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I.B.1. Committee Work -- Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, 1983-1992

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          I.B.1.  Committee Work -- Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, 1983-1992

          Note:  Arranged chronologically by Congress, with subseries by subcommittee
               jurisdiction or topic.  Later files, maintained by legislative assistant Susan
               Frank, are arranged chronologically or topically, with significant topic
               groups for Housing and Community Development issues.

          Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee--
7    F1        Expedited Funds Availability Act, 1983, n.d.
     F2        Fair Deposit Availability Act/Expedited Funds, 1983
     F3        Expedited Funds Availability/Fair Deposit Legislation, 1983-1984
     F4        Alternative Delayed Funds Availability Legislation, 1984
     F5        Delayed Funds Availability Hearing, April 4, 1984
     F6   Financial Institutions Equity Act of 1984--H.R. 5916

     F7   Bank Examination Improvement Act of 1985--H.R. 3567
          H.R. 3567--
     F8        Articles/Correspondence/Testimony, 1985-1986
     F9        General
     F10       General
     F11       Comptrollers
     F12       Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS)
     F13       Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)
     F14  Depository Institution Examination Improvement Act of 1986--H.R. 4917
     F15  Depository Institution Examination Improvement Act of 1986/Carper/Lundine--H.R. 4917

     F16  Depository Institutions Improvement Act, 1987--H.R. 545

          Expedited Funds Availability Act, H.R. 28--
     F17       TC Am "Local Originating Depository Institution, 1987, 1985-1989
     F18       TC Am "Local Originating Depository Institution, 1987, 1985-1989 
     F19       Draft of TC Op-Ed piece, 1987
     F20       Financial Restructuring--Corr from Wm Proxmire re hearing w TC, 1987


          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          1987 Housing and Community Development Subcommittee
7    F21       Lead-based Paint Testing Legislation, 1987

     F22  "Dear Colleagues," 1989-1992
     F23  Financial Services Council, H.R. 1992, 1988-1989
     F24  General Capital Increase (GCI) for World Bank, 1989
          Housing and Community Development Subcommittee
          Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
     F25       Escrow Accounts, 1990-1991
     F26       Mortgage Bankers, 1988-1990
     F27       Realtors, 1989
     F28  Insurance--Reports, 1989-1990
     F29  Insurance [McCarren-Ferguson], 1989-1991
     F30  Insurance Powers Initiative in Del.--White Paper & Briefing Doc's, Feb 1, 1989
     F31  Int'l Banking Environ'l Protection Act--H.R. 2777-- Pelosi Bill, Am. to H.R.
               2494, 1989
     F32  International Debt Provisions, 1989
     F33  International Development and Finance Act--H.R. 2494--Mark-up, 1989
     F34  International Development and Finance Act--H.R. 2494--Mark-up, 1989
     F35  Regulation Y / Bank Holding Amendments--TC test. at Fed Reserve, 4/7/1989
8    F36  Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), 1990
     F37  Merchants National, 1990
     F38  Mortgage Servicing, 1990

     F39  Bank Enterprise Act of 1991

          Financial Institutions Supervision, Regulation and Insurance Subcommittee
     F40       Money Laundering Hearing [Bank Secrecy Act], Nov 15, 1991
     F41       Nat'l Treas's Hearing--test. of Del St. Treas J. Rzewnicki, Apr 25, 1991
     F42  Report of the CODEL to SE Asia, Aug 3-11, 1991 (See also Trips series)
     F43  Various Banking Issues--Background Information, 1991
     F44  Various Banking Reform Legislation--Information, Correspondence, 1991
     F45  Constituent Correspondence, 1991-1992

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)       

8    F46  Dear Colleagues (rec'd) / Congressional Correspondence, 1991-1992                    
               Economic Stabilization Subcommittee, 1991-1992
     F47  Subcommittee Description/101st Congress Hearings, 1990
     F48  Comm Leg Agenda for 1992--Corr/memo, TC Request for Chair, 1990-1991
     F49  Opening Statement/Press Release--Chairmanship, 1991
     F50  Hearings List, 1992[?]
     F51  Too Big to Fail (TBTF) Background; May 1991 Hearing    

               Defense Production Act
     F52  Fair Trade in Financial Services, 1991
     F53  Legislation/Statements, 1991-1992
     F54  Press Releases, 1991-1991
     F55  Report--DPA of 1950, Jan. 1992

               Economic Stabilization Hearings
     F56  General Economic Development--Notes, Memoranda, 1991-1992
     F57  Strategic Economic Development Planning: Models for Success, Sep 10,1992
     F58  Strategic Economic Development Planning: Models for Success, Sep 22, 1992
     F59  Strategic Economic Development Planning: Models for Success, Sep 24, 1992

               Philadelphia Field Hearing, Apr 24, 1992
     F60  Letters of Invitation to Testify at Hearing, 1992
     F61  Information and Notes
     F62  Testimonies--Economic Growth of the Tri-State Region , Apr 24, 1992
     F63  Background Panel III--Access to Credit--Field Hearing, 1988-1992

     F64  US Economy: Current Performance & Options for Promoting Long-Term Growth,
               Jan 28, 1992

               Enterprise Zone Legislation
     F65  Prospects for Economic Growth--Hearing, 2/20/92
     F66  Enterprise Zone Amendments--H.R. 4210/H.R. 5334, 1992
     F67  Jt Hearing: Trad/Non-Traditional Lenders--Corr, Notes, 1992
               National Energy Policy Legislation
     F68  Background Information/Articles, 1991
     F69  CRS Reports, 1991
     F70  Hearing: Implications for Economic Growth, Oct 17, 1991

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          1991-1992  National Energy Policy Legislation (cont'd)
8    F71  Hearing:  Economic Implications of Energy Conservation, Nov 6, 1991

               Other Hearings
     F72  Effect of Interst. Banking on Nat'l, State, Local Economies, May 15, 1991
     F73  Reauthorization Issues re Econ Dev Adm (EDA) & the Appalachian Regional
               Commission (ARC), Jul 23, 1991
          Financial Institutions Supervision, Regulation and Insurance Subcommittee 
     F74       European Community--Hearings, 1992
     F75       European Community--Goldey Beacom College Speech, 1992
     F76       Europe, 1992
     F77  Fair Credit Reporting Act, H.R. 3596--Mark-up, 1992
     F78  Federal Budget Deficit, 1992
          Note: end of first chronological arrangement.  

          H.R. 1278 -- FIRREA
          Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act
9    F79  Bill copy--H.R. 1278
     F80  Conferees, July 1989
     F81  Floor Amendments, 1988-1989
     F82  Side-by-Side/Summaries
     F83  Side-by-Side/Summaries
     F84  Side-by-Side/Summaries
     F85  Reports--Selected 
     F86  Sections/Amendments, 1989 (binder)
     F87  Sections/Amendments--Mark-up, 1989 (binder)
     F88  University of Delaware Banking, 1988-1898
     F89  Bill Summary 1989
     F90  Capital, 1989
     F91  Capital--Full Committee, 1989
     F92  Capital Regulations, 1989
     F93  Capital Standards/Goodwill, 1989
     F94  Conference Language, 1989
     F95  Credit Unions, 1989
     F96  Cross-Marketing, 1989
     F97  Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability, 1989
     F98  D&O Liability, 1989

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          H.R. 1278 -- FIRREA (cont'd)       
9    F99  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Comment, 1989
     F100 Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB), 1989
     F101 FHLB System, 1989
     F102 FSLIC Amendments, 1989
     F103 FSLIC Amendments/Carper Amendments, 1989
     F104 Junk Bonds, 1989
     F105 Passive Investments, 1989
     F106 Report Language--Beneficial, 1989
     F107 Risk-based Capital, 1989
     F108 Savings and Loan (S&L) Amendments, 1989
     F109 S&L Conference Memos, 1989
     F110 Special Interests, 1989
     F111 Subsidiary Investment [McCollum Amendment], 1989
     F112 Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), 1989-1990
     F113 Savings and Loan Crooks, 1990
     F114 Loans to One Borrower, 1990
     F115 FHLB System, 1989
     F116 Report Language, 1989

10   F117 Title II--Goodwill, FDIC Authorization Response, 1989
     F118 Title II Amendments, 1989
     F119 Title III Amendments, 1989
     F120 Title IV, 1989
     F121 Title V, 1989
     F122 Title VI, 1989
     F123 Title VII Gonzalez/Wylie, 1989
     F124 Title IX, 1989
     F125 Title XI, 1989
     F126 Pay Parity Compensation, 1989
     F127 Examiners Compensation, 1989
     F128 Delaware Bank Amendments, 1989
     F129 National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), 1989
     F130 American Bankers Association Information, 1989
     F131 Restriction of Activities--Thrifts, 1989
     F132 Logo [stickers for insured Banks], 1989
     F133 Technicals to Watch, 1989
     F134 General Memos/Overview, 1989
     F135 Cross-Guarantee, 1989
     F136 D&O Liability, 1989

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          H.R. 1278 -- FIRREA (cont'd)
10   F137 Resolution Trust Corporation/Environment, Task Force Hearing 9/7/90, 1990
     F138 S&L Clippings, 1990-1991
     F139 S&L Issues--Articles/Draft Piece by TC, 1987-1990

          Policy Research and Insurance Subcommittee

          H.R. 1236/S. 1650  "Flood Insurance"
          National Flood and Erosion Mitigation Act of 1991 
     F140 Other Proposals, River Corridor Multi Objective Assistance Act, H.R. 4250, 1990
     F141 Impact of Surcharge/Mitigation in S. 1650, Dec. 1991
     F142 Bereuter Bill, National Flood Insurance Compliance, Mitigation and Erosion
               Mgmt Act of 1990, H.R. 4461, Apr 4, 1990
     F143 Side-by-Side, Carper Bill, Erdreich Proposal, and Bereuter Proposal, 1990
     F144 "Dear Colleagues," re H.R. 1236, 1989
     F145 Summaries of H.R. 1236, Section by Section Analysis, 1991
     F146 Federal Insurance Agency (FIA) - Flood Emergency Magmt Agency (FEMA),
               H.R. 1236, 1991
     F147 Letter from House Members to Senators, Re: S. 1650, Feb 6, 1992
     F148 TC's Am to H.R. 1236/Subcommittee Markup, Mar 4, 1991
     F149 Erdreich Am to H.R. 1236/Committee Markup, Apr 11, 1991
     F150 TC's Am to H.R. 1236/Committee Markup, April 11, 1991
     F151 Senate Legislation/S. 1650/102nd Congress, 1991
     F152 Director of  FIA, C.M. "Bud" Schauerte Testimony/Senate, Sept 25, 1991
     F153 Administrative Position on H.R. 1236/S. 1650/102nd Congress, Aug 1991
     F154 Concerns re S. 1650/H.R. 1236 -- Response to Criticism, Oct 1991 - Jan 1992
     F155 Ltr to Sen. Roth, Impact of S. 1650 on Delaware, Mar 13, 1992
     F156 Ltr to Sen. Kerry re Flood Ins Atlantic Striped Bass Conserv Act, Aug 5, 1992
     F157 Sen Banking Comm Am/Kerry, Nat'l Flood Ins Mitigation & Erosion Mgmt Act
               of 1992, Jun 18, 1992
     F158 Increased Cost of Construction, Dec 1991 - Jun 1992
     F159 GAO Reports on National Flood Insurance Program, 1986-1990
     F160 GAO--Statistics Request, Mar 1987 - Apr 1988
     F161 Lucas Case re Federal Takings, 5th and 14th Amendments, 1992
     F162 Community Rating Letters, Oct 1989
     F163 Private Determination Companies, 1990
     F164 FEMA "Write Your Own" Advantage, 1988
     F165 FEMA Unified Program Report, March 1986
     F166 Maine Lender Compliance Study, 1987

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          H.R. 1236/S. 1650  "Flood Insurance" (cont'd)
10   F167 FEMA Flood Loss Information, 1988

11   F168 National Flood Insurance Plan (NFIP) Repetitive Losses/FIA Data, Jun 1990
     F169 Tulane Law Review/Oliver Houck Article, Oct 1985
     F170 Citizens to Preserve South Texas Economic Resource Pro-Development, 1987       
     F171 Coastal States Organization/Concerns, Jul -Aug 1988
     F172 "Beaches 2000"/Report to the Governor, Jun 21, 1988
     F173 Office of Techn. Assess. Rept: Wastes in the Marine Environment, Apr 28, 1987
     F174 Global Warming/Sea-Level Rise/Cost of Fighting Back, 1984-1991
     F175 New Jersey Beach Restoration Costs, 1992
     F176 Erosion Effect on Land Values, 1992
     F177 Setbacks and Takings, Summer 1991
     F178 Coastal Setback Requirements, 1988
     F179 Calculated Erosion Rates, 1991
     F180 Ten-Year Zone Controversy Concerns and Solutions, 1992
     F181 Upton-Jones Amendment, 1990
     F182 NFIP and Coasts/Coastal Alliance/National Wildlife Federation, Sept 1989
     F183 Coastal Hazards/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adm Report, Jul 1990
     F184 Government Subsidy of Coastal Barrier Development, 1985
     F185 Coastal Barrier Resources Act/Gov't Subsidies/NWF/National Taxpayers Union
               Report, Apr 1989
     F186 Coastal Barriers Resources Act (CBRA) Article, 1991
     F187 Coastal Press Conference--Carper/Sen. Chaffee (R-RI), Sept 19, 1989
     F188 Hurricane Hugo, 1989
     F189 Hurricane Hugo Trip--Christophe Tolou, Oct 1989
     F190 NFIP Situation Post--Hurricane Andrew, Sep 1992
     F191 Background and Need for Legislation, May 1, 1989
     F192 TC Testimony re NFIP, May 3, 1989
     F193 TC Statement/Coastal Barrier Workshop, May 20, 1989
     F194 H.R. 3456--National Flood and Erosion Insurance and Mitigation Act of 
               1989--Section-by-Section, 1989
     F195 Cost Benefits of H.R. 3159/H.R. 3456 (National Flood and Erosion Insurance and
               Mitigation Act of 1989), 1988-1989
     F196 "Dear Colleagues"/H.R. 1236/102nd Congress, Apr 29, 1991
     F197 H.R. 1236 As Introduced/102nd Congress, Mar 5, 1991 
     F198 NFIP Statutes, Dec 1988
     F199 Lender Penalty Amendment--Not Offered, 1988
     F200 Role of Coastal Zone Management Act, 1986-1989

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          H.R. 1236/S. 1650  "Flood Insurance" (cont'd)
11   F201 IRS Code/Casualty Loss Deductions/Second Home Mortgages Deductions, 1991
     F202 Corps of Engineers Activities, Nov 28, 1990
     F203 Coastal Development Bill--Draft, 102nd Congress/1st Session, 1991
     F204 Coastal Development Paper--C. Tulou, 1991
     F205 Coastal Development/Floods/Delaware, 1978-1988
     F206 Sand Rights In Coastal Erosion Management Article, Nov 1988
     F207 Flood Plain Management/Law Review Articles, 1988
     F208 FIA Director Schauerte Background, 1990
     F209 Articles on Bud Schauerte Visit to Delaware, Jan 1992
     F210 Office of Management and Budget/FIA - Schuarte Problems, Feb 1992
     F211 General Letters re H.R. 1236, 1991
     F212 CRS Reports on NFIP, Oct. 1988- Oct 1991
     F213 CRS Study of NFIP and Coastal Zone Management Plan, Dec 1987
     F214 CRS Report on Federal Assistance in Coastal Areas, Apr 1989
     F215 Pilkey Article - Smithsonian, Oct 1991
     F216 Pilkey Article "Save Beaches, Not Buildings," Spring 1992
     F217 Legal Literature/Bibliography, through 1991
     F218 Schauerte Testimony, 1991
     F219 New York Times Op-Ed Piece, Sep 1992
     F220 Articles--General
     F221 Articles--General
     F222 Talking Points/Meeting with Delaware Mayors, March 13, 1992
     F223 Memo--Talk with Senator Kerry, May 14, 1992
     F224 FEMA Information Packet, 1992
     F225 FEMA Information--General, 1992
     F226 Maryland Flood Insurance Information, 1988
     F227 South Carolina Beach Front Management Act, 1990
     F228 Lender Compliance, 1989

12   F229 Lender Compliance, 1989
     F230 Testimony on Lender Compliance--House, 1990
     F231 Lender Compliance, 1992
     F232 Sen. Kerry/Nat'l Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1992, S. 2907, Sep 1992
     F233 Letters In Support of S. 1650/H.R. 1236, 1992
     F234 Opponents Concerns to H.R. 1236/S. 1650/S. 2907, Feb - Mar 1992
     F235 Erosion Zone Concerns/S. 1650, Apr - May 1992
     F236 H.R. 3456/3159 and Drafts/101st Congress, 1989 
     F237 H.R. 1236/Banking Committee Report 102-38, April 1991

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          Note:  Beginning of chrono/topical files from legislative aid Susan Frank.

          Housing and Community Development Subcommittee

12   F238 Use of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Fund, 1986
     F239 Carper's Efforts to keep FHA Office Open, 1986
     F240 H.R. 1--House Consideration, 1986
     F241 Tenant Income Verification, 1985-1986
     F242 Tenant Income Verification, 1986-1987
     F243 Lead Paint I, 1985-1986
     F244 Lead Paint I, 1985-1986
     F245 Lead Paint I, 1984-1990

     F246 Lead Paint II, 1987-1988
     F247 Lead Paint II, 1985-1988
     F248 Lead Paint II, 1987-1988
     F249 Lead Paint II, 1987-1988
     F250 Lead Paint II, 1987-1988

     F251 Fair Housing Amendments, H.R. 1158, 1988

          1990 Housing Bill, H.R. 1180--
     F252 Original Bill, 1989-1990 Subcmte. Prints
     F253 Senate Version, Cranston/D'Amato, S. 565 & S. 566, 1989
     F254 Overview TC Amendments (Subcommittee Consideration), 1990
     F255 Memos to TC 1989-1990
     F256 Bartlett Amendment-Full Committee., 1990
     F257 Carper/Price Amendment, Full Committee. Consideration, 1990
     F258 Frank Amendment-House Floor, 1990
     F259 Carper/Price Amendment-House Floor, 1990
     F260 Senate Provisions, 1990
     F261 Conference, 1990
     F262 Background-H&CD Act of 1987, 1987-1988
     F263 Background, Correspondence, Testimonies, 1989-1990

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          Housing and Community Development Subcommittee (cont'd)
          Prepayment (cont'd)      
13   F264 Background, Correspondence, Testimonies, 1989-1990
          Family Investment Centers
     F265 TC Amendment-Full Committee Mark Up, 1990
     F266 Conference Language, 1990

          FSS Program
     F267 Roukema-Carper Amendment, Full Committee Mark Up, 1990
     F268 Rep. Kaptur Dear Colleague, 1990
     F269 Conference Negotiations & Final Language, 1990
     F270 Background, 1990
          Drugs in Public Housing
     F271 TC Amendments, 1989-1990
     F272 Background and Correspondence, 1989-1990
     F273 Conference Language, 1990
          Scattered Sites
     F274 TC Amendment (Subcmte. Consideration), 1990
     F275 Public Housing. Disposition Conference Language, 1990

          Fair Market Rents
     F276 TC Amendments-Subcmte. & Full Committee Consideration, 1989-1990
     F277 Senate Provisions & Conference Language, 1990?

     F278 Lead Paint--TC's Amendment-Subcommittee Consideration, 1990

     F279 H.R. 1180--House Consideration, 1990
     F280 Conference Agreement, Cranston/Gonzalez Natl Affordable Housing Act, 1990
     F281 FY90 HUD/VA Independent Agencies Appropriations TC Floor Remarks &
               Background, 1989
     F282 Leland Housing Bill, 1989-1990
     F283 Low Income Housing Tax Credit, 1990

     F284 1989 Housing Bill, H.R. 1--Background & Final Provisions, 1989

     F285 1988 Housing, H.R. 3891-Housing Production Block Grant, 1988

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          Housing and Community Development Subcommittee (cont'd)
13   F286 1987 Housing, H.R. 4--Housing & Comm Dev Act of 1987, 1987-1988

     F287 Housing Background--CRS Reports, 1989, 1991
     F288 Delaware Housing Concerns, 1986-1990
          Delaware Housing Background--
     F289      Wilmington Housing Authority (WHA), 1989-1991
     F290      Delaware State Housing Authority (DHSA), 1990-1992
     F291      Wilmington Partnership, Photos, 1990-1992
     F292 Miscellaneous Housing Meetings, 1990-1991
     F293 Tenant Integrity Program Event, 1991
     F294 Background for Homebuilders Speech, H.R. 1414, 1991

     F295 Del. Housing Meetings, Spring 1992--Prep for 1992 Housing Bill--Schedules
     F296 Del. Housing Orgs- Reccomm. to Carper for Action in 1992 Housing Bill
     F297 HUD-VA Appropriations Testimony and Background, 1992
     F298 Emergency Community Development Act of 1992--Memos, Miscellaneous, 1992

          1992 Housing Bill, H.R. 5334
     F299 Subcommittee Markup of H.R. 5334--Overview of Carper Am, 1992
     F300 Security Deposit Program, 1992
     F301 H.R. 5334--Housing and Community Development Act of 1992
     F302 Family Self-Sufficiency, 1992
     F303 House Passage/Highlights of Carper Legislation, 1992
     F304 Overview of TC Involvement & Background for Del. NAHRO Newsletter, 1992
     F305 Floor Statement--Carper, October 5, 1992
     F306 Carper Request to Serve on Conference Committee, Sep 14, 1992
     F307 Dover Housing Authority Family Self-Sufficiency, Feb 1992
     F308 HUD Notices--Delaware Grants, 1992

          Note:  Beginning of another group of chrono/topical files from legislative aid
               Susan Frank.


          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          Housing Community Development Subcommittee (cont'd)

13   F309 Refinancing Sec. 235 Mortgages

     F310 Miscellaneous Memos to TC on Housing Issues
     F311 Speech to Delaware Coalition
     F312 Rep. Flake Letter to HUD re: Public Housing Modernization
     F313 Solicited Recommendations for Legislative Action by Delaware Housing

     F314 Corr w/ House Appropriations Comm. re Comm Dev. Block Grant Funding
     F315 Rural Housing Issues/FmHA Meeting/Corr w/Del State Dir G. Wallace Caulk
     F316 Memos to TC and staff  re Housing Issues, 1989/1990
     F317 Solicited Recommendations for Action by Del Housing Administrators
     F318 Memo to TC on Housing Issues in Preparation for Legislative Action
     F319 HUD Reform Bill and Congressional Quarterly Articles

     F320 CRS Report -- Cranston/Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act
     F321 Delaware Realtor Issues, 1990-1991

     F322 Low Income Housing Tax Credit -- TC Cosponsor of H.R. 2319

     F323 Housing Bill -- TC Amendment

14   F324 Use of Home Dollars for Securing Deposits (Successful)
     F325 Sale of Scattered Site Public Housing (Incorporated into Comm Bill)
     F326 Memo to TC on Subcommittee Markup of H.R. 4073

          Note:  Beginning of another group of chrono/topical files from legislative aid
               Susan Frank.

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          Housing Community Development Subcommittee (cont'd)

14   F326 Urgent Relief for the Homeless (H.R. 558), 1987
          McKinney Homeless Assistance Act
     F327 Reauthorization -- H.R. 4352, PL 100-628, 1988 
     F328 H.R. 3789
     F329 Letter to House Appropriations (TC Cosponsored), 1989
               Lead Based Paint
     F330 TC Amendment to H.R. 1

     F331 TC Amendment to H.R. 4

     F332 PL 100-242 w/TC's Amendment
     F333 HUD's Proposed Rule, Apr 1988
     F334 HUD Notice Re: Amendment Requirements, Sep 1988
     F335 TC Statement

     F336 Language in FY 90 Appropriations Bill Re: HUD Guidelines

     F337 TC Corr w/Gonzalez re: Funding Authorization Levels in H.R. 1180

     F338 Washington Post Editorial, Oct 9, 1991

     F339 Background Materials

               Mixed Populations in Public and Assisted Housing
     F340 Hearing -- Housing for the Elderly and Handicapped, Mar 1990
     F341 GAO Report, Mar 1990

     F342 Donnelly Bill, H.R. 3425
     F343 Kleczka Bill, H.R. 4435 -- TC Cosponsored, Mar 1992

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          Housing Community Development Subcommittee (cont'd)

               Mixed Populations in Public and Assisted Housing (cont'd)
14   F344 House Subcommittee Hearing, Mar 1992
     F345 Miscellaneous Industry Suggestions/Comments
     F346 Kleczka/Carper Amendment to H.R. 5334, Subcommittee Passed, May 1992
     F347 Kleczka/Carper Amendment to H.R. 5334, Full Committee
     F348 H.R. 5334 -- House/Senate Conference, Oct 1992
     F349 Kleczka/Carper Amendment As Passed by Full House in H.R. 5334
     F350 Memos to TC 1991, 1992
     F351 Kleczka/Carper Amendment to H.R. 5334 - TC Response to Constituents
     F352 News Journal Article re: Success of, Aug 6, 1992
     F353 News Journal Articles, 1991, 1992
     F354 Background
     F355 Delaware Correspondence

               Tenant Income Verification
     F356 Publ. Comments on HUD -- Proposed TIV Rule
     F357 HUD Communique
     F358 HUD Letter to PHAS re: TIV, 1988/1989

     F359 HUD Office of Inspector General Activities

     F360 TC Remarks to HUD Tenant Integrity Workshop
     F361 Correspondence w/I.G. Paul Adams and Delaware Event, 1991/1992

          Note:  Beginning of another group of chrono/topical files from legislative aid
               Susan Frank.

          General Banking Issues

     F362 S&L Crisis, House Consideration, General
     F363 S&L Crisis, Miscellaneous News Articles

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          General Banking Issues (cont'd)

14   F364 Carper Efforts to Prosecute S&L Crooks
     F365 Delaware Comm Reinvestment Action Council/CRA, 1989-1991

     F366 Interamerican Development Bank -- Reauthorize/Amendments to Export Import
               Bank/ Tied Aid Credit Program (International Subcommittee)
     F367 Agglomerate Marble Bill (H.R. 1886)

     F368 Uniform Single Audit Act

               Money Laundering
     F369 Report of Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, Apr 1990
     F370 Full House Consideration -- Carper Legislation (Passes 406-0)
     F371 Full Committee Action on Carper Legislation, Mar 1990
     F372 Subcommittee Action on Carper Legislation, Mar 1990
     F373 H.R. 5889 (House Passed w/House/Senate Conference Agreements -- Never
               Passed Congress)

     F374 Hearing, Full Committee, Jul 1991
     F375 Full Committee Report Accompanying H.R. 26
     F376 Full Committee Markup of H.R. 26, Mar 1991
     F377 H.R. 26 As Reported by Committee
     F378 RTC Funding Bill, Mar 6, 1991
     F379 Legislation Incorporated into Housing Bill
     F380 Meeting w/Delaware Bankers, Mar 1992
     F381 Financial Services Modernization -- Letter to Greenspan
     F382 Interstate Banking/Branching: Insurance Compromise (Never Enacted - TC
     F383 Consumer Reporting Reform Act of 1992


          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          General Banking Issues (cont'd)

               1991 Banking Reform Bill (cont'd)
14   F384 Carper's "Greatest Hits" (notes compiled for Banking/Housing staff by Susan
               Frank), Oct 16, 1992
     F385 Highlights -- Carper Banking/Housing/Legislation, 1984-1992
     F386 Press
     F387 Administration Proposal, March 1991
     F388 H.R. 2094 (Original Bill to Recapitalize the Bank Insurance Fund)
     F389 Banking Committee Print
     F390 Insurance Underwriting Letters to Treasury and FDIC RE: Carper Amendment,
               June 1991
     F391 Second Circuit Court of Appeals Decision, June 1991
     F392 Letter to Annunzio re Banking Committee Markup

15   F393 House Banking Committee (HBC)-- Annunzio/Wyle (Insurance) Amendment
     F394 Carper INS Underwriting Amendment -- Full Banking Committee (Failed Voice
     F395 HBC Consider: Carper Insurance Sales Amendment to Annunzio/Wyle
     F396 HBC Consider: Carper Amendment on Acceptance of State Exams
     F397 Closing Federal Reserve Discount Window "Too Big to Fail" Carper and Other
     F398 HBC Consider: Amendments Status Sheet
     F399 H.R. 6, Reported by Banking Committee
     F400 Memo - Importance to Delaware (Banking Committee Passed Bill)
     F401 Carper letters to HBC Members RE: Delaware Bank Insurance Law
     F402 Explanation of Delawrae Bank Insurance Powers Act (Bank Commissioner Keith
     F403 Side-by-side Comparison of Proposals (by ABA)
     F404 Markup of H.R. 6 In Energy and Commerce Committee
     F405 Insurance - Carper Letter to Energy and Commerce Committee
     F406 S. 543, Senate Version (Riegle)
     F407 Senate Bill, Sec. 774 - Underwriting Grandfather
     F408 Senate Bill, Sec. 772 - Insurance Sales
     F409 Precursor to House Floor Consideration (Round I)
     F410 House Floor Consideration (H.R. 6) - Carper "Dear Colleagues"

               RD I
     F411 House Floor Consideration (H.R. 6) - "Dear Colleagues" 
     F412 Wylie "Motion to Recommit"

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          General Banking Issues (cont'd)

               1991 Banking Reform Bill (cont'd)
15   F413 Amendments
     F414 Misc.
               RD II  
     F415 HBC (H.R. 2094)
     F416 House Floor Consideration (H.R. 2094) 
     F417 FDIC Recapitalization - Carper "Dear Colleague"
     F418 Insurance Sales - Carper Amendment to H.R. 2094
     F419 RD II HBC (H.R. 3768)
     F420 Insurance Underwriting In House - Passed Bill (H.R. 3768)  Carper
               Correspondence w/Gonzalez
     F421 RD III House Floor Consideration (H.R. 3768) FDIC Recapitalization
     F422 Conference, H.R. 3768

          Insurance Underwriting Carper Amendment 
     F423      Conference
     F424      In Conference - Thank You Letters to Supporters
     F425      Legislative History - Insurance Underwriting Grandfather
     F426 Conference Report "Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Improvement Act of 1991"
     F427 Carper Statement/Summary, December 1991
     F428 Correspondence
     F429 Draft Constituent Correspondence
     F430 Constituent Issues/Concerns
     F431 Summary, Final FDIC Act of 1991
     F432 Technical Corrections Thereto, 1992
     F433 1992 Technical Corrections Bill and Carper/Gonzalez Correspondence
          Sec. 303 Insurance Underwriting Grandfather
     F434      Proposed Rule, Jul 1992
     F435      FDIC Proposed Rule, - Carper Letter to FDIC
     F436      Proposed Rule, Letters to FDIC
     F437      FDIC Final Rule
     F438 Background, Bank Insurance Powers
     F439 Literature from Insurance Lobby
     F440 Delaware Bankers Comments
     F441 Insurance Sales Merchants Nat'l Decision by Federal Reserve, 1989
               Delaware Bank Insurance Powers Act
     F442 Background
     F443 I

          I.B.1. Banking (cont'd)

          General Banking Issues (cont'd)

               1991 Banking Reform Bill (cont'd)
15   F444 II
     F445 Town of 5000 Court Decision
     F446 TC CRA Amendment -- Report Language Requiring Study of CRA Performance
               of Special Purpose Banks


          House Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs Committee
          Hearings, 102nd Congress, 1991-1992
          Volume 1
          Full Committee, Books 1-10
               Hearings, Books 1-9
               Prints, Book 9
               Prints, Reports, Public Law, Book 10

          Volume 2
          Subcommittee on Housing and Community Development, Books 1-8
               Hearings, Books 1-6
               Committee Prints, House Reports, Book 7

          Volume 3
          Subcommittee on Financial Institutions Supervision, Regulation and Insurance,
               Books 1-5
               Hearings, Books 1-4
               Commitee Prints, House Reports, Book 4
               House Reports, Public Laws, Book 5

          Volume 4
          Subcommittee on International Development, Finance, Trade, and Monetary
               Policy, Books 1-4
               Hearings, Books 1-4
               House Reports, Public Laws, Book 4

          Volume 5
          Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy, Books 1-2
               Hearings, Books 1-2

          Volume 6
          Subcommittee on General Oversight and Investigations, Books 1-3
               Hearings, Books 1-3

          Volume 7
          Subcommittee on Economic Stabilization, Books 1-3
               Hearings, Books 1-3
               House Reports, Public Laws, Book 3

          Volume 8
          Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs and Coinage, Books 1-4
               Hearings, Books 1-4
               Committee Prints, House Reports, Public Laws, Book 4

          Volume 9
          Subcommittee on Policy Research and Insurance, Books 1-4
               Hearings, Books 1-3
               Committee Prints, House Reports, Book 4

Scope and Content Note for Series I.B.1. Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs

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