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I.F. Trips, 1983-1992

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63        I.F.  Trips, 1983-1992

          Central America Trip
     F1        El Salvador & Nicaragua, Aug. 1983
     F2        Memos, Speeches, 1983
     F3        Reports, 1982-83
     F4   Nicaragua & Honduras, May 22-26, 1987
     F5   Costa Rica, Jan. 14-17, 1988
          Panama--Jan. 4-5, 1990
     F6        Background Information [1], Jan. 1990
     F7        Background Information [2], Jan. 1990
     F8        Background Information/ Follow-Up, 1991-92
     F9        DE-Panama Partners For Democracy Education Seminar, 1991-92

          Southeast Asia, 1991
     F10       Amnesty For Draft Registers/Evaders--1974-1992
     F11       Articles On POW/MIA --Sept. 1991-Nov. 1992 (See also OV Box)
     F12       Aspen Institute--Dec. 1991-May 1992
     F13       Attorney General's Office. POW/MIA--Apr. 1992

               Background Information--1988-1991
     F14       [1]
     F15       [2]
     F16       [3]
     F17       [4]
     F18       [5]

     F19       Business Cards From In-Country Meetings, n.d.
     F20       Cambodia Information--1988-92 

64   F21       Cambodian Settlement, United Nations Transitional Authority in
                    Cambodia, Sept. 1991-Aug. 1992
     F22       Carr Case--Jan.-May 1992
     F23       Center For Strategic And International Studies--Sept. 1991-June 1992
     F24       Center For Strategic And International Studies--Sept. 1991-June 1992  
     F25       Commander in Chief, Pacific, Dec. 1991 Maps of Southeast Asia, n.d.
     F26       Congressional Record, June 1991
     F27       Congressional Task Force On Vietnam--Aug. 1991 Pre-Trip Briefings,

64        I.F.  Trips (cont'd)

          Southeast Asia (cont'd)

     F28       Country Profiles and Information--Oct. 1988-Jul. 1991
     F29       Declassification Of POW/MIA Information--Mar. 1992
     F30       Delaware Constituents--Dec. 1990-Feb. 1992
     F31       Delaware MIA's--July 1991-Jan. 1992
     F32       Doan Thanh Liem Arrest--Mar. 1991-Aug. 1991
     F33       Final Draft Congressional Delegation Report--Oct. 1991
     F34       Ford, Carl, Assistant Secretary of Defense--Jul.-Nov. 1991
     F35       Foreign Claims To Property In Vietnam--Apr. 1991-May 1992
     F36       General Secretary Do Muoi News Articles--June 28, 1991
     F37       Hawaiian News Conference, August 10, 1991
     F38       House Task Force on POW/MIA--Mar.-Jul. 1991
     F39       In-Country Meeting Notes--Aug. 1991

               Information For Trip--Feb.-Sept. 1991
     F40       [1]
     F41       [2]
     F42       [3]
     F43       [4]

     F44       Intelligence Legislation--Jul. 1990-Jan. 1992
     F45       Itinerary--Aug. 1991
     F46       James Webb--May-Jul. 1991
     F47       Joint Casualty Resolution Center/Central Identification Laboratory,
                    Hawaii--Aug.-Dec. 1991 
     F48       Kennedy, Sean (intern) Report: An Analysis of Vietnam's Reform
                    Initiatives and Their Implications for U.S. Policy--Jan. 1991
     F49       Kerry, Senator John--News And Articles--Aug.-Sept. 1991
     F50       Laos Background Information--1990-91
     F51       League of Families--Jul. 1991-Apr. 1992
     F52       Legislation On Vietnam Embargo--1991
     F53       Letters--Jul. 1988-June 1992
     F54       McCain, Senator John--Article/Notes, June 1991
     F55       Meeting Notes, April 1991
     F56       Meeting Requests--Sept. 1991
     F57       "Normalize Relations With Vietnam Now"--Jan. 1992
     F58       Office Of Foreign Assets Control--Nov. 1991

64        I.F.  Trips (cont'd)

          Southeast Asia (cont'd)

     F59       Per Diem Receipts--Jul.-Oct. 1991

     F60       [1]
     F61       [2]
     F62       POW/MIA Hearings--June-Sept. 1992
     F63       POW/MIA Hearings--June-Sept. 1992
     F64       POW/MIA Meeting Notes/Article, 1991
     F65       POW/MIA Miscellany--Dec. 1991-Jul. 1992

     F66       Press--1991
     F67       Pre-trip Briefings, 1991
     F68       Prosthetic Project, Vietnam--Feb.-Mar. 1992 
     F69       Published Trip Report: Report of the Congressional Delegation Trip to
                    Southeast Asia, August 3-11, 1991, Submitted to the Committee on
                    Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, House of Representatives, 
                    Committee Print 102-6 (2 copies), 1991

65   F70       Ptak, Alan--Jan.-Feb. 1992
     F71       Quinn, Ken, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific
                    Affairs, Feb.-Aug. 1991
     F72       Report Recommendations--Aug.-Sept. 1991 
     F73       Solomon, Richard--Apr. 1991-Mar. 1992
     F74       Roadmap--May-Oct. 1991   
     F75       Scrapbook (Archival photocopy) Jul.-Aug. 1991
     F76       Scrapbook (Use photocopy) Jul.-Aug. 1991
     F77       Scowcroft, General Brent--Correspondence, Nov. 1991
     F78       Selected Documents-Indochina Project--Jul. 1991 
     F79       TC's Personal Notes--Jan. 1992
     F80       Telecommunications With Vietnam--Nov. 1991-Apr. 1992
     F81       Thailand Business Reports--Dec. 1987--Feb. 1991

               Trip Report
     F82       Trip Report, Draft--Liz Ryan's Copy--Oct. 1991
     F83       Trip Report, Draft--TC's Copy--Oct. 1991
     F84       Trip Report Request Form Letter--Oct. 1991

65        I.F.  Trips (cont'd)

          Southeast Asia (cont'd)

     F85       Vessey, General John W., Presidential Emissary to Hanoi for POW/MIA
                    Affairs--Jul.-Oct. 1991
     F86       Vietnam Article (several drafts)--Oct. 1991
     F87       Vietnam Information--1988-1992     
     F88       Vietnamese Refugees--June-Dec. 1991
     F89       Vietnam Relations Legislation--Nov. 1991-Jul. 1992
     F90       Vietnam, Stumpsocks--Sept. 1991-Mar. 1992
     F91       Vietnam Veterans Of America Position On POW/MIA Report--Oct. 1991
     F92       Webb, James--Normalization of Relations with Vietnam, 1991
     F93       World Bank, Vietnam--1991-92
     F94       World Vision--Feb. 1992
     F95       Thank You Notes--Aug.-Oct. 1991
     F96       Trip Photographs --1992            

          Other Trips    
     F97       Egypt and Israel--Sept. 1983-Jan. 1984            
     F98       Alaska--August 8-15, 1987
     F99       American Israel Public Affairs Committee meetings, 1986-1987
                    Allentown, PA/Charlotte and Greensboro, N.C.
     F100      Boca Raton--American Bankers Association Meeting--1984-85
     F101      Greenbriar Conference--Democratic League--Jun.-Feb. 1987
     F102      Lebanon--1984
     F103      Maps of Southeast Asia--n.d. 
     F104      Passport--1983-1988
     F105      Tampa--State Treasures Meeting--May-Jun. 1984
     F106      Vietnamese Mission To The United Nations--Jan.-Mar. 1992

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Thomas R. Carper
Congressional Papers

1979 - 1993
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