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I. C.13. Issue Files -- Health and Human Services, 1984-1992

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          I. C.13.  Issue Files -- Health and Human Services, 1984-1992

41   F535      AIDS -- Crime Control Act, 1990
     F536      AIDS -- Crisis in Delaware, 1990
     F537      AIDS -- Doctors' with AIDS, 1991
     F538      AIDS -- General Information & Congressional Action, 1990-1991
     F539      AIDS -- Women's Issues, 1991
     F540      Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health Administrative Reorganization Act, 
                    FY 1993, 1992 (S.1306)
     F541      Alzheimer's Disease, 1992
     F542      American Association Homes for the Aging, 1992
     F543      American Cancer Society, 1991-1992
     F544      Budget -- 101st Congress -- Highlights, 1991
     F545      Budget--FY 1992--Related Items, 1990

     F546      Children/Family, 1991 ( Adoption, Paid Leave, Tax Cuts, Child Abuse
     F547      Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)/Health
                    Insurance Continuation Coverage, 1990-1991
     F548      Community Health Care Act, 1991
     F549      Community/Migrant Health Center, 1991-1992
     F550      Correspondence -- Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) Letters/  
                    Medical Fee Schedule (MFS)/Clinical Laboratory Improvement 
                    Amendment of 1985 (CLIA) 1988, 1992
     F551      Correspondence -- Member Letters Re: HHS Issues, 1991
     F552      Co-Sponsorships -- HHS Issues, 1991-1992
     F553      Cost Containment, 1990

42   F554      Comprehensive Crime Control Act - Health Amendments, 1990 (H.R. 5296)
     F555      Dear Colleagues -- Various Issues, 1991
     F556      Delaware Health Care Facilities Association -- Flyers/Concerns, 1990-1992
     F557      Disabled -- Special Illnesses, 1992 (Attention Deficit Disorder, Interstitial cystitis, Diabetes)
     F558      Drug/Alcohol Statistics, 1991 (National Institute on Drug Abuse)
     F559      Family and Medical Leave, General Info ( Orig. Bill), 1985-1987

          I. C.  Issues (cont'd)
          I. C.13.  Health and Human Services (cont'd)
          General (cont'd)

42   F560      Family and Medical Leave, Bipartisan Compromise, 1987-1989  
     F561      Food Labeling, 1991-1992 (Nutritional Value)
     F562      Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Process & Issues, 1991-1992
     F563      Freedom From Want Act (H.R. 2258), 1991
     F564      Gay/Lesbian Concerns, 1988
     F565      Genetic Research, 1992
     F566      Guide for Congressional Staff to Medicare and Medicaid Programs, n.d.
     F567      Health Care Costs -- Tobacco Advertising & Youth, 1990-1992
     F568      Health Seminar, 1989
     F569      Home Health Care, 1990-1992
     F570      Homeless--Health Services, 1992
     F571      Homeless Shelters, 1984-1987
     F572      Hunger in Delaware, 1988
     F573      Hunger Relief, Delaware, 1992
     F574      Huntington's Association, 1991-1992
     F575      Long Term Care, 1988-1990
     F576      Mental Illness -- General Information, 1990
     F577      Nurse Education Linked to Aged (N.E.L.A.) Shirley Carter Grant Information,  1990
     F578      National Institute of Health Reauthorization Amendments, 1990-1992
     F579      Older Americans Reauthorization, 1985-1991
     F580      Rural Health Care, 1990-1992
     F581      Services to Overcome Drug Abuse Among Teenagers/ Senior Advocate
                    for Educating - Senior Medicine Abuse DE Program, 1991
     F582      Stuttering Awareness Week, 1987-1988
     F583      Substance Abuse, 1990-1991
          Disability/Seniors Issues--
     F584      Americans with Disabilities Act - Delaware Administration for Specialized
                    Transit (DAST)/Dialysis Patients, 1992
     F585      Americans With Disabilities Act of 1989
     F586      Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990
     F587      Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990
     F588      Betts Decision (H.R. 3200), 1990
     F589      Delaware Senior Demograph, 1989-1991
     F590      Disabilities--CRS Information Packet, 1986-1992

          I. C.  Issues (cont'd)
          I. C.13.  Health and Human Services (cont'd)
          Disability/Seniors Issues (cont'd)
43   F591      Disability Issues, 1991-1992
     F592      Hearing Impaired and The Americans with Disabilities Act, 1991
     F593      Moynihan Social Security Proposal, 1990
     F594      National Council on Senior Citizens (PAC Questionnaire), 1990
     F595      National Federation for the Blind - Agenda, 1991
     F596      "Notch Babies", 1991
     F597      Older Americans Act Amendments, 1987
     F598      Pensions, 1991-1992
     F599      Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries, 1992
     F600      Pension Simplification Bills, 1991
     F601      Senior Focus, 1991
     F602      Seniors, 1991-1992
     F603      Social Security--General, 1989-1990
          Health Care Reform--
     F604      Cost Containment and Reform Act of 1992, H.R. 5502--Gephardt/Stark
                    Health Bill, 1992
     F605      Health Insurance -- Reports, 1990-1991
     F606      Health Questionnaire-- Democratic Study Group (DSG), 1991
     F607      Medical Liability Reform, 1989-1992
     F608      Medigap Insurance, 1990-1992
     F609      OSHA--Bloodborne Pathogens, 1991-1992
     F610      Other Plans - Japan/Canada/Germany, 1990-1991
     F611      Pay or Play Proposal, 1992
     F612      Pharmaceutical Issues -- Co. Information, 1991-1992
     F613      Prescription Drugs, 1986-1992
     F614      Proposals--Organizations, A-H, 1992
     F615      Proposals--Draft of Possible Health Care Reform Bill, 1991-1992
     F616      Public Opinion Survey, 1992
     F617      Reform Proposals, 1991-1992
     F618      Reports--General Accounting Office (GAO), 1992
     F619      Right to Die, 1991
     F620      Catastrophic Coverage Act, 1989
     F621      Claims Processing Delays, 1991

          I. C.  Issues (cont'd)
          I. C.13.  Health and Human Services (cont'd)
          Medicare/Medicaid (cont'd)

43   F622      Fee Schedule -- General Information, 1988-1992
     F623      General, 1990-1991
     F624      Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) -- Clinical Labs
                    Regulations, 1990-1991
     F625      Home and Community Services Act of 1987 (Legislation)
     F626      Hospitals, 1990-1992
     F627      Medlab, 1991-1992
     F628      Physicians, 1989-1992    
     F629      24-Month Wait Period, 1987-1990
          Poverty/Income Assistance--
     F630      Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Administrative Expenses, 1990

               Welfare Reform--
               100th Congress (1987-1988)
     F631           Food Stamp Family Welfare Reform Act of 1987
     F632           Family Welfare Reform Act of 1987, H.R. 1720 (Ford-Tenn.)
                         March 19, 1987
     F633           TC Compromise (Notes), H.R. 3692, 1987
     F634           Letter to Speaker (TC et al), Pro-H.R. 3692, 11/30/1987
     F635           Downey Dear Colleague, Anti-H.R. 3692 (Carper bill), 12/7/1987
     F636           Letters to Governors (TC), Final and Drafts, 12/3/1987
     F637           TC's Dear Colleagues, 1987
     F638           Republican Substitute, H.R. 3200, July 1987

44   F639           Moynihan Bill, Family Security Act of 1987 S. 1511, July 1987
     F640           House Passage Articles, Nov. - Dec. 1987
     F641           TC Floor Statement, Dec. 3, 1987
     F642           Miscellaneous Notes, 1987
     F643           CBO [Cost] Estimates, 1987-1988         
     F644           Senate Passage, 1988
     F645           Conference (House/Senate), 1988
     F646           Side-by-Side--Carper/House Democrats/Moynihan, 1988
     F647           General--CRS Report, July 1987
     F648           General--CRS Reports, Sept 1987
     F649           General--CRS Report, Dec. 1985

          I. C.  Issues (cont'd)
          I. C.13.  Health and Human Services (cont'd)
          Poverty/Income Assistance (cont'd)
          Welfare Reform (cont'd)

               101st Congress (1990-1991)44
     F650           Poverty/Welfare--Reports and General Information, 1988-1992
     F651           Poverty/Welfare Reform--General, 1990-1991
     F652           Welfare Reform, 1991-1992            

Scope and Content Note for Series I.C.13. Health and Human Services

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citation and reference information:

Thomas R. Carper
Congressional Papers

1979 - 1993
(bulk dates 1982 - 1992)

Manuscript Collection Number: 399
Accessioned: Gift of Thomas R. Carper, 1992, 1998-1999
Extent: 84 linear ft. and oversize material
Content: Legislation, correspondence, reports, documents and publications, memoranda, speeches, photographs, audio-visual material, newsletters, news clippings, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: November 1997 - December 1999 by Rebecca J. Altermatt with assistance from Rob Costello; edited by L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin.

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