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III.B. Personal Files -- Photographs, 1982-1992, n.d.

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          III.B.    Photographs, 1982-1992, n.d.
               Item counts have been included in brackets after the folder title.  "Color"
               and "bw" (black and white) refer to photographic prints.  Other items are

82   F1        Baseball Team, 1983-1985, n.d. [6 color, 9bw, 1 press release]
     F2        Campaign Publicity with wife Diane, ca. 1985 (A.Z. Szikszay,
                    Photographer)  [3 bw]
     F3        Colleagues, Staff, Constitutents, 1984, n.d. [10 contact sheets]
     F4        In Committee, n.d. [1 bw]
     F5        Democratic Caucus Issues Conference, 1990 [3 color, w/TLS, Mar 21,
                    1990, Steny Hoyer to TC]
     F6        Miscellaneous Negatives, n.d. [negatives]
     F7        With Eric Stillman Re: Soviet Jews, Feb.22, 1984 [1 bw]
     F8        Speaking Engagements--Unidentified, n.d. [8 bw]
     F9        State of the Union (Reagan), Feb. 1986 [1 bw]
     F10       Taking Oath of Office with Tip O'Neil, Wife Diane, (Parents?), n.d. [1 bw]

     F11       Tom Califano and Tim Penny, Congressman, DFL-MINN., n.d. [1 bw]
     F12       Govenor Castle Testifying before Ways and Means Committee, Feb. 24,
                    n.y. [1 bw]
               Portraits--Tom Carper
     F13       1982, n.d. [26 bw]
     F14       1983-1985 [1 bw, 17 contact sheets]
     F15       n.d. [5 contact sheets, 3 bw, 1 photocopy, w/negatives]
     F16       By Elbert E. Kennard, n.d. [1 bw, 1 contact sheet]
     F17       Color, n.d. ca. 1983 [6 color, 1 negative, 1 slide]
     F18       Color Negatives, n.d. [negatives]
     F19       Negatives, n.d.     [negatives]    
     F20       Slides, ca. 1983/1984? [1 photocopy, 7 slides]

     F21       In Office and on Capitol Steps with Staff, n.d. 
     F22       Joan St. Amand, n.d. [1 bw, 2 contact sheets]
     F23       Senior Interns, May 1985 [6 color, 1 photocopy]
     F24       Summer Interns, Bill Peale and Gwenn Meyers, 1986 [1 bw]
     F25       [Summer] Intern, Laike, 1990 [1 bw, signed by TC]

          III.B.    Photographs, 1982-1992, n.d. (cont'd)

          Congressional (cont'd)
               Staff (cont'd)
     F26       Unidentified Staff/Interns, n.d. [8 bw, 1 contact sheet]
     F27       Central American w/Jose Napoleon Duarte, President of El Salvador, and
                    others, n.d. (1983?) [1 bw]
     F28       Mideast, 1984 [8 bw, 1 photocopy]
     F29       Mideast--Cairo, Egypt, January 1984 [1 color, w/TLS Jan 15, 1984,
                    Nicholas A. Veliotes to TC]
     F30       Panama, 1990 [23 color]

     F31       TC Proof Sheet--State Treasurer, 1982? East Coast Foto Graphic, A.Z.
                    Szikszay, Jr. 
     F32       Baseball Team, n.d. [1 bw]
     F33       Bishop Mulvee? At St. Francis Hospital?, n.d. [1 color]
     F34       Dave Campbell and Christine Steele (William Randolph Hearst Foundation
                    U.S. Senate Program), n.d. [3 bw]
     F35       Celia Cohen, 1986 [1 bw]
     F36       Congressional Arts Competition, Stacy Goldfelder-winner and others, 1985
                    [6 bw, 2 contact sheets]
     F37       Mr. and Mrs. Conare, n.d. [1 bw]
     F38       Catholic U of D Students, n.d. [1 bw]
     F39       County Democrats, Nov. 19, 1985 [1 bw]
     F40       DE Architects, n.d. [1 bw]
     F41       DE Doctors Conference, Apr. 26, 1985 [2 contact sheets]
     F42       DE Housing Forum, Jun.3, 1985 [2 bw]
     F43       DE Potato Growers, Feb. 19, 1986 [1 bw, 1 business card]
     F44       DuPont Managers, n.d. [1 bw]
     F45       Frank Finizio, Student Artist, n.d. [1 bw]
     F46       Hearing Impared Students, n.d. [1 bw]
     F47       Jefferson Club, May 25, 1983 [1 bw]
     F48       Judith Hemley, Jobs for U of D Graduates, n.d. [1 bw]
     F49       Horseback Rider at J. Allen Frear Federal Bldg., Dover, n.d. [10 bw, w/
     F50       Dennis Houghton, n.d. [1 bw]

          III.B.    Photographs, 1982-1992, n.d. (cont'd)

          Delawareans (cont'd)
     F51       Guy Longo, Mayor of Seaford, Textile Caucus Trade, Sept. 11, 1985 [2
                    bw, 1 press release]
     F52       Vincent Maximo, Jan.29, n.y. [1 bw]
     F53       Maureen McStocker, n.d. [1 bw]
     F54       Medical Society of Delaware, 1985 [2 bw, 1 photocopy, w/TLS Jun 14,
                    1985, Beverly Dieffenbach to Sharon Brown]
     F55       National Math and Science Teachers, Oct. 1985 [1 bw, w/TLS Oct 17,
                    1985 Raymond E. Bye, Jr. to TC]
     F56       Presidential Scholars, n.d. [1 bw]

     F57       Brandywine H.S., n.d. [1 bw]
     F58       Caesar Rodney H.S. Students and Jack Waters, n.d. [1 bw]
     F59       Creative Learning Center, Feb. 28, 1984 [1 bw]
     F60       Hodgson Vo-Tech Students, Jun. 5, 1986 [1 bw]
     F61       Holy Rosary Students, n.d. [1 bw]
     F62       Laurel Middle School Students and Ed Taylor, n.d. [1 bw]
     F63       Mt. Pleasant H.S. Students, and Bob Emerick, n.d. [2 bw]
     F64       Red Clay Consolidated School District Members/Teachers, n.d. [1 bw]
     F65       Shue Middle School, n.d. [2 bw, 1 contact sheet]
     F66       William Henry Middle School Students and Joan Engle, 1985 [1 bw]
     F67       Wilmington H.S. Students, n.d. [1 bw]

     F68       Meeting with Seniors, n.d. [6 contact sheets, 1 memo]
     F69       Mr. Sal Sero, n.d. [1 bw]
     F70       Amy and Art Sloan, n.d. [1 bw]
     F71       Mr. and Mrs. Stacy (Carper's in-laws), Sept. 26, 1986 [1 bw]
     F72       Sussex County Democrats, n.d. [1 bw]
     F73       Tarburton, Jack--President, DE Farm Bureau, 1985 [2 bw, 1 photocopy,
                    w/TLS Oct 29, 1985, E. Rankin Lusby to Sharon Brown]
     F74       Laura Thomas, n.d. [1 bw]
     F75       Washington Workshop Students, n.d. [1 bw]
     F76       Wilmington Police Officer, n.d. [2 bw]
     F77       Unidentified, n.d. [16 bw]

          III.B.    Photographs, 1982-1992, n.d. (cont'd)

     F78       AG Town Meetings, Negatives and Contact Sheets, July 1985 [1 contact
                    sheet, w/negatives]
     F79       Bowling for Kids Sake, ca. 1985 [3 bw, 2 contact sheets]
     F80       Business Roundtable, DC Trip, 1986 [1 bw]
     F81       Carper for Congress / State Fair, 1982 [2 contact sheets, 1 bw]
     F82       Clinic Visit, n.d. [2 contact sheets]
     F83       Goldey-Beacom College, n.d. [1 bw]
     F84       Hockessin Town Meeting, 1985 [4 bw, 1 contact sheet]
     F85       Kent General Tour with Head Nurse, Brenda Burt, Apr. 23, 1984 [8 bw,
                    w/TLS May 14, 1984, Debra Roberts to Susan Finnefrock]
     F86       Mellon Bankers Meeting, June 1985 (David Aschkenas, Photographer,
                    Pittsburgh, PA) [4 contact sheets] 
     F87       Nurses Meeting, n.d. [1 bw]
     F88       Senator Roth and Carper at Close Up Foundation Event, 1986 (R.
                    Bouchard, Photographer) [4 bw, 2 contact sheets]
     F89       VA Hospital Visit--Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, Wilmington, DE, 1984
                    includes: Steelman, Harry; Trenkelbach, James; Miller, Robert; Ludwig,
                    Margaret [4 bw, w/TLS(x) Apr 13, 1984, TC to Robert Burton,
                    w/reference slip, Bob Burton to Larry Smith]
     F90       VA Hospital Visit---Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, Wilmington, DE,
                    1986-1987 [2 bw, w/certificate of appreciation]
     F91       VA Hospital Visit--Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, Wilmington, DE, n.d.
                    includes: Stellar, Charles; DeHaven, Stanley; Donlop, John; Rock, Robert
                    [3 bw w/caption tags]

          People [Non Delaware?]
     F92       Barber, Joseph Quatrone, n.d. [1 bw]
     F93       Capitol Police, n.d. [2 bw]
     F94       Cycling for Systic Fibrosis, Marlene Russell, n.d. [1 bw]
     F95       General Frawlin, n.d. [1 color]
     F96       Fellow Jolene Grabill, Dec. 5, 1985 [1 bw]
     F97       Coast Guard Admiral Gracey, 1986 [1 bw]
     F98       March of Dimes with Brian Mitchell of "Trapper John," 1985 [1 bw,
                    w/press release, w/TLS Apr 9, 1985, John O. Biderman to TC]
     F99       [Marines] Erhart and Warren, n.d. [1 bw, 1 photocopy]
     F100      Opportunity Council, Inc., n.d. [1 bw]
     F101      State Troopers of America, n.d. [1 color]
     F102      U.S. Steel Workers, n.d. [1 bw]

          III.B.    Photographs, 1982-1992, n.d. (cont'd)

          People [Non-Delaware?] (cont'd)
     F103      Veterans, 1983 [2 bw, 1 contact sheet]
     F104      Air Force General Blaylock Wilmire, n.d. [1 bw]   
          Reserves Activities
     F105      with Airplane, n.d. [1 contact sheet]
     F106      with Airplane, n.d. (See OV Box)
     F107      Base visit, n.d. [14 bw]
     F108      with Elaine Gable, Reserves Officers Assn. Feb. 22, 1984 [1 bw]
     F109      ROTC Cadets, n.d. [2 bw]


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citation and reference information:

Thomas R. Carper
Congressional Papers

1979 - 1993
(bulk dates 1982 - 1992)

Manuscript Collection Number: 399
Accessioned: Gift of Thomas R. Carper, 1992, 1998-1999
Extent: 84 linear ft. and oversize material
Content: Legislation, correspondence, reports, documents and publications, memoranda, speeches, photographs, audio-visual material, newsletters, news clippings, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: November 1997 - December 1999 by Rebecca J. Altermatt with assistance from Rob Costello; edited by L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin.

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