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Congressional Papers

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II.B. Communications, 1979-1992

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          II.  Administrative Files 

          II.B.     Communications, 1979-1992

          Capitol Comments         
75   F1        1992
     F2        Jan.-April, Aug., Sept., 1990
     F3        Jan.-Aug., Oct. 1988 May, June, July-Oct., Dec.  89
     F4        Jan.-April 1987
     F5        News Release, Feb. 1987
     F6        News Release, April 1987
     F7        April-June, 1987
     F8        June 25-Dec. 18, 1987
     F9        Jan. 2-May 29, 1986
     F10       June 5-Dec. 18, 1986
     F11       Dec. 1986
     F12       Press Releases, Index-Mar. 1985-Dec. 1986
     F13       Jan.-July 1985
     F14       August-December 1985
     F15       Jan.-Mar., May-Aug., 1984
     F16       Sept. 6-Oct. 25, 1984
     F17       Nov. 1-Dec. 27, 1984
     F18       Index 1983
     F19       May-December, 1983
     F20       Drafts 1985
     F21       Drafts, July-Dec. 1984
     F22       Drafts, Jan.-Aug. 1984
     F23       Drafts, 1983-1984

76   F24       Drafts 1983                   

     F25       Campaign
     F26       Carper
     F27       Delaware Issues
     F28       Environment
     F29       Lebanon/Grenada Invasion
     F30       National Issues
     F31       Opinion Letters/Editorials

          II.  Administrative Files (cont'd)

          II.B.     Communications (cont'd)

          Clippings (cont'd)       
76   F32       Campaign
     F33       Carper
     F34       Delaware Issues
     F35       Environment
     F36       National Issues
     F37       Opinion Letters/Editorials
     F38       Abortion
     F39       Carper
     F40       Delaware Issues
     F41       Environment
     F42       National Issues
     F43       Opinion Letters/Editorials
     F44       Campaign
     F45       Carper
     F46       Contras
     F47       Delaware Issues
     F48       Environment
     F49       Illegal Drugs
     F50       National Issues
     F51       Opinion Letters/Editorials
     F52       Biden
     F53       Campaign
     F54       Carper
     F55       Delaware Issues
     F56       Environment
     F57       National Issues
     F58       Opinion Letters/Editorials

          II.  Administrative Files (cont'd)

          II.B.     Communications (cont'd)

          Clippings (cont'd)
76   F59       Biden Withdrawal
     F60       Campaign
     F61       Carper
     F62       Delaware Issues
     F63       Environment
     F64       Opinion Letters/Editorials

     F65       Campaign
     F66       Carper
     F67       Delaware Issues
     F68       Environment
     F69       Edwin Meese (Attorney General) Resignation
     F70-71    National Issues
     F72       Opinion Letters/Editorials
     F73       Panama Invasion

77   F74       Campaign
     F75       Carper
     F76       Delaware Issues
     F77       Environment
     F78       National Issues
     F79       Opinion Letters/Editorials

     F80       Campaign
     F81       Carper
     F82       Delaware Issues
     F83       Environment
     F84       National Issues
     F85       Opinion Letters/Editorials

          II.  Administrative Files (cont'd)

          II.B.     Communications (cont'd)

          Clippings (cont'd)
77   F86       Campaign
     F87       Carper
     F88       Delaware Issues
     F89       Environment
     F90       National Issues
     F91       Opinion Letters/Editorials
          Press Secretary Files
     F92       Agriculture, 1983
     F93       American Women in Radio and TV, 1983
     F94       Art Exhibition, 1983
     F95       Big Band Society, 1984
     F96       Bowl for Kids' Sakes, 1985
     F97       Christina Cultural Arts Center, 1983
     F98       Deficit, 1983
     F99       Defense, 1983
     F100      Dan Rostenkowski Visit, 1985
     F101      Delaware Editorials, 1986
     F102      Delaware Nurses Association, 1985
     F103      Delaware Presidential Candidates, n.d.
     F104      EPA, 1983
     F105      EPA - Ocean Dumping, 1983 
     F106      Farmer and Rancher Program, April 1983
     F107      Fish Hatcheries, 1983
     F108      Forestry Cuts, 1983
     F109      Gertrude Lowell, 1984
     F110      GOP Budget, 1983
     F111      Health Care Forums, 1984
     F112      Hopkins [Bob]Campaign, n.d. [1983-1985?]
     F113      Issues, 1989-1990
     F114      J-J [Jefferson-Jackson] Dinner, 1984
     F115      Job Training, 1983
     F116      Landfills, 1983
     F117      Media Changes/Updates, 1986

          II.  Administrative Files (cont'd)

          II.B.     Communications (cont'd)

          Press Secretary Files (cont'd)
77   F118      Media Clips, 1985
     F119      Media Services/ Changes, 1984-1985
     F120      Media Services/ Changes, 1985-1986
     F121      Meetings/ Speeches, 99th Congress, 1985-1986
     F122      Merchant Marine and Fisheries, 1983
     F123      Minzeheimer Drafts, 1983
     F124      National Guard Postal Card Ceremony w/ photo, 1986
     F125      National Maritime Union of America, 1983
     F126      Pay Raise Issues, 1989
     F127      PCB Incineration Testimony, 1983
     F128      Press Appointments/ Reports from Washington, 1983
     F129      Press Budget, 1983
     F130      Public Appearances, 1991-1992
     F131      Publication: Rainbow - Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Magazine, 1991
     F132      Radio Station Information, 1985, n.d.
     F133      Social Security Proposals, 1983
     F134      Speeches/Meetings, 100th Congress, 1987-1988
     F135      Taxes, 1981-1983
     F136      10% Withholding Tax, 1982-1983
     F137      Various Issues, 1985-1986
     F138      Various Speeches, 1983
     F139      Veterans Publications, 1986
     F140      Vietnam Vets, 1984
     F141       "Voice of Democracy" Essay Winner, 1984

78   F142      Weatherization, 1983

          Press and News Releases, 1979-1991
     F143      News Releases, 1991
     F144      News Releases, 1990
     F145      Press Releases, Feb.-Aug. 1989/Appearance Schedules, Jan.-Dec. 1989
     F146      News Releases, 1988
     F147      Press Releases, Sep.-Dec. 1987
     F148      News Releases, June-Aug., 1987
     F149      Press Releases, Feb.-May, 1987

          II.  Administrative Files (cont'd)

          II.B.     Communications (cont'd)

          Press and News Releases (cont'd)        
78   F150      Press Releases, Jan. 1-Feb. 25,1986
     F151      Press Releases, Feb. 1-Nov. 25, 1985
     F152      Newsletter Ideas, 1985
     F153      Press Releases, Jan. 9-Dec. 18, 1984
     F154      Press Releases, April-August, 1983
     F155      Press Releases, Jan.-Mar., 1983
     F156      News Releases, Sep.-Dec., 1983
     F157      News Releases-State Treasurer, 1979-82
     F158      Press Releases-Drafts, 1984
     F159      Press Releases-Drafts, 1983-84
     F160      Press Releases-Drafts, Apr.-Nov. 1983
     F161      Press Releases, 1981
     F162      Press Releases, 1983
     F163      Examples of News Releases from other Congressmen, 1978-82

          Speeches and Other
     F164      Media--Taping On Citizens Awareness, n.d.
     F165      Public Appearances/Interviews--Media, 1985
     F166      Public Appearances, 1991
     F167      Speeches, 1983
     F168      Speeches, 1985
     F169      Speeches--Housing Issues, 1985
     F170      Speeches--Protection of American Flag, 1990-1991, n.d.
     F171      Speeches/Briefings--101st Congress, 1989
     F172      Statements/Opinions, 1985-1988

          Printed Materials:
          Congressional Directory, 98th Congress, 1983-1984
          Congressional Directory, 99th Congress, 1985-1986
          Congressional Directory, 102nd Congress, 1991-1992     
          Congressional Pictorial Directory, Feburary 1991
          House Rules and Manual, 101st Congress/Jefferson's Manual and Rules of the
               House of Representatives
          House Rules and Manual, 102nd Congress/Jefferson's Manual and Rules of the
               House of Representatives

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citation and reference information:

Thomas R. Carper
Congressional Papers

1979 - 1993
(bulk dates 1982 - 1992)

Manuscript Collection Number: 399
Accessioned: Gift of Thomas R. Carper, 1992, 1998-1999
Extent: 84 linear ft. and oversize material
Content: Legislation, correspondence, reports, documents and publications, memoranda, speeches, photographs, audio-visual material, newsletters, news clippings, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: November 1997 - December 1999 by Rebecca J. Altermatt with assistance from Rob Costello; edited by L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin.

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