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Karl Wolfgang Böer Papers

1945 - 2003

(bulk dates 1961 - 1986)

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Table of Contents for Mss Collection Number 483 Series III.

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Scope and Content Note

Series III. Grant/Contract Files and Research Reports

Extent: 6.75 linear ft. (Boxes 30-36)

Dates: 1963-1989 (bulk dates 1971-1985)

Contents: Correspondence, reports, and proposals.

Series III is divided into two topical subseries: Government Agencies and Utility Companies and other Organizations. The first, Government Agencies, is further divided into ten categories. Folder numbering is sequential for the entire series.

Series III contains files related to grant-funded research projects and contract work carried out by Karl Böer through the departments of Physics and Engineering as well as through the Institute of Energy Conversion. The funding agencies are varied and include the Department of Energy (DOE), the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) at DOE, the United States military, NASA, and private corporations. The files date from the early 1960s and continue through the mid-1980s. One preliminary file in the series lists Böer’s sponsored research projects dating from 1963-1965.

The series documents Boer’s significant research in the properties of Cadmium Sulfide for conductivity and the theory of thin-film photovoltaics, both critical areas for the development of solar panels for energy conversion. Several of the projects supported by Utilities and other Organizations relate to the economics and delivery of solar energy.

III.A. Projects funded by Government Agencies: These files contain contract records, correspondence, financial reports, final copies of research proposals, final copies of quarterly and annual progress reports (for grants) and technical reports (for contracts). This subseries is divided into ten categories by funding organization: Air Force, Army DOE, NASA, NSF/RANN, Navy, Sandia National Labs, SERI, and miscellaneous other agencies. Within each of the ten categories the files are arranged according to project (when applicable). The ten categories are alphabetical, but within each category, the files are roughly chronological.

III.B. Utility Companies and other Organizations: The materials in this subseries are of the same nature as Series III.A. The subseries is organized alphabetically according to the name of the funding company

Series List

III. Grant/Contract Files and Research Proposals and Projects—Summary Outline

A. Government Agencies 1. Air Force Office of Scientific Research 2. Army Research Office 3. Department of Energy (DOE) 4. NASA 5. National Science Foundation (NSF) 6. National Science Foundation and Research Applied to National Needs (NSF/RANN) 7. Naval Research, Office of 8. Sandia National Laboratories 9. Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) 10. Miscellaneous Government Agencies B. Utility Companies and other Organizations

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

	      Series III.A.  Proposals and Projects
30   F1   Sponsored Research Projects (KWB)—1963-1965
          Series III.A  Government Agencies

          III.A.1 Air Force Office of Scientific Research

     F2   Air Force—CdS Solar Cells for Terrestrial Applications, 1972-1973
     F3   Air Force—Surface & Interface Dipole Layers
          III.A.2.  Army Research Office

     F4   Aberdeen—Characteristic Field Inhomogeneities in
          Homogeneous Dielectrics in the Pre-breakdown
          Range—Progress Reports, 1963-1967
     F5   Aberdeen—Observation of Deep-Trap Modulation with
          “Near” Band-Edge Light in Copper-Doped CdS Crystals
          Aberdeen—Thermal and Photochemical Damage of II-VI
          Photosensors, Especially CdS and CdSe
     F6   Administrative Papers, 1963-1972
     F7   Progress Reports, 1967-1969
     F8   Proposals, 1967-1970
     F9   Belvoir—CdS Solar Panels for Portable and Remote
          Power—Proposal, 1972-1973
     F10  Belvoir—Correspondence, 1967
     F11  Belvoir—Influence of Infrared Irradiation on
          Luminescence and Edge Absorption of CdS Controlled
          by Characteristic Field Inhomogeneities in the Pre-
          Breakdown Stage—Research Proposal, 1963-1964
     F12  Belvoir—Solid-State Image Converter Using the
          Franz-Keldysh Effect, 1967-1968
          Durham—Characteristic Field Inhomogenities in
          Homogenous Dielectrics in the Pre-Breakdown
          Range—Technical Reports
     F13  1
     F14  2-10
     F15  11-13
     F16  14
     F17  15-16
          Durham—Field- and Current-Instabilities in
     F18  Proposals, 1969-1972
     F19  Correspondence, 1964-1970
     F20  Durham—Physics of Junctions re Binary Devices—Proposals, 1985-1988
     F21  Durham—Semiconducting Glasses, Proposal 1971

     F22  Durham—Surface Properties of CdS and Their
          Influence on Electrical Conductance, External
          Photoeffect, and Field Instabilities—Proposal and
          Revised Budget, 1966-1969
     F23  Monmouth—CdS Solar Panels for Portable and Remote Use, 1972-1973
     F24  Triangle Park-- Mobility Influence in
          Junctions—Funding Request, 1985
     F25  Army—Technical Report Lists

          III.A.3  Department of Energy (DOE)
          Theory of Thin-Film Photovoltaics
31   F26  DOE—Theory of Thin-Film Photovoltaics, 1979
     F27  Proposals, 1979-1980
     F28  Contractor Review, 1979
     F29  Conference, 1979
     F30  Disposition of Documents, 1979-1980
     F31  Finance Statement, 1979-1981
     F32  Second Year Contract, 1980
     F33  Monthly Reports, 1979-1980
     F34  Eight-Month Report
     F35  Final Report, 1980
     F36  DOE/SERI—Heterojunction Interfaces, 1979
     F37  DOE/SERI—Junction Recombination, 1979
          III.A.4.  NASA

     F38  CIT & Jet Propulsion Lab—Contract and Correspondence, 1968
     F39  Infrared Detection by Reconfiguration of High
          Field Domains in CdS—Technical Report #11, 1972
     F40  Phase Change Thermal Storage, 1972-1973

     F41  Photoemf in Cadmium Sulfide—Final Report, 1971
     F42  Photovoltaic Effect in Cadmium Sulphide—Progress
          Reports, 1969-1970
     F43  Photovoltaic Effect in Cadmium Sulphide—Final Report, 1970
     F44  Sensitive Infrared Detection Using the Tyagi
          Method, 1971-1972
     F45  Solar Energy Conversion, 1971-1972
     F46  Testing of CdS Solar Cell—Contract and
          Correspondence, 1971-1972
     F47  Theoretical Investigation of Recombination Centers
          in Gallium Arsenide—Final Report, 1973
          X-Ray and Electron Damage, and Photochemical Reactions in
          CdS Single Crystals and Layers, and Annealing of These Defects—NSG 573
     F48  Correspondence, 1965-1969
          Progress Reports
     F49  1964-1967
     F50  1969-1970 (includes photographic negatives)

          Technical Reports
     F51  Lists
     F52  1-3
     F53  4-7
     F54  8-9
     F55  10-14
     F56  15-16
          III.A.5.  National Science Foundation—(NSF)

32   F57  Advanced Solar Energy Collector Heating and Cooling Systems—
          Category A-5

     F58  Alternative Strategies and Methods for Conserving Energy, 1973

     F59  Cooperative R & D Experiment for Stimulative R & D
          in the Traditional Industries, 1973
     F60  Correspondence (Including letters regarding NSF
          audit of IEC)
     F61  Data Acquisition of Solar One, 1973-1974
     F62  Development of Cd2SnO4 Films for Use in Solar
          Energy Conversion Devices, 1972
     F63  Economies of Scale in Solar Heating and Cooling:
          An Economic Analysis, 1974
     F64  Field- and Current-Instabilities, 1970-1971
     F65  Grant Information
     F66  Internal Correspondence, Re: NSF reports
     F67  Material Problems in Heterojunctions, 1974
     F68  Mozaic Magazine Correspondence
     F69  Non-Market Consumer Demand for Solar Energy
     F70  Proposal Guidelines
     F71  Site Visits, 1973 & 1974
     F72  Solar Energy Collectors—Category A-1
     F73  Solar Energy Conversion, 1971-1972
     F74  Solar Energy Storage Subsystems—Category A-2
     F75  Solar Heating, 1969 – 1970
     F76  Technology Assessment of Terrestrial Solar Energy
          Resource Development, 1973
          III.A.6.  NSF-Research Applied to National Needs (NSF-RANN)
          Direct Solar Energy Conversion for Terrestrial Use Project
     F77  Contracts & Grants, Report Instructions

     F78  Contract Information
     F79  Correspondence related to Direct Solar grant.
     F80  Direct Solar Research Proposal—1972 (133 pps)
     F81  Direct Solar Research Proposal—1972 (166 pps)
          Direct Solar Energy Conversion for Terrestrial Use Project
     F82  Direct Solar Research Proposal Addenda
     F83  Direct Solar Grant Increase Request, 1973
          Direct Solar Grant Continuation Requests
     F84  1973-1974
     F85  1974-1975

          Direct Solar Progress Reports
     F86  Annual & Quarterly Report—1972
     F87  Quarterly Reports 3-4—1973
     F88  Quarterly Reports 1-4—1974
33   F89  Quarterly Reports 1, 3-4—1975

     F90  Direct Solar Monthly Progress Reports
     F91  Direct Solar Monthly Financial Reports
     F92  Direct Solar Special Progress Reports
          Direct Solar Technical Reports
     F93  Lists
     F94  1973:     1-4
     F95            5-8
     F96              9
     F97          10-15
     F98  1974:     1-3
     F99  1975:     1-4
     F100             5
     F101           6-7
     F102 1976:       1
     F103 Direct Solar Final Report—1975
     F104 Direct Solar Final Report—1976
     F105 Proposal—Use of Solar Energy for House Heating and Electric Power—1973
     F106 Proposal—Solar Energy Space Cooling Subsystems

          Series III.A.7  Naval Research, Office of (ONR)

     F107 ONR—Electro-Optical Method for Investigation of
          Field and Current Distributors in Semiconductors
          and Layer-Like Field Distributors in
          Photoconductors—Progress Reports, 1963-1970
     F108 Distribution Lists for Reports; Visit Information

     F109 Progress Report 1, 1963-1964
     F110 Status Report 14-17, 1969-1970

          Electro-Optical Method Technical Reports, 1966-1971
     F111 1-8
     F112 9
     F113 10-13
34   F114 14-15
     F115 16
     F116 17-22
     F117 23-30
     F118 32
     F119 33
     F120 34-57
     F121 Elector-Optical Method Technical Report Master Lists

     F122 Electro-Optical Method Final Report, 1970
          Electro-Optical Studies (continuation of Electro- Optical Method grant)

     F123 Research Proposals 1971-1975
          Electro-Optical Studies Tech. Reports, 1971-1973
     F124 1-13
     F125 14
     F126 15
     F127 16-20
     F128 21
     F129 28, 30, 32
     F130 Electro-Optical Studies Status Report Lists, 1974
     F131 Electro-Optical Studies Status Reports 1-21, 1974-1976
          Various Other Projects
     F132 The Physics of Junctions and the Influence of Boundaries
     F133 Proposal—Carrier Transport in Semiconducting Devices

     F134 1965-1972
     F135 1974-1975
          Series III.A.8  Sandia National Laboratories

     F136 Carrier Transport Analysis in Junction
     Devices—Proposal, 1987
     F137 Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell—Research Proposal, 1987

          Crystalline Solar Cell Research
     F138 Proposal, 1988

     F139 Final Report, 1989

35   F140 Sil Solar—Finance Report, 1988
     F141 Solar Cell Numerical Modeling
          Series III.A.9.  Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI)
     F142 Kinetics of Current-Voltage Characteristics
     F143 Operating Analysis of Solar Cells

          Photovoltaics II
     F144 No Cost Extension, 1980

     F145 Effort Reports, 1979-1980
          Finance Statement
     F146 1983-1984
     F147 1984-1985
     F148 1985-1986
     F149 1986-1987

     F150 Monthly Cost Summary, 1979-1981

          Polycrystalline Semiconductor Heterojunction Modelling
     F151 Contract, 1985
     F152 Proposals, 1983-1985

     F153 Contract Management, 1980-1985

     F154 Correspondence, 1980-1983
     F155 Correspondence, 1980-1985

     F156 Quarterly Technical Status Report

          Technical Reports
     F157 1981
     F158 1983-1984
     F159 1984-1985
     F160 1985-1986
     F161 Final Report, 1987
     F162 Program Review at U Delaware, 1979
36   F163 Proposal—Operation Analysis of Solar Cells
          Thin Film Photovoltaics
     F164 Thin Film Correspondence, 1980 – 1984
     F165 Tech. Status Report, 1980-1981

     F166 Management Summary Report, 1983
     F167 Theory of Thin Film Photovoltaics
     F168 Heterojunction Interfaces, 1979
     F169 Kinetics of Current-Voltage Characteristics, 1981
     F170 Modeling of Solar Cells, 1985
     F171 Design of Novel CdS/CuInSe2 Solar Cell Structure,
     F172 SERI—Operation Analysis of Solar Cells, 1985
     F173 Polycrys—Overview letter, 1986

			Series III.A.10.  Miscellaneous Government Agencies

     F174 Advanced Research Project Agency (APRA)—Field-
          and Current-Instabilities in Semiconductors
     F175 APRA—Correspondence, 1967 – 1970
     F176 Atomic Energy Commission—Solar Collector, 1974 –
     F177 Energy Research and Development Administration
          (ERDA)—Monthly Progress Reports, 1976 – 1977
     F178 HUD—Evaluation of a Solar Energized House
          Performance and Analysis of its Environmental,
          Economical, Social, and Legal Aspects, 1973
     F179 National Bureau of Standards—System of Solar
          Energy Conversion for Houses, 1972
     F180 US Agency for International Development—Solar Rice
          Dryer and Solar Cooker
          Series III.B.  Power Utilities and other Organizations

     F181 Atlantic City Electric Company—Thermo-Electric
          Testing of the Experimental Solar House and
          Improvement of Solar Water Heaters, 1973
     F182 Cyanamid—Development of Cd2SnO4 Films for Use in
          Solar Energy Conversion Devices, 1972
     F183 Edison Electric Institute—Solar Energy as Energy-
          on-Demand for Peak-Energy Demand Relief to Power
          Utilities, 1973-1973
     F184 General Precision—Correspondence, 1966 – 1968
     F185 Jet Propulsion Laboratories—Barrier Photovoltaic
          Response, 1971-1972
     F186 Jet Propulsion Laboratories—Large-Scale Energy Conversion, 1971-1972
     F187 John Hopkins—Superflywheel Testing, 1973
     F188 MAC on Power Engineering—Power-on-Demand From
          Solar Energy, 1973
     F189 MAC on Power Engineering—Control Circuits for
          Solar-Electric Systems, 1974
          Series III.B.  Power Utilities and other
36   F190 PA Power and Light—Thermal Testing of the Experimental House, 1973
     F191 Philadelphia Electric Company—Techno-Economic
          Evaluation of Cadmium Sulfide Solar Cells, 1973
     F192 Public Service Electric and Gas—Energy
          Conservation and Thermo-Electric Conversion
          Testing of the Experimental Solar House, 1973
     F193 Rockefeller Foundation—Study of Combined Solar-
          Electric Power Utility Energy Supply for Houses,
     F194 Rockefeller Foundation—Study of Solar Energy
          Utilization, 1973
     F195 University of Delaware Research
          Foundation—Terrestrial Solar Energy Conversion,
     F196 University of Delaware Research Foundation—Carrier
          Transport in Non-Ideal pn-Junctions—1989 – 1992
     F197 Unidentified Proposal—Harvesting Solar Energy

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