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Bright Family Papers

1763 - 1942

(bulk dates 1894-1934)

Manuscript Collection Number: 128
Accessioned: Gift of Anna D. Moyerman, 1972.
Extent: 2.3 linear ft. (1929 items)
Content: Correspondence, legal and financial items, speeches, political papers, invitations and greeting cards, photographs, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: October 1998 by Arthur Siegel

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Robert Southall Bright was born in Williamsburg, Virginia, on May 24, 1872 to Robert Anderson and Nannie (Munford) Bright. His father was a planter who had served in the Confederate army, and after the war had continued to support legislation in opposition to the rights and suffrage of former slaves. Robert S. Bright's great uncle, George Washington Southall, was the Bright family's connection to the Southalls, who were among the first families to settle on the Virginia peninsula in the early seventeenth century. Robert Southall Bright graduated with an A.B. from the College of William and Mary in 1891, then apprenticed under Philadelphia lawyer George H. Earle until he was admitted to the bar in 1894. On October 19 of the following year, Bright married Caroline De Beelen, daughter of George Sidney Lovett, and together they had a son, Douglas Bright, who was born on August 17, 1896. From 1894 to 1926, Bright maintained an independent law firm in Philadelphia, and from 1926 to 1934 he was a member of the Philadelphia banking firm Thomas A. Biddle & Co. In 1932, Caroline died, and on December 1, 1934 Bright married again, this time to Mary (McCaw) Haves, who was the daughter of William Reid McCaw. Also in 1934, Bright retired to his farm in Frederick, Maryland, where he lived until his death on December 18, 1943.

Robert Southall Bright was active in Philadelphia politics, including his service as president of the Woodrow Wilson League, and was a prominent member of the Progressive Party. He was a member of a number of different associations, as well as a trustee of the Lovett Memorial Free Library of Philadelphia, and during the First World War he served as a major in the army on the staff of the judge advocate general in Washington, D.C. Bright also published a number of historical works, many of which were originally speeches: "Pocahontas and Other Colonial Dames of Virginia" (1906); "The Hamlet of American Politics" (1908); "Liberty's Greatest paper" (1910); and "Nathaniel Bacon and His Rebellion" (n.d.).


Dictionary of American Biography, ed. Dumas Malone. vol.9. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1963.

Note: Historical and biographical information derived from the collection

Scope and Content Note

The Robert Southall Bright Collection concerns the personal and business affairs of theBright family, most notably Philadelphia lawyer Robert Southall Bright (1872-1943) and his wife Caroline de Beelen Bright (d. 1932). The collection comprises 2.3 linear feet of material and contains correspondence, financial and legal items, receipts, insurance policies, leases, speeches, political papers, certificates, invitations and greeting cards, photographs, and ephemera. The collection is divided into five main series: I. Robert S. Bright correspondence, II. financial and legal documents, III. papers concerning other members of the Bright family, IV. miscellaneous papers, and V. photographs.

The first series spans the period 1877-1939, and includes correspondence to and from Robert S. Bright, most notably from his wife Caroline and from his friend John L. Stoddard.

The second series spans the period 1879-1942, and includes stock and bond certificates, insurance policies, estate accounts, leases, bills and receipts, bank statements, canceled checks, account and memorandum books, and other legal items.

The third series spans the period 1763-1918, and includes correspondence, legal, and financial items concerning Robert Anderson Bright, Samuel Bright, George Washington Southall, and Douglas Bright.

The fourth series spans the period 1821-1934, and includes school certificates, speeches and political papers, invitations and RSVPs, calling cards, greeting cards, legal items pertaining to the case of Armistead et al. vs. Dandridge et al. (1821-1843), and ephemera.

The fifth series spans the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and includes photographs of the Bright family, many of which were taken at Monhegan Island, Maine.

The collection focuses primarily on Robert S. and Caroline Bright, documenting their personal and financial affairs particularly in the 1920s and early 1930s. The names of several prominent Virginia and Pennsylvania families are included in the collection (the Bassetts, Lovetts, Southalls, and Dandridges), but their relationships to the Bright family are not always made clear. The items concerning these individuals can be found primarily in the correspondence, or under the heading of "Miscellaneous Papers" in series four.

The collection contains a large number of photographs, but unfortunately all but a very few are unidentified. It is assumed that portraits are of members of the Bright family or their relatives. Most of the photographs are of people and locations on Monhegan Island, which served as a summer vacation spot for Robert Southall Bright and his family. Though these are undated, Monhegan correspondence elsewhere in the collection dates from 1932 and 1933, and thus provides a rough estimate for when the photographs were taken. The island was also frequented by a number of prominent American artists, including Rockwell Kent, Robert Henri, Edward Hopper, and N.C. Wyeth. Since early in the twentieth century, the Wyeths have owned a home on the island, and one of the more intriguing items in the collection is a letter written to Robert S. Bright by his friend Henriette Wyeth (b. 1907), who was the daughter of N.C. Wyeth.

The correspondence, particularly that with his fiancee Caroline de Beelen, provides a great deal of information about Robert S. Bright's personal life, as well as his demeanor -- which at times could be rather piercing. The letters also reveal the wide range of personal and business contacts which Bright maintained. He corresponded frequently with friends and relatives in Virginia and the Philadelphia area, a law firm in Buffalo, New York, the president of the College of William and Mary, and acquaintances in Europe and China. The intensity of Bright's activity is further revealed in the number and variety of invitations to social functions, as well as his membership in numerous political societies and associations. Also of interest is the correspondence that Robert S. Bright maintained with his friend John Lawson Stoddard (1850-1931), whose ruminations on the political and social conditions of pre-war Europe and America provide a fascinating, if brief, glimpse into the important issues of the day.

There is no indication of when Bright actually met Stoddard, though it is clear that he and his family stayed at Stoddard's Italian villa on Lake Como sometime before 1909. Stoddard was a prominent writer and lecturer, teaching the classics for a year at the Boston Latin School, and using the experiences and photographs he acquired through a lifetime of extensive world travel as the basis of a public lecturing career. He spent the last three decades of his life in retirement abroad, the years 1906-1914 being spent at Lake Como. The horrors of the First World War, witnessed first-hand, drove Stoddard towards Catholicism, but up to that point he had been a free-thinker. He also had a great love for northern Italy and its people, and these two facets of his personality are very much in evidence in his letters to Bright.

Though the collection comprises a wealth of financial material from the period 1929-1930 (most notably accounts of Bright's stock portfolio and the receipts of stock sales and purchases), it is uncertain what sort of effect the market crash of 1929 had on Bright's overall finances. A few letters sent by companies and brokerage firms do suggest a fiscal slump, but Bright's activity within the market seemed unabated. Overall, Bright was primarily concerned with the purchase of stocks from oil and utility companies.

Series Outline

I. Correspondence
     1895 (January-April)           
     1895 (May-September)
     1895 (October-December)
     Caroline Bright to Robert S. Bright
     To Caroline Bright
     John Stoddard

II. Documents
     Stocks and Bonds (1899-1926)
     Stocks and Bonds (1929)
     Stocks and Bonds (1930-1933)
     Insurance Policies
     Estate Accounts
     Eleanor A. Hare Will & Papers
     Gentry & Storr Chainless Bicycle & Gear Co.
     Bills and Receipts
     Bank Statements
     Account Book
     Canceled Checks
     Memorandum Book

III. Bright Family
     Douglas Bright
     Robert Anderson Bright
     Samuel Bright
     G. W. Southall (Correspondence)
     G. W. Southall (Documents)

IV. Miscellaneous Papers
     School Certificates
     Political Papers
     Miscellaneous Papers
     Invitations and RSVPs
     Greeting Cards
     Calling Cards & Miscellaneous Items
     Armistead et. al. v. Dandridge et. al.
     Book of Verse

V. Photographs
     Monhegan Island
     Portraits & Individual Photographs
     Picture postcards

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

  Series I. Correspondence, 1877-1939
          Included is business and personal correspondence of Robert S. Bright.  Many of
          these are from relatives (mostly his wife and father), while others are from friends
          and business associates.  The scope of the letters is wide-ranging, having been
          sent from individuals as far afield as Michigan, New York, Italy, and even China. 
          The letters are arranged chronologically, with the exceptions of letters to and 
          from his wife Caroline, and those from his friend J.L. Stoddard.  Most of the 
          personal correspondence is hand written.

1    F1   1886-1894  (10 items)
          Includes several letters from New York City, Buffalo, and Michigan.  Those
          from Michigan were sent by George W. Earle, Robert's former legal mentor.

     F2   1895, January-April  (22 items)
          Includes letters from Robert A. Bright, Laura D. Lovett, and a letter informing
          Bright of his election as an honorary member of the Phoenix Literary Society.

     F3   1895, May-September  (26 items)
          Includes letters from Robert A. Bright, James Roper, Joseph P. McCullen, and
          Henrietta B. Wyeth.  Also included is an 1895 pocket calendar sent by S.
          Lippincott from Haden Hall in Atlantic City, N.J.

     F4   1895, October-December  (18 items)
          Includes letters from Robert A. Bright, a ten-page letter from William Taliaferro,
          and a list of the publications of the Virginia Historical Society.

     F5   1896  (19 items)
          Personal and business correspondence.

     F6   1897  (18 items)
          Includes letters from R.A. Bright, a letter from R.P. Lore that contains a
          transcription of a letter by J.P. Morgan, and other letters from Lore regarding
          business dealings with Morgan & Co.

     F7   1898  (13 items)
          Includes a letter by William Roper, one from A. de Beelen Lovett (Geneva, N.Y.),
          and a letter and poem about the Battle of Santiago de Cuba sent by Professor J.
          Leslie Hall of the College of William and Mary (7 pp.).  Also included is a five-page 
          letter of response from Bright to Hall, regarding the poem.

2    F8   1899  (21 items)
          Includes letters from R.A. Bright, William Roper, and Lyon G. Tyler, president of
          the College of William and Mary.  Also included are receipts, a check, and
          correspondence concerning Bright's payments of his father's debts to the estate of
          J.D. Moncure.

     F9   1900-1909  (37 items)
          Includes letters from Robert A. Bright, several letters from an individual in the
          Netherlands, minutes from a special meeting of the Vestry of Grace Church in Mt.
          Airy (1900), and a letter from A.J. de Souza in Shanghai, China (1900).  This last
          letter also includes a photograph.

     F10  1910-1919  (11 items)
          Includes a copy of a book review of Beverly B. Munford's Virginia's Attitude
          Towards Slavery and Secession (1910); two copies of the publisher's
          advertisement for this book; a letter from the State Central Committee of the
          Democratic Party in Pennsylvania; and other correspondence.

     F11  1920-1929  (12 items)
          Includes various personal and business correspondence.

     F12  1930-1939  (23 items)
          Includes a letter from the National Bureau of Analysis in Chicago, regarding
          medical tests performed on Robert Bright (1930); a report of the tests' findings;
          correspondence regarding the death and estate of Caroline Bright; and financial

     F13  Undated  (12 items)
          Includes several letters from Robert A. Bright and [J]. D. Lovett.

     F14  Caroline Bright to Robert S. Bright, 1894-1899  (23 items)
          Most of these letters were written in the summer and autumn of 1895, only
          months before the two were married, and are essentially of a personal nature.

3    F15  To Caroline Bright, 1877-1930  (9 items)
          Much of this is business and financial correspondence, but also included is a letter
          in French from "Beelen," sent from Pittsburgh, and dated to 1877.

     F16  John Stoddard, 1904-12  (6 items)
          These typed and hand written letters were sent from Stoddard's villa on Lake
          Como, in Italy, and contain reflections on contemporary Italian society, socialism,
          politics, and personal anecdotes.  Also included are several printed copies of
          poems which Stoddard sent and dedicated to Bright, entitled "Youth and Age,"
          and "The Pagan Past."  

          Series II. Documents, 1879-1939  
          Included are various financial and legal documents, as well as an account book
          and memorandum book.  The stocks are varied in type, though many come from
          oil and utility companies.

     F17  Stocks and Bonds, 1899-1926  (34 items)
          Includes stock certificates, correspondence from companies to shareholders,
          receipts, and accounts of Bright's portfolio.  Also included is a four-page copy of
          a Deed of Trust from Henry W. Biddle to the Fidelity Trust Company (1920). 
          Most of Bright's financial business was transacted through A.A. Housman & Co.

     F18  Stocks and Bonds, 1929  (105 items)
          Includes stock certificates, receipts, correspondence, lists of securities, and
          accounts of Bright's portfolio.  Thomas A. Biddle & Co. was the brokerage firm
          handling the bulk of the business in this folder, for both Robert and Caroline

     F19  Stocks and Bonds, 1930-1933  (80 items)
          Includes stock certificates, receipts, correspondence, and accounts for Robert and
          Caroline Bright.  Also included are annual prospectuses for the Electric Auto-Lite
          Co., the Zonite Products Corp., and Mack Trucks, Inc.; and notices of annual
          meetings from various companies in which they owned stock.

     F20  Insurance Policies, 1879-1934  (20 items)
          Most of these were contracted either by Robert or Caroline Bright.  Included
          are policies for fire insurance from the Hamburg-Bremen Fire Insurance Company
          (1897), and the Spring Garden Insurance Company (1896); for theft insurance
          from the Fidelity and Casualty Co. (1898); for property insurance from the
          Commercial Union Assurance Co., limited (1933), the Insurance Company of
          North America (1933), the Virginia Home Insurance Company (for W.H.E.
          Manecock, 1878), and the Insurance and Trust Company of Philadelphia (for
          Catherine Shacklett, 1892, and Louisa D. Lovett, 1915); and a life insurance
          policy issued by the Treasury Department (1918).  Also included are nine copies
          of liability insurance policies issued to Caroline Bright by the Maryland Casualty
          Company (1931-1933), and correspondence from the St. Paul Fire and Marine
          Insurance Company (1931).

4    F21  Estate Accounts, 1895-1930  (15 items)
          Included are accounts for the estates of Mary M. Smylie, Daniel V. Allen,
          Charlotte Bostwick, and Catherine M. Shacklett.  Robert Bright was either the
          trustee or administrator for most of these individuals.

     F22  Eleanor A. Hare Will & Papers, 1902-1930  (11 items)
          Robert Bright was the executor of her estate, and co-executor of her will, along
          with the Guarantee Trust & Safe Deposit Company of Philadelphia.  Included are
          one typed and three hand written copies of her will; correspondence from
          Tradesmens National Bank and Trust Company, and the law offices of Roper and
          Caldwell (1930); general correspondence; and an audit of estate accounts.

     F23  Gentry & Storr Chainless Bicycle & Gear Co., 1898  (2 items)
          Papers relating to the establishment of this company, of which Robert Bright was
          elected Secretary.  Included is a 23-page Articles of Agreement with the state of
          Maine, which lays out the company's by-laws.  Also included is a two-page
          Certificate of Organization of a Corporation under the General Law, signed by the
          Attorney General and Secretary of the State of Maine.

     F24  Leases, 1903-1904 & 1915  (3 items)
          Includes two leases from the Brooklyn Home for Aged Men to Robert Bright
          (1903 & 1904), and a lease for several law offices from the City of Philadelphia to
          Robert S. Bright, William W. Roper, and J. Gaven Roper (1915). 

     F25  Bills and Receipts, 1890-1939 & undated  (185 items)
          For goods purchased and services rendered.

     F26  Bank Statements, 1929-1932  (15 items)
          Includes financial correspondence from Thomas A. Biddle & Co.; and statements
          from the Tradesmens National Bank and Trust Co., the Augusta Trust Co., and the
          Fidelity Philadelphia Trust Company.  These statements are for accounts of both
          Robert S. and Caroline Bright.
     F27  Account Book, 1896-1926  (129 pp.)
          Accounts established with R.S. Bright, including accounts for the estate of
          Catherine M. Shacklett, general accounts, and fee accounts for his legal work. 
          The fee accounts span the entire period of the ledger, and are listed in
          chronological order according to year and date.  The book is bound in a hard
          cover, and was manufactured by William Murphy's Sons, Co. of 509 Chestnut St.
          in Philadelphia.  There is an index on the first page.

5    F28  Canceled Checks, 1894-1933  (421 items)
          Signed by both Robert S. and Caroline Bright, and drawn off of the Equitable
          Trust Co., the Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co., the Fidelity Insurance Trust
          and Safe Deposit Co., the National Bank of Germantown and Trust Co., the
          Germantown Trust Co., the Tradesmens National Bank and Trust Co., and the
          Augusta Trust Co.

     F29  Memorandum Book, 1891-1893  (3 pp.)
          A record of amounts loaned to Richard Cook, with his signature indicating that
          the account was paid in full.  The book was issued by the Guarantee Trust & Safe
          Deposit Co. of Philadelphia.

          Series III.  Bright Family, 1763-1918
          Includes papers concerning Robert S. Bright's father, Robert Anderson Bright
          (b. 1839); his grandfather, Samuel Bright (b. 1803); his great uncle, George
          Washington Southall (1810-1854); and his son, Douglas Bright (b. 1896).

     F30  Douglas Bright, 1896-1918     (21 items)
          Includes a certificate of birth (August 1896); a letter from the U.S. Marine Corps
          regarding appointment of Douglas to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant (1917); nine
          letters of recommendation on behalf of Douglas; a letter of rejection by the U.S.
          Marine Corps (June 1917); a letter of acceptance to take an exam for the Signal
          Officers' Reserve Corps (1918); a letter from the Signal Corps, War Department; a
          letter by Douglas Bright to his father and two sets of photocopies of this letter
          (n.d.); various business correspondence; and receipts.
     F31  Robert Anderson Bright, 1868-1902  (29 items)
          Includes correspondence; financial accounts; receipts; a certificate of life
          membership to the Virginia State Agricultural Society (1871); a notice of
          selection by the Conservative State Committee of Virginia to the post of
          canvasser against the proposition for black suffrage; a bond to Gilbert Enley
          (1886); a certificate of life membership to the Virginia Agricultural and
          Mechanical Society (1893); and a letter from a War Department commission for
          the erection of monuments and memorials for Confederate soldiers on the field of
          Gettysburg (1899).

     F32  Samuel Bright, 1850  (2 items)
          Includes correspondence with Benjamin W.S. Cabell regarding the estate of
          William Jennings, dec'd.

     F33  G.W. Southall -- Correspondence, 1832-1863  (18 items)
          Includes personal and business correspondence.  Half of the letters were written
          by W.W. Vest, with others from G.W. Bassett, G.W. Ward, Edward Buckley,
          William Duval, Warren Jones, and Helen M. Anderson to Peyton S. Southall, and
          James Brickhead to H.M. Anderson.

     F34  G.W. Southall -- Documents, 1792-1843  (30 items)
          Most of these items are receipts, but also included is a record of the division of the
          G.W. Southall estate; a bond between Henry and Furman Southall and William
          Barnes (1792); promissory notes; and memos.


          Series IV. Miscellaneous Papers, 1821-1942
          Concerns the personal effects of Robert S. Bright, and includes school certificates,
          speeches, political papers, invitations, greeting cards, calling cards, and
          miscellaneous items.  Also included are several items pertaining to Caroline
          Bright, as well as to the Lovett family, from which Caroline Bright was

     F35  School Certificates, 1889-1890  (9 items)
          Includes certificates of distinction in English, Virginia History, Jr. Class Physics,
          Sr. Class Physics, Latin, General History, United States History, and
          Mathematics, presented to Robert S. Bright by the College of William and Mary. 
          Also included is a report card from the fall semester of 1890.

     F36  Speeches, 1906-1914, & undated  (4 items)
          Includes a speech entitled "Pocahontas and Other Colonial Dames of Virginia,"
          given in Geneva, New York (22 Feb 1906); a hand written speech on John Randolph of
          Roanoke, entitled "Hamlet of American Politics," given before William & Mary
          alumni (1908); a speech given on behalf of Democratic congressional candidate
          Vance McCormick, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (8 Sep 1914); and a speech on Nathaniel
          Bacon and his rebellion, given before the Association for the Preservation of
          Virginia Antiquities (n.d.).

6    F37  Political Papers, 1923 & 1930  (5 items)
          Includes a program for a Jackson Day Dinner (10 Jan 1923), sponsored by the
          Democratic City Executive Committee of Philadelphia; two copies of a
          memorandum from the Ways and Means Committee of the Liberal Party (7 Oct
          1930); a typed transcript of an interview with Robert Bright by the Chairman of
          the Bankers and Brokers Committee of the Liberal Party (20 Oct 1930); and a
          letter from the Pennsylvania division of the Association Against the Prohibition
          Amendment (6 Jun 1930).  Pierre S. DuPont was the Chair of the National
          Executive Committee in this association.

     F38  Miscellaneous Papers, c.1898-1930  (24 items)
          Includes a wide variety of items, such as correspondence and legal notes, as well
          as :
           - a signed statement by Caroline Lane 
           - transcripts from several law journals
           -  a report card for H.M. Bright from the College of William & Mary (1894) 
           - a typed letter from Samuel Maddox, P.A. to Charlotte B. Lovett (1898)  
           - a deed between Ashton S. and Harriet Tourison and Louisa D. Lovett (1915) 
           - an 18-page speech to the Board of Directors of the Fidelity Insurance Trust &
          Safe Deposit Co. (1898/99, author unknown) 
           - a list of rules for the "Philadelphia Alumni Association of Kappa Sigma"
           - blank letterhead of the Pulaski Club of Williamsburg, on which Judge
          Frank Armistead and Robert S. Bright are listed as members 
           - a memorandum of A.M. Bright (brother of Robert S. Bright)
           - a blank income tax form for 1929.
     F39  Invitations and RSVPs, 1895-1934  (27 items)
          Includes invitations from the Lawyer's Club of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia
          Club, and the Philobiblon Club, wedding invitations, an invitation to a Christmas
          day dinner, and to other social gatherings.  Also included are RSVPs to a party
          hosted by Robert Bright and his wife (dated 1934).

     F40  Greeting Cards, 1928-1934  (10 items)
          Includes Christmas cards, an Easter card, Valentine cards, several get-well cards,
          and a frame made from cardboard and ringed with tissue paper, a small portrait of
          George Washington having been pasted in the center.  Also included are envelopes, 
          several of which are artistically decorated.  These were all addressed to Robert S. Bright.

     F41  Calling Cards & Miscellaneous Items, c.1894-1942  (21 items)
          Includes calling cards and business cards from Robert Bright's friends and
          business associates.  Also included is a 16-page address book; a church bulletin,
          "The Parish Intelligence," from Christ Church in Macon, GA; "Common Speech,"
          a newsletter of the English-Speaking Union of the United States; a postcard; and
          three Christmas stamps from 1942.

     F42  Armistead et. al. v. Dandridge et. al., c.1821-1843  (12 items)
          This case concerns a dispute between the two parties over the administration of
          the estates of William Langborne and William Dandridge.  Included is a copy of
          the will of William Langborne (1821); a list of the defendants and plaintiffs in the
          case; several orders of summons issued to the Sergeant of the City of
          Williamsburg, Virginia; a notice of deposition; and other legal documents.

7    F43  Copybook, 1906-1911  (216 pp.)
          This belonged to Caroline Bright, and includes transcriptions in her own hand of
          the works of notable poets (such as George Elliot, Shelley, Browning), as well as
          newspaper clippings of poems that were pasted onto a few of the pages.  In
          addition, several photographs of an unidentified building were laid into the
          pages of the book.

     F44  Book of Verse, 1923-1932  (46 pp.)
          A leather-bound journal.  On the first page is inscribed, "Cape May NJ / The
          Summer of Nineteen Twenty Three / Caroline de Beelen L. Bright / Some
          Thoughts in Verse."  Many of these are original poems written by Caroline Bright
          during a holiday at Cape May, and a few of the later poems were written at
          Monhegan Island, Maine, in 1932.   Several pages have been torn out from the
          front of the book. 

          Series V. Photographs, late-19th & early-20th centuries  (71 items)
          With the exception of the postcards, these photographs are almost completely
          unidentified, though the portraits and images of individuals are very likely to be of
          members of the Bright family, or acquaintances on Monhegan Island, Maine.  All
          of the photographs are in black and white, though one or two of these have been

     F45  Monhegan Island  (36 items)
          This is by far the largest category of photographs, including images of individuals
          and animals, the interiors and exteriors of houses, and natural locations on the
          island.  There are a number of duplicates (including 3 copies of a photograph
          entitled "Woods in Winter"), and several of the photographs are significantly
          larger than the rest.  

     F46  Portraits & Individual Photos  (16 items)
          Most of these photographs were taken at professional studios (listed where
          appropriate), and are matted.  They likely date from the late nineteenth century,
          except for a small cameo photograph, which may date from earlier in the century. 
          Only a portrait of Caroline Bright, as a child, has been identified for certain.
          - Robert Bright? (hand-painted)
          - Young man in uniform, poss. Douglas Bright  (4 items)
          - Caroline de Beelen Lovett as a child  (D. Hinkle, 4739 Main St., Germantown)
          - Portrait of a woman (D. Hinkle)
          - Portrait of a man (C.M. Bell, 463-465 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC)  
          - Portrait of a woman  (C.M. Bell)
          - Portrait of a young man  (Scannell, 814 Arch St., Philadelphia)
          - Portrait of a woman  (Kehrwieder's Studio, 4905 Main St., Germantown, PA)
          - Portrait of a woman  (Fred Robinson, photographer, Geneva, NY)
          - Portrait of a woman (small cameo photo pasted on square matting)
          - Photo of a woman with a dog
          - Photo of a man holding a hat
          - Photo of a woman arranging flowers

     F47  Picture postcards  (11 items)
          Images from various locations, including Monhegan Island
          (Lorimer E. Brackett, Photocards); Boothbay Harbor, Maine (The Labbie Picture
          Shop); and Mansfield, England (Sherwood Photographic Company).
          - "Surf at Gull Rock"
          - "Studio -- Monhegan, Maine"
          - Cathedral Woods in Winter
          - "Cathedral Woods"
          - "Winter Home"
          - [studio]
          - Portrait of a woman
          - Town
          - "Newstead Abbey"
          - "Fog Bound, Monhegan, ME"
          - "Ascott House"

     F48  Miscellaneous  (8 items)
          Includes photographs that do not fall in any of the above categories.  Only the
          photos of the couple and the schoolgirls are matted, and the photo of the child in
          the tub is badly damaged.
          - Photo of a restaurant sent to R.S. Bright by Walker Cox  (1929)
          - Group photo at the beach
          - Small child in tub 
          - Photo of house  (hand-painted)
          - Unidentified couple  (mounted in a cardboard folder)
          - Group photo of schoolgirls 
          - Photo negatives  (2 items)

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