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Karl Wolfgang Böer Papers

1945 - 2003

(bulk dates 1961 - 1986)

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Table of Contents for Mss Collection Number 483 Series I.

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Series I. Academic & Professional Activities

Extent: 20 linear feet (Boxes 1-20)

Dates: 1945-2002 (bulk dates: 1962-1988)

Contents: Brochures, conference programs, correspondence, financial papers, general office files, notebooks, pamphlets, photographs, published journals, teaching materials, theses & dissertations, travel documents.

Six subseries representing areas of activities, each following original filing sequences. Folder numbering begins anew with each subseries.

The twenty linear feet of Series I comprises materials related to Böer’s academic career from the time he was employed at Humboldt University in Berlin (1950-1961) and then at the University of Delaware (1962-1994). Also included are materials related to Böer’s professional activities with the German scientific group WISTA (1994- 2000). The materials in this series document Böer’s activities both inside and outside of the University and are arranged in six sub-series: Administrative and Subject Files, Professional Activities, Teaching, Theses and Dissertations, Humboldt University, and WISTA.

Böer began his career at the University of Delaware as an associate professor of physics in 1962. In 1965 he became professor of physics and in 1971 professor of physics and engineering. Böer founded the Institute of Energy Conservation (IEC) at the University of Delaware and served as director from 1972-1975. Under Böer’s direction the IEC grew from a small research and development group into a major research facility with 45 fulltime employees and a budget of over one-million dollars. In 1975 Böer returned to a fulltime research and teaching position and began advising the University’s president on longterm projects. The University of Delaware established the Karl W. Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit in Böer’s honor in 1987. In 1993 the University named Böer Distinguished Professor of Physics and Solar Energy. In addition to his university and publishing activities, Böer maintained close contacts with the emerging fields of solar energy and energy conservation by attending conferences, making public addresses, reviewing and refereeing academic publications, and serving as a consultant to industries and governments. Some records related to these activities are interfiled in Series I., though more thorough documentation in each area is found in other series in the collection.

I.A. U.D. Administrative and Subject Files is sub-divided by subject files and correspondence covering a wide range of activities conducted while Böer held academic positions at the University of Delaware and received administrative support from department secretaries and staff.

I.A.1. Subject files are arranged alphabetically and contain materials related to Böer’s coursework, research, and professional career. A small group of photographs in this section includes portraits of Böer as well as images of the solar installations at his home in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

I.A.2. Correspondence comprises incoming and outgoing correspondence, including three independent, untitled sections, organized alphabetically as found in original file sequences.

I.B. Professional Activities represents the largest portion of this series and is organized in seven sub-divisions of materials documenting Böer’s professional activities:

I.B.1. Journals primarily comprises reader reports, recommendations, and reviews of journal contributions and some manuscript copies of articles and reports. Böer’s long association with physica status solidi, which he founded and edited, is evident in more than two decades of correspondence and referee material. Extensive material related to his editorship of Advances in Solar Energy is also included.

I.B.2. Professional Organizations contains materials documenting Böer’s participation with the American Institute of Physics, the National Science Foundation, and other organizations. Also included are notes on the meetings and operations of various organizations, and newsletters from regional groups such as the Chesapeake Physics Association or the Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Association.

I.B.3. Consulting comprises reports, correspondence, invoices, and other materials related to Böer’s work as a consultant with scientific companies and organizations, from Dow Corning to NASA.

I.B.4. Conferences contains materials that document the arrangements, activities, planning, and proceedings of solar energy and scientific conferences around the world. This section may duplicate some of the other travel files found in other series throughout the collection. Published proceedings from many of these conferences may be found in Series VII.C. Publications.

I.B.5. Activities and Trips comprises a variety of materials documenting Böer’s professional activities, including international trips he made for research and lectures, through travel documents and itineraries, and correspondence. Also included are materials related to Böer’s activities during sabbatical leaves from the University.

I.B.6. Institutes and Organizations comprises bibliographies, brochures, programs, pamphlets, and other publications pertaining to solar energy and related sciences. Some of these materials overlap with I.B.4 Conferences.

I.B.7. Notebooks comprises fifteen notebooks ranging in content from laboratory notes on CdS / Cu2S to notes on computer programs.

I.C. Teaching comprises a group of materials concerning curriculum decisions and planning, class notes, and departmental information from the University of Delaware.

I.D. Theses & Dissertations comprises theses and dissertations by both Karl Böer and those he directed for students. A bibliography is included in Appendix I.D.

I.E. Humboldt University contains correspondence and other materials related to Böer’s research and miscellaneous activities during his time at Humboldt University in Berlin. The material in this series dates between 1945 and 1961.

I.F. WISTA, a Science and Technology Center in Berlin- Adlershof, contains two linear feet of correspondence, brochures and information related to Böer’s role as the U.S. representative of WISTA. The majority of the material is related to Böer’s involvement in a series of conferences in 1996, particularly “Photonics Delaware 2000,” in which delegates from WISTA toured the United States in order to promote greater technological, educational, and industrial cooperation between the U.S. and Berlin-Adlershof. The subseries also contains WISTA company information; trade delegation correspondence from various corporate, national, and state organizations; press releases and news reports; and miscellaneous collected by Böer between 1994 and 2001. Much of the material is in German.

Series List

Series I.  Academic & Professional Activities

     I.A.  UD Administrative and Subject Files
          1.  Subject Files, 1961-1993
          2.  Correspondence, 1960-1990
     I.B.  Professional Activities
          1.  Journals, 1961-2001
          2.  Professional Organizations, 1962-1981
          3.  Consulting, 1965-1976
          4.  Conferences, 1960-1989
          5. Activities and Trips, 1974-1996
          6. Information on Institutes and Organizations, 1954 – 1978
          7. Notebooks, 1975 – 1988
     I.C.  UD Teaching, 1962-1978
     I.D.  Theses & Dissertations
          1. Karl Böer,1949-1955
          2. Students, 1951-1986
     I.E.  Humboldt University, 1945-1961
     I.F.  WISTA, 1994-2000

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

		  Series I.  University of Delaware
          Series I.A.  Administrative and Subject Files
          Series I.A.1.  Subject Files

1    F1   Abstracts (submitted)
     F2   Academic Activities
     F3   Activity Report 1985 to President Trabant

     F4   Alte Vorlesungen Festkorperphysik
     F5   Bartol Research Institute—Mailing List
     F6   Berlin—Fall, 1964

     F7   Berlin—February, 1966
     F8   Bibliography of Scholarly Publications
     F9   Böer Supplies—July, 1985-June, 1986
     F10  Böer Support—General Information
     F11  Building Plans—Layouts, etc. (OSZ)
     F12  Classroom Modifications
     F13  Cold Fusion—Hora, Böer
     F14  College of Engineering—Brochure
     F15  College of Engineering—Correspondence
     F16  College of Engineering—Course Evaluation Survey, Fall 1986 (87a)
     F17  College of Engineering—Dean’s Office
     F18  College of Engineering—Faculty Resume Book, 1990-1991
     F19  College of Engineering—Referrals to Dean’s Office
     F20  Company Picnic
     F21  Computer Programs—Spectral, Funplot, SOLAR—Instruction Manual

     F22  Department of Physics and Astronomy—Annual Report 1990-1991
     F23  Department of Physics and Astronomy—Colloquium/Seminar Mailing Lists
     F24  Display at Colburn Lab
     F25  Displays at IEC (photograph)
     F26  Display at Student Center
     F27  Energy Committee
     F28  Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.
     F29  Energy, Miscellaneous
     F30  Expenses and Reimbursements (KWB), 1977-1978
     F31  Faculty Activities, List of Publications
     F32  Festkorphysik—Buch
     F33  Fume Hood—Drawings and Correspondence, 1967 (OSZ)
     F34  German Partnership: U Delaware & Tech University of Berlin
     F35  Germany—August, 1966
     F36  Global Warming and Climate Change (part 1)
     F37  Global Warming and Climate Change (part 2)
     F38  Ideas
     F39  IEEE Fellowship Application
     F40  Institute of Energy Conservation, University of Delaware
     F41  International Exchange
     F42  Jones, President Russell C. — meeting notes
     F43  Karl W. Böer Physics Fund

          Series I.A.1.  UD—Admin--Subject Files
     F44  KWB Bonding
     F45  KWB Class—Solar Energy Conversion, 1976
     F46  KWB Class, 1980
     F47  KWB Class, 1982
     F48  KWB Management
     F49  KWB Project and Activities Reports
          KWB Resume and publication list
     F50  (part 1)
     F51  (part 2)
     F52  (part 3)
     F53  KWB Reviews: proposals and manuscripts
2    F54  Kyoto—Greenhouse Effect—Frederick Seitz Petition

          Laser Beam Deflector
     F55  Applications: Literature
     F56  Hercules
     F57  Legal
     F58  Outside Evaluations
     F59  Patent Issued
     F60  Patent Literature
     F61  Theory of Deflector
     F62  Licensing Fees to Böer
     F63  Literature Colloquium—1967 – 1968
     F64  Literature Colloquium—Memo, February 1967
          Material Science Committee
     F65  “Advanced material Science and Engineering Initiative at UD”
     F66  Concerns & Proposals
     F67  Correspondence, Böer and Paulaitis
     F68  Formation, Proposal
     F69  Graduate Student Information
     F70  Meeting Overviews
     F71  Poll on Methods and Equipment

          Series I.A.1.  UD—Admin--Subject Files
          Material Science Committee
     F72  Report, 1989
     F73  “Summary: Materials Science and Engineering for
          the 1990s”
     F74  Visits—Fleury, Itinerary & article, 17 Oct. 1989
     F75  Visits—Kuech, Itinerary
     F76  Visits—Reneker
     F77  Visits—Tierrell, Itinerary & Information, UD
     F78  Material Science Program—Course Offerings
     F79  Medal of Distinction, 1998—Invitation
     F80  NSF Program—Pilot Line Schedule
     F81  NYU 1961-1962
     F82  Ohmic Contacts to Semiconductors--References
     F83  Patent Disclosures
     F84  Patent Proposals
     F85  Patentability—Filter w/ Controlled Transmission, 1963-1964
     F86  Patents, Europe
          Patents, USA
     F87  Collector Grid
     F88  Heat Exchange Apparatus
     F89  Licensing
     F90  Tyagi

     F91  Personal Research

     F92  Photographs 1
     F93  Photographs 2
     F94  Physics Manpower Crisis

     F95  Physik. Gesellschaft—Berlin
     F96  Fall 1979
     F97  1986
     F98  1993 – 1994
3    F99  Science Information Exchange
          Seminar Guests
     F100 1965-1966
     F101 1966-1967
     F102 1968
     F103 1969
     F104 At Industry (Non-Consulting)
     F105 At University and Government, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965
     F106 At University and Government, 1966-1971
     F107 Solid State, 1966-1967
     F108 SERI – Advisory Board
     F109 Solar Energy Award
     F110 Solar Energy Award:  President Jimmy Carter, 1993
     F111 Speeches, 1981
     F112 Stanford, 1965
     F113 Talks Given at University of Delaware
     F114 Thermodynamics Lecture By Hill (Vertretung)

     F115 Time Study Estimates and Teaching Activities Forms
     F116 Trabant, Arthur (UD President)
     F117 Unidentified Notes (KWB)

     F118 UNIPUB

     F119 United Nations
     F120 University Correspondence
     F121 University—Advisor

     F122 University of Delaware—Research Foundation 1972–1973
     F123 Ultrathin Superlattices—Correspondence and Presentation Material

     F124 Vacuum Tempering (Photoletic)—Hanschm, Tuchan, Weber

     F125 Winterim, 1971
     F126 X-Ray Damage Frankfort Arsenal

          Series I.A.2.  UD Admin—Subject


     F127 Communications, 1985-1987
     F128 Correspondence—Committee on Energy R&D Goals, 1972
     F129 Correspondence to and from KWB
     F130 Correspondence with German Colleagues
     F131 Dean Byron Pipes
     F132 Distinguished Professor Recommendations
     F133 Döhler, Guenter
     F134 Gast, Shiela—Summer 1965
     F135 General University Correspondence

          General Correspondence, 1978 – 1984
     F136 A
     F137 B
     F138 C
     F139 D
     F140 E
     F141 F
     F142 G
     F143 H
     F144 I
     F145 J
     F146 K
     F147 L
     F148 M
4    F149 N
     F150 O
     F151 P
     F152 Q
     F153 R
     F154 S
     F155 T
     F156 U
     F157 V
     F158 W
          General Correspondence 2, 1978 – 1990
	 F159 A
     F160 B
     F161 C
     F162 D
     F163 E
     F164 F
     F165 G
     F166 H
     F167 J, K
     F168 L
     F169 M
     F170 N
     F171 O, P
     F172 Q
     F173 R
     F174 S
     F175 T
     F176 U, V
     F177 W
     F178 X-Y-Z
     F179 Miscellaneous
     F180 Inter-office Memos—(Incoming and Outgoing), 1971–1985
          Miscellaneous Correspondence
     F181 1963–1965
     F182 1984–1990 (part 1)
     F183 1984 – 1990 (part 2)
     F184 Personal, 1960-1963
     F185 Physica Status Solidi
     F186 Scientists
     F187 Solar Energy Conversion Conference, 1971
     F188 Thank You notes to KWB
     F189 Van Der Berg, 1965
     F190 Williams, Ferd

          Series I.B.  Professional Activities
          Series I.B.1.  Journals
          Advances in Solar Energy
5    F1   1982
     F2   1994-1996
     F3   Vol. IX
     F4   Vol. X. Correspondence
     F5   Vol. XI. Misc.
     F6   Vol. XI, Correspondence
     F7   Vol. XII
     F8   Vol. XII, Correspondence
     F9   Vol. XIII, Correspondence
     F10  Sales Information
     F11  Winn, Byron--Correspondence
     F12  Wood, Dorris—Invoices 1995 & 1996
     F13  Analytic Chemistry
     F14  Applied Physics Letters
     F15  B.G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft
     F16  IEC—General Description 1975
     F17  International Biographical Centre
          Journal of Applied Physics
     F18   (part 1)
     F19   (part 2)
     F20  January 1973
     F21  References, Etc.
     F22  Journal of Applied Solid State Physics
     F23  Journal of Physical Chemistry
     F24  Journal on the Materials Science of SEC
     F25  Journal Reviews
     F26  Marcel Dekker, Inc.
     F27  Miscellaneous Journals
          Series I.B.1.  Professional Activities—Journals
     F28  National Research Council Proposals—Refereeing
     F29  National Science Foundation
     F30  National Solar Heating and Cooling Information Center
     F31  Personal Requests for Referee
          Physica Status Solidi
     F32  1961-1965
     F33  1966-1967
     F34  1968-1972
     F35  1977-1978
     F36  1979
     F37  1980
     F38  1981-1982
     F39  1984-1987
     F40  1994-2001
          Physica Status Solidi
6    F41  Change of Ownership, 1996
     F42  Contents, Web Page 7/22/96
     F43  Referee Survey
     F44  Statistical Information
     F45  Plenum Publishing Corporation
     F46  Review
     F47  Solar Age
     F48  Solar Energy
     F49  Solar Energy (Referee)—ISES
     F50  Solar Energy Handbook
     F51  Solar Energy Information Services
     F52  Solar Energy—Referee
     F53  Solid-State Electronics
     F54  Stock Market Magazine

     F55  Teubner—Verlag
     F56  The Physical Review
     F57  Thesis Evaluations and Proposals
     F58  U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation
          Series I.B.2.  Professional Organizations

     F59  American Association for the Advancement of Science
     F60  American Astronautical Society
     F61  American Chemical Society
     F62  American Institute of Physics
     F63  American Men and Women of Science
     F64  American Physical Society
          American Physical Society
     F65  1962-1968
     F66  1970-1971
     F67  ASES
     F68  ASTM
     F69  Chesapeake Physics Association
     F70  Costed CLRI Campus
     F71  Delaware Academy of Science
     F72  Electrochemical Society, Inc.
     F73  Energy Technology Group
     F74  IEC
     F75  IEEE
     F76  International Association for Impact Assessment
     F77  International Research and Exchanges Board
     F78  ISES
     F79  Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Association

          National Advisory Council on Research in Energy
     F80  NACREC, part 1

          Series I.B.2. Professional Organizations
          National Advisory Council on Research in Ener Conservation
     F81  NACREC, part 2
     F82  NACREC, part 3
7    F83  National Energy Advisory Council (NEAC, formerly NACREC)
     F84  National Science Foundation
     F85  New Jersey Public Interest Research Group
     F86  Patents
     F87  SES
     F88  Sigma Xi Society
     F89  Society for Information and Documentation—Washington, DC
     F90  UNESCO
          Series I.B.3.  Consulting

          Allen-Bradley Company
     F91  Brandt, Ivan L.
     F92  Dr. Harmuth
     F93  Dr. Schlicke
     F94  Future Employees
     F95  Image Converter
     F96  Latest
     F97  Legal Papers
     F98  Misc.
     F99  American Electric Manufacturing Co.
     F100 Army, Aberdeen
     F101 Askania, Germany—Photographs
     F102 Dow Corning

          Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.
     F103 Colloquium Discussion
     F104 Correspondence
     F105 Fagen Research Proposal and KWB comments, 1968
     F106 Income/Fees
     F107 In-house Publications on “Ovshinsky Effect”
     F108 Kroll and Döhler—Theory of Field Instabilities and Corrections
     F109 KWB Estimates of Potential Distribution in Non Planar Geometry
     F110 KWB Estimates of Semi-conducting Glass #1
     F111 KWB Measurements (LAB)
     F112 KWB Technical Photos and Measurement
     F113 KWB—Switching—Charts, Figures, Notes
     F114 KWB—“Feld und Strominogenitäten  bei elekrishen
          Belastrungen”—ECD translation, 1961 & 1968
     F115 Measurements by Others
     F116 “OPEN” file
8    F117 Ovshinsky—“Analog Models for Information Storage and Transmission”
     F118 Ovshinsky—First paper on ‘Ovshinsky Effect’ with
          KWB notes and corrections
     F119 Ovshinsky Honorary Degree
     F120 Ovshinsky Patent
     F121 Proposed Theories of Others
     F122 Related Charts, Figures
     F123 Reports, 1969-1970
     F124 SEAS Symposium Prepublication Notes

          Series I.B.3.  Consulting
          Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.
     F125 Slides
     F126 Walsh, Evans Reports
     F127 General Instruments
          General Precision
     F128 [Control] Light [Module]
     F129 Dr. Emmerich
     F130 Drs. Grafstein & Ellis
     F131 Invoices, etc.
     F132 IR Image Converter
     F133 Optical Filters
     F134 Proposal: Night Vision Lab
     F135 Grumman
     F136 Harshaw Chemical Co.
     F137 Hong Kong Exhibition
     F138 Honeywell
     F139 Jet Propulsion Laboratories
     F140 Meenan Oil
     F141 Miller, Robert
     F142 Misc. Consulting
     F143 Misc. Income
     F144 Motorola
     F145 Newtek
     F146 NASA, Langley
     F147 Pioneer
     F148 Pioneer Invoices, etc.
9    F149 Pioneer/Xerox
     F150 Scott
     F151 Sigma Instruments
     F152 Singer
     F153 Solar Energy Materials Board
     F154 Sylvania
     F155 Teubner Velagsgesellshaft
     F156 Tyco
     F157 Walsh, Peter

          Series I.B.4.  Conferences
     F158 1st German Solar Energy Forum—Hamburg, 1977
     F159 1st International New Materials Conference—Osaka,
          Japan, 1986
     F160 2nd Arab International Solar Energy
          Conference—Bahrain: February, 1986
     F161 2nd International Conference on the Photochemical
          Conversion, Cambridge, UK, 1978
     F162 3rd International Conference on
          Photoconductivity—Palo Alto, CA, August, 1969
     F163 3rd International Workshop on the Physics of
          Semiconductor Devices—
          Madras, India, 1985
     F164 4th International Conference on Amorphous and
          Liquid Semiconductors—
          Ann Arbor, Michigan, August, 1971
     F165 4th International Workshop on the Physics of
          Semiconductor Devices—
          Madras, India, 1987
     F166 5th International Workshop on the Physics of
          Semiconductor Devices—India, 1989
     F167 5th EC Photovoltaic Solar Energy
          Conference—Athens, October, 1983
     F168 7th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy
          Conference—Seville, Spain, 1986
     F169 7th ISES International Solar Energy
          Congress—Hamburg, July, 1978
     F170 7th Photovoltaic Advanced Research &
          Development—Denver, 1986
     F171 9th International Conference—Physics of
     F172 9th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference—Silver
          Spring, Maryland, May, 1972
     F173 10th International Conference on the Physics of
          Semiconductors—Cambridge, Massachusetts, August,
     F174 12th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference,
          November, 1976
     F175 13th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference,
          June, 1978
          Series I.B.4.  Conferences

     F176 18th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, October, 1985
     F177 19th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, New
          Orleans, May, 1987
     F178 20th International Conference on the Physics of
          Semiconductors—Thessaloniki, Greece, 1990
     F179 25th Power Sources Symposium—Atlantic City, NJ,
          May, 1972
     F180 Ad Hoc Expert Group Meeting on Energy in Human
          Settlements—Bangalore, India, 1986
     F181 American Institute of Chemical Engineers,
          December, 1973
     F182 AS of ISES Annual Meeting—Cleveland, October, 1973
     F183 AS of ISES Conference, May, 1981
     F184 AS of ISES—Silver Jubilee, 1980
     F185 ASES Board Meeting—Raleigh, NC, October, 1985
     F186 Bangalore, India, June, 1986
     F187 Board Meeting at ASES—Denver, CO, January, 1986
     F188 Bogota, Colombia, February, 1979
     F189 Call for Papers
     F190 Conference on Energy—Cambridge, MA—February, 1973
     F191 Conference on Magnitude and Deployment Schedule of
          Energy Resources—Portland, OR, 1975
     F192 Conference on the Physics of Solar Energy—Libya,
     F193 Conference on Space Charge Effects—SUNY, Long
          Island, November, 1976
     F194 1962 – 1965
     F195 1966 – 1968
     F196 1969 – 1971

     F197 1972 – 1974
     F198 1977 – 1978
     F199 Conferences—Open
     F200 Dekker Meeting, November 1985
     F201 Delaware Society of Professional Engineers—Past
     F202 Durham, England—II-VI Compounds, 1982
     F203 Einstein Week
     F204 Electrochemical Society—Symposium on Ohmic
          October, 1968
     F205 ERDA/NASA Workshop—Terrestrial Photoconductivity
          Procedures—Baton Rouge, LA, 1976
          Gordon Research Conference
10   F206 1968
     F207 June, 1978
     F208 June, 1980
     F209 New Hampshire, 1982
     F210 IEC—Sun Day, May, 1978
     F211 IED Council Science and Technology, Solar Energy
     F212 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
     F213 Institute of Gas Technology
     F214 International Conference II-IV
          Competition—Providence, Rhode Island, September
     F215 International Conference of Commercialization of
          Solar Energy
          Conversion—Miami, 1978
     F216 International Conference on Luminescence—New York, October, 1961
     F217 International Conference on Luminescence—Budapest, Summer, 1966
          Series I.B.4.  Conferences
     F218 International Conference on Luminescence—Newark, DE, August, 1969
     F219 International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors—Paris, July,
     F220 International Conference on the Photoconductivity—Cornell, 1961
     F221 International Congress on Renewable Energy
          Sources—Madrid, 1986
     F221 International Solar Energy Conference—Paris, July,
     F223 International Solar Energy Society Conference—NASA
          Goddard, 1971
     F224 International Solar Energy Society
          Conference—Gainesville, Florida April, 1972
     F225 International Solar Energy Society—New Delhi,
          India, 1978
     F226 International Symposium on Semiconductor
          Devices—Paris, 1961
     F227 International Symposium—Workshop on Renewable
          Energy Sources—Lahore, Pakistan, March, 1983
     F228 International Symposium—Workshop on Silicon
          Technology—Islamabad, Pakistan, 1987
     F229 International Workshop on Physics of Solar
          Energy—New Delhi, India, 1986
     F230 Internationales Sonnenforum—Berlin, October, 1982
     F231 Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering
          Conference—Boston, 1971
     F232 Invited Speaker—Past
     F233 Invited Speaker—AICHE, Wilmington Area, “Solar
          Energy Conversion,” 1971
     F234 ISES Board Meeting—Portland, Oregon, September,
     F235 ISES Atlanta, 1979
     F236 ISES Los Angeles, 1975
     F237 ISES Montreal, 1985
     F238 Johns Hopkins University—Applied Physics
     F239 Large Scale Solar Energy Conversion Conference—Delaware, October,
          1971 (1)
     F240 Large Scale Solar Energy Conversion
          Conference—Delaware, October, 1971 (2)
     F241 Large Scale Solar Energy Conversion
          Conference—Delaware, October, 1971 (3)
     F242 Large Scale Solar Energy Conversion Conference
          Report—Delaware, October, 1971
     F243 Large Scale Solar Energy Conversion
          Conference—Delaware, July, 1971
11   F244 Large Scale Solar Energy Conferences—1971—Misc.
     F245 Madras Workshop, 1985
     F246 New York, December, 1973
     F247 NSF P/V Workshop
     F248 NSF Solar HUAC Seminar—University of Maryland,
          March, 1973
     F249 NSF/RANN Symposium, November, 1973
          NSF Workshop, “CdS Solar Cells”—UD 1975
     F250 Correspondence
     F251 Planning Notes
     F252 Program
     F253 Transparencies
     F254 Osaka, Japan, October, 1986
     F255 Photovoltaic Conference—Berlin, 1979
     F256 Photovoltaic Conference—Cannes, October, 1980
     F257 Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference—Luxembourg,
     F258 Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference—Athens,
          Greece, October 17-22, 1983
     F259 Photovoltaic Specialists Conference—Past—Cherry
          Hill, New Jersey
     F260 Photovoltaic Specialists Conference—Past—San Francisco
     F261 Physics Society in Bavaria, 1960
     F262 Reaktionskinetik von Elektronenprozessen—Berlin,
     F263 Semi-Annual National Solar Photovoltaic
          Program—Los Angeles, 1975
     F264 SERI Review Meeting, 1979
     F265 SERI, May, 1986
     F266 SERI—Negotiations for Continuation of Support and
          Annual Presentation on Status of Research,
          November, 1985
     F267 Solar Energy Panel Revisited—Stockbridge,
          Massachusetts, 1982
     F268 Solar Energy Research Conference—University of
          Pennsylvania, March, 1973
     F269 “Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings”
          Workshop—University of Maryland, March, 1973
     F270 Solar Power Conference, 8 June 1977, Posters
     F271 Solar Seminar, 1972
     F272 Spain, October, 1986
     F273 Speaking Engagements—Various, 1973
     F274 Statistical Thermodynamics and
          Semiconductors—Gregynoc, Wales, 1987
     F275 Symposium on Instabilities in
          Semiconductors—Yorktown Heights, NY, March, 1969
     F276 Symposium on Semiconductor Effects in Amorphous Solids—New York
     F277 UNESCO—Solar Conference—Paris, 1973
     F278 UNITAR—U Delaware Conference on Platforms /
          Offshore Areas—Newark, 1978
     F279 University of Delaware Energy Conference—Newark:

          Series I.B.5.  Activities, Trips, etc.
     F280 Activities, 1974 – 1975
     F281 Activities, 1976
     F282 Activities, 1977
     F283 Activities, 1978
     F284 Activities, United Nations, 1978
12   F285 Activities, 1979
     F286 Activities, 1980
     F287 Activities, 1981
     F288 Activities, 1982
     F289 Activities, 1983
     F290 Activities, 1984
     F291 Activities, 1985 – 1986
     F292 Activities—Sabbatical, 1986
     F293 Activities, 1987
     F294 Activities, 1990
     F295 Activities, 1991 – 1993
     F296 Activities, 1994 – 1996
     F297 Australia, 1977
     F298 Australia, India, Asia, 1983
     F299 China, Thailand, 1984
     F300 Europe, 1978
     F301 Germany, 1976 – 1977
     F302 Germany, July, 1980
     F303 Germany, Algeria , Jan-Feb, 1981
     F304 Germany, India, Japan, Thailand, November-December, 1981
     F305 India, 1977
     F306 Japan, 1978
     F307 Solar Forum—Keynote Address—Hamburg, 1977
13   F308 Special Lectures I
     F309 Special Lectures II
     F310 Talks KWB (Notes, Text)
     F311 Trips, 1977 – 1978
     F312 Visiting Scholars: Elenkrig, Gulyaev, Papadimitriou, Piprek

          Series I.B.6.  Information on Institutes and Organizations
     F313 2nd International Solar Forum—Hamburg: 1978
     F314 5th Symposium on Vitreous—Leningrad: 1970
     F315 7th, 8th, and 10th Intersociety Energy Conversion
          & Engineering Conferences
     F316 Arbeitgemeinschaft Solarenergie E.V.
     F317 Austrian Academy, 1975
     F318 Bibliography of Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
          1957 – 1967
     F319 Bibliography of the Institute for Optics, German
          Academy of Sciences, 1960 – 1965
     F320 Dupont—Plastics Experimental Station Laboratory
     F321 Electrotechnical Lab—Tokyo, Japan
     F322 German Academy of Sciences Meeting—Berlin: 1961
     F323 German Energy Research, 1975
     F324 German Physics Society Meeting, 1961
     F325 German Physics Society Meeting, 1965
     F326 Hitachi—Tokyo, Japan
     F327 IEEE—International Election Devices
          Meeting—Washington DC: 1965
     F328 IFF Bulletin, 1976
     F329 Information on Japanese Solar Energy
     F330 International Conference on Physics & Chemistry of Solid Surfaces—
          Brown University: 1964

     F331 International Union of Crystallography—5th General
     F332 ISEC—Global Survey of Solar Energy R & D, January
     F333 Japan Solar Energy Company—Kyoto, Japan--
     F334 Jülich, 1974
     F335 Matsushita Electric Industrial Company—Osaka,
     F336 Max-Planck-Institute, 1976
     F337 Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Jahrbuch, 1977
     F338 National Bureau of Standards at a Glance
     F339 Osaka University, Japan
     F340 Physics Institute, Technical University of Berlin,
          1954 – 1974
     F341 Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt
     F342 R&D Consortia
     F343 Sharp Corporation, Nara, Japan
     F344 Tokyo University, Japan
     F345 U Delaware Physics Lab Manual, 1963 – 1964
     F346 ZIE—Central Institute for Electron Physics, Germany
          I.B.7.  Notebooks
     F347 Notebook 1—31 Mar 1975 – 20 Aug 1975--IEC
     F348 Notebook 2—Theory of CdS / Cu2S—n.d.
     F349 Notebook 3—Nov 1975
14   F350 Notebook 4—n.d.
     F351 Notebook 5—U[niversity] of D[elaware] Class, 1976- 1977
     F352 Notebook 6—Feb 1978
     F353 Notebook 7—n.d.
     F354 Notebook 8—n.d.
     F355 Notebook 9—1981
     F356 Notebook 10—n.d.
     F357 Notebook (unnumbered)—SES
     F358 Notebook (unnumbered)—Computer Programs
     F359 Notebook (unnumbered)—Computer Programs (Part 2)
     F360 Notebook (unnumbered)—Computer Programs (Part 3)
     F361 Notebook (unnumbered)—Computer, U[niversity] of D[elaware]—1988

          I.C.  UD Teaching
     F1   Applied Sciences
     F2   Curriculum—Solid State Physics
     F3   Electrical Properties of Solids—Notebook
     F4   Extension Class—Aberdeen
     F5   KWB’s Courses—624 and 824, 1986
     F6   Lab 208-209
     F7   MAE 800
          MET Class
     F8   Class E1-E6 Transparencies and Quizzes
     F9   Class E7-E10 Transparencies
     F10  Class Materials
          MET Class—Transparencies, Notes
     F11  Introduction
     F12  Interat. For.
     F 13 Crystalline Order
     F14  Crystallography
     F15  Crystal Defects

15   F16  Amorphous Solids
     F17  Phase Equilibria
     F18  Solid State Kinetics
     F19  Met 302, Tests & Curriculum
     F20  Miscellaneous
     F21  Physics Colloquium
     F22  Solar Cell Class—1975
     F23  Solar Cell Class—1976
     F24  Solid State Physics—Graduate Course, 1962 – 1963
     F25  Solid State Physics—Class Notebooks—1962 - 1963
     F26  Solid State Physics—Notebooks
          I.C.  UD Teaching

     F27  Teaching KWB 1975—
     F28  UD Class Notes

          I.D.  Theses & Dissertations
          I.D.1.  Karl Böer
     F1   Böer, Diploma 1949, Physics
     F2   Böer, Dissertation 1952, Physics
     F3   Böer, Dissertation Original, 1955
     F4   Böer, Dissertation 1955, Solid State Physics
          I.D.2.  Karl W. Böer’s Students:  Theses & Dissertations
     F5   Ali, Ahmed Yusuf. “Current-Voltage Characteristics
          Loss Mechanisms and Efficiency Limitations.”
          Thesis. University of Delaware, 1986.
     F6   Auras, Jürgen. “Über Den Einfluß Van
          Spannungsimpulsen Auf Das Abklingen Der
          Photoleitung Von Cds-Einkristallen.”
          Thesis.Humboldt University, 1957.
     F7   Berger, Heinz. “Ein Experimenteller Beitrag Zu
          Ireversiblen Änderungen Der Leitfähigkeit Von Cds-
          Aufdampfschichten.” Dissertation. Humboldt
     F8   ---. “Einege Experimentelle Untersuchungen Zur
          Frage Der Elektronischen Leitfähigkeit an Cds-Auf-
          Dampfschichten.” Thesis. Humboldt University,
     F9   Borchardt, Eva. “Nichtstationäre Vorgänge Bei Der
          Thermischen Und Optischen Anregung Der
          Elektrischen Leitfähigkeit Von Cds-Einkristallen.”
          Thesis. Humboldt University, 1953.
     F10  Borchardt, Wolfgang. “Über Photochemishe
          Reaktionen an Kadmiumsulfid.” Dissertation.
          Humboldt University.
     F11  ---. “Ein Betrag Zun Problem Der Messung Und
          Deutung “Elektrischer Glowkurven” an Cds-
          Einkristallen.” Thesis. Humboldt University, 1953.

     F12  Bornschein, Fritz. “Beweglichkeitsmessungen
          Mittels Wechsellichtmethode Vor Und Nach
          Photochemischen Reaktionen an Cds-Einkristallen.”
          Thesis. Humboldt University, 1960.
     F13  Boyn, Rudolph. “Untersuchungen Der Dunkelleitung
          Von Cds-Einkristallen Im Temperaturberich Von 220
          Bis 380 C.” Thesis. Humboldt University, 1958.
     F14  Devaney, Walter Edmund. “Oxygen Adsorption on
          Photoconductive Cds Surfaces.” Dissertation.
          University of Delaware, 1975.
     F15  Dussel, Gustavo Alberto. “Negative Differential
          Conductivity in Cds (Field Extraction
          Mechanisms).” Dissertation. University of
          Delaware, 1970.
     F16  Dziesiaty, Jürgen. “Untersuchungen an Cds-
          Einkristallen Mit Hilfe Kurzzeitiger
          Spannungsimpulse.” Thesis. Humboldt University,
     F17  Eggert, Heinz. “Beweglichkeitsmessungen an
          Kadmiumsulfidkristallen Bei Hohen Feldstärken.”
          Thesis. Humboldt University, 1954.
     F18  Feldner, Erhard. “Herstellung Von Kadmiumsulfid-
          Kristallen Aus Der Dampfphase Und Messung Der
          Photoleitfigkeiten Dieser Kristalle in Abhängkeit
          Von Der Charge Und Vom Kristallisationsort.”
          Thesis. Friedrich-Schiller University, 1958.
     F19  Fischler, Chava. “Combined Optical and Electrical
          Effects in Single Crystals of Zns:Mn.”
          Dissertation. University of Delaware, 1966.
     F20  Fu-Hsing, Lu.  “Physical and Numerical Analysis of
          Solar Cell Modeling:  The UDsemi and PC-1D
          Programs,” Thesis.  University of Delaware.
     F21  Gunter, Anne W. “The Effects Upon the Electron
          Trap Distribution in Cds Crystals Resulting from
          Different Amounts of Al and Ag Doping.” Science
          Talent Search Submission, 1970.
     F22  Günther, Arnhold. “Die Elektrische Leitfähigkeit
          Von Cds Bei Thermischer, Elektrischer Un
          Korpuskularer Anregung.” Thesis. Humboldt
          University, 1959.
     F23  Gutjahr, Heinz. “Experimentelle Untersuchungen Der
          Spektralen Verteilung Der Photoleitung Und Der
          Absorption an Der Grundgitterabsorptionskante Von
          Cds-Einkristallen.” Dissertation. Humboldt

     F24  ---. “Über den Nachweis Von Veränderungen in
          Thermspektrum in Der Verbotenen Zone Von Cds-
          Einkristallen Nach Beschuß Mit Röntgenstrahlen.”
          Thesis. Humboldt University, 1954.

     F25  Gutsche, Egon. “Über Die Elastischen Eigenschaften
          Von Kristallgittern Mit Wurtzit- Und
          Zinkblendestruktur Unter Besonderer
          Berüchsichtigung Experimenteller Untersuchungen an
          Hexagonalen Kadmiumsulfid-Einkristallen.”
          Dissertation. Humboldt University.
     F26  ---. “Entwicklung Einer Hochdruckapparaturfür
          Drücke Bis 3000 Atmosphären Und Messungen Über Die
          Drucksabhängigkeit Der Elektrischen Leitfähigkeit
          Und Des Elektrischen Durchschlages an
          Kadmiumsulfid-Einkristallen.” Thesis. Humboldt
          University, 1954.

     F27  Hadley, Jr., Henry Cornish. “Quenching of
          Photoconductivity in Cds (2 Copies).”
          Dissertation. University of Delaware, 1974.
     F28  Hänsch, Hans-Jürgen. “Sichtbarmachung Von
          Inhomogenitäten Elektrischen Leitfähigkeit in Cds-
          Einkristallen.” Thesis. Humboldt University, 1959.
     F29  Heß, Helmut. “Bestimmung Des Einfangquerschnittes
          Und Der Konzentration Von Haftstellen in Cds-
          Einkristallen Aus Dem Anklingen Der Photoleitung.”
          Thesis. Humboldt University, 1959.
     F30  Hornung, Heinz. "Untersuchungen Der Optischen Und
          Elektrischen Eigenschaften Von Cds-Einkristallen
          Vor Und Nach Der Temperung in Vakuum Bzw. Im
          Schwefeldampf." Thesis. Humboldt University, 1959.
     F31  Jacobi, Siegfried. "Fourier-Analyse Des Rauschens
          Von Cds-Einkristallen Zwischen 1 Hz Und 2 Mhz."
          Thesis. Humboldt University, 1958.
     F32  Jahne, Ernst. "Über Die Druckabhängigkeit Der
          Beweglichkeit Und Der Konzentration Der
          Stromträger in Cds-Einkristallen Unter Benutzung
          Derwechsellichtmethode (2 Copies)." Thesis.
          Humboldt University, 1958.
     F33  Junge, Klaus. "Zur Temperatur- Abhängigkeit Der
          Elektronen- Schwankungserscheinungen an Cds-
          Einkristallen." Thesis. Humboldt University.
          I.D.2.  Karl W. Böer’s Students:  Theses & Dissertations

     F34  Ksoll, Günter. "Einige Experimentelle
          Untersuchungen Zum Einfluß Der Vorbehandlung Auf
          Den Felddurchschlag an Cds-Einkristallen." Thesis.
          Humboldt University, 1957.
     F35  Kümmel, Ulrich. "Einige Experimentelle
          Untersuchungen Zur Klärung Des Elektrischen
          Durchschlanges an Cds-Einkristallen."
          Dissertation. Humboldt University.
     F36  ---. "Über Den Elektrischen Durchschlag Von
          Cadmiumsulfid." thesis. Humboldt University, 1951.

     F37  Lange, Horst. "Ein Betrag Zu Dem Problem Der
          Elektrischen Anregung." Thesis. Humboldt
          University, 1958.
     F38  Lubitz, Karl. "Herstellung Temperaturbeständiger
          Sperrschichtfreier Kontakte Und
          Potentialuntersuchungen an Cds-Einkristallen."
          Thesis. Humboldt University, 1960.
     F39  Miegel, Eckhard. "Herstellung Und
          Röntgenstrukturuntersuchungen Von Cadmiumsulfid."
          thesis. Humboldt University.
     F40  Misselwitz, Wolfgang. "Untersuchungen Zum
          Durchschlagsvorgang an Cds-Aufdampfschichten."
          Thesis. Humboldt University, 1960.
     F41  Molgedey, Günter. "Messung Des Integralen
          Rauschens Beim Cds Im Gebeit Der
          Durchschalgsfeldstärke." Thesis. Humboldt
     F42  Nebauer, Erich. "Zur Phänomenologie Der Thermisch-
          Elektrischen Vorprozesse Des Wärmedurchschlags
          Fester Dielektrika Unter Besonderer
          Berücksichtigung Der Verhältnisse Beim Photoleiter
          Cds." Thesis. Humboldt University, 1961.
     F43  Neuman, Werner. "Über Den Materialverlust Einer
          Aluminium-Scheibenelektrode Im
          Hochleistungsfunken." Thesis. Humboldt University,
     F44  Niekisch, Ernst A. "Zum Problem Der Stürterme Und
          Ihrer Natur in Unaktiviertem Cadmiumsulfid."
          Thesis. Humboldt University.
     F45  Oberländer, Siegfried. "Methoden Zur Qualitativen
          Und Quntitativen Diskussion Der Lösungen Bzw.
          Charakteristiken Von
          Differentialgleichungssystemen." Dissertation.
          Humboldt University.
     F46  O'Connell, Joseph Charles. "Production and
          Annealing of Intrinsic Defects in X-Ray Irradiated
          Cadmium Sulfide." Dissertation. University of
          Delaware, 1967.
     F47  Phillips, James Eugene. "Electronic Properties of
          the Cu2s-Cds Solar Cell." Dissertation. University
          of Delaware, 1977.
     F48  Schroeter, Klaus E. "Aufladungsmessungen an
          Kadmiumsulfideinkristallen." Thesis. Humboldt
          University, 1961.
     F49  Storti, George Michael. "Investigation of the near
          Band Edge Photoconductivity in Class I Cds
          Crystals." Dissertation. University of Delaware,
     F50  van den Berg, Lodewijk. "Growth of Single Crystal
          Platelets of Cadmium Sulfide." Thesis. University
          of Delaware, 1969.
     F51  van den Berg, Lodewijk. "Variations in the
          Spectral Distribution of Photoconductivity of
          Cadmium Sulfide Crystals as a Function of the
          Crystal Growth Conditions." Dissertation.
          University of Delaware, 1975.
     F52  Vogel, Helmut. "Untersuchungen Über
          Nichtstationäre Vorgänge in Festkörper." Thesis.
          Humboldt University, 1955.
     F53  Voigt, Joachim. "Ein Theoretischer Und
          Experimenteller Beitrag Zu Dem Problem Thermisch
          Angeregter Leitfähigkeitsglowkurven." Thesis.
          Humboldt University, 1958.
     F54  ---. "Über Die Rolle Indirekter Anregungsprozesse
          Bei Photoleitern Unter Besonderer Berüchsichtigung
          Experimenteller Untersuchungen Am Kadmiumsulfid."
          Dissertation. Humboldt University, 1963.
     F55  Weber, Ernst-Hinrich. "Einfluß Von Fremdgasen Auf
          Die Spektrale Verteilung Der Photoleitung Von
          Kadmiumsulfid-Einkristallen." Thesis. Humboldt
          University, 1959.
     F56  Wendt, Lothar. "Optische Eigenschaften Und
          Photoleitung Von Kadmiumsulfid." Thesis. Humboldt
          University, 1959.
     F57  Wruck, Diethard. "Die Untersuchung Des
          Hafttermspektrums Von Schwefeldampfgetemperten Cds-
          Einkristallen Mit Der Wechsellichtmethode."
          Thesis. Humboldt University, 1961.
     F58  Zimmerman, Klaus. "Über Die Darstellung Reiner
          Ausgangssubstanzen Zur Züchtung Von Cadmiumsulfid-
          Einkristallen (2 Copies)." Dissertation. Martin-
          Luther University, 1961.

          I.E.  Humboldt University, Berlin
     F1   Activities Miscellaneous 1945 – 1949

     F2   Conferences 1958 – 1960
     F3   Conference on Luminescence, 1961
     F4   Conference on Photoconductivity, 1961
     F5   Conference – Optik Aller Wellenlängen, Jena, 1958
     F6   Congratulations, 1955 – 1961—Photographs
     F7   1951 – 1957
     F8   Personal, 1951 – 1957
     F9   Physicalische Institut, 1951 – 1957
     F10  1957
     F11  1957 – 1958
     F12  1958 – 1961
     F13  Höhler, G.
     F14  Laboratorum für die Physik des Elektrischen
     F15  Miscellaneous Activities, 1959 – 1961
     F16  Neue Schönh. Str. – 1955—Photographs
     F17  Patents—1950 – 1959
     F18  Physica Status Solidi, 1960 – 1961
     F19  Research Program, 1950 – 1955
     F20  Reviews, 1950 – 1961
     F21  Science Movie

          I.F.  WISTA
19   F1   Adlershof Brochures and Videotape
     F2   “Aktuell” (Information Magazine) Feb. 1998-Feb.
     F3   American/German Tech. Business Conference, 1998
     F4   Arwood and Fellman, Visit to WISTA, 1996
     F5   Beirat Photonik 1995
     F6   Berger, Roland
     F7   Berlin-Adlershof Profile 1994-1995
     F8   Berlin-Adlershof Profile 1996
     F9   Berlin Delegation Info.
     F10  Berlin Delegation—Industry &
          Organizations—Personnel Profiles
     F11  Berlin Delegation—Scientists—Personnel Profiles
     F12  Berliner Innovative Gesellschaften—Info. Packet &
          Co. Profiles
     F13  Club
          Company Information
     F14  Applied Chemistry Adlershof
     F15  Adolf-Slaby-Intitut
     F16  BioPhil
     F17  BIOPRACT
     F18  BIOTEZ
     F19  Berlin-Oberspree-Sondermaschinebau
     F20  GOS—Optoelektronik
     F21  Hewlitt-Packard
     F22  Institute of Crystal Growth
     F23  IIEF—Entnurf und Fertigung
     F24  IUT--Umwelttechnologien
     F25  InViTek (IVT)
     F26  Jerini
     F27  LTB
     F28  Mikroanalyse GmbH
     F29  Price Waterhouse
     F30  SENTECH
          I.F.  WISTA
          Company Information
     F31  Silicon Sensor
     F32  Trinova Chemie GmbH
     F33  WISTA Solar
     F34  Conference:  Laser & Optik, Berlin, Feb. 1997
     F35  Consultants
     F36  Directory, 1996
     F37  East/West Cooperation 1994-1995
     F38  Fliers & Photonik Concept
     F39  General
     F40  Germany—Trade Brochures
20   F41  Knifka, Berlin 1996
     F42  Knifka, Böer and Related Correspondence
     F43  Lease Information Packet
     F44  Michigan Conference—Fellman Correspondence, 1996
     F45  Michigan Conference—Packet
     F46  Michigan Conference—Planning
     F47  Miscellaneous 1996-1997
     F48  David D. Moran—U.S. Consul, 1998
     F49  David D. Moran—K.W. Böer, Correspondence 1998
     F50  New Mexico—16 & 17 October 1996
     F51  Philadelphia—German/American Chamber of Commerce
          Conference, 11 Oct. 1996
     F52  Philadelphia—German/American Chamber of Commerce
          I.F.  WISTA
          Photonics Delaware 2000
     F53  Addresses and Phone Numbers
     F54  Photonics Delaware 2000—Attendees
     F55  Budget
     F56  Correspondence
     F57  Misc. Planning Material
     F58  Public Relations
     F59  Rahmenprogram
     F60  Schedules
     F61  Speakers
     F62  Talks/Posters Organizational Info.
     F63  Photonik, Betreiberkonzept 1995
          Press Clippings 1998
     F64  May
     F65  June
     F66  July
     F67  Sept.
     F68  Oct.
     F69  Research Triangle Park, N.C.
     F70  Research and Technology Directory
     F71  Solar Germany

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