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The Emily Holmes Coleman Papers

1852 - 1988
(bulk dates 1930 - 1970)

Manuscript Collection Number: 105
Accessioned: Purchases, 1988-1997.
Extent: 50 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, diaries, poetry, stories, essays, novels, plays, photographs, clippings, passports, brochures, programs, report cards, printed material, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1989-1997 by Anita A. Wellner

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Table of Contents

Contents List

Series I. Personal and professional correspondence, 1919-1981

+ Biographical Note + Scope and Contents Note + Series Outline

Contents List

+ Series II.: Diaries and journals; Material written by Emily Coleman; Personal miscellany

+ Series III. - IV.: Material written by Emily Coleman; Personal miscellany

+ Series V. - VII.: Materials written by individuals other than Coleman; Photographs; Family Correspondence and papers

+ Supplement and Appendices: Supplement; Appendix A, List of Poems; Appendix B, List of Correspondence

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1         Series I.  Personal and professional correspondence, 1919-1981
               Emily Holmes Coleman developed a large number of correspondents
               during her lifetime.  This series includes correspondence from friends,
               literary figures, her two husbands, and others.  It also contains some of her
               letters to Loyd Ring Coleman, Phyllis Jones, and Gay Taylor.  Also
               included are letters sent to others by way of Coleman, for example letters
               from Djuna Barnes to Phyllis Jones.  The family correspondence is found
               in Series VII (Boxes 131-143).  Arranged alphabetically by correspondent
               and chronologically within subseries.  ca. 8,700 items (31,870 pp.).

          Series I.1.  Letters from George Barker, 1935-1964
               English poet George Barker wrote to Coleman of their friendship, his
               poetry and personal  life. Some of the letters critique Coleman's poems.
               Barker's poem, "To A Child," (F7) is included in a letter. Also includes
               letters from Barker's wife, Jessica, to Coleman.  See Appendix B for an
               itemized list of this correspondence.  See also the supplement for a copy of
               Barker's poem "MCMXXV."  102 items (243 pp.)
     F1   1935
     F2   1936 Jan-May
     F3   1936 Jun-Dec
     F4   1937
     F5   1938-1939
     F6   1940-1953
     F7   1954
     F8   1955-1966

2         Series I.2.  Djuna Barnes letters to Coleman, 1934-1974
               Djuna Barnes, American novelist and essayist, was a close friend of Emily
               Coleman in the 1930s.  Her letters to Coleman contain substantial personal
               and literary information.  Barnes discusses Nightwood, her writing,
               Coleman's writing, mutual friends, and her personal life.  Drafts of
               Coleman's letters to T. S. Eliot, supporting the publication of Nightwood,
               are included.  See Appendix B for an itemized list of correspondence.  See
               also the supplement (F1657) which includes one letter from Barnes to
               Coleman and two long letters from Coleman to Barnes analyzing their
               relationship.  276 items (916 pp.)
     F9   1934
     F10  1935 May-Jun
     F11       Jul-Sep
     F12       Oct-Dec
     F13  1935 Note:  Coleman's letters to T. S. Eliot regarding Nightwood.

3    F14  1936 Jan-Feb 13
     F15       Feb 25-Mar
     F16       Apr
     F17       May
     F18       Jul 4-14
     F19       Jul 15-22
     F20       Jul 25-28
     F21  1936 Aug
     F22       Sep
     F23       Oct-Nov
     F24       Dec

4    F25  1937 Jan
     F26       Feb
     F27       Mar
     F28       Apr-Jun
     F29       Jul 2-19
     F30       Jul 24-30
     F31       Aug
     F32       Sep
     F33       Oct-Dec
     F34  1938 Jan-May 21
     F35       May 24-Jun
     F36       Jul
     F37       Aug
     F38       Aug 19-Sep
     F39       Oct
     F40       Nov-Dec

5    F41  1939 Jan-Feb 4
     F42       Feb28-Mar 20
     F43       Jun
     F44       Jul
     F45       Aug-Nov 17
     F46       Nov 27 - 1940 Jan 1
     F47  1940 Jan 19-Feb 5
     F48       Feb 17-Mar 25
     F49       Mar 30-Apr 25
     F50       Jul 9-Aug 3
     F51       Aug 20-Sep
     F52       Oct-Nov
     F53  1941 Jan-Feb
     F54       Mar-May
     F55       Jun-Aug
     F56       Oct-Dec
6   F57  1942 Mar-May
     F58       Jun-Aug 8
     F59       Aug 18-Sep
     F60       Oct- Dec
     F61  1943-1947
     F62  1948-1949
     F63  1950-1951 Jan 22
     F64  1951 Jan 26-Jun 9
     F65       Jun 14-Oct
     F66  1953 Feb - 1954 Oct
     F67  1954 Dec - 1956 Jun
     F68  1957-1959
     F69  1960-1962
     F70  1964-1967
     F71  1968-1970 May
     F72  1970 Jun-1974 and [n.d.]

7         Series I.3.  Djuna Barnes letters to Peggy Guggenheim, 1935 and 1954
               Letters from Barnes to Guggenheim, who supported Barnes financially. 
               See Appendix B for an itemized list of correspondence.  2 items (7 pp.) 

     F 73 1935 and 1954

          Series I.4.  Djuna Barnes letters to Phyllis Jones, 1938-1981
               Phyllis Jones was Emily Coleman's best friend throughout her life. 
               Barnes's letters, predominantly from the 1970s, reflect on Emily Coleman,
               her death, and the deaths of other mutual friends.  See Appendix B for an
               itemized list of this correspondence.  37 items (46 pp.)

     F74  1938 and 1970
     F75  1971-1974
     F76  1975-1976
     F77  1977-1979
     F78  1980-1981 and [n.d.]

8         Series I.5.  Letters from Raffaele Bianchetti, 1931-1954
               This Italian writer was a friend to Emily Coleman and is the main
               character in Tygon.  Most of the correspondence is in Italian.  A poem by
               Bianchetti is included in one letter.  51 items (139 pp.)

     F79  1931-1932 Jun
     F80  1932 Jul-Dec
     F81  1933-1934

          Series I.6.  Sylvio [Lorenzo] Burlamaqui-Mee letters to Coleman, 1954-1959
               An artist with a connection to the Thule Art Gallery, Burlamaqui-Mee was
               a friend of Emily Coleman.  Includes several photographs and a drawing
               by Mee.  Also correspondence from "Anita" and Malcolm Williamson are
               included here.  See also the supplement (F1658) for one letter from
               Coleman to Burlamaqui-Mee.  82 items (250 pp.)

     F82  1954
     F83  1955 Jan-Mar
     F84  1955 Jun - 1956 May
     F85  1956 Jun - 1957
     F86  1958 Jan-Feb
     F87  1958 Apr - 1959
     F88  [n.d.]

          Series I.7.  Sylvio [Lorenzo] Burlamaqui-Mee letters to John H. Coleman,
          Also includes two letters to John from Chris Hellin.  11 items (27 pp.)

     F89  1955-1958

          Series I.8.  Sylvio [Lorenzo] Burlamaqui-Mee letters to Phyllis Jones 1955-1958
               7 items (14 pp.)

     F90  1955-1958

          Series I.9.  Loyd [Deak] Ring Coleman letters to Emily Coleman, 1921-1966
               Loyd Ring Coleman, Emily's first husband and an American writer, wrote
               to her throughout her life, even after their divorce.  Also included here are
               several photographs and letters from Louise Coleman.  128 items (294 pp.)

     F91  1920
     F92  1921-1926
     F93  1932-1939
     F94  1940-1966
     F95  [n.d.]
     F96  [n.d.]

          Series I.10.  Loyd Ring Coleman letters to John H. Coleman, 1940-1962
               Consists of letters from Loyd Ring Coleman to his son.  7 items (13 pp.)

     F97  1940-1962

 10       Series I.11.  Emily Coleman letters to Loyd Ring Coleman, 1920-1969
               Coleman's early letters describe her travels in Europe in the 1920s and
               1930s, as well as her poetry and thoughts about writing.  Her letters are
               similar to her detailed journals entries.  Several letters from Nina Donn to
               Loyd Coleman are included.  See also the supplement (F1659) for two
               letters from Emily Coleman to Coleman.  132 items (558 pp.)

     F98  1920 Jun
     F99       Jul
     F100 1925-1930
     F101 1930
     F102 1931-1969
     F103 [n.d.]
     F104 [n.d.]
     F105 [n.d.]
     F106 [n.d.]
     F107 [n.d.]
     F108 [n.d.]

          *See supplement (F1660) for letter from Coleman to Commonweal, 1948

          *See supplement (F1661) for letter from Coleman to Cyril Connolly, [n.d.]
           Series I.12.  Dorothy Day letters to Emily Coleman, 1947-1971
               Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker Movement and editor of
               Catholic Worker, writes of her work as well as daily life.  Also includes a
               letter from Day to Jacques Maritain, a letter from Mary Roberts to Day,
               and a letter from Coleman to Day.  See also supplement (F1662) for a
               letter Coleman to Day.  55 items (100 pp.)

     F109 1947-1959
     F110 1962-1968
     F111 1970-1971 and [n.d.]

          Series I.13.  Nina Donn letters to Emily Coleman, 1940-1968
               Donn was a nanny to Coleman's son.  Also includes letters from Donn to
               Mr. Holmes (Emily's father), letters from Olga Donn, clippings, and
               photographs.  91 items (240 pp.).  

     F112 1940-1941
     F113 1945
     F114 1946-1947
     F115 1948-1949
     F116 1950-1951
     F117 1954-1955
     F118 1957-1964
     F119 1965-1968

12        Series I.14.  John Farrell letter to Emily Coleman, 1943
                1 item (8 pp.)

     F120 1943 Jun 28

          Series I.15.  Wes H. and Mrs. Nellie Freligh letters to Coleman, 1949-1964
               Friends of Emily Coleman and her Aunt Eunice, whom she supported
               financially.  Includes letters from the Frelighs to Coleman and a letter from
               Coleman to Nellie Freligh.  51 items (114 pp.)

     F121 1949-1955
     F122 1956-1959
     F123 1960-1964
          Series I.16.  Eleanore Gage [Callan] letters to Emily Coleman, 1947-1966
               Correspondence between Coleman and her friend Eleanore Gage, as well
               as photographs and a train schedule.  120 items (508 pp.)

     F124 1947-1948
     F125 1949 Jan-Apr
     F126      May-Jul
     F127      Aug-Nov
     F128 1950 Jan-Jul
     F129      Aug-Nov
     F130 1951

13   F131 1952-1959
     F132 1960-1970 and [n.d.]

          Series I.17.  William Alexander Gerhardi letters to Coleman, 1934-1935
               Writer of the book Resurrection.  2 items (5 pp.)

     F133 1934-1935

          *See supplement (F1663) for letters from Emma Goldman to Coleman, 1925-1938

          Series I.18.  Peggy Guggenheim letters to Coleman, 1934-1968
               Peggy Guggenheim  was a Coleman's friend, a financial supporter of
               Djuna Barnes, patron of the arts, and a writer.  Includes Guggenheim's
               letters to Coleman, plus letters from Kay Boyle, Hugh Kingsmill and
               George Barker to Guggenheim.  There are also letters from Guggenheim to
               Phyllis Jones and Mr. Holmes, as well as clippings, photographs, printed
               items, and letters from Pegeen Vail to Coleman.  See supplement (F1664)
               for two letters from Coleman to Guggenheim.  140 items (524 pp.)

     F134 1934
     F135 1935 Feb-Jul
     F136      Aug-Dec
     F137 1936 Jan-Apr
     F138      May-Dec
     F139 1937

     F140 1938
     F141 1939
     F142 1940
     F143 1941
     F144 1942-1943
     F145 1944-1945
     F146 1953-1956
     F147 1960-1961
     F148 1963-1968
     F149 [n.d.]

15        Series I.19.  Sonia Ginsberg Himmel letters to Coleman, 1928-1951
               Himmel was an early friend of Coleman and Djuna Barnes, and a close
               friend to Peggy Guggenheim, with whom her wealthy family was
               connected.  Includes clippings, a letter from Virgil Geddes to Coleman, a
               letter from Emily Coleman's mother, and photographs.  Also includes
               letters from Himmel to Mr. Holmes, letters from "Nan" to Himmel, and a
               letter from "Henrietta" to Coleman.  304 items (981 pp.)

     F150 1928-1929
     F151 1930 Jan-Aug
     F152      Sep-Dec
     F153 1931
     F154 1932-1934
     F155 1935 Jan-Jun
     F156      Jul-Nov
     F157 1936
     F158 1937

16   F159 1938-1939
     F160 1940
     F161 1941
     F162 1942
     F163 1943 Jan-Jun
     F164      Jul-Dec
     F165 1944 Jan-Jun
     F166      Jul-Sep
     F167      Oct-Dec

17   F168 1945 Jan-Feb
     F169      Mar-May
     F170      Jun-Dec
     F171 1946 Jan
     F172      Feb-Dec
     F173 1947-1951
     F174 [n.d.]
     F175 [n.d.]

18        Series I.20.  Samuel [Peter] Hoare letters to Coleman, 1929-1973
               A close British friend of Coleman's throughout her life.  Includes
               clippings, poems, letters to Hoare from John Coleman and Lance
               Sieveking, and copies of some of the Kingsmill-Holms correspondence. 
               Also includes letters from Dorothy Navarro and Phyllis Jones to Coleman
               and a letter to Mr. Holmes from Hoare.  See also the supplement (F1665)
               for letters from Hoare to Coleman.  446 items (1,442 pp.)

     F176 1929-1930
     F177 1931 Jan
     F178      Feb-Mar
     F179      Apr-May
     F180      Jun-Aug
     F181      Oct - 1932 Mar
     F182 1932 Apr-Aug

19   F183 1933 - 1934 Jul
     F184 1934 Oct-Dec
     F185 1935
     F186 1936-1937
     F187 1938
     F188 1941-1949
     F189 1950-1952
     F190 1953-1954

20   F191 1955
     F192 1956-1957
     F193 1958
     F194 1959
     F195 1960
     F196 1961-1962
     F197 1963
     F198 1964

21   F199 1965
     F200 1966
     F201 1967
     F202 1968-1973
     F203 [n.d.]
          Series I.21.  Samuel Hoare letters to John Coleman, 1938-1971
               12 items (23 pp.)

     F204 1938-1971

          Series I.22.  Samuel Hoare letters to Peggy Guggenheim and Phyllis Jones,
               1936 and 1956
               2 items (3 pp.)

     F205 1936 and 1956

22        Series I.23.  Dorothy Holms letters to Coleman, 1934-1947
               Wife of John Holms when they met Peggy Guggenheim and Emily
               Coleman in 1928 at Emma Goldman's house in St. Tropez.  She wrote
               symbolic poetry, several of which are included.  Also includes poems by
               Beatrix Holms.  See also the supplement (F1667) for an incomplete letter
               from Coleman to Holms.  22 items (130 pp.)

     F206 1934
     F207 1947 and [n.d.]

          Series I.24.  Dorothy Holms letters to Peggy Guggenheim, 1937
               Includes the transcripts of several 1937 letters from John Holms to Hugh
               Kingsmill.  5 items (29 pp.)

     F208 1937

          Series I.25.  John Holms letters to Coleman, 1930-1932
               British writer and Coleman's friend, as well as the second "husband" to
               Guggenheim (although never officially married).  A friend of Edwin Muir
               and Hugh Kingsmill.  Includes poems in Holms's hand.  16 items (55 pp.)

     F209 1930-1932

          *See supplement (F1666-1668) for Coleman's letters to John Holms, 1928-1933

          Series I.26.  Transcripts of John Holms letters to Hugh Kingsmill, 1919-1920
                Some of these letters were published in England in the late 1930s in a
                memorial volume to Holms.  The transcripts include autograph notes by
                Coleman and her suggestions for the book.  6 items (111 pp.)

     F210 1919-1920

          *See supplement (F1669) for letters from H. T. Hopkinson to Coleman, 1936-1988

          Series I.27.  Alice Hutin letters to Coleman 1955-1957
               Friend to Emily Coleman.  Includes a letter from "Maryvonne" to
               Coleman.  10 items (26 pp.)

     F211 1955-1957

          Series I.28.  Martha Johnson letters to Coleman, 1951-1968
               Includes clippings.  48 items (135 pp.)

     F212 1951-1953
     F213 1954-1959
     F214 1962-1964
     F215 1965-1968

23        Series I.29.  Phyllis Jones letters to Coleman, 1934-1972 and 1982
               Phyllis Jones was Coleman's closest friend and confidant, with whom she
               discussed all aspects of her life and friends. Also includes letters to Jones
               from other persons, including John Coleman, Samuel Hoare, Sylvio
               Burlamaqui, Cramptons, "Joan", as well as letters addressed to "Dorothy
               Disc" (Jones's advice column pseudonym).  There is also a letter from
               Lady Susan Chitty to Jones (1982), which includes a photograph of Djuna
               Barnes.  Letters to Coleman from "A," the Constable, and others are also
               found in this material.  This letters also include clippings, photographs,
               and religious pamphlets.  See also supplement (F1670) for letters from
               Jones to Coleman and a copy of Jones's birth certificate.  1,708 items
               (5,343 pp.)

     F216 1934 - 1935 Feb
     F217 1935 Mar-Sep
     F218 1936-1937
     F219 1938
     F220 1939 Jan-Jun 

24   F221 1939 Jul-Aug   
     F222      Sep-Dec
     F223 1940
     F224 1941
     F225 1942-1946
     F226 1947-1949
     F227 1950-1953
     F228 1954 May     F229      Jun-Jul
     F230      Nov-Dec

25   F231 1955 Jan-Feb
     F232      Mar
     F233      Apr
     F234      May
     F235      Jun
     F236      Jul
     F237      Aug 2-16
     F238      Aug 19-31
     F239      Sep

26   F240 1956 Jan-Jun 19
     F241      Jun 20-30
     F242      Jul
     F243      Aug
     F244      Sep
     F245      Oct
     F246      Nov
     F247      Dec

27   F248 1957 Jan
     F249      Feb 3-13
     F250      Feb 18-28
     F251      Mar
     F252      Apr
     F253      Jun
     F254      Jul 1-11
     F255      Jul 13-22
     F256      Jul 23-31

28   F257 1957 Aug 1-16
     F258      Aug 17-30
     F259      Sep
     F260 1957 Oct 1-12
     F261      Oct 15-30
     F262      Nov
     F263      Dec 2-13
     F264      Dec 16-30

29   F265 1958 Jan
     F266      Feb
     F267      Mar 1-16
     F268      Mar 17-31
     F269      Apr
     F270      May
     F271      Jun
     F272      Jul

30   F273 1958 Aug 1-17
     F274      Aug 18-31
     F275      Sep 1-16
     F276      Sep 17-30
     F277      Oct 1-13
     F278      Oct 15-30
     F279      Nov
     F280      Dec
     F281 1959 Jan 2-15
     F282      Jan 19-31
     F283      Feb

31   F284 1959 Mar-Apr
     F285      May
     F286      Jun
     F287      Jul
     F288      Aug
     F289      Sep 1-17
     F290      Sep 18-30
     F291      Oct
     F292      Nov 1-14
     F293      Nov 15-30
     F294      Dec

32   F295 1960 Jan
     F296      Feb
     F297      Mar
     F298      Apr 2-11
     F299 1960 Apr 13-30
     F300      Jun
     F301      Jul 4-17
     F302      Jul 20-30
     F303      Sep
     F304      Dec

33   F305 1961-1962
     F306 1963-1965
     F307 1966 Jan-Jun
     F308      Jul-Sep
     F309      Oct-Dec
     F310 1967 Jan-Mar
     F311      Apr-May
     F312      Jun-Jul
     F313      Aug-Oct
     F314      Nov-Dec

34   F315 1968 Jan-Feb
     F316      Mar
     F317      Apr
     F318      May
     F319      Jun
     F320      Jul
     F321      Aug-Sep
     F322      Oct-Dec
     F323 1969 Jan-May
     F324      Jun-Dec

35   F325 1970 Jan-May
     F326      Jun-Aug
     F327      Sep-Dec
     F328 1971 Jan-Jul
     F329      Aug-Dec
     F330 1972 Jan-May
     F331      Jun-Dec
     F332 1973 Jan-Mar
     F333      Apr-Dec
     F334 1974      Note: also includes a 1982 letter to Jones from Lady Chitty.
36   F335 [n.d.]
     F336 [n.d.]
     F337 [n.d.]
     F338 [n.d.]
     F339 [n.d.]
     F340 [n.d.]

          Series I.30.  Emily Coleman letters to Phyllis Jones, 1935-1973
               Includes letters from John Coleman, "Malcolm," Dunstan Coleman, "Bill,"
               Sylvio, Margaret Clutton, and "Joe," as well as letters to Coleman which
               she forwarded to Jones.  Also includes numerous poems written by Emily
               Coleman, clippings, religious brochures, photographs, and drawings by
               Dunstan and Charlotte Coleman.  See also supplement (F1670) for other
               letters from Coleman to Jones. 1,947 items (10,524 pp.)

37   F341 1935 Jan-Feb
     F342      Mar-Apr
     F343      May-Dec
     F344 1936
     F345 1937
     F346 1938 Jan-Aug
     F347      Oct-Dec

38   F348 1939 Jan-Apr
     F349      May-Jul
     F350      Aug-Nov
     F351 1940
     F352 1941
     F353 1942-1944
     F354 1945-1947
     F355 1948-1949

39   F356 1950-1953
     F357 1954 Jan-Jun
     F358      Jul-Dec

40   F359 1955 Jan-Mar
     F360      Apr
     F361      May
     F362      Jun
     F363      Jul
     F364 1955 Aug
     F365      Sep-Oct

41   F366 1956 Jan-Jun
     F367      Jul
     F368      Aug
     F369      Sep-Oct
     F370      Nov
     F371      Dec

42   F372 1957 Jan
     F373      Feb
     F374      Mar
     F375      Apr

43   F376 1957 Jun
     F377      Jul
     F378      Aug
     F379      Sep 2-14
     F380      Sep 15-30
     F381      Oct

44   F382 1957 Nov     F383      Dec
     F384 1958 Jan 1-15
     F385      Jan 16-25
     F386      Feb 1-14
     F387      Feb 16-28

45   F388 1958 Mar 2-15
     F389      Mar 16-31
     F390      Apr
     F391      May
     F392      Jun
     F393      Jul
     F394      Aug

46   F395 1958 Sep
     F396      Oct
     F397      Nov
     F398      Dec
     F399 1959 Jan 2-16
     F400      Jan 22-30
     F401      Feb
     F402      Mar
     F403      Apr
     F404      May
     F405      Jun
     F406      Jul

48   F407 1959 Aug
     F408      Sep
     F409      Oct
     F410      Nov
     F411      Dec
     F412 1960 Jan
     F413      Feb

49   F414 1960 Mar
     F415      Apr
     F416      May
     F417      Jun
     F418      Jul
     F419      Sep-Dec

50   F420 1961
     F421 1962
     F422 1963 Jan-Aug
     F423      Sep-Dec
     F424 [1961-1963]
     F425 [1961-1963]
     F426 [1961-1963]

51   F427 1964 Jan-Jun
     F428      Jul-Oct
     F429 1965 Jan-May
     F430      Jun-Dec
     F431 1966-1967
     F432 1968 Mar
     F433      Apr-May
     F434      Jun-Jul
     F435 1969 May-Dec
     F436 1970 Jan-May
     F437      Jun-Sep
     F438      Oct-Dec
     F439 1971 Jan-Jun
     F440      Jul-Dec
     F441 1972 Jan-Jun
     F442      Jul-Dec
     F443 1973
     F444 [n.d.]
     F445 [n.d.]
     F446 [n.d.]
     F447 [n.d.]
     F448 1937-1957 Note:  Letters to Jones from other individuals.   

53        Series I.31.  Hugh Kingsmill [Lunn] letters to Coleman and Peggy
               Guggenheim, 1934-1941
               Kingsmill was literary editor of the New Statesman.  His letters concern
               transcripts of letters from John Holms to Hugh Kingsmill.  See Appendix
               B for an itemized list of this correspondence.  6 items (14 pp.)

     F449 1934-1937 and 1941

          *See supplement (1671) for two letters from Coleman to Kurn, [n.d.]

          Series I.32.  Robert Liddell letters to Coleman, 1960-1972
               Includes a letter to Coleman from Olivia Manning, a letter to Liddell from
               George Warner-Allen, and a letter to "Betty" from Liddell; plus clippings,
               photographs, exhibition announcement for Charles Soup, and poems, "A
               Bible-Story for Olivia Manning" and "Oral Tradition."  317 items (823

     F450 1960
     F451 1961
     F452 1962
     F453 1963

54   F454 1964
     F455 1965
     F456 1966
     F457 1967
     F458 1968-1972
     F459 Photographs, [n.d.]
     F460 [n.d.]        
          Series I.33.  Iverach MacDonald letters to Coleman, 1934-1936
               Includes poetry by MacDonald, photographs, clippings, and a proof for
               "Gathering and Shearing."  15 items (64 pp.)

     F461 1934-1936

          Series I.34.  Jacques and Raissa Maritain letters to Coleman, 1942-1969
               Jacques Maritain was a French Catholic philosopher and writer.  His wife
               Raissa was a poet and writer.  Includes clippings, poems and drawings by
               Emily Coleman, Coleman's essay on the Maritains, letters from Coleman
               to the Maritains, as well as letters to Emily Coleman from Margaret
               Sumner, Hernan F. Luniga, and Sr. Marie Pascale.  Also includes a letter
               from Jacques Maritain to Mary Roberts and a letter to Jacques Maritain
               from Didier, bearing notes by Maritain.  156 items (357 pp.)

     F462 1942-1944
     F463 1945-1948
     F464 1949-1953
     F465 1954-1961
     F466 1962
     F467 1963
     F468 1964-1966
     F469 1968-1969
     F470 [n.d.]
     F471 Miscellaneous material related to Maritain, 1942-1966

56        Series I.35.  Jacques and Raissa Maritain letters to John Coleman, 1953-1962
               Also includes a letter from the Maritains to John's wife, Gloria, and a
               letter from Giroux to Jacques Maritain.  17 items (25 pp.)

     F472 1953-1962

          Series I.36.  Elva dePue Matthews letters to Coleman, 1945-1967
               American writer.  Includes a translation by Matthews.  49 items (127 pp.)

     F473 1945 Jan-Sep
     F474      Oct-Dec
     F475 1946-1948
     F476 1949-1951
     F477 1952-1967
     F478 [n.d.]
          Series I.37.  Maryvonne Morel letters to Coleman 1949-1958
               Includes a letter from Joyce Morel to Coleman.  12 items (60 pp.)

     F479 1949 and 1957-1958

          *See supplement (F1672) for a letter from Coleman to the New Statesman,

          *See supplement (F1673) for a note from Cardinal Newman to an
               unidentified person, [n.d.]

          Series I.38.  P.R., Leonard letters to Coleman, 1955-1956
               Unidentified friend of Coleman.  5 items (14 pp.)

     F480 1955-1956

          Series I.39.  Kathleen Raine letters to Coleman, 1953-1962
               Raine was a poet and wife of Humphrey Jennings.  The relationship
               between Raine and Coleman was strained because Coleman had an affair
               with Jennings in the mid 1930s, when he and Raine were married. 
               Includes draft of "Script for Reading at Humphrey Jennings Exhibition"
               and a clipping with poetry by Raine (with her autograph notes).  See
               Appendix B for an itemized list of this correspondence.  9 items (33 pp.)

     F481 "Script for Reading at Humphrey Jennings Exhibition," [n.d.]
     F482 Letters, 1953-1962

          Series I.40.  Erle S. Remington letters to Coleman, 1925-1926
               15 items (31 pp.)

     F483 1925-1926 and [n.d.]

         Series I.41.  Mary Roberts letters to Emily Coleman, 1948-1966
               F486 contains letters written by Coleman, returned to her by Roberts. 
               Includes letters to Roberts from George Monroe, Cyril Carney, Mary,
               Betty, Anna, Eric, and Gwynne, as well as a letter to Coleman from
               Kenneth Little, photographs, and clippings.  130 items (635 pp.)

     F484 1948-1952
     F485 1953      Jan-Apr
     F486      May-Dec
     F487 1954
     F488 1955-1959
     F489 1960 Apr
     F490 1960-1963

          *See supplement (F1674) for a letter to Coleman from George Routledge &
               Sons, Ltd., 1930

58        Series I.42.  Annette E. Ryan letters to Coleman, 1946-1967
               Ryan was a friend of Coleman.  Includes clippings and a letter to Ryan
               from Mary.  87 items (243 pp.)

     F491 1946-1952
     F492 1958-1959
     F493 1960-1961
     F494 1962-1963
     F495 1964-1967 and [n.d.]

59        Series I.43.  John W. [Jake] Scarborough letters to Coleman, 1939-1944
               Jake Scarborough, Coleman's second husband, was an Arizona rancher. 
               Includes a letter to Coleman from Mrs. Harkey.  79 items (196 pp.)

     F496 1939-1940
     F497 1942
     F498 1943 Jan
     F499      Feb-Dec
     F500 1944
          Series I.44.  George O. Schoonhoven letters to Coleman, 1926
               American educator and poet.  Includes clippings of his published poetry
               and a memorial program for him.  17 items (52 pp.)

     F501 1926

60        Series I.45.  Eric and Mary Siepmann letters to Coleman, 1935-1970
               Mary Siepmann, a noted British novelist whose pseudonym was Mary
               Wesley, had her first novel published in 1983 at the age of 71.  Eric
               Siepmann was also an author.  Includes Eric Siepmann's story, "The
               Conversion of Russia," a list of themes for "The Love-Killer," two poems,
               "Winter Hymn" and "I Loved These," as well as a letter to Coleman from
               Julia.  227 items (797 pp.)

     F502 1935-1955
     F503 1956
     F504 1957
     F505 1958 Jan-Jul
     F506      Aug-Dec
     F507 1959 Jan-Mar
     F508      Apr-Jul
     F509      Sep-Dec

61   F510 1960 Jan-Jul
     F511      Aug-Sep
     F512      Oct-Dec
     F513 1961
     F514 1962
     F515 1963-1965
     F516 1968-1970
     F517 [n.d.]

          Series I.46.  Emily Coleman letters to the Siepmanns, 1956-1960
               12 items (56 pp.)

     F518 1956-1960
          Series I.47.  Alex Small letters to Coleman, 1926- 1953
               Editor of the Chicago Tribune in Paris during the 1930s, Small was part of
               Coleman's literary circle.  Includes letters from Coleman to Small,
               clippings of Small's articles in the Chicago Tribune, and poems ("Three
               Score and Ten," "The Eternal Answer," "To the Imagists," "Lines on
               Graduating From College," and "Earth-Bound").  130 items (185 pp.)

     F519 1926-1927
     F520 1933-1939 and 1953
     F521 Coleman letters to Small, [n.d.]
     F522 Poems by Small, [n.d.]
     F523 Clippings, [n.d.]

          *See supplement (F1675) for a letter from Stevie Smith to Coleman, 1966

63        Series I.48.  Helen M. Stansbury letters to Coleman, 1939-1967
               A friend of Coleman's, her letters include a letter to her from the Lovelace
               Foundation, clippings, and a brochure for Theatre Arts.  62 items (298 pp.)

     F524 1939-1940
     F525 1941-1944
     F526 1945-1950
     F527 1951-1955
     F528 1956-1967 and [n.d.]

64        Series I.49.  James Stern letters to Coleman, 1942-1944
               A British writer.  3 items (6 pp.)

     F529 1942-1944

          Series I.50.  Jimmy Stevenson letters to John and Gloria Coleman, 1956-1958
               Peggy Guggenheim's son in law, husband to Pegeen.  8 items (19 pp.)

     F530 1956-1958

          Series I.51.  Marshall E. Suther letters to Emily Coleman, 1943-1949
               Suther's letters describe his duties during World War II.  5 items (42 pp.)

     F531 1943-1949

65       Series I.52.  Gay Taylor letters to Coleman, 1958-1971
               Gay Taylor, her husband Geoffrey Taylor, and Alfred Coppard founded
               the Golden Cockerell Press.  These letters deal with writers, books being
               published, and spiritualism (Gay Taylor was an astrologer).  Includes
               poems by Coleman, a letter from Taylor to Beatrix Holms, clippings, and
               several items to "Blee."  167 items (376 pp.)

     F532 1958 Nov
     F533      Dec
     F534 1959 Jun-Oct
     F535      Nov-Dec
     F536 1960 Jan-May
     F537      Jun-Sep
     F538      Oct-Dec
     F539 1961
     F540 1962-1966
     F541 1967-1971 and [n.d.]
     F542 Miscellaneous

66        Series I.53.  Emily Coleman letters to Gay Taylor, 1959-1970
               A serious disagreement between Taylor and Coleman occurred when
               Coleman converted to Catholicism.  Taylor, as a leading figure in the
               spiritualist movement in England, and Coleman could find little common
               ground.  Taylor returned Coleman's letters when their friendship ended. 
               Includes clippings and three letters from Beatrix Holms to Taylor.  Box 67
               consists entirely of Coleman's "Documents I-IX," which she had sent to
               Taylor.  These documents are titled "Excerpts for Diary Relating to 
               Gay-Sebastian-Emily" and begin on June 9, 1959.  122 items (676 pp.)  

     F543 1958 Nov-Dec
     F544 1959 Jan-May
     F545      Jun-Jul
     F546      Aug
     F547      Sep-Dec
     F548 1960
     F549 1961-1970 and [n.d.]

     F550 "Documents I," 1959
     F551 "Documents II and III," 1959
     F552 "Documents IV and V," 1959
     F553 "Documents VI and VII," 1959
     F554 "Documents VIII and IX," 1959
          Also includes letters from Beatrix Holms Snell to Taylor.

          Series I.54.  Geoffrey Taylor letters to Coleman, 1953-1954
               Printer of Golden Cockerell Press.  Includes tear sheets of poems by Gay
               Taylor.  4 items (10 pp.)

     F555 1953-1954

68        Series I.55.  Dylan and Caitlan Thomas letters to Coleman, 1937 and 1962
               Dylan Thomas was a British poet, his wife Caitlan Thomas was also a
               writer.  Includes four letters from Dylan Thomas to Coleman and one letter
               from Caitlan Thomas (1962).  See Appendix B for an itemized list of this
               correspondence.  5 items (15 pp.)

     F556 1937 and 1962

          Series I.56.  Emily Mosser Tompkins letters to Coleman, 1943-1944
               Includes poems by Tompkins.  8 items (17 pp.)

     F557 1943-1944 and [n.d.]

          Series I.57.  Edwin Ver Becke letters to Coleman, 1944-1946
               Includes drawings and a photograph of Elmer Gibson.  20 items (91 pp.)

     F558 1944-1946

          Series I.58.  Eleanor Walker letters to Coleman, 1944-1951
               9 items (18 pp.)

     F559 1944-1951

          Series I.59.  Antonia White (Mrs. E. A. Hopkinson) letters to Coleman, 1934-1969
               An English novelist and part of the Hayford Hall literary circle, White was
               a close friend of Dorothy Holms.  Her letters refer to John Holms and
               Edwin Muir.  Includes photographs, letters from Coleman to White, a
               letter from White to Phyllis Jones, a letter from Victor White to Coleman,
               and White's poem, "Sed Tedium Did Verb."  475 items (1,507 pp.)

     F560 1934-1936
     F561 1937-1940
     F562 1943-1944
     F563 1945
     F564 1946
     F565 1947-1949
     F566 1950-1952

70   F567 1953 Apr-Aug
     F568      Sep-Dec
     F569 1954
     F570 1955
     F571 1956
     F572 1957
     F573 1958 Jan-May
     F574      Jun-Dec

71   F575 1959
     F576 1960
     F577 1961
     F578 1962 Jan-Jul
     F579 1963
     F580 1964
     F581 1965-1969
     F582 [n.d.]

72        Series I.60.  Victor White letters to Emily Coleman, 1948-1960
               Includes notes and a letter from Coleman to White.  51 items (58 pp.)

     F583 1948-1949
     F584 1950-1956
     F585 1957-1960
     F586 [n.d.]

          *See supplement (F1677) letters to Coleman from Malcolm Williamson, plus
                              music composed by Williamson, 1956-195872        
          Series I.61.  Beatrix [Holms] Wright letters to Coleman, 1947-1973
               Sister to John Holms, Wright's correspondence reflects on John as well as
               Peggy Guggenheim, Djuna Barnes, and others of the Hayford Hall circle. 
               She was also a part of the spiritualist group which included Kathleen
               Raine and Iris Murdoch.  Includes letters from Coleman to Wright, poetry
               by Coleman and Wright, drawings, clippings, letters from Gay Taylor to
               Wright or Coleman, a War Department note to John Holms, and letters to
               Wright from Lance Sieveking and V.G. Driver.  Also includes a letter
               from Wright to John Holms (1922), a letter from E. Cotrell to John Holms,
               a letter to Coleman from Saam Destoor, and a galley proof of work by
               Stanley Spencer.  558 items (1,931 pp.)

     F587 1947
     F588 1959
     F589 1960 Jan
     F590      Feb-Apr
     F591      May-Jun
     F592      Jul-Sep
     F593      Oct-Dec
     F594 1961 Jan-Feb
     F595      Mar

73   F596 1961 Apr
     F597      May-Jul
     F598      Aug-Dec
     F599 1962 Jan-May
     F600      Jun-Jul
     F601      Aug-Dec
     F602 1963 Jan-Apr
     F603      May-Dec

74   F604 1964 Jan-Aug
     F605      Nov-Dec
     F606 1965 Jan-Aug
     F607      Sep-Dec
     F608 1966 Jan-May
     F609      Jun-Sep
     F610      Oct-Dec

75   F611 1967 Jan-Mar
     F612      Apr-Jun
     F613      Jul-Sep
     F614      Oct-Dec
     F615 1968 Jan-Apr
     F616      May-Dec
     F617 1969
     F618 1970-1973
     F619 [n.d.]

76        Series I.62.  Miscellaneous correspondence, 1937-1974
               Correspondents include J. Aranguren, Donn, Olga, Henrietta Harkey, Noel
               Moulton, Jeffie Moore, Nellie, Mrs. L. F. E. Turgeon, Kenan Carey,
               Jeannie Duhart, Lee and Jane Rittenhouse, Dionisio Rioruejo, Anne, Al St.
               Clair, Marie Juna, Diana [Mrs J. M. McKean], Rita, Agnes Henaghan,
               Quinta Hortensia, E. Luciani, Father Kiely, Marina, Mig Alcock
               Remington, Cyprien Belloe, J. Edwin Taylor, Alan de Quincy, M.
               Gudermann, Jose Maria de Llanos, Mrs. Olia de Nesnera, Margaret
               Clutton, Antonio Curiel, Carmen, G. Sautis, L. E. H. Cooper, Eileen,
               Sister Elizabeth, Sophie Kremer, Mrs. Frank Ray, Chantol, Cino, Doris
               Wilson, Sister Gertrude, G. B. Smith, Harry Egan, Hank Malinowski,
               Sister Magdalen, Ed J. Turner, Julia [Mrs. Philip] Moran, D. Benedicta. 
               See also supplement (F1676) for a postcard to Coleman from "Joe."

     F620 1937-1949
          20 items (88 pp.)
     F621 1950-1959
          49 items (112 pp.)
     F622 1960-1969
          33 items (64 pp.)
     F623 1970-1974
          8 items (11 pp.)
     F624 [n.d.]
          7 items (11 pp.)

Contents List

+ Series II.: Diaries and journals; Material written by Emily Coleman; Personal miscellany

+ Series III. - IV.: Material written by Emily Coleman; Personal miscellany

+ Series V. - VII.: Materials written by individuals other than Coleman; Photographs; Family Correspondence and papers

+ Supplement and Appendices: Supplement; Appendix A, List of Poems; Appendix B, List of Correspondence Footer

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