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Paul Bowles Papers

1960 - 1985

Manuscript Collection Number: 163
Extent: 2.3 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence and literary manuscript
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: Tim Murray and revised by Anita Wellner, August 1995

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

The American composer and author Paul Frederic Bowles was born in New York City on December 30, 1910. Bowles was published at age seventeen, abandoned college, and in 1929 began his life of travels with a trip to Paris, where he hoped to establish himself as a poet. Back in New York in 1930, he studied composition with Aaron Copland, whom he also accompanied to Yaddo, Paris, Berlin, and Tangier. With the support of Copland and Virgil Thomson, Bowles found work in New York writing incidental music and scores for ballet and theater. His successful career as a composer took off in the Depression with work for the Federal Theater Project (including music for Orson Welles's Horse Eats Hat) and the Federal Music Project. Bowles became one of the preeminent composers of American theater music, producing works for William Saroyan, Tennessee Williams, and others. In the last decade, a resurgence of interest in Bowles's music has culminated in a number of major concerts and performances in the United States and Europe. In addition, a new generation of musicians has released several well-received recordings of Bowles's compositions.

In 1938, Paul Bowles married the aspiring writer Jane Auer, who shortly achieved critical acclaim for her first novel, Two Serious Ladies (1943). Inspired by Jane Bowles's success and her dedication to writing, Bowles began his own career as an author, eventually surpassing his already successful reputation as a composer. Since the 1940s, he has produced numerous works of fiction, essays, travel writing, poems, autobiographical pieces, and other works. Among Bowles's best-known fictional works are the novels The Sheltering Sky (1949), Let It Come Down (1952), The Spider's House (1955); and an early short story collection, The Delicate Prey and Other Stories (1950). A 1989 reprint of The Sheltering Sky and Bernardo Bertolucci's 1990 film version of the novel, starring Debra Winger and John Malkovich, revived international interest in Bowles, the writer.

Bowles is equally known as a prolific translator. He bestowed the title "No Exit" upon Jean-Paul Sartre's Huis Clos and his 1946 translation of that play remains the standard version for English language productions. During the 1940s, Bowles translated the poems and stories of a wide variety of European and Latin American authors. Bowles taped and transcribed from the Moghrebi tales by Mohammed Mrabet and several other Moroccan story tellers; and his translations have broadened readership of Guatemalan author Rodrigo Rey Rosa. Bowles has translated several works related to North African culture and geography, and has generously introduced and prefaced photographic collections, travel writing, and stories by other authors who share those interests.

Paul and Jane Bowles spent much of their married life traveling throughout the world and in the late 1940s made Tangier, Morocco, their permanent home. Major figures in the world of letters and the arts and international "society" frequently visited them there. Jane Bowles died in 1973, and Bowles continued to reside in Tangier until his death on November 18, 1999.


Miller, Jeffrey. Paul Bowles: A Descriptive Bibliography. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Black Sparrow Press, 1986.

Sawyer-Laucanno, Christopher. An Invisible Spectator: A Biography of Paul Bowles. New York: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989.

Scope and Content Note

The Paul Bowles Papers consist of his correspondence with authors, publishers, other literary figures, and friends; also included are a group of Bowles's literary manuscripts.

Series Outline

I. Correspondence

II. Manuscripts

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

		Series I.  Correspondence, 1955-1985

		General correspondence
    		Consists of incoming correspondence from authors and other
     		individuals of note.  The series is arranged alphabetically
     		by author and chronologically within each file.  All letters
     		are addressed to Paul Bowles unless indicated otherwise.


     		Burroughs, William S., 1914-

	F1   	1971 Oct 26         ACS       1p
     		1972 Apr 28         TLS       1p
     		1974 Apr 13         TLS       1p
          	     Dec 23         ACS       1p
     		1975 Feb 15         TLS       1p
          	     Nov 8          TLS       1p
          	     Dec 16         ACS       1p

	F2   	[1976 Mar 29]       TC        1p
     		1976 Dec 24         TLS       1p
     		1977 Dec 23         ACS       1p
     		1978 Mar 6          TLS       1p
          	     May 13         TLS       1p
     		1979 Feb 26         TLS       1p

	F3   	1979 Jun 4          TLS       1p
          	     Jun 26         ACS       1p	        
	             Nov 16         TLS       1p
                     Dec 11         ACS       1p
     		1984 Jul 10         ACS       1p
     		[1984 Dec 20]       ACS       1p
     		[n.d.]              ACS       1p

     		Chester, Alfred, 1928-1971.

	F4   	1963 Jan 31         TLS       1p
     		[1963 Mar 19]       TLS       2p
     		[1963 Apr 2]        TLS       2p
     		[1963 Apr 8]        ALS       1p
     		[1963 May 17]       TLS       2p
     		[1963 May 25]       TLS       1p
     		[1963 Jun 6]        TLS       1p
     		[1963 Jun 9]        TLS       1p 
     		[1966 Feb 8]        ALS       1p 
     		[1966 Mar 1]        ALS       2p
     		[1966 Mar 5]        ALS       1p
     		1966 Jun 26         TLS       1p 

         F5      1967 Sep 8          ALS       1p
     	         [1968 Feb 5]        ALS       1p 
     	         1968 Jun 5          ALS       1p 
          	      Jul 19         ALS       1p  
          	      Nov 3          ALS       1p   
          	      Aug 20         ALS       2p 
     	         1969 Nov 25         ALS       2p

         F6      1970 May 15         ALS       2p
                      Jun 5          TLS       2p
     	         [1963] May 17       ALS       1p
                 [n.y.] Aug 14       TLS       1p
                 [n.d.]              ALS       1p
     		To Qaezzani, Mohamed Themi
     	        1968 Jun 12         ALS       1p

     		Girodias, Maurice
          		To Alfred Chester
     	       1963 Dec 5          TLS       1p 
          	    Dec 18         ALS       2p
     		Ferlinghetti, Lawrence

        F7     1968 May 25         ALS       1p
          	    Nov 11         ALS       1p
               		Note: On the verso of a City Lights brochure.
     	       1969 Jan 20         TLS       1p
          	    Jan 28         ALS       3p
        F8     1969 Apr 1          TLS       1p
          	    Apr 14         TLS       1p
          	    May 2          TLS       1p
          	    May 11         TLS       1p
         	    Jun 19         TLS       1p
          	    Aug 1          TLS       1p
          	    Nov 11         TLS       1p
          	    Dec 9          TLS       1p

        F9     1970 Feb 12         TLS       1p
               1973 Apr 12         TLS       1p
          	    Jul 7          ALS       2p
          	    Aug 2          TLS       1p
          	    Sep 12         TLS       1p
          	    Sep 25         ALS       2p

     		Dusenbery, Gail Chiarrello
        	To Paul Bowles
             1969 Dec 17         TLS       1p
     		Phillips, Nancy		
        	To Paul Bowles
            1973 May 16         TLS       1p  

      		Ford, Charles Henri
        F10  1960 Jan 24         ALS       3p
               		Note: Includes a card photograph of Andrea (Andy)
               		Cato taken by Ford.
             1961 May 14         ALS       2p
             1962 Aug 15         ALS       2p
             1963 Aug 18         ALS       2p
             1965 Sep 17         ACS       1p
             1966 Jul 28         ACS       1p
          	  Oct 28         ALS       1p
               		Note: Written on the verso of an announcement for
               		Ford's "Spare Parts."
          	  Dec 12         ACS       1p
               		Note: Written on verso of an announcement for a
               		Ford exhibition.

        F11  1967 Jan 11         ACS       1p
          	  Apr 17         ACS       1p
             1969 Feb 2          ACS       3p
          	  Feb 9          ACS       1p
          	  Feb 19         ACS       1p
          	  Mar 15         ALS       1p
          	  Apr 16         ALS       1p
          	  Nov 15         ALS       3p

        F12  1970 Feb 2          ALS       1p
          	  [Mar 3]        ALS       2p
          	  May 4          ACS       1p
          	  Jun 5          ALS       1p
          	  Dec 16         ALS       1p
             1971 Jan 3          ACS       1p
             1972 Apr 11         ALS       1p
               		Note: Includes an announcement for Ford's "Flag of

        F13  1972 May 17         ALS       1p
          	  Sep 24         ALS       1p
          	  Dec 24         ALS       2p
             1973 Feb 7          ALS       2p
          	  Feb 13         ACS       1p
          	  Mar 28         ALS       2p
          	  Apr 24         ALS       1p
          	  May 23         ACS       1p
          	  May 29         ALS       2p
         	  Jun 17         ALS       2p
         	  Jul 2          TLS       1p
          	  Sep 7          ALS       2p

        F14  1974 Jun 3          ALS       2p
          	  Aug 10         ALS       2p
          	  Oct 26         ACS       1p
             1975 Jan 2          ALS       1p
               		Note: Written on verso of a copy of article from
               		the Soho Weekly News titled "Ford Rides Again."
          	  Jan 22         ALS       2p
          	  Feb 3          ACS       1p
          	  May 30         ALS       2p
          	  Aug 1          TLS       1p
          	  Sep 22         ACS       1p
          	  Dec 13         ACS       1p
             1976 [Jan 2]        ANS       1p
               		Note: On a calendar for Anthology Film Archives.
          	   Apr 11         ACS       1p
          	   May 15         ALS       1p
          	   Jun 18         ACS       1p
          	   Jul 25         TLS       1p

        F15  1976 Aug 30         ACS       1p
          	  Oct 7          ALS       2p
          	  Nov 6          ALS       2p
          	  Nov 23         ALS       2p
             1977 Feb 8          ALS       2p
          	  Apr 12         TLS       1p
               		Note: On the verso of a Village Voice article.
          	  May 24         ALS       2p
          	  Jun 6          ACS       1p
          	  Jun 28         ALS       2p
          	  Dec 17         ACS       1p
             1978 Jan 19         ALS       2p
          	  Mar 6          ALS       2p
          	  Jun 1          ACS       1p
          	  Aug 31         ALS       1p
          	  Sep 4          ACS       1p
          	  Oct 5          ALS       2p
          	  Dec 16         TCS       1p
             1979 Apr 10         TLS       1p
          	  Jul [28]       ACS       1p
          	  Aug 21         ACS       1p
          	  Oct 29         ALS       2p

        F16  1980 Apr 10         TLS       1p
          	  May 29         ALS       2p
          	  Jul 7          ACS       1p
          	  Oct 27         ALS       1p
               		Note: Written on the verso of a photocopy of the
               		poem "Igloos of the Eskimos."
             1981 Feb 5          ACS       1p
          	  Mar 17         ALS       2p
          	  Apr 21         ACS       1p
          	  Jul 3          ACS       1p
         	  Sep 18         ACS       1p

        F17  1981 Oct 30         ACS       1p
          	  Dec 1          ACS       1p
             [1982 Mar 12]       TCS       1p
             1982 Aug 6          ACS       1p
          	  Sep 10         ALS       2p
          	  Oct 14         ALS       1p
          	  Oct 29         ALS       2p
          	  Dec 18         ALS       1p
          	  Dec 31         ALS       1p

        F18  1983 Feb 3          ALS       1p
          	  Mar 7          ALS       2p
          	  Apr 17         ACS       1p
               		Note: Written on the verso on an Alternative Press
               		poem card by Ford.
          	  Jun 28         ACS       1p
          	  Aug 22         ACS       1p
         	  Oct 1          ACS       1p
             1984 Jan 10         ACS       1p

        F19  1984 Apr 9          ACS       1p
          	  May 11         ACS       1p
          	  [May 12]       ACS       1p
          	  Jun 3          ALS       2p
          	  Jun 27         TLS       1p
          	  Jul 19         ALS       2p
          	  Dec 19         ANS       1p
             1985 Jan 23         ALS       1p
               		Note: On the verso is a photocopy image and a
               		brief note from Ford.
         	  Feb 25         ALS       1p
               		Note: Photocopy images and text on verso.
          	  Mar 12         ACS       1p
          	  Mar 25         ACS       1p
          	  Apr 11         TLS       1p
             [n.d.]              ACS       1p
             [n.d.]              ACS       1p


     		Guggenheim, Peggy, 1898-

        F20  1971 Dec 15         TLS       1p
             1972 Jul 6          TLS       1p
          	  Dec 1          TLS       1p
          	  Dec 31         ALS       1p
             1973 Feb 16         TLS       1p
         	  Jun 5          TLS       1p
             1974 Jul 20         ALS       1p
             [n.d.]              ACS       1p

     		Gysin, Brion

        F21  1961 May 22         TLS       1p
             1964 Jun 29         TLS       1p
          	  Dec [8]        ACS       1p
          	  Dec 27         ALS       2p
               		Note: To Jane Bowles.
             1965 Jan 3          TLS       2p
          	  Mar 15         TLS       2p
          	  Jun 30         ALS       1p
          	  Jul 14         TLS       1p
             1966 Sep 20         TLS       2p
         	  Oct 28         TLS       2p
          	  Nov 22         ALS       2p
             1967 Jan 14         ALS       2p

        F22  [1967 Mar 25]       ACS       1p
             1967 Apr 11         ALS       1p
             1969 Feb 4          TLS       1p
          	  Aug 1          ALS       1p
             1970 Nov 8          TLS       2p
             1971 Jul 26         ALS       1p
             1972 Feb 21         ALS       2p
               		Note: Includes a photocopy of a photograph.
              1973 Feb 11         ALS       1p
          	   Jun 11         ALS       2p

        F23  1974 Dec 4          TLS       1p
             1975 Feb 19         ALS       2p
          	  Mar 10         ALS       1p
          	  Apr 24         ALS       2p
          	  May 28         ALS       1p
          	  Jul 23         TLS       1p
               		Note: Includes a copy of a letter from Joel Rubmir
               		to Gysin (4p).
             1976 [Jan 5]        ACS       1p

        F24  1976 Jun 22         ALS       1p
          	  Jul 22         ALS       1p
          	  Nov 12         TLS       1p
               		Note: Enclosed is pencil and ink drawing by Gysin
               		(signed and dated) titled "Roller Poem for Paul."
          	  Dec 5          ALS       1p
             1977 Feb 9          ALS       1p
          	  Feb 14         TLS       1p
               		Note: Enclosed are an announcement for an
               		exhibition of Gysin's work and a medical document.
             1978 Feb 28         ALS       1p
          	  Apr 10         ALS       1p
          	  May 25         ANS       1p
        F25  1979 Jan 3          ACS       1p
               		Note: Written on the verso of a postcard portrait
               		of Gysin.
          	  Jan 8          ALS       1p
               		Note: Enclosed is a program for "The Nova
               		Convention" (1978), in which Gysin participated.
          	  [Jun 11]       ACS       1p
               		Note: Also bears a brief greeting from William
          	  [Jul 5]        ACS       1p
          	  Sep 4          ALS       1p
          	  Sep 19         ALS       2p
          	  Oct 5          ACS       2p
          	  [Oct 10]       ACS       1p

        F26  1979 Nov 23         ALS       1p
             1980 Mar 18         ALS       1p
          	  May 31         ALS       1p
          	  Nov 10         TLS       1p
             [1980]              ACS       1p
             1981 Feb 23         TLS       1p
         	  Sep 12         TLS       1p
          	  [Dec 29]       ANS       1p
               		Note: Note is written on a signed and numbered
               		(12/20) poem/sketch by Gysin.
             1982 Jul 26         ALS       1p
             1983 Feb 7          TL        1p
               		Note: Verso bears a photocopy of an article about
          	  May 13         TLS       1p
             1985 Mar 13         TLS       1p
             [n.d.]              ALS       1p
             [n.d.]              AL        1p
               		Note: Written on the verso of Gysin's autograph
               		transcription of a page from Tristes Tropiques by
               		Claude Levi-Strauss.

     		Herlihy, James Leo.

        F27  1965 Jul 16         TLS       1p
             1966 Apr 3          TLS       1p
          	  Apr 26         TLS       2p
          	  May 31         TLS       1p
          	  Jun 19         ALS       1p
	          Jul 21         TLS       1p
          	  Aug 8          TLS       1p
          	  Nov 12         TLS       1p
          	  Dec 19         TLS       1p

        F28  1967 Feb 13         TLS       1p
          	  May 28         TLS       1p
         	  Jul 10         TLS       1p
          	  Aug 7          TLS       1p
          	  Aug 11         TLS       1p
          	  Sep 7          TLS       2p

        F29  1967 Sep 16         TLS       2p
          	  [Nov 1]        TLS       1p
          	  Nov 25         TLS       1p
          	  [Jan 10]       TLS       1p
             [1968 Mar 28]       TLS       1p
             1968 Jun 8          TLS       1p
          	  Jul 19         TLS       1p

         F30 1969 Nov 1          TLS       1p
          	  Dec 11         TLS       1p
             1970 Jul 3          ALS       2p
          	  Aug 20         TLS       1p
          	  Oct 17         TLS       2p
             1971 Nov 8          TLS       1p
          	  Dec 26         TLS       1p
               		Note: Enclosed is a letter from Jay Caron-Brooke
               		Associates to Herlihy.
             1972 Jun 16         TLS       3p
          	  Aug 10         TLS       2p

        F31  1973 May 31         ALS       1p
          	  Dec 8          TLS       1p
             1974 Apr 3          ALS       1p
             1975 Jun 8          TLS       1p
             1976 Aug 31         TLS       1p
          	  Oct 31         TLS       4p

        F32  1977 Mar 24         TLS       1p
          	  Apr 15         TLS       2p
          	  Jul 20         TLS       1p
             1979 Jun 9          TLS       1p

        F33  1984 Jul 13         TLS       2p
          	  Aug 9          TLS       2p
             [ca. 1967]          TLS       1p
             [1967?]             TLS       1p
             [n.d.]              TLS       1p
             [n.d.]              ALS       1p
             [n.d.]              TLS       2p


     		Losey, Joseph

        F34  1973 Apr 12         TLS       1p
          	  Apr 27         TLS       1p
          	  May 15         ALS       1p
         	  Jun 26         TLS       1p
             1977 Aug 5          TLS       1p
          	  Aug 23         TLS       1p

     		Miller, Henry, 1891-

        F35  1979 Aug 29         ALS       2p
          	  Sep 1          ACS       1p

     		Roditi, Edouard

        F36  1964 Feb 24         ALS       1p
             1966 Dec 1          ALS       2p
             1967 Jan 23         ALS       2p
          	  Feb 22         ALS       1p
             1973 Jul 8          ALS       1p
          	  Sep 14         ALS       1p
             1974 Jan 17         TLS       1p

        F37  1974 Feb 26         ALS       1p
          	  Apr 16         ALS       1p
             1975 Oct 3          ALS       2p
          	  Nov 18         ALS       1p
             [1976 Feb 11]       ALS       5p
             1976 Oct 16         TLS       2p
          	  Nov 2          ALS       2p

        F38  1977 Feb 13         ALS       2p
             1978 Jul 13         ALS       1p
          	  Sep 15         ALS       2p
             [1980]              ACS       1p
             1980 Mar 10         ALS       3p
             1981 Mar 2          ACS       1p
               		Note: Written on verso of Men-c-ard #2 (Menard
               		Press), with poem "Sons of War" by Samih al-Qasim.
             1982 Feb 8          ALS       2p

        F39  [n.y.] Jun 17       ALS       1p
             [n.d.]              ALS       1p
             [n.d.]              ALS       1p
             [n.d.]              ALS       2p
             [n.d.]              ANS       1p
               		Note: Written on the top of a TL (carbon) from
               		Roditi to the Journal de Tangier (2p).
             [n.d.]              ALS       2p
             [n.y.] Dec 12       ACS       1p
             [n.y.] Jul 28       ALS       1p
             [n.y.] Mar 31       ALS       1p

     		Rorem, Ned, 1923-

        F40  1961 Jul 16         TLS       1p
          	  Aug 22         TLS       1p
             1962 Jan 10         TLS       1p
             1963 Mar 18         ALS       1p
               		Note: Written on the verso of a photocopy of an
               		article from The Village Voice.
             1965 Mar 12         ALS       2p
             1966 Apr 22         TLS       1p
             1967 Jun 27         TLS       1p
          	  Jul 3          TLS       1p

        F41  1967 Jul 5          TLS       1p
          	  Jul 24         TLS       1p
             1968 Apr 1          TLS       1p
          	  Apr 26-27      TLS       2p
          	  Jul 12         TLS       1p
             1969 Jun 28         TLS       1p
          	  [Aug 15]       TLS       1p

        F42  1970 Apr 19         TLS       1p
          	  Nov 22         TLS       1p
             1971 Nov 6          TLS       1p
             1973 Nov 7          ALS       1p
             1974 Mar 15         TLS       1p
             1975 Jul 24         TLS       1p

        F43  1976 Mar 25         TLS       1p
          	  Apr 21         TLS       1p
          	  Jun 4          TLS       1p
             1977 Apr 27         TLS       1p
          	  May 25         TLS       1p
          	  Aug 7          TLS       1p
             1978 Feb 24         TLS       1p
          	  Mar 23         TLS       1p
             1979 Feb 26         TLS       1p
          	  Mar 16         TLS       1p     

        F44  1979 Jun 25         TLS       2p
          	  Jul 26         TLS       1p
          	  Sep 26         TLS       1p

        F45  1980 Jan 8          TLS       1p
          	  Aug 6          TLS       1p
          	  Sep 7          TLS       1p
            1981  Apr 21         TLS       1p
          	  Oct 15         TLS       1p
             1982 Mar            TLS       1p

        F46  1982 Mar 20         TLS       1p
             1983 Jun 15         TLS       1p
             1984 Jul 15         TLS       1p
          	  Nov 19         TLS       1p


     		Thomson, Virgil, 1896-

        F47  1960 Apr 11         TLS       1p
             1963 Aug 31         ALS       1p
          	  Sep 17         ALS       1p
             1965 Nov 24         ALS       1p
          	  Dec 12         ALS       1p
             1966 Feb 27         ALS       1p
          	  [Mar 12]       Clipping  1p
               		Note: Clipping of a New York Times review of
               		Bowles's Up Above the Sky.
          	   Jun 8          ALS       1p

        F48  1967 May 15         ACS       1p
             1968 Aug 21         ALS       1p
          	  Aug 29         ALS       1p
             1969 Apr 28         ALS       1p
             1970 [Dec 16]       ACS       1p
             1973 Jun 2          TLS       1p
          	  Oct 6          ALS       2p

        F49  1974 Apr 2          TLS       1p
          	  Jul 29         ALS       1p
             1975 Jan 18         TLS       1p
          	  Aug 25         ALS       2p
          	  Dec 26         ACS       1p
             1976 Nov 11         TLS       1p
          	  Nov 29         TLS       1p
             1979 Dec 23         ACS       1p

        F50  1982 Jun 8          ALS       1p
          	  Dec 1          TLS       1p
             1983 Apr 4          TCS       1p
             1984 May 7          ACS       1p
             1985 Apr 5          TCS       1p
             [n.y.] Dec 24       ACS       1p
             [n.d.]              ACS       1p

     		Vidal, Gore, 1925-

        F51  [1969 Nov 29]       ALS       1p
             [1970 Jul 15]       ALS       2p
             1978 [Mar 14]       ALS       2p
          	  [May 8]        ALS       2p
          	  [Aug]          TLS       2p
          	  [Dec 13]       ALS       2p
             1979 [Oct 2]        ALS       2p
          	  [Nov 13]       ALS       2p

        F52  1983 [Aug 31]       ALS       2p
          	  [Dec 5]        ALS       2p
             1984 [Apr 30]       TLS       2p
          	  [Jun 15]       TLS       2p
             1985 [Feb 18]       TLS       2p
             [ca. 1985]          TLS       2p
             [n.d.]              ALS       2p
             [n.d.]              ALS       2p
             [n.d.]              TLS       2p
             [n.d.]              TLS       2p

     		Waugh, Alec, 1898-

        F53  [1968 Nov 7]        ACS       1p
             1969 Aug 11         ALS       1p
             1970 Dec 26         ALS       1p
             1971 [Jun 5]        ACS       1p
          	  Oct 16         ALS       1p
          	  Dec 16         ALS       1p
             1972 Aug 14         ALS       1p
             1973 Mar 24         ALS       1p
          	  May 14         ALS       2p
          	  Dec 22         ALS       1p

        F54  1974 Aug 3          ALS       1p
             1975 Jul 26         ALS       1p
          	  Dec 22         ALS       1p
             1977 Nov 20         ALS       1p
             1978 Jan 6          ALS       1p
             1979 Mar 7          ALS       1p
          	  Jul 28         ALS       1p
             1981 Feb 23         AL        1p
             1971 [Nov]          ALS       1p
             [n.d.]              ALS       1p
             [n.y.] Jan 27       ACS       2p
             [n.d.]              ALS       1p

     		Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983.

        F55  1958 May 25         TLS       2p
             1969 Dec 11         TLS       1p
          	  Dec 23         TLS       2p
             1970 Jan 28         TLS       1p
          	  May 9          TLS       1p
          	  Jul 15         ACS       1p
          	  Aug 24         TLS       1p
          	  Sep 3          TLS       1p
          	  Nov 11         TLS       1p

        F56  1971 Nov 7          TLS       1p
             1973 May 19         Telegram  1p
          	  Jun 24         TLS       3p
             1974 Mar 25         TLS       3p
          	  Apr 5          TLS       1p
             1976 Feb 27         TLS       2p
          	  Mar 21         TLS       1p
               		Note: Includes a letter from Ardis Blackburn to
             1979 Aug 31         TLS       1p
             1981 Aug 20         TLS       1p
             [n.d.]              ALS       1p
             [n.d.]              TNS       1p

          Series I.2.  Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1975-1984
               Small group of letters from authors and friends arranged 
               alphabetically by author.

        F57  Copland, Aaron, 1900-
             1979 Feb 6          TLS       1p
             1982 Nov 17         TLS       1p

             Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-
             1982 Aug 21         ACS       1p
               Note: Includes brief notes from Gregory Corso and
               Peter Orlovsky.
             1984 Nov 7          ACS       1p

             Purdy, James
             1975 [Jul 6]        ALS       1p
          	  Sep 9          TLS       1p

             Sillitoe, Alan
             [1975 Apr 21]       ALS       2p

          Series I.3.  Publishing Correspondence, 1955-1982
               Publishers' letters to Paul Bowles, arranged by
               publisher and then chronologically.

        F58  Herzer, A. E. (A. E. Herzer, Conzett & Huber)
             1955 Mar 15         TLS       2p               
             Laughlin, James, 1914- (New Directions)
             1964 Apr 21         TLS       1p
             1968 Oct 28         TLS       1p
             1969 Jan 6          TLS       2p
             1971 Aug 26         TLS       1p

             Cohen, Arthur Allen, 1928- (Holt, Rhinehart and Winston)
             1968 Jan 10         TLS       1p

        F59  Wenner, Jann (Rolling Stone)
             1975 Mar 11         TLS       1p

             Miller, Jeffrey, 1943- (Cadmus Editions)
             1978 Feb 6          TLS       1p
          	  Dec 1          TLS       1p
          	  Dec 12         TLS       1p

             Owen, Peter (Peter Owen Ltd.)
             1978 Jul 3          TLS       1p

             Martin, John (Black Sparrow Press)
             1982 May 26         TLS       2p

                  Series I.4.  Paul Bowles letters to Jane Bowles, 1962-1968

        F60  1962 Feb 23         TLS       1p
             [1965] Aug 11       ALS       2p
             1966 Aug 15         TLS       1p
          	  Sep 3          TLS       1p
          	  Sep 22         TLS       2p
          	  Nov 6          TLS       1p
          	  Nov 19         TLS       2p
             1967 Jan 31         TLS       1p
             1968 Mar 10         TLS       1p
          	  Mar 15         TLS       1p
             [1968] Jun 3        TLS       1p

        F61  [1968] Jun 11       TLS       1p
             1968 Sep 7          ALS       2p
          	  Sep 17         TLS       1p
          	  Dec 23         ALS       2p
             [n.y.] Jan 9        ALS       2p
             [n.y.] Dec 9        TLS       2p
             [n.y.] Apr 29       TLS       1p
             [n.d.]              TLS       1p
             [n.d.]              TLS       1p
             [n.d.]              TLS       1p
             [n.d.]              TLS       1p
             [n.d.]              TLS       1p


        Series II.  Manuscripts, 1973 and [n.d.]

               Consists of manuscripts of Paul Bowles's writing.  Titled manuscripts are
               arranged alphabetically.  A substantial number of the manuscripts are
               written in notebooks.  These notebooks have been assigned alphabetical
               codes, presumably by Bowles, and the notebooks are arranged by these
               codes.  The titles of individual works within notebooks are listed when
               they can be identified; Bowles's exact title transcriptions are used when
               present.  The manuscript for Jane Bowles's play, At the Jumping Bean, is
               also housed with this material and is filed at the beginning of the series.

        F62  Bowles, Jane.  At the Jumping Bean [play], [n.d.]
             Ts, 12 pp., corrected in Jane Bowles's hand.  Accompanied by
             Paul Bowles's typed note of explanation.

             Bowles, Paul

        F63  The Spider's House [novel], [n.d.]
        -70  Ts [carbon], 450 pp., with 10 additional pages of typescript
             accompanying.  Note: Photocopies of additional pages have
             been placed in the appropriate sequence within the
             manuscript.  Oversize originals are in fragile condition and
             are housed separately in F. 70.

        F71  Look and Move on with "Children Are Not Always Crazy," and
        -73  "The Laughing Weepers"
             Unbound sheets containing autograph drafts of these texts. 
             Bowles appears to have used these sheets as a notebook. 
             Following are descriptions of the individual texts.
        F71  Look and Move On, [n.d.]
             Autograph manuscript, pp. 1-112, 61 leaves.  First page
             contains Bowles's autograph notation indicating that this is
             a "Running translation of Mrabet's first Recording of Look
             and Move on."  

        F72  "Children Are Not Always Crazy," 1973 Jun 10
             Autograph manuscript, 2 leaves.  Bowles's autograph heading
             C3 appears at the top of the initial page; the draft is
             dated at the bottom of the final page.

             Look and Move On, [n.d.]
             Autograph manuscript, 75 leaves, numbered pp. 113-246.
             Continues following the 2-page draft of "Children Are Not
             Always Crazy."

        F73  "The Laughing Weepers," [n.d.]
             Autograph manuscript, 11 leaves, numbered pp. 1-18, with two
             unnumbered leaves.

        F74  Notebook A
             Spiral-bound notebook, 84 leaves.  Contains notes for Up
             Above the World.  


        F75  Notebook B
             100 leaves.  Contains notes taken in Thailand and notes for
             "At the Krungthep Plaza."  Accompanied by two pages of
             Bowles's autograph notes and a telegram.

        F76  Notebook C
             Bound notebook, 100 leaves.  Contains Jilala Texts, The
             Chest, Earth [play], "Married with Papers," "The Qaftan,"
             "Qrira," and  "Chico."  

        F77  Notebook D
             Bound (top) notebook, 40 leaves.  Contains running
             translations of Isabelle Eberhardt's stories "Outside,"
             "Pencilled Notes," and "The Convert."  

        F78  Notebook F
             Bound notebook, 96 leaves.  Contains "Three Girls," novel on
             U.S.A., Love with a Few Hairs, and "Sodi Mokhtar."


        F79  Notebook G
             Bound notebook, 48 leaves.  Contains running translation of
             stories from The Boy Who Set the Fire. Includes drafts of
             "Bohloul;" "Mehdi this son;" "The Saint by Accident;" "Si
             Ramadan;" "The Witch of Bouiba Del Hallouf, Alchagal, Larbi
             & Khemon;" "Mimoun the Fisherman;" and "The Boy Who Set the

        F80  Notebook H
             Bound notebook, 86 leaves.  Contains "Without Stopping,"
             article for Omphales running translation, "Si Ramada," and
             "The Woman from New York."
        F81  Notebook I
             101 leaves, containing Love with a Few Hairs.  

        F82  Notebook J
             Spiral-bound, 43 leaves.  Contains running translation of
             The Big Mirror. 

        F83  Notebook K
             Bound notebook, 62 leaves.  Contains The Big Mirror.  


        F84  Notebook M
             100 leaves, containing The Lemon.  Alternate title, Day
             People and Night People, appears at beginning of text.

        F85  Notebook N
             Bound notebook, 87 leaves.  Contains notes on the Costa Del
             Sol Casablanca and running translation of Love with a Few

        F86  Notebook O
             Bound notebook, 46 leaves.  Contains portion of unpublished
             novel by Mohamed Mrabet, and Jean Genet in Tangier.  

        F87  Notebook P, [n.d.]
             Bound notebook, 100 leaves.  Contains The Lemon.  

        F88  Notebook R
             Spiral-bound, 40 leaves.  Contains The Chest ("Karim," "The
             Hunter," "M'hend").  


        F89  Notebook S
             Bound notebook, 48 leaves.  Contains autograph notes for
             Jean Genet in Tangier, by Mohamed Choukri and "For Bread

        F90  Notebook T
             Spiral-bound, 92 leaves.  Contains "Harmless Poisons,"
             "Blameless sins," and The Big Mirror.  

        F91  Notebook U
             Bound notebook, 58 leaves.  Contains The Chest [cover
             title].  Includes Bowles's translations of three stories
             from this collection by Mohammed Mrabet: "Zamar Zaman," "El
             Berred," and "Zoira;" all of which appear under different
             titles in the published collection.  

        F92  Notebook V
             Bound notebook, 100 leaves.  Paul Bowles's autograph note on
             the initial page describes this notebook as "Other
             unpublished material by Mohammed Mrabet."  Contains "Dead
             Men's Plants" (Bachir Alive and Dead), "Men are Lucky," "The
             Prophet's Slippers," The Boy Who Set the Fire ("Kif,"
             "Doctor Safi," and "Moulay Abdelgadar").  

        F93  Notebook W
             Spiral-bound, 66 leaves.  Contains "The Beach Cafe" (Mrabet
             corrected running translation).  

        F94  Notebook X
             Spiral-bound date book, 69 leaves.  Contains Without


        F95  Notebook Y
             Bound notebook, 254 leaves.  Contains Paul Bowles's
             autograph notes regarding Without Stopping.  Text continued
             from Notebooks H, X and Z.  Also includes biographical notes
             on Jane Bowles.

        F96  Notebook Z
             197 leaves, containing "M'Hashish," The Lemon, Without
             Stopping, and "Afternoon with Antaeus."  

        F97  Miscellaneous
             Empty file folder containing miscellaneous notes in the hand
             of Paul Bowles.  

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