 1985-1999

Includes letters from Miller, drafts or copies of DePol’s responses, DePol’s course materials, and printed material from Alabama

F5        1988-1990

F6        1992

F7        1993-1999


Engravings, 1988-1995

Includes completed engravings, publications in which the engravings appeared, drawings, research material, and some correspondence regarding particular engravings

F8        [Collage of wood engraving tools], 1988

F9        Denny Chimes [University of Alabama], 1988 Nov 9

Published on the cover of University of Alabama Publications of the Faculty and Staff 1986-1987

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Alabama, University of – Steve Miller (cont’d)


Engravings (cont’d)

F10      Octavio Paz – Stanzas for an Imaginary Garden (Parallel Editions), 1990 Jul

Two engravings

F11      “Paper and Book Intensive Texas 1993” brochure, 1993

F12      Elton B. Stephens – A Few Thoughts, 1993 Nov 15

Portrait of Stephens

F13      “The Ant,” 1995 Mar

Engraving for a bookmark celebrating the two-millionth volume added to the University of Alabama Libraries, E. O. Wilson’s Naturalist.

F14      “The M.F.A. Program in the Book Arts at the University of Alabama,” n.d.

            Engraving for poster.  Poster removed to oversize Box 67


F15      Aldus Manutius, n.d.


F16      Allen Memorial Library, Cleveland, Ohio, 1991-1992

Includes correspondence, photographs of the library and the engraving of the library (1992 Jan 24) by DePol.

The Allen Press – Lewis and Dorothy Allen, 1986-1998

DePol created numerous engravings published by Lewis and Dorothy Allen at The Allen Press, beginning in 1986 with Alexander Pushkin’s Four Stories and continuing until 1992.  Files include correspondence regarding DePol’s engravings, as well as personal greetings; drawings, proofs, and printed engravings.  Also includes prospectuses and other printed items from The Allen Press.

F17      General correspondence, 1987-1998


Pushkin – Four Stories, 1986-1987

F18      Correspondence, 1986-1987

F19      Pushkin portrait

One woodblock of Pushkin removed to Box 20

F20      “The Squire’s Daughter”

F21      “The Queen of Spades”

F22      “The Blizzard”

F23      “The Shot”

F24      Prospectus, prints, and proofs

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

The Allen Press – Lewis and Dorothy Allen (cont’d)

Engravings (cont’d)

26        F25      Pressmarks for The Allen Press, 1987 Jul 20

F26      The Allen Albion, 1990 Apr 20

Drawings, photographs, and engravings of the Albion press owned by the Allens

Nathaniel Hawthorne – Rappaccini’s Daughter, 1990

Includes correspondence, drawings, engravings, and Allen Press printed material

F27      Scenes from the story, 1990

F28      Poisonous flowers, 1990 Jun


Giovanni Boccaccio – The Life of Dante, 1992

Includes correspondence, drawings, engravings, prospectus and proofs

F29      Drawings and engravings, 1992 Apr

F30      Proofs and prospectus, 1992


F31      Lewis Allen’s DePol article, 1993

Drafts of Allen’s article for the DePol festschrift and page proof the article

*Alterman, Benjamin and Deborah – see Married Mettle Press

F32      American Academy of Arts & Letters, 1991-1996

Correspondence, applications and submitted slides for the Awards in Art during the 1990s

            American Antiquarian Society, 1986-1993

F33      Correspondence, 1986-1993



F34      The Isaiah Thomas Press, 1987 Jan

F35      Antiquarian Hall, 1987 May

Keepsake celebrating the 175th anniversary of the American Antiquarian Society.  Some prints removed to oversize, Box 66

American Artist, 1956-1968

F36      Articles and printed issues which include engravings by DePol, such as “West Side Market Demolition,” printed in 1968

F37      Notebook of articles from American Artist, 1944-1952

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

27        F38      The American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1990

Certificate of Excellence


*American Iron Hand Pressessee Saxe, Stephen


American Printing History Association, 1983-1999

F39      Correspondence and printed material, 1983-1999

F40      Engraving – “A Book’s Many Forms,” 1987

Appeared on the cover of volume IX, issue number 1 (1987) of Printing History

F41      Anderson, Alexander – correspondence and engraving, 1988-1993

Engraved portrait of Anderson by DePol

F42      Anderson, Elmer L., 1989-1991

Angelo, Valenti, 1966-2000

Includes letters, cards and printed items sent by Angelo to DePol, as well as correspondence regarding an article being written by DePol about his work with Angelo for a publication in honor of Angelo

F43      Letters, cards, and printed material from Angelo, 1966-1981

Correspondence regarding Angelo, 1983-2000

F44      1983-1999

F45      2000

Includes six photographs of Jack Maclean, and Ann & Gregory Whipple

F46      Printed material about Valenti Angelo, ca. 1975-1982


F47      Annual reports – original designs, 1960-1972

While working at United States Banknote Corp. DePol designed annual reports for several corporations, including Chromalloy American Corporation, Automatic Steel Products, Inc., and American Exports Lines, Inc.  Folder includes mock-up designs for annual reports.

F48      Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, [1955]

Engraving by DePol

F49      Antonetti, Martin, 1989-2000

Antonetti has been a Librarian at Mills College, The Grolier Club in New York, and Smith College.  DePol lectured at Mills College in 1987 and did an engraving of El Campanil at Mills.  DePol later engraved an image of Antonetti’s home.

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)


Appletree Alley, Press of – Barnard Taylor and Mary Chenoweth, 1957-2000

DePol designed numerous engravings for books and ephemera printed by the Barnard Taylor’s and Mary Chenoweth’s Press of Appletree Alley of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.  Includes correspondence; drawings, proofs and prints of DePol’s engravings; photographs of Taylor; engravings done by Barnard Taylor; announcements and printed material from the press; manuscripts of books; and page proofs or signatures from books printed by the press

Correspondence, 1957-2000

F50      1957-1986

Includes engravings and printed Christmas greetings

F51      1987-2000

Includes engravings by DePol and Taylor

F52      Photographs of Barnard Taylor, n.d.


F53      Wood blocks engraved by Barnard Taylor, 1980-1985

11 wood blocks engraved by Taylor, including some used in Appletree Alley publications, as well as a self-portrait.  With the exception of the self-portrait block, all others are unidentified, although a few are dated.  All have been removed to Box 21

DePol engravings for Press of Appletree Alley, 1982-1996

F54      Press devices and paper designs, 1982-1985

F55      W. B. Yeats – Ballylee: The Tower, 1983

Proofs, book signatures, and publication announcements

F56      D. H. Lawrence – The Man Who Loved Islands, 1985

Drawings, engraving proofs, page proofs, publication announcements

F57      Wendell Berry – Traveling at Home, 1988

Correspondence, drawings, proofs of engravings, book signatures, publication announcements

F58      Philip Roth, 1993-1994

Correspondence, drawings, and proofs of DePol’s portrait of Roth

F59      Louis Simpson – The Appointment: Poems of the Second World War, 1996

F60      Joan of Arc, n.d.


F61      Press of Appletree Alley printed material, 1960-1988

Includes unbound proof sheets for a trial copies of Maxine Kumin’s Closing the Ring (signed by Kumin) and Peter Blakian/Bruce Smith’s Invisible Estate (signed by Blakian, Smith and engraver Rosalyn Richards). Plus catalogs, proofs, and announcements

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)


*Aralia Press – see Peich, Michael A.

*Archer, Richard – see Williams College

*Ardentia Veritas Press – see Waring, Alan

*Arif Press – see Tanner, Wesley B.

*Arts of the Book – see Veatch, Robert & Lynne

F62      Ashantilly Press – William Haynes, Jr. – correspondence, 1957

Includes an engraving by Haynes

*Ashlar Press – see Heckscher, August

F63      Associated American Artists Gallery, 1968-1990

Correspondence, receipts, and catalogs related to consignment of DePol’s work

            “Atlantic Convoy, 1943,” 1943-1993

F64      Correspondence and research, 1981-1992

Includes 4 photographs taken during World War II in Toomebridge

F65      DePol’s journal, 1943

This is a photocopy of journal pages found in Series VII. Personal (F52).

Includes description of first Atlantic crossing in the form of letters to Thelma

F66      Engraving, 1993


F67      Austin Peay State University – Trahern Gallery, 1990 Sep 24-Oct 15

Exhibition of DePol engravings.  The poster for the exhibition titled “John DePol,” has been removed to oversize Box 67.  See also file of Arthur Goldsmith, Jr.

28        F68      “B,” 1951-1999

Includes correspondence or material related to David Bianchi, Victor Borsodi (Silo Press), Brooklyn Museum of Art, Roy Baldridge, Milton Birnbaum, George Baumgartner, Brad Benedict, Jean Marcel Bertrand, the University of Bridgeport (exhibition of DePol engravings, 1977), M. J. Baumwell, John & Randi Bull, Will Barnet, Lowell Bodger, Mary Lew Bergman, Scott Baldwin, Michael Baldyga, Book of the Month Club, Byrd Press, and Denise Brady.

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

28        F69      Babcock, Ralph – The Scarlet Cockrel Press, 1958-2000

Includes correspondence and issues of Weaker Moments


F70      Bain, Ian, 1988


F71      Backwoods Press – Marvin Neel, 1954-1978

Correspondence plus several original wood engravings by J. J. Lankes, of which two are signed

*Banknote Keepsakes Series – see United States Banknote Corporation and Pandick Press

Barbarian Press – Crispin & Jan Elsted, 1987-1999

DePol created the wood engravings for Inishbream, a novella by Theresa Kishkan which was published by Barbarian Press in 1999.  DePol also designed several press devices for Barbarian Press.

F72      Correspondence, 1988-1999

Includes a few proofs and printed information

Inishbream, 1987-1999

F73      Research, 1987-1988

Includes 16 photographs of Co. Galway, Ireland from the Irish Tourist Board

F74      Research – Limerick, 1947

Five snapshots taken by DePol in Limerick in 1947

F75      Typescript (photocopy), n.d.

F76      Sketchbook, 1988 Jul – 1989 Jan

F77      Sketches, 1989-1991

Pencil drawings, including the drawings used for wood blocks

F78      Page layouts with drawings, n.d.

Includes extensive autograph comments by Elsteds.  Removed to oversize Box 66

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Barbarian Press – Crispin & Jan Elsted (cont’d)

Inishbream (cont’d)

28        F79      Woodblocks (24) – Removed to Box 10

An Introduction to Saint Brendan                                  chapter head – 1/20/1996

Chapter 1                                                                     chapter head – 1/22/1996

Chapter 2                                                                     chapter head – 1/24/1996

Chapter 3         “The Book of the Chronicles”   chapter head – 2/13/1996

Chapter 4         “Irish Mist”                                           chapter head – 1/24/1996

Chapter 5         “The Brand”                                         chapter head – 1/27/1996

Chapter 6         “The Gate from the West”                     chapter head – 1/30/1996

Chapter 7         “Sea Area Forecast”                             chapter head – 2/4/1996

Chapter 8         “Remembering Winter”             chapter head – 2/9/1996

Chapter 9         “Patterns of Evolution”              chapter head – 2/10/1996

Chapter 10       “Lament for Christy King”                     chapter head – 2/11/1996

Epilogue                                                                       chapter head – 1996

Two-piece landscape scene for title page                      9/6 & 9/8 1991 (2 blocks)

Vertical of village                                                          8/3/1997

Brendan’s Boat            (chapter 1)                               8/7/1997

Gypsy Caravan (chapter 5)                               7/28/1997

Fireplace                      (chapter 3)                               8/19/1997

Pub                              (chapter 6)                               3/31/1997

Crabpots                      (chapter 2)                               4/14/1997

“Inishbream” sailboat    (chapter 10)                             3/20/1993

Flowers on the table     (chapter 7)                               2/24/1996

Men with currachs                                                        2/2/1996

[L]                                                                               1996


F80      Engravings, 1996-1999

Some proofs are dated and signed, plus some page proofs.

F81      Engravings of chapter headings, n.d.

F82      Sets of engravings, 1996-1997

Includes “final set of illustrations” (1997 Aug)

F83      Lists of engravings sent to others, 1993 & n.d.

F84      Announcements, 1999


F85      A Christmas Carol, 1984

Copy of the book which is a dramatic adaptation of Dicken’s book by C. Z. Barnett and published by Barbarian Press

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

28        F86      Barlow, Lou – correspondence and engravings, 1983

Six numbered and signed engravings by Barlow from a series on Broadway, NY


*Beilenson, Peter – see The Peter Pauper Press


F87      Beronä, David, 1996


F88      Belander, Terry – Book Arts Press, 2000


Berliner, Harold, 1985-1998

F89      Correspondence and printed, 1985-1998

Includes a leaf from the 1477 edition of Pruss’s Hortus Sanitas printed at Strassburg (removed to vault) and ephemera printed by Berliner, including the Eric Gill issue of Special Casting (1984), and family photographs.  Poster of an excerpt from Henry Beston’s The Outermost House removed to oversize Box 68

F90      Gutenberg drawings and proofs, 1986

DePol’s engraving of Gutenberg

*The Bellvue Press – see Williams, Eric

Between-Hours Press – Ben Grauer, 1951-1996

DePol did numerous wood engravings for Grauer, including personal Christmas cards, annual tributes to Bruce Rogers, and other printed material.

F91      Correspondence, 1951-1980

Includes photographs and drawings done by Grauer for DePol engravings.  A copy of L’Image, Numero Specimen has been removed to oversize, Box 66.  Also includes typeset used by Grauer, which has been removed to Box 24


F92      Christmas cards – proofs and drawings, 1951-1963

F93      Christmas cards sent to the DePols, 1951-1974

F94      Proofs or prints of engravings by DePol, 1952-1965

F95      “Alfred in London,” 1965

Proofs, woodblock (see Box13), and prints for an Alfred A. Knopf keepsake

F96      Bruce Rogers birthday keepsakes, 1952-1957

Proofs and numbered editions of keepsakes printed by Grauer with engravings by DePol

F97      Grauer’s Albion Press, 1980

Proofs of DePol’s engraving depicting the Grauer’s press which was given to DePol by Grauer’s widow in 1980, plus information about the history of the press

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Between-Hours Press – Ben Grauer (cont’d)

28                    Woodblocks, 1952-1975

F98      List of DePol’s woodblocks, 1952-1975

Also page proofs for Years of Twenty and a few proofs for other DePol engravings, plus a small scroll with events of 1908 for Grauer’s birthday in 1975 (removed to Box 13).  See Box 13 for these woodblocks created by DePol:

Christmas cards for Grauer

“From Ben Grauer 1952 – Seasons greetings” (1952)

Microphone and bow tie (1953)

Clasped hands (1954)

Full length of (new) house front (955)

Front door [29 E. 63rd St.] (1956)

Dufy alone [dog] (1957)

Front room fireplace [wood sculpture above & 2 Foo dogs below] (1958)

Dufy in Garden (1959)

Door of library looking into foyer (1960)

Second floor foyer & stairway up [closed doors of library in back] (1961)

18th century Barock Austrian stove in living room (1962)

Public hall looking through open door to foyer & stairs w/ umbrella stand (1963)

Master bedroom fireplace with mantle & clock (1964)

Dining room table with candlesticks & window (1965)

Louis XIV reproduction commode in drawing room with Buddha, etc. (1966)

Living room with piano, antelope sculpture (1967)

Albion Press (1968)

Grandfather clock and stairs (1969)

Sculpture by Antoine Poncet by window (1970)

Two grandfather clocks and stairs (1971)

Ibex (1972)

Fireplace full of flowers (1973)

Clasped hands with “Ben & Mel” (1974)


Engravings for Bruce Rogers birthday keepsakes

“B R” with thistle (1956)

Small lone thistle (1955)

“B R” in square frames (1955)

“B R” with pointing hand (1953)

Small “B R” in frame (1954)

Small “B R” in circle (1957)

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Between-Hours Press – Ben Grauer (cont’d)

Woodblocks (cont’d)

28        F98      (cont’d)

Ben Grauer – Between-Hours Press

“Ben Grauer” in oval with decoration (n.d.)

“Ben Grauer” in frame (n.d.)

Stamp of “B H” with hour glass

Five small woodblocks of “BH with hourglass


Other woodblocks

Alfred A. Knopf keepsake - outdoor book shop in London, (1965)

Alfred A. Knopf keepsake – [grey hound] (1965)

“Bunny’s Peaches” (1959)

Dr. Leslie keepsake – hourglass (1960)

A. Burton Carnes keepsake “ABC” (1962)

In memory of Peter Beilenson - Kelmscott/Goudy keepsake – press (1962)

Amphora engraving (1975)

Ben Franklin broadside printed on Today – NBCTV on January 17, 1956 (1956)

[Man walking in rain], (n.d.)

[Book press] (n.d.)

[Book press] (n.d.)

[Buildings with trees and pond] (n.d.)


Photographs and slides of Grauer and friends, 1952-1968

Includes Ben Grauer, Melanie Kahane Grauer, Herman Cohen, John DePol, John Fass, John Dreyfus, Lew White, A. Burton Carnes, Marin Speckter, Joan Porter, and Ralph Porter.

F99      Photographs and slides, 1952-1968

13 photographs and 10 slides

F100    Photographs, 1956-1966

64 photographs

F101    Information regarding Ben Grauer, 1952-1996

Printed articles and notes by DePol, plus his drawing for an engraving of Grauer.  Includes issue #11 of Lithopinion and a copy of Jake Zeitlin’s This I Believe, which Grauer had sent to DePol

F102    Bewick, Thomas – correspondence and printed material, 1965-1994

Includes printed engraving by Bewick and DePol’s drawings for a portrait of Bewick

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

29        F103    Binnacle Press, 1962

DePol provided engravings for Log: Five Days aboard the Schooner “Stephen Taber,” as kept by Robert E. Levy.  Photocopy of book and three proofs of engravings, plus a letter from Levy


Biographical information regarding John DePol, 1944-1999

F104    Notes, Christmas letters, and biographical essays, 1946-1994

F105    Articles about DePol, 1944-1999


F106    Bird and Bull Press – Henry Morris, 1960-1993

Correspondence, paper samples and printed material

*Bishop, Peter – see The Petrarch Press

*Bishop, Philip R. – see Mosher Books

*Blackwell North Americasee Walsdorf, Jack

F107    Blinn, Carol – Warwick Press, 1994-1996

Correspondence, print, and a proof of DePol’s 1996 engraving for The Typophiles honoring Blinn

*Blumenthal, Joseph – see Pentagram Press

F108    Bobcat Press – Richard Hicks, 1976

Correspondence and one photograph of the press

F109    Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, 1991-1998

Correspondence regarding DePol’s gifts of his work to the library and newsletters, one of which includes an article regarding DePol

*The Bodley Head – see Ryder, John

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

29                    Book Club of California, 1988-2000

F110    Correspondence, 1988-2000

Includes correspondence with Don Fleming, plus drawings by DePol and prints

California Flora by Elizabeth McClintock (San Francisco: The Book Club of California, 1995)

DePol designed the engravings for this book

F111    Research of flora images, 1995

F112    Drawings for engravings, 1994-1995

F113    Proofs and repros, [1995]

F114    Printed and pattern paper, [1995]

F115    Page proofs, 1995


F116    “Reminiscences of a Wood Engraver,” 1988

Article for The Book Club of California Quarterly News-Letter.  Includes engraving and printed items

F117    California Avifauna – 1990 keepsake series, 1990


F118    Book Craftsmen Associates, Inc., 1957-1962

Correspondence with Harvey Satenstein, engravings by DePol

F119    Bookplates, 1965-1999

Includes correspondence with James P. Keenan of Cambridge Bookplate, with bookplates for Dr. Joseph Teplin, The Wil-Art Press, Book Craftsmen Associates, John Alden Knight, Houser, Vawter, Michael Gunn, Steve Corey, John F. Shroder, Jr., Dr. Abner Morris Memorial Library Fund, and the Rene d’Harnocourt and Glas collections at Fairleigh Dickinson.  Also includes a collection of John Gartner bookplates by different artists as well as a print by Allen Lewis which were given to DePol by Norman Kent.

Bookways – W. Thomas Taylor, Printer, 1994-1998

F120    Correspondence, engravings, and mock-ups of covers, 1994-1998

Also includes the No. 12 issue of Bookways noting DePol’s 80th birthday.

F121    Mock-up for a book regarding DePol, n.d.


F122    Bornstein, Dean G. (wood engraver), 1987-1996

Includes correspondence, signed proofs and prints of his work

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

29        F123    Borsodi, Victor H. – The Silo Press, 1957-1962

Correspondence and printed


F124    Boston Athenaeum, 1958-1990

Correspondence with Walter Muir Whitehill and Rodney Armstrong

F125    Boston Public Library, 1953-1995

Correspondence with James Lawton and Sinclair Hitchings, plus printed ephemera from the library

F126    Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company, 1974-1975

Includes correspondence with Matthew Sheridan, two photographs and 1 negative (Boston), as well as drawings, proofs and prints of DePol’s engraving, “The Old State House Boston,” which he engraved for the centennial celebration of Boston Safe Deposit in 1975.

*Botnick, Ken – see The Red Ozier Press

Bowne & Co., Stationers – South Street Seaport Museum, New York, 1977-      1999

Bowne & Co. is the printing shop of the South Street Seaport Museum.  DePol has created engravings for the shop, taught engraving classes, and been supportive of the museum.

Correspondence, 1975-1999

Includes correspondence with Roger Campbell, Ginna Johnson, Barbara Henry, Pamela Fogg, Julia Boltin, Lissa Dodington, Catherine Comar, Peter Neill, Edmund A. (Ted) Stanley, William F. Pearce, and Doug Bauer, as well as printed material from the museum

F127    1975-1990

F128    1991-1999


F129    Photographs, 1994-1998

50 photographs, plus negatives of John and Thelma DePol, Barbara Henry, Bobby Baker, and others taken at a farewell party for Ted Stanley, as well as images of the 1998 exhibition at the museum, “John DePol’s New York.”

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Bowne & Co., Stationers – South Street Seaport Museum (cont’d)

29        F130    DePol exhibition – “John DePol’s New York: an Exhibition of Etchings and                                           Wood Engravings,” 1997 Nov 1–1998 Jan 25

Includes correspondence, biographical information, material for the exhibition, including proofs of the engraving “South Street” (1950) used in publicity.  Photocopies of newspaper article removed to oversize Box 68

F131    Wood engraving courses, 1982-1985

Includes correspondence, lists of students, engravings by DePol, and announcements (including a poster removed to oversize Box 68).  Also includes proofs (most of which are signed) of engravings created by students Frank Weissman, John DePol (second cousin), Nigel Holmes, Diane Wray, Barbara Henry, Michael Deas, Robert Long, Lana Cockbill, Robert Muehl, David J. Fisch, Janice Frey, Claire Lukacs, and Martin Hutner

Engravings, 1982-1996

May include correspondence, photographs, drawings, proofs, repros, and/or printed material

F132    “Bowne & Co., Stationers,” 1982

One photograph of the company

F133    “Ambrose” (a lightship), 1984


30        F134    Peking” (ship), 1988

F135    “To Make Shrub,” 1991

F136    Robert Bowne, 1992

Poster removed to oversize Box 68

Edgar Allan Poe – The Pit and the Pendulum, 1990-1991

DePol created the illustrations for Bowne’s edition

F137    Drawings and designs, 1990-1991

F138    Proofs, 1990

F139    Page proofs, announcements, and reviews, 1991


F140    Caroll Boltin – A Practical Guide to Light Refreshment, 1993-1996

DePol created the illustrations for this cookbook.  Includes correspondence, drawings, proofs, announcements and broadsides

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Bowne & Co., Stationers – South Street Seaport Museum (cont’d)

30        F141    [South Street Seaport Museum], n.d.

F142    Barbara Henry for a 1994 American Printing History Association keepsake, 1994

Includes correspondence, drawings, layout design, proofs and printed poster (removed to oversize Box 68)

F143    Miscellaneous engravings, 1994 and n.d.

Includes several images of ships, including one on the Hudson & Erie

Printed ephemera from Bowne & Co., 1977-1994

F144    Brochures, cards, stationery, and the 80th birthday card for DePol, 1977-1993

F145    Newsletters, programs, broadsides and brochures, 1983-1994


F146    Articles regarding DePol, 1978-1994



F147    Brady, Denise – bradypress, 1992-1994

Correspondence and self-portrait engraving by Brady

F148    Brancolini, Gino (Eugene) – Press of the Little Herd, 1983-2000

Correspondence and printed items which bear the press mark engraving by DePol

F149    Braun, Wilson (Delaware) - correspondence, 1990-1992

*Brewer, Frederic (The Private Press of Frederic Brewer) – see The Lilly Library

F150    The Briar Press – Elizabeth Nevin, 1996-1998


F151    Brody, Catherine Tyler (Cathy), 1980-2000

Brody wrote the biographical essay for John DePol: a Catalogue Rainsonne of His Graphic Work 1935-1998.  Correspondence and copies of parts of the catalog

F152    Bromer Booksellers, 1981-1992

Correspondence and catalogs

F153    Brooklyn Bridge, 1982-1983

Drawings and an issue of New York which features the Brooklyn Bridge

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

30        F154    Brown University, 1940-1992

Correspondence regarding DePol’s gifts of his work to Brown


Brussel-Smith, Bernard, 1952-1994

DePol and wood engraver Bernard Brussel-Smith worked together in the 1950s and were friends.  The collection includes two trays of slides taken in 1979 when the DePols visited the Brussel-Smiths in France, as well as signed engravings by Brussel-Smith.  Also included are thirteen engraving tools used by Brussel-Smith, two metal engravings, and eight wood blocks engraved by Brussel-Smith

F155    Correspondence, 1967-1994

Letters from Bernard and Mildred Brussel-Smith, including engraved Christmas cards

F156    Photographs, 1952-1984

Seven photographs which include the DePols, the Brussel-Smiths, Lew White, Paul Bennett, and Frank Petrocelli

F157    Slides, 1979

52 slides taken during the 1979 trip to Collonges-La-Rouge, France to visit the Brussel-Smiths.  Originally “tray 1”

F158    Slides, 1979

76 slides from the 1979 trip to France, originally “tray 2”

F159    DePol’s “An Appreciation,” 1983

Drafts of DePol’s article about Brussel-Smith

F160    Writing by Brussel-Smith, 1961

“Wood, Tools & Equipment for Artist-Engravers” and “Wood Engraving & Relief Etching for Industry,” two booklets written by Brussel-Smith

F161    Brussel-Smith’s portrait engraving of John DePol, n.d.


Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Brussel-Smith, Bernard (cont’d)

30        F162    Engravings by Brussel-Smith, 1983 and n.d.

Includes a signed self-portrait by Brussel-Smith, signed engravings, proofs, and his portrait of Beatrice L. Warde.  Thirteen tools, two wood blocks removed to Box 24, two metal-surface engravings and eight wood block engravings removed to Box 22-23, and two original signed engravings and two printed engravings removed to oversize.


Wood blocks and Metal etching – Box 22

Four wooden blocks with incomplete engravings, one labeled: “BBS – from Mildred Dec. 1989 – JD”

Two metal surface etchings: Man fishing and “a portfolio of the work of brussel-smith”

Wood blocks – Box 23

Three wooden blocks, three with engraving incomplete and one with an image transferred but engraving not begun – all unidentified and undated

Wood blocks in wooden box with tools – Box 24 [Lion’s head] for Esquire, ca. 1937 (given to DePol by Burt Carnes) Single rose used by John Anderson, n.d.

F163    Prints of pharmaceutical engravings by Brussel-Smith, n.d.

Pamphlets and cards for various medications, many for Sharp & Dohme, Philadelphia, some removed to oversize Box 66

F164    Printed advertisements with engravings by Brussel-Smith, n.d.


F165    Material about Bernard Brussel-Smith, 1952-1989

Includes articles, exhibition programs, price lists for his work and a resume

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

30                    Bucknell University, 1960-1992

F166    Correspondence, 1960-1992

Letters from Ann de Klerk and others regarding DePol’s gifts to Bucknell, an exhibition of his work, “John DePol…Some Garden Accessories,” and a lecture (September 28, 1989).  Also includes the text of the lecture and a program.  Poster announcing the lecture and exhibition removed to oversize Box 66

F167    Photographs, 1964 and n.d.

Twenty-one photographs plus negatives of buildings at Bucknell

F168    Engravings by DePol, 1964-1989

Includes drawings, research images, repros, proofs and prints of DePol’s engravings of the Charles M. & Olive S. Rooke Chapel, The Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library, The Observatory, and the Daniel C. Roberts Hall, all buildings on the campus of Bucknell

F169    Printed material from Bucknell, 1961-1989

Annual reports and booklet

31        F170    Buechler, John – University of Vermont, 1986-2001

Correspondence, some regarding the library’s collection of DePol’s work, and Vermont exhibition catalog


Bullnettle Press – Asa Peavy, 1988-1999

DePol created engravings for Bullnettle Press (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) and later for Yale University Press and San Francisco Public Library when Peavy moved to jobs at those institutions.

F171    Correspondence, 1988-1993

Includes some printed ephemera

F172    Correspondence, 1994-1999

Includes DePol engravings and letters and printed ephemera from Coriander Reisbord (The Skeptical Press) plus two photographs of an Albion Press at the San Francisco Public Library

F173    Engravings, 1989

Includes drawings and proofs from a Bullnettle Press pressmark and illustrations for Cydney Adams Flesh of Best Intention (1989)

F174    Printed ephemera, 1986-1989

Includes printed engravings by DePol

F175    Bump, James (lutemaker), 1983

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

31        F176    Burke, Jackson – Mergenthaler Linotype Company and The Foot Press, 1952-                                                1962

Correspondence and engravings by DePol for The Foot Press (including a press mark).  DePol also created “Park Row, New York” engraving for a Christmas card for the Mergenthaler Co. and an engraving depicting Ottmar Mergenthaler and Whitelaw Reid and the linotype machine (1961).

*The Burncoat Press – see Pomeroy, Jane

The Buttonmaker Press – Don Knoepfler, 1982-1994

DePol created engravings for Knoepfler and Buttonmaker Press, including a press mark and illustrations for several books.

F177    Correspondence and woodblocks, 1982-1993

Includes correspondence and printed ephemera, including a copy of The Unicorn in the Garden by James Thurber.  The 10 woodblocks engraved by DePol for Buttonmaker which were removed to Box 19 are:

Frontispiece (bears) for Barry Lopez’s Renegotiating the Contracts (1989)

Nine wood blocks for the Buttonmaker edition of Mark Twain’s The Quaker City Holy Land Excursion (1985)

Mark Twain portrait

Act I    Scene 1

Act I    Scene 1

Page 3              Captain and cripple

Page 5              Three women with luggage

Page 7              Captain and women

Page 11            Stigger & Twain

Page 13            Woman listening at keyhole

Room with table of cards and drinks

Also a wood block for the Shroder bookplate see F179

Engravings for Buttonmaker, 1985-1994

May include correspondence, research material, drawings, proofs, repros, printed image, page proofs, and text

F178    Stephen Lewis – The Gulls’ Sweetly Banked Flight and Other Poems, n.d.

F179    John F. Shroder, Jr. bookplate, 1985-1986

See also wood block in Box 19

F180    Mark Twain – The Quaker City Holy Land Excursion, 1985-1986

See also wood block in Box 19

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

The Buttonmaker Press – Don Knoepfler (cont’d)

Engravings for Buttonmaker (cont’d)

31        F181    Sir James Matthew Barrie – My Lady Nicotine, 1988-1994

Includes drawings for Barrie portrait

F182    Barry Lopez – Renegotiating the Contracts, 1989

F183    Miscellaneous engravings, 1983-1988

Includes a Buttonmaker press mark, a keepsake, “What Type Should I Use?,”for Midwestern gathering of letterpress aficionados (1988), “Kilcash” (1987), a portrait of Mark Twain, and two engravings by an unidentified person


F184    “C,” 1983-1999

Includes correspondence from George Carter, Travis Cliett, Kent Day Coes, Collinge & Clark, Robert Coupe, Monroe Causley, Asa Cheffetz, Angela Carter, Jeffrey Cooper, Virginia Cella, and John T. Cowles, as well as printed material from Chamberlain Press, T. M. Cleland (poster of drawing removed to oversize, Box 68), Curtis Paper Company, Newark, Delaware, Dan Chatman, and John & Rosalind Craig

F185    Campbell-Logan Bindery – Gregor R. Campbell, 1989-1996

Correspondence and proofs for a DePol engraving for a Christmas card

F186    Camperdown Elm, The Press at the – William R. Eshelman, 1989-1998

Correspondence and DePol’s drawings and proofs for a pressmark

F187    Carnes, A. Burton, 1952-1975

Includes correspondence; twelve photographs of Carnes, R. Hunter Middleton, Victor Hammer, events or his calligraphy; proofs and printed copies of DePol’s engraving of Carnes, plus keepsakes honoring Carnes and issues of Craft Horizons which he gave DePol

F188    Carpenter, Edward and Jo, 1992-1995


F189    Catalogs for bookshops, galleries, and rare book dealers, 1929-1989

Many of the catalogs include for sale items which have engravings by DePol

F190    “Centerpiece” – “Coffee Table Book,” ca. 1991

Text of the narration for a videotape about wood engraving.  See the video cassettes for a videotape which has numerous takes of DePol narrating the engraving of a work called “Centerpiece”

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

31        F191    Chafetz, Sidney, 1989

Includes letters, a signed engraving of Benjamin Franklin by Chafetz, and an inscribed copy of Sid Chafetz: Thirty Years in Ohio


*Chama Press – see Graves, John


F192    Chambers, David – Private Libraries Association, 1989-2000

Includes correspondence, an issue of The Private Library, and information regarding Chambers article, “John DePol Wood-Engraver”

*Chapman, C. Edward – see Hoosier House Press

Chiswick Book Shop – Herman & Aveve Cohen, 1952-1999

Engravings by DePol are included in several catalogs of Chiswick Book Shop.  DePol items are listed for sale in some of catalogs.

F193    Correspondence, 1952-1989

F194    Correspondence, 1990-1999


Engraving by DePol, 1958-1993

F195    “Enemies of the Book,” 1958

Proofs and page proofs of DePol engravings which also appeared on the cover of Antiquarian Bookman (1959), plus copies of “Close in Edinburgh,” DePol’s engraving which appeared in a catalog

F196    “The Common Press,” 1993

DePol’s engraving for Chiswick catalog #104.  Includes drawings, proofs, and printed copies

F197    Chiswick Book Shop catalogs and publications, 1990s and n.d.

Some include engravings by DePol and includes work by Ismar David

F198    Cohen’s contribution to the DePol festschrift, 1993

32                    Christensen, Bonnie, 1983-2000

Wood engraver who attended DePol’s wood engraving course at Bowne & Co.

F199    Correspondence, 1983-2000

Includes some engravings and information about Christensen

F200    Engravings by Christensen, 1994 and n.d.

Includes over 20 engravings by Christensen, some signed, plus a proof of the children’s book she illustrated, An Edible Alphabet, plua a broadside titled “The Grumbling Woman” which was removed to oversize Box 68

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

32        F201    Chu, Roberta – cards, [1995]


Clarke & Way – The Thistle Press – Bruce Rogers, 1950s-1998

See also Rogers, Bruce

F202    “About Bruce Rogers and Clarke & Way,” 1950s-1998

Includes DePol’s engraved portrait of Bruce Rogers, book signatures (one signed by Rogers) of RogersThe Twelve Moneths by Nich. Breton, information about Rogers and DePol’s acquaintance with him

F203    Engravings by DePol, 1955-1958

Includes engravings for Christmas cards, a portrait of Noah Webster, the 9th Annual Congress of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (New York City), Goethe House (NYC), and for Motets and Hymns of the 16th Century, and DePol’s announcement of his services, plus a copy of The Pace for Living by R. C. Hutchinson (published by Thistle Press for Alan and Catherine Collins)

*Clarkin, William – see The Print Club of Albany

F204    Cleveland Medical Library Association, 1993 Feb 19

Program in which DePol is recognized as an Honorary Fellow

*The Close Grip Press – see Wilkins, Cary

F205    Club of Odd Volumes – correspondence and printed, 1949-1995

Includes letters from Walter Muir Whitehill and copies of programs for Club meetings, including the January 15, 1958, program for which DePol created the engraving of him & John Anderson beside a campfire

“Coffee Table Book,” ca. 1991

Material collected and arranged by DePol for a book on how to make a wood engraving

F206    Notes, copies of engravings, ca. 1991

F207    Photographs and copies, ca. 1991

Twenty-one photographs of the process, all include DePol

*Cohen, Herman & Aveve – see Chiswick Book Shop

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

32        F208    Cole, Timothy, 1929

A print of Anton Van Dyck’s painting of Filippo Cattaneo as engraved by Timothy Cole and given to DePol by Joseph Widener



Coleman, Carroll – The Prairie Press, 1946-1995

F209    Correspondence, 1951-1977

Engravings, 1951-1992

Includes repros, prints, and printed material

F210    John Holmes – The Symbols, 1951-1955

F211    Portrait of Carroll Coleman, 1975-1992


F212    Printed material published by Coleman, 1946-1985

Includes Christmas greetings, announcements, booklets, including Ecclesiastes, and a 1985 homage to Coleman

F213    Material regarding Coleman, 1993-1995


F214    Coleman, James, 1961

Proofs of DePol’s engraving, “The Hindu Rope Trick,” created for Coleman

*Coley Taylor, Inc. – see Petrocelli, Frank

F215    Colker, Edward – Cooper Union Center for Typography, 1992

Copy of Copper Union’s Peter Cooper: in His Own Words

*The College Center of the Finger Lakessee Corning Glass Center

*Columbia University – engraving – see Peter Pauper Press

F216    Columbia University Library - correspondence and printed material, 1979-1999

Correspondence describes DePol’s gifts to the library

F217    Columbia University Press - engraving, 1959

Proofs of engraving of Henry Sienkiewicz (1959)

F218    Comet Press – engravings, 1950s

Includes engravings of scenes in Greenwich Village, New York for Comet Press Christmas cards.  Includes the Mark Twain house and an unpublished image of Bleecker St. market

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

32                    Connecticut College, 1987-1997

F219    Correspondence, 1987-1998

DePol donated some of his work to the Charles E. Shain Library and was the subject of an exhibition in May-June, 1991.  Included is correspondence with Mrs. Mary Kent and Dr. Charles Price.

F220    Engraving – Plant House at Connecticut College, 1993

Includes drawing, proofs, and printed items.  The poster “John DePol: Wood Engraver” announcing the DePol exhibition was removed to oversize Box 66

The Connecticut Gazette – Monroe F. Dreher, Inc., 1956-1957

DePol created numerous engravings for The Connecticut Gazette which was published by The Stamford Trust Company, as well as engravings for Monroe F. Dreher, Inc., whose advertising business commissioned DePol’s work for the paper.

F221    Correspondence, 1956-1957


F222    A Portfolio of Wood Engravings of Historic Spots on Harbour Island the Bahamas, 1956

Text by Monroe Dreher and engravings by DePol.  Proofs and printed copies

F223    Christmas card and advertising, 1957

Includes DePol’s drawings and proofs for his engraving for an Avon Cosmetics Christmas greeting in The Christian Science Monitor (1957 Dec 7) commissioned through Dreher plus a Christmas card for M. F. Dreher

F224    Engravings for issues of The Connecticut Gazette, 1956-1957

Includes proofs, some of which are numbered and signed

F225    Printed issues of The Connecticut Gazette, 1956-1957

All include DePol engravings

F226    Wood blocks for engravings, 1956-1957

The following woodblocks were removed to Box 17

Crewel embroidery of tree with a bird   1956 Oct

Sugar barrel sign                                               1956 Oct

Man’s pocketbook                                           1956 Oct

Man with divining rod                           1956 Oct

Country store                                                   1956 Dec

Santa in flying sleigh                                          1956 Dec

Colonial fisherman                                            1957 Apr

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

32                    Connors, Sandra – The Honeybee Press, 1990-2000

Wood engraver who founded her own press and was a student of DePol

F227    Correspondence, 1990-2000

Includes samples of her engravings, many of which are inscribed to DePol

F228    Proofs and printed samples of engravings, 1992-1996

Includes a keepsake for DePol’s birthday

F229    “Cook-Out” – engraving, 1980 Mar 24

Proofs and printed

F230    Cooper & Beatty, Limited – correspondence and engravings, 1957-1993

DePol created engravings for this Toronto, Canada, firm, including the crest of the Hudson’s Bay Company in Winnipeg and illustrations for the book, The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus.  See also the files of the University of Toronto which holds the firm’s archive.  Poster of “Soul Talk” (from Jerome Snyder) removed to oversize Box 68

F231    The Cordes Press, Newark, Delaware, 1956-1957

Letters from Norman J. Cordes and samples of printed material

F232    Corey, D. Steven – correspondence and engraving, 1987-1992

Includes letters from Corey, as well as Chauncey & Elizabeth Leake, plus drawings, proofs and the prints of DePol’s engraving for the Corey memorial bookplate.  Also DePol’s self-portrait woodblock engraving was used for a Gleeson Library Associates Christmas greeting in 1989.  Includes a photograph of Mrs. John Gilpin, Vivianne Torres, and Steve Corey

F233    Corning Community College, 1963-1964

Printed brochure with DePol engraving

F234    The Corning Glass Center – correspondence and engraving, 1970-1974

Includes printed items with DePol’s engraving of Jose Limon and a 1978 issue of Journal of Glass Studies

*The Couriersee Syracuse University

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

33                    *Cummington Press – see Duncan, Harry


F235    Cummins, Maureen – Inanna Press, 1992-1994

Includes correspondence and printed samples of press publications, many of which are hand-colored, including The Song of Songs and Hats I’ve Had, which Cummins designed, illustrated, printed and bound

F236    “D,” 1979-2000

Includes letters or printed material from Joseph Riggs Dunlap, Beverly & Stuart Dobson (The Artichoke Press), Dickman & Hansen, W. Daubuz, DDC Fine Arts, Alexander Fraser Draper, and Davidson Galleries

F237    Dale Guild Type Foundry – Theo Rehak, 1993-1997

Includes correspondence, two photographs of Rehak in Cambridge, announcements and a printed keepsake for Rehak bearing DePol’s engraving.  Also includes drawings and proofs of DePol’s engraving, “In Quest of Subiaco”

F238    Dana, Emma Joy – correspondence and engravings, 1983-1994

DePol’s student at Fairleigh Dickinson University, see also those files

F239    Dartmouth College – correspondence, 1967-1990


F240    Davis, Paul Preston – correspondence, 1992-1999

Includes DePol’s engraving of John Sloan’s self-portrait and a “1st state” proof of an engraving created and signed by Sloan.

F241    The Delaware Bibliophiles – correspondence and engravings, 1990-1997

Includes proofs for the engravings: “Papermaking” (1990), “Curtis Paper Mill at Newark” (1991), “Mills at Rockland” (1990), “Rittenhouse Paper Mill in Pennsylvania” (1957), “Franklin Press” (1994), all illustrations for An Anthology of Delaware Papermaking

F242    Delaware, University of – correspondence, engraving & exhibition, 1993-2004

Includes a copy of Five Decades of the Burin: the Wood Engravings of John DePol and an engraving from an DePol woodbolck by Raven Press, both issued for the 2004 UD Library exhibition of DePol's work.


F243    The Devin-Adair Company, 1950-1955

DePol created engravings to illustrate books or dust jackets for Devin-Adair, including James Plunket’s The Trusting and the Maimed in 1955 and DePol’s first illustrated book Two Lovely Beasts.  See also the files for Two Lovely Beasts

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

33        F244    Dickman, O. Alfred, 1949-1962

Printed ephemera honoring Dickman’s retirement in 1962 and a note


F245    R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company – The Lakeside Press, 1952-1969

Correspondence with Walter Howe and other staff of the company and material toward engravings which DePol created for Donnelly & Sons Christmas cards, as well as bookplates for Hans Weisz and Pauline & Ted Houser (Moss Neck Manor).  Also includes a catalog for The Lakeside Press Galleries exhibition, Printers at Play, which included work by DePol

F246    Douglas, Lester – correspondence, drawings, and printed samples, 1949-1960

Includes Douglas’s original drawings or tracings of the bald eagle for “Press of the Bald Eagle” and other printed ephemera by Douglas

*Dreher, Monroe F., Inc. – see The Connecticut Gazette

*Drenner, Don von Ruysdael – see The Zauberberg Press

Dreyfus, John, 1979-1999

John Dreyfus wrote the preface for John DePol: a Catalogue Raisonne.

F247    Correspondence, 1980-1999

Includes draft of the preface and pattern paper engraved by Reynolds Stone

F248    Photographs, 1985-1996

Images of the DePols, Dreyfus, and Dreyfus’s home in London

F249    Engraving – John Dreyfus “Laureate,” 1998

Drawings, proofs, and printed material related to DePol’s tribute to Dreyfus

F250    Printed addresses delivered by John Dreyfus, 1979-1991

Includes address regarding Wynkyn de Worde, wood engraving by women artists, and Gerard Meynell and the Westminster Press

F251    Duane Park, New York City - “A Diamon in a Triangle,” n.d.

Twenty-one photographs of Duane Park and the surrounding area

F252    Dubansky, Mindell – Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1986-1998


F253    Duensing, Paul Hayden – correspondence and printed material, 1969

Type specimen posters removed to oversize Box 68

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

33        F254    Duncan, Harry – Cummington Press and Abbatoir Editions, 1985-1997

Includes correspondence, DePol’s engraving the Vaughn House (“First home of Cummington Press,” 1994), a drawing of Duncan by DePol, a photocopy of Laurence Lieberman’s poem “The St. Kitts Monkey Feuds”


F255    “E,” 1999 and n.d.

Includes letters from Frank C. Eckmair, and DePol’s engravings for Joan Ebenstein and Gertrud & Fritz Eberhardt

F256    Eichenberg, Fritz - correspondence and engravings, 1951-1997

Includes artist’s proofs, some annotated or signed, as well as printed engravings by Eichenberg

*Elsted, Crispin & Jan – see Barbarian Press

F257    Endgrain Press, 1964-1999

Includes drawings, proofs, and printed material by DePol for his Endgrain Press, including “At the Sign of the Stump” and the pamphlet, “Places & Things.”  Also includes drawings, proofs and the printed broadside “Fine Printing Is Not Fancy Printing (the broadside has been removed to oversize Box 67) which was printed by Pentagram Press and includes the engraving “The Amenities of Civilization.”  A drawing for an Endgrain press mark has been removed to oversize

*Eshelman, William R. – see Camperdown Elm, The Press at the

F258    Evans, Leslie – correspondence and printed material, 1986-1999

Includes letters from illustrator Leslie Evans and printed material from The Letterpress Guild of New England, including the 10th anniversary portfolio as well as DePol’s engraving for the Guild of engraving and press tools (1992)

F259    “Excerpts,” 1995

Collection of DePol’s engravings for a proposed book of miscellaneous items, two images are labeled “unpublished.”  Includes engravings for the New York Times Book Review (1956), a logo for Heidelberg-Eastern, Maspeth, Long Island, NY, Robert Leslie, work for Buttonmaker and Ex-Ophidia presses

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

33                    Exhibitions, 1944-1994

See also material related to exhibitions of DePol’s in the files of universities or organizations which hosted exhibitions of his work.

F260    Information, n.d.

Includes lists of wood engraving awards, lists of exhibitions which included DePol’s work and prices for some of his prints

F261    American Red Cross Club, Piccadilly, London, England - Rainbow Corner, 1944 Jun

List of displayed work, biographical information, excerpts of reviews, and five photographs of the engravings as exhibited

F262    Southern Vermont Art Center, 1983 Sep 3-18

Correspondence, two photographs of exhibitions, and negatives

F263    Printmaking Council of New Jersey, 1991 Sep 6-Oct 12

Correspondence, announcement and review of “New Jersey Print Masters”

F264    GPU Service Corporation, Interpace Highway, Parsippany, New Jersey, 1993

List of exhibited items and 21 photographs of the opening, including the DePols

F265    Galleries and organizations, 1947-1991

Correspondence, announcements, programs, catalogs, and reviews related to galleries which have exhibited DePol’s work, including Bethesda Art Gallery, Tahir Gallery, Wenniger Graphics, Grand Central Art Galleries, Inc., Ram’s Head Gallery, Sabbeth Art Gallery, Hadassah Art Show, Carnegie Institute, State University College, Oneonta, New York, The Art Association of Newport, Oakland Art Gallery, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, The Boston Society of Independent Artists, The Royal Society of Painter-etchers and Engravers, The Society of Washington Printmakers, Wichita Art Association, and the Brooklyn Museum.  See also the file on the Susan Teller Gallery (F795)

F266    Works by other artists, 1983-1994

Includes a portfolio for the Eastlake Gallery exhibition, French Impressionist Paintings and Drawings (1989)

F267    “F,” 1940-1999

Includes letters from or information regarding William A. Farnsworth Library & Museum, Herbert Farrier, Maggie Fleisher, Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies, Franklin Feldman, Michael Fallon, L. W. Frohlich (There Are No Strangers at Christmas), Tula & Otto Feidels, and Mark Freeman

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

34                    Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1974-1999

See also the files of correspondence with James H. Fraser, Director of Friendship Library and a friend of John DePol

Correspondence, 1974-1999

The files include letters, printed ephemera, programs, magazines, announcements and other information from the University and the Library.  DePol engraved bookplates, images for posters, and material for catalogs for the Library.  In 1983 the University awarded DePol a Founders Community Service Award.

F268    1974-1981

F269    1982-1983

F270    1984-1994

F271    1996-1999


Book Arts Course/Seminar, 1979-1986

John DePol taught wood engraving courses for Fairleigh Dickinson’s Annual Book Arts Seminar between 1979 and 1986.  The files include announcements, lists of students, photographs, certificates, correspondence, articles about the course, DePol’s “Notes on Wood Engraving,” and samples of work by students.

F272    Book Arts courses, 1979-1982

Posters announcing the Book Arts courses have been removed to oversize, Box 68.  Includes engravings by DePol, Gino Brancolini, Don Chadwick, Elise Wiga, Bonnie Christensen, Paul Perlow, Connie Witt, D. Alterman, Steve Klok, E. T. Hopkins, Ginna Johnson, Joe Scarry, Emma-Joy Dana, Terry Dagradi, J. Cannon, and Carl Darrow, as well as a copy of A Common Place Book printed as part of the 1982 Book Arts Workshop

F273    Photographs, 1981-1982

23 photographs of DePol, students in the 1981 and 1982 courses, a printing press, and the Fairleigh Dickinson campus

F274    Book Arts Course, 1983

Includes engravings by DePol, announcements, correspondence, and engravings by the students: Steve Klok, Carl Darrow, Maryan Robati, Katieanne Harrison, Barnard Taylor, and Christine Schmuckert

F275    Book Arts Course, 1984

Engravings by DePol, announcements, correspondence, and engravings by students: Joann Ligertwood, Anne Copeland, Mary Cady Rubinstein, Donald W. Knoepfler, Barnard Taylor, Eric Hauber, Diana Simon, and Ray Weinmann.  Includes letters from Rubinstein

F276    Book Arts Courses, 1985-1986

Announcements and drawings by DePol for an engraving used in publicity

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Fairleigh Dickinson University (cont’d)

34                    Engravings by DePol, 1981-1982

F277    “The Library” – Florham-Madison Campus, 1981

Includes drawings, proofs, repros, and printed portfolio.

F278    “F” – initial lettercap for Fairleigh Dickinson, n.d.

Drawing and proofs

F279    E. Glas Collection bookplate, 1982

Proofs and note by DePol

Exhibitions at Fairleigh Dickinson, 1982-1997

F280    Ireland Remembered,” 1982

Includes original draft of DePol’s text for Ireland Remembered (the catalog for the exhibition), correspondence, announcement, lists of items in exhibition, and material toward the catalog (one poster for the exhibition has been removed to oversize Box 68)

“John DePol: Etchings 1935-1947,” 1996-1997

Exhibition held November 24 1996 to January 31, 1997 at the Florham-Madison campus library

F281    DePol’s notebook of information, “The Early Etching Exhibition,” 1996-1997

F282    Correspondence and lists of items, 1996

F283    Catalog, 1996

F284    Publicity, invitations, and information regarding installation, 1996

F285    Information about etchings, 1996

Includes photocopies of images

F286    Information about etchings, 1996

F287    Photographs at opening of exhibition, 1996 Nov

Five photographs and letter from Monroe Causley who sent them

F288    Photographs of exhibition, 1996-1997

Includes 102 photographs taken by Paul Davis and others of the exhibition, plus photographs of DePol’s home, his work space, and DePol at work

*Ex-Ophidia Press – see Rummonds, Richard Gabriel

F289    Farrell, Mark – correspondence and story, 1992

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

34                    Fass, John Stroble, 1918-1999

Fass founded Harbor Press, Hammer Creek Press, and The Hell-Box Press.  DePol and Fass were friends and DePol created a number of engravings for Fass, including press marks and illustrations for Christmas cards.

F290    Correspondence, 1951-1972

Photographs, 1918-1989

F291    Fass at Camp Greene, 1918

63 photographs, 62 in an album with annotations describing Fass’s military experiences at Camp Greene in Charlotte, N.C. from August 30 to December 26, 1918

F292    Portrait and snapshots, 1952

18 photographs, some taken by Burt Carnes, which enclude images of John Anderson, John Bennett, Thurman, Dickman, Silver, and Hugo

F293    Hammer Creek/Albion Press, 1950s

Includes 31 photographs of the Albion Press, the Hammer Creek area, plus information by Fass

F294    Snapshots and portraits, 1951-1960

18 photographs, including several taken by Burt Carnes.  Also includes DePol, Valenti Angelo, and Wayne Yenawine.

F295    Hammer Creek, Lititz, Pennsylvania, and Fass’s gravesite, 1989

These 50 photographs and 4 postcards are the result of a 1989 trip by John and Thelma DePol to Fass’s hometown, gravesite, and surrounding area.

F296    Mounted photographs, [1989]

19 photographs of Fass, Lititz, Pennsylvania, and the DePols, plus photocopies

F297    Engravings by DePol, 1953-1992

Includes press marks, a pattern paper design for a “Fass Memoir” chapbook binding, and profile of Ben Franklin

F298    Engraving – John Fass’s Albion Press, 1990

Includes drawings, repros, and proofs

F299    John DePol talk regarding John Fass, 1990 Sep 19

Includes a set of slides, notes for and text of the talk, and supporting documents for DePol’s presentation to a meeting of the Typophiles at the National Arts Club in New York City.  See also videotape of the presentation in the media files

F300    Matrix article – “A Visit to Lititz” by DePol, 1999

Includes correspondence with John Randle of Whittington Press, drafts and proofs of the article, and information about John Fass

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Fass, John Stroble (cont’d)

34        F301    Correspondence regarding a book on Fass, 1981-1998

Includes information about Fass


35        F302    John S. Fass & the Hammer Creek Press, 1997-1998

Information and material related to the publication of this book by the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1998 and including illustrations by DePol


F303    Printed material related to John Fass, 1928-1990

Includes a small Fass bookplate and a copy of Some Early American Lottery Items by Bella Landauer (1928)

*The Feather Vender Press – see Simpson, Herbert

“Festschrift” for DePol, 1955-1993

Material related to John DePol a Celebration of His Work a festschrift honoring DePol on his 80th birthday published by The Yellow Barn Press in 1994

F304    John Anderson letters transcribed by James Fraser, 1955-1985

F305    Correspondence, 1992-1993

Correspondence with James Fraser and others, plus photocopies of material considered for inclusion

F306    The Fleece Press – Simon Lawrence, 1995-1997

Includes correspondence and samples of printed material from Fleece Press, with a poster removed to oversize Box 68

Donald Fleming – The Press of the Golden Key, 1978-1999 See also Book Club of California (F110)

F307    Correspondence, 1987-1999

F308    Printed, 1978-1993

Includes several booklets published by Fleming

F309    University of Florida – correspondence, 2000

Correspondence regarding DePol’s gifts to the University

*The Foot Press – see Burke, Jackson

F310    The Four Ducks Press – Bill Jackson, 1991-1995

Includes correspondence and samples of material printed by Four Ducks Press, plus proofs of engravings done by Bill Jackson

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

35                    *The Four Penny Press – see Speckter, Martin


F311    The Four Winds Press – Henry Schniewind, 1967-1987

Includes correspondence, printed items from Four Winds Press, and DePol’s engraving of the building in which The Four Winds Press operates

Franklin, Benjamin, 1923-1999

Consists of DePol’s files related to engravings for the Benjamin Franklin Keepsakes Library, a series of keepsakes which were published annually in junction with the celebration of Printing Week in New York to commemorate the birthday of Franklin

Research material, 1923 and n.d.

F312    Photographs of Colonial period objects, n.d.

Nine photographs, eight of items belonging to Franklin and housed at The Franklin Institute, plus one photograph of books

F313    Photographs of Franklin Court, n.d.

Three photographs of exterior views of Franklin Court, plus one contact sheet and negatives

F314    Photographs of artistic representations of Franklin, n.d.

10 photographs, some taken by Burt Carnes

F315    Printed material on Franklin, 1923 and n.d.

Includes a portions of the Franklin Bi-Centennial Number (January 20, 1923) of The American Printer

F316    The American Printer - Franklin Bi-Centennial Number, 1923 Jan 20


F317    Correspondence with Charles V. Morris, 1967-1984

Morris was the editor of the Franklin keepsake series

F318    Correspondence and notes regarding keepsakes, ca. 1960-1999

Lists of the keepsakes and notes by DePol regarding the keepsake series

F319    “Dashes for the Typographic Stage,” 1996

Drawings and proofs of the ornamental dashes created by DePol for the Franklin keepsakes

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Franklin, Benjamin (cont’d)

35                    Franklin keepsakes, 1953-1983

May includes drawings, proofs, and/or printed copies

F320    1953    The Way to Wealth

F321    1955    The Art of Virtue

F322    1956    Benjamin Franklin - 1706-1770

F323    1957    Benjamin Franklin, Wit

F324    1958    On True Happiness

F325    1959    Don’t Pay Too Much for the Whistle

F326    1960    Benjamin Franklin - Inventor

F327    1961    Benjamin Franklin – Innovator

F328    1963    America’s Big Ben

F329    1964    What Good Is a Newborn Babe?

F330    1965    What is Serving God? ‘Tis Doing Good to Man

F331    1966    Articles of Belief

F332    1967    Apology for Printers

F333    1969    The Silence Dogood Letters II

F334    1970    Le Bon Docteur Franklin - The Toast of Paris

F335    1971    Franklin of Philadelphia in London

F336    1972    A Quart of Oysters and Other Bon Mots of Bon Homme Richard

F337    1973    Sheep Will Never Make Insurrections – and Some Other Bon Mots of Bon Homme Richard

F338    1974    Benjamin Franklin: Printer at Work

F339    1975    Admiral Franklin?  Yes, Admiral Franklin

F340    1976    “The Dream,” “Benjamin’s Dream” and “Benjamin’s Bi-Centennial Blast”

F341    1977    My Dear Girl

F342    1978    My Dear Girl II

Galleys removed to oversize

F343    1979    Franklin and Women

F344    1980    How George Washington Got His Gunpowder

Galleys removed to mapcase

F345    1981    Benjamin Franklin, the Printer

F346    1982    Benjamin Franklin, the Diplomat

F347    1983    Benjamin Franklin Anecdotes and Eulogies

Galleys removed to mapcase


F348    Drawings and proofs for unidentified Franklin engravings, n.d.

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Franklin, Benjamin (cont’d)

35                    Thirty, 1987

A selection of illustrations from the thirty titles in the Benjamin Franklin Keepsakes Library

F349    Correspondence and notes, 1983-1998

F350    Mock-up for book, 1987


36        F351    Printed material relating to the Franklin keepsakes or events, 1956-1996

Including catalogs from Bertram Rota selling keepsakes.  Poster for Franklin birthday celebration (1996) removed to mapcase


F352    Franklin's Press – engraving, 1989-1990

Includes correspondence with printer Stephen O. Saxe, images of Ben Franklin’s Common Press, and drawings and proofs of DePol’s engraving

F353    Printing News, 1969-1988

Issues, clippings, and photocopies of articles, most of which reference the Franklin keepsakes

F354    Franklin Institute – correspondence and printed, 1980

Poster removed to oversize Box 67

Fraser, James, 1948-2001

See also the files of Fairleigh Dickinson University and “Festschrift.”

Correspondence, 1982-2001

Includes photocopies of DePol projects and printed material

F355    1982-1992

F356    1993

F357    1994-1998

F358    1999-2001 and n.d.


F359    Engravings by DePol, 1993-1999

Includes “For Caitlin Fraser” (1993) and engraving for a keepsake for Fraser’s birthday in 1999, as well as other engravings sent to Fraser by DePol

F360    Copies of articles regarding John DePol, 1948-1994


F361    Material related to John DePol a Celebration of His Work, 1993-1994

Includes a list of contributors to the Festschrift, a guest list, and mailings

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

36        F362    “G,” 1953-1998

Includes letters from or material related to Elmer & Florence Garrett, Gaudeamus Press (Bob & Linda Bretz), Howard & Lydia Gelbert, The Gulliver Press, Guthrie and Proctor, Guild of Bookworms, Grimalkin Press, Paul Grushkin, Grassydale, Roy E. Goodman, and an engraving by Glover titled Curtiss “Kittyhawk.”  Broadside for Gaudeamus Press removed to oversize Box 68


F363    Gathering, Press of the – engraving and notes, 1983

Includes drawings, proofs, and DePol’s explanation of the gathering

F364    “Gatherings at the DePol’s,” 1979-1981

Includes 11 photographs, lists of attendees, and announcements for social gatherings

*Gelfand, Morris – see The Stone House Press

F365    Gensamer, Ted, 1960s

Includes a letter, printed material by Gensamer who worked for The Overbrook Press in Stamford, Connecticut, plus four slides of the home of Overbrook Press

F366    Georgetown University – correspondence and printed, 1988-1997

Correspondence regarding DePol’s gifts to the Georgetown University Library

F367    Geraci, Joseph – correspondence, 1985-1987

Correspondence regarding the sale of DePol’s work


The Glad Hand Press – Robert Jones, 1956-1994

F368    Correspondence, 1961-1964

Includes printed ephemera by Jones, a photograph of artwork by Jones, and information regarding the memorial service and publications honoring him

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

The Glad Hand Press – Robert Jones (cont’d)

36        F369    “A Show of Hands: Variations on a Pressmark by John DePol,” 1962-1963

Poster (removed to oversize Box 68) and ephemera incorporating DePol’s engravings.  15 wood blocks engraved by DePol of variations of the Glad Hand Press pressmark have been removed to Box 16


15 variations on the press mark for The Glad Hand Press:

Hand with top hat, 1981

Hand with cap, 1981

Hand with laurel wreath and bandage, 1981

“That a Way” 1964

Hand with lighted match, 1981

Hand with crossed fingers, 1962

Hand in scout salute, 1964

Hand with victory sign, 1964

Hand holding shot glass, 1963

Hand with bandaged finger, 1962

Hand with lighted cigarette, 1981

Hand with six fingers, 1962

Hand (plain opened), 1962

Hand with “ok” sign, 1964

Hand – “Thumbs down,” 1964


F370    “John DePol’s Press Marks and The Glad Hand Press of Robert Jones,” n.d.

Ephemera and print

F371    Engravings of Glad Hand Press press marks by DePol, 1993

Printed in 1993, some of the engravings were originally engraved between 1962 and 1981.  Includes drawings and proofs

F372    Wood Engravings at the Glad Hand Press by Robert Jones, 1975


F373    Printed portfolios of work by Jones, 1988-1994

Includes the 1994 Westchester Chappel

F374    Printed ephemera from The Glad Hand Press, 1956-1990

Includes programs, Christmas greetings, broadsides, announcements, invitations, appreciations, as well as some original artwork by Jones.  About 30 printed items such as posters, keepsakes (including the keepsake honoring DePol’s 75th birthday), and announcements have been removed to oversize Box 68

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

The Glad Hand Press – Robert Jones (cont’d)

36        F375    Memorial tributes to Robert Jones, 1993


F376    Printed material regarding Jones and The Glad Hand Press, 1964-1993


*Gleeson, Richard A., Library, Univ of San Francisco – see Corey, D. Steven

Godine, David R., 1986-2004

F377    Correspondence, 1982-2000

Includes material related to Five Decades of the Burin: the Wood Engravings of John DePol, which Godine edited

F378    Engravings, 1986–[1996]

Includes drawings for an engraving of John Buchan

F379    Catalogs from David R. Godine Publisher, 1992-1997


37                    The Golden Hind Press – Arthur W. Rushmore, 1942-1996

F380    Correspondence, 1951-1969

Includes letter from Arthur Rushmore’s wife, Edna, after his death in 1955, plus Christmas greetings printed by the Rushmores

Engravings by DePol, 1953-1996

F381    For books, 1953-1955

Includes proofs of engravings which DePol created for three books printed by Rushmore: The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton (1953), The Christmas Tree Auction by Ernst Bacmeister (1954), and Three Wise Men from the West by Jan Naaijkens (1955), plus 9 wood blocks engraved by DePol (removed to Box 18):

The Ghost Ship           Frontispiece, p. 14, p. 18, and p. 20

Three Wise Men…       Frontispiece, p. 17, and airplane flying over city

Image: initial “A” with a man at a window

Image: cut tree branch


F382    Drawing for an engraved portrait of Rushmore, ca. 1981

Includes drawings and two photographs of Rushmore

F383    Engravings – Golden Hind Press pressmarks, 1953-1981

Proofs of pressmarks

F384    Engraving – The Rushmore Press, 1982-1996

Includes 8 photographs of the press, drawings and proofs of both editions

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

The Golden Hind Press – Arthur W. Rushmore (cont’d)

37        F385    Henry Wolf wood block and engraving “The Willows,” 1952

To celebrate the birth of DePol’s daughter, Patricia, on May 1, 1952, Rushmore sent her a wood block engraved by Henry Wolf titled “The Willows.”  The wood block has been removed to Box 18.  File includes proofs of the engraving pulled by DePol in 1996.


F386    Printed ephemera by Rushmore, 1942-1955

Including broadsides of Robert Hillyer’s poem, “Moo!” and the Chinese poem, “Encouragement”

F387    Material related to exhibitions of Rushmore’s work, 1994-1996

Includes the text of DePol’s talk which opened “Arthur W. Rushmore & the Golden Hind Press,” an exhibition at The Library at Madison, N.J. on September 30, 1994.  Also includes correspondence, a photograph of DePol, and catalogs

F388    “Fine Printing: Arthur W. Rushmore at Harper and the Golden Hind Press, 1904-1950,” 1996

Remarks by Monroe S. Causley to the Typophiles in 1996.  Includes text, announcements, and research

F389    Printed material related to Rushmore, 1955-1994

Includes two copies of the 1990 issues of Printing History which featured an article on Rushmore

F390    Material related to Delight Lewis (Rushmore’s daughter), 1979-1996

Includes correspondence, artwork and five photographs of Lewis, the DePols, and friends

F391    Goldsmith, Arthur, Jr. – correspondence, 1977-1995

See also the files for Austin Peay State University (F67)

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

37                    Goudy, Frederic, 1911-1996


Correspondence, 1928-1965

F392    Sol Hess, 1928-1940

Includes a 1928 contract between Goudy and Lanston Monotype Machine Co. for the manufacture of Goudy types, correspondence between Goudy and Hess regarding type design, correspondence to Hess from Richard Ellis, a photograph of Hess, and copies of Hess’s “The Origin and Development of Printing Types”

F393    Beatrice Warde, 1953-1965

Correspondence, a Christmas card, and keepsakes created by the New York City Area Chappels to commemorate a visit by Warde in 1965.  Also includes correspondence by Bruce Rogers to Robert Nelson, president of the Monotype Corporation Ltd.

F394    General correspondence, n.d.

Correspondence to Goudy from Warren Chappell and Mitchell Kennerley

F395    Letterhead, n.d.

Samples of Goudy’s personal letterhead

F396    Photographs, n.d.

Various photographs of Goudy and his home and workshop at Deepdene, some of which include Arthur Rushmore, John Anderson, and Richard Ellis

Engravings by DePol related to Goudy, 1957-1990

F397    Albion Announcement and Specimen Sheet, 1977

Proofs and corrections of DePol’s printed announcement of his acquisition of Goudy’s Albion Press, specimens of work printed on the Albion, and repros of specimens of Goudy types printed on the Albion that include DePol’s engraving of the press

F398    DePol Albion Correspondence, 1965-1978

Correspondence related to DePol’s purchase of Goudy’s Albion press from the United States Banknote Corporation, includes correspondence with the director of the Houghton Library at Harvard University that owned an identical press

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Goudy, Frederic (cont’d)

Engravings by DePol related to Goudy (cont’d)

37        F399    Falls at Deepdene, 1957

Copies of “Evening at Deepdene”, a promotional piece printed by Pickering Press for Lanston Monotype Company, that included DePol’s engraving of the falls at Deepdene, includes additional copies of the engraving as well as DePol’s notes on the origin of the piece


F400    Goudy Albion, 1977

Photographs and negatives of an identical press owned by Harvard University, sketches and proofs of two, alternate versions of the engraving

F401    Hingham, 1978

Photographs and negatives of Goudy’s former home in Hingham, Massachusetts, repros and proofs of DePol’s engraving of the home, and a copy of “Hingham Interlude” by Mabel H. Dwiggins, a friend and neighbor of the Goudy’s

F402    Kelmscott/Goudy Press, 1981-1985

Correspondence with J. Benjamin Lieberman, owner of the press regarding changes to the engraving, as well as photographs of the press, sketches, DePol’s notes, and proofs of various versions of the engraving

F403    Kelmscott/Goudy Press

Copies of periodicals and catalogue in which DePol’s engraving of the Kelmscott/Goudy Press were published

F404    Old Mill at Deepdene, 1978-1979

Includes sketches of various scenes at the mill at Deepdene, proofs of DePol’s engraving of the entrance of the mill, proofs and repros of DePol’s engraving of the entire mill, a keepsake including the engraving of the mill printed by DePol at his Endgrain Press.  Also includes a sketch and proofs of DePol’s engraving of Goudy’s workshop at Deepdene used as a keepsake for the Goudy Society’s celebration of Goudy’s 125th birthday

F405    Parker Building, 1990

Correspondence, photocopies, and sketches related to DePol’s engraving of the building that at one time, housed the Village Press

F406    Sketches and photographs for Goudy portrait, 1990

Sketches and photos of Goudy

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Goudy, Frederic (cont’d)

37        F407    Goudy Chappel, 1978-1982

Keepsakes, announcements, broadsides, and Goudy Chappel calendars for 1981 and 1982


Goudy Society, 1938-1991

Announcements, correspondence and keepsakes, 1965-1991

F408    1965-1978

Announcements, correspondence, articles, keepsake, and a broadside, as well as DePol’s rubbings from a memorial installed at Deepdene by the Goudy Society.  Several printed items removed to oversize Boxes 66 and 68

F409    1979-1991

Includes announcements, correspondence, keepsakes, and articles

Goudy Society keepsakes, 1938-1990

F410    114th Birthday Keepsakes, 1979

F411    117th Birthday Keepsakes, 1982

F412    125th Birthday Keepsakes, 1990

Includes engravings and a keepsake printed by John DePol

F413    Assorted Birthday Keepsakes, 1938-1981

Keepsakes printed by members of the Goudy Society for a variety of years, includes an engraving by DePol

F414    Invitation and Keepsakes, 1980-1982

Assorted invitations and keepsakes related to Goudy

Samples of Goudy’s work, 1923-1927 and n.d.

F415    Type Comparisons, 1923

Comparison sheets of different Goudy types and correspondence

F416    Type Sketches, n.d.


F417    Type Specimen Sheets, 1927 and n.d.

Copy of Typographica, Summer 1927, Number 5, devoted to specimens of various Goudy types and specimen sheets of assorted type designed by Goudy

F418    Type Specimen Sheets, n.d.

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Goudy, Frederic (cont’d)

Presses with which Goudy was associated, 1924-1978

37        F419    Herity Press

Article written by Ben Lieberman, owner of the Herity Press, related to his acquisition of the Kelmscott/Goudy Press and keepsakes.  Included are correspondence and information related to the reprinting of Lieberman’s article by Neil Shaver of the Yellow Barn Press to include DePol’s engraving of the press as well as an afterword for the for the publication

F420    Marchbanks Press

Copy of Ars Typographica, edited by Goudy, copy of On Lending a Punch-Bowl by Oliver Wendell Holmes printed by Marchbanks Press in 1920, and a broadside

38        F421    Village Press, 1924-1978

Contains a keepsake from the Anderson Galleries, an exhibition catalogue, information related to the 35th anniversary of the founding of the press, and additional keepsakes, including one printed by John DePol

F422    Village Press Anniversary, 1938

Keepsakes and broadsides printed to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the founding of the press

Honors, 1969 and n.d.

F423    Awards

Program commemorating the presentation of a medal of honor to Goudy by the Ulster-Irish Society in 1937, program is inscribed by Richard Ellis to T. Frank Morgan

F424    Testimonials

Program for a testimonial in 1939 and testimonials printed following Goudy’s death in 1947

F425    Frederic Goudy Distinguished Lecture, 1969

Bound text of Herman Zapf’s lecture, “Future Developments and Alphabet Design”

F426    Writings by Goudy

Various articles and explanations of type written by Goudy

F427    Articles

Printed articles related to Goudy particularly regarding the destruction of Goudy’s workshop at Deepdene by a fire in 1938

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Goudy, Frederic (cont’d)

38        F428    Bertha Goudy

A specimen copy of “Bertha S. Goudy: First Lady of Printing,” a collection of remembrances, and a copy of “Thanksgiving at Deepdene,” a letter written by Bertha Goudy to her sister



F429    Gourmet – engravings, 1956 Sep

Repros and printed engravings created by DePol for the article “Since Eve Ate Apples”

F430    Grabhorn Press – Robert M. Strong, Jr. bookplate, 1992-1993

Engraving by DePol, includes proof and explanation

F431    “Grandfather Mariani’s House,” 1980

Mariani was DePol’s maternal grandfather.  Includes drawings, proofs, and notes by DePol regarding this engraving of his grandfather’s house in Genoa, Italy

F432    Graphic Arts Review – correspondence, 1954-1959

Letters from William E. Lickfield, plus a proof of an engraving dating ca. 1899 from Pictorial History of the Civil War

*Grauer, Ben – see Between-Hours Press

Graves, John – Self Portrait, With Birds, 1991-1992

DePol’s engravings illustrated this book published by Chama Press in 1991.

F433    Correspondence and prospectuses, 1991-1992

F434    Photocopied typescript of text, 1991

F435    Engravings, 1991

Includes research, drawings, proofs, and printed engravings, plus lay-outs for the book and three photographs, two of which include Graves

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

38                    The Gravesend Press – Joseph C. Graves, 1955-1992

F436    Correspondence, 1955-1964

Includes one photograph of Joseph Graves and printed ephemera from his press

F437    Engravings, 1956-1962

Includes pressmarks for Gravesend and “At the Sign of the Inky Finger,” as well as engravings of the Hunt-Morgan House, Lexington, Kentucky and for advertisements for Graves, Cox and Company, Inc. advertisements

F438    Samples of printed books, cards, and ephemera from Gravesend Press, 1949-1986

Includes items bearing DePol engravings, as well as engravings by Fritz Kredel or illustrations by Philip Reed

F439    Work by Philip Reed, n.d.

Cards, broadsides, and ephemera with images by Reed

F440    Material regarding Joseph Graves or The Gravesend Press, 1985-1992

Includes issues of the Kentucky Review

441      Guilford College – David Barnhill – correspondence, 1998


F442    Gunn, Michael, n.d.

Gunn family Christmas cards with engravings by DePol

*Gutenberg Press – see Pierpont Morgan Library

F443    Ostria Gutierrez, Alberto – A People Crucified, 1958

Proofs for illustrations for the book

F444    Gwasg Gregynog, 1991

Printed announcements and ephemera from the press, with one poster removed to oversize, Box 68

F445    “H,” 1968-1996

Includes correspondence or material related to William R. Holman, Heritage of the Graphic Arts, David Hardy, Heidelberg Press (poster of reproduced image removed to oversize, Box 69) and Barbara D. Hall.

*Haddon Craftsmen – see Milford, Kenneth

*Hammer Creek Press – see Fass, John

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

38                    HarperCollins Publishers, 1995-1997

HarperCollins hosted the exhibition, “The Making of a Wood Engraving by John DePol, Printmaker, Illustrator and Teacher,” in New York from July 7-31, 1997 .

See Box 72 for twenty mounted photographs depicting DePol's engraving process, used in this exhibition and possibly a previous exhibit, as well as labels.


F446    Correspondence, agreement, press releases, etc., 1995-1997

Includes lists of items exhibited, handouts and material toward the exhibition

F447    Photographs, 1997

Thirty-five photographs plus negatives of the DePols at the exhibition

F448    Harvard University, 1966-1975

Includes correspondence and printed items from Harvard (including the 300th anniversary keepsake which has been removed to oversize, Box 67), as well as proofs, printed samples, and engraved wood blocks for DePol’s engravings for Harvard Medical School

The woodblocks listed have been removed to Box 12:

Francis A. Countway portrait – (2 blocks)

Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine – exterior (2 blocks)

Francis A. Countway Library – stairwell (2 blocks)

Francis A. Countway Library – interior of library (1 block)

F449    Haywood, Bill – Private Press of the Haywoods, 1958-1998

Includes correspondence, three photographs (with DePol, Morris Gelfand, Til Haywood, Ben Lieberman, and Frank Petrocelli), issues of Just Our Print, as well as printed samples of DePol’s engraving for the Haywood contribution to the 1982 Goudy Chappel calendar

F450    Hazlitt, William – On Going a Journey – engraving, ca. 1951-1993

Includes drawing, proofs, and explanation regarding this unpublished engraving

F451    Heckscher, August – Ashlar Press – engraving, 1988-1999

Correspondence and proofs of the mark DePol created with Heckscher’s initials

F452    Helianthus Press – Dayna Williams-Capone, 1996

Correspondence, drawings, proofs, and printed copies of DePol’s engraving for Thousands Live! by Alison Baker

*Hentges, Michael – see Museum of Modern Art

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

38                    The Herity Press – Elizabeth and J. Ben Lieberman, 1955-2001

F453    Correspondence, 1955-2001

Includes information about The Herity Press and later the Liebermans’ The Myriade Press, Inc., as well as a few printed items.  Two brush and ink poster designs by Lieberman and handmade papers from India are removed to oversize Box 69

F454    Engravings by DePol, 1982-1984

Includes two photographs of the Kelmscott/Goudy Press and proofs of image from this press

F455    New York Chappel material – rosters and announcements, 1958-1963

F456    New York Chappel calendars, 1959-1962

Includes some DePol engravings

F457    Printed material published by others, 1958-1962

Includes issues of Weaker Moments by Ralph Babcock, Goudy and Westchester Chappel calendars, a portfolio of keepsakes for the second open meeting of New York area chappels, and many other announcements and ephemera from private presses, some of which include engravings by DePol

39        F458    Hess, Sol, 1896-1947

An offprint of “Our Handwriting” (inscribed by Paul Standard to Hess) and a November 1896 issue of Bradley His Book


*High Tide Press – see Ross, John


Hillside Press – Eric Holub, 1988-1991

F459    Correspondence, 1988-1991

Correspondence plus a signed and numbered engraving by Eric Holub

F460    California’s Wayside Inns, 1988

Published for the Book Club of California

*Hippogryph, Press of the – see Williams College

F461    Hnizdovsky, Jacques – prints, [1990]

Eight numbered and signed prints by Hnizdovsky and given to DePol by David Godine

*Holman, Bruce – see The Walnut Press

*Holub, Eric – see Hillside Press

*The Honeybee Press – see Connors, Sandra

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

39        F462    Hoosier House Press – C. Edward Chapman, 1960-1961

Includes correspondence and drawings for a pressmark


F463    Horizon – engravings, 1960

DePol engraved six portraits to illustrate “The Rout of the Classical Tradition,” including Dante, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, the Earl of Chatham, John Jay, and Thomas Jefferson.  Proofs and prints are included as well as the November 1960 edition of Horizon in which the images were published

F464    Horton, James B. – End-Gravure Graphics, 1994-1996

Correspondence regarding the Wood Engravers Network, as well as printed items, such as a packet of “Antique Popcorn”

F465    Horton, Richard E., 1983

Includes correspondence from this wood engraver, as well as engravings (some numbered and signed) by Horton, including a self-portrait

F466    Howell, Douglas Morse, 1974-1994

Correspondence and paper samples from artist and papermaker Douglas Morse Howell, plus several letters from Howell to Ben Grauer

F467    Hudson River Railroad Pier, 1958-1970

Includes 17 photographs and 24 slides of the area, as well as a negative of DePol sketching on the street.  Also includes proofs of the engraving, “Hudson River Waterfront,” which was printed by The Privy Council Press of New York City

F468    Hunter, Dard – engravings, 1998-1999

Correspondence with Cathleen A. Baker (author) and publisher Steve Miller regarding DePol’s portrait engraving of Dard Hunter, an engraving of “Mountain House,” and other illustrations for By His Own Labor:  The Biography of Dard Hunter (Red Hydra Press), as well as drawings, proofs, two photographs of Hunter, and printed material for the project

F469    Hunterdon Art Center, New Jersey, 1968

Correspondence and program for an exhibition which included DePol’s prints at the Center from March 31 to May 11, 1968

F470    Hutner, Martin W., 1988-1995

Correspondence from DePol’s engraving student at Bowne & Co. in 1985, plus engraving by Hutner

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

39                    *Hyder, Darrell – see The Sun Hill Press


*Indiana Kid, Private Press of the – see Weygand, James Lamar

F471    Inman, Mrs. Robert G., n.d.

*Innominate Press – see Lewis, Blaine

F472    International Museum of Graphic Communication - correspondence, 1988-1990


F473    Internet research, 1997-2003


F474    Iowa, University of, 1993-1995

Includes correspondence, posters (removed to oversize, Box 69), lists of work and other material toward an exhibition of DePol’s work at the University of Iowa Library titled “John DePol Wood Engraver” (1993 Nov-Dec).  Also includes brochures for the Paper & Book Intensive Texas 1993 which is illustrated with engravings by DePol

*Iron Horse, Press of the – see Petrocelli, Frank

F475    “J,” 1943-1997

Includes correspondence or material related to Carol Joyce, Katherine M. Jones, James the Printer, Bonnie Jacobson, E. Willis Jones (From Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus), Johnson & Johnson.  Includes a copy of “A History of a Part of Ulster or Northern Ireland” inscribed to DePol by author Rev. Johnston (1944)

*Jackson, Bill – see The Four Ducks Press

F476    Jaidinger, Judith, 1983-1998

Includes correspondence, numbered and signed engravings by Jaidinger, five photographs of her work, biographical information, and samples of her printed work.  DePol supported her nomination for membership in the National Academy of Design

F477    Janus Press – Claire Van Vliet, 1958-1986

Includes samples of her printing, a booklet handwritten for DePol in 1958, and a 1979 keepsake which was removed to oversize Box 67

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

39        F478    The Javelin Corporation, 1964

Includes printed material of DePol’s engraving of the “Javelin House,” the headquarters of Canadian Javelin Limited


F479    Joachim, Leo and FlorencePrinting News, 1995-1997

Correspondence and proofs related to DePol’s engraved portrait of Leo Joachim

F480    Johnson, Fridolf, 1972-1986

Correspondence and a broadside of a poem by Stephen Spender which was removed to oversize Box 69

*Jolly, Colleen – see Mills College

*Jones, Robert – see The Glad Hand Press

Juniata College (Pennsylvania), 1967-1976

F481    Correspondence, 1971-1976

F482    Engravings, 1970s

Includes two photographs of buildings, drawings, repros, proofs and prints of DePol’s engravings for Juniata.  Engravings include a logo and images of campus buildings.  Buildings include:  Oller Hall, Founders Hall, Ellis Hall, The L. A. Beeghly Library, Swigart Hall, as well as one titled “Juniata College.”

F483    Printed material, 1967-1976

Some pieces incorporate DePol engravings

F484    “K,” 1976-1993

Includes correspondence or material related to Kallemeyn Press (Brautigan keepsake), Sandra Kirshenbaum, Irwin Kelly, Charles H. Klensch, T. Allen Kelly Band, and George Robert Kane

*Karuba Press – see Presses-Private

F485    Keizer, Dr. Willem, 1991-1998

Correspondence and two 18th century engraving of Dutch country mansions, a 19th century engraving of an English battleship, and engravings by Lou Strik.  The engravings were sent from Keizer as gifts to DePol.

F486    Kelly Winterton Press – Jerry Kelly, 1983-1999

Includes correspondence and press publications

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

39        F487    “Kennedy” – The Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Child Study Center, 1963

DePol designed and illustrated a program for the Center.  Correspondence, including an original autograph note from Jean Kennedy Smith, regarding the program, original artwork by DePol, and ephemera from gala events are present.  See Quill for an engraving of John F. Kennedy with reporters (F667)


Kent, Norman, 1947-1998

F488    Correspondence and photograph, 1947-1998

Includes cards with signed engravings by Kent and a photograph which pictures DePol, Kent, and Morton Roberts in 1955

F489    Engravings and printed material, 1952-1997

Includes seven signed engravings by Kent, a copy of Kent’s article for American Artist regarding DePol and his work, plus other printed material

F490    Kessinger, Kent – The River Birch Press, 1995

Correspondence and copies of Kessinger’s engravings, including a poster removed to oversize Box 69

F491    Klappholz, David, 1995

Correspondence and articles written by Klappholz: “Charles Sessler” and “The Caliph and California

*Knoepfler, Don – see The Buttonmaker Press

F492    Knopf, Alfred A. – A Keepsake for Alfred A. Knopf, 1965

Incomplete (29 of 50) set of printed keepsakes printed in honor of Knopf’s 50th year as a publisher.  The keepsake by Ben Grauer is illustrated with engravings by DePol.  See Between-Hours Press for files regarding this keepsake and Box 13 for DePol’s wood blocks

40        F493    Koch, Peter – engravings, 1997

Proof and printed version of the initials created by DePol for the Koch Typophiles keepsake


F494    Krapf, Norbert, 1983-1998

DePol illustrated Krapf’s Under Open Sky: Poets on William Cullen Bryant (see Stone House Press).  Includes correspondence, printed material and several poems by Krapf

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

40        F495    “L,” 1952-1991

Includes correspondence or material related to Melvin Loos, Alphonse Legros, Herbert H. Lehman, the Limited Editions Club, Alan M. Levitt, Stephanie Later, Mary Larson, and Blaine Lewis


F496    “Labels – personal,” n.d.

Layout design and printed copies of DePol’s personal mailing labels

*The Lakeside Press – see Donnelly & Sons Company

*Lawrence, Simon – see The Fleece Press

F497    Leake, Chauncey D., Jr. and Elizabeth - correspondence, 1987-1997

*The Legacy Press – see Pattern Papers

The Legal Aid Society, New York, 1963-1965

F498    Artwork and designs for logo and programs, 1963-1964

Includes drawings, layouts, and proofs, with some drawings and program removed to oversize Box 66

F499    Printed material, 1963-1965

Includes programs and ephemera for annual events

F500    Leslie, Dr. Robert Lincoln, 1975-1983

Includes correspondence, three photographs of Leslie, proofs and printed keepsakes of DePol’s portrait of Leslie, as well as a portfolio of keepsakes commemorating Leslie’s 100th birthday

*The Letterpress Guild of New Englandsee Evans, Leslie

F501    Leuba, Walter – correspondence, 1959-1979


F502    Lewis, Blaine – Innominate Press, 1976-1982

Includes the Christmas keepsake, A Cracker Bon-Bon for Christmas Parties

F503    Library of Congress, 1950-1995

Correspondence and documents regarding substantial gifts of DePol’s work given to the Library and printed material from the Library of Congress

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

40                    Library publications, 1947-1992

F504    Catalogs, brochures, newsletters, and other publications of national libraries, 1947-1992

F505    Catalogs, brochures, newsletters, and other publications of national libraries, 1947-1992


*Lieberman, Elizabeth & J. Ben – see The Herity Press

F506    The Lilly Library, Indiana University, 1985-1991

Includes correspondence with Frederic Brewer (The Private Press of Frederic Brewer), some of which regards DePol’s gift to The Lilly Library.  DePol’s work was exhibited at The Lilly in November 1990 and his engravings appear on a brochure for an Indiana University’s conference, “The Fine Printed Image.”

F507    Lincoln, Abraham – engravings, 1959

Correspondence, drawings, and proofs toward DePol’s engravings of Lincoln for Lincoln’s Journey into Greatness, published in 1959 by The John C. Winston Co.

F508    Linden Editions – James Linden, 1992-1998

Correspondence, drawings, proofs, and printed copies of the pressmark and bookmark created by DePol for Linden Editions

F509    J. B. Lippincott Company, 1963-1964

Correspondence, drawings, and proofs for engravings for Lippincott’s books, World of the Beaver and World of the Bobcat

F510    Liston, Victor – manuscripts, n.d.

Typescripts of “Beau Brummell, The Sublime Dandy” and “The Herring on the Blue-Bordered Plate”

F511    Locomotives, 1984

Five photographs and DePol’s sketches of locomotives

*Lone Oak Press – see Presses-Private

F512    Lucretius – engraving, 1979

Correspondence, drawings, repros, proofs, and the printed product of DePol’s portrait of Lucretius for Astra Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

40        F513    Lycoming College, 1958-1986

DePol created a series of engravings for Lycoming College featuring noted Methodists and the Lycoming’s buildings and landmarks.  Includes correspondence, as well as drawings, proofs, and printed products of DePol’s engravings of portraits of John Wesley, Charles Wesley, Mrs. Samuel Wesley, Francis Asbury, and Thomas Coke.  Also includes engravings of Lycoming’s John W. Long Library, The Fine Arts Building, Tower of Old Main, Bell and Flag Court, Clarke Memorial Chapel, and Old Main, created for the 150th anniversary celebration.  Lycoming College exhibited DePol’s work in 1961


F514    “M,” 1957-1999

Includes correspondence or material related to William Stephen Meehan, Douglas O. Morgan (Morgan Press), Marquette University Press, Charlie Morris, David McCord, William J. MacPherson, John McCrillis, Peter Martin, Sr. (with an engraving), Clay McKinney, Miriam Macgregor, Vincent Martino, Hope Mayo, Larry Murphy, Sheila Machado, Barbara & Willard D. Morgan, Elsie & James Mooney, Bill Maurer, Carroll McEntee & McGinley Incorporated (Christmas card with engraving by DePol), and Mastery Press.  Three posters for Morgan Press were removed to oversize Box 69

F515    Macculloch Hall Historical Museum, Morristown, New Jersey – engraving, n.d.

Includes four photographs of the museum, drawing, repros, and proofs of the engraving

*Maclean, Jack – see Angelo, Valenti

F516    “Making a Wood Engraving,” n.d.

Five color signs used as props in the “Making a Wood Engraving” videocassette tape.  See also a videocassette in the Media Section

F517    Married Mettle Press – Benjamin & Deborah Alterman, 1986-1991

Correspondence and six photographs which include John & Thelma DePol.  Also includes book signatures of the Married Mettle Press edition of Billy Budd Sailor, which includes engravings by Deborah Alterman, who attended a DePol wood engraving course at Fairleigh Dickinson

*Matrixsee Whittington Press

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

40        F518    Mattson, Frank – New York Public Library, 1979-1996

Correspondence regarding Hudson Street, New York


F519    May, Eric, 1993-1998

Correspondence from the director of The Press at the School of Art, Kent State University.  Also has engravings by May, including a broadside of a Rosemary Prosen poem illustrated by May (removed to oversize Box 69)

*Mayfield, John S. – see Syracuse University

F520    McClain, Charleen – Chama Press, 1992-1993

Includes correspondence concerning Graves’s Self-Portrait, with Birds and three photographs of her artwork

*McCurdy, Michael – see Penmaen Press

McDermutt, Whitney – Whitney Galleries, Ltd. – The Dolphin Press, 1983-1999

F521    Correspondence and announcements, 1983-1999

McDermutt exhibited DePol’s work in show at Whitney Galleries, Ltd. (Vermont) August 10-September 22, 1996 as part of the Wood Engravers Network exhibition

F522    Engravings, 1985-1986

Includes drawings and proofs for The Dolphin Press press mark, a McDermutt bookplate, and images of shooting craps

F523    DePol prints for exhibition, 1996

A collection of printed engravings for the 1996 exhibition

41                    *Mergenthaler Linotype Company – see Burke, Jackson


F524    Merker, K. K. – University of Iowa, 1988


*Metropolitan Museum of Art – see Dubansky, Mindell

F525    Michigan State University Press, ca. 1956-1963

Proofs and dust jackets for several of the books for which DePol created engravings.  Titles include: Television’s Impact on American Culture, Midwestern Progressive Politics, A Baker’s Dozen: Thirteen Unusual Americans, Wise Fools in Shakespeare, The Drama of Medieval England, and The Yalu Flows (see also Milford)

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

41                    Middleton, Bernard C. – You Can Judge a Book By Its Cover, 1992-1997

F526    Correspondence, 1992-1997

Correspondence with Middleton and Mel Kavin of The Kater-Crafts Bookbinders, plus information about Middleton

F527    Engravings, 1992-1993

Includes information, drawings, one photograph, repros, proofs and printed announcements and prospectus for the books.  The seven woodblocks which DePol completed for this book have been removed to Box 20

F528    Middleton, R. Hunter (Bob) – correspondence, 1959-1984


F529    Milford, Kenneth – Mirok Li – The Yalu Flows, 1956-1993

Correspondence, proofs and wood blocks related to DePol’s illustrations for The Yalu Flows, which was printed by Milford at Haddon Craftsmen for Michigan State University.  The 14 engraved wood blocks have been removed to Box 15.  See the file of Michigan State University for a dust jacket

*Miller, Steve – see Red Hydra Press, Red Ozier Press, and Alabama, Univ of

Mills College, 1987-1993

F530    Correspondence, 1987-1993

Correspondence and printed information regarding the DePol worshop, lecture, and workshop at Mills College in November of 1987, as well as engraving DePol created for the college.  The broadside“Had I Been a Painter” has been removed to oversize Box 69

F531    Engravings, 1989

Includes drawings and proofs of engravings of buildings at Mills, including “El Campanil”

F532    DePol exhibition, lecture, and workshop, 1987 Nov-Dec

Includes labels from the exhibition, announcements and poster, “John DePol – Wood Engraver” (removed to oversize Box 69), a portfolio of engravings by the workshop participants titled “Wood Engraving at the Miracle Press,” and articles about the workshop.  See also Martin Antonetti

F533    Minature Print Society – engravings, n.d.

Engraving by DePol titled “Winter” and a signed engraving by Carl Schultheiss

*Mirok Li – see Milford, Kenneth

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

41        F534    The Montclair Art Museum, 1956-1992

Correspondence and clippings related to the exhibition of DePol’s work in “Wood-Block Prints” (1956)


Moore, Clement Clarke, 1964-1993

F535    Correspondence and research, 1964-1993

DePol created an engraving of Moore’s A Visit from Saint Nicholas for the Kings County Trust Co. in 1957.  Includes correspondence with Don Wesely, eight research photographs related to Moore, and other information

F536    Portrait of Clement Clarke Moore – engraving, 1983

Proofs of two engravings of Moore by DePol

F537    Moore, T. Surge – print, n.d.

Printed engraving

Morris, Charles V., 1962-1985

F538    Correspondence and printed information regarding Morris, 1962-1985

F539    Engraving – tribute to Charles V. Morris, 1984

Includes drawings, repros and proofs of two engravings

*Morris, Henry – see Bird & Bull Press

Morris, William, 1967-1988

F540    Engraving – Kelmscott Manor, 1984-1988

Correspondence and mock-up for title page.  See also Yellow Barn Press

F541    DePol’s engraved portraits of Morris, 1967-1984

Includes drawings, repros, and proofs of two images

F542    Research and printed information about Morris and Kelmscott Press, 1967-1984


F543    Morristown and Morris Township Library exhibition – “John DePol and Northern Ireland,” 2000 March 12-April 8

Correspondence, program and publicity

Moser, Barry – Pennyroyal Press, 1979-1999

DePol nominated Moser for associate membership in the National Academy of Design in 1981.

F544    Correspondence, 1981-1985

Includes two prints by Moser

F545    Printed material from Moser and Pennyroyal, 1979-1999

Includes four posters/announcements for publications from Pennyroyal Press that have been removed to oversize Box 69

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

41        F546    Mosher Books – Philip R. Bishop, 1992

Includes correspondence and catalog


F547    Mosher, Thomas Bird – information and engraving, 2000

DePol created a keepsake honoring Mosher for a Typophiles luncheon at which Philip R. Bishop spoke.  Includes drawings and proofs

F548    Moxon, Joseph – engraving, 1982

Created for The Moxon Chappel on it 25th anniversary and printed at Endgrain Press

F549    Museum of Modern Art – Michael Hentges, 1991-1992

Correspondence and proofs related to DePol’s engraving “MOMA” for a Typophiles keepsake commemorating a Michael Hentges talk on June 11, 1991

F550    Museum of Printing History – information, 1997


F551    “N,” 1965-1993

Includes correspondence or material related to the National Museum of American Art, the New York Technical College, Northland Press, State University (NY) at Albany, Joe Nobile, Walt Neale, Tony & Adelaide Nezzardini, and the National Distillers Products Co.

*Nash, Paul – see The Strawberry Press

F552    Nason, Thomas – correspondence, 1967

Includes two prints of engravings by Nason

F553    National Arts Club – correspondence, 1968 and 1996

DePol received the National Arts Club Award in 1968 in the annual print/drawing exhibition

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

41                    National Academy of Design, 1947-2000

In 1954 DePol was named as Associate of the National Academy of Design.  He served as the chairman of the graphics section of the Academy’s Membership Committee and on Jury of Awards for annual exhibitions.  In 1978 he was declared an Academician of the National Academy.  DePol’s work has appeared in Academy annual exhibitions, winning several prizes.

Correspondence, 1947-2000

Includes Academy forms and printed brochures

F554    1947-1978

F555    1981-1989

F556    1990-2000


42                    Member death notices, 1959-1977

F557    1959-1965

F558    1966-1970

F559    1971-1977


F560    Certificates, 1968-1999

Documents for prizes awarded for exhibition entries

F561    Exhibition – Treasures Revealed, 1999

Publications, 1956-2000

F562    Exhibition catalogs, 1956-1980

F563    Exhibition catalogs, 1981-1984

F564    Exhibition catalogs, 1985-2000

F565    Annual Reports and constitution & bylaws, 1953-1981

F566    School of Fine Arts catalogs, 1978-1986

F567    Candidates Associate Membership, 1969-1985

F568    Brochures, pamphlets, and advertisements, 1971-1992

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

42                    University of Nebraska, 1985-1987

DePol taught a course titled “The Art & Technique of Wood Engraving” at Nebraska April 22-26, 1985 and his work was exhibited during April of 1985.  DePol also engraved several images for the University.

F569    Correspondence, 1985-1987

Includes correspondence with David L. Shrader, Neil Shaver, and Don Knoepfler

F570    “The Art & Technique of Wood Engraving,” 1985

Includes engravings by students: (Denise Brady, Cheri Ginsburg, Tim Hantula, Tim Guthrie, Patricia S. Hollins, Karen Kune, Jane Bonham-Castes, Richard Trolson, David Eck, and Rob Holtorff.  Also includes drawings and proofs of engravings of the Art Gallery at Nebraska, a collage of wood engraving tools, and the University of Nebraska Library by DePol.  A poster announcing the course has been removed to oversize Box 66

F571    Engraving – Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, 1987

Correspondence, repros, and printed copies of DePol’s portrait of William Shakespeare

F572    Library – photographs and drawing, 1985

Twenty photographs

*Nevin, Elizabeth – see Briar Press

F573    New York Club of Printing House Craftsmen, 1969-1986

Includes an engraving of Benjamin Franklin created by DePol

F574    The New York Observer – engraving of “The Street,” 1995

Includes correspondence, nine photographs of New York City, drawings, design, repros, proofs, and final print

F575    New York Printer Wall of Fame, 1980-1986

DePol was elected to the Wall of Fame in 1980

F576    New York Public Library – correspondence and printed, 1946-2000

In 1947 DePol’s work was exhibited at the Jackson Square branch of the New York Public Library.  Includes a printed copy of DePol’s engraved portrait of Noah Webster created by DePol for the Library

F577    Nixon, Richard M., 1968

Includes material related to a campaign brochure DePol designed for the Nixon campaign in 1968 when DePol worked for Security.  Includes three photographs of Nixon, one of which is inscribed to DePol by Nixon

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

42        F578    Noble, John A., Collection – correspondence and catalog, 1984-1995


F579    “O,” 1950-1987

Includes correspondence or material related to Mrs. Harry S. Oliver, Jr., Rik & Brita Olson (Wooden Rabbit Press), Operation Sail ’76, Prologue to a Plea for the Living Earth from Ann and Sam Ordway, and Old Sturbridge Village

F580    Oak Knoll Books – Robert Fleck, 1979-1998

Includes correspondence and printed material, most of which related to the annual Oak Knoll Fest in which DePol has participated.  Posters for Oak Knoll Fest, one with a DePol engraving and another titled “John DePol” have been removed to oversize Box 66.  See also The Delaware Bibliophiles (F241)

43                    Ogham Press – Willis (Tommy) Tompkins, 1953-1981

F581    Correspondence and engravings, 1953-1981

DePol’s engravings include a winter scene for the 1962 New York Chappel calendar and “Knight Errant’s Quest for Paper.”

F582    Press samples from Ogham Press, ca. 1952-1963

Includes brochures, book plates, announcements, greeting cards, calendars, and various printed ephemera

F583    Ohio University Library, 1994-1995

Correspondence related to DePol’s participation in the exhibition: “Contemporary American Fine Printing and Private Presses,” held November-December 1994

F584    Orbach, The Private Press of Robert – correspondence, 1994

Robert Orbach’s daughter Robin studied with DePol at Rochester Institute of Technology.  With drawing and engraving of an Albion Press

F585    “P,” 1957-1995

Includes correspondence or material related to Thomas Paine, Pascack Valley Hadassah (1985 exhibition), Printmaking Council of New Jersey (1991 exhibition “New Jersey Print Masters”), Printers’ Ink Publishing Company, Park Ridge Public Library, Passionist Memorial Program, Melva & Gene Pattberg, Powers Private Press, Philadelphia Graphic Arts Forum, The Pacific Center for the Book Arts, Porcupine Press, Pidots, Anthony Phelps, Penland Engravers, and Gerald Perlman

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

43                    Pandick Press, 1976-1981

DePol worked as Art Director for Security-Columbian Banknote Company a division of United States Banknote Corporation and later Pandick Press.  See U. S. Banknote Company for the keepsakes published for them.  Includes keepsakes with DePol engravings and other printed material, such as annual reports, designed by DePol

F586    Cards, report design, and brochures, 1976 and n.d.

Keepsake series, 1976-1981

F587    The Eagle, 1976

F588    The Duel, 1976

F589    The Old Manse, 1977

Includes research information, twenty-one photographs, five slides, five contact sheets of photographs, notes, drawings, proofs, and printed portfolio of DePol’s engraving of the Old Manse in Concord, Massachusetts

F590    The Portland Head Lighthouse, 1977

F591    Faneuil Hall, 1977

F592    Ireland, 1977

F593    Intersection, 1978

F594    The Church of Saint Luke in the Fields, 1981

Correspondence, twenty photographs and one contact sheet of St. Luke, drawings, proofs and final portfolio of DePol’s engraving which was part of the Pandick Press keepsake series

F595    Paris, June – correspondence and print, 1992-1998

Includes printed examples of Paris’s wood engravings

*Passim Press – see Tanner, Wesley B.

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

43                    Pattern papers, 1984-2000

Includes correspondence, drawings, patterns, proofs and notes toward the two books based on designs for pattern papers created by John DePol

The first book, Patterns: Drawn and Engraved on Wood, was published in 1986 by The Yellow Barn Press.  It includes a preface by Neil Shaver, introduction by Renee Weber, and appreciation by Don Wesely.  It is illustrated by fifty-five original designs for patterned papers created by DePol between 1950 and 1986.

F596    Correspondence and print, 1984-1987

Includes correspondence Neil Shaver, galleys of Shaver’s preface and copies of the June 1987 Small Press, which bears a pattern from the book

F597    Drawings and ideas for patterns, 1985

F598    Printed pattern papers, 1985-1989

F599    Paste-ups

Includes photographs, negatives, notes, and paste-ups (removed to Box 25)

The second book, Endgrain Designs & Repetitions: The Pattern Papers of John DePol, was published in 2000 by The Legacy Press, with text by Cathleen Baker.

F600    Correspondence, 1992-2000

Includes correspondence with Cathleen Baker of The Legacy Press, the Stinehour Press, as well as publication announcements and drafts of portions of Baker’s text

F601    Photocopies of named patterns, 1996-1998

F602    Designs and copies, 1988-1998

Includes notes by DePol

Repros of pattern papers, 1988-1998

Some of these repros may have been used for both books.

F603    Labeled envelopes of repros, 1988-1998

F604    Miscellaneous envelopes of repros, 1991 and n.d.


44        F605    Repros, n.d.

F606    Miscellaneous repros, some cut, n.d.


F607    Notebook of copied pattern, some annotated, n.d.

F608    Copy of Baker’s resource notebook of annotated patterns, n.d.

F609    Preface, biography, and history written by Baker, 2000

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

44                    *Paz, Octavio – see Alabama, University of


*Peavy, Asa – see Bullnettle Press

Peich, Michael A. – Aralia Press, 1981-1998

Peich worked with John Anderson.  See also Red Ozier Press regarding Peich’s book The Red Ozier Press

F610    Correspondence, 1981-1998

Includes engravings by DePol for Peich’s Christmas greetings and a press mark for Aralia Press, as well as one photograph of DePol, Peich, and Neil Shaver

F611    Printed material from Aralia Press, 1982-1993

Includes broadsides, announcements, poetry, and ephemera; some items are inscribed to DePol

Penmaen Press – Michael McCurdy, 1975-1998

Press operated from 1968 to 1985

Correspondence, 1983-1998

F612    1983-1985

Much of the correspondence concerns DePol’s participation in McCurdy’s book Face to Face, also includes three photographs of McCurdys and DePols

F613    1986-1998


F614    Face to Face: Twelve Contemporary Artists Interpret Themselves in a Limited Edition of Original Wood Engravings, 1984-1985

Includes galley proofs (removed to oversize, Box 69), a proof, prospectus, announcements, and DePol’s engraved self-portrait

F615    Printed material from Penmaen Press, 1975-1985

Includes announcements (six of which have been removed to oversize Box 69), Penmaen News, and ephemera

F616    Printed information about McCurdy, 1984-1993

Includes articles and announcements of his publications

*Pennyroyal Press – see Moser, Barry

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

44        F617    Pennsylvania State University – correspondence, 1983-1986

Correspondence regarding gifts of DePol’s work to the University


Pentagram Press – Michael Tarachow, 1988-2000

Includes extensive correspondence between Tarachow and DePol, most of which is related to engravings made by DePol for Pentagram Press, as well as drawings, engravings, and printed pieces.  Also includes other printed pieces from Pentagram, such as holiday greetings and ephemera

Correspondence, 1990-2000

F618    1990-1992

F619    1993

F620    1994

F621    1995 Jan-Apr

F622    1995 May-Sep

F623    1995 Oct-Dec

F624    1996 Jan-Mar

F625    1996 Apr

F626    1996 May-Dec

F627    1997

F628    1998

F629    1999

F630    2000

F631    [n.d.]


45        F632    Letter and cards from Krista Matison, 1995 Nov 30


Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Pentagram Press – Michael Tarachow (cont’d)

45                    DePol engravings for Pentagram, 1992-1996

Arranged chronologically by date engraving pulled, the files may include notes, drawings, proof, and prints

F633    “M” (For Michael Tarachow), 1992 Oct

Includes three photographs of type face

F634    [Henry David Thoreau], 1992-1993

[Thoreau] whittling and Walden landscape

F635    Joseph Blumenthal, 1993 May 20

F636    For festschrift [couple under tree], 1993 Jul 14

Tarachow used the miniature engraving for bookplates for he and his wife, Merce Dostale in December 1993

F637    [Dueling pistols], 1994 Sep

Commissioned by Tarachow and illustrates a broadside, beginning “Freedom of the Press,” printed by Pentagram Press (broadside removed to oversize Box 66)

F638    “A Poppy for Pentagram,” 1994 Nov 26

Printed as part of a summer solstice greeting in 1995: “Earth laughs in flowers” (Emerson)

F639    “For Ampersand Club,” 1995 Apr 25

Engraving also used for a Viking Library System broadside in 1997

F640    “Greetings from Attu,” 1995 Aug

[Miniature landscape scene] for a card

F641    Saint Paul Audubon Society bookplate, 1996 Apr 16


F642    Pentagram Press printed booklets, bookmarks, cards, and ephemera, 1988-1999



F643    The Peter Pauper Press – Peter Beilenson, 1951

Correspondence and proofs for DePol’s engraving of Columbia University for the American Institute of Graphic Arts and printed by Beilenson, plus an issue of the AIGA Journal which includes an engraving by DePol

F644    The Petrarch Press – Peter Bishop, 1988-1994

Includes correspondence about and drawings and proofs for engravings by DePol for Petrarch’s The Ascent of Mount Ventoux and a press mark, as well as an engraving by Peter Cohen

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

45        F645    Petrocelli, Frank - Press of the Iron Horse, 1955-1982

Some of the images were created for Coley Taylor, Inc. and for The Color Farm.  Includes proofs and printed engravings by DePol, including a press mark and images for greeting cards


Phillips Exeter Academy, 1968-1993

DePol did three engravings of Phillips Exeter’s new library in 1968 (one of which was used in 1991 for an anniversary keepsake) which were printed by Stinehour Press.  An exhibition of DePol’s work, “The Art and Artistry of John DePol Wood Engraver” was hosted by the Academy on June 26-September 30, 1992

F646    Correspondence, 1968-1993

F647    Engravings and printed material, 1968-1991

Includes drawings, proofs, and printed keepsakes.  Posters bearing DePol engravings, “The Art & Artistry of John DePol” and “The Academy Library Celebrates Its Twentieth Year 1971-1991” have been removed to oversize Box 69

The Pierpont Morgan Library, 1952-1995

F648    Correspondence, 1952-1995

Includes information about the library, the Gutenberg Press, and Morgan Library Ghost Stories, for which DePol did engravings

Engravings, 1989-1993

F649    Morgan Library Ghost Stories, 1989-1990

File contains drawings, engravings, eight photographs of the Pierpont Morgan Library, and proofs, as well as images not used in the book

F650    The Gutenberg Press, 1993-1994

Includes drawings, repros, proofs, and final keepsake and card.  A sheet printed by DePol on the Gutenberg Press has been removed to oversize Box 69

F651    Printed material for exhibition: Gutenberg and the Genesis of Printing, 1994

Includes a copy of Graphic Communication Through the Ages

*Pigeonhole Press – see Presses-Private

*Plasmati, Valdine – see Angelo, Valenti

F652    Poetry, 1984

Correspondence and printed issue of the December 1984 issue of Poetry which bears DePol’s engraved Christmas scene on the cover

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

45                    *The Poet’s Press – see Rutherford, Brett


F653    Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1956

Includes proof for and copies of Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, a booklet designed and illustrated by DePol while working at C. P. Young Company

F654    Pomeroy, Jane – The Burncoat Press, 1989-2001

Includes correspondence and printed material, most of which regards American engraver Alexander Anderson.  Includes prints pulled from engraved blocks of Anderson and Pomeroy’s keepsake honoring DePol’s 80th birthday.  See also Anderson, Alexander

F655    Portraits – Miscellaneous – engravings, n.d.

Includes DePol’s engravings of Philippe Pinel (for Smith-Kline), Paul Revere, Tolbert Lanston, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, George Washington, Charles Dickens, Samuel Colt, John Baskerville, John Archer, Col. E. L. Drake, and unidentified

F656    Post, Michelle M., 1990-1992

Correspondence and three signed engravings by this wood engraver

*The Prairie Press – see Coleman, Carroll and Wendel, Charles H.

F657    “Press of the Gathering,” 1983

Notes about this gathering initiated by DePol and an engraving for the event in hopes of launching a private press

*Press of the Golden Key – see Fleming, Donald

*Press of the Little Herd – see Brancolini, Gino

F658    Press 13 – Julia Boltin – correspondence, 1994

Poster removed to oversize Box 66

F659    Presses – Private – correspondence, 1959-1988

Includes material related to Karuba Press (Theo Jung), The Pigeonhole Press (Ray Dilley), and Lone Oak Press

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

45        F660    Princeton University Library, 1989-1999

Regarding gifts to the library


F661    Print – P. K. Thomajan, 1952-1998

Includes correspondence regarding the August-September issue of Print which includes engravings by DePol and Thomajan’s article about DePol’s work.  Also includes DePol’s engraving for a handbill for Thomajan and printed material from Thomajan such as his An Unpsychological Dictionary

F662    The Print Club of Albany, New York, 1956-1997

Correspondence with William Clarkin and others, as well as printed material related to the club.  DePol spoke to the club in 1957, had his work exhibited at the club’s juried exhibitions, and created a presentation print for the club.  Also includes a signed engraving by Alice Pauline Schafer

F663    Printing Week in New York, 1950-1969

Gutenberg Bible facsimile page keepsake (1950) and related material removed to oversize Box 69, including a facsimile produced by the Library of Congress (1962) and photocopies of “How to Print: Simple Step by Step”

F664    Printouts of library holdings from online databases, 1993 and n.d.

*Private Libraries Association – see Chambers, David

46        F665    The Privy Council Press, 1952

Includes prints of DePol’s engraving of the Hudson River waterfront and the Privy Council Press mark


F666    Prytherch, R. Emrys, 1947 Sep

Signed watercolor painting by Prytherch

F667    The Quill, 1962

Includes correspondence with editor Clarence O. Schlaver, as well as proofs and a mock-up of the cover of the November 1962 issue of The Quill which featured DePol’s engraving of President John F. Kennedy with reporters

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

46        F668    “R,” 1933-1998

Includes correspondence or material related to Paul Revere, The Reader’s Digest, Paul C. Richards, Jeanne & Ernest Rice, Jack Rau, Renate Raecke-Hauswedell, Patricia Rydzewski, and Random House (including a proof of DePol’s engraving “Old Oil Wells, Pennsylvania”)


*R. R. Donnelly & Sons Company – see Donnelly & Sons


*Randle, John – see Matrix and Whittington Press


F669    Rabl, Lorraine, 1991

Correspondence and a copy of Lorraince Rabl Illustration

F670    Ramage Press, 1988-1989

Includes two photographs of the Ramage Press, correspondence Steve Saxe regarding an article for Printing History concerning the press, and repros and proofs of DePol’s engraving of the press

Red Hydra Press – Steve Miller, 1991-1999

F671    Correspondence and engravings, 1991-1997

Includes drawings, text, and proofs for DePol’s engraving for Richard Foerster’s The Hours

No       Notebook of printout of Red Hydra website pages, 1999

F          Announces By His Own Labor: The Biography of Dard Hunter for which DePol engraved the portrait of Hunter (see also the file on Dard Hunter)



The Red Ozier Press – Ken Botnick and Steve Miller, 1980-1993

The Red Ozier Press published between 1976 and 1987.  DePol created engravings for several books and other projects for Red Ozier.

F672    Correspondence and information regarding the press, 1980-1993

Includes one engraving by Botnick

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

The Red Ozier Press – Ken Botnick and Steve Miller (cont’d)

46                    Engravings, 1981-1988

F673    Red Ozier Press press mark, 1981-1988

Includes drawings, proofs, and notes for numerous variations on the Red Ozier press mark

F674    [The Bear] for Jess Anderson poem, 1981

Drawings, proofs and discarded broadside

F675    Resurrection Ball, 1982

Drawings, proofs, and notes

William Faulkner’s Father Abraham, 1982-1983

Published by Red Ozier in 1983

F676    Drawings, proofs, book layout, and notes for the engravings, 1982-1983

F677    Page proofs, information, and prospectus, 1982-1983


F678    Church of the Holy Apostles, Chelsea, New York City, 1984

Proofs and printed

F679    “Kneeling Down” – poem by Connie Martin, 1984

Engraving of an iris for postcard

F680    Miscellaneous drawings and proofs, 1981 and n.d.

Includes drawings and proofs to illustrate a Diane Wakoski poem (1981)

F681    Press announcements and printed ephemera, 1980-1985

Includes signed print by Richard Callner

*Rehak, Theo – see Dale Guild Type Foundry

F682    “Reminiscences and Recollections,” 1982 Feb 10

Talk given by DePol to The Typophiles on February 10, 1982.  Includes drafts of text and final copy, and information regarding the meeting

F683    “Retrospective,” n.d.

Notes, proofs of engravings, and mock-ups for a book on DePol’s work

F684    Rigby, Jeffry M., 1984

Drawings and proofs of DePol’s device for Rigby

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

46        F685    Ritscher, Paul B., 1988-1991

Includes correspondence between DePol and wood engraver Ritscher, some of which regards the Society of American Wood Engravers (SAWE), as well as eighteen signed prints of engravings by Ritscher


*The River Birch Press – see Kessinger, Kent


*Robertson, Carolyn and James – see The Yolla Bolly Press


F686    Robinson, Jack – keepsake, 1983

Portfolio keepsake includes an engraving by DePol

Rochester Institute of Technology, 1980-1997

DePol taught a course on wood engraving at the Institute in October 1992 and his work was the focus of an exhibition, “John DePol Wood Engravings: Prints and Illustrated Book Drawings, Tools and Blocks,” in May-June 1988

F687    Correspondence, 1980-1997

Includes correspondence with David Pankow and one slide of Frederic Goudy taken by Doris A. Jaeger in 1919.  Also printed material from the Institute (a poster for a Bodoni exhibition removed to mapcase)

F688    Exhibition – “John DePol Wood Engravings: Prints and Illustrated Book Drawings, Tools and Blocks,” in May-June 1988

Includes eleven photographs of the exhibition, drawings, and proofs for the engraving which appeared on the exhibition poster.  A copy of the poster has been removed to mapcase

F689    Book Arts Institute, 1992

DePol taught “The Art and Technique of Wood Engraving” on October 5-9, 1992.  The file includes correspondence, course announcements, posters, list of students, resources, bibliography, and a portfolio of engraved work by the students Elsi Vassdal Ellis, Eric May, Leslie Evans, Robin Orbach Starke, Joe Brown, and Marie Buckley

F690    Rockbridge Press – engraving of press mark, 1961


F691    “Rockefeller for President,” 1964

Proofs and print of DePol’s engraving of an eagle for the press kit.  Kit folder removed to oversize Box 66

F692    Rodale Press – “Story Classics,” 1953

Correspondence and engraving by DePol, as well as book illustrations by others

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

46                    Rogers, Bruce, 1953-1998

See also the file on Clarke & Way

F693    Engraving by DePol, 1998

Includes one photograph of Rogers, as well as drawings, repros and proofs of DePol’s portrait of Bruce Rogers

F694    Photographs and keepsakes, 1955-1998

Includes ten photographs of Rogers, O. A. Dickman, Gene Ettenberg, and Rogers’s October House in Danbury, Connecticut, as well as photocopies of the photographs and printed ephemera related to Rogers

F695    Portrait in watermark, n.d.

F696    Work by Bruce Rogers, 1953-1996

Includes original lettering by Rogers for a Christmas card (1953), copy of greeting card, other printed material designed by Rogers (including poster for “Centaur” type and an announcement for The New Oxford Lecturn Bible removed to oversize, Box 69).  Also includes three wood engravings by Charles Smith and an original illustration by Kredel for Thistle Press

47                    Charles Mundell – Bruce Rogers Title Pages, 1976

Also includes a letter and page proof by Mundell of his proposed John DePol’s Wood Engravings: a Checklist

F697    Page proofs – Part I (Signatures 1-14)

F698    Page proofs – Part II (Signatures 15-25)

F699    Page proofs – Part III (Signatures 26-end)


*Ron Press – see Wronker, Lili & Eric

F700    Rorer, Abigail, 1989-1990

Correspondence and eleven signed prints of engravings by Rorer

F701    Ross, John – High Tide Press, [1963]-1997

Includes signed engravings by Ross

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

47                    The Rowfant Club, Cleveland, Ohio, 1989-1999

DePol was elected an honorary member of The Rowfant Club in 1990.

F702    Correspondence, 1990-1998

Correspondence with The Reverend David Alan Novak and Robert Cheshier, as well as information about the club

F703    Engravings, 1989-1991

Proofs and printed examples of DePol’s engravings for the club, including a pattern paper

F704    The First One HundredYears 1892-1992: A Keepsake Volume for the Centenary of The Rowfant Club, 1992

Includes correspondence, signatures, and page proofs (removed to oversize, Box 66) related to a book for which DePol created the engraved illustrations.

F705    Rowfant Club publications, 1994-1999

Includes membership directory, auction catalogs, announcements, newsletters and keepsakes

F706    Rubinstein, Mary Cady, 1985-1986

Includes letters and four signed prints of engravings from a student who studied with DePol.  See also Fairleigh Dickinson University – Book Arts Course, 1984 for other engravings by Rubinstein

Rummonds, Richard Gabriel – Ex-Ophidia Press, 1980-1999

F707    Correspondence, 1980-1999

Includes two photographs (one of his studio and one of his work in exhibition), correspondence, and printed material related to Rummonds

F708    Engravings, 1983-1997

Depol’s drawings and proofs for a press mark for Ex-Ophidia Press, as well as drawings, proofs, and mock-up for a pattern paper of a press

*Rushmore, Arthur W. – see The Golden Hind Press

Rutgers University Libraries, 1995-1999

Rutgers University has included DePol’s work in several multi-artist exhibitions and in 1998 featured DePol in a one-person exhibition.  DePol has contributed his work to the Rutgers Library and the Library maintains a website which includes “Intersection: How to Make AWood Engraving” by John DePol.

F709    Correspondence and information, 1995-1999

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Rutgers University Libraries (cont’d)

47                    Exhibitions, 1995-1998

F710    “A Sense of Place and the Book Arts: Contemporary Perspectives on Books Arts and New Jersey,” 1995 Oct

F711    “Scenes of New York: A Celebration of the Work of John DePol, Eminent American Wood Engraver,” 1998 Jul 27-Oct 1

F712    “Artists’ Spaces: New Artwork in the Dana Library,” 1999 Apr


Rutgers University Library website

F713    “Intersection: How to Make a Wood Engraving,” 1999

F714    Print-outs of website, 1995-1999


F715    Rutherford, Brett – The Poet’s Press, 1998-2000

Includes correspondence and printed material, including an article which Rutherford wrote regarding DePol for Printing News in 1998 (removed to oversize Box 66)

F716    Ryder, John – The Bodley Head – correspondence, 1981-1983

Includes a copy of The Bodley Head 1887 to 1957

F717    “S,” 1957-2000

Includes correspondence or material related to Leonard B. Schlosser, Ward K. Schori, The Stephen Greene Press, “Spirit of ’76,” Craig F. Starr, Geoffrey A. Spencer, Alan Stein, The Speedball Contemporary Print Collection, Stefan Salter, Matthew Sheridan, Society of Illustrators, Jack Werner Stauffacher, Strathmore Paper Company, University of Scranton, Anto Sepp, Floyd Shumway, John Wallace Skinner (with bookplate), John Lo Schiavo, Frank & Jeannette Stansfield, Franklyn Smith, Alexandra Soteriou, David Schoonover, Carol Sturm, Sabatino Studio (Christmas card bearing a DePol engraving of Pompeii Church), From In Memoriam A.H. printed by Shorewood Press, and Richard Sasso.  Broadside of Al Purdy’s “Home Country” has been removed to oversize Box 70

F718    St. Lawrence University, 1970-2000

With correspondence with Frank P. Piskor and Mark McMurray (Caliban Press)

F719    Samples [of wood engraving], 1910-1997

Includes work by Gaylord Schanilec, Cary Rockwell, P. Bayley, Edward Scriven, R. Ruzicka, Howard Cook, Edmund A. Stanley, Jr., Rosemary Feit Covey, David Gentleman, Imre Reiner, and Reynolds Stone, plus a letter from Schanilec.  Also includes several engraving by unidentified persons, two engraving of Frederic Remington drawings, and prints of Currier and Ives scenes

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

47        F720    The Sander Wood Engraving Company, 1976-1977

Includes correspondence and catalogs


F721    San Francisco, Univerity of – Gleeson Library, 1992-1995

Includes correspondence with William Monihan

*Satenstein, Harvey – see Book Craftsment Associates

Saxe, Stephen O., 1970-1999

F722    Travels with Pat, 1994

Correspondence, text of book, drawings and proofs of DePol’s engravings for Saxe’s memorial tribute to his wife

American Iron Hand Presses, 1991

Written by Stephen Saxe, with wood engravings by John DePol and published by Yellow Barn Press and the Fairleigh Dickinson University Library, Madison Campus

F723    Correspondence, 1984-1999

F724    Research information about presses, 1970-1986

Includes six photographs

F725    Engravings, 1986-1991

Includes two photographs of a press, drawings, repros, and proofs of the engravings

F726    Introduction and press announcements, 1991-1992


48        F727    Page proofs of book, [1991]

One partial set of proofs removed to oversize Box 66


F728    Schlesinger, Carl, 1987-2000

Includes correspondence and a proof of DePol’s engraving for a Typophiles keepsake honoring Ottmar Mergenthaler

*Schniewind, Henry – see The Four Winds Press

F729    Seastone, Leonard – The Tideline Press, 1980-1986

Includes correspondence, as well as drawings and proofs for engravings for David A. Hanson’s The Hudson River, published by Tideline.  Broadsides of an Eliot Weinberger poem (3 copies numbered and signed) have been removed to oversize Box 70

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

48                    *Security-Columbian Banknote Co. – see United States Banknote Corporation


F730    Seelig, Richard Paul, 1994

Obituary written by DePol

The Sermon on the Mount (The World Publishing Company), 1955

With introduction by Norman Vincent Peale and engraved illustrations by DePol

F731    Engravings, [1955]

Includes drawings and proofs

F732    Page proofs and advertising, 1955

*Shakespeare, William – see Nebraska, University of

*Shaver, Neil – see Yellow Barn Press and Festschrift

F733    Shearer, Frederic, 1991

Letter and copies of Entropi Libri IX

F734    Simpson, Herbert – The Feather Vender Press, 1956-1970

Includes letters from Simpson, one photograph of Simpson, and examples of printed material from The Feather Vender Press

F735    Sica, Richard B. – Hirschl & Adler Gallery, 1993-1996

Correspondence regarding DePol’s participation in exhibitions, including “Urban U.S.A.

*Sienkiewicz, Henry – see Columbia University Press

*The Silo Press – see Borsodi, Victor

Smith, Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia, 1955-1960

During the 1950s DePol did design work for Smith, Kline & French, including a portrait of Philippe Pinel, and illustrations for advertising material for products such as thorazine and cytomel

F736    Correspondence and printed material, 1955-1960

F737    Drawings and engravings, 1955-1960

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

48                    Smith, William Jay, 1977-1998

See also The Stone House Press files

F738    Correspondence and print, 1977-1998

Includes printed keepsake broadside poems signed by Smith

F739    Engravings – The World Below the Window: Poems 1937-1997, 1997

Includes drawings and proofs for the illustration for the book

F740    Smithsonian Institution – National Museum of American Art, 1993


F741    Society of American Graphic Artists, Inc., 1952-1964

DePol, a member of this group, formerly known as the Society of American Etchers, was awarded several prizes by the Society, participated in their exhibitions, and served on the Council in 1956.

F742    Society of American Wood Engravers, 1990-1991

Includes DePol’s engraved portrait of Ben Franklin for the Journal of the Society of American Wood Engravers (1991), which also included an article about DePol.  See also Paul Ritscher

F743    Society of Wood Engravers, 1984-1986

Includes correspondence and printed items related to the Society with which DePol exhibited his work

F744    “Some Garden Accessories” - engraving, 1979-1989

The making of this engraving was the subject of a slide talk given at the Heritage of the Graphic Arts Spring Series in New York in March 1979 and again at Bucknell Uniiversity in 1989.  In 1989 this engraving was awarded the William Leavin Prize at the Annual Exhibition of The National Academy of Design.  The file includes DePol’s lecture text, notes, drawing, proofs, and publicity.

*South Street Seaport Museumsee Bowne & Co., Stationers

F745    Speckter, Martin K. – The Four Penny Press, 1968-1986

Includes correspondence, printed broadsides (two broadsides, “Penny & Martin Speckter…” and “Goudy Chappel” removed to oversize, Box 70) and booklets, as well as a proof for DePol’s press mark for The Four Penny Press

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

48        F746    Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, Indiana, [1985]

Includes 85 photographs of the park and its historic buildings, brochures and postcards related to the park, proofs of DePol’s engravings of several buildings, and an issue of The Persimmon Tree which was removed to oversize Box 70


F747    Standard, Paul – correspondence, 1946-1979


F748    Starke, Robin Orbach, 1992

Correspondence from a DePol student from the Rochester Book Arts Institute class, plus Starke’s signed engraved broadside of Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees”

*State University of New York, Binghamtonsee Williams, Gil

F749    Stern, Madeleine B. – We the Women, n.d.

Printed prospectus with DePol’s engraving advertising the Stern book for which DePol did engravings

F750    Stevens Institute for Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, n.d.

Proofs of engravings, including “The Old Stone Mill”

F751    The Stevens-Nelson Paper Corporation, 1953-1993

Includes correspondence, Stevens-Nelson paper samples, copies of Print (1954) and NYPEN News both of which include DePol’s engraving of “Twelfth St. Manhattan.”  The file also has proofs of DePol’s engraving of the Stevens-Nelson building and company Christmas cards.  Removed to oversize Box 67 are page proofs for The Frick Collection (1951) printed by Stevens-Nelson

F752    The Stinehour Press – Stephen Stinehour, 1967-1995

Includes correspondence, one slide and twelve photographs of the Stinehour Press building, DePol’s drawings for an engraving of the press building, and printed material from the press

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

49                    The Stone House Press – Morris Gelfand, 1981-1999

DePol worked extensively with Morris Gelfand, creating numerous engravings for books published by Stone House Press, including books by William Jay Smith, James Flexner, Federico Garcia Lorca, and William Heyen.  DePol also created engravings for a number chapbooks for the Stone House Press series.

Correspondence, 1981-1999

Regarding business related to publications and personal communications.  Includes cards and stationery with DePol engravings on them.  See also the files for each book project for correspondence specifically related to that project.

F753    1981-1986

F754    1987-1992

Includes three photographs with DePol

F755    1993-1999 and n.d.

Includes two prints of engravings by Franz Masereel

F756    Photographs, 1988-1992

Four photographs, a contact sheet, and negatives of Gelfand and DePol

Engravings, 1982-1998

Arranged in chronological order by publication date, the files may include correspondence, drawings, copies of the text, research information, proofs, page proofs, and notes

F757    Krapf, Norbert – Heartwood, 1982-1983


F758    Stone House Press Broadsides, 1982-1985


F759    “The Stone House,” 1982-1989

The initial engraving was made in 1982 and a second engraving was created in 1989 for the book Stone House Press Books & Ephemera 1978-1988.  Includes engravings for keepsakes and stationery

F760    “A Salute to Jack Robinson,” 1983

Keepsake for Robinson’s retirement

F761    Portfolio One/1983, 1983


F762    May Swenson poem, 1983 Oct 28


F763    Heyen, William – Eight Poems for Saint Walt, 1985

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

The Stone House Press – Morris Gelfand (cont’d)

Engravings (cont’d)

49        F764    Robert Leslie keepsakes, 1985-1987

See also Leslie, Robert


F765    Krapf, Norbert (ed.) – Under Open Sky: Poets on William Cullen Bryant, 1986

DePol’s engravings “Carpe Diem” is used on the 1993 Tenth Annual William Cullen Bryant Lecture program.  Page proofs for Under Open Sky have been removed to oversize Box 66

F766    Carrier, Constance – Witchcraft Poems Salem 1692, 1988


F767    Stepanchev, Stephen – Descent: A Selection of Eight Poems, 1988


F768    DePol, John - From Dark to Light: Wood Engravings forThe Stone House Press, 1988-1989

This book won an AIGA Book Show certificate of excellence in 1988.

F769    John DePol’s 75th and 79th birthday keepsakes, 1988-1992


F770    Checklist: Stone House Press Books & Ephemera, 1978-1988, 1989


F771    “Joseph Hillyer Brewer 1898-1990” memorial keepsake, 1990


F772    Hatch, Dorothy – The Curious Act of Poetry, 1990-1991


F773    Alvin Eisenman Typophiles keepsake, 1991


F774    Museum of Modern Art, 1991


F775    Flexner, James – Poems of the Twenties, 1991

Also includes a 1992 keepsake engraved by DePol titled “A Toast to James Thomas Flexner on His Eighty-fifth Birthday”

F776    Heyen, William – The Shore, 1991


F777    Spreyer, Frederick – “Windswept,” 1991-1992


F778    Bertin, Charles (trans. William Jay Smith) – Christopher Columbus, 1992

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

The Stone House Press – Morris Gelfand (cont’d)

Engravings (cont’d)

49        F779    John DePol & The Stone House Press, 1993

Offprint from John DePol: Wood Engraver at Eighty


F780    Smith, William Jay – The Cyclist, 1993-1995

See Box 20 for one incomplete and one redone wood blocks for the book, used in an exhibition on how to make a wood engraving

F781    “Johann Gutenberg’s Printing Press,” 1994

Heyen, William – With Me Far Away: a Memoir, 1994-1995

F782    Drawings and engravings, 1994

F783    Page proofs, pattern papers, and announcements, 1994-1995


F784    Garcia Lorca, Federico – Songs of Childhood, 1994


F785    St. Basil’s (Russia), 1995

Drawings and proofs for DePol’s engraving of St. Basil’s for a publication by Stone House Press of Books over Bombs: IFLA in Moscow, August 1991 by Herman Liebaers

F786    [Morris Gelfand with library], 1996


F787    Morris Gelfand keepsakes, 1996-1998

Includes memorial keepsakes

F788    “(Darn!)” errata sheet, n.d.


F789    Unidentified or unused drawings and proofs, 1984-1988


F790    Printed broadsides, announcements, and ephemera from Stone House Press, 1979-1996

Includes a few proofs of DePol engravings for announcements.  A broadside titled “A Type Miscellany” has been removed to oversize Box 66


F791    The Strawberry Press – Paul Nash, 1994-1997

Includes correspondence and copy of The Lord of the Dance inscribed to DePol by Nash

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

49                    *Strong, Robert M., Jr. – see Grabhorn Press


F792    Strouse, Norman H. – correspondence, 1953


F793    The Sun Hill Press – Darrell Hyder, 1986-1997

Includes correspondence and printed items from the press

F794    Sundials, 1967

Research information and drawings

F795    Susan Teller Gallery, 1988-1998

Includes correspondence, exhibition catalogs, announcements, and other material related to the gallery which has exhibited and sold DePol’s work in New York

F796    Susquehana University – engraving, n.d.


F797    Sussman, Herman R. – correspondence and drawings, 1994


F798    Swarthmore College – correspondence and bookplate, 1990-1992


50                    Syracuse University, 1957-1998

DePol created several engravings which appear on the covers of issues of The Courier and has given the library gifts of his work.  Includes correspondence with the Syracuse University Library, the Library Associates, and the University Press

Syracuse University Library, 1957-1998

F799    Correspondence, 1957-1976

Includes a discussion of creating a “trademark” for the Library Associates.  Includes correspondence with John S. Mayfield, David Tatham, and others

F800    Correspondence, 1984-1998

F801    Correspondence regarding Stephen Crane book, 1962

Draft of text and copy of Syracuse’s publication of Crane’s Great Bugs in Onondaga, as well as seven photographs of the quarry

F802    Engravings, 1962

Drawings and proofs for engravings for The Courier and for the stationery of John Mayfield

F803    Printed material from the library, 1956-1994

Some with DePol engravings

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Syracuse University (cont’d)

50                    Syracuse University Library Associates, 1958-1997

F804    Presentation notebook, 1961

Related to an exhibition of DePol’s work in the Carnegie Library, including programs, invitations, and two photographs of DePol

Syracuse University Library Associates – The Courier

Issues of the publication, many with DePol engravings

F805    1958-1961

F806    1962

F807    1963-1976

F808    1978-1984

F809    1991-1997


F810    Syracuse Universtiy Press, 1957-1962.

Includes correspondence, printed items and proofs of DePol’s engravings for William Bulmer and the Shakespeare Press (1957).



F811    “T,” 1962-1997

Includes correspondence or material related to Janet Turner, Marlene Taft, Trinity College Library, Kristen Trivett, Typocrafters, and David Trachtenberg.  One poster for a 1978 Typocrafters meeting removed to oversize Box 70

F812    Tanner, Wesley B. – Arif Press and Passim Press, 1989-1996

Includes correspondence, printed material from the presses, a photograph of Tanner and Susan Skarsgaard with the DePols, as well as drawings and proofs for DePol’s engraving for the couple’s wedding

*Tarachow, Michael – see Pentagram Press

*Tatham, David – see Syracuse University

F813    Teplin, Joseph, 1948-1953

Includes a device for Teplin engraved by DePol

*The Thistle Press – see Clarke & Way

*Thomajan, P. K. – see Print

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

50        F814    Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1959

Prints and proofs of engravings for Aileen Fisher’s book Fisherman of Galilee, published by Thomas Nelson & Sons in 1959


*The Tideline Press – see Seastone, Leonard


“A Time for Recollection,” 1998-1999

Plans for a book about DePol and his work, includes notes and sets of 22 two-page leaves

F815    Correspondence, information, and engravings, 1998-1999

F816    Work set and complete sets, 1999

F817    Partial sets, 1998-1999


F818    Titanic Pierhead and memorial, 1992

Includes 26 photographs, plus negatives of the pier and memorial, as well as drawings by DePol

F819    Tommasini, A. R. – printed keepsakes, 1980-1982

Includes Signs of the Zodiac and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

*Tompkins, Willis (Tommy) – see Ogham Press

F820    Tools and wood, 1987-1997

Includes correspondence, catalogs of tools, invoices for materials, and articles regarding wood

F821    Toronto, University of, 1991-1998

The University holds the archives of Cooper & Beatty for whom DePol created a number of engravings.  Includes correspondence and printed material

F822    Townsend, David – correspondence, 1991-1992


F823    Tuscany Alley, The Press in – James Wehlage and Adrian Wilson, 1978-1994

Printed material from the press, including “A Signature from The Ephemera of Adrian Wilson” which has been removed to oversize Box 66

F824    Twain, Mark – “Mark Twain on the Art of Writing,” 1961

Includes correspondence and proofs of engraving of Twain’s house in Buffalo, published by Easy Hill Press for the Salisbury Club, Buffalo, New York

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

50                    Two Lovely Beasts by Liam O’Flaherty

DePol’s engraved illustration for Two Lovely Beasts were his first illustrations for a book.  The files include correspondence with the publisher, The Devin-Adair Company, 33 wood blocks for the engravings, proofs of the images, and clippings of reviews.

F825    Correspondence and printed material, 1949-1956

Includes a matted engraving titled “Two Lovely Beasts” and a clipping from the New York Herald Tribune which have both been removed to oversize Box 66

F826    Engravings, 1950

33 wood blocks for the engravings have been removed to Box 11.  Includes 20 blocks of the chapter initial letters, one block labeled “not used,” and blocks for: title page, “Two Lovely Beasts,” “The Flute Player,” “The Bath,” “Life,” “The Lament,” “Challenge,” “The New Suit,” “The Wedding,” “The Parting,” “The Eviction,” “The Old Woman,” and “The Beggars”

51                    The Typophiles, Inc., 1948-2000

DePol has created numerous keepsakes for the The Typophiles, frequently honoring various individuals.  The files include correspondence, photographs, drawings, proofs and printed copies of DePol’s engravings.  The file also contains publications of the Typophiles, and ephemera.  In 1998 The Typophiles published John DePol and The Typophiles: a Memoir and Record of Friendships which was written by Catherine Tyler Brody.

F827    General correspondence and newsletters, 1964-1999

Include correspondence with Abe Lerner, Eugene M. Ettenberg, John McCrillus, Philip Sperling, and Sandy Connors

John DePol and The Typophiles, 1955-1998

F828    Correspondence and information, 1993-1998

F829    Photographs, 1955-1991

Includes 36 photographs and one contact sheet, with images of John & Thelma DePol, O. A. Dickman, John Fass, Herman & Viv Cohen, Henry Schniewind, Burt Carnes, Valenti & Maxine Angelo, Frank Powers, Reynard Biemiller, Paul Standard, Lewis White, Robert Leslie, Paul Bennett, William Barnett, Bob Stumpf, Ben Grauer, Joe & Betty Weiler, Gleason, Willis W. Tompkins, Bob Weissman, Hervert Farrier, John Anderson, Dorothea & Sybile von Elbe, Leonard Seastone, John Witt, Frank & Gelsy Petrocelli, Ruth & Norman Cordes, and Catherine Brody

F830    Drafts and notes, 1996-1997

Includes the second and third drafts of the text and miscellaneous pages and notes

F831    Galley and page proofs, 1997-1998

Galley proofs removed to oversize Box 70

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

The Typophiles, Inc. (cont’d)

51        F832    Paul Bennett – correspondence and engraving, 1951-1969


F833    Robert Leslie – engraved keepsakes, 1977-1987

Includes DePol’s engravings for Leslie’s 98th birthday celebration and a memorial keepsake, as well as an original “Goudy Pi” print from 1977

Typophiles keepsakes, 1948-2000

Arranged chronologically by date published, the files include DePol’s drawings, proofs and printed keepsakes.

F834    1948-1983

F835    1990-1992

F836    1993-1994

F837    1995-1996

F838    1997-2000

F839    Unused keepsake engraving, 1983

F840    Printed keepsakes without DePol work, 1964-1999

Includes a broadside keekpsake for Robert Nikirk’s address to The Typophiles in 1983 which has been removed to oversize Box 70

F841    “U,” 1972

Includes Paper: a Poem by Benjamin Franklin printed by John Urabec

F842    Unidentified correspondence, 1965-1999

Letters, notes, Christmas greetings and a few printed items from unidentified individuals

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)


United States Banknote Corporation, ca. 1950-1975

DePol worked as Art Director for Security-Columbian Banknote Company, a division of United States Banknote Corporation and later Pandick Press.  Includes keepsakes with DePol engravings and other printed material, such as annual reports, designed by DePol.  See also Pandick Press for more keepsakes

Security-Columbian Banknote Co.

F843    Beginnings of the Petroleum Industry, n.d.

F844    Christmas cards, booklets, reports, n.d.

The Christmas cards include engravings of a variety of scenes in New York and printing images.  Includes a brochure, “The De Pol Room,” for an exhibition of DePol’s work, plus a Bicentennial calendar (removed to oversize Box 67) and a list of keepsakes printed for Banknote and Pandick Press

F845    Delbarton Mother’s Guild, 1965

F846    Primadera, [1950s]


U. S. Banknote keepsakes, 1974-1975

Includes printed keepsakes, proofs and occasionally a drawing by DePol

F847    West Side Market Demolition, 1974

F848    Washington Irving, 1974

F849    John Marshall, 1974

F850    Noah Webster, 1974

F851    Hudson River Pier, 1974

F852    Homeward Ferry, 1975

F853    The Lower Hudson River from the Erie-Lackawanna Pier in Hoboken, 1975

F854    West SideManhattan, 1975

F855    The Bowery, n.d.


F856    “V,” 1997

Includes letters from Anne Hickey Vaughn and Georges & Jacqueline Vitel

*Van Vliet, Claire – see Janus Press

F857    “Various and Valued Clients,” 1986

Material toward a book which DePol began collecting in March 1986.  Includes a list of private presses for which DePol worked, proofs of engravings for presses and individuals, and a mock-up of the proposed book titled: “A Selection of Marks, Bookplates, Patterns, EcEc Drawn & Engraved on Wood by John DePol for Various & Worthy Clients”

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

52                    Veatch, Robert and Lynne – Arts of the Book

F858    Correspondence, 1991-1998

F859    Engravings – press marks for each of the Veatchs, 1991-1992

Includes drawings, proofs, and printed items

F860    Catalogs, 1990-1997

*Vermont, University of – see Buechler, John

F861    Videotaping, 1987-1997

Correspondence regarding various video projects and slides

F862    Vilain, Jean-Francois – correspondence, 2000


F863    “W,” 1956-1999

Includes correspondence or material related to Howard Wallingford (includes examples of his bookplates), Stow Wengenroth, Woodside Press, Jim Wells, Thomas Woolner, Fred C. Williams, Lynn Warshow, Joseph Francis Weiler (The Marchbanks Press) & Betty Weiler, and George Wingate

F864    The Walnut Press – Bruce Holman, 1964-1965

Includes correspondence, one photograph of engraving tools, and four engravings by Holman

F865    Walsdorf, Jack – Blackwell North America, 1987-1998

Includes correspondence and an engraving by DePol for BNA’s 1992 and 1993 Christmas cards

F866    Ward, Lynd, n.d.

Engravings by Ward

Waring, Alan – Ardentia Veritas Press, 1956-1996

F867    Correspondence, 1992-1996

Also includes material related to the Dale Guild Type Foundry and Theo Rehak

F868    Engraving – press mark, 1992-1995

F869    Samples of Ardentia Veritas Press printing, 1956-1995

Includes a 1956 engraving printed on old fashion pin register

*Warwick Press – see Blinn, Carol

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

52        F870    Washburne, Raymond – correspondence, 1959-1961


F871    Water Street Press, 1993

Repros of DePol’s engraving for the title page of Hawser Martingale’s The “Old Soldier” from TALES FROM THE OCEAN

F872    Waters, Herbert, 1981-1995

Correspondence with this wood engraver and printer

F873    Watts, Schuyler – correspondence, 1965-1966


F874    Watts, Steven L. – The Privateer Pres, 1956 and 1997

Includes correspondence, proofs of engravings by DePol for the press, notes by DePol, and samples of printed material from the press, including issues of The Pastime Printer

Weber, Renee, 1956-1993

Includes correspondence and material sent to Weber by DePol

Correspondence, 1981-1989

F875    1981-1983

F876    1984-1989

F877    n.d.


F878    Published articles and material about DePol sent to Weber, 1956-1993



F879    Week, Kenneth – correspondence, 1991-1992


*Wehlage, James – see Tuscany Alley, The Press in

Wendel, Charles H. – The Prairie Press, 1992-1995

See also Carroll Coleman who originally founded Prairie Press

F880    Correspondence, 1992-1995

Regarding DePol’s engraved portrait of Coleman

F881    Proofs of engravings by J. J. Lankes sent to DePol by Wendel, 1995

F882    Printed material from The Prairie Press, 1992-1995

Includes a poster titled “President Lincoln” which has been removed to oversize Box 67

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

52                    Wesely, Don, 1977-1998

Wesely wrote “John DePol’s New York” for the catalog to the South Street Seaport Museum exhibition of DePol’s work in 1997-1998.

F883    Correspondence, 1977-1998

Includes draft of Wesely’s essay on DePol, as well as material related to Clement Moore and Christmas

F884    Photographs, 1977 and n.d.

Thirty-three photographs, most of New York City, including Washington Square Park, the “narrowest house in New York” and once home to Edna St. Vincent Millay, the Hudson River Front, and 11th & West St.

F885    Wesleyan University – correspondence, 1999


F886    Western trip, 1981

Includes two photographs of a lake area and drawings of Delano, California

F887    Weygand, James Lamar – The Private Press of the Indiana Kid, 1954-1965

Includes correspondence and engravings by DePol for a pressmark and for books published by the press

White, Lewis F. – L. F. White Company, 1964 and n.d.

DePol began working for Lewis White in 1949 and learned all aspects of the printing business in his position as a production assistant.  White gave DePol several opportunities to create wood engravings for publications, including ones issues by The Typophiles.  During the L. F. White period the idea to establish “The Privy Council Press” was developed among White, DePol and Frank Petrocelli, which ultimately had a very limited output.

F888    Correspondence and engravings, 1964

Includes a draft of White’s text for a keepsake honoring Alfred Knopf, with an engraving by DePol, plus drawings and proofs for other engravings by DePol

F889    Dustjackets for Sheed & Ward, n.d.

F890    Dustjackets for other publishers, n.d.

Includes jackets for William Morrow & Co., Oxford University Press, The Devin-Adair Company, Pellegrini & Cudahy, Dover Publications, Inc., Schocken, Books, Pantheon, Smith & Durrell, Inc., Rockport Pres, Simon & Schuster, and D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc.

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

52        F891    Whitney Museum of American Art, 1946-1999

Includes correspondence and printed material from the museum, including the 1946 catalog Pioneers of Modern Art in America


Whittington Press – John Randle, 1986-1998

F892    Correspondence, 1986-1998

Correspondence with John Randle, plus galley proofs or copies of articles for Matrix.  Also includes printed material from the press, such as the “Whittington Summer Show” broadside and “New of Books from Whittington,” both of which have been removed to oversize Box 66

F893    Photocopies of articles from issues #14 and #16 of Matrix, 1994-1996


53        F894    Who’s Who in American Art, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in New                                             Jersey, 1990-1992

Includes correspondence and photocopies of the entries for John DePol

F895    Wilkins, Cary and Rolly Woodyatt – The Close Grip Press, 1984-1986

Includes correspondence as well as drawings, repros, and proofs for DePol’s engraving of a pressmark

F896    Williams College – Chaplin Library, 1955-1994

Includes correspondence with the Custodian of Chapin Library, Richard Archer, who also was founder of The Press of the Hippogryph, plus many publication from the press as well as drawings and prints of DePol’s engravings for Chaplin Library

F897    Williams, Gil – The Bellevue Press, 1966-1996

Includes correspondence and printed material, including the catalog, John DePol a Retrospective, a 1969 exhibition at State University of New York, Binghamton

*Williams-Capone, Dayna – see Helianthus Press

*Wilson, Adriansee Tuscany Alley, The Press in

F898    Wisconsin, University of – Golda Meir Library, 1995

Correspondence and printed material related to the inclusion of DePol’s work in the exhibition, The Contemporary Fine Press from Jun 12 to Aug 11, 1995.  One poster for the exhibition has been removed to oversize Box 66

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

53        F899    Witt, John – correspondence, 1997

Also includes a copy of Witt’s pictorial essay, Vietnam


F900    “Wood Engraving Manual,” 1983-1985

Notes, drawings, and mock-up created by DePol for a manual on wood engraving

F901    Wronker, Lili and Eric – Ron Press, 1964-1999

Includes correspondence and printed material from the press

F902    “Y,” 1979

Letter from Gene Yerganian

Yale University Library, 1978-1994

In 1993 an exhibition, Carved in Wood, which included DePol’s work, was mounted at Yale University Library.  Includes information regarding DePol material held in the Arts of the Book Room at Yale University Library and DePol’s continued gifts to the Library

F903    Correspondence, 1978-1990

F904    Correspondence, 1993-1999

F905    Printed material, 1993-1994

F906    Printouts of online catalog records related to DePol, 1994


Yale University Press, 1957-1999

Includes correspondence with Alvin Eisenman regarding engravings for Yale University Press publications

F907    Correspondence, 1957-1999

F908    Engravings, [1956-1957]

Includes drawings, proofs and printed examples

F909    Engravings – Five Homes of the Yale University Press, 1957-1994

Includes drawings, proofs and the printed keepsake which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the press

F910    Engravings – The Merritt Parkway, 1993

DePol created an image for the dustjacket.  Includes drawings, correspondence, proofs, repros, dustjackets, and a publication announcement

F911    Printed material, 1957-1977

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

53                    Yellow Barn Press – Neil Shaver, 1983-2001

DePol has worked with Neil Shaver on numerous projects, including books published by Yellow Barn Press, keepsakes for The Typophiles, the DePol festschrift, and a bibliography of the Yellow Barn Press.

Correspondence, 1983-2000

See also the files for each project for more correspondence

F912    1983-1993

Includes two photographs of DePol material owned by Shaver and clippings

F913    1994-2000

Includes notes and drawings by DePol for a proposed guide to wood engraving

F914    Leonard Thiessen engravings, 1985

Proofs sent to by Shaver to DePol

F915    Photographs, 1986

Five photographs of Shaver and the Yellow Barn Press office in Iowa

Engravings by DePol for Yellow Barn Press, 1983-2001

Files for each engraving or sets of engravings for a book may includes such material as correspondence, drawings, proofs, repros, page or galley proofs, text, publication announcements, research material, and/or photographs.  The files are arranged in chronological order.

F916    Yellow Barn Press pressmark, 1983

F917    Jeff Rigby’s mark, 1984

F918    University of Nebraska DePol exhibition poster, 1985

Removed to oversize Box 70

F919    The Old Printing Office by Frank Luther Mort, 1985

F920    Barns (Iowa), 1985-1986

Includes 16 photographs of barns, numerous engravings of barns by DePol, including one which was used for the broadside, “Iowa’s Most Famous Barn” in 1988 (removed to oversize Box 70)

F921    A Boyhood in Iowa by Herbert Hoover, 1985-1991

F922    Patterns: Drawn and Engraved on Wood by John DePol, 1984-1986

See also the files of pattern papers

F923    Dress by Eric Gill, 1986-1987

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

Yellow Barn Press – Neil Shaver (cont’d)

Engravings by DePol for Yellow Barn Press (cont’d)

54        F924    Our Debt to Monkish Men by Eugene Field, 1986-1987

F925    A Goudy Memoir: Essays by and about America’s Great Type Designer, 1986-1996

Includes one photograph of Frederic Goudy

F926    Did Sherlock Holmes Meet Hercule…by Julian Symons, 1987-1988

Correspondence regarding Sherlock Holmes, as well as drawings and engravings of 221 Baker Street, Holmes & Watson, and material related to the book

F927    Late Verses and Earlier by Walter Shewring, 1987-1989

F928    Oscar Wilde: A Problem in Biography by Julian Symons

F929    Blackwell North America, 1988

F930    William Morris: Master Printer by Frank Colebrook, 1988-1989

Includes a hand-colored printed map for Worcester Shire labeled Grose 1784

F931    The Devil’s Artisan, 1989

F932    The Kelmscott Press Golden Legend – A Leaf, 1989

F933    My Two Oxfords by Willie Morris, 1989-1991

Includes two photographs of Oxford and a copy of the book

F934    Sir Richard Steele broadside, [1990]

F935    Benjamin Franklin, 1992

F936    Candlestick, 1993

F937    DePol festschrift announcements, 1994

See also files for “Festschrift”

F938    I Love My Little Hohner, 1994

F939    Neil Shaver and The Yellow Barn Press, 1996

F940    [Shakespeare] for Typocrafters 1999 at Kansas City, 1999

F941    The Yellow Barn Press: a History and Bibliography, 2000-2001


F942    Printed material from Yellow Barn Press, [1990s]

Three broadsides titled “Le Bonheur” and one broadside titled “For the Friends of the Book Arts at Fairleigh Dickinson” were removed to oversize Box 70

F943    The Yolla Bolly Press – Carolyn and James Robertson, 1996

Includes correspondence and printed material from the press, including A visit to the bookfarm, and how fine books are made in the barn at The Yolla Bolly Press

F944    Young, Sarah – correspondence and print, 2000


F945    Zapf, Hermann – examples of his calligraphy, 1978-1988

Two posters designed by Zapf removed to oversize Box 70

Series II.  John DePol working files (cont’d)

54                    The Zauberberg Press – Don von Ruysdael Drenner, 1953-1994

DePol created engravings for numerous Drenner publications.  The press was also

known as “The Zauberberg Press at the Sign of Europa & the Bull.”

Correspondence, 1953-1994

F946    1953-1959

F947    1960-1994


F948    Photographs, 1960-1990

Includes 20 photographs of Drenner, “The Perfidious Albion” (which Drenner built in 1988), The Zauberberg Albion, and the press office

Engravings by DePol for The Zauberberg Press, 1960-1992

The files are arranged in chronological order and may include some or all of the following: correspondence about the project, drawings, proofs, repros, printed samples, signatures of books, and research information.

F949    Christmas card, 1956

F950    The Graphics of Love by Don Drenner, 1960-1961

F951    The Final Anna by Drenner, 1986


Modern Love by George Meredith, 1991

F952    Correspondence, 1991

F953    Drawings, 1991

F954    Proofs, 1991

F955    Repros and printed signatures of the book, 1991


A Shropshire Lad by A. E. Housman, 1991-1994

F956    Correspondence, 1991-1994

F957    Drawings, 1992

F958    Engraved portrait of A. E. Housman, 1992

F959    Proofs and printed material, 1992


F960    Early Poems by Susan Perry, 1991-1992


F961    The Zauberberg Press drawings, n.d.


F962    Drafts of Drenner’s Paragraphs on DePol, his contribution for the DePol festschrift, 1993

Series II.  John

DePol working files (cont’d)

The Zauberberg Press – Don von Ruysdael Drenner (cont’d)

54        F963    Craig Minner’s “Don Drenner and The Zauberberg Press,” 1995-1996

A paper for the Wichita Bibliophiles delivered December 2, 1995


F964    Information about Drenner, 1976-1991


F965    Printed and miscellaneous material from Drenner, 1962 and n.d.

Includes a series of five poems by Drenner and a John Ciardi’s playscript of Mother & Father (1962)


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