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1955 - 2000


Manuscript Collection Number: 405
Accessioned: Purchase, August 2000
Extent: 8 linear ft. (81 vols.)
Content: Journals, news clippings, letters, photographs, manuscripts, receipts, programs, postcards, and ephemera
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: March 2001 by Gerald Cloud

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

American poet Cid (Sidney) Corman was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 29, 1924. After receiving a B.A. from Tufts College in 1945, he did graduate work at the University of Michigan, where he won the Hopwood Award for poetry, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 1948, Corman returned to Boston, where he organized a series of poetry groups and broadcast a radio show called "This is Poetry." This program brought Corman into contact with several established poets, including John Crowe Ransom, Archibald MacLeish, Richard Wilbur, Theodore Roethke, and Marianne Moore. The latter introduced him to the writer's colony at Yaddo, where he met William Carlos Williams, who would become a strong influence in Corman's own poetry.

In 1951, Corman founded and edited the literary quarterly Origin, which published the work of new or little-known authors. The magazine printed works by several poets from the Black Mountain community, including Charles Olson, Robert Creeley, and Robert Duncan. In addition to promoting the works of many American poets, including Corman himself, Origin published several poems in translation. The magazine would eventually go through five series, the last ending in 1986.

In 1954-55, Corman received a Fulbright fellowship to study at the Sorbonne. The next year, he taught in Italy, and began publishing volumes of poetry under the Origin Press imprint. From 1958-1966, Corman taught in Kyoto, Japan, at Kyoto Joshidai, Ryukoto University, and Doshisha University. He and his wife, Shizumi Konshini, have lived primarily in Kyoto ever since, where they run a successful business, Cid Corman's Dessert Shop.

Corman has published over seventy volumes of poetry, beginning with A Thanksgiving Eclogue from Theocritus (1954), and including Sun Rock Man (1962), Livingdying (1970), Of, Vol. I-II (1990), Of: Volume Three (1998), and Nothing / Doing (1999). He has also translated several French and Japanese poems, including work by Bashõ, Kusano Shimpei, and Francis Ponge, and published four volumes of essays. His anthology, The Gist of Origin (1975) contains a brief history of the magazine and several excerpts from the first three series.


Coony, Seamus. "Cid Corman." Contemporary Poets, 6th edition. Ed. Thomas Riggs. New York: St. James Press, 1996.

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Who's Who in Writers, Editors, and Poets, United States and Canada, 5th Edition. Highland Park, Il: December Press, 1996.

Scope and Content Note

The Cid Corman Journals span the dates 1955 – 2000. The eight linear feet of material in the collection consists of Corman’s daily journals, seventy-nine volumes extensively interleaved with news clippings, letters, poems, photographs, and other ephemera. The collection also includes two small volumes of Corman’s poems, translated into Portuguese by Stella Leonardos in 1964.

The journal volumes are arranged chronologically, as written and compiled by Corman, from 1955 – 2000. Corman assigned sequential volume numbers to some of his journals; this numbering sequence has been completed and used, with dates, to identify journals in the collection. Corman typically interleaved news clippings, correspondence, photos, and other ephemera into his journals, adding considerably to their bulk. For preservation purposes, and because there was no significant contextual loss by removing them, the laid-in items have been transferred into separate folders, immediately following the appropriate volumes. Thus, the folders for each journal may be organized according to four categories: 1) Journal; 2) Clippings; 3) Letters, etc.; 4) Photos.

The journals represent a forty-five year period of nearly uninterrupted daily entries made in Corman’s small handwriting; only two of the seventy-nine journals are typed. Corman was notably consistent in his manner of composing the journals, dating each entry in the left margin and almost always starting each new journal without an interruption of dates. Almost without exception Corman has given each journal a starting date, usually on the inside cover or the front free endpaper. Most of the journals are the same approximate size, 9 x 7 inches, and 125- 150 pages. When traveling, Corman kept a separate journal, generally in small pocket notebooks. Corman typically filled each journal before starting a new one, except in the case of a travel journal, which he used specifically for his trip.

The general content of Corman’s journals is also consistent over the years. Nearly all of Corman’s entries record the time he woke, the weather, his daily tasks and activities, and personal affairs. However, certain distinctions concerning the content can be made. The content of the early journals reflects Corman’s work as a poet, translator, and the editor of Origin. In the middle- to late-1950s Corman was traveling, working, and living in Europe before finally settling in Japan, and the dominant themes of this period include observations on literature, art, and the foreign cultures that he encountered. The entries during this period are the most creative and spontaneous of the collection.

During the middle- and late-1960s Corman continued to make entries on art and literature, but during the 1970s he began recording more quotidian information, such as the financial details of the desert shop he owned in Kyoto, Japan. The reflective quality of the earlier journals begins to give way to more matter-of-fact entries and commonplace observations about his everyday life.

Beginning in the early 1980s, Corman’s thoughts on television programs, movies, sporting events, and his daily movements dominate the journals. During an extended stay in Boston, Corman opened a Japanese Tea House and many of the financial arrangements are recorded in the journals. Previously prominent observations of literature and art are supplanted in the later journals by financial concerns and the minutiae of daily movements. Yet the entries have a devotional quality that complement Corman’s dedication to making daily entries.

Corman kept hundreds of newspaper clippings and inter-filed them in his journals along with various personal letters, poems, and other ephemera. The clippings, with bulk dates of 1962 – 2000, are short articles cut from newspapers like the Japan Times, International Herald Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and Boston Globe, corresponding to where Corman was living at the time. Throughout the collection the clippings fall into two general categories: current affairs, and stories of personal interest to Corman. The current affairs that attracted Corman’s attention are characteristic of each time period; representative of this category are stories on the civil rights movement, Vietnam, Watergate, and the Iran-Contra affair. Representative clippings in the second category include articles on art, archeology, atomic weapons, chess, the cold war, economics, elections, President Kennedy’s assassination, literature—including annual Nobel prize winners, and obituaries of famous writers—nuclear testing, politics, space travel, sports, and Sumo wrestling.

Also included in the collection are a few typescript and manuscript notes, poems, and drafts of letters, unsent letters, gallery and concert programs, travel documents, receipts, and other ephemera. In the earlier journals there are several one-or two-page, typed essays and notes on a variety of topics including literature, art and politics (journals #1, 3-6, 8, 10-12, 14 offer the best examples). Most of the drafts of letter are addressed to newspaper editors, but there are several to world leaders, such as Lyndon Johnson, British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and Pope John Paul II. Other items include receipts for plane and bus tickets, which further document the various lecture tours and trips that Corman made to the United States.

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Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

          #1 1955 Sep 15 – 1956 Feb 24
1    F1   Journal
          Typescript and manuscript entries.  Cover date “Paris,
          29 Quai d’Anjou September 19, 1955.”
     F2   Letters, etc.
          Typescript and manuscript letters and notes Corman made
          on literary figures, books, and painting.  Also
          includes a photograph, postcard, gallery and concert

          #2 1956 Feb 22 – 1957 [Dec]
     F3   Journal
          Pocket-sized notebook.  “Feb 22, 1956.”
     F4   Letters, etc.
          Curriculum Vitae

          #3 1957 Dec 4 – 1958 Sep 27
     F5   Journal
          Cover date “Venelles (Paris / Nov., Jan-Feb) / Laos –
          Feb 25 – Apr 1st / 1958 / Kyoto / March 28.”
     F6   Clippings
     F7   Letters, etc.
          Typescripts with manuscript notes in Corman’s hand of
          letters, poems, and notes.

          #4 1956 Mar 1 – 1957 Feb 10; 1958 Jun 22 – 1958 Jul 7
     F8   Journal
          Typescript with manuscript notes.  Cover date “Feb 22,
     F9   Clippings
     F10  Letters, etc.
          Typescript and manuscript letters and notes, greeting
          cards and postcards.

          #5 1958 Sep 30 – 1959 Nov 25
     F11  Journal
          Cover date “29th August 1958.”
     F12  Clippings
     F13  Letters, etc.
          Typescript and manuscript poems, letters, and notes.

          #6 1959 Nov 26 – 1960 Apr 20
     F14  Journal
          Cover date “26th November 1959.”
     F15  Clippings
     F16  Letters, etc.
          Typescript and manuscript poems, letters and notes.

          #7 1960 Apr 20 – 1960 May 10
1    F17  Journal
          Cover date “20 April 1960 / Hikawa Maru (NYK) / Kobe –
          Yokohama - / Seattle (May 4).”
     F18  Clippings
     F19  Letters, etc.
          Postcards and travel documents.

          #8 1960 May 22 – 1961 Oct 21
     F20  Journal
          Cover date “22 May 1960.”
     F21  Clippings
     F22  Letters, etc.
          Typescript and manuscript poems, notes, etc.

          #9 1960 Sep
     F23  Journal
          Pocket notebook.  Notes from Fall 1960 lecture tour in
     F24  Clippings

          #10 1962 Mar 14 – 1963 Jan 18
     F25  Journal
          3 spiral notebooks from San Francisco trip.  Includes
          many poems and travel notes.
     F26  Clippings
     F27  Letters, etc.
          Typescripts with corrections and notes in Corman’s
          hand, manuscript poems, letters and notes.  Typescript
          of essays on Dylan Thomas & Lernet-Holenia—Benn
          correspondence.  Manuscript Portuguese translation of
          Corman’s poems by Stella Leonardos.  Travel documents,
          postcards, and receipts.

          #11 1961 Oct 22 – 1962 Dec 13
     F28  Journal
          Cover date “(1961) 22nd October.”
     F29  Clippings
     F30  Letters, etc.
          Typescripts with corrections and notes in Corman’s
          hand, manuscript poems, letters and notes.  Receipts,
          concert programs.

          #[12] 1962 Dec 14 – 1964 Feb 29
     F31  Journal
          Cover date “1962-1963.”
     F32  Clippings
     F33  Letters, etc.
          Typescript letter and notes, receipts, concert program.

          #13a 1963 Mar 29 – Apr 3 – Journal
     F34  Journal.  Cover date “Tokyo Trip Mar 29 – Apr 3, 1963”

          #[13]b 1964 Mar 1 – 1965 Feb 28
2    F35  Journal
          Cover date “March 1st 1964.”
     F36  Clippings
     F37  Letters, etc.

          #[14] 1965 Mar 1 – 1966 Apr 30 –
     F38  Journal
          Cover date “1st March 1965.”
     F39  Clippings
     F40  Letters, etc.
          Typescript poems, letters, essays, and notes on various
          topics, and manuscript notes.  Includes a letter from
          Corman’s brother and an essay on Corman’s relationship
          with his family.  Gallery programs, receipts, and
          curriculum vitae.

          #[15]a 1966 May 1 – 1967 Aug 17
     F41  Journal
          Dated “1st May 1966.”
     F42  Clippings
     F43  Letters, etc.
          Typescript letter to British Prime Minister Harold
          Wilson, dated “9 June 1966” in Corman’s hand.

          #15b 1966 May 3 – May 10
     F44  Journal
          Cover date “Flight back to USA 3 May 66.”

          #[16] 1967 Aug 18 – 1969 Apr 13
     F45  Journal
          Dated “18th August 1967.”
     F46  Clippings
     F47  Letters, etc.
          Manuscript letter to President Lyndon B. Johnson

          #[17] 1969 Apr 14 – 1970 Sep 17
     F48  Journal
          Cover date “1969.”
     F49  Clippings
     F50  Letters, etc.
          Typescript letter to Claire Nichtern (unsent).
          #18 1970 Sep 17 – Oct 31
2    F51  Journal
          Small pocket notebook, trip to USA.
     F52  Letters, etc.

          #19 1970 Nov 1 – 1971 Jan 11
     F53  Journal
          Small pocket notebook, trip to USA.
     F54  Clippings

          #20 1971 Jan 11 – Apr 1
     F55  Journal
          Cover date “22 March 1971.”
     F56  Clippings
          #21 1971 Apr 2 – Aug 8
     F57  Journal
          Cover date “2nd April 1971.”
     F58  Clippings
     F59  Letters, etc.
          Manuscript notes concerning the financial arrangements
          of Corman’s ice cream shop.

          #22 1971 Aug 9 - Dec 31
     F60  Journal
          Cover date “9 August 1971.”
     F61  Clippings
     F62  Letters, etc.

          #23 1972 Jan 1 – Aug 14
     F63  Journal
          Cover date “1st January 1972.”
     F64  Clippings
     F65  Letters, etc.
          Manuscript letter to an identified national leader
          concerning Vietnam war.
          #24 1972 Aug 15 – 1972 Dec 28
3    F66  Journal
          Cover date “August 1972.”
     F67  Clippings
     F68  Letters, etc.
          Three typescript aerogrammes with manuscript notes in
          Corman’s hand (unsent).

          #25 1972 Dec 29 – 1973 May 25
     F69  Journal
          Cover date “29 December 1972.”
     F70  Clippings
     F71  Letters, etc.
          Typescript aerogramme with manuscript notes in Corman’s
          hand (unsent).  Postcard from Andy A--- at Sumo World
          regarding match fixing.

          #26 1973 May 26 – 1973 Dec 31
     F72  Journal
          Cover date “26 May 1973,” housed in portfolio.
     F73  Clippings
     F74  Letters, etc.
          Typescript aerogramme with manuscript notes in Corman’s
          hand (unsent).

          #27 1974 Jan 1 – 1974 May 14
     F75  Journal
          Cover date “1st January 1974.”
     F76  Clippings
          #28 1974 May 14 – 1974 Oct 24
     F77  Journal
          Cover date “14/15 May 1974”
     F78  Clippings
     F79  Letters, etc.
          Advertisement postcard for “CC’s” ice cream shop.

          #29 1974 Oct 25 – 1975 Jul 23
     F80  Journals
          Cover date “25 October 1974.”
     F81  Clippings
     F82  Letters, etc.
          Typescript aerogramme with manuscript notes in Corman’s
          hand (unsent).  Financial records for CC’s ice cream

          #30 1975 Jul 24 – 1976 May 16
3    F83  Journal
          Cover date “24 July 1975.”
     F84  Clippings
     F85  Letters, etc.
          Financial records for CC’s ice cream shop.  Japanese
          press clippings with pictures of Corman and CC’s.  Two

          #31 1976 March 10 – 1976 March 25
     F86  Journal
          Cover date “The March 1976 trip to USA / 10 March – 25
     F87  Letters, etc.
          Travel documents and receipts.
          #32 1976 May 17 – 1977 Feb 2
     F88  Journal
          Cover date “17 May 1976.”
     F89  Clippings
     F90  Letters, etc.
          Financial records for CC’s ice cream shop.  Drafts of a
          letter to the editor of Japan Times.
          #33 1977 Feb 3 – 1977 July 6
     F91  Journal
          Cover date “3 Feb 1977.”
     F92  Clippings
          #34 1977 July 7 – 1977 Dec 10
     F93  Journal
          Cover date “7th July 1977.”
     F94  Clippings
          #35 1977 Dec 11 – 1978 July 7
     F95  Journal
          Cover date “11 Dec 1977.”
     F96  Clippings
     F97  Letters, etc.
          Financial records for CC’s ice cream shop.
          #36 1978 10 July – 1978 Dec 22
4    F98  Journal
          Cover date “10 July 1978.”
     F99  Clippings
     F100 Letters, etc.
          Typescript letter with manuscript notes in Corman’s
          hand; typescript notes on poetry; various notes in
          Corman’s hand; financial records for CC’s; original and
          duplicate of Corman’s marriage certificate dated
          “January 24, 1966.”  Photograph of Corman.
          #37 1978 Dec 23 – 1979 June 19
     F101 Journal
          Cover date “Boston / 23 December 1978.”
     F102 Clippings
          #38 1979 June 20 – 1979 Dec 11
     F103 Journal
          Cover date “Jun 20 1979.”
     F104 Clippings
     F105 Letters, etc.
          Manuscript notes to Corman from his wife Shizumi.
          #39 1979 Dec 12 – 1980 [Jan 1]
     F106 Journal
          Cover date “Dec 12 1979.”
     F107 Clippings
     F108 Letters, etc.
     F109 #40 1979 Boston Red Sox Scorebook
     F110 #41 1979 Boston Red Sox Scorebook
     F111 #42 1979 Boston Red Sox Scorebook
          #43 1980 Jan 1 – 1980 Dec 31
     F112 Journal
          Daily reminder diary for 1980.
     F113 Clippings
     F114 Letters, etc.
          Concert and drama programs, playbill, and flyer.

          #44 1981 Jan 1 – 1981 Dec 31
4    F115 Journal
          Cover date “1981.”
     F116 Clippings
     F117 Letters, etc.
          Manuscript note to Corman from his wife Shizumi;
          International Writing Program schedule; postcard and
          flyer from Corman’s Sister City Tea House in Boston.
          #45 1981 Aug 31 – 1981 Nov 28
     F118 Journal
          Cover date “The U of Iowa / Journal / from 31 August
     F119 Clippings
     F120 Letters, etc.
          Flyers, programs, and ephemera from Iowa Writing
          #46 1982 Jan 1 – 1982 March 30
     F121 Journal
          Cover date “1982.”
     F122 Clippings
     F123 Letters, etc.
          Manuscript note to Corman from his wife Shizumi.
     F124 Photos
          Polaroid and snapshots from Iowa Writing Program.
          #47 1982 March 30 – 1982 Dec 21
     F125 Journal
          Cover date “1982 continuation.”
     F126 Clippings
     F127 Letters, etc.
          Manuscript note to Corman from his wife Shizumi;
          manuscript notes in Corman’s hand; reprinted edition of
          “Northway Tanka,” by poet Stephen Sandy with autograph
          dedication to Corman.  Flyers, programs, and Playbill
          from various plays and concerts; greeting cards,
          letters and wedding invitation.
     F128 Photos
          Various Polaroid and snapshots.
          #48 1982 Dec 22 – 1984 Jun 1
     F129 Journal
          Cover date “22 December 1982.”
     F130 Clippings (1)
     F131 Clippings (2)
     F132 Letters, etc.
          Typescript poem, manuscript notes.
     F133 Photos
          Polaroid photos.
          #49 1984 Jun 1 – 1985 Nov 5

     F134 Journal
          Cover date “1st June 1984.”
     F135 Clippings (1)
     F136 Clippings (2)
     F137 Letters, etc.
          Manuscript letter to Pope John Paul II.

          # 50 1985 Nov 6 – 1986 Sep 10
5    F138 Journal
          Cover date “6th November 1985.”
     F139 Clippings
     F140 Letters, etc.
          #51 1986 Feb 12-15, 1986 Sep 4-10
     F141 Journal
          #52 1986 Sep 11 – 1987 Apr 2
     F142 Journal
          Cover date “1986 / (Sept 11).” Hard cover “Bird
          Elysium” journal boxed in slip case.
     F143 Clippings (1)
     F144 Clippings (2)
     F145 Clippings (3)
     F146 Letters, etc.
          #53 1987 Apr 3 – 1987 Aug 15
     F147 Journal
          Cover date “3rd April 1987.”
     F148 Clippings
     F149 Letters, etc.
          #54 1987 Aug 16 – Dec 12
     F150 Journal
          Cover date “16th August 1987.”
     F151 Clippings
          #55 1987 Dec 13 – 1988 Apr 29
     F152 Journal
          Cover date “13 Dec. 1987.”
     F153 Clippings

          #56 1988 Apr 30 – Sep 19
     F154 Journal
          Cover date “30 April 1988.”
     F155 Clippings

          #57 1988 Sep 20 – 1989 May 24
6    F156 Journal
          Cover date “20 Sept 88.”
     F157 Clippings (1)
     F158 Clippings (2)
     F159 Clippings (3)
     F160 Clippings (4)
          #58 1989 May 25 – 1989 Sept 29
     F161 Journal
          Cover date “25th May 1989.”
     F162 Clippings
          #59 1989 Sept 30 – 1990 Feb 19
     F163 Journal
          Cover date “25th May 1989.”
     F164 Clippings (1)
     F165 Clippings (2)
     F166 Clippings (3)
          #60 1990 Feb 20 – Sep 10
     F167 Journal
          Cover date “20th February 1990.”
     F168 Clippings (1)
     F169 Clippings (2)
     F170 Clippings (3)
          #61 1990 Sep 11 – Dec 11
     F171 Journal
          Cover date “11 Sept. 1990.”
     F172 Clippings
          #62 1990 Dec 12 – 1991 May 1
     F173 Journal
          Cover date “12 December 1990.”
     F174 Clippings
          #63 1991 May 2 – Oct 22
     F175 Journal
          Cover date “2nd May 1991.”
     F176 Clippings (1)
     F177 Clippings (2)
          #64 1991 Oct 23 – 1992 Jun 20
7    F178 Journal
          Cover date “23 October 1991.”
     F179 Clippings
     F180 Letters, etc.
          Manuscript notes to Corman from his wife Shizumi.
          #65 1991 Nov 5 – Nov 30
     F181 Journal
          Pocket-sized notebook.  Cover date “Journal of 1991 - /
          trip to USA / 6th Nov – 30th Nov.”
     F182 Clippings
     F183 Letters, etc.
          Travel documents related to trip to USA.
          #66 1992 Jun 21 – 1993 Jan 14
     F184 Journal
          Cover date “Summer solstice 1992.”
     F185 Clippings (1)
     F186 Clippings (2)
     F187 Letters, etc.
          Postcard advertisement of Cormans Since The Civil War
          family genealogy book.  Manuscript draft of letter to
          The Economist.

          #67 1993 Jan 15 – Sep 15
     F188 Journal
          Cover date “15 January 1993.”
     F189 Clippings
     F190 Letters, etc.
          #68 1994 Jul 5 – 1995 Mar 3
     F191 Journal
          Cover date “5th July 1994.”
     F192 Clippings
     F193 Letters, etc.
          Photocopy of brother Leonard’s obituary (died 9 Jan
          1995) in mailing envelope from his brother Harvey H.

          #69 1995 Mar 4 – Oct 25
7    F194 Journal
          Cover date “4th March 1995.”
     F195 Clippings
     F196 Letters, etc.
          Typescript letter, in Italian, with manuscript notes
          from unidentified correspondent; numerous manuscript
          notes on movies.
          #70 1995 Oct 26 – 1996 Jun 2
     F197 Journal
          Cover date “26 October 1995.”
     F198 Clippings
     F199 Letters, etc.
          Numerous manuscript notes on movies.
          #71 1996 Jun 3 – 1997 Feb 22
     F200 Journal
          Cover date “3rd June 1996.”
     F201 Clippings

          #72 1997 Feb 23 – Sep 24
8    F202 Journal
          Cover date “23 February 1997.”
     F203 Clippings
          #73 1997 Sep 25 – 1998 Apr 11
     F204 Journal
          Cover date “25 September 1997.”
     F205 Clippings
     F206 Letters, etc.
          Correspondence, postcards, and two manuscript poems.
          #74 1998 Apr 15 – Oct 26
     F207 Journal
          Cover date “15th April 1998.”
     F208 Clippings
          #75 1998 Oct 27 – 1999 Jul 9
     F209 Journal
          Cover date “27 October 1998.”
     F210 Clippings
     F211 Letters, etc.
          Numerous manuscript notes.

          #76 1999 Jul 10 – 2000 Jan 15
8    F212 Journal
          Cover date “10th July 1999.”
     F213 Clippings
     F214 Letters, etc.
          Printed email correspondence concerning “Cid Corman’s
          [financial] plight.”
          #77 2000 Jan 16 – 2000 Jul 25
     F215 Journal
          Cover date “16th January 2000 A.D.”
     F216 Clippings
     F217 Letters, etc.
          Printed email from Robert Creeley.
          #78 24 Feb– 3 Mar
     F218 Journal
          Dated “Feb. 27th.” Small pocket notebook.
          #79 n.d.
     F219 Journal
          Pocket notebook.  n.d.
          #80 1964
     F220 “Sete poemas,” 1964.
          Manuscript translation of Corman poems in Stella
          Leonardos’ hand.  Portuguese translation of seven
          Corman poems.  Dated “Rio, agôsto de 1964.” 14 pp.
     F221 Letters, etc.
          Manuscript letter from translator Stella Leonardos
          discussing “Sete poemas.”  Dated “do Rio de Agôsto –
          1964.” 3 pp.
          #81 1964
     F222 “As Marchas & outros poemas,” 1964.
          Manuscript translation of Corman poems in Stella
          Leonardos’ hand.  Portuguese translation of Corman
          poems.  Dated “Rio, Abril de 1964.” 38 leafs.
     F223 Clippings
     F224 Letters, etc.
          Manuscript translation of Corman poems in Stella
          Leonardos’ hand.  Dated “Rio, 1964.”  Manuscript letter
          in Leonardos’ hand discussing the translation of
          Corman’s poems.

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