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1918 - 1983
(bulk dates 1925 - 1965)

Manuscript Collection Number: 100
Accessioned: Purchase, 1985
Extent: ca. 10.5 linear ft. (ca. 820 items)
Content: Correspondence, photographs, bookplates, art work, articles and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1987-1989 by Timothy Murray and Anita A. Wellner.

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Table of Contents

Contents List

  • Series VIII.: Miscellany
  • Addenda.: Cohn-Hemingway Register Addendum, List of Photographs and Items in Folder 12

  • + Introductory Note + Series Outline

    Contents List

    + Series I. -III.: Correspondence, Photographs and Art Work; Material relating to Cohn's A Bibliography of the Work of Ernest Hemingway (New York: Random House, 1931); Manuscripts and galleys of works by and about Ernest Hemingway

    + Series IV - VII.: Periodicals containing Ernest Hemingway's work; Periodicals containing articles on Hemingway or references to him; Periodicals containing articles concerning bibliographies of Hemingway's work; Clippings and tear sheets

    Contents List

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              Series VIII.  Miscellany
                   Consists of ephemera related to Hemingway and/or Louis Cohn.  Includes
                   books containing references to Hemingway,  copies of items written by
                   Hemingway, reviews of Hemingway's work, material written about
                   Hemingway or his family, material concerning films based on
                   Hemingway's books, catalogues selling Hemingway's writings, material
                   concerning conferences or exhibitions about Hemingway, and other
              VIII.1.  Books containing references to Hemingway.  5 items.  
          F96 Army and Navy Roster of Oak Park and River Forest Men Who Served in the
              Armed Forces in the War With Germany April, 1917, to August 1, 1918.  Harry        
              W. Taylor and C. S. Tuttle. (Oak Park, IL: August 10, 1918).  32 pp.
          NF  Short Story Writing.  Blanche Colton Williams. (Chicago: ALA, 1930).  44 pp.
          NF  Lob des Bettes.  Hans Ohl.  (Hamburg: Rowohlt Verlag, 1956).  182 pp.
          NF  Signal Red.  Harold Calin.  (New York: Lancer Books, Inc., 1964).  Inscribed by
              the author to Margie Cohn.  176 pp.
          NF  High Midnight.  Stuart Kaminsky.  (New York: The Mysterious Press, 1984).  188
              VIII.2.Copies of items written by Ernest Hemingway.
                    9 items.  10 pp.
          F97 "How Ballad Writing Affects Our Seniors."  Tabula (November, 1916).
              Ts. transcript (photocopy).   A poem written by Hemingway for his high school
              newpaper.  1 p.
              "Golden Jubilee Greetings."  Notes on the Program.  Cincinnati [Ohio]
              Symphony.  (March 23-24, 1945).
                   Printed Photocopy.  Hemingway writes a greeting.  Also includes an ANS from
                   Alfred H. Perrin (New York, March 14, 1945) to Margie Cohn.  There are also
                   photo-copies of greetings written by other distinguished individuals, including
                   Edna Ferber and Somerset Maugham.  9 pp.
    24        Series VIII.  Miscellany (cont'd)
              VIII.3. Reviews of Ernest Hemingway's books.
                   7 items.  14 pp.
         F98  Review of Hemingway in Michigan.  Prairie Schooner (Spring 1968).
              Photocopy.  5 pp.
              Review of A Farewell to Arms.   By Owen Wister.  (May 6, 1929).
              Ts (carbon)  1 p.
              Response to a Review of A Farewell to Arms.  
              Ts (carbon).  3 pp.
              A response to a review by Owen Wister as it appeared in Scribner's.  
              Letter concerning A Farewell to Arms.   (September 20, 1929).  To Mr. Walsh
              from Hugh Walpole.
              TL (carbon).  1 p.
              Comments about Hemingway and his writing by Henry L. Mencken.  American
              Mercury.  (May 1928 and January 1930)
              Ts.  2 pp.
              "Ernest and the Old Folks," an article in response to Mrs. Gerould's comment in
              the Yale Review: "I have yet to find in my own acquaintance a middle-aged
              person, man or woman, who likes Ernest Hemingway's novels; but the boys and
              girls adore him."    Author is unidentified.
              Ts. w/autograph corrections. 2 pp.
              VIII.4.   Material written about Ernest Hemingway, his family or his
              15 items.  205 pp.
         F99  Hadley: The First Mrs. Hemingway.  Alice Hunt Sokoloff. (New York: Dodd,
              Mead & Company, 1973).  
              Bound page proofs (photocopy).  With loose photographs (photocopy).
                   78 pp.  (S-G384).
              "Discoveries I've Made About Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises."  [1975]. 
              Ts. (photocopy).
              [Charles William Mann].  Inscribed: "For Margie with love Charley."  16 pp.
              "Father and Son: Comments on Hemingway's Psychology."  William White.  The
              Dalhousie Review.  (Winter 1953).
              Offprint.  Inscribed to Cohn.  9 pp.  (H783).
    24        Series VIII.  Miscellany (cont'd)
              Series VIII.4.   Material written about Ernest Hemingway, his family or his
              writings (cont'd)
         F99  "Do You Remember Robert McAlmon?  Some Notes on Being Geniuses Together
              and the Paris Twenties."  Harold Klapper.  n.d.  
              Ts. (photocopy).  25 pp.
              "The Dashes in Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms."  James B. Meriwether. 
              Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America.  (1964).
              Offprint.  Inscribed to Margie Cohn.  9 pp.  (H1557)
              "A Note on Ernest Hemingway."  Louis Henry Cohn.  The Colophon [overrun]. 
              (nsv. I no.1).
              Proofs.  4 pp.
              Talking Pens [a few private notes for the members of the Grolier Club on their
              visit to Minnesota]. May 18-21, 1972].
              Ts. (photocopy).  Pages 5, 10, and 19.
                   Handwriting analysis of Ernest Hemingway.  Inscribed to Mrs. Cohn.  26 pp.
              F.Y.I. [Time Inc.].  December 10, 1954
               Ts. (mimeo).
              Brief article w/photograph concerning interview with Hemingway regarding the
              Nobel Prize.  Also ANS [n.d.]from Roy Ziegler.  7 pp.
              Material concerning the Fitzgerald Hemingway Annual 1969.
              5 items, 27 pp.
              Includes: offprint by C.E. Frazer Clark, Jr. entitled "Hemingway At Auction: A
              Brief Survey"; a TLS [October 6, 1969] to Mrs. Cohn from Clark; printed        
              news release [July 13, 1969]; a reprint from The New York Times [August 20,
              1969] regarding a short story by Fitzgerald; and a brochure concerning the annual. 
              These items were originally laid in: Spec PS 3511 .I9 Z617x 1969. 
              "Bibliographical Notes of Ernest Hemingway."  The Walden Book Shop. 
              (Chicago: October 1930).  
              Published Version.  4 pp.
    24        Series VIII.  Miscellany (cont'd)
              VIII.5.   Material concerning films based on Hemingway novels.
              2 items, 27 pp. 
         F100 Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man.  20th Century-Fox Exhibitor's
              Campaign Manual.  Screen-play by A. E. Hotchner.  Printed.  [1962].  Sales
              brochure for posters and accessories.  8 pp. (H1354n)
              For Whom the Bell Tolls.  [Paramount Pictures, 1943].
              Printed.  Playbill for the film which includes a biographical sketch of Hemingway.
              19 pp.
              VIII.6.   Announcements, adverstisements and publishers catalogues which
              mention books written by or about Ernest Hemingway.  
                   21 items, 74 pp.
         F101 Barron's Education Series.  Printed.  [n.d.]
              Ad for a "simplified approach" to studying Hemingway.  2 pp.
              The Vanguard Press.  Printed Broadside.  Ad for John Groth's Studio: Europe. 
              Introduction by Hemingway.  1 p.
              The Pickwick Book Shop [Hollywood, CA.] and The Scribner Book Store [New
              York].  Announcement for the limited first edition of Hemingway's Men at War.
              Printed.  [n.d.]  8 pp.
              Jonathan Cape.  Announcement for books on war, including Hemingway's A
              Farewell to Arms.  Printed.  [n.d.]  4 pp.
              Bruccoli Clark.  "Ernest Hemingway Titles in Stock."  Printed.  [n.d.]  2 pp.
              Penguins.  "Hemingway in Peguins" (5 copies) and "Hemingway" (1 copy). 
              Printed.  [n.d.]  9 pp.
              Bloomingdale Bros.  Announcement for The Old Man and the Sea.  Printed. 
              [n.d.]  2 pp.
              The Franklin Library.  "Notes From the Editors." The Sun Also Rises.
              Announcement as part of The 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature.  
              (Philadelphia: Franklin Mint Corporation, 1977).
              Printed.  [n.d.]  22 pp.
              Wm. B. Eerdmans, Publisher.  Ernest Hemingway as a part of "Contemporary
              Writers in Christian Perspective." (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1966).  Printed.  1 p.
              Notizie Mondadori.  Publisher's catalogue containing books by Hemingway. 
              (Marzo, 1963).  Printed.  16 pp.
              Boni & Liveright.  Catalogue, Fall 1925.  Includes ad for In Our Time.  (New
              York, 1925).  Printed.  1 p.
              See also the brochures with the correspondence (I.3: October 15, 1930).
    24        Series VIII.  Miscellany (cont'd)
              Series VIII.6.   Announcements, adverstisements and publishers catalogues
              which mention books written by or about Ernest Hemingway (cont'd)
        F101  Charles Scribner's Sons.  Scribner Holiday Books: 1926-1927.  (New York:
              Scribner's, 1926).  Includes The Sun Also Rises.  Printed.  1 p.
              Charles Scribner's Sons.  1932-1933 Books for the Holidays.  Includes Death in
              the Afternoon.  Printed.  1 p.
              Dutton.  [C. O. Lillie].  The Latest Books: December 1926.  Includes The Sun Also
              Rises.  Printed.  1 p.
              Ernest Rowohlt Verlag.  Vollstandiges Bucher-Verzeichnis.  (Berlin: Rowohlt,
              1930).  Includes Fiesta, In Einem Andern Land, and Manner.  Printed. 1 p.
              E. A. Seeman Publishing.  Fall Books 1972.  Includes Papa.  Printed.  2 pp.
              VIII.7.   Auction and out of print catalogues containing Hemingway items for
                   8 items, 152 pp.
         F102 Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc.  First Editions of English and American Authors: An
              Important Collection of Ernest Hemingway...The Library of Dr. Don Carlos
              Guffey.  October 12, 1958.  Sale no.1843.  Printed.  75 pp. (G174)
              Carry Back Books, Franconia, NH.  Catalogue No. 6: Winter 1974.  Includes
              Hemingway items, pp. 19-23.  Printed.  5 pp.
              Bernice Weiss Books, Eastchester, NY.  Catalogue Number 48.   TNS and
              Printed.  32 pp. 
              Laid in is a TNS [October 9. 1974] to Margie Cohn from John Martin.
              The League of American Writers & The Booksellers Guild of America.  Benefit
              Auction of Manuscripts, Letters and Books...February 19, 1939.  [New York]. 
              Printed.  2 pp.
              Laid in is a bill of sale.
              Frank P. van Eck Publisher.  2-83 [Catalogue].  (Herrliberg, Switzerland:
              Reprografia, [1983]). Entire catalogue devoted to Hemingway material.
              Printed.  12 pp.
              Overseas Press Club Foundation.  Journalism Memorabilia Auction and Sale. 
              Thursday, May 5, 1977.  New York.  Printed.  20 pp.
              The League of American Writers.  Manuscript Sale: March 1938: Addenda.  Ts.
              (mimeo).  6 pp.
    24        Series VIII.  Miscellany (cont'd)
              Series VIII.8.  Materials concerning conferences about  Ernest Hemingway. 
              5 items, 13 pp.
         F103 The National Conference of the Hemingway Society in Traverse City...October
              20, 21, 22, 1983.  "Up in Michigan."  Announcement and call for papers.
              Ts. (photocopy).  2 pp.
              Fitzgerald/Hemingway Annual and NCR Microcard Editions.  "A Conference on
              F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway in Paris."  June 23-24, 1972.  
              Printed. 1 p.
              Friends of the Fitzgerald/Hemingway Annual.  "Chicago Hemingway
              Conference."  Keepsake.  Facsimile of a page from Trapeze VI (November 3,
              Copy no.26.  Printed.  2 pp.  (S-F172)
              "The Fourth Peters Rushton Seminar in Contemporary Prose and Poetry:
              Hemingway's Wastelanders by Carlos Baker . . . 14 March 1952."  
              Printed Keepsake.  4 pp.
              "The John F. Kennedy Library invites you to join us on July 17-19, 1980 for
              `Papers of a Writer,' a conference celebrating the dedication of the `Hemingway
              Room' and as a special tribute to Mary Hemingway." 
              Printed.  4 pp.
              VIII.9.   Material concerning exhibits which included material by or about
              Ernest Hemingway and his work.  
                   17 items, 45 pp.
         F104 Catalogue of an Ernest Hemingway Exhibit: from the Collection of Dr. Fraser B.
              Drew.  November 23-December 11 [1953], Edward H. Butler Library, State 
              University College for Teachers, Buffalo 22, New York.  Catalogue prepared by
              Dr. Drew and inscribed to Marguerite Cohn.   
              Laid in is a Ts. (photocopy) announcement of the exhibit.
              Ts. (photocopy).  8 pp.
              Ernest Hemingway, 21 July 1899-2 July 1961: Guide to a Memorial Exhibition. 
              Detroit: University of Detroit Library, July 4 - August 12, 1961.  Prepared by
              William White.
              Laid in is a note.
              Printed.  9 pp.
    24        Series VIII.  Miscellany (cont'd)
              Series VIII.9.   Material concerning exhibits which included material by or
              about Ernest Hemingway and his work (cont'd)
         F104 A Keepsake From the Fales Library, New York University on the occasion of a
              presentation of a gift of books and manuscripts by Decoursey Fales, Esq., 18
              January, 1966.  Includes a drawing and inscription originally done by Hemingway
              on the flyleaf of a copy of The Torrents of Spring.
              Printed.  4 pp.  (F155)
              Ernest M. Hemingway, The Paris Years...And Before, An Exhibition from the
              Collection of C. E. Frazer Clark, Jr., At the Orchard Ridge Campus of Oakland
              Community College...2 May 1973...Farmington, Michigan.  Inscribed to Mrs.
              Printed.  4 pp.
              In Their Time 1920-1940: Fiestas, Moveable Feasts, and "Many Fetes": An
              Exhibition in the Rare Book and Manuscripts Departments, University of Virginia
              Library 3 December-1 March, 1978.  Honoring Marguerite Cohn.
              Includes: Ts. (carbon) of list of invitations, a placard: "Captain Louis Henry
              Cohn", a printed Keepsake, and printed posters (two versions, 8 copies).  20 pp.
              VIII.10.  Miscellaneous ephemera relating to Hemingway. 
                   24 items, 84 pp.
         F105 Acknowlegement of condolence from Hemingway's family.  [September 22,
              Printed. w/env. 1 p.
              First day cover to celebrate Hemingway's birthday.  Oak Park, IL., July 21, 1972. 
              Envelope has Hemingway's picture.
              Stamped Envelope.  1 p.
              "A Ball for the Imaginative" and "The Snows of Kilimanjaro."  Yale University
              Theatre.  May 18-21, 1949.  Play adapted by Allison S. Hall from Hemingway's
              Printed Program.  20 pp.
              Cover of Transatlantic Review.  Preliminary Number Gratis.
              Printed Proof.  2 pp.
              Ken: the Insider's World.  Announcement for this new magazine.  States: "one of
              Ken's editors will be Ernest Hemingway."  
              Printed.  24 pp.
              Stationery.  Print: "Ernest Hemingway Memorandum."
              Printed.  1 p.
    24        Series VIII.  Miscellany (cont'd)
              Series VIII.10.  Miscellaneous ephemera relating to Hemingway (cont'd)
         F105 Book band.  In German.  Excerpts of review by Sinclair Lewis and Times
              Printed.  1 p.
              Caricature of Hemingway: "Ernie, The Neanderthal Man."
              Clipping.  1 p.
              Studio Card: "I'm not asking you to replace Earnest Hemingway. . . just write . . ." 
              w/env.  Name is misspelled on the card.
              Printed.  2 pp.
              Christmas Card with "impression of The Savoy American Bar and its clients, by
              Julian Allen [London]."  Hemingway is depicted.
              Printed.  3 pp.
              Postcards bearing photographic views of Hemingway's house in Key West,
              Florida.  Two inscribed are to Mrs. Cohn.  
              Printed.  Three cards.  6 pp.
              Brochure: "Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum."  [Key West, Florida].
              9 copies.  Printed.  18 pp.
              Autograph quote about Hemingway in unidentified hand from William Harlan
              Hale's Challenge to Defeat, pages 193-194.  
              AD.  2 pp.
              Envelope, Address label and Western Union Telegram
              Enclosure.  3 pp.
         F106 VIII.11.  Ephemera unrelated to Hemingway.
                   Includes various annoucements for books, magazines, cassettes, and a
                   photocopy of an article.  6 items, 19 pp.
    Cohn-Hemingway Register Addendum
    1.   A Moveable Feast.  Galley Proofs, May 1964.  64 sheets.
              Uncorrected galley proofs with an attached slip from Charles Scribner's Sons.
              2 items (65 leaves).
    2.   Exile's Return:  A Narrative of Ideas by Malcolm Cowley (New York:  Norton, 1934). 
         Galley Proofs.  Labeled "Duplicate Set." April 9-10, [n.y.].
              Contains material about Hemingway.  82 leaves.  (G103)  
    3.   The Little Review Anthology edited by Margaret Anderson (New York:  Hermitage
         House, 1953).  Galley Proofs bearing autograph corrections, revisions, and deletions by
         Anderson.  [n.d.]
              Also includes extensive autograph notes made by Anderson in the margins of the
              galleys and on a note attached to galley 143.  
              160 leaves.  (B53)
    4.   Great Companions:  Critical Memoirs of Some Famous Friends by Max Eastman (New
         York:  Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, Inc., 1959).  Galley Proofs with a Ts label on the verso
         of galley 107.  November 14, [n.y.]
              Includes two copies of galley 21.  Galleys 55 and 56 are on one leaf.  
              107 leaves.  (G129)
                List of Photographs and Items in Folder 12
    Items are numbered in the upper right corner.
    1.   Hemingway seated firing a rifle
    2.   Hemingway seated behind antlers
    3.   Photograph with caption:  "Ernest Hemingway, Madrid, May 1937.
              All rights reserved by Charles Scribner's Sons."
    4.   Hemingway kneeling, posing with three sets of antlers/horns
    5.   Hemingway seated at table with magazine, with note on verso:  "Ernest Hemingway on
         board  Normandie.'"
    6.   Photograph of a portrait of Hemingway by Spanish painter Luis Quintanilla
    7.   Hemingway arriving from Europe with actress Marlene Dietrich in November, 1938 (on
         the verso is pasted a copy of a press release dated 1/24/54 by the United Press stating: 
         "Hemingway Thought Dead in Plane Crash Uganda, East Africa . . .")
    8.   Original bookplate of Hemingway:  "Ex Libris Ernest Hemingway"
    9.   Hemingway kneeling behind string of rainbow trout, with autograph note by Hemingway
         on verso:  "Rainbow trout"
    10.  Hemingway in beret holding a cup (side view)
    11.  Copy of #10
    12.  Copy of #10
    13.  Photograph of a drawing of Hemingway titled  "Don Ernesto in Pamplona"
    14.  Hemingway posing with slain buck and a friend, with autograph note by Hemingway on
         the verso:  "My big buck"
    15.  Enlargement of #14
    16.  Bear and rifle, with autograph note by Hemingway on the verso:  "The big bear / for your
         information / that I wrote you about--Isn't that a pretty hide?"
    17.  Pauline Hemingway with water buffalo, with autograph note by Hemingway on verso: 
         "Pauline with big buffalo I killed"
    18.  Hemingway portrait in suit
    19.  Copy of #18
    20.  Hemingway standing in suit
    21.  Hemingway on fishing boat posing with sailors and the record setting black marlin he
    22.  Hemingway on the pier with black marlin
    23.  Hemingway on the pier with black marlin
    24.  Hemingway on the pier with black marlin, with autograph note on the verso by
              "Weight 468 (on custom house tested scales)
              Length 12 feet 8 1/2 inches-
              Black Marlin - Jumped seven times-
              caught trolling - hooked in top of mouth.
              Landed one hour and 5 minutes- 
              Record on rod and reel for Cuban waters
              Day before fought one 2 hours and 20 minutes
              Landed on hardy Hickory - Bamboo No. 5
              rod - 9/0 reel - 36 thread line-
              you can use any of these pictures you want/"
          List of Photographs and Items in Folder 12 (cont'd)
    25.  Typed note (originally glued to photograph #26) describing the events in photographs
         #21-27, using information recorded by Hemingway on the verso of #24
    26.  Enlargement of #24
    27.  Enlargement of #24
    28.  Hemingway with arm in sling, inscribed by Hemingway to Louis Henry Cohn
    29.  Copy of #28
    30.  Hemingway seated with rifle, antlers, and pelts
    31.  Photograph of books, manuscripts, and the bookplate created by Hemingway for Cohn,
         all from Cohn's collection, photographed by American Studio, New York
    32.  Photograph of bookcase filled with the Louis Henry Cohn Collection by American
         Studio, New York
    33.  Magazine tear sheet of painting of Hemingway fishing with note on verso:  "Barrett -
         Hem. ephemera"
    34.  Proof (?) with caption:  A cartoon by Spanish painter, Luis Quintanilla, of Ernest
         Hemingway, who has written the complete story of bullfighting in his new book, "Death
         in the Afternoon" (Scribners).  (For release in the morning papers of September 23).
    35.  Copy of #34
    36.  Tear sheet with caption:  From left:  Gerald and Sara Murphy, Pauline Pfeiffer, Ernest
         and Hadley (with bootblacks in foreground), Pamplona, in July 1926
    37.  Tear sheet with caption:  Ernest photographed after his divorce from Hadley
    38.  Tear sheet with caption:  The bridegroom with friends and ushers
    39.  Tear sheet with caption:  Ernest, Bumby, and Hadley at Schruns, 1926
    40.  Tear sheet with caption:  Family wedding picture, left to right:  Carol, Ursula, Hadley,
         Ernest Hemingway, Mrs. Hemingway, Leicester, and Dr. Hemingway, September 3, 1921
    41.  Tear sheet with caption:  Hadley photographed in St. Louis
    42.  Tear sheet with caption:  Hadley as a young lady
    43.  Tear sheet with caption:  Paul Scott Mowrer as a young man
    44.  Tear sheet from transition #14 (Fall 1928) with caption:  Ernest Hemingway in Florida -
         Loaned by Sylvia Beach 
    45.  Proof of woodcut portrait of Hemingway by Henry Strater and biographical note

    Contents List

    + Series I - III: Correspondence, Photographs and Art Work; Material relating to Cohn's A Bibliography of the Work of Ernest Hemingway (New York: Random House, 1931); Manuscripts and galleys of worky by and about Ernest Hemingway

    + Series IV - VII: Periodicals containing Ernest Hemingway's work; Periodicals containing articles on Hemingway or references to him; Periodicals containing articles concerning bibliographies of Hemingway's work; Clippings and tear sheets


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