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Burd Family Papers

1703 - 1937
(bulk dates 1800-1860)

Manuscript Collection Number: 379
Accessioned: Gift of the Moyerman family, 1970.
Extent: 3 linear ft. (1372 items)
Content: Wills, deeds, estate records, correspondence, bills, receipts, funeral notices, legal documents, stock certificates, mortgages, account books, passport, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: September 1998 by Arthur Siegal.

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Table of Contents

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Contents List

*Note: most of the deeds, as well as several other items, are housed in oversize manuscript boxes. These boxes are identified on the removal sheets in the appropriate folder.

Box -- Folder -- Contents

          Series I. Edward Shippen Burd -- Documents, 1774-1859
          This series contains deeds, wills, receipts, mortgages, leases, account books,
          miscellaneous legal items, a passport, stock certificates, an insurance policy, and
          related ephemera.  Also included are items pertaining to the legal dispute between
          Edward Shippen Burd and Joseph Sims, executor of Wooddrop Sims' estate.

1    F1   Wills, 1774-1836  (2 items)
          Includes a 15-page will from the estate of William White, originally dated to
          1830, but amended several times to 1836.  In addition, there are extracts from the
          wills of Joseph Sims, Buckridge Sims, and Ann Sims (1774, 4pp.)

     F2   Opinions, 1814-1888  (10 items)
          Primarily concerning judicial opinions given in reference to the dispute between
          ESB and Joseph Sims.  Included are opinions by Horace Binney and John

     F3   Deed of Trust, Jul 1810  (4 items)
          A contract whereby the estate of Eliza Sims' father (Wooddrop Sims) is placed in
          the trust of Joseph Sims and the Reverend William White.  The document also
          contains a marriage arrangement between E.S. Burd and Eliza Sims, and deals
          with the disposal of estate monies.  Included are four copies of the document.

     F4   Mortgages, 1807-1836  (24 items)
          Most of these were contracted between E.S. Burd and the executors of the estate
          of Eliza Sims Burd, and several of the agreements were made jointly with Thomas

     F5   Receipts, 1805-1861  (157 items)
          Receipts from the payment of various goods and legal services, as well as receipts
          from bills and fines, renting houses, and subscriptions to newspapers and journals.

     F6   Bonds & Bond Warrants, 1810-1836  (22 items)
          Includes bonds between ESB and David Breintnall, Philip S. Bunting, Charles
          Chauncey, Elizabeth Clein, Joseph Crukshank, Anthony Cuthbert, George Emlen,
          Hannah Emlen, Charles Penrose, John Wagner, and Sarah Winstar.

          Series I.  Edward Shippen Burd -- Documents  (cont'd)

1    F7   Joseph Sims -- Legal, 1814-1828  (20 items)
          This and the following folder include documents generated by the dismissal of
          Joseph Sims as executor of the Burd estate, and the ensuing legal dispute. 
          Included are various legal documents, as well as an exemplification from the
          Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, signed by Edward Burd and Matthew

     F8   Joseph Sims -- Financial, 1810-1823  (10 items)
          Includes an accounting of the Sims estate, calculations, and a 15pp. account of
          Sims' management of the Burd estate from 1810-1823.

     F9   Passport, 1840 Jun 14  (1 item)
          Issued by the "Légation des États-Unis d'Amérique en France," and signed by
          Henry Ledyard, secretary of the Légation.  The passport allowed Burd, his wife,
          and his two daughters to travel freely in France, Germany, and Italy, and is
          marked with numerous travel stamps.  Also included on the passport is personal
          descriptive data on Burd; such as eye and hair color, the shape of his face, and his

     F10  Deeds, 1812-1841  (9 items)
          - Thomas Cadwalader & wife Mary to Edward Shippen Burd (1812) 
          - Edward Shippen Burd to James Welch, and reconveyance by J. Welch & wife to
          Edward Shippen Burd (1813) 
          - Edward Shippen Burd & wife to John H. Brinton (1814)
          - Caleb North, Sheriff, to Edward Shippen Burd, estate of Alex Barrett (1821) 
          - Sarah Brinton, exec. of John Brinton, to Edward Shippen Burd (1827)
          - Edward Shippen Burd to Patrick Gallraith, George Burns, and Matthew Arrison   (1830)
          - Edward Shippen Burd & wife to Richard West (1833) 
          - Matthew Arrison & wife to Edward Shippen Burd (1835)
          - Edward Shippen Burd & wife to Thomas Dyer (1841)

     F11  Will, 1849  (28 pp.)
          A bound and printed copy of the will of Edward Shippen Burd, printed by Kite &
          Walton Printers of Philadelphia, #50 N. 4th St.  Included at the back is a two-page
          index of names and subjects.

          Series I. Edward Shippen Burd -- Documents  (cont'd)

1    F12  Insurance Policy, 1827 Nov 9  (4 pp.)
          Policy #8089, issued by the American Fire Insurance Company to Edward S.
          Burd, Trustee, for two years of coverage at $6,000 for a three-story brick house on
          the north side of Walnut St., between 9th and 10th streets.

     F13  Checks, 1820-1848  (19 items)
          Drawn from the Bank of the United States, the Farmer's and Mechanics' Bank,
          and the Bank of North America.  All of these branches were in Philadelphia, and
          all of the checks are signed by E.S.B.

     F14  Stock Certificates, 1811-1812 & 1835-1838  (12 items)
          Includes certificates for 26 shares of The Presidents, Managers, & Company, of
          the Perkiomen & Reading Turnpike Road stock.  Only one of these certificates
          was purchased directly by Burd, but he acquired the remainder in later transfers. 
          Also included are three certificates for 100 shares of stock in the Philadelphia
          Railroad Company, and a receipt of payment for shares of stock to Thomas
          Biddle, & Co., who were likely stockbrokers.

     F15  Account Books, 1836-1859  (3 items)
          Included are three separate books: an account book (1836-1847), with entries
          arranged according to individual; a book from Farmer's & Mechanics' Bank
          (1845-1848), which includes a record of bank accounts at that institution; and a
          receipt book (1847-1859).

     F16  Agreements, 1808-1826  (9 items)

     F17  Leases, 1812-1830  (7 items)
          Includes leases to R. Mercer & J. McMullen; George Slip; Charier & Chau[r]ette;
          John Cream, Jr.; Charles Bele; E.R. Hansen; and John McCulloch.  All rented
          properties from Edward Shippen Burd

          Series I. Edward Shippen Burd -- Documents  (cont'd)

1    F18  Miscellaneous Legal, 1801-1850s  (20 items)
          Includes various proposals; documents of assent; letters of attorney and authority; 
          an accounting of the estate of John Furlong by Thomas Shipley; a bond of
          Augustin Regnaud to Thomas Francis, James J. Maguire, & Amos Taylor Jr.; a
          proposal of compromise between Regnaud and his creditors; exoneration of
          Joseph R. Ingersoll & William Miller to Edward Shippen Burd & John H.
          Brinton; permission given to Edward Shippen Burd to conduct water pipes along
          Thompson St. in Philadelphia; and a plea before the Honorable Thomas McKean,
          Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  This
          latter document concerns a petition, dated 12 Dec 1832, by Thomas Coppinger, in
          the presence of ESB and other witnesses.  Burd was a participating attorney in
          most of these cases, and thus a signatory.

     F19  Miscellaneous, c.1840s  (10 items)
          Includes calculations, two copies of portraits of Edward Shippen Burd and George
          Cadwalader, two memoranda regarding Burd (Sep 1848), an extract from minutes
          of a meeting of the Law Association of Philadelphia (1842 Mar 1), and a
          notification to Burd by the Water Commissioners of Northern Liberties & Spring
         Garden (Nov 1843).  

          Series II. Edward Shippen Burd -- Correspondence, 1800-1880
          Includes correspondence written to and by Edward Shippen Burd, in both French
          and English. Also included are two letters written by Joseph Bonaparte.  The
          correspondence is arranged chronologically, according to decade.

     F20  Correspondence 1800-1818  (40 items)
          Legal and financial correspondence, including letters to and from Joseph Reed,
          Benjamin Tilghman, George Harrison, Thomas Cadwalader, Edward Ingersoll,
          and J.H. Brinton.

     F21  Correspondence 1820-1829  (44 items)
          Personal and legal correspondence, including letters signed by Horace Binney,
          John Tilghman, Benjamin Chew, and John Sergeant.

          Series II. Edward Shippen Burd -- Correspondence  (cont'd)

1    F22  Correspondence, 1830-1839  (51 items)
          Personal and legal correspondence, as well as invitations and a notice of auction
          of the Chrenhausen estate in Paris (dated 1837).  Letters written in English and
          French.  Included are letters to and from  P.T. Fontagnes, John Cadwalader, Eli K.
          Price, and Thomas C. Rockwell.

     F23  Correspondence, 1840-1849  (61 items)
          Includes personal and legal correspondence, as well as invitations and a funeral
          notice for E.S. Burd (21 Sep 1848).  Letters written in English and French,
          including several from Burd's acquaintances in France, Madame de Rothschild
          and Monsieur le Baron de las Cares.

     F24  Correspondence, 1850-1880  (16 items)
          Primarily legal correspondence concerning Burd's estate.  Many signed by Price
          and Townsend.

     F25  Correspondence, undated  (29 items)
          Legal and personal correspondence, as well as several invitations addressed to
          E.S. Burd's daughters and a note informing Burd that he was elected a trustee of
          the University (of Pennsylvania?).  In English and French.

     F26  Joseph Bonaparte letters, 1838  (2 items)
          Included is a letter of introduction from the Count de Surveillers (Joseph
          Bonaparte) to the Princess Charlotte Napoleon at Florence, and a letter of
          introduction to Monsieur le Cardinal Fesch (Joseph's uncle) at Rome.  Both
          letters, written in French, were composed on behalf of E.S. Burd.

          Series III. Eliza Howard Sims Burd, 1814-1937
          Included in this series are deeds, checks, receipts, leases, and documents
          pertaining to the management and accounting of her estate.  Also included are
          documents pertaining to the founding of the Burd Orphan Asylum, and the
          erection of a memorial statue of E.S. Burd in St. Stephen's Church.

     F27  Correspondence, c. 1837-1860  (41 items)
          Includes personal, legal, and financial correspondence, as well as invitations, in
          both English and French.  Several of the letters concern the death of E.S. Burd,
          others are written to her sister-in-law Sarah Burd, and much of the correspondence
          is with estate executor Eli K. Price.

          Series III. Eliza Howard Burd  (cont'd)

1    F28  Receipts, 1827-1863  (150 items)
          Payments for various goods and services, as well as money owed on the Burd

     F29  Checks, 1860 & 1864  (20 items)
          Drawn on the Farmer's & Mechanics' Bank in Philadelphia, those from 1860 are
          signed by Eliza Burd, while those from 1864 are signed by Townsend and Edward
          Shippen (executors of Eliza's estate).

     F30  Leases, 1838-1859  (4 items)
          - to John Rice, property on Ninth and George Sts. (1838)
          - to Edwin Clinton, property at 204 1/2 Chestnut St. (1853)
          - to William Bostick in Burd's Court (1858)
          - to Burns & Seig at the corner of Eighth and Chestnut Sts. (1859)

     F31  Deeds, 1814-1863  (7 items)
          - Sarah Hopkins to Eliza Howard Sims (1814)
          - E.H. Burd et al. to Fitz Eugene Dixon (1852)
          - E.H. Burd, Eli K. Price, & J.B. Townsend to Joseph Harrison (1854)
          - E.H. Burd, Eli K. Price, & J.B. Townsend to Joseph Harrison (1854)
          - E.H. Burd, Eli K. Price, and J.B. Townsend to West Chester & Philadelphia
          Railroad Co. (1855)
          - E.H. Burd, Eli K. Price, & J. B. Townsend to Joseph Harrison, Jr. (1858)
          - Alanzo Palter et al. to St. Stephens Church (1859)

     F32  Miscellaneous Legal, 1849-1871  (3 items)
          Includes a four-page copy of Bond & Warrant, Frank Wills and Surety to Eliza
          Burd (1849 Oct 17); a two-page Warrant of Attorney agreement, William H.
          McGrath to Eliza Burd (1854 Oct 20); and "Page's Appeal," a legal dispute made
          by S. Davis Page against the Burd estate in the Supreme Court of the Eastern
          District of Pennsylvania (January Term, 1871).  The appeal is 19 pages and bound
          in a paper cover.

     F33  Eliza Howard Burd Estate, 1850-1877  (15 items)
          Included are documents concerned specifically with the Burd estate.  Among the
          various legal documents is a 16-page printed and bound copy of her will (1860);
          an accounting of an appraisal of her estate; and a two-page extract from the
          minutes of the Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church for the Advancement of
          Christ in Pennsylvania.

          Series III. Eliza Howard Burd  (cont'd)

1    F34  Monument -- Correspondence, 1848-1860  (44 items)
          Items concerning the erection of monuments to E.S. Burd and the Burd children in St. Stephen's
          Church in Philadelphia.  Included are letters between Eliza Burd and the church,
          contractors, artisans, and Eli K. Price.

     F35  Monument -- Documents, 1849-1868  (10 items)
          Included are agreements between Eliza Burd and Frank Wills, architect for the monument to E.S. Burd; extracts
          from minutes of a meeting at St. Stephen's Church; agreements with Carl
          Steinhauser, sculptor for the monument to the Burd children (who was in Rome at the time); a check to Steinhauser; a petition to
          the court for the design of the monument; and miscellaneous correspondence and
          receipts from Steinhauser.

     F36  Orphan's Asylum -- Documents, 1860-1937  (7 items)
          Includes correspondence and legal documents relating to the establishment and
          funding of the asylum (later called the Burd School for Girls) from the Burd
          estate, all dating from the period 1860-1877.  Also included is a 56-page
          descriptive booklet on the Burd School for Girls, dated 1937.

     F37  Orphan's Asylum -- Receipts, 1861-1863  (21 items)
          Payment for goods and services rendered to the asylum and its residents.  Also
          included are several envelopes.

          Series IV. Burd Family, 1752-1861
          Most of these items pertain to the personal and business affairs of Edward Burd
          (1750-1833), though some concern other members of the family, particularly his
          daughter, Sarah Burd (fl.1835-1841).

     F38  Correspondence, 1777-1835  (15 items)
          Includes personal and business correspondence, as well as one funeral invitation,
          dated 1833.

     F39  Plot Plans, 1788-1827  (14 items)
          Includes survey plans and narrative descriptions of properties purchased by
          Edward Burd in Pennsylvania.  Drawings include property lines, rivers and
          creeks, roads and pathways, type of vegetation on the property, and survey
          measurements.  Drawn in ink, and several are undated.

          Series IV. Burd Family  (cont'd)

1    F40  Contracts and Agreements, 1796-1822  (9 items)

     F41  Receipts, 1793-1832  (10 items)
          Payment receipts for goods and services, as well as for deeds, bank transactions,
          and other legal business.

     F42  Deeds pt.I, 1785-1893  (7 items)
          - William Shippen, the elder to Edward Burd (1785)
          - Jonathan D. Sergeant to Edward Burd (1787)
          - Edward Burd to David Claypoole (1787)
          - James & John Craig, attorneys of James Peter, to Edward Burd (1789)
          - Caleb Bickbom to Edward Burd (1791)
          - Joseph Wilson to Edward Burd (1792)
          - James Crawford & Charles Rush from Joseph Wilson to Edward Burd (1793)

     F43  Deeds pt.II, 1808-1811  (10 items)
          - Edward Burd to E. Chauncey, extract (1808)
          - Edward Burd & wife Elizabeth to Thomas Stokes, Jr. (1808)
          - Joseph Shippen and Edward Burd (1809)
          - Edward Burd to Ebenezer Osbourn (1810)
          - Thomas Pryor Gilbert to Edward Burd (1810)
          - Edward Burd and wife to Abiel Twiss (1810)
          - Edward Burd and wife to William Bourard (1811)
          - Edward Burd and wife to Edward Vollum (1811)
          - Edward Burd wife to Isaac H. Griffith (1811)
          - Edward Burd and wife to John Topham (1811)

     F44  Deeds pt.III, 1813-1826  (8 items)
          - Edward Burd and wife to Jonathon Davis (1813)
          - Edward Burd to George Pryor (1813)
          - Edward Burd to Henry Vollum (1813)
          - Edward Burd and wife to Willaplain Gethen and George Paulson (1813)
          - Edward Burd and wife to Willaplain Gethen and George Paulson (1813)
          - Edward Burd and wife to Patrick Doyle (1813)
          - David C. Claypoole to Edward Burd (1819)
          - Walter Franklin and wife to Edward Burd (1826)

          Series IV. Burd Family  (cont'd)

1    F45  Miscellaneous Legal Documents, 1773-1832  (18 items)
          Includes legal and financial statements, calculations, and accounting of estates. 
          Also included is a Deed of Appointment by E.S. Burd, Margaret Coxe, and Sarah
          Burd in presence of the will of Edward Burd (1832), as well as two-page sheriff's
          document pertaining to prisoners by Thomas Duncan to Edward Burd, issued in
          the Supreme Court of Philadelphia.

     F46  Burd Family Miscellany, 1752-1861  (16 items)
          These items pertain to other members of the Burd family, and include
          correspondence, invitations, legal documents, a copy of James Burd's will (1790),
          and receipts.  In both English and French. 

2    F47  Sarah Burd Account Book, 1835-1841  (250 pp.)
          Arranged chronologically, the book presents an accounting of various goods and
          services, including item, price, and date of transaction.  In addition, there are
          numerous items laid in between the pages, including newspaper clippings of
          calendars for the years 1835-1841, a recipe for an "aquatic bomb," and
          miscellaneous calculations and notes.  There appears to be smoke and fire damage
          to the book, but it is still legible.

     F48  Sarah Burd Correspondence, 1849-1850  (12 items)
          Includes personal and business letters written by Sarah Burd to her sister-in-law
          Eliza Howard Burd.  There are several letters written by Eliza Burd to Sarah Burd
          in F27.

          Series V. Coxe Family, 1817-1863
          This series includes correspondence, as well as financial and legal items relating
          to the Coxe family.  The Coxes are related to the Burd family through the
          marriage of Daniel W. Coxe (1769-1852) to Margaret (Burd) Coxe (1781-1845),
          the daughter of Edward Burd (1750/51-1833). Though the documents in this
          series name various members of this family, the most prominent names are Daniel
          W. Coxe and Margaret Coxe.

     F49  Correspondence, 1817-1885  (35 items)
          Includes personal and business correspondence by Daniel W., Margaret, and
          Richard Coxe.

     F50  Correspondence, 1846-1863  (48 items)
          Includes personal and business correspondence by Daniel W., Margaret, and
          Edward Coxe.  Several prominent names include Ellis B. Crowell, Horace
          Binney, and Eli K. Price.

     F51  Financial, 1830-1882  (43 items)
          Includes receipts, checks (from the Bank of the United States and Philadelphia
          Bank), tax forms, bank statements (from the bank of Louisville, Brandon Bank,
          Union Bank of Tennessee, and Planter's Bank of Tennessee), several copies of an
          inventory of the goods of Margaret Coxe; accounts of stocks and shares;
          inventories; and miscellaneous calculations.  Also included is a two-page list of
          stockholders in the Grand Gulf Railroad & Banking Co., and a one-page list of
          stockholders in the Agricultural Bank of Philadelphia (both dated 1837).

     F52  Legal, 1828-1860  (22 items)
          Items pertaining to Daniel W. and Margaret Coxe, including copies of their wills,
          and business concerning the estate of Margaret Coxe.  D.W. Coxe and E.S. Burd
          were made trustees of Margaret's estate after her death in 1845, then Eliza Burd
          after her own husband's death in 1848.  Also included is a printed copy of the
          wills of Maria and Samuel Chew (grandson of Benjamin Chew?).

          Series VI. Shippen Family, 1703-1864
          This series consists of items relating to the Shippen family; including
          correspondence, deeds, documents concerning a dispute with Eli Price and John
          Townsend, and other miscellaneous legal and financial items.

2    F53  Deeds, 1739-1830  (18 items)
          - Edward Shippen to John White (1739)
          - Edward Shippen and wife to John Reading (1762)
          - Edward Shippen to John Hefflein (1770)
          - Joseph Shippen Jr. and wife to John Hefflein (1774) 
          - Edward Shippen to Christian Reddick (1782)
          - Edward Shippen and wife Margaret to George McKay (1785)
          - Owen Sullivan and Edward Shippen (1786)
          - William Shippen to Jeremiah Collins (1787)
          - Edward Shippen to James Brown (1794)
          - Thomas Morris and Edward Bonsall (signed by Edward Shippen, 1794)
          - Edward Bonsall to Anthony Morris (signed by Edward Shippen, 1795)
          - Edward and Joseph Shippen to Jacob Perkins (1796)
          - Jacob Shoemaker et al. to Noble C. Nelson (signed by Edward Shippen, 1802)
          - Joseph Shippen, trustee of Col. James Burd and Sarah, wife, & James Burd and
          Jasper Yeates, exec. of James Burd to Abigail Shippen, Joseph Burd, and William 
          Brosking, admin. of John Shippen, dec'd (1808)
          - Eliza Hamilton to Charles Shippen (1828)
          - Charles Shippen and wife to Andrew Bayard (1828)
          - Andrew Bayard and wife to Charles Shippen (1830)
          - Charles Shippen and wife to Charles Kuhn (1830)

3    F54  Correspondence, 1805-1864  (6 items)
          Legal and financial correspondence, some of which pertains to the dispute with
          Price and Townsend.  The signature of "Edward Shippen" is in two separate

     F55  Shippen, et al. vs. Price & Townsend, 1860-1862  (8 items)
          Documents pertaining to a legal dispute between the Shippen family and
          executors Eli K. Price and J. B. Townsend, over the estate of E.S. Burd.  Includes
          a paper-bound book outlining the details of the dispute, a legal opinion of the
          supreme court, financial accounts, a bill of costs, and an answer by Price and

     F56  Miscellaneous, 1703-1860  (24 items)
          Includes receipts; releases; financial accounts of Benjamin Chew, Register
          General, with Edward Shippen (1765-1766); agreements; and exemplifications,
          including the will of Edward Shippen (1837).  The signature of "Edward Shippen"
          appears in most of the documents in this folder, though there are two Edwards to
          consider: Edward Shippen (1728-1806), the eventual Chief Justice of the Supreme
          Court of Pennsylvania, and his father, who resided in Lancaster, and who was also
          a judge.

          Series VII. Related Families and Ephemera, 1791-1883
          This series contains documents corresponding to members of Edward Shippen
          Burd's extended family, including names such as Lloyd, Sims, Hopkins, Yeates,
          and McIlvaine.  Also included are documents pertaining specifically to the
          business of Price and Townsend, as executors of the estate of E.S. Burd.

     F57  Yeates and McIlvaine -- Correspondence, 1832 & 1848  (3 items)
          Includes two letters from Eli K. Price to Catherine Yeates (1848), and one from
          Catherine Yeates to E.S. Burd (1832).

     F58  Yeates and McIlvaine -- Documents, 1860-1861  (8 items)
          Includes calculations; receipts; accounts; a statement of settlement; an agreement
          (signed by Mary and Margaret McIlvaine); and a document in the case of Mary
          McIlvaine, et al. vs. Eli K. Price, et al., heard in the Supreme Court of

     F59  Sims and Hopkins, 1791-1853  (9 items)
          Includes a counterpart deed from Wooddrop and Sarah Sims to Lewis Dewees; a
          copy of a deed of trust from Sarah Sims to P.W. Gallaudet; an indenture between
          Joseph and Rebecca Sims to Lewis Clapier, Joseph Johnson, and Joseph B. Sims;
          two letters from S. Hopkins; and several receipts.

     F60  Anastasia and Richard Lloyd -- Correspondence, c. 1827-1835  (34 items)
          Includes personal and business correspondence, several of which are undated.

          Series VII. Related Families and Ephemera  (cont'd)

3    F61  Townsend and Price, 1849-1877  (45 items)
          Contains material regarding the estates of Eliza and Edward Shippen Burd, as
          maintained by executors Eli K. Price and John Townsend.  Includes
          correspondence, court summons, estate inventories, leases, agreements, opinions,
          accounts of estate and rents, and other legal documents.  Also included is an
          extract from an examiner's report on the estate of Eliza H. Burd, and an auditor's
          report on the first account of Price and Townsend, regarding the estate of E.S.

     F62  Miscellaneous, 1839-1883  (13 items)
          Includes receipts, correspondence, several items relating to Charles Picot, and two
          plot plans.  One of these plans is of the farm of Phebe Thomas and sisters, drawn
          by Charles Downing in 1849, and the other is of the environs of the Wissahickon
            (surveyor and date unknown).                 

Appendix: Genealogical Tables

Genealogical Table 1

Descendants of Joseph and Abigail (Grosse) Shippen
* bold type refers to individuals named in the collection Joseph Shippen (1679-1741) -- m -- Abigail (Grosse) Shippen (d.1716) Dr. William Shippen Sr. (1712-1801) -- m -- Susannah Harrison (1711-1774) Dr. William Shippen, Jr. (1736-1808) Edward Shippen (1703-1781) -- m -- Sarah Plumley Joseph Shippen (1732-1810) -- m -- Jane Galloway (1745-1801) Sarah (Shippen) Burd (1730-1784) -- m -- Col. James Burd (1726-1793) Edward Shippen (1729-1806) -- m -- Margaret Francis [daughter of Tench Francis] (1735-1794) Elizabeth Shippen (b.1754) -- m -- Edward Burd (1750-1833) Sarah Shippen (1756-1831) -- m -- Thomas Lea of Philadelphia Mary Shippen (b.1757) -- m-- Dr. William McIlvaine Dr. Edward Shippen (1758-1809) -- m -- Elizabeth Juliana Footman (1762-1848) Margaret (1760-1804) -- m -- Benedict Arnold John Francis (1762-1763) James (1766-1769)

Genealogical Table 2

Descendants of James and Sarah (Shippen) Burd
*bold type refers to individuals named in the collection Col. James Burd (1726-1793) -- m -- Sarah (Shippen) Burd (1730-1784) Edward Burd (1750/51-1833) -- m -- Elizabeth Shippen (b. 1754) Edward Shippen Burd (1779-1848) -- m -- Eliza Howard Sims[daughter of Wooddrop & Sarah Sims] (1793-1860) Elizabeth (1815-1845/46) Margaret (1819-1844) Wooddrop (c. 1822-1837) * Five other children died in infancy. Margaret Burd (1781-1845) -- m -- Daniel W. Coxe (1769-1852) Sarah (d. 1829) -- m -- Jasper Yeates (1745-1817) Catherine Yeates (1783-1866) Joseph Burd (b.1768)

Genealogical Table 3

Descendants of William and Mary (Francis) Coxe
*bold type refers to individuals named in the collection William Coxe (1723-1801) -- m -- Mary Anne Francis [daughter of Tench Francis] Tench Coxe (1755-1824) William Coxe (1762-1831) -- m -- Rachel Smith Richard S. Coxe (1792-1865) Daniel W. Coxe (1769-1852) -- m -- Margaret Burd (1781-1845) John Coxe
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