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I.C.10. Issue Files --Education

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          I.C.10.  Issue Files --Education

34   F288 Adult Literacy/Adult Education Act, 1988-1989
     F289 Asbestos in Schools, 1988
     F290 Bush America 2000 Plan, 1991
     F291 Chapter 1/Money to Delaware, 1991
     F292 Choice in Schools, 1989
     F293 Community Services Block Grant, 1992
     F294 Congressman Tom Sawyer's Adult Literacy Bill, 1989-1990
     F295 Council American Private Schools (CAPE), 1990-1992
     F296 CRS Reports on Education, 1988-1990
     F297 CRS Reports on Education, 1991
     F298 Delaware Alliance/Arts in Education, 1991
     F299 Delaware Bay Marine Institute, 1992
     F300 Delaware Higher Education Loan Program, 1987-1992
     F301 Delaware Home Educators, 1992
     F302 Delaware School Counselors Association, 1991
     F303 DELTECH, 1991
     F304 Delaware Valley Science Fair, 1991
     F305 Desegregation Supreme Court Decision, 1991
     F306 Disabled Students Public/Private Schools, 1991-1993
     F307 Drug-Free Schools/Allocation of Money in Delaware, 1987
     F308 Elementary/Secondary School Concerns, 1991
     F309 Employee Provided Education Assistance, 1988-1989
     F310 Foreign Comparative Studies, 1987-1991

35   F311 Frank Pennella/Direct Loan Higher Education Act & Delaware Help, 1991-1992
     F312 Funding Issues for Fiscal Year, 1991
     F313 Gifted and Talented Students, 1985-1987
     F314 Handicapped Students/Manual 10, 1986
          Higher Education Act
     F315      Amendments, 1992
     F316      Concerns, 1991-1992
     F317      Reauthorization, 1986-1991
     F318      Reauthorization, 1991-1992
     F319      Reauthorization Defaults/Trade & Tech Schools, 1991
     F320      Trio Programs, 1984-1989
     F321 Home School Connection Delaware Seaford, 1988
          H.R. 5 (School Improvement Act)
     F322      Conference Bill, 1988

          I.C.10.  Education (cont'd)

          H.R. 5 (cont'd)
     F323      Considerations, 1987
     F324      Dial-a-Porn, 1986-1988
     F325 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 1991
     F326 Libraries, 1990-1991
     F327 Libraries--Delaware Fiscal Year 1993, 1992
     F328 Link Up for Learning--H.R. 812, 1991
     F329 Maryland/Delaware Education Technology Network, 1988
     F330 Math and Science, 1989-1991
     F331 Middle Class Higher Education Proposals, 1991 
     F332 Middle Class Higher Education Proposals, 1991
     F333 Multicultural Education Practices, 1990
     F334 National Education Association Questionnaire, 1990
     F335 National Education Goals, 1990
     F336 National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Newsletter/Delaware PTA, 1990-1992
     F337 National Testing and Assessment, 1992
     F338 Neighborhood School Act/H.R. 4323, 1992
     F339 Outcome Based Education, 1992
     F340 Parent Teacher Association Requests, 1992
     F341 Pension Portability for Educators, 1991
     F342 Projects with Industry Grant, 1990-1992
     F343 Race Exclusive Scholarships, 1990-1991
     F344 Red Clay Consolidated School District, 1991
     F345 Report: At-Risk Students (Males), 1992
     F346 School Lunch/Delaware, 1985-1990
     F347 Student Loans, 1991-1992
     F348 Title IX, 1992
     F349 Urban Schools, HR 1669, 1991
     F350 Vocational Education and Tech Prep, 1988-1992

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citation and reference information:

Thomas R. Carper
Congressional Papers

1979 - 1993
(bulk dates 1982 - 1992)

Manuscript Collection Number: 399
Accessioned: Gift of Thomas R. Carper, 1992, 1998-1999
Extent: 84 linear ft. and oversize material
Content: Legislation, correspondence, reports, documents and publications, memoranda, speeches, photographs, audio-visual material, newsletters, news clippings, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: November 1997 - December 1999 by Rebecca J. Altermatt with assistance from Rob Costello; edited by L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin.

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