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                        III. Teaching, University of Delaware, Instructor, 1978-2001

Cohen designed and taught courses for the University’s Department of Geography.  The courses ranged in topic from coastal planning and management issues to land ethics and ecological planning to principles of urban planning.  He also taught three courses in the Honors Program and an urban planning practicum.


            F1        Instructor, 1978-2001

Course list and syllabi for the courses that Cohen taught. 


            F2        Thank you letters

                        Letters from faculty thanking Cohen for presentations to various classes.





                        IV. W.J. Cohen Photography, 1985-1996 

After 1977 Cohen began to photograph sites for his company’s projects.  These early works were the beginning of a black and white and color transparency file, which later became a resource for lectures, presentations, and teaching.  From 1985-1987 he attended three photographic workshops in Maine that added to his knowledge and skill as a photographer.  From 1985 until 1996, Cohen ran a commercial photography business, specializing in architecture and construction progress.  These files contain slides, prints, and contact sheets.  Each image has an inventory code, which matches a negative file owned by Cohen.  Slides have a separate coding system with an inventory list.  An example of a code used for a contact sheet and a print is 92-35c-67-31.  This sequence means the image was made in 1992, is a 35 mm color print (black and white would not have the “c”), found on roll 67, and negative #31.  In addition, Cohen exhibited prints in the medium of heliography that used cyanotype and Van Dyke techniques. 


12        F1        General

Inventory list of Cohen’s first work in cyanotype and Van Dyke imagery (1977-1981) and some of the individuals who purchased his art as well as announcements for exhibitions.


F2        Published Photographs

IV. W.J. Cohen Photography, 1985-1996 (cont’d)


Maine Photographic Workshops, Rockport, Maine, 1985-1987

Contains materials about the commercial photographic and non-silver processes workshops Cohen attended.  He attended three workshops during consecutive summers. 


12        F3        1985

                        Reading list, various publications, and research notes.


            F4        1986

Information related to and correspondence with Michael A. Smith, a Bucks County, Pennsylvania, landscape photographer.


F5        1987

            Publications from the workshop.


            F6        Blue Rocks Stadium, Wilmington, 1993


            F7        Construction Progress Photography, General



Delle Donne Corporate Center and Plaza Garage, Wilmington, 1986-      1987 


            F8        I

Photographs and contact sheets taken during various stages of construction.


            F9        II

Photographs and contact sheets taken during various stages of construction.



13        F10      Plaza Garage, 1986-1987

Photographs and contact sheets taken during various stages of construction.


            F11      Gentle Winds, Galena, Maryland, 1985 

                        Slides and correspondence.


            F12      Mispillion Lighthouse, 1989

                        Sketches, photographs, negatives, and research materials.


            F13      North American Business Ventures, Inc., Delmarva Hay Road, 1991

                        Photographs, negatives, and contact sheets.

IV. W.J. Cohen Photography, 1985-1996 (cont’d)


                        One Christina Centre, Wilmington, 1988


13        F14      I

            Photographs taken during various stages of construction.


F15      II

            Photographs taken during various stages of construction.


F16      III

            Photographs taken during various stages of construction.



            F17      Spacecom, 1991

            Negatives and a brochure.


F18      Star States Tower, 1990

            Contact sheets.


F19      Wilmington Club, Renovations, 1994



F20      Winterthur Museum and Garden, 1990-1992

            Photographs, negatives, and contact sheets.


            F21      Color Slides, Inventory Codes



                        Color Slides, 35 mm

These slides were taken as part of planning projects, and each has an inventory code. 


            F22      I

Slides of the Chesapeake Bay, Curragh, Curtis Mill Farm, Delaware Shoreline—Getty-Delaware City, Delaware City (miscellaneous), Magnolia Town Hall, Newark, Queen Anne’s County Maryland, University of Delaware, White Clay Creek, and Fort Christina.


            F23      II

Slides of Historic Houses and Buildings, Historic Preservation Fund Project Prototype Buildings, and Wyoming, Delaware.


            F24      III

                        Slides of Office and Site Plan.


IV. W.J. Cohen Photography, 1985-1996 (cont’d)


13        F25      IV-A, 1992-1995

Slides for “A Vision for the Rivers, 1994,” the Christina River, and the Wilmington waterfront.


            F26      IV-B

Slides of the Christina River, the Wilmington waterfront, the Brandywine and Christina Rivers Task Force, Kentlands, the Nanticoke River, and Brandywine Creek Stabilization.


            F27      V

Inventory codes for Christina River Study, Port Mahon, and University of Delaware Parking Study.


            F28      VI

Inventory code for Delaware Urban Waterfront Project, 1978-1979.  These include categories for miscellaneous, New Castle, Delaware City, Newport, other sites such as Penns Landing, Camden, and Detroit, and Wilmington.


            F29      VII

                        Additional slides for the Delaware Urban Waterfront Project.



UD Special Collections > Finding Aids > William J. Cohen Papers > Series Outline

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