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Series I.  Work by John DePol, 1931-1997


Extent: 10 linear ft.


Contents:  Pencil and pen drawings, watercolors, dry brush and wash drawings, oil paintings, proofs of etchings, copper and zinc etched plates, wood cuts, lithographs, proofs, prints and woodblocks for wood engravings, notes, and correspondence, and photographs.


Arrangement:  The series includes seven series: 1. Early artwork, 2. Etched cooper and zinc plates, 3. etchings, 4. Woodcuts, 5. Miscellaneous drawings and lettering, 6. Wood engravings, and 7. Woodblocks.  Arrangement within each subseries is description at the subseries note.




            John DePol began creating works of art in a variety of media before he focused on wood engraving in 1947.  DePol sketched in pencil, drew in ink, created dry brush and wash drawings, painted in oils and watercolors, etched, did wood cuts, and created lithographs.  DePol worked in some of these media throughout his life, particularly pencils sketches.  The first five subseries reflect his work in these media.  Particularly well-presented are etchings, with preliminary drawings, etched copper or zinc plates, proofs and final prints.

            The sixth and seventh subseries are devoted to the heart of DePol life’s work, namely his wood engravings.  Subseries I.6 includes proofs, prints and supporting material toward individual engravings.  The number of engravings found here will appear limited because many of DePol’s engravings are found in his working files related to particular commercial or fine presses jobs (Series II) as well as among the personal papers in Series VII., where the Christmas cards DePol created for his family are located.

            Using the material in this series and Series II. a researcher can follow DePol’s creative process from an initial idea or request through the completed print.  This is made possible largely because of the extensive commentary and critique which DePol inscribed on many of the proofs of engravings which he created.  Many such proofs are extant in this collection.  DePol was also meticulous in dating his work and frequently noting the circumstances surrounding the printing.  For example the copper and zinc plates in subseries I.2 are housed in envelopes on which DePol, in 1996, typed remembrances about creation of each etching and comments about the subject of the etching.  DePol’s comments have been transcribed to this finding aid.

            Subseries I.7 includes woodblocks engraved by DePol, which are cross referenced in DePol’s files in Series II.  Among the woodblocks are examples of engravings for commercial jobs, such as the engravings for The Connecticut Gazette; for fine press book illustrations such as the series of engravings for Barbarian Press’s publication of Inishbream, for academic institutions, such as the engravings for the Harvard Medical School, and examples of engravings which were gifts from DePol to John Anderson and Ben Grauer.  Also represented among the woodblocks are samples of press marks and the series of engravings of scenes from Ireland.

Contents List

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Series I.  Work by John DePol, 1931-1997


1                      Series I.1.  Early Artwork, 1931-1967

The material in this series maintains the subject categories and arrangement created by DePol.


Artwork from the 1930s, 1931-1939

Arranged by medium, then chronologically.  Information written on the artwork is included in the note


F1        Watercolors, 1935-1939

1.  Pier 43. N.R., 1935 Jul 6

2.  “It is cool not warm.  Looking west/south from foot of W. Wash. Market Pier.  N.R. 7/7/35 a.m.  It is cloudy – sometimes the sun appears.” 1935 Jul 7

3.  Colt Pistol in My Possession – circa 1850, 1936 Jul 25

Inscribed:  “Bad coloring – did this because saw same type of water colors, though of different objects which were excellently done – and interesting.  My first try is not so good.” Plus a drawing of the colt.

4.  Manfred’s Studio, 1936 Oct 3

Inscribed:  “50 Wash. Square South.  WPA artist, a fairly good one.  Though I could never see any purpose in the government supporting artists.  And I guess there is little chance of them ever amounting to much.  As for this drawing – it is pretty bad – for the reason that I have no patience – but that is a bad excuse – because if any one has patience he can be sure of doing most anything.  But again– one often hears of amateurs [?] profess their lack of patience which hinders a particular accomplishment.  But again I am wrong – I don’t have the patience to decide whether I am or not.”

5.  Covered Bridge – Vermont, 1937 Jul

Inscribed:  “from pleasant memories of my vacation in 1936 – near Townshend, Vt..  For years I had wanted to see a covered bridge – and so enthusiastic was I that I inquired often “where may they be found?”  Then in 1936 I saw many of them.  And then for some reason I was not so eager – a question – “What really am I looking for?”  But covered bridges are beautiful and tonight as I sit home – and in a rare mood for have finished a Fewales – I wish that I were near one.”

6.  Imaginative, 1937 Jul 26

7.  Mark Twain House and Hotel Brevoort – New York, 1937 Jun 26

8.  North River Scene,”1937 Aug 14

“Kids swimming – Manhattan, N.Y. – sketched and colored from memory”

9.  At Home [vase], 1939 Feb 7

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)

Artwork from the 1930s (cont’d)


Pencil or pen and ink drawings, 1931-1938

F2        1931-1935

1.  “Empire Brewery” – Beadleston & Woerz – Washington & Tenth    Streets, New York City, 1931 Nov 1

2.  [Mc]Sorley’s Ale House, 1935 Jun 2 (P.M.)

3.  Looking North – Beach & Hudson Sts. – N.Y. (St. John’s Park), 1935       Jul 7

4.  My mother, 1935 Jul 24 (P.M.)  Plus copy: “copy/1998/DePol/10”

5.  August 11, 1935 – from memory, New York, 1935 Aug 11

6.  River St.Hoboken, N. J., 1935 Aug 17 (A.M.)

7.  Brooklyn Bridge – From Recreation Pier – N.Y., 1935 Aug 17 (P.M.)

8.  Fifth Avenue from Central Park, 1935 Aug 21 (P.M.)

9.  Christopher Street Ferry Slips – from Pier 43 – N.R. N.Y., 1935 Sep 21     (5:50)

10.  First sketches of an etching press that I would like to make, 1935 Oct        3

Includes a list of hardware needed

11.  Christopher & [?] Sts., 1935 Oct 13 (5:30 p.)

12.  McSorley’s Old Ale House – Est. 1852 – 157th St. – N.Y.C., 1935 Oct   27

“Close to closing time and the bartender want to go to a wedding – so will not be able to finish this

13.  Perry & Wash. Sts. N.Y.C., 1935 Nov 3 (4:00 p)

14.  Back of Trinity Church – N.Y.C., 1935 Nov 5 (11:05 a.m.)

15.  Franklin and West Sts.New York City, 1935 Nov 28 (P.M.)

Includes a long note expressing his disappointment with the drawing

16.  My sister Genevieve studying – my brother Willie eating and reading – and Minnie our cat at home 7:45 p., 1935 Dec 4.  Plus a copy, 1998.

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)

Artwork from the 1930s (cont’d)


F3        1936

17.  Looking North from Roof of 455 Hudson St. N.Y.C. Sunday, 1936          Mar 15

18.  East River, 1936 May 3

19.  West & Franklin Sts. N.Y.C. – Sunday 11:00 a.m., 1936 May 3

20.  Bank & Washington Sts. N.Y.C. – Sunday, 1936 May 10

21.  Peck Slip – New York City – Sunday, 1936 May 17 (5:00 P)

22.  From Walker & Lafayette Streets – N.Y.C., 1936 Jun 7

23.  North River – Pier being dismantled Saturday afternoon – New York City, 1936 Jun 13 - “Storm coming from East – 3:45 P.”

24.  Craigville Station “Erie” – Craigville, N.Y., 1936 Jun 21

“Sketched on motor trip with Karl & Willie.”

25.  Chessmen and Onlookers – Central Park, 1936 Jul 19

26.  Lower East SideNew York City, 1936 Aug 1

27.  South & Jefferson Streets, N.Y.C., 1936 Aug 9

28.  Burlington, Vt., 1936 Aug 17

29.  Hudson River – N.Y. – from memory, 1936 Oct 31
Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)

Artwork from the 1930s (cont’d)


Pencil or pen and ink drawings (cont’d)

F4        1937

30.  Weehawken StreetManhattan, 1937 May 16

31.  West Street – between 10th & Christopher Sts, New York City, 1937       May 16

32.  St. Raphael’s from 40th St. Manhattan, 1937 May 22

33.  Downtown – Manhattan, 1937 Jul 31

34.  Beadleston and Woerz’s Empire Brewery 1878, 1937 Aug 7

“Now being razed – made the preliminary pencil sketch a few days ago – returned today to finish with ink and found that the clock tower (with flag pole) had been taken down – so had to put in from memory.  Tenth – between West and Washington Streets – Manhattan, N.Y.

35.  Beadleston and Woerz Empire Brewery 1878 – Tenth & Washington Sts., N.Y.,1937 Aug 8

36.  Watts & Washington Sts–Manhattan–N.Y.–Looking Southwest, 1937       Aug 15

37.  Tower of Church of Our Lady of Pompei – Carmine & Bleecker Streets – Manhattan, 1937 Sep 11


F5        1938

38.  Civic Repertory – 14th St. – N.Y., 1938, Feb 6

39.  Untitled [New York], 1938 Mar 20

40.  Civic Repertory, 14th St. – N.Y., 1938 Apr 3

“Drawn from life” plus photocopies

41.  “Summer in Vermont,” 1938 Apr

“Sketch for etching – 4 x 6 – Done at home from memory of my vacation in 1936 – covered wooden bridge over the Wescott?  Near Newfane – slept in a campsite nearby on the left – and nearly froze to death – though early next morning it was sunny and went for a swim before heading north – I experienced an unusually fine exhilaration – the finest ever and I hope again for more.”

42.  Vermont vacation in 1936 – from memory, 1938


F6        Lithograph - Art Student’s League – Etching Studio (negative), 1938 Mar

Nos. 1 and 3 of 3 lithographs

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)


1                      Artwork from the 1940s, 1940-1949


F7        Pencil or pen and ink drawings, 1940-1949

1.  DePol and Critics – Hudson River – from memory, 1940 Jan

2.  Southfields, N.Y., 1940 Jul 16

3.  Southfields, N.Y., 1940 Jul 28

Verso: “Southfields, N.Y., 41 miles from N.Y.C. on Erie Mainline – sketched from tracks looking west – Sunday – July 28, 1940.”

4.  MacDougal Alley, N.Y., 1942 Jul

5.  Starlight, PA., 1946 Aug

6.  Mid-town Manhattan, 1947

7.  West sideManhattan, 1947

8.  9th & 3rd Ave., 1949 Jul 3

9.  Greenwich Street – South of 11th St. – Looking West – Greenwich Village – NewYork, 1949 Jul 9

10.  43rd St. & Eleventh Avenue, N.Y., 1949 Labor Day

11.  [Loewer’s Brewery], 1949 Sep

12.  Southeast Corner of Washington Square, 1949 Dec 22

13.  [Southeast Corner of Washington Square, 1949]


F8        Wash drawings, 1941-1943

1.  Untitled “from memory’ [New York waterfront], 1941 Nov 23

2.  Election Night, 1942 Sep 29

“Scene of Barrow St. from Hudson St., New York as might be seen on an election night (done at home from memory).”

3.  Scene of Christopher St.Hudson Riverfront – Manhattan, 1942 Oct 1

“Showing St. Veronica’s Church – Towers of Empire Brewery (now gone) Federal Building – Ferry House on left – Barrow St. in front – done strictly from memory.” Plus a note describing the scene and residents

4.  Derelicts – Hudson Riverfront – New York, 1942

5.  Card game in pyramidal tent – Waiterboro, S.C., 1943 Jul 2

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)


1                      Artwork from the 1940s (cont’d)


F9        Watercolors, 1940-1947

1.  Hudson River waterfront near Greenwich Village, 1940 Apr

“Drawn from memory”

2.  Hudson River front, 1940 May

3.  Vase – unfinished because of loss of texture, 1940 Aug

4.  Hudson River, 1941 Nov 11

5.  Tent at Waiterboro, S.C., 1943 Jun

6.  Waiterboro, S.C., 1943 Jun

7.  AstoriaLong Island, 1946

8.  East River – 43 St., New York, 1947 Aug

9.  West 12th Street, N.Y., 1947 Aug 31


F10      Oil Colors [Untitled – Hudson River Front], ca. 1941

With separate note by DePol


F11      Dry Brush - Two Candlesticks, 1948 Mar 18


F12      Lithograph - Sunday Morning – Manhattan, 1940

Two prints from an edition of 4

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)


2                      “Early Wash Drawings” 1943-1944

Includes DePol’s handwritten list of these wash drawings.  Most of the drawings are in numbered paper mats.  The items with an asterisk (*) are listed but not present in the collection.

F13      List of drawings

F14      1.  The Diamond, Magherafelt 1943 Nov 1

F15      2.  Draperstown [Barony of Loughinshollin-County of Londonderry-Northern Ireland] 1943 Nov

F16      3.  A Town – Somewhere in Northern Ireland 1943 Oct

F17      4.  Magherafelt No. 1 1943 Nov

F18      5.  Magherafelt No. 2 1943 Oct

F19      6.  Town of Kickeel, Northern Ireland 1943

F20      7.  Repairing a thatched roof – Somewhere in Northern Ireland 1944

F21      8.  Gatekeepers House – Somewhere in Northern Ireland 1944

F22      9.  Stormy LakesideNorthern Ireland 1943 Nov

*10.  [A Night – Nissen Hut – Somewhere in Northern Ireland 1944

F23      11.  A Nissen Hut [in Northern Ireland – 1944]

F24      12.  Pub in Country – Northern Ireland 1943 Nov

F25      13.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland No. 1  1943 Oct

F26      14.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland No. 2  1944

F27      15.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland No. 3  1944

F28      16.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland No. 4  1944

F29      17.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland No.5  1944

F30      18.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland No. 6  1944

F31      19.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland No. 7  1944

F32      20.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland No. 8  1944

F33      21.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland No. 9  1944

F34      22.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland No. 10  1944

F35      23.  Northern Ireland No. 1  1943 Nov

F36      24.  Northern Ireland No. 2  1943 Nov

*25.  [From Memory – Guard at the Bomb Dump – Airfield at ___ -    Northern Ireland]

F37      26.  Mourne Mountains from Greencastle  1943 Nov

F38      27.  Impression – The Town of MoneyGlassNorthern Ireland  1943

F39      28.  John Darby’s Old House in Aughrim – Northern Ireland  1944

*29.  [Carrickfergus]

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)


3                      Artwork created during World War II, 1944-1945

Arranged by country


F40      France, 1945


Ink and/or pencil drawings

1.  Paris, 1945 Aug

2.  Rue du Pelican – Paris, 1945

3.  Rue du Pelican – Paris, 1945 Aug 6

4.  Paris – My window in the Grand Hotel, 1945 Aug 6

5.  Domjulien, 1945 Mar 19

6.  Rue Brahaut – Vittel, 1945 Feb 23

7.  Rue de la Brahaut – Vittel – in France, 1945 Mar 6

8.  Rue de la Brahaut – Vittel – France, 1945 Feb 25

9.  Place des Veilles Halles (Place of the Old Halls) – Vittel, France, 1945        Feb 16

10.  Rue de Petit Ban – Vittel – France, 1945 Feb

11.  Rue de Petit Ban – Vittel, 1945 Feb 24

12.  Vittel – France, 1945 Mar 8

13.  Vittel – haute VosgesFrance, 1945 Feb 25

14.  Scene in Vittel – Haute VosgesFrance, 1945 Feb 17

“Sketched on scene in pencil – finished in ink at Recreation Club, Vittel”

15.  Gemmelaincourt – Vosages – in France, 1945 Mar 25

16.  The Church in Parey sous Monfort – Vosges, 1945 Mar 14

17.  Parey sous Montfort – Vosges - in France, 194[5] Mar 14

18.  Parey sous Montfort – Vosges, 1945 Mar 16

19.  BelmontVosgesFrance, 1945 Mar 3

20.  St. Remimont – VosgesFrance, 1945 Mar 6

21.  St. Remimont – Vosges, 1945

Untitled drawing on the verso

22.  [Vittel?], n.d.

23.  [Vittel?], n.d.

24.  France,” n.d.

Two pencil drawings

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)

Artwork created during World War II (cont’d)

France (cont’d)


F40                  Watercolors

1.  St. Remimont – Vosges, 1945 Mar 3

2.  Parey sous Montfort – in France, 1945 Mar 18


Wash drawings

1.  Domjulien – Vosges, 1945 Mar 18

2.  Rue Deligneville – Vittel, 1945 Feb 25

3.  ADC’s Office – Vittel – Haute – Vosges, 1945

On the verso: “Our ‘office’ in Vittel – our last stop before going into Germany – at left is table with GI phone – at right is GI stove – Fueled with logs – my GI can on stove warming coffee – it was January 1944 – cold & wet – wash drawing – N.F.S.”


F41      Switzerland, 1945


1.  Stadt Haus Platz – Interlaken, 1945 Sep

2.  Hof Strasse – Lucerne, 1945 Sep


F42      Germany, 1945

Ink and pencil drawings

1.  Keuebeurn, 1945 May 20

With untitled pencil drawing on verso

2.  Kirchenstrasse – Dillingen, Germany, 1945 May 5

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)

Artwork created during World War II (cont’d)


3          F43      England, 1944-1945


Ink and pencil drawings

1.  Whites Row E – Bishopgate – London, 1945 Jan 4

2.  Wesminster Abbey – London, 1945 Jan 16

3.  Stone’s Old Chop House – Near Piccadilly – London, 1945

4.  St. Martins in the Fields – London, 1945

5.  Untitled pencil drawings of Nissen huts (both sides)



1.  Stone’s Old Chop House – London, 1945

2.  Cripplegate – London, 1944 (Painted Aug 1946)


Wash drawings

1.  Somewhere in England, 1944 Nov

2.  England, 1944 Nov

3.  The “RAF” Goes Over – An Airfield in England, 1945

4.  Scottish Highland – An Impression, 1944

5.  Rocket Bomb Hit – London, 1945 (sketched from memory)

6.  An English Airfield – Impression, 1945 Jan 2

7.  “Home” – Nissen Hut – England, 1945 Jan 6

“Hut 17 – Site 8 – My “sack” is lower bunk on right.”

8.  London, 1945 Jan 18

“Sketched from a memory of a walk around Cripplegate – St. Giles’ Church – and Whitbreads Brewery – 18 Jan 1945

9.  London – a Composition, 1945

10.  Mess Hall – an Airfield in England, 1945


F44      Luxembourg – ink drawings, 1945

1.  Luxembourg, 1945 May 24

2.  Luxembourg City, 1946

“Drawn in 1946 from original sketch made in Luxembourg May 1945”

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)


4                      Artwork related to Ireland, 1943-1947

Includes some watercolors, drawings and lithographs created during DePol’s military service in Ireland during World War II, as well as drawings completed during a visit to Ireland in 1947.  Includes watercolors, pencil drawings, ink and pencil drawings, wash drawings, and lithographs


F45      Watercolors, 1943-1947

1.  Castle Dawson (Moyola Park in back of me) .Ireland, 1943 Aug

2.  Castle DawsonNorthern Ireland – (in England), 1944 Nov

3.  Ireland, 1944

4.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland, 1944

5.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland, 1944

6.  Distillery at Ballyronan – N. Ireland, 1944 (Done at home–ca. 1947)

7.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland, 1944 Feb

8.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland, 1944

9.  “Flack’s Old House” – Near Aughrim – Northern Ireland, 1944

10.  Untitled – [Toomebridge Aerodrome – Northern Ireland], n.d.

See #4 in 1943-1946 pencil & ink drawings


Pencil and ink drawings, 1943-1946

F46      1.  Card Game – in a hut – N. Ireland, 1943 Aug 16

Includes inscription: “Dearest Wife – It was like this – I went into the latrine this afternoon to wash up – and after I finished and got outside I found that my wallet was missing…..”

2.  “PFC DePol – Air Corps” – Somewhere in Northern Ireland, 1943 Aug

3.  Billet at an Aerodrome – Somewhere in Northern Ireland, 1944

4.  Toomebridge Aerodrome, N. Ireland, 1943-1944

5.  Upper Arthur StreetBelfast – Looking at Chichester Road, 1943 Sep

6.  Carrickfergus CastleNorthern Ireland, 1943 Sep 25

Inscribed: “unfinished because of rain”

7.  Promenade – Carrickfergus – N. Ireland, 1943 Sep 25

8.  Carrickfergus CastleN. Ireland, 1943

Inscribed: “Made from the original sketch which I made on the spot in Ireland – John H. DePol, Sept. 1946 – 269 W. 12th St. New York 14, NY – ‘Fond Memories’”

9.  Northern Ireland (from memory), 1944

10.  Northern Ireland, 1943

11.  Somewhere in Northern Ireland, 1944

12.  Kilkeel – Northern Ireland, 1943

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)

Artwork related to Ireland (cont’d)

Pencil and ink drawings (cont’d)


4          F46      13.  In the Sperrin MountainsUlster, 1944

Inscribed:  “A view of the Junction of the Goles – Glenelly & Plum Rivers – I fished near the bridge – sketched from memory”

14.  Greencastle – Mourne Mountains, 1944

15.  Northern Ireland, 1946 Aug

Inscribed: “From an original sketch which I made in Ireland sometime in 1943-44”

16.  Repairing Thatched House – Northern Ireland, 1944 Jan

17.  Thatching a Roof – N. Ireland, 1944

Inscribed: “Made from an original sketch, John H. DePol, Sept. 1946” and pencil drawing on the verso

18.  Thatching a Cottage – N. Ireland, 1944


F47      Wash drawings - Landscape in Northern Ireland, 1943 Nov


F48      Lithographs, 1944-1947

1.  Central Belfast, 1944 (edition of 11)

On verso: “Lithograph – “Central Belfast” – Drawn directly on zinc plate from the litho class at the School of Technology in Belfast, 1944 – N.F.S.”

2.  Near the River Front in Belfast, 1947

One print signed in the block


F49      “Pencil Sketches, 1947”

1.  Stanhope St.Belfast, 1947 Oct

2.  College CourtBelfast, 1947 Oct

3. Old Toll House – Belfast, 1947

4.  Belfast, 1947 Oct

5.  Mowhan St.Belfast, 1947 Oct 1

6.  Memel St.Belfast, n.d.

7.  Dixon’s Place – Limerick, [1947] Oct

8.  Dixon’s Place – Limerick, 1947 Oct 19

9.  St. John’s Cathedral – Limerick, 1947

10.  St. Mary’s Church – Limerick, 1947 Oct

11.  McGonigle’s Cottage, n.d.

12.  Fownes St. Lower – Dublin, 1947 Sep 29

13.  Untitled [Ireland street], n.d.

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)

Artwork related to Ireland (cont’d)


4          F50      Pen and ink drawings, 1947

Many of these were made from original pencil sketches found in the previous group of drawings.

1.  Mongret Street Section – Limerick, 1947

2.  Mongret StreetLimerick, 1947 Oct

3.  Old Buildings – Limerick, 1947 Oct

Irish TownLimerick

4.  Limerick – Gate leading to St. Mary’s Cathedral, 1947 Oct 19

5.  Thomond Bridge & King John’s Castle – Limerick, 1947

6.  LimerickEire, 1947

7.  Dickson’s Place, 1947 Nov

Inscribed:  “Dickson’s – or Dixon’s – Place – in Limerick – Irish Free State – This scene is in slum section – to right of gate in middle right distance is railroad station – this drawing was made from sketch which was made at the scene in Oct. 1947”

8.  Limerick, 1947

Inscribed:  “Nov. 1947 taken from sketch made at scene in October 1947 – St. John’s – Irishtown – LimerickEire.”

9.  St. John’sLimerick, 1947 Oct

10.  Limerick, 1947 (Somewhere in Limerick – 1947 Oct)

11.  St. Mary’s Cathedral – Limerick, 1947

12.  Limerick, 1947 Oct

13.  From Albert BridgeBelfast, 1947 Oct

14.  Pound StreetBelfastNorthern Ireland, 1947 Oct

15.  From Queen’s Bridge – Belfast, 1947 Oct

16.  City HallBelfast, 1947 Oct

17.  Millfield St.Belfast, 1947

Inscribed:  “This drawing made from original sketch made at scene on October 8, 1947.  November 30, 1947 DePol”

18.  Belfast, 1947

19.  Fall’s Ward – Belfast, 1947

20.  Belfast, 1947 Oct

21.  Bloody Foreland – County Donegal, 1947

22.  Untitled [Ireland]

23.  “Antique pistol – purchased from old man Rankin in Limavady – Northern Ireland – for 5 shillings – October 1947”

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)


5                      Dry Brush Drawings” – Ireland, 1947-1948

Made during 1947-1948 at home in Astoria, Queens, New York, taken from sketches make in Ireland in 1947.  Each is titled, signed and dated by DePol.  A typed list was created by DePol and the items are housed in numbered paper mats.  Missing items have an asterisk (*).


F51      List and items 1-9

1.  Limerick No. 1 1947

2.  Limerick No. 2 (same scene, higher elevation) 1947

3.  Old Building, Belfast (about same scene for w/o Lonely Corner) 1947

4.  From Queens Bridge, Belfast waterfront 1948

*5.  [Gate to St. Mary’s Cathedral – Limerick 1947]

6.  Dixon’s Place, Limerick 1947

7.  Mongret Street No. 1 (Mongret Street, Irishtown, Limerick 1947)

8.  Mongret Street No. 2 1947

9.  Back Street, Limerick 1947


F52      Items 11-24

*10.  [O’Connell Street Bridge, Dublin 1947]

11.  From Albert Bridge, Belfast, Northern Ireland 1947

Back: “East Bridge junction – Belfast railroad yard”

12.  Stanhope Street, Belfast 1947

13.  Pound Street, Belfast 1947 (also made in a w/o Repairing a Chimney)        1947

14.  From Hotel Glentworth window, Limerick 1947

15.  Toomebridge Railroad Station 1948

16.  Toll House, Belfast 1947

17.  The Square, Belfast 1947

18.  The Ulster Vaults, Belfast 1947

19.  Mowhan Street, Belfast 1947

*20.  [Balmoral Railway Station (also a wood engraving)]

*21.  [McGonigles Cottage, Belfast 1947 (also a wood engraving)]

22.  Irishtown No. 1, Limerick 1947

23.  Irishtown No. 2, Limerick 1947

24.  Factory Distict, Belfast 1947

*25.  [Old Houses in Limerick (Dixon’s Place)]


Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.1.  Early Artwork (cont’d)


6                      Artwork from the 1950s, 1960s and undated material, 1950-1967


F53      Artwork – 1950s


Pencil or pen and ink drawings

1.  Sullivan St. & 3rd St.Greenwich Village, 1950 Jan

2.  160 Maiden Lane – Burten Book Magazine Dist. Co., 1950 Jul 4

3.  W. 12th St. – N.Y.C., 1950 Aug 18

4.  [Beekman St.New York], ca. 1950

5.  [Beekman St.New York], ca. 1950

6.  39 & 6 – N.Y., [1950]

7.  St. Thomas – Sideview – 53rd & 5th Ave. – N.Y.C., 1951 Jul 8

Includes a separate sheet with information about the drawing

8.  On St. Charles St. – N.Y.C. – Looking West from Hudson St. – Greenwich Village, 1951 Jul 14

9.  Bowery – N.Y., 1951 Jul 20

10.  New Construction in the Old Village, 1951 Aug 4

11.  Village, 1951 Aug 5

12.  In Old Chelsea, 1951 Aug 18

On the verso: “Chelsea Park – N.Y.C.,” 1951 Aug 18

13.  New Preston, CT, 1952 Aug 17

14.  New Preston, 1952 Aug 17


F54      Artwork - 1960s

Pencil drawings

1.  Looking West from Washington St. between Cortlandt & Dey Sts. – center building is Old O’Connell’s Bar & Restaurant Bldg., 1966 Oct

2.  West St. – NR 36th St, 1967 Aug 12


F55      Undated artwork

Some of the works are also unidentified.  Includes pencil or pen and ink drawings, and watercolors

1.  Colts Patent No. 17915 – Collection of John H. DePol.

2.  Unidentified house with foliage

3.  [New York City]

4.  Hudson River Front – about 10th St.

5.  Unidentified farm scene

6.  [Shehawken House] – Railroad station


Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)


Series I.2.  Etched copper & zinc plates, 1936-1947

Some the plates were assigned numbers by DePol and have extensive notes on the housing.  The notes are included here.  The unnumbered plates have any information available and if no information was present, the image on the plate is described.


7          F56      No. 15  Outhouse at Southfields, N.Y., 1941 – 20 ed. – Etching on copper

F57      No. 17  Derelicts – Hudson River Front – 1942 – on zinc.

“Edition is indicated as 11 impressions.  Have plate, it shows some corrosion.  I like it, and wonder if it will be all right to reprint.  Plate made in 1942.  JD – 9/8/1996.  It was my custom to sign prints in ink.  All those made from overseas sketches were done in 1946 and 1947.  These were signed in pencil.  Dates directly after title indicate the year the sketch was made.”

F58      No. 18  “Pig Alley” – Hudson River Front – 1942 – 12 imp – s – JHD

F59      No. 21  St. Martin’s in the Fields, London – 1944 – 1/12 edition? – etching      on zinc 1947

F60      No. 22  Bomb Hit, Piccadilly, London, 1944

“Made in 1947 from sketch – One of my favorites.  Still have a few prints.  Have just cleaned up plate.  JD 9/7/1996”

F61      No. 23  Cripplegate, London – 1944 – Etching on copper made in 1947

F62      No. 24  Kilkeel, County Down – 1944 – Etching on zinc 1947

F63      No. 25  Kilkeel II, Northern Ireland – 1944 (date I made sketch)

“Have plate.  It was made in 1946 [Etched in 1947 – zinc]  “Edition ? – 10-15? - Four prints left – 1 framed – 2 prints made in Oct. 1996.  Just fair.  On my small press.”  “One print I have is indicated as 10.  Don’t know if this was the amount of edition or No. of print.  My edition reporting was erratic, due to inability to give time to print a full edition.  JD 9/8/1966”

F64      No. 26  Northern Ireland (Aughrim plate) – 1944 – Etching on zinc 1947

F65      No. 27  The Old Distillery at Ballyronan – Northern Ireland – 1944 –    Etching on zinc 1947

F66      No. 28  Repairing a Thatched Roof (Northern Ireland) – on zinc – Etching made in 1947 after sketch of 1944

F67      No. 30  Monastery Church, Parey-sous-Montfort, Haute Vosges

“Very well done plate and proof pulled, somewhere in 1946-47.  JD 9/7/1996”

F68      No. 31  Place des Vieilles Halles, Vittel – 1945 – etching on copper 1947

Edition 10?

F69      No. 32  Domjulien – Haute Vosges – Edition 12 – Inventory 7

F70      *[No. 33  Rue Brahaut – Vittel – Haute Vosges – 1945 – Etching on zinc         1947 – 8 edition?]

Plate is missing, only housing is present

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.2.  Etched copper & zinc plates (cont’d)


7          F71      No. 34  Rue de Petit Ban – Vittel – Haute Vosges – 1945 – Etching on                                                 copper             made 1947

“Have plate – Prints:  Ed.?  Have 5 prints 1947, numbered to 5”

F72      No. 35  Rue Wiltheim – Luxembourg – 1945 – Etching on zinc – 1947

F73      No. 36  “Near Dungiven” – Landscape, N. Ireland – on zinc

“Remember that I have only a couple of these prints.  Don no know any of the details.  Believe I had trouble printing it.  Must find these two prints for details.  Believe it was made at the time of all the others, from a drawing I made in Ireland, when I returned for overseas in1945.  Made 1946 or 1947, which became the end of my etching period.  Have cleaned plate.  JD 9/7/1966”


Unnumbered plates

F74      Searchlights over Manhattan.  [2copper plates and 1 zinc plate], [1940]

“Probably made about 1940 or thereabouts and not of the “overseas series” 1946-47 which used sketches made from overseas.  There were searchlights over Manhattan often.  We had our blackouts in wartime.  I was an auxiliary Lt. in the Fires Department, patrolling streets when we heard sirens signal the alarm.  Do not remember having a proof of this.  It is on copper.  JD 9/7/1966”  “Strange.  I have just found another copper plate very similar.  It seems not as well bitten as first I found.  And has some scarring on two edges.  Did I abandon this to do another for that reason?  Don’t know.  Have no proofs.  JD  9/8”

F75      Wife and Husband on Bench on Right, on Road in Northern Ireland  Etching on zinc

“Made ?  probably early 1940 – prints?  JD 0/8/1996”

F76      A Village Backyard – Etching on copper – Made ?

“Unprinted to date – JD 9/8/1996”

F77      Landscape (Northern Ireland) – An etching on copper – Made ?

“No prints – JD 9/8/1996”

F78      St. Remimont, Haute Vosges – 1944 – Etching on copper – 1946

“No edition to date – no proof – JD 9/8/1996”

F79      Thatching, N. Ireland – Etching on zinc – 1947

F80      Cross Street, Old Houses/West Side – Etching on copper – signed in plate

                         – DePol 1941

“Recognize the scene, but do not recollect doing it.  Nor printing it, JD 9/9/1996”


Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.2.  Etched copper & zinc plates (cont’d)


7          F81      Landlord’s House, on zinc - 6 x 8, [1946-1947]

“I do not recall making this plate, had to be 1946-47.  I know the subject well, it was a sketch, then a lithograph made in Belfast 1944.  It was on a road outside of Toomebridge Aerodrome.  I had walked to the door of the first house, a small one, remembered that the curtains in the windows were unkempt, rang the bell, the door opened slightly, a murmur of sorts in reply, and then shut.  The house above, the Landlord’s was in ruins.  Someone had told me it belonged to a landlord.  A forlorn scene, but an interesting one.  I don not have a proof of this, probably none was pulled.  One of several not yet proofed.  Now fifty years have gone by, and I am anxious to do so.  JD 9/8/1996”

F82      Gemmelaincourt, Haute Vosges – 1945 – Etching on copper – DePol (in           plate)

“From an on the scene sketch.  Nor sure what 1945 indicates, year of sketch or ? when plate was made?  Couln’t be, I had just returned from overseas on December 22, 1945.  Probably etched in 1946.  Do not even remember a print.  That will be remedied soon.  JD 9/6/1996”

F83      “Fall’s Ward, Belfast” – copper, etching

“Have just discovered this plate in the past several days.  I had done a lithograph of it, the view from the lithography class of the College of Art, School of Technology in Belfast.  Have only recently written that when I/ there in 1944 I had worked directly on the zinc plate sitting in the window.  A charwoman in the class had paused to watch and we talked for a little while, I remember.  I have not seen a proof o this to this point.  JD 9/7/1996”

F84      Draperstown, Northern Ireland – 1943-44

“Remembered the town well, and fondly, for its pleasant prospect.  Walked around it.  Made a sketch, this view.  And remembered making a watercolor of it and gave it to someone, here stateside.  To whom I do not now recall.  It was not too far from my section in Toomebridge.  Do not recall making this etching.  Has to be 1946-47, when I had made the bulk of them, most all from overseas sketches.  We lived in Astoria, in Queens, Long Island, New York.  “Ugly teeming Astoria,” quoting Time magazine.  We found it all right.  It was our first apartment.  Thelma says I used to go to town every Saturday.  That is when I worked on etching in my mother’s apartment on 12th Street and then go to the Art Student’s League where I would print the plates.  I do not recall having printed this plate.  Now look forward to it.  JD 9/8/96

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.2.  Etched copper & zinc plates (cont’d)


7          F85      Toomebridge Aerodrome (Toome, N. Ireland) – on zinc – Made in 1946

“Communal site – Mess hall, PX &c.  Too lightly “bitten” (with acid).  JD 9/7/1996”

F86      Lady & Child in Doorway, N. Ireland – zinc plate – 1946-7

F87      Chipping Ongar Aerodrome, 1944

“Very strange indeed…Today, September 8, 1996, have been going through old plates to clean and identify them and found this etching, still coated with dark brown liquid ground I had put it away with fifty years ago, 1946-47, when I was making all those etching from overseas sketches.  It is on zinc, regrettably not copper, for it has developed some scar marks along the lower horizon.  We will see in the proofing.  I do not recall making it at all.  Strange, indeed, for several years ago working from the same sketch I had made a wood engraving of the scene which I made in an edition of prints, one of which was sent to the National Academy for their biennial exhibition.  I had given a number away and one went to the Bodleian Library in Oxford which later used it as an illustration in their Friends Letter with a description of it I had written.  Fascinating!  Now to see if it will print.  JD”  Plus two proofs – one labeled “1st proof”

F88      Riverfront scene:  signed in plate DePol 1942

“Corner store is mark Bar.  Three figures within!  Do not recall.  Do not remember if it was printed.  JD 9/7/96”

F89      “Street in Switzerland” – 1946

“The old wrapping on this zinc plate read “Street in Switzerland.” I remember it well.  Not this plate for I have just washed from its face, with paint thinner and old brown wax, probably liquid ground, which I had recoated with it for further work, but the trip there on furlough at the end of the war.  I started this plate in 1946 after I had returned from the service, using one of the many sketches made overseas.  I fear it is too lightly bitten and will now show up.  Will try it shortly.  I do not recall having done this.  But recognized the sketch.  John DePol 9/7/1996.”

F90      Leslie’s Hill, Toomebridge (Northern Ireland) – 1946-47

“At edge of the aerodrome , sketched in 1944, etching on copper in 1946-47.  Not yet printed?  Yes, it was, in 1946-7 and marked “1st proof.”  It was very well done.  I had tried it on my little press 9/8/1996 but it was to light, grey.  Not good.  Will have to try again.  JD”

F91      Nissen Huts at an English Airbase 1944 – Etching on zinc 1947

F92      English Airbase, Chipping Ongar – 1944 – Etching on zinc 1946] plate missing

“Looking out the window at night we would see the buzz bombs “put-put-put” by on their way to London”  JD

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.2.  Etched copper & zinc plates (cont’d)


7          F93      Christopher Street Ferry Slip, ca. 1936

F94      Unidentified etching with “S”

F95      Unidentified etching with street scene including a truck (incomplete)

F96      Unidentified etching with men on a bench by a pier

F97      Unidentified etching with a view of a town, possibly from a bridge –       Ireland?

F98      Blank zinc plate

F99      Bow Bells, London, 1944

Envelope only, plate missing



Series I.3.  Etchings, 1935-1996

Includes prints and proofs of etchings, as well as correspondence, notes on etching, copies of the watercolor, “Printing My First Etching,” a drawing of that first etching, and a few drawings toward etchings.  The number in parentheses at the beginning of the second line is the number assigned in John DePol: a Catalogue Raisonne of His Graphic Work 1935-1998.


F100    Aerodrome (Communal Site) Chipping Ongar – Essex, 1945

(Not listed)  One first proof with extensive note, plus two other 1st proofs (see F87 for plate).  Christmas card for Banknote with similar scene


F101    Backyards – Manhattan – 1939, 1939

(16e) Drawings, note, and one signed print


F102    Bomb Hit – Near Piccadilly, 1944

(26e)  Three prints, one of which is signed/dated/numbered


F103    Central Belfast, n.d.

(Not listed)  One print labeled “Plate abandoned”


F104    Christopher Street [Manhattan], 1938

(10e)  Drawing, three prints and copy


F105    Cripplegate – London 1944, 1944

(27e)  Drawing and one signed/dated/numbered print


F106    Derelicts – Hudson River Front, 1942

(21e)  Letter and one signed/dated/numbered print

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.3.  Etchings (cont’d)


7          F107    Derry 1944, 1947

(41e)  One signed/dated/numbered print


F108    Domjulien – Haute Vosges – 1944, 1946

(35e)  One signed/dated/numbered print


F109    English Air Base or Chipping Ongar Air Base, 1947-1996

(50e)  Includes notes, drawing, one signed print (1947) and five proofs (some signed/dated) of the 1996 edition


F110    [Europe/France], n.d.

Three proofs of etching of buildings in Europe, possibly France


F111    Gemmelaincourt, Haute Vosges – 1945, [1946]

(Not listed)  Two proofs produced in 1996


F112    Grace Church, 1939

(15e)  Drawings and one signed/dated/numbered miniature print


F113    Greencastle, County Down, 1946

(33e)  Four prints, one signed


F114    Kilkeel – County Down 1944, 1947

(28e) One signed/dated/numbered print


F115    Kilkeel II, 1947-1996

(29e)  Includes 1st proof (signed/dated/numbered) and two signed/dated/numbered print of the 1947 edition as well as two prints made in 1996


F116    Landlord’s House, 1947

(Not listed)  1st proof with extensive note


F117    [Landscape], 1936

(7e?)  Two signed prints, one with note

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.3.  Etchings (cont’d)


7          F118    Leslie’s  Hill – Aughrim, N. Ireland, 1944, [1947]

(36e)  Four prints, two of which are signed/dated


F119    Leslie’s Hill, Toomebridge, 1944, 1946-1947

(Not listed)  One 1st proof and one other proof, (See F90 for the plate)


F120    Mickey Wagon – Manhattan, 1939

(18e)  Drawings and one signed print


F121    Monastery – Parey sous Montfort, Haute Vosges, 1946

(34e)  One signed and dated print


F122    Monastery, Parey-sous-Montfort, Haute Vosges, 1947

(43e)  Drawing and three proofs or prints, one is unsigned and two are labeled “1st state,” both bearing dates and signature


F123    Monastery Church – Parey sous Montfort Haute Vosges – 1945, 1947

(44e)  Three signed/dated/numbered prints and note


F124    Northern Ireland 1944, 1947

(32e)  One signed/dated/numbered print


F125    The Old Distillery at Ballyronan, N. Ireland, 1944, 1947

(37e)  Proof #2 of 26, signed and dated


F126    Outhouse at Southfields, NY. 1941, 1941

(20e)  Includes 1st proof with extensive notes, two other proofs, and four prints, one of which is signed


F127    Pig Alley. Hudson River Front. NY 1942, 1942

(22e) Includes two photographs of Charles Lane at West St. in Manhattan, a letter, drawings, and two signed and dated prints.


F128    Place de Vieilles Halles – Vittel 1945, 1945-1947

(45e)  Includes watercolor drawing, ink drawing and two signed/dated/numbered prints

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.3.  Etchings (cont’d)


7          F129    Repairing a Thatched Roof 1944 N. Ireland, 1947

(38e)  One signed/dated/numbered print


F130    Repairing Thatch II – 1944, 1947

(39e)  One signed/dated/numbered print


F131    [Riverfront scene], 1942

(Not listed)  Three proofs – see F88 for plate


F132    [Rue Brahaut] – Vittel – Haute Vosges – 1945, 1947

(46e)  Identified by matching with “Rue Brahaut – Vittel” in the France section of the artwork (F40).  Three signed/dated/numbered prints


F133    Rue du Petit Ban – Vittel – Haute Vosges 1945, 1945-1947

(47e)  Ink drawing, signed/dated/numbered 1st proof, two signed/dated/numbered prints, and one unsigned print


F134    Rue Wiltheim, Luxembourg, 1945-1946

(42e)  Three prints, all signed and two dated


F135    Rue Wiltheim – Luxembourg 1945, 1947

(48e)  Signed and dated 1st proof with notes and three prints, one of which is signed/dated/numbered


F136    St. Martin’s in the Fields London 1944, 1947

(25e) One signed/dated/numbered print


F137    St. Martin’s, Kaufbeuren, 1946

(49e?)  Includes note and two prints, one of which is signed and dated


F138    Station on the Ninth Avenue Elevated. New York 1938, [1938]

(14e)  Two signed prints, one removed to oversize Box 66


F139    [Street in Switzerland], 1946

(Not listed)  Four proofs

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.3.  Etchings (cont’d)


7          F140    The Tombs 1942, 1942

(23e)  Also titled “Tombs Prison New York 1942.”  Includes a drawing, and three prints, all signed and dated


F141    Toomebridge, n.d.

(Not listed)  One 1st proof


F142    [Toomebridge], n.d.

(Not listed)  One proof


F143    [Untitled landscape – possibly Northern Ireland], n.d.

[Not listed]  One 1st proof


F144    Correspondence, 1935-1948


F145    “Brief Notes on Making and Etching,” 1942-1947


F146    Notes regarding etchings and lithographs, 1946-1996

Includes descriptions of some etchings, notes about the process and materials, a list of plates completed, price lists for lithographs.  Also includes printed examples of etchings by van Ryn, Canot, Godfrey, and Hughsons


F147    “Printing My First Etchings,” 1935

Color photocopies of the watercolor, as well as original drawings: “Karl and I – Printing etchings” (12/7/1936) and “Printing Etching at Home” (2/15/1936).  Also a copy of “From Memory – Me and Karl – Printing an Etching” (11/30/1935)


F148    [Untitled] view of the pierhead at the foot of Barrow St. - first etching,                           [1935]

Pencil drawing of DePol’s first etching with a note of explanation


F149    “Drawings for etchings 1938,” ca. 1938

Seven drawings of New York City and unidentified scenes


Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)


8                      Series I.4.  Woodcuts, 1947-1949


F150    Hafn Markt – Kaufbeuren, 1949

(3wc)  Trial proof 1, signed and dated


F151    Near Slieve Gallion – Northern Ireland, 1947-1949

(1wc)  Includes drawing, trial proof no. 1 (signed and dated) and three prints, two of which are signed/dated/numbered


F152    Street Scene – Belfast, 1949

(Not listed)  May be Pound St. in Belfast (see Pound St. Belfast in dry brush drawings).  1st proof - 2nd state and three prints, one used on an undated Christmas card from Thelma & John DePol



Series I.5.  Miscellaneous drawings and lettering, 1937-1986

Includes drawings for proposed engravings and projects, as well as lettering projects for printed material



F153    “John H. DePol,” [1940s]

Lettering for poster advertising DePol’s work


F154    “To Make a Dish of Snow,” 1948 May

Calligraphy of a recipe from 1594 lettered by DePol and printed in 1999



F155    Corwin F. Stickney, n.d.

One drawing


F156    DePol’s birdhouse, n.d.


F157    Fulton Fish Market – Manhattan, 1937

Original drawings and photocopies with notes by DePol


F158    Ireland, 1943-1949 and n.d.

Five drawings, one ink drawing of “Somewhere on Toome Road – Near Lough Neagh – N. Ireland – 15 August 1943 – DePol”

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.5.  Miscellaneous drawings and lettering (cont’d)

Drawings (cont’d)


8          F159    McSorley’s Old Ale House, New York, 1937-1940

Includes five photographs of McSorley’s or the owners, printed information about  the bar, and original drawings by DePol


F160    New York City, 1937-1967

Six drawings, including Reade & Washington Streets, Sullivan Street between 3rd St. and Washington Square South, Pier 74 on Hudson Riverfront, and East Side Manhattan - Imagination


F161    O’Rourke’s Café, 1938

One original drawing and photocopies of several images


F162    Portrush, 1943 Oct 12

One drawing with note: “From our window at Portrush – 12 Oct. 1943 Freddie Winter and me on Holiday


F163    Volume with sketches, 1951

Contain two pages with sketches made in 1951 of the pressmark for Endgrain, a boy carrying type, and sketches of John Fass’s Hammer Creek Press.  Also includes a note of explanation by DePol


Unidentified drawings, n.d.

Arranged by subjects


F164    Buildings, n.d.

8 drawings and some photocopies

F165    Country scenes and animals, n.d.

8 drawings

F166    Initials, words, decorative images, 1982 and n.d.

37 drawings

F167    Objects, 1941-1986 and n.d.

28 drawings

F168    People, n.d.

12 drawings

F169    Engraving and printing, n.d.

3 drawings

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)


Series I.6.  Wood engravings, 1947-1997

Arranged alphabetically by title, the notations include item numbers assigned in John DePol: A Catalogue Raisonne of His Graphic Work 1935-1998.  Some of the proofs are matted.  Following the alphabetical list of individual engravings are folders of DePol’s engraving which are self-portraits, engraving for his daughter Patricia, and unidentified engravings.


8          F170    Air Raid Shelters – Belfast – 1950, 1950

(42w) Includes first proof and two signed, one unsigned print, and two signed/numbered proofs


F171    Ale, 1950

(43w) Two signed/numbered/dated prints


F172    B for Boat, 1950

(44w)  Three signed/numbered/dated prints


F173    Back Street, Limerick, 1949

(12w)  Includes first proof, two signed/numbered/dated prints, and one unsigned print


F174    Backyards, Greenwich Street, 1981

(120w)  This two color engraving, which was also titled “Backyards – Manhattan,” includes seven proofs/prints, some of only one color, several with notes by DePol and signed


F175    Belfast – [Millfield St.], 1949

[Not listed]  Trial proof no. 1 and proof 2nd state, both signed and dated.  Identified by matching pen and ink sketch in artwork (F50)


F176    Belfast – [Old Buildings], 1949

(14w)  One 1st proof.  See also “Old Buildings – Belfast


F177    Belfast - [Old Buildings] – [Lonely Corner], 1948

(Not listed)  Identified by matching with dry brush drawing #3 (F51).  1st proof, 1st state and one print, both are signed and dated


F178    Bishopgate, London, 1954

(2w)  Three prints, two signed plus notes about this engraving

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8          F179    Bomb Damage, Augsburg, 1949

(15w)  Includes drawing, a signed and dated trial proof (1949), a signed/numbered/dated print (1949), and two prints from 1983, one with extensives note by DePol


F180    [Bullfighting], ca. 1949-1950

(Not listed)  Three proofs and a note from DePol to Fraser about the engraving


F181    Café, 1950

(45w)  Two signed/numbered/dated prints, plus one unsigned print


F182    Carrickfergus NI, 1949

(16w)  Also titled “After Rain – Carrickfergus- N. Ireland.”  Includes watercolor/pencil drawing, one signed/numbered/dated proof, and five prints (three signed)


F183    Castle at Carrickfergus, 1949

(17w)  First proof (1949) and one signed/numbered/dated print


F184    Central Belfast, 1950

(46w)  Blythe St. in Belfast, one signed print


F185    Chapel at Belmont, Haute Vosges, 1949

(18w)  One signed/numbered/dated proof and two signed prints


F186    Chimney Corner – Limerick, 1949

(19w)  Includes two drawings, first proof signed and dated plus two signed/numbered/dated prints


F187    Chimney Repair, Belfast, 1949-1955

(84w)  One drawing and one signed print


F188    Chinking a Slate Roof – Donegal, 1949

(47w)  Includes 1st proof, two 2nd proofs, and three signed/numbered/dated      prints


Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8          F189    Chipping Ongar Aerodrome, 1945, 1995

(142w)  Includes notes on the engraving, drawings, a signed and dated 1st proof, and five prints (four signed and dated).  DePol did etchings of this facility


F190    Cirrus, n.d.

(Not listed)  According to DePol’s note this miniature was exhibited at a SAGA show at the Kennedy Gallery.  Two prints, one signed


F191    Coal Hopper, North River Front, 1951

(66w)  One signed print


F192    Coffee, 1950

(49w)  One signed/numbered/dated print


F193    Composing Stick, 1974

(book)  One of 10 wood engraving created by DePol for Lawrence Wroth’s Benjamin Franklin: Printer at Work.  One print.  The wood block for this engraving is found with the wood blocks (Box 9)


F194    Composing stick with “Patri,” n.d.

For Patricia DePol


F195    Cottage, 1949

(50w) One signed/numbered/dated proof, two signed and one unsigned prints


F196    County Derry, 1959

(101w)  Two drawings and two signed/numbered/dated prints


F197    [Curved Street], Limerick, 1949

(20w)  Includes 1st proof and two signed/numbered/dated prints


F198    Damn! or, The Inopportune Constitutional, n.d.

(Not listed)  Created for “The Anderson Collection of Sporting Prints,” includes three prints, one with text.

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8          F199    Demolition, 1987

(131w)  Includes two photographs of the Washington St. area, drawings, three signed/numbered/dated proofs (one file copy with DePol’s note)


F200    [DePol at Work], 1958-1995

(97w)  Also titled “Title-page 1958,” this engraving of DePol at his desk was created for “A Sampling of Wood Engravings by John DePol,” and marked “unpublished.”  Includes drawings, proofs and prints


F201    Dixon’s Place – Limerick, 1949

(21w)  Two signed/numbered/dated prints


F202    Donegal, 1950

(51w)  One signed/numbered/dated print


F203    Draperstown, [in the Barony of Loughinshollin], 1949

(53w)  Includes drawings, 1st proof (1949), three prints (two signed/numbered/dated), and one DePol Christmas card with image


F204    Driftwood, 1955

(74w)  One signed/dated proof


F205    Dusk, Belfast, 1955

(85w)  One signed proof with note


F206    Early Wells – Pennsylvania, 1959

(keepsake)  Includes two of the eight engraving created by DePol for the Erie Natural Gas Company, New York, in 1959 for a keepsake portfolio


F207    Edgar Allan Poe, 1808-1849, 1958

(keepsake)  Four signed/dated/numbered proofs and one print


F208    Eighth Street (Manhattan), [1968]-1983

(104w)  Four proofs (some signed) with notes and the file copy of the Christmas card for Comet Press bearing the image and DePol’s note

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8          F209    Election Night, Barrow Street, 1948-19983

(10w)  One original 1948 print and two 1983 proofs with notes and signed


F210    Endless Day, 1979-1983

(111w)  Includes drawings, notes, trial proofs and prints in one color and two colors, some with notes, some signed and dated.  23 proofs and prints


F211    Estate Bottled, 1984

(127w)  Includes drawings, proof with note, and one signed/dated print


F212    Evening – Limerick, 1950

(54w)  Two signed/dated/numbered prints


F213    Ex-libris – John H. De Pol – [St. John’s CastleLimerick], 1949

(Related to 37w)  Drawing and two prints, one signed/dated/numbered of this bookplate


F214    Ex-libris – Michael Gunn, 1949

(23w)  One signed/dated/numbered print


F215    Factory District – Belfast, 1953 and 1975

(79w)  One 1953 signed print and five 1975 prints


F216    Factory District – Belfast – 1947, 1949

(Not Listed)  Drawing and two signed/dated/numbered proofs


F217    Falls Ward, Belfast, 1951

(67w)  One signed/dated/numbered proof, one signed print and one copy


F218    Ferry Slip, 1951-1958

(68w)  Includes one photograph, a drawings, and three prints


F219    Floating Crap Game, 1958

(98w)  One signed/dated/numbered print

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8          F220    Fourth Avenue [Recollections], 1995

(Not listed)  Includes one photograph, drawings, notes about the engraving, two proofs of a variant engraving (marked “redone”), and one repro, 6 prints, two signed/dated/numbered prints.


F221    Gemmelaincourt – Vosges, 1949

(24w)  One numbered and dated print


F222    GI Stove, Vittel (France), 1973-1983

(110w)  Includes notes, three prints and the cover of the Christmas card for Security-Columbian Banknote Company with image and extensive note


F223    Glentworth Street, Limerick, 1951

(69w)  One signed and dated print


F224    Greencastle – County Down, 1949

(25w)  Includes drawing, three proofs (one signed/dated/numbered), and three signed/dated/numbered prints


F225    [Gutenberg], [1953?]

(Not listed)  One print, with note on the verso of the mat: “Done at L. F. White 1953?”


F226    Homeward Ferry, 1968

(91 w)  One signed/dated print


F227    Hudson River From Hoboken, 1973

(109w)  One signed print with note


F228    Hudson River Pier, 1968

(99w)  Two signed/dated/numbered prints, one with note


F229    In Knightsbridge, 1983

(5w)  Two repros and one signed print


F230    Intersection, 1978

(keepsake)  Two prints

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8          F231    Junction – Belfast, 1950

(56w)  Two prints (one signed/dated/numbered)


F232    The Kelmscott Goudy Press III, 1988

(Not listed) One signed/dated/numbered print


F233    Landsberg, 1949

(26w)  One signed/dated/numbered proof


F234    Landscape – Near Castledawson, N. Ireland, 1949

(58w)  One signed/dated/numbered proof, two prints (one of which is signed/dated/numbered)


F235    Leslie’s Hill, N. Ireland, 1949

(27w)  Drawing and one signed/dated/numbered proof and two prints (one of which is signed/dated/numbered)


F236    London Bridge, 15th – 16th Century, 1950

(A-6w)  One signed/dated/numbered proof


F237    Lonely Corner, Belfast, 1949

(6w/29w)  One signed proof, four prints (two signed/dated/numbered)


F238    Magherafelt, N. Ireland, 1949

(7w)  Include one each of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd proofs, and three prints (two signed/dated/numbered)


F239    Magic Hour, Autumn, 1978-1983

(121w)  Includes notes, drawings, repros, and thirteen proofs/prints (11 proofs removed to oversize, Box 66), including the artist’s proof (some are single color, some two colors) with a few signed/numbered/dated


F240    McGonigle’s Cottage – Belfast, 1949

(57w)  Two proofs (one signed/dated/numbered)

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8          F241    Mongret St., Limerick, 1949

(31w)  Includes drawing, 1st proof, and four prints (three signed of which two are dated/numbered)


F242    North River Front, 1983

(80w)  Two signed/dated/numbered prints of the 1983 edition


F243    Odd Looking Boat, 1958

(100w)  Three prints, of which two are signed


F244    Old Buildings, Belfast, 1949

(32w)  One signed/dated/numbered print.  See also “Belfast – Old Buildings”


F245    Old Church at Saillac, 1980-1983

(117w)  Includes notes, drawings, two trial proofs (1980), and six proofs/prints (some single color and other two color) and one signed/dated/numbered print (1983)


F246    Old Decanter, n.d.

(Not listed)  One proof


F247    Old Houses – Limerick, 1949

(33w)  Includes drawing, 1st and 2nd proofs and one signed/dated/numbered proof


F248    Old Store Fronts, Limerick, 1949

(34w)  Includes a 1st proof of a variant image labeled “This block abandoned – redone!”, a 1st proof of the final image, and seven prints (four are signed/dated/numbered)


F249    Park in Old Chelsea, 1983

(11w)  Includes two repros and two signed/dated/numbered prints, one with an extensive note


F250    Park Row, New York, 1957

(93w)  Four signed/dated/numbered prints and note

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8          F251    Pearl Street, New York, 1950 and 1997

(Not listed)  Includes drawings, 1st proof (1950), repro and proof of 1997 edition with note, and two signed/dated/numbered prints


F252    Places & Things: A Few Miscellaneous Wood Engravings, 1951

(books)  A proof with images of “St. Bartholomew’s Entrance, London;” “Close in Edinburgh;” and “Pewter Measure, Victorian, c. 1870”


F253    R for Rain, 1950

(59w) Two signed/dated/numbered prints


F254    Railroad Bridge at Niantic (Connecticut), 1980-1983

(122w)  Includes drawings, notes, and seven one color proofs (1981), and two signed/dated/numbered prints (one with extensive note)


F255    Reflections, 1979-1983

(114w)  Includes drawings, notes, eight proofs (1979) and four proofs (1983), one of which is signed and dated


F256    Repairing a Thatched Roof, N. Ireland, 1949

(35w)  Includes drawings, 1st proof, 2nd proof and one signed/dated/numbered print


F257    River Junction in the Sperrins, N. Ireland, 1949

(36w)  Includes drawings, note, 1st proof, 2nd proof, four signed/dated/numbered prints, and one unsigned print


F258    Roadside, Collonges-le-Rouge, 1980-1983

(118w)  Includes drawings, two proofs, two prints (one signed/dated/numbered) made in 1980 and one signed/dated/numbered print from 1983 edition


F259    St. Bartholomew’s Entrance, London, 1950

(61w) One signed/dated/numbered print


F260    St. John’s, in the Irishtown section of Limerick, 1949

(38w)  Includes 1st proof and four prints (three are signed/dated/numbered)

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8          F261    St. Mary’s Gate, Limerick, 1947

(1w)  Includes notes, drawing, copies, nine prints, and one print as a Christmas card.  One print removed to oversize, Box 66


F262    St. Mary’s – Limerick, 1949

(39w)  One signed/dated/numbered print


F263    St. Mary’s Gate, Limerick, 1951

(70w) Includes note, five prints, and copies


F264    St. Reminont – Vosges, 1949

(A-3w)  Includes 2nd proof and two signed/dated/numbered prints


F265    St. Thomas Church, New York, 1951

(71w)  Four prints


F266    Severance Hall, Cleveland, 1992

(Not listed)  Engraving for Roderick Porter’s book for the Cleveland Orchestra, includes correspondence, drawing, repros, and three signed/dated/numbered prints


F267    Sixth Avenue & 39th Street New York, June 1949, 1983

(41w)  Material toward the 1983 edition which is titled “Sixth AvenueManhattan,” including notes, nine signed prints


F268    Station in Park Ridge (New Jersey), 1980-1983

(119w)  Includes notes, drawings, repros, six trial proofs in various states (some or Christmas cards), and one signed print.  See also the DePol 1980 Christmas card file


F269    Sunday in Limerick, 1950

(40w) Includes drawings, 1st and 2nd proof (both signed), and print of St. John’s Church


F270    Thomas Hardy for Jude the Obscure, 1977 and 1995

(book)  One print (1977) with note, four prints of one color only, and three signed/dated/numbered prints of the 1995 edition

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8          F271    Twelfth Street, Manhattan, 1951-1954

(72w) Includes notes, two signed/dated prints (1951) and [1952] print by L.F. White, plus a photocopy of the 1954 issue of Print which featured the image on the cover.  One print removed to oversize, Box 66


F272    Ulster Railroad Station, 1975

(96w)  Two prints of the 1975 edition


F273    [U.S. Presidents], n.d.

(Not listed)  Includes Presidents Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Lincoln, and Washington.  One drawing and one print which varies from the drawing


F274    Washington Square Arch Looking North, ca. 1948

(A-2w)  One print


F275    West SideManhattan, 1968

(106w) Four prints, one with note and two that are signed/dated/numbered


F276    West Side Market – Demolition, 1968-1974

(107w)  Includes photograph of the engraving and negative, repros, and a copy of New York City Housing Development Corporation 1974 Annual Report which includes the image


F277    [Whiskey] ads, n.d.

(not listed)  Engravings for “DePol Party Whiskey,” “Whiskey,” and a drawing for “Peat Bog Whiskey…John H. De Pol & Co.”


F278    Window – Grand Hotel [Paris] - 1945, 1949

(A-4w)  One signed/dated/numbered print


F279    Winter, 1953

(83w)  Two signed prints and printed information


F280    Wooden Hand Press, 1960

(Not listed)  One print for the New York Chappel calendar


Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.6.  Wood engravings (cont’d)


8                      DePol self-portraits, 1938-1988

F281    Drawings for self-portraits, 1938-1988

Includes 18 drawings of caricatures and portraits toward engravings, plus one drawing for a label of “Thelma’s Tomato Preserves”

F282    Engravings, 1949-1988

Includes proofs, prints and photocopies of engravings which are self-portraits of DePol, sometimes with others in the images (eg. John Anderson).  Includes nine different images

F283    Material for self-portraits which were used for DePol’s business advertisements and bookplates, 1950s and n.d.

Drawings, printed engravings, and proofs of three images of DePol


F284    Engravings made for Patricia DePol, 1952-1982

Includes proofs and prints of the birth announcement, engravings for her restaurant, “Far and Away,” and for a brochure for her marriage and family counseling practice.  See also F194


Unidentified wood engravings, n.d.

Unidentified images arranged by subject

F285    Buildings and interiors

22 proofs or prints

F286    Colonial images, n.d.

16 proof or prints

F287    Country and shipping scenes, n.d.

14 proofs or prints

F288    Initials, words, crests, and decorative pieces, n.d.

30 proofs or prints (including a set for “Mead”) and drawings for a set of initials (RW)

F289    Objects, n.d.

22 proofs or prints.  Includes images of books, candles, musical instruments, weather vane, quill, printing press, etc.

F290    People, n.d.

14 proofs or prints

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)


Series I.7.  Woodblocks, 1952-1997


9          Woodblocks for John Anderson and Pickering Press, 1956-1996

William Bulmer (two blocks), 1956

William Bulmer signature, 1956

Composing stick

Heidelberg cylinder (2 blocks), 1956

“Our Final Sale of Pants” (2 blocks)

John Anderson (3 different blocks)

Ruthmae Anderson (1 block)

J & R A (initials with hearts), 1982 Mar 6

RK (R. Koch)

Pointing finger (3 different blocks)

“Skugg” marker

Pickering Press press marks (7 different blocks), 1982 and n.d.

Brooklyn Bridge (2 blocks)

Decorative (4 blocks), 1985 and n.d.

Closed book with rose, 1982 Mar 2

Open book with rose, 1982 Mar

Stack of book with one open

Hand with book

Hand with rose

Fish in barrel

St. Francis

Five men in colonial dress (2 different sized blocks)

Herrick Christmas card (2 blocks), 1996 Jan 20

Nativity scene (2 blocks), 1957

“2nd color for two itinerant craftsmen Anderson & DePol,” 1958

DePol with safe for a flyer

Bird with car – “For Ruthmae A…Poet Laureate of Maple Shade…,” 1984 Jan 20

Colonial man under a tree with cane

Woman under a tree with castle in background

Herman Zapf mark,  1982


Despondent man on a stool

Man by a lamp post

*Plus one woodblock of a ship not engraved by DePol labeled on the side “794 – 1812”


Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.7.  Woodblocks (cont’d)


10        Woodblocks created for the Barbarian Press publication, Inishbream, 1991-1997

An Introduction to Saint Brendan                      chapter head – 1/20/1996

Chapter 1                                                         chapter head – 1/22/1996

Chapter 2                                                         chapter head – 1/24/1996

Chapter 3  “The Book of the Chronicles”          chapter head – 2/13/1996

Chapter 4  “Irish Mist”                          chapter head – 1/24/1996

Chapter 5  “The Brand”                                    chapter head – 1/27/1996

Chapter 6  “The Gate from the West”               chapter head – 1/30/1996

Chapter 7  “Sea Area Forecast”                       chapter head – 2/4/1996

Chapter 8  “Remembering Winter”                    chapter head – 2/9/1996

Chapter 9  “Patterns of Evolution”                     chapter head – 2/10/1996

Chapter 10  “Lament for Christy King” chapter head – 2/11/1996

Epilogue                                                           chapter head – 1996

Two-piece landscape scene for title page (2 blocks)                  9/6 & 9/8/1991

Vertical of village                                                                      8/3/1997

Brendan’s Boat            (chapter 1)                                           8/7/1997

Gypsy Caravan (chapter 5)                                           7/28/1997

Fireplace                      (chapter 3)                                           8/19/1997

Pub                              (chapter 6)                                           3/31/1997

Crabpots                      (chapter 2)                                           4/14/1997

“Inishbream” sailboat    (chapter 10)                                         3/20/1993

Flowers on the table     (chapter 7)                                           2/24/1996

Men with currachs                                                                    2/2/1996

[L]                                                                                           1996


11        Woodblocks for Two Lovely Beasts (The Devin-Adair Company), [1950]

Title page

Two Lovely Beasts

The Flute Player

The Bath



The New Suit

The Wedding

The Parting

The Eviction

The Old Woman

The Beggars

Plus – 20 chapter letters and labeled “not used”

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.7.  Woodblocks (cont’d)


12        Woodblocks for Harvard Medical School, 1965

Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine – exterior (2 blocks)

Francis A. Countway portrait – (2 blocks)

Francis A. Countway Library – stairwell (2 blocks)

Francis A. Countway Library – interior of library (1 block)


13        Woodblocks for Ben Grauer and The Between Hours Press, 1952-1975


Christmas cards

“From Ben Grauer 1952 – Seasons greetings” (1952)

Microphone and bow tie (1953)

Clasped hands (1954)

Full length of (new) house front (955)

Front door [29 E. 63rd St.] (1956)

Dufy alone [dog] (1957)

Front room fireplace [wood sculpture above & 2 Foo dogs below] (1958)

Dufy in Garden (1959)

Door of library looking into foyer (1960)

Second floor foyer & stairway up [closed doors of library in back] (1961)

18th century Barock Austrian stove in living room (1962)

Public hall looking through open door to foyer & stairs w/umbrella stand (1963)

Master bedroom fireplace with mantle & clock (1964)

Dining room table with candlesticks & window (1965)

Louis XIV reproduction commode in drawing room w/Buddha… (1966)

Living room with piano, antelope sculpture (1967)

Albion Press (1968)

Grandfather clock and stairs (1969)

Sculpture by Antoine Poncet by window (1970)

Two grandfather clocks and stairs (1971)

Ibex (1972)

Fireplace full of flowers (1973)

Clasped hands with “Ben & Mel” (1974)

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.7.  Woodblocks (cont’d)

Woodblocks for Ben Grauer and The Between Hours Press (cont’d)


Engravings related to Bruce Rogers

“B R” with thistle (1956)

Small lone thistle (1955)

“B R” in square frames (1955)

“B R” with pointing hand (1953)

Small “B R” in frame (1954)

Small “B R” in circle (1957)


Ben Grauer – Between-Hours Press (press marks)

“Ben Grauer” in oval with decoration (n.d.)

“Ben Grauer” in frame (n.d.)

Stamp of “B H” with hour glass

Five small woodblocks of “BH with hourglass


Other woodblocks

Alfred A. Knopf keepsake - outdoor book shop in London, (1965)

Alfred A. Knopf keepsake – [grey hound] (1965)

“Bunny’s Peaches” (1959)

Dr. Leslie keepsake – hourglass (1960)

A. Burton Carnes keepsake “ABC” (1962)

In memory of Peter Beilenson – Kelmscott Goudy keepsake – press (1962)

Amphora engraving (1975)

Ben Franklin broadside printed on Today – NBCTV on January 17, 1956 (1956)

[Man walking in rain], (n.d.)

[Book press] (n.d.)

[Book press] (n.d.)

[Buildings with trees and pond] (n.d.)

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.7.  Woodblocks (cont’d)


14        Woodblocks with scenes of Ireland, 1955-1959

Chimney Repair, Belfast - 1955

“Taken from original sketch made on the scene in October 1947”

Evening, Belfast – 1955

“Block split after 12 impressions”

Junction, Belfast

“Ulster Vaults,” Belfast – “unfinished” - [1955?]

Also titled “Street Scene, Belfast

“See dry brush drawing “Ulster Vaults”

Air Raid Shelters, Belfast

Curved Street, Limerick

Back Street, Limerick

Old Store Fronts, Limerick

The Bridge, Limerick

Carrick Fergus, Northern Ireland

County Derry, Northern Ireland – 1958-1959

“Presentation print for the Print Club of Albany, 1958-1959, finished April 1959”


Repairing a Thatched Roof


15        Woodblocks for Mirok Li’s The Yalu Flows (Michigan University Press, Kenneth        Milford)

Title page and book jacket

I – Suam

V – Seven Stones

IX – The Clock

XIII – At Songnim Bay

XV – The Drought

XVII – Seoul

Yalu (Mountains with three people)

People walking with baggage

Scroll with kite in background

Boat on water

Basket with jug

Elevated hut

Walker with cane

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.7.  Woodblocks (cont’d)


16        Woodblocks for Robert Jones and The Glad Hand Press (press marks), 1962-1981

15 variations on the press mark for The Glad Hand Press

Hand with top hat, 1981

Hand with cap, 1981

Hand with laurel wreath and bandage, 1981

“That a Way,” 1964

Hand with lighted match, 1981

Hand with crossed fingers, 1962

Hand in scout salute, 1964

Hand with victory sign, 1964

Hand holding shot glass, 1963

Hand with bandaged finger, 1962

Hand with lighted cigarette, 1981

Hand with six fingers, 1962

Hand (plain opened), 1962

Hand with “ok” sign, 1964

Hand – “Thumbs down,” 1964


17        Woodblocks for The Connecticut GazetteMonroe F. Dreher, 1956-1957

Crewel embroidery of tree with a bird   1956 Oct

Sugar barrel sign                                               1956 Oct

Man’s pocketbook                                           1956 Oct

Man with divining rod                           1956 Oct

Country store                                                   1956 Dec

Santa in flying sleigh                                          1956 Dec

Colonial fisherman                                            1957 Apr


18        Woodblocks for Aruthur Rushmore and The Golden Hind Press, 1953 & n.d.

The Ghost Ship           Frontispiece, p. 14, p. 18, and p. 20

Three Wise Men…       Frontispiece, p. 17, and airplane flying over city

Image of an initial “A” with a man at a window

Image of a cut tree branch

*Plus a wood block given to DePol by Rushmore, “The Willows” by Henry Wolf

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.7.  Woodblocks (cont’d)


19        Woodblocks for Don Knoepfler and The Buttonmaker Press, 1985-1989

The frontispiece (bears) for Barry Lopez’s Renegotiating the Contracts (1989)

Nine woodblocks for the Buttonmaker edition of Mark Twain’s The Quaker City Holy            Land Excursion (1985)

Mark Twain portrait

Act I    Scene 1

Act I    Scene 1

Page 3              Captain and cripple

Page 5              Three women with luggage

Page 7              Captain and women

Page 11            Stigger & Twain

Page 13            Woman listening at keyhole

Room with table of cards and drinks

Shroder bookplate


20A     Woodblocks “Exhibit of Blocks”

Unused blocks of West Indian boxwood, Turkish boxwood, boxwood of North Africa , maple, three with ink (10 blocks)

Incomplete or redone blocks for William Jay Smith’s The Cyclist (two blocks)

Block with “D” (used on DePol stationery) with note: “Nicked the top of the D. Darn!   DePol 3 Dec. 1983.”

Also includes labels for exhibiting the blocks


Woodblock portrait of Alexander Pushkin for the Allen Press publication of Pushkin’s   Four Stories with the note: “Damn! slipped & hit his eyeball! 5 June 1987           DePol 11:05 p.m.


Woodblocks for Bernard C. Middleton’s You Can Judge a Book by Its Cover (Kater-           Crafts Bookbinders – miniature book).

The seven books illustrate the process of book binding.


20A     Miscellaneous Woodblocks, 1956-1990

The Press at Landis Valley Museum, Lancaster, PA, 1992, Jun 12

Franklin Common Press for APHA Journal, 1990 Apr 4

[Franklin Common Press] - "For APHA," n.d.

The Goodman Press, 1991 Mar 15

Press of the Gathering, 1983 Oct 28

Goudy's Press (unfinished) - "Damn! Just noticed the left leg does not curve in - a fault when I was moving tracing around for another area - 6 hours down the drain! Well, start it again-," 1977 Jul 30

The Goudy Albion Press - "in the studio at 280 Spring Valley Rd., Park Ridge, N.J., a wood engraving by John DePol," 1977 Jul

Ramage Proof Press, 1989 Mar 14

[Small block of unidentified press] (unfinished) - "Note Good! Slight in fore ground not quite right - going to redo! J." 1977 Jul 30

[Small block of unidentified press] (unfinished), 1986 Oct

[Small block of unidentified press], n.d.

[Small block of unidentified press], n.d.

[Unidentified press] - "Rejected & Redone, DePol," n.d.

[Unidentified press] - on the verso "… illustration for Father Abraham," n.d.


20B     Miscellaneous blocks, n.d.

Inked block with Christmas scene — "Merry Xmas"

"Sept. 1985 - Laurel wreath" – "For Morris Gelfand" – "7 January 1985" on the verso is a partially engraved dinner scene with man and woman

Two unidentified inked blocks with minimal engraving

[Wood awl engraving an image], n.d.

[Violin] - "Do not recall for whom or what it was used for," n.d.

71        Woodblocks for "Beginnings of the Petroleum Industry in Pennsylvania," 1959

Commissioned by the Erie Natural Gas Company, New York, for a report, "Oil in Pennsylvania" by H. Edward Wolf and issued "on the eve of the centennial of the founding of the petroleum industry in Pennsylvania in 1859." Portfolio included eight two-color engravings by DePol, published as a keepsake by the Security-Columbian Banknote Company. See Series II. F843 for prints. 17 woodblocks:

Old well -Pennsylvania    2 blocks

Early transport - Pennsylvania    2 blocks

Early well - Pennsylvania    2 blocks

Original Drake Well - Titusville    2 blocks

Col. E. L. Drake    2 blocks

Old pipelines - Pennslvania    2 blocks

Old tanks & wells - Pennsylvania    2 blocks

Early refinery in Pennsylvania    2 blocks

Unidentified block

21        Woodblocks engraved by Barnard Taylor, 1980-1985

11 woodblocks engraved by Taylor, including some used in Appletree Alley publications, as well as a self-portrait.  With the exception of the self-portrait block, all others are unidentified, although a few are dated.

Series I.  Work by John DePol (cont’d)

Series I.7.  Woodblocks (cont’d)


22        Woodblocks engraved by Brussel-Smith, n.d.

Four woodblocks with incomplete engravings, one labeled: “BBS – from Mildred Dec. 1989 – JD”

Two metal surface etchings: Man fishing and “a portfolio of the work of brussel-smith”


23        Woodblocks engraved by Brussel-Smith, n.d.

Four wooden blocks, three with engraving incomplete and one with an image transferred but engraving not begun – all unidentified and undated


24        Brussel-Smith engraving tools and engraved blocks, [1937] and n.d.

Thirteen tools belonging to Brussel-Smith

[Lion’s head] for Esquire, ca. 1937 (given to DePol by Burt Carnes)

Single rose used by John Anderson, n.d.


Plus typeset belonging to Ben Grauer from Between Hours Press


25        Patterns: Drawn and Engraved on Wood, 1986

One wood block, paste-ups for the book with notes by Neil Shaver, plus some negatives of prints


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