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Note on Technical Library and Appendices


            During Cohen’s years with the Delaware State Planning Office (1967-1971), he created a library classification system for planning related materials including reports, pamphlets, studies, books, periodicals, and other materials useful for research.  Modeled on a cataloging system used at the Fels Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, Cohen’s creation was easily adaptable for use in any planning office.  Each document was given a three digit call number designating its major category, sub-category, and regional classification.  Within the categories, items were then giving a sequential number.  In addition to a call number, materials were also given a volume or report number as well as a year. 

Major Categories

A.  General Reference

C.  Coastal Zone Management, Waterfront, and OCS (Outer Coastal Shelf)

E.  Business, Commerce, and Economics

F.  Finance

G.  Neighborhood and Community Planning and Redevelopment

H.  Historic Preservation

I.  Community Facilities and Services

J.  Recreation, Parks, and Open Space

M.  Population

N.  Housing Supply

P.  Government and Public Administration

R.  Natural Resources and Physical Environment

S.  Land Use

T.  Transportation

U.  Planning and Theory


A.  General Reference

            A0.  General

            A1.  General Periodicals

            A2.  General Newsletters

            A3.  Research Aids-Bibliography

            A4.  Analytical Aids-Quantitative

            A5.  Annual Reports and Organization Portfolios and Directories


C.  Coastal Zone Management, Waterfront, and OCS (Outer Coastal Shelf)

            C0.  General

            C1.  Bibliography

            C2.  Management, Regulation, and Planning Techniques

            C3.  Natural Environment

            C4.  Social and Economic Analysis

            C5.  OCS Development

            C6.  Waterfront Planning-Plans, Design, and Development

            C7.  Funding Sources-Finance


E.  Business, Commerce, and Economics

            E0.  General

            E1.  Economic Resources

            E2.  Economic Analysis and Impact

            E3.  Industrial Development

            E4.  Retail and Commercial Development

            E5.  Labor Force and Employment


F.  Finance

            F0.  General

            F1.  Operating Budgets

            F2.  Capital Budgets and CIPS

            F3.  Financial Analysis and Fiscal Impact

            F4.  Taxation and Revenue

            F5.  Project/Facility Finance

            F6.  Federal Grants in Aid and Federal and State Assistance Programs


G.  Community and Neighborhood Planning and Redevelopment

            G0.  General

            G1.  Community Development Program

            G2.  Development and Redevelopment

            G3.  Social and Community Impact

            G4.  New Towns/Communities

            G5.  Urban Sociology and Geography

H.  Historic Preservation

            H0.  General

            H1.  Surveys and Inventories

            H2.  History

            H3.  Preservation Programs and Techniques

            H4.  Adaptive Reuse


I.  Community Facilities and Services

            I0.  General

            I1.  Water Systems and Resources

            I2.  Sewer Systems and Disposal

            I3.  Street Maintenance and Refuse Collection

            I4.  Solid Waste Management and Disposal

            I5.  Electricity

            I6.  Public Buildings and Siting

            I7.  Public Safety (Police)

            I8.  Fire Protection

            I9.  Public Health and Health Facilities

            I10.  Education (including University of Delaware)



J.  Recreation, Parks, and Open Space

            J0.  General

            J1.  Recreation

            J2.  Aesthetics

            J3.  Landscape Architecture and Beautification

            J4.  Open Space/Land Acquisition

            J5.  Bicycling


M.  Population

            M0.  General

            M1.  Population Characteristics

            M2.  Population Density, Projection, and Methodology


N.  Housing

            N0.  General

            N1.  Inventory, Characteristics, and Projections

            N2.  Construction

            N3.  Housing and Building Codes

            N4.  Special Housing


P.  Government and Public Administration

            P0.  General

            P1.  Delaware Legislation and Rulings

            P2.  Internal Organization and Management

            P3.  Intergovernmental Relations

            P4.  Legislative

            P5.  Executive

            P6.  Legal and Judiciary

            P7.  Community Organization and Action

            P8.  Politics

            P9.  Personnel and Labor Relations

            P10.  Public Policy Analysis


R.   Natural Resources and Environment

            R0.  General

            R1.  Soils, Geology, and Erosion

            R2.  Water Quality

            R3.  Industrial Wastes and Disposal

            R4.  Environmental Studies and Ecology

            R5.  Natural Resources (Mineral, Forestry, Fisheries, Wildlife)

            R6.  Energy


S.  Land Use

            S0.  General

            S1.  Land Use Studies

            S2.  Zoning Regulations and Studies

            S3.  Subdivision Regulations and Studies

            S4.  Annexation

            S5.  Flood Plain

            S6.  CBD

            S7.  Urban Design

            S8.  Site Planning and Architecture

            S9.  Plans


T.  Transportation

            T0.  General

            T1.  Highway Studies and Statistics (Plans)

            T2.  Traffic Engineering and Safety

            T3.  Parking

            T4.  Mass Transit


U.  Planning and Theory

            U0.  General

            U1.  Planning Theory

            U2.  Planning Bibliography

Regional Classification

1.  General

2.  Municipal

3.  County

4.  Metropolitan and Regional

5.  State

6.  Federal


UD Special Collections > Finding Aids > William J. Cohen Papers > Series Outline

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