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1951 - 1962
(bulk dates 1952 - 1955)

Manuscript Collection Number: 154
Accessioned: Purchase, 1971
Extent: 33 linear ft. (74 items)
Content: Letters, poetry manuscripts, ephemera, periodicals.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: January 1994 by Kelly Baum

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Table of Contents

Historical Note

Chanticleer was a short-lived periodical published in England and edited by the poets Patrick Galvin and Gordon Wharton (later solely by Galvin). It produced only four issues between the years 1952 and 1954, each consisting of poems, short stories, book reviews, and essays of a literary or humanist concern. As Galvin wrote in a letter soliciting financial support from a fellow poet, "Chanticleer will serve as a platform or forum for the new or little-known writer, whose chances of publication are deplorably low." Galvin and Wharton apparently tried to avoid endorsing a particular ideological camp or entangling the publication itself in explicitly political affairs. They did, however, encourage humor, polemics, and lively argument in the works submitted to their periodical. Contributors included C. Day-Lewis, James Kirkup, Gael Turnbull, John Silkin, Rhys Davies, Jules Supervielle, and others.

Patrick Galvin (born ca. 1927-), co-editor of Chanticleer, was one of seven children born in Cork City, Ireland, to a poor family. His formal education consisted only of brief schooling with the Christian Brothers, and at age eleven he could still barely read or write. He later evolved however, into a prolific playwright, poet, and ballad singer. Some of his works include Irish Songs of Resistance (1955), By Nature Diffident: a Poem (1971), and Madwoman of Cork: Poems (1991).


Note: Some historical information was derived from material in the collection.

Hogan, Robert, ed. Dictionary of Irish Literature. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1979.

Scope and Content Note

The Chanticleer Archives consist of manuscripts, periodicals, and letters spanning the dates 1951 to 1962, the majority of material concentrated in the early 1950s. Many of the letters respond to requests by Chanticleer editors for financial support or submission of work for publication. Typed poetry manuscripts as well as holographs accompanied the replies of Jack Beeching, Jon Silkin, Gael Turnbull, and John Gawsworth. In other letters, authors debate philosophical issues with Chanticleer editors and offer suggestions to ensure the longevity of the periodical. Some letters simply relay items and authors of interest, or decline requests for magazine subscriptions.

As Galvin was himself an active poet, many of the letters pertain exclusively to his personal career. Some regard responses to his work, offers to publish his plays, or requests for his contribution and input to a literary endeavor.

The collection also contains the only four issues of Chanticleer ever published, invitations to poetry readings and public lectures, poetry broadsheets, a proof sheet for an advertisement, a Christmas card decorated with a wood engraving, and newspaper clippings related to the periodical or political issues. Series I of the collection consists of letters and manuscripts arranged in alphabetical order by author or correspondent. Series II contains a range of material and ephemera, from invitations to proof sheets, and Series III includes the four issues of Chanticleer, all of which are signed by Patrick Galvin.

Contents List

Folder -- Contents

     Series I.  Letters and Manuscripts, 1952-1962
          All letters are addressed to Patrick Galvin unless
          otherwise indicated.

F1   Beeching, Jack
     [n.d.]         TLS       1p
               Note: Includes six Ts poems by Beeching titled 
               "Spring Is Insubordinate," "How They Got What Was
               Coming to Them," Americans at the Elgin Marbles,"
               "To a Poet in Los Angeles," "Yesterday and Today,"
               and "Apropos of Fiascos."

F2   Coppard, A. E. (Alfred Edgar), 1878-1957
     1952 Jul 23    ALS       1p

F3   Corrigan, Robert Willoughby, 1927-
     1962 Jan 21    TLS       1p

F4   Davies, Rhys, 1903-
     1953 May 2     ALS       1p
          Jun 27    ALS       1p

F5   Day-Lewis, C. (Cecil), 1904-1972
     1953 Nov 24    ALS       2p
     [1953 Nov 28]  ACS       1p
     1957 Nov 17    ALS       2p

F6   Driberg, Tom, Baron Bradwell
     1955 Feb 22    TLS       1p

F7   Fletcher, Iain
     [1953 Dec 1]   ALS       2p

F8   Gardiner, Charles Wrey
     1962 Jun 29    TLS (mimeograph)    1p

F9   Gawsworth, John, 1912-1970
     [n.d.]         ANS       1p
               Note: Includes four autograph poems written by
               Gawsworth titled "Dylan Thomas," "Ecoutez," "The
               Ancient Mariner," and "Landfall in Little Venice."

F10  Graves, Robert, 1895-1985
     [1952 Jul 10]  ANS       1p
               Note: Note appears at the bottom of a TLS from
               Galvin and Wharton to Graves.

F11  Hamburger, Michael
     [n.d.]         ANS       1p

F12  Hoult, Norah, 1901-1984
     1953 Sep 24    TLS       1p

F13  Kirkup, James, 1918-
     1953 Nov 23    ANS       1p

F14  Lipton, Lawrence, 1898-
     1954 Jan 11    TLS       1p
          Mar 10    TLS       1p
     1955 Jan 4     TLS       4p

F15  Mannin, Ethel, 1900-
     1952 Jul 23    ACS       1p

F16  Munsterberg, Peggy, 1921-
     1952 Jul 27    ALS       1p
               Note:  She signs the letter Gabrielle Long
               "Marjorie Bowen."

F17  Northwestern University
     1954 Aug       TLS       1p

F18  Raine, Kathleen, 1908-
     [n.y.] Oct 7   ALS       2p
     [n.d.]         ALS       2p

F19  Read, Herbert Edward, Sir, 1893-1968
     1953 Oct 5     TNS       1p

F20  Robson, Flora
     [n.y.] Jan 9   ALS       2p

F21  Russell, Peter, 1921-
     1951 May 12    ALS       1p
     [1953 May 11]  ACS       1p
     1953 Aug 5     TLS       1p
          Nov 22    TLS       2p

F22  Scannell, Vernon
     1952 Dec 11    ALS       1p

F23  Seeger, Pete, 1919-
     1956 Feb 14    TLS       1p

F24  Spark, Muriel
     To Miss Buckley.
     1952 Sep 13    ALS       2p

     To Patrick Galvin
     1952 Nov 1     ALS       1p
F25  Silkin, Jon
     Consists of one three-page Ts poem written by Silkin titled
     "Doolan's Monkey," 3p.

F26  Stanford, Derek
     [1952 Oct 31]  ALS       1p
     [1952 Nov 6]   ACS       1p

F27  Toynbee, Philip
     [n.y.]: Dec 1  ALS       1p

F28  Turnbull, Gael
     Consists of six Ts poems written by Turnbull titled "In a
     High Vein," "Industrial Valley," "Lines for a Bookmark,"
     "Nansen and Johansen," "On One Unexpectedly Reprieved," and
     "Small Town."

F29  Wain, John
     1953 May 29    TLS       1p
     1958 Jan 7     TLS       1p

F30  Waller, John, 1917-
     1953 Apr 13    ACS       1p 

F31  Unidentified

     Series II.  Ephemera

F32  Includes invitations to poetry readings and public lectures,
     poetry broadsheets, a proof sheet for an advertisement, a   
     Christmas card decorated with a wood engraving, and    
     newspapers clippings related to the periodical or political      

     Series III.  Chanticleer, 1952-1954

F33  Autumn 1952 

F34  Spring 1953 

F35  Autumn 1953

F36  Spring 1954

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