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I.C.5. Issue Files -- Children, 1985-1992

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          I.C.5.  Issue Files -- Children, 1985-1992
29   F64  Administration for Children, Youth and Families - Proposed Organization, 1988
     F65  Adoption -- Issues and Legislation, 1985-1992
     F66  Bills/Letters TC Signed, 1992

          Child Abuse
     F67  Children's Initiative, H.R. 5600, 1992
     F68  General, 1984-1992
     F69  National Child Abuse Coalition Briefing Materials, 1992
          Child Care Bills
     F70  Act for Better Child Care Services (ABC) Bill - General, 1988
     F71  Articles, 1991-1992
     F72  Child Care Act of 1987 - Dependent Care Tax Credit (Johnson's Bill)

          Child Care Services Improvement Act, 1988
     F73  Dependent Tax Care Credit (Sen. Orrin Hatch - Utah/Rep. Nancy Johnson/Conn.)
     F74  Earned Income Tax Credit/Block Grant/Tax Credit Bill, (Johnson), H.R. 4002,

     F75  Comparisons of Major Child Care Proposals, 101st Congress, 1989
          Early Childhood Education and Development (H.R. 3) 
     F76  H.R. 3/Hawkins Bill, 1989
     F77  Church-State Concerns, 1988-1990
     F78  Downey's (Rep. Thomas - N.Y.) Proposal, 1988
     F79  Final, 1989-1990
     F80  Stenholm/Conservative Democratic Forum (CDF) Compromise, 1989 (with
               National Governor's Association amendments)
     F81  Summary Comparison as Passed by the House and Senate, May 1990
     F82  Early Childhood Education Initiative (Kennedy) - Smart Start, ca. 1989
     F83  Earned Income Credits (EIC)/IRS Regulations, 1991-1992
     F84  Family Preservation/Mickey Lelund Childhood Hunger Relief Act (H.R. 3603/H.R.
               1202), 1992
     F85  General Information/Articles, 1987-1989      
     F86  General Information/Articles, 1990

          I.C. Issues (cont'd)
          I.C.5.  Children (cont'd)
          Child Care Bills (cont'd)
29   F87  Holloway Child Care Tax Credit Reform Bill, [1988]-1989
     F88  Quality Issues -- Children's Defense Fund, 1990
     F89  Child Labor Laws, 1990
     F90  Child Support Enforcement, 1991-1992

          Child Welfare
     F91  General Information, 1988-1991
     F92  Hearing: Innovative Child Welfare Services Programs, May 1, 1991
     F93  Information - Organizations, 1992
     F94  Child Welfare League of America--Children's Legislative Agenda, 1991-1992

     F95  Childhood Hunger and Nutrition - Legislation and Reports, 1991-1992
     F96  Children's Defense Fund -- Various Issues, 1992
     F97  Children's Initiative, 99th Congress, 1986
     F98  Dear Colleagues, Various Issues, 1991
     F99  Delaware Foster Care Review Board, 1989
     F100 Handicapped Children Protect Act, S. 415, 1985-1987

30   F101 Head Start Improvement Act of 1992
     F102 Immunization, Universal Child Immunization Act of 1986, H.R. 3984
     F103 Infant Mortality, 1992
     F104 Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative, Delaware - Progress Report, 1988
     F105 Infant Mortality Reports, 1985-1989
     F106 International Child Welfare - Select Committee on Hunger Paper:  Child Heath and
               Child Survival Issues for The World Summit on Child care, September
               1990, New York City
     F107 Pornography Legislation/Child Obscenity, 1987-1988
     F108 Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families, 102nd Congress, 1991-1992
     F109 Sex Education, Guidelines, 1991
     F110 UNICEF, 1991
     F111 United Nations Convention Children Legislation, 1991
     F112 World Summit for Children Implementation Act, H.R. 1633, 1990-1992

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citation and reference information:

Thomas R. Carper
Congressional Papers

1979 - 1993
(bulk dates 1982 - 1992)

Manuscript Collection Number: 399
Accessioned: Gift of Thomas R. Carper, 1992, 1998-1999
Extent: 84 linear ft. and oversize material
Content: Legislation, correspondence, reports, documents and publications, memoranda, speeches, photographs, audio-visual material, newsletters, news clippings, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: November 1997 - December 1999 by Rebecca J. Altermatt with assistance from Rob Costello; edited by L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin.

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