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Karl Wolfgang Böer Papers

1945 - 2003

(bulk dates 1961 - 1986)

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Table of Contents

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Scope and Content Note

Series VII. Publications

Extent: 55 linear ft. (Boxes 92 –147)

Dates: 1952 – 1988 (bulk dates 1968 – 1975)

Contents: Articles, catalogs, conference proceedings, congressional publications, handbooks, newsletters, pamphlets, periodicals, research proposals, research reports, technical reports, and textbooks.

Four subseries. Series contents described at summary levels (box or folder range, rather than item level).

This series represents a library of technical reports, conference proceedings, miscellaneous periodicals about solar energy, and other publications collected by Böer and Solar Energy Systems, Inc.

VII.A. Articles contains both published and unpublished articles collected by Böer throughout his career. The files, arranged alphabetically by author, represent his diverse research interests as well as the publishing careers of many of his friends and associates.

VII.B. Research Progress Reports, the largest subseries in this collection, contains a mix of technical reports regarding contract work and annual/quarterly reports on the progress of grant-funded research occurring at various laboratories and research centers, including the University of Delaware. Series VII.B. is arranged alphabetically by name of the reporting laboratory, private company, or educational institution. Note: “University of Delaware” is filed under “Delaware,” as are other universities, i.e. “University of Oregon” is filed under “Oregon.”

VII.C. Conference Proceedings contains published conference proceedings, mostly from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Of particular interest are the annual conference proceedings of the American Section of the International Solar Energy Society, of which Böer was an influential and active member. The subseries contains proceedings organized both by sponsoring organization and by topic.

VII.D. Miscellaneous Publications contains books, handbooks, government reports, and journals collected by Böer’s office. Included are congressional reports and hearings related to the energy crisis and solar energy production in the early 1970s, Böer’s own Advances in Solar Energy, catalogs and pricing guides related to the manufacture and distribution of solar cell and other renewable power sources, and a variety of energy-related periodical.

Series List

Series VII. Publications

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

 		VII.A.  Publications--Articles

92   1    A—Ahls
     2    Algr—Ambe
     3    Amit—Anto
     4    Argy
     5    Arlt—Azar
     6    Bae—Bau
     7    Bec—Behr
     8    Berg—Birm
     9    Bitt—Blas
     10   Blat—Boh
     11   Bonch
93   12   Bons—Bork
     13   Born—Boyn
     14   Brad—Bril
     15   Broc—Bruy
     16   Bube—Burg
     17   Burs—Butt
     18   Cald—Cham
     19   Chan—Chyn
     20   Cing—Coll
     21   Comp—Coop
     22   Croi—Das
     23   Dav—Dex
     24   Diem—Dixon
     25   Dob—Dree

93   26   Dres—Dzie

94   27   Eat—Egg
     28   Ehr—Ew
     29   Fac—Fin
     30   Fisc---Flu
     31   Fok—Fow
     32   Fran
     33   Fred—Frey
     34   Fri
     35   Fro
     36   Fru—Fur
     37   Ga—Gar
     38   Gasp
     39   Gea—Ger
     40   Gia—Gie
     41   Gill

          VII.A.  Publications—Articles
94   42   Gis—Glo
     43   Gob

95   44   Göd—Gol
     45   Gom—Goo
     46   Gora—Gorl (1)
     47   Gorl (2)
     48   Gorl (3)
     49   Gos—Gril
     50   Grim—Gru
     51   Gub—Gum
     52   Gur—Gyu
     53   Haa  Hae
     54   Haf—Hal
     55   Ham—Har
     56   Has—Haz

96   57   He (1)
     58   He (2)
     59   Hi
     60   Ho
     61   Hu
     62   I—J
     63   Ka
     64   Ke
     65   Ki—Kn
     66   Ko (1)
     67   Ko (2)
     68   Ko (3) (Kohn, W.)

97   69   Kr (1)
     70   Kr (2)
     71   Ks—Kz
     72   La
     73   Le
     74   Li
     75   Lo
     76   Lu
     77   Ma (1)
     78   Ma (2)
     79   Mc
     80   Me

98   81   Mi

          VII.A.  Publications—Articles
98   82   Mo
     83   Mu
     84   Na
     85   Ne
     86   Ni
     87   No—Nu
     88   Oa—Om
     89   On—Oz
     90   Pa
     91   Pe—Pf
     92   Ph—Pl
     93   Po—Pr
     94   Pu
     95   Q
     96   Ra
     97   Re

99   98   Rh—Ri
     99   Ro
     100  Ru
     101  Ry—Rz
     102  Sa
     103  Sch (1)
     104  Sch (2)
     105  Se (1)
     106  Se (2)
     107  Se (3)
     108  Sh (1)
     109  Sh (2)

100  110  Si—Sk
     111  Sl—Sp
     112  St (1)
     113  St (2)
     114  St (3)
     115  Su—Sz
     116  Ta—Te
     117  Tr—Tz
     118  Th—To
     119  U—Vl
     120  Vm—Vol
     121  Vom—Vu

101  122  Wa

          VII.A.  Publications—Articles
101  123  We
     124  Wh—Wi
     125  Wl—Wo
     126  Wr—Wu
     127  X—Z

     VII.B.  Publications--Research Progress Reports

102  Advanco Corporation
     Advanced Energy Systems Laboratories
     Aerospace Corporation
     AIA Research Corporation
     Allen D. Zumbrunnen
     American Cyanamid Company
     American Solar Energy Society Incorporated
     Applied Solar Energy Corporation
     Arco Solar Incorporated
     Argonne National Laboratory
     Arizona State University
103  Arizona State University (cont’d)
     University of Arizona
     Atlas Corporation
     Babylon Research Associates
104  Battelle (cont’d)
     BDM Corporation
     Bechtel Corporation
     Bernd Ross Associates
     Boeing Aerospace Company
     BF Goodrich R+D Center
105  Boston University
     Brookhaven National Laboratory
     Brown University
     Burt Hill Kosar Rittlemann Associates
     California Institute of Technology
     California State University at Sacramento
     University of California, Los Angeles
     University of California, San Diego
     Chevron Research Company
     Chronar Corporation
     Clarkson College of Technology
     Clemson University

106  Clemson University (cont’d)
     Colorado State University
     Columbia University
     Cornell University
     Coors Porcelain Company
     VII.B.  Publications--Research Progress Reports

106  Council on Environmental Quality
     Crystal Systems Incorporated
     University of Dayton Research Institute
     DeBell and Richardson Incorporated

107  University of Delaware

108  University of Delaware (cont’d)
     Dow Corning Corporation
     Eagle-Picher Industries Incorporated
     Electronic and Information Sector Laboratories

109  Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
     Energy Materials Corporation
     Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA)
     U.S. Department of Energy
     Enrico Fermi Institute
     Entech Incorporated
     Exxon Research and Engineering Company
     University of Florida
     Franklin Institute Research Laboratories
     General Electric

110  General Electric (cont’d)
     Globe Union Incorporated
     Harvard University
     Hemlock SemiConductor Corporation
     Honeywell Incorporated

111  Honeywell Incorporated (cont’d)
     University of Houston
     Hughes Aircraft Company
     Hughes Research Laboratories
     ITT Research Institute
     Illinois Tool Works Incorporated
     University of Illinois
     International Business Machines Incorporated (IBM)
     International Solar Energy Society
     InterTechnology Corporation
     J.C. Schumacher Company
     Jet Propulsion Laboratory
     VII.B.  Publications--Research Progress Reports

112  Jet Propulsion Laboratory (cont’d)

113  Jet Propulsion Laboratory (cont’d)
     Junta de Energía Nuclear

114  Kayex Corporation
     Kinetic Coatings Incorporated
     Kulicke and Soffa Industries
     Lamar University
     Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
     Lewis Research Center
     Lockheed Missiles and Space Company Incorporated

115  MBAssociates (cont’d)
     University of Maine
     Martin Marietta
     University of Maryland
     Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     University of Massachusetts
     Materials Research Incorporated
     Meridian Corporation
     Midwest Research Institute

116  University of Minnesota
     University of Missouri-Rolla
     Mitre Corporation
     Mobil Tyco
     Monsanto Research Corporation

117  Motorola (cont’d)

118  National Air and Space Administration
     National Bureau of Standards
     National Science Foundation
     New Mexico State University
     College of New York, Brooklyn
     State University of New York, Buffalo
     North Carolina State University
     Northrop Research and Technology Center
     Office of Naval Research
     Office of Technology Assessment
     Ohio State University
     VII.B.  Publications--Research Progress Reports
118  Optical Coating Laboratory
     Oregon State University
     University of Oregon

119  University of Pahlavi (Iran)
     University of Pennsylvania
     Photowatt International Incorporated
     Poly Solar Incorporated
     Purdue Research Foundation
     Purdue University

120  University of Queensland (Australia)
     RCA Laboratories
     Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute
     Research and Solar Applications Divisions
     Research Triangle Institute
     Rockwell International

121  Rockwell International (cont’d)
     Rutgers University
     Sandia National Laboratories

122  Sandia National Laboratories (cont’d)
     Science Applications Incorporated
     Sensor Technology Incorporated
     Silicon Technology Corporation

123  Siltec
     Simulation Physics
     Solarelectronics Incorporated
     Solar Energy Digest
     Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI)

124  Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) (cont’d)

125  Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) (cont’d)
     Solarex Corporation

126  Solarex Corporation (cont’d)
     University of South Carolina
     Southern Methodist University
     Spectrolab Incorporated

     VII.B.  Publications--Research Progress Reports

127  Spectrolab Incorporated (cont’d)
     Sperry Univac
     Spire Corporation
     Springborn Laboratories Incorporated

128  Springborn Laboratories Incorporated (cont’d)
     Stanford Research Institute (SRI International)
     Stanford University
     Suntec Systems Incorporated
     Superwave Technology Incorporated
     Syracuse University

129  Technische Universität Berlin
     Telic Corporation
     Texas Instruments Incorporated
     Texas Research and Engineering Institute
     University of Texas at Arlington
     Theodore Barry and Associates
     TRW Corporation
     Tylan Corporation
     Underwriter’s Laboratory Incorporated
     Union Carbide Corporation

130  Union Carbide Corporation (cont’d)
     Varian Associates
     Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
     University of Virginia
     Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
     Westinghouse Electric Corporation

131  Westinghouse Electric Corporation (cont’d)
     Westinghouse R and D Center

132  Westinghouse R and D Center (cont’d)
     University of Wisconsin-Madison
     Xerox Electro-Optical Systems
     Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

     VII.C.  Publications--Conference/Forum/Workshop Proceedings

133  ISES—SUN 1 & 2
     ASES—Progress in Solar Energy and Supplements

134  ASES—Miscellaneous Conference Publications
     AS/ISES—Passive Solar 2 – 7

135  AS/ISES—Annual Conferences 1977 - 1982

136  AS/ISES—Sharing the Sun (10 vols.)
     SESCI—Regional 1982 and Miscellaneous Conference Publications
     UK/ISES—Conference Publications

137  ERDA

138  SERI
     Topical—Energy Production

139  Topical—Renewable Energy Sources (other than Solar)

140  Topical—Solar Energy Systems
     Topical—Solar Energy Materials

     VII.D.  Publications--Miscellaneous Publications

141  Catalogs and Handbooks

142  Congressional Reports

143  Böer and Duffle, Advances in Solar Energy
     Grimsehl, Lehrbuch der Physik IV, (1959, 1968, 1975)
     Physica status solidi a & b 1977
     TUB 1 – 4
     IEC Miscellaneous Publications

144  Solar Heating and Cooling Design
     Energy Production Information

145  Solar Power Utilization—Geographical Analysis

     Research Program Approval Documents
     Research Program Summaries
     Directores & Award Lists for Research Programs

146  Periodicals
          American Laboratory
          Characteristics of Solar Cells for Space
          Invention and Technology
          Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
          NSF-Rann—Energy Abstracts
          SERI—In Review
          Solar Age
          ISES—Solar Energy
          Solar Energy Materials

147  Energy Related Periodicals—A – H
     Energy Related Periodicals—I – Z
     Energy Related Periodicals—Miscellaneous Single Issues
     Miscellaneous Solar Energy Publications
     Smithsonian Science Information Exchange, Inc.—Notice of Research Reports

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