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I.A. TC Personal Files, 1983-1992

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          I.A.1.  Subject Files, 1983-1992

1    F1   Accreditation, 1989
     F2   Amtrak Information, 1989-1992
     F3   Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), 1987-1991
     F4   Balanced Budget, 1987-1992
     F5   Balanced Budget Information, 1992
     F6   Banking Committee, 1987-1989
     F7   Banking Committee, 1990-1991
     F8   Bank Reform Compromise, 1991
     F9   Bank Reform/House Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, 1990-1991
     F10  Budget Reform, 1989
     F11  Castle's Issues, 1992
          Central America Information, 1983-1989  
     F12  1983-1988
     F13  1986-1987
     F14  1987
     F15  1987-1989
     F16  1987-1989
     F17  1988-1989
     F18  Press clips, notes, correspondence, published reports, 1984-1988
     F19  Press clips, notes, 1986-1988 
     F20  Press clips, notes, 1988

     F21  Chief Financial Officers Act, 1991
     F22  Correspondence, 1990-1992
     F23  Defense Production Act (Description), 1990-1991
     F24  Defense Production Act, 1991

2    F25  Defense Production Act/Fair Trade in Financial Services, 1991
     F26  Defense Production Act/Fair Trade in Financial Services, 1992
     F27  Delaware Insurance/Banks, 1991 
     F28  Delaware Insurance/Banks, 1991
     F29  Delaware State Finances, 1991-1993
     F30  Delaware VA Hospital Outpatient Clinic Addition, 1989-1992

          I.A.1.  Subject files (cont'd)

2    F31  Education, 1990-1991
     F32  Education, 1992
     F33  Family Issues, 1986-1991
     F34  Family Related Material, 1992
     F35  Federal Discount Window Lending, 1991
     F36  Flood Insurance, 1991-1992
     F37  Ford/Delaware Plant, 1992
     F38  Healthcare, 1991-1992
     F39  Healthcare, 1992
     F40  Housing Issues, 1991
     F41  Housing and Urban Development Fraud Prevention Act 1987-1988
     F42  Interstate Banking, 1991
     F43  Interstate Banking and Community Reinvestment Act, (Carper Amendment) 
     F44  Legislative Ideas, 102nd Congress, 1989-1991
     F45  Managed Care/Medicaid, 1992
     F46  Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response (H.R. 3486), 1992
     F47  MIA/POW Issues, 1991
     F48  MIA/POW and Congressional Delegation Trip to Southeast Asia, 1991-1992
     F49  NAFTA, 1991
     F50  National Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Act, 1988
     F51  Notch Baby Bill List, 1987
     F52  Oil Spill Legislation, 1990
     F53  Panama City Trip, 1990
     F54  Quality Assurance, 1992
     F55  Reagan Letters, 1987

3    F56  Rescission (H.R. 2164), 1992
     F57  Rescission, Enhanced, 1990
     F58  Route 13/Delaware Funding, 1989-1990
     F59  Senior Citizens, 1992
     F60  Southeast Asia Trip, 1991
     F61  St. Georges Bridge, 1989-1991
     F62  St. Georges Bridge, 1989-1990
     F63  Tourism Development In Delaware, 1991

          I.A.1.  Subject files (cont'd)

3    F64  Traditional/Non-Traditional Lenders' Role in Economic Development,
               Testimonies, 1991
     F65  Transportation, 1992
     F66  Treasury Letter, 1991
     F67  Uninsured, Suggested Program Reforms for the, 1992
     F68  Weakfish, 1991-1992
     F69  Welfare, 1992
     F70  Welfare Reform Act, 1987
     F71  Welfare Reform, Dear Colleague, 1987
     F72  Welfare Reform Letters, 1987
     F73  Welfare Reform "Side-by-Side" Comparisons
     F74  Welfare Reform Letters, 1987
     F75  Whip House Resolution 2094 Banking and Insurance, 1991

          I.A.2.  Correspondence, 1984- 1992

     F76  Baird-Burns
     F77  Palmer-Saxton
     F78  Schmitt-Smith
     F79  Smith, Mary-Weinstein
     F80  Wenk-Ziegler

     F81  Albosta-Blank
     F82  Blaylock-Brown, Deborah
     F83  Brown, Joseph-Crossan
     F84  Czaijkowski-Flickinger
     F85  Fortunato-Hoffman
     F86  Holland-Knupp
     F87  Koniver-Lynch
     F88  Maass-McDonough
     F89  Mcgrail-Moncure
     F90  Moncure-Pinder
     F91  Plitnick-Rudnitzky
     F92  Saints-Stazesky

          I.A.2.  Correspondence (cont'd)

          1984-1985 (cont'd)
3    F93  Stockman-Udall
     F94  Ugliest Bartender Committee-Wakefield
     F95  Walker-Young

     F96  Agualdro-Brown
     F97  Bruni-Corr
     F98  Cummings-Emison
     F99  Gelb-Jones
     F100 Jones-Levinson
     F101 Levy-Mitchell
     F102 Mitchell-Oglesby

4    F103 Aley-Barnes
     F104 Barnett-Bryant
     F105 Burkey-Cinaglia
     F106 City Systems-Cuwha
     F107 Davidson-Durnan
     F108 Eanes-Forbes
     F109 Foster-Glazier
     F110 Going-Justice
     F111 Kemenash-Hercules
     F112 Hermann-Lieb
     F113 Library Literacy-Plant
     F114 Mabrey-McDowell
     F115 Melnik-Meyer
     F116 Miller, James-Harrison, Robert
     F117 Miller-Minsters
     F118 Monteiro-Oz
     F119 Paradee-Renaud
     F120 Reserve-Seaford
     F121 Seery-Smith
     F122 Snow-Taylor
     F123 Terranova-Volak
     F124 Wagner-Wilkes
     F125 Williams-Xu

          I.A.2.  Correspondence (cont'd)
4    F126 Abelman-Bockorny
     F127 Bort-Caldwell
     F128 Calhoun-Cook
     F129 Dakunchak-Ding
     F130 Dupont-Freer
     F131 Googe-Harkins
     F132 Hatt-Foster
     F133 Hinton-Kerr
     F134 Khan-Lutz
     F135 Ma-Me
     F136 Mi-Mu
     F137 N-O
     F138 P
     F139 R
     F140 S
     F141 Ulrich-V
     F142 W
     F143 First Half Cong. Chronicle Files
     F144 First Half Cong. Chronicle Files
     F145 Copies of notes from D.C. Office
     F146 Copies of correspondence
     F147 Assorted

5    F148 [1]
     F149 [2]
     F150 [3]
     F151 [4]
     F152 [5]
     F153 [6]
     F154 [7]
     F155 [8]
     F156 [9]
     F157 [10]
     F158 [11]

          I.A.2.  Correspondence (cont'd)

5    F159 A
     F160 B
     F161 Cahill-Chichocki
     F162 Ciporin-Cooch
     F163 Cohn-Cutrona
     F164 Daney-Donahue
     F165 Doyle-Evans
     F166 Fanning-Firth
     F167 Fitzhugh-Fullman
     F168 Gabel-Gonzer
     F169 Googe-Gurnee
     F170 Hasen-Hecht
     F171 Heckler-Isaacs
     F172 Jacobs-Justice
     F173 Kaczynski-Kenton
     F174 Kidd-Kvalnes
     F175 Lake-Lyons
     F176 Mack-Meyer
     F177 Molinari-Owens
     F178 Plitnick-Pryor
     F179 Queman-Regional Force
     F180 Rhode-Russell
     F181 Salters-Shaw
     F182 Shea-Sweeney
     F183 Taber-Unipan
     F184 Valentine-We
     F185 Wh-Z 

     F186 [1]
     F187 [2]
     F188 [3]
     F189 [4]

          I.A.2.  Correspondence (cont'd)

5    F190 Anderson-Bush
     F191 Ca-Cu
     F192 Derwinski-Fisher
     F193 Furgele-Gordy
     F194 Herring, John
     F195 Haskell-Keeler
     F196 Kenney-Levinson
     F197 MacKay-Norman
     F198 Neal-Purandare

6    F199 Ridderhof-Stephens
     F200 T-Z
     F201 Miscellaneous information/ letters/ payraise/ Notch Babies

     F202 [1]
     F203 [2]
     F204 [3]
     F205 [4]
     F206 [5]
     F207 [6]

     F208 A
     F209 B
     F210 C
     F211 D-E
     F212 F
     F213 G
     F214 H
     F215 J-K
     F216 L
     F217 M
     F218 N-P
     F219 R

          I.A.2.  Correspondence (cont'd)

          1992 (cont'd)
6    F220 S
     F221 T-U
     F222 U.A.W./Chrysler
     F223 V-Z

     F224 Kids letters, 1992
          D.C. Office, 1992
     F225 February-June
     F226 July-November

     F227 Post-Gubernatorial Election, October-December 1992
     F228 Post-Gubernatorial Election, October-December 1992               

     F229 Memos from Press Secretary, Tim Gay 1983
     F230 Memos from Press Secretary, Tim Gay, 1983-1984
     F231 Memos from Press Secretary, Tim Gay, 1983-1984
     F232 Memos from Press Secretary, Tim Gay, 1983-1984

     F233 Private Bill--Horty [Schaefer], 1985-1988    
     F234 Private Bill--Schaefer, 1985-1990

     F235 Look magazine, 1960 Apr 26
          Removed to oversize.

Scope and Content Note for Series I.A. TC Personal Files

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citation and reference information:

Thomas R. Carper
Congressional Papers

1979 - 1993
(bulk dates 1982 - 1992)

Manuscript Collection Number: 399
Accessioned: Gift of Thomas R. Carper, 1992, 1998-1999
Extent: 84 linear ft. and oversize material
Content: Legislation, correspondence, reports, documents and publications, memoranda, speeches, photographs, audio-visual material, newsletters, news clippings, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: November 1997 - December 1999 by Rebecca J. Altermatt with assistance from Rob Costello; edited by L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin.

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