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Kay Boyle
Papers relating to
Research on Irish Women

1920 - 1988
(bulk dates 1976 - 1981)

Manuscript Collection Number: 287
Accessioned: Purchase, December 1992.
Extent: 2.3 linear ft.
Content: Letters, poems, speeches, sound recording, clippings, photographs, interviews, notes, newspapers, books, periodicals, notebooks, pamphlets, calendars, and drafts (preliminary versions).
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: October 1993 by Anita A. Wellner.

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Kay Boyle, born in 1902, is best known for her work and accomplishments as a poet, short story writer, novelist, journalist, teacher, and political activist. One of the prominent American expatriates during the 1920s and 1930s, much of Kay Boyle's work reflects the influences of that literary circle.

Kay Boyle's career as a writer began in 1923, after moving from St. Paul to New York City, with the publishing of her poem, "Morning," in Harold Loeb's art and literary magazine, Broom. Soon after, she married a French exchange student, Richard Brault, and moved to France for a 20 year period. During that time she divorced Brault and, in 1931, married a fellow expatriate, Laurence Vail (previously the husband of Peggy Guggenheim). She published four novels, Plagued by a Nightmare, Year Before Last, Gentlemen, I Address You Privately, and My Next Bride, which reflected her experiences in France. Boyle divorced Vail and, in 1943, married Baron Joseph von Franckenstein. The two were together until his death in 1963.

A prolific short story writer, Boyle won the first of her two O. Henry short story awards in 1935 for the title story of The White Horses of Vienna and Other Stories. Her second O. Henry was awarded in 1941 for "Defeat." She continued to write short stories throughout her life. The last collection, Life Being the Best and Other Stories, was published in 1988. In addition to the O. Henry award she was a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship (1934) and was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

In 1960 Boyle moved to San Francisco and took a position as an English professor at San Francisco State University. Kay Boyle's later works include the 1967 Autobiography of Emanuel Carnevali and a 1968 revision of Robert McAlmon's memoirs, Being Geniuses Together, 1920-1930, to which Boyle added several supplementary chapters.

Throughout her life, Kay Boyle was politically active. This activism reflected a general belief, fostered by her mother, that privilege demands social responsibility. In the 1950s her activism became reinvigorated as she worked toward furthering integration policies, civil rights, a ban on nuclear weapons, America's withdrawal from Southeast Asia, women's rights, and global peace initiatives.

Kay Boyle died on December 27, 1992 in Mill Valley, California.


"Kay Boyle, 90, Writer of Novels and Stories, Dies." The New York Times. December 29, 1992.

Note: Biographical data is also derived from material contained in the collection.

Scope and Content Note

The Kay Boyle Papers Relating to Research on Irish Women consists of 2.3 linear feet of material. Spanning the dates 1920-1988, with the bulk of material from 1976-1981, the papers include notebooks, letters, books, periodicals, clippings, photographs, drafts, poems, calendars, a reel-to-reel tape, and pamphlets.

Three-quarters of the papers relate to research completed by Kay Boyle for a book on Irish women. Kay Boyle was very interested in the struggles which women faced throughout history in their attempts to achieve civil and economic rights. That interest, in addition to curiosity about the Boyle family ancestry in Ireland and concern for a peaceful settlement of troubles in Northern Ireland, brought her to Ireland in 1976 to begin research for a book about the women of Ireland.

Series I consists of material which documents Boyle's trips to Ireland between 1976 and 1977, records her interviews with numerous Irish women, and includes literature she gathered during her research. The book on Irish women, which was to have been published by Doubleday & Company, was never written and the contract for the book was cancelled in 1980.

Although Boyle never completed this book, she did draft several chapters for it. These drafts, which are found in Series I.3, indicate that Boyle intended to portray the lives and issues of a wide spectrum of women in Ireland. Kay Boyle interviewed women with extremely divergent political, religious, and social views, as well as different lifestyles. Boyle developed lasting friendships with several of the women, including Bernadette Quinn, Mary Fay, Hilary Boyle, and Mairin de Burca. Brief biographical sketches for these women are included in Series I.1.

Boyle's drafts incorporate information gathered from the interviews (Series I.2), her journal notes (Series I.2), letters from women she met (Series I.1), and the clippings and Irish publications which these women sent to her (Series I.6 and I.7).

Series I also includes photographs of Boyle taken during her 1976 trip to Ireland (I.4); a reel-to-reel tape of a program which included Mairin de Burca (I.5); and finally files of clippings and U.S. publications, collected by Kay Boyle during her research on Irish issues.

The notebooks, which contain Boyle's journal during her travels to Ireland and her notes from interviews, also include several poems inspired by her experiences in Ireland and notes for some of her other writing projects, including her unpublished research toward a book on German women (See Ms 131 Kay Boyle Papers).

Series II consists of material which is unrelated to Boyle's research on Irish women. Letters written to Boyle from her many friends, including noted writers, are found in Series II.1. Notable correspondents include Kenneth Burke (who also sent two of his poems), William Dickey, John Hersey, Denise Levertov, Archibald MacLeish, Arthur Miller, Studs Terkel, Robert Penn Warren, Charles Henri Ford, Hugh Ford, and Jacques Barzun. Among topics discussed in the correspondence are the American Academy of Arts and Letters, to which Boyle had been elected, the National Institute of Arts and Letters, writing projects, and the writers' daily lives.

Of historical interest are four letters written by San Francisco activist and attorney Fay Stender, who defended Black Panther leader Huey Newton and sought prison reforms in California. The letters originated from Hong Kong where Stender had fled following an attempt on her life which left her disabled. The letters convey her bitterness and confusion following the assassination attempt by a black militant. Her final letter to Boyle was written on the day Stender committed suicide.

Series II.2 "Poetry written by Kay Boyle" includes a notebook of drafts for eight poems. There are from four to seventeen drafts for each poem, each demonstrating Boyle's meticulous attention to detail in her writing and revealing her style in revising her work.

The second series also includes drafts of "In Memory of Joseph Franckenstein," a tribute Boyle delivered at the Low-Heywood Thomas School in Connecticut (II.3), where her late husband taught in the 1950s. Several notebooks, containing ideas for stories and poems (II.4), and four calendars bearing Boyle's daily appointments (II.5) complete the second series.

Although the bulk of the material in these papers chronicles a relatively brief period of Kay Boyle's life, the material reflects her constant efforts to promote peace, political justice, and the rights of women.

The arrangement of material in each series and subseries varies and is described in the series and subseries notes.

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Series Outline

I.  Material related to research on Irish women, 1974-1986    

    1.  Letters to Kay Boyle, 1974-1986                       
          Hilary Boyle, 1976-1986                            
          Mairin de Burca, 1976-1981                   
          Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1980                   
          Mary Fay, 1976-1981                              
          Nuala Fennell, 1977                                 
          Nancy [Allitt] McCarthy, 1976-1980                  
          Margaret MacCurtain, 1974-1978                      
          Bernadette Quinn, 1976-1981                     
          Miscellaneous letters and receipts, 1977-1979     

    2.  Notebooks and notes, 1972-1987                    

    3.  Drafts for chapters of a book on Irish women,

    4.  Photographs of Kay Boyle in Ireland, 1976           

    5.  Tape of program with Mairin de Burca, [n.d.]          

    6.  Publications of Irish organizations concerning
          Irish women and issues, 1920-1984    

    7.  Clippings from Irish publications, 1975-1980    

    8.  U.S. publications and clippings related to Irish
        issues, 1959-1981                                  

II. Letters, manuscripts, and ephemera unrelated to Irish 
     women, 1956-1988                                   

    1.  Letters to Kay Boyle, 1969-1988                      

    2.  Poetry written by Kay Boyle, 1960-1985             

    3.  Speech by Kay Boyle and related material, 1964-1984  

    4.  Notebooks and notes by Kay Boyle, 1956-1981      

    5.  Calendars kept by Kay Boyle, 1980-1985            

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1         Series I.  Material Related to Kay Boyle's research on
               Irish women, 1920-1987

          Series I.1.  Letters to Kay Boyle from Irish Women,
               All letters are written to Kay Boyle unless
               otherwise noted. 

          Hilary Boyle, 1976-1986
          Dublin activist Hilary Boyle was born in Jamaica, but spent
          most of her childhood in Ireland.  She left Ireland as a young 
          married woman but returned in 1934 to stay.  In 1962 she
          moved to Dublin where she became the garden columnist
          for Hibernia and contributed radiospots for RTE radio's
          Sunday Miscellany.  She was active with the Dublin
          Housing Action Committee and has championed
          a variety of causes, including peace issues.
          Clippings, carbon copies of letters from Kay Boyle, and
          photocopies of some of Hilary Boyle's articles,
          particularly her gardening column for Hibernia, are
          enclosed in some of the 63 letters.  
     F1   1976
          With Hilary Boyle's Ts essay titled "Bernadette," about
          Irish politician Bernadette McAlisky.

     F2   1977
          With an autograph poem by Hilary Boyle, and her Ts
          essay titled "To Unite Ireland."

     F3   1978
     F4   1979
          One letter from Hilary Boyle to The New York Times. 

     F5   1980

     F6   1981
     F7   [n.d.]
          Five Ts essays by Hilary Boyle concerning peace, the
          Third World, and religion as the root of the problem in
          Northern Ireland, and a photograph of H. Boyle.

     F8   Clippings and magazines, [1976-1986] 
          Material sent to Kay Boyle by Hilary Boyle, but removed
          from the letters.

1         Series I.  Material related to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Letters from Irish women (cont'd)

          Mairin de Burca, 1976-1981
          Irish activist Mairin de Burca was a member of Sinn
          Fein, the political arm of the Irish Republican Army,
          from 1955-1977 and its General Secretary from 1965-1977. 
          She has also been an advocate for the rights of
          Irish prisoners and women, active in seeking prison
          reform, and an opponent of the Vietnam War.  She was a
          contributor to Hibernia, supplying book reviews and
          social commentaries.  She was a plaintive in a court
          case which won the right to serve on juries for women
          and persons not owning property in the Republic of
          Ireland.  She has advocated the unification of Northern
          Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

          In addition to the 14 letters from de Burca, the
          folders include clippings of articles written by de
          Burca.  See also F62 for other articles written by de

     F9   Letters, 1976-1977
     F10  Letters, 1978-1981
     F11  Clippings, 1980

          Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1980 May 30

     F12  Letter cancelling Boyle's contract for the book on
          Irish women, signed by Boyle.

          Mary (Faysie) Fay, 1976-1981
          Seamstress Mary Fay (nicknamed Faysie) was one of the
          Catholic women Kay Boyle interviewed in Dublin.  Fay
          made uniforms for a convent school for girls in Dublin. 
          Her letters to Boyle are filled with her philosophy of
          life; her opposition to abortion, contraception, and
          euthanasia; her strong support for education; and a
          discussion of the illegal Irish Hedge Schools which
          taught the Gaelic language and Irish traditions.

          In addition to the 24 letters, there are photographs of
          Mary Fay's daughter and granddaughter.  For drafts of
          Boyle's chapter on Mary Fay see F36-37.

     F13  Letters, 1976
     F14  Letters, 1977
     F15  Letters, 1978-1979
     F16  Letters, 1980-1981

1         Series I.  Material related to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Letters from Irish women (cont'd)
          Nuala Fennell, 1977 Nov 2
          Irish journalist Nuala Fennell was a columnist for the
          Evening Herald and a founding member of Irish Women's
          Liberation, the Action Information Motivation (AIM)
          group, and Women's Aid.  She has written several books
          on Irish social issues, including Irish Marriage, How
          Are You? (Dublin: The Mercier Press, 1974).

     F17  Includes one letter from Fennell, a copy of Irish Marriage,
          and a brochure on the purpose and objectives of the AIM group.

          Nancy (Allitt) McCarthy, 1976-1980
          Cork County book shop owner Nancy McCarthy wrote to
          Boyle of her business, daily life, vacations, and
          involvement in the Cork Film Festival.

     F18  Includes eleven letters and a photocopy regarding the
         "Boyle" family heritage.

          Margaret MacCurtain (Sister Benevenuta), 1974-1978
          Noted Dublin educator Sister Benevenuta was educated at
          the University of Cork.  She entered the Dominican
          order in Dublin at the age of 21.  She participated in
          Vatican II, has lectured at the University College,
          Dublin, and did programs on Radio Eireann and Irish
          television on women's issues in Ireland.  

     F19  Includes six letters and two Ts (photocopy) essays by  
          MacCurtain titled "Women, the Vote, and the Revolution"
          and "Women--Irish Style."

          Bernadette Quinn, 1976-1981
          Irish activist and writer Bernadette Quinn was a
          founding member of Ireland's Women's Liberation
          movement and the AIM group.  She organized AIM's
          Committee on Education which focuses public attention
          on the need for educating young people for marriage. 
          Born in Mayo County, married and mother to three
          children, Quinn has written and lectured on issues of
          Irish women's equality.

          Includes 40 letters which discuss the changes toward
          equality for women in Ireland, her family and daily
          life, Irish politics and elections, the AIM group, and
          Irish education.  Also includes essays and a short
          story by Quinn, clippings, and publications.

     F20  Letters, 1976
          Includes a copy of The Law of Nullity in Ireland(1976)
          and a Ts of Quinn's short story "Sandra."

1         Series I.  Material related to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series I.1.  Letters from Irish women (cont'd)

          Bernadette Quinn (cont'd)
     F21  Letters, 1977 Feb-Aug
          Includes Ts of Quinn's lecture on marriage titled "Talk
          to Maynooth."

     F22  Letters, 1977 Sep-Dec
          Includes Irish Sweepstakes tickets.

     F23  Letters, 1978
          Includes Ts of Quinn's essay titled "AIM's Loss is
          Women's Loss."

     F24  Letters, 1979

     F25  Letters, 1980
          Includes two books inscribed by Quinn to Boyle titled
          Education Is Everybody's Business (includes speeches by
          Quinn and her daughter Veronica) and Can You Stay
          Married? (by Quinn, Fennell, and Deidre McDevitt).

     F26  Letters, 1981
          Includes an offprint of Quinn's "Women and the Church."

          Miscellaneous Letters and Receipts, 1977-1979
     F27  Arranged in chronological order, the folder includes
          notes from Geraldine Neeson and Cosette, receipts for
          Boyle's Irish accommodations, a letter and article from
          David Lawlor of Government Information Services.

          Series I.2.  Notebooks and notes related to Irish
               women, 1972-1987
               The six notebooks, plus loose notes, include
               interviews with various Irish women; poetry
               composed by Boyle (inspired by her experiences in
               Ireland); lists of names, addresses, appointment
               times, and phone numbers of women visited.  The
               notebooks have been arranged in chronological

     F28  Notebook and Notes, 1972-1987
          Notebook bears the cover title, "The Underground
          Woman," and includes 12 pages of revisions for a book
          by this title.  Also includes notes on Howard Nemerov's
          Gnomes and Occasions, a story line for A Play, an
          untitled poem with the first line "I reach my arms up
          to the sky," and notes from an interview with several
          Irish women, including Jenny Boyle.  Laid in notes
          include four poems by Boyle; two untitled and one
          titled "Bloomsday, June, 1977," and the other titled "A
          Poem for Connection" (dated June 15, 1987). 

1         Series I.  Material related to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series I.2.  Notebooks and notes (cont'd)

     F29  Notebook, 1976-1979
          Notebook bears the cover title "German Women Irish
          Women Notes" and includes notes from interviews with
          Sister Benevenuta, Carmencita Hederman, Mairin de
          Burca, as well as mentions of Eileen Desmond, Pat
          Carroll, Ben Kiely, Bernadette Quinn, and Mary Fay. 
          This is the only notebook in this collection which also
          includes notes for Boyle's unpublished research toward
          a book on German women.  The fifty-seven page notebook
          also includes an untitled poem dated August 7, 1976,
          and indicates that Boyle was in Ireland from July to
          October 1976, July and August 1977, and in Paris in
          June 1977.  A page of notes and a clipping are laid in.

     F30  Notebook, 1976 Jun 21-Aug 7
          The first page of the notebook bears the title "Irish
          Journal."  The thirty-nine pages include poems; an
          interview with Mary Fay; descriptions of Limerick,
          Galway, and Dublin; mentions of Mary Robinson, Valerie
          Mcauliffe, Pat McHugh, Hilary Boyle, Nora Donnelly,
          Bernadette Quinn, Cristabel Bielenberg; Boyle's notes
          taken during meetings of AIM and CHERISH; and mentions
          of Boyle's health problems.

     F31  Notebook, 1976 Jul
          The sixteen pages include extensive notes about Mary
          Frances Hogan, notes from discussions with Mairin de
          Burca and Sister Benevenuta, and information about AIM
          and CHERISH.

     F32  Notebook, 1977-1979
          Cover bears the title "Kay Boyle Irish Women," and the
          notebook's six pages include information about Mary Fay
          and a story about Bill March.

     F33  Notebook, 1977 Jul
          The notebook's thirty-three pages include notes on
          Mairin de Burca, Sister Benevenuta, Mary Fay, and
          Hilary Boyle, as well as notes from James Stephens's
          The Insurrection in Dublin.

     F34  Notebook, 1977-1979
          Includes jokes, quotes from Padreigin McGillicuddy's
          writings, and notes on Hilary Boyle and Nancy McCarthy. 

1         Series I.  Material related to Irish women (cont'd)

          Series I.3.  Drafts of chapters for a book on Irish
               women, 1977-1979
               These drafts and notes are arranged alphabetically
               by title.  The pages within each title are in the
               order in which they were originally received. 
               Most of the drafts are incomplete typescripts with
               extensive autograph revisions.

     F35  "Dublin Summer," 1979 Apr 30-May 1
          Includes three drafts of this title, all incomplete

     F36  "Excerpts from a Book on Irish Women," 1979 Nov
          The Ts and two Ts (carbon) drafts of this chapter about
          Mary Fay are a rewrite of the draft "Faysie" (F37). 
          All three drafts bear extensive autograph revisions and
          dates of revisions (23p).

     F37  "Faysie," 1977-1979
          Numerous Ts and Ts (carbon) pages of incomplete drafts
          toward a chapter about Mary Fay and Bernadette Quinn. 
          The pages bear extensive autograph revisions and
          revision dates.  Parts of these drafts are included in
          "Excerpt from a Book on Irish Women" (F36).  Includes a
          letter from Boyle to Mary Fay with a list of questions
          which Fay answered and returned to Boyle (59p).

     F38  "Mrs. Minch and Hilary Boyle," 1979 Apr-May
          Numerous Ts drafts bearing extensive autograph
          revisions, for a chapter on Hilary Boyle.  Includes
          autograph notes about Hilary Boyle, a photograph of H.
          Boyle, and excerpts from Edward R. Tannenbaum's 1900

     F39  "St. Stephen's Green," 1977-1979
          Ts and Ts (carbon) drafts of material similar to
          "Dublin Summer" (F35).

          Series I.4.  Photographs of Kay Boyle in Ireland, 1976

     F40  Photographs, 1976
          Fourteen photographs which include Kay Boyle, Hilary
          Boyle, Mary Fay, and possibly Fay's family.

          Series I.5.  Tape of program with Mairin de Burca,

     F41  Reel to reel Tape, [n.d.]
          Also includes cassettee recording for use by
          researchers, see audiorecordings shelf (Range 76b).

1         Series I.  Material related to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series I.6.  Publications of Irish organizations
               concerning Irish women and issues, 1920-1984
               Books, pamphlets, newsletters, magazines, and
               journals concerning a variety of issues related to
               Irish women, Northern Ireland and the Irish
               Republic, peace, and Ireland's social problems. 
               Many of these items may have been enclosed in the
               letters from Quinn, Hilary Boyle, and de Burca. 
               The material is arranged in alphabetical order by
               name of the organization publishing the material.

          AIM (Action Information Motivation) Group, 1976-1980
          The AIM group was begun in 1972 to campaign for law
          reform in areas related to women and the family.  The
          group's Women's Centre, opened in 1975, provides 
          support, advice, and information on legal and marital
          problems for women.  Nuala Fennell and Bernadette Quinn
          were among the founders of AIM.

     F42  AIM group pamphlets, [1976]
          Six pamphlets describe AIM's programs and objectives.

     F43  "AIM Group Report Number Two:  Legal Separation in Ireland," 1976 Apr

     F44  AIM Group Newsletter, 1975-1978
          Eleven issues.

     F45  Women's AIM, 1979-1980
          Issues 1-6.

          Arlen House, 1975
          Founded by Catherine Rose, this Galway publisher prints
          the writings of Irish women, particularly related to
          social and women's issues.  

     F46  Copy of The Female Experience: the story of the woman
          movement in Ireland (1975) by Catherine Rose.

2         C.F.N., 1974
          Republic of Ireland publisher.  

     F47  Copy of Songs and Recitations of Ireland (Cork, C.F.N.,

2         Series I.  Material related to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series I.6.  Publications-Irish organizations (cont'd)

          CHERISH, 1974-1976
          Founded in 1972, CHERISH is an association of single
          unmarried parents, which provides encouragement and
          help for the parents and works on related social
          issues.  Mary Robinson was the first president of the

     F48  Includes a history of the group, and a publication
          resulting from the conference "The Unmarried Parent and
          Child in Irish Society" (1974).

          DAWN: an Irish Journal of Nonviolence, [1978]
          Journal produced by an untitled group from Dublin,
          Belfast, and Derry, associated with War Resisters

     F49  Two issues, one on nonviolence in Irish history.

          The Fertility Guidance Company, [n.d.]

     F50  Copy of Family Planning: a guide for parents and
          prospective parents, published by this Dublin group.

          The Irish Homestead, Ltd., [1920]
          This publication was a weekly journal of Irish co-operative activities.  

     F51  Issue which includes George Russell's A Plea for
          Justice: being a demand for a public enquiry into the
          attacks on co-operative societies in Ireland.  Also
          includes a list of co-operative societies destroyed or
          damaged by the British.

          Irish Republic, Commission on the Status of Women, 1972
     F52  Copy of Report to the Minister of Finance complied the
          Commission on issues of Irish women's employment and
          equal compensation.

          Irish Women United, [1978]
          This group of Irish women's liberationists advocate
          equal rights for women and publish a journal titled

     F53  Two issues of Banshee.

2         Series I.  Material related to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series I.6.  Publications-Irish organizations (cont'd)

          Justice Movement, 1977 Aug 1
          This peace group is organized by Ubique Dwyer.  

     F54  Leaflet promoting a "Peoples Festival."

          Peace People, 1976-1979
          This Irish group is composed of individuals in Belfast
          who support the peace movement and publish the magazine
          Peace by Peace.  

     F55  Eleven issues of Peace by Peace and some clippings. 
          Some issues have been removed to the Oversize section.

          Prisoners Rights Organization, [1976-1977]
          This Dublin group informs the Irish public of the
          present conditions of prisons and works for prison

     F56  Five issues of the group's publication, Jail Journal.

          Sinn Fein, 1975-1984
          This political organization is linked to the Irish
          Republican Army (IRA) and represents the Roman Catholic
          minority in Northern Ireland.  It espouses the motto
          "Ourselves Alone" and seeks to establish a Democratic
          Socialist Republic in Northern Ireland and to be united
          with the Republic of Ireland.  Related organizations
          include the National Women's Committee, Republican
          Clubs, and Irish Republican Clubs of North America.

     F57  Booklets and journal, 1975-1977
          Copies of Manifesto of Sinn Fein, The Rights of Women
          in Ireland, and one issue of Teoiric: theoretical
          journal of the Republican Movement.

     F58  United Ireland Solidarity Newsletter, 1977-1984
          Published by the Irish Republican Clubs, USA, which is
          a support group for the official Republican Movement,
          Sinn Fin, and the IRA.  Includes four issues of the
          newsletter, brochures, and tear sheets.

          Women's Political Association, 1977
          Organization working for the political empowerment of
          women through the election of women, reformation of
          laws, and education. 

     F59  One issue of Women's Political Association Journal,
          flyers, a program, and fact sheets.

2         Series I.  Material related to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series I.6.  Publications-Irish publications (cont'd)

          Miscellaneous Irish publications, 1973-1981

     F60  Includes a copy of J.A. Fahy's tourist guide, The Glory
          of Cong, Galway-Salthill Tourist Guide '76; and issues
          of Books of Ireland, Observer, Farm Exam, Hibernia,
          Financial Times, The Irish Times Annual Review, Sunday
          World, and The Sunday Tribune.  Some items removed to
          the oversize section.

          Series I.7.  Clippings from Irish publications,
               Most of these clippings were sent to Boyle in
               letters from the Irish women identified in Series
               I.1.  The material is organized in alphabetical
               order by subject titles assigned to groups of
               clippings by Kay Boyle.  Preservation photocopies
               have replaced many of the clippings.

     F61  "The Abbey Theatre and the Pub Situation," 1977

     F62  "Mairin de Burca," 1977-1980

     F63  "Hibernia," 1976-1980
          Some clippings removed to oversize section.

     F64  "Irish Prisons," [n.d.]

     F65  "Irish Times," 1975-1977

     F66  "Miscellaneous (Cork, Church, and Peace Movement Dissent),"

     F67  "Northern Ireland," 1976-1979

     F68  "SDLP," 1977 

          Series I.8.  U.S. publications and clippings related
               to Irish issues, 1959-1981

     F69  Amnesty International, 1978
          Report of an Amnesty International Mission to Northern

     F70  Ducas, 1977
          Two issues published by the Irish American Cultural
          Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota.

     F71  Fellowship, 1976-1980
          Four issues published by Fellowship of Reconciliation.

2         Series I.  Material related to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series I.8.  U.S. publications and clippings (cont'd)

     F72  Miscellaneous, 1976-1981
          Issues of The Catholic Worker, The Conspiracy, Women's
          International League, The Weekly People, The Irish
          Worker, Newsletter of the Resource Center for
          Nonviolence, Liberation, War Resister, and Labor News.
          Some items removed to oversize section.

     F73  The Nation, 1976-1978

     F74  Clippings, 1959-1981
          Preservation photocopies have replaced most of the

          Series II.  Letters, manuscripts, and ephemera 
             unrelated to Irish women, 1956-1988

          Series II.1.  Letters written to Kay Boyle, 1969-1988
               Arranged in alphabetical order by correspondent. 
               All letters are addressed to Kay Boyle unless
               otherwise indicated.

     F75  Barzun, Jacques, 1907-
          1983 May 31    TLS       1p
               Jun 1     TLS       1p
               Jun 15    TLS       1p
                    Note: Includes a TL (carbon) from Boyle to

     F76  Blume, Peter, 1906-
          1980 Mar 11    ALS       2p
               Mar 27    ALS       3p

     F77  Burke, Kenneth, 1897-
          1980 Jan 15    TL        1p
                    Note:  Includes two Ts (photocopy) poems by
                    Burke titled "A Clima(c)tic Situation" and
                    "Out of Backwards Sidewise Toward Fromwards."

     F78  Coates, Gary
          [1980 Aug 10]  ALS       2p

     F79  Cohn, Ruby
          [1980: Sep 15] ANS       1p

     F80  Davidson, Alfred E.
          1983-1984      Letters   5p
                    Note:  Letters concerning Boyle's daughter
                    Kathe Vail and her legal case in Tunisia.

     F81  Dickey, William
          1980 Jun 9     TLS       1p
2         Series II.  Material unrelated to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series II.1.  Letters (cont'd)

     F82  Dzwonkoski, Peter
          1980 Jan 22    TLS       1p
                    Note:  Includes two TL (carbon)s from Boyle.

     F83  Einsele, Helga
          1980 Mar 26    TLS       1p

     F84  Ferencz, Benjamin B., 1920-
          1979 Dec 8     TLS       1p

     F85  Ford, Charles Henri
          1979 Dec 23    ALS       1p
                    Note:  Verso bears a photocopy review of Om
                    Krishna I.
          1980 Jan 11    ALS       1p
                    Note:  Addressed to Sharon Fisch.
          1980 Mar 20    ACS       1p

     F86  Ford, Hugh, 1925-
          1980 Jan 22    ALS       3p
               Feb 18    ALS       2p
                    Note:  Includes a program of The American
                    Place Theatre production of "Paris Lights." 
               May 29    ALS       2p
                    Note:  Includes an ALS from Therese.
               Aug 23    ALS       2p

     F87  Garchik, Jerome M.
          1981 Apr 9     TLS       1p
                    Note:  Includes TL (carbon) from Boyle and
                    several photocopied pages from the FBI file
                    on Boyle.

     F88  Gordiner
          [1980 Mar 26]  ACS       1p

     F89  Hersey, John, 1914-
          1980 May 3     ANS       1p

     F90  Levertov, Denise, 1923-
          1980 Feb 3     ALS       3p

     F91  Lochner, Robert H.
          1980 Jan 2     TLS       2p

     F92  McCormick, Ken, 1906-
          1980 Jan 17    TLS       1p
                    Note:  Includes reviews of Boyle's Fifty

     F93  McKeen, Lila Jewel
          1970 Jan 14    ALS       1p
2         Series II.  Material unrelated to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series II.1.  Letters (cont'd)

     F94  MacLeish, Archibald, 1892-
          [1980] May 1   ALS       1p

     F95  McReynolds, David
          1980 May 4     TLS       1p

     F96  Miller, Arthur, 1915-
          1980 May 11    TNS       1p

     F97  New Jersey State Parole Board
          1980 Feb 7     TLS       1p

     F98  Porter, Katherine Anne, 1890-1980
          1980 Mar 31    TL (photocopy)      1p

     F99  Renek, Morris
          1988           Program   5p
                    Note:  Program tribute to Boyle titled "Say
                    Hello to Kay Boyle."

     F100 Saler, Herimone
          1980 Jan 24    TLS       1p
                    Note:  Includes a TL (carbon) from Boyle.

     F101 Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, 1917-
          1980 Mar 21    TLS       1p

     F102 Schneider, Harold K.
          1979 Oct 8     TLS       1p
               Oct 17    TLS       1p
                    Note:  Includes a TL (carbon) from Boyle to

     F103 Stender, Fay
          1980           Letters   8p
                    Note:  Includes a letter from Priscilla Camp
                    to Boyle explaining Stender's death.

     F104 Stephenson, Gregory, 1947-
          1981 Jun 4     ALS       1p
          1982 Jun 30    ALS       1p

     F105 Terkel, Studs, 1912-
          [1980 Apr 30]  ALS       1p
     F106 Thompson, Mildred
          1980           ACSs      4p

     F107 Thomson, Virgil, 1896-
          1983 Sep 3     TLS       1p

     F108 Toomer, Marjorie Content
          1980 Feb 29    TLS       2p
2         Series II.  Material unrelated to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series II.1.  Letters (cont'd)

     F109 Virago Limited
          1980           Letters   4p
                    Note:  Letters concerning Boyle's preface for
                    Plagued by the Nightingale.

     F110 Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
          1980 Aug 2     TNS       1p

     F111 Watkins, Armitage
          1980           Letters   3p
                    Note:  Includes amended contract with
                    Doubleday signed by Boyle.

     F112 Unidentified, 1969-1980

          Series II.2.  Poetry Written by Kay Boyle, 1960-1985
               Includes individual poems, a list of poems sent to 
               Sun & Moon, and a notebook titled "My Poetry"
               which includes successive drafts of eight poems.

     F113 Poems and List, 1969 and [n.d.]
          Includes poem titled "For James Baldwin," one untitled
          poem with the first line "Tonight I am filled with
          dreams," and a list of poems sent to Sun & Moon.
2         Series II.  Material unrelated to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series II.2.  Poetry (cont'd)

     F114 "My Poetry" Notebook, 1960-1985
          Includes the following poems:

          1) "What Parents Do Not Yet Know," 1974-1983, 10 Ts,
             autograph, and Ts (carbon) drafts.  Originally
             titled "Questions" and written for "Poetry in Public

          2) "Advice To The Old (including myself)," 1974-1984,
             13 Ts and Ts (carbon) drafts with autograph 

          3) "Poem for a Colleague," 1977-1979, 11 autograph, Ts,
             and Ts (carbon) drafts with extensive autograph 
             revisions.  Originally titled "A Poem for Nancy and
             Her Children" written after the death of Herb

          4) "A Poem For George Moscone, Assassinated November 
             27, 1978," 1978-1979, 8 autograph, Ts and Ts
             (carbon) drafts with extensive revisions.

          5) "The Stones of a Seventeenth Century Village," 1974-
             1984, 17 Ts and Ts (carbon) drafts with extensive
             revisions.  Originally titled "The Ruined Village" 
             or "A Poem About Midi."

          6) "A Poem for the Students of Greece (Salonika and 
             Athens 1973)," 1974-1975, 4 Ts (carbon) and Ts 
             (photocopy) drafts with autograph revisions.

          7) "Poem for a Painter Bent on Suicide," 1960-1983,
             4 Ts and Ts (carbon) drafts with autograph
             revisions.  Originally titled "Poem for a Painter 
             Who Speaks of Suicide as a Moment as Beautiful as

          8) "Poets," 1972-1985, 4 Ts and Ts (carbon) drafts with
             autograph revisions.

          Series II.3. Speech by Kay Boyle and related material,
               Includes drafts of Boyle's speech titled "In
               Memory of Joseph Franckenstein," and letters
               related to the Low-Heywood Thomas School's foreign
               student scholarship honoring her husband, Joseph
               Franckenstein, who taught at the Stamford,
               Connecticut school for nine years in the 1950s.

     F115 "In Memory of Joseph Franckenstein," 1964-1980
          Three Ts, Ts (carbon), and Ts (photocopy) drafts with
          autograph revisions.
2         Series II.  Material unrelated to Irish women (cont'd)
          Series II.3.  Speech (cont'd)

     F116 Letters, 1981-1984
          Drafts of Kay Boyle's letters to parents and alumni of
          Low-Heywood Thomas School concerning the Joseph
          Franckenstein Foreign Student Scholarship.  This
          scholarship was awarded to one of Bernadette Quinn's

          Series II.4.  Notebooks and notes by Kay Boyle, 1956-
               These notebooks and loose notes contain ideas for
               stories, poems, and books; as well as notes on a
               variety of subjects, including Lippinzanner horses
               and Bach.  Arranged in chronological order.

     F117 Notebook, 1956
          Notebook bears the cover title "Notes on Lippinzans"
          and includes drawings by a child, notes on Lippinzanner
          horses, and an autograph draft of a letter by Joseph

     F118 Loose notes, 1967-1980
          Includes notes about Persia (1967); quotes from music,
          magazines, and books, including Lake Woebegone; and
          ideas for stories. 

     F119 "Notes for Stories," 1979-1981
          Envelope of autograph notes and copies of newsletters,
          articles, and newspapers.  Two issues of Cottage Grove
          Sentinel (Oregon) are removed to the oversize section.

     F120 "First Class in Bach," [n.d.]
          Two pages of notes taken by Boyle during a class on
          Bach, with a page of notes concerning her car.

          Series II.5.  Calendars kept by Kay Boyle, 1980-1985
               The calendars bear Kay Boyle's appointments during
               certain months.

     F121 Human Rights Calendar, 1980
          August missing.

     F122 Ireland Calendar, 1983
          Removed to oversize section.

     F123 Ben's Country Calendar, 1984

     F124 Calendar, 1985
          Appointments for March-May have been erased.

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