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1914 - 1973

(bulk dates 1930 - 1960)

Manuscript Collection Number: 210
Accessioned: Purchased, July 1987
Extent: 3.3 linear ft. (786 items)
Content: Correspondence, brochures, prospectuses, broadsides, pamphlets, articles, speeches, books, photographs, newsletters, and ephemera
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1990-1991 by Anita A. Wellner

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Paul A. Bennett (1897-1966) was director of typography for the Mergenthaler Linotype Company for thirty years until his retirement in 1962. Mr. Bennett lectured on and wrote articles about printing and typography. Bennett was one of the founders, then unofficial secretary of the Typophiles; he frequently coordinated the printing efforts of the group and wrote a number of the forewords and introductions to Typophile publications.

The Typophiles is a group of individuals involved in the graphic arts, who originally came together for a series of occasional, informal luncheon meetings in New York City. The Typophiles regularly printed "keepsakes" on the occasion of special events. Loosely organized, the Typophiles maintained no officers or boards, but Paul A. Bennett became the behind-the- scenes coordinator of publications. Frequently he originated and directed the progress of publications. In addition to keepsakes, the Typophiles published a series of monographs and a series of Chap Books with commentaries.

In addition to numerous articles, Paul Bennett wrote Books and Printing, issued by the World Publishing Company. In 1961 he received the Gold Medal award of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Mr. Bennett died in New York on December 18, 1966.


New York Times, December 19, 1966. Obituary. Page 37.

Scope and Content Note

The Paul A. Bennett Collection consists of 3.3 linear feet of correspondence, printed material, and memorabilia from the library of type designer Paul A. Bennett. Spanning the dates 1914-1971 (bulking 1930-1960), the collection demonstrates some of the typographic projects on which Bennett worked. It also conveys some of the friendships and working relationships that he established with experts in the fields of typography, graphic arts, and printing.

The collection includes materials related to Bennett’s work with a number of organizations in which he was an active participant, such as the Typophiles, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and the Rounce & Coffin Club of California. There is correspondence and printed material related to Bennett’s friendships with “the First Lady of Typography,” Beatrice Warde; engraver Rudolph Ruzicka; and printer Lester Douglas. The collection also includes material for two of Bennett’s jobs for The Mergenthaler Linotype Company, namely Revised Index and Addenda to One-Line Specimen Book: 2 and The Doubleday Dictionary, as well as articles and speeches written by Bennett.

The collection is organized into thirteen series: I. The Typophiles, II. The American Institute of Graphics, III. The Rounce & Coffin Club, IV. The Mergenthaler Linotype Company, V. Beatrice Warde, VI. Rudolf Ruzicka, VII. Lester Douglas, VIII. Printing and Graphic Arts, IX. Articles by Bennett, X. Speeches by Bennett, XI. Material honoring Paul Bennett, XII. Bookplates of Paul Bennett, and XIII. Miscellaneous material.

The collection includes a variety of printed ephemera, including a number of keepsakes from fine private presses such as a set of memorial keepsakes created to honor Bennett in 1966. A majority of the run of News from the Outpost, a publication by Americans in Britain during World War II, can be found in Series V.3. Galley proofs for Typophile Chapbooks, newsletters and exhibition catalogs for the American Institute of Graphic Arts, books and printed matter written by Beatrice Ward, exemplify the types of printed material available in this collection.

Series List

I.   The Typophiles, 1937-1973

II.  The American Institute of Graphics, 1923-1958

III. The Rounce & Coffin Club, 1940-1950

IV.  The Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1951-1959

V.   Beatrice Warde, 1928-1969

VI.  Rudolf Ruzicka, 1935-1961

VII. Lester Douglas, 1959

VIII. Printing and Graphic Arts, 1952-1961

IX.  Articles written by Bennett, 1943-1965

X.   Speeches presented by Bennett, 1963	

XI.  Material honoring Paul A. Bennett, 1952-1953

XII. Bookplates of Paul A. Bennett, [n.d.]

XIII. Miscellaneous material, 1914-1965

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

  Series I.  The Typophiles, 1937-1973
          This material includes printed books and keepsakes,
          dummies for books, correspondence, The Typophiles logo,
          and galley proofs of Portrait of a Publisher.

1         F1A  A logo for The Typophiles
               Original black and white graffito (12" by 12") for
          “The Typophiles, New York.” 1 item

          F1B  Storage box labeled “Typophile Keepsakes”
               1 item

          F2   Sample book covers for Typophile Chap Books or
               6 items

          F3   The Typophiles Chap Books VII.  Roman Numerals,
          Typographic Leaves and Pointing Hands: Some Notes on
          their Origin, History, and Contemporary Use by Paul
          McPharlin.  New York: The Typophiles, 1942.
               Unbound page proof, 103 pp.

          F4   Typophile Chap Books: Number 28.  Calligraphics -
          Hands and Forms Rendered by Twenty-five American
          Scribes for The Typophiles.  New York: The Typophiles,
          1955.  Foreword by Paul Bennett.
               Set of unbound page proofs 134 pp.
               Galley proof, 2 pp.

          F5   Typophile Chap Books: XXXIII.  Owed to the Book
          compiled and edited by William E. Lickfield for The
          Typophiles.  Philadelphia: The Typophiles, [1956].
               Incomplete set of page proofs with the initial
          page bearing instructions for the trimming of the pages
               Complete set of unbound but sewn pages with a
          blank cover

2         F6   Typophile Chap Books: 42.  Portrait of a Publisher
          1915/1965.  I. Reminiscences and Reflections by Alfred
          A. Knopf.  New York: The Typophiles, 1965.
          Introduction by Bennett.
               Galley proofs with autograph corrections by
          Bennett, 100 leaves

          F7   Typophile Chap Books: 43.  Portrait of a Publisher
          II and the Borzoi Imprint: Recollections and
          Appreciations by Alfred A. Knopf.  New York: The
          Typophiles, 1965.  Introduction by Paul Bennett.
               Galley proofs with autograph corrections by
          Bennett, 100 leaves
2         F8   [Typophile Chap Book: 49.]  Disquisition on the
          Composing Stick by Martin K. Speckter.  New York: The
          Typophiles, 1969.
               4 items, 66 pp.

               Speckter to Leslie, Loos, and Antin
               1969 Mar 5          TL(carbon)     1 p.

               Speckter to “Herman”
               n.d.           ANS       1 p.

               Ts (carbon) of text, 64 pp.  With cover

          F9   Typophile Monograph 34.  Books and People by Jacob
               Kohn.  Los Angeles: Richard J. Hoffman, 1951.
               2 items, 38 pp.
               Two copies of the booklet

          F10  Paul A. Bennett Memorial Keepsake, [1966]
               26 items, 122 pp.
               21 different printed keepsakes
               Note: By members of The Typophiles issued in
          memory of Paul Bennett, including Peter Dorn, Fridolf
          Johnson, Warren Chappell, Bill Jackson, and Charles
          Antin. These are from fine private presses such as the
          Cherryburn Press, the Greenwood Press, the Creekside
          Press, the Mermaid Press, the Four Ducks Press, and the
          Stinehour Press.  There are some duplicates.
               Special printing of Ronald Johnson’s The Round
          Earth on Flat Paper, The Finial Press, Urbana, Ill.,
               Keepsake for John W. Marchi
               Offprint of Johnson, Fridolf.  “The Typophiles …
          and a keepsake.”  American Artist, May 1969.

          F11  Devices from or by Typophiles, 1938
               18 items, 38 pp.
               Printed announcement for a Typophiles book
               Examples of some devices
               “A Device for Paul A. Bennett” by Maverick Press
               “Trademark for the Typophiles” by Maverick Press

          Series I.  The Typophiles (cont’d)

2         F12  Frederick Goudy Pamphlets
               2 items, 25 pp.
               Two pamphlets by The Typophiles to honor F. W.
          Goudy on his 73rd and 74th birthdays:
               Transcript of a Goudy Broadcast 1-28-39, reprint
          with envelope
               A Note on the 105th Type Designed by Fred W. Goudy

          F13  Adolf Wo Bist Du?
               12 pp.
               Pamphlet for "Ye Typophiles" by unidentified
          press.  The pamphlet consists of text and caricatures
          of Adolph Hitler and “Tojo.”

          F14  Announcements, Prospectus, and Information from
          The Typophiles, 1937-1973
               32 items, 78 pp.
               Promotional material sent by Bennett, acting as
          secretary for The Typophiles, including inserts,
          questionnaires and:
               List of titles of Typophile Chap Books
               Prospectus for Printers as Men of the World, 3
               Prospectus for A Typological Tally
               “Low Calorie (and low morale) Diet,” 2 copies
               Prospectus for Kelmscott Doves and Ashendene, 5
               Prospectus for George Clymer and the Columbian

          F15A W.W. Tompkins Dinner
               Ephemera related to a dinner held for W.W.
          Tompkins including Bennett’s placecard, a receipt,
          Bennett’s notes for a speech, the menu, a postcard,
          door prize list, photocopy of signatures of attendees
          and photographs

          “Tommy” (W.W. Tompkins) to “Paul/Madge, Ted/Kitty,
               1965 Dec 1          TLS  1 p.

          F15B Miscellaneous Material
               6 prints of a portrait of Herb Farber from
          engravings by Bernard Brussel-Smith, 3 signed, 3
          unsigned, with envelope
               Luncheon and dinner information cards and
               Selective Check Lists of Press Books, Part Ten by
          Will Ransom.  New York: Philip C. Duschnes, 1949.
               “Books” specimen page?
               “Bob Leslie Named To President Post Of The
          Typophiles” reprint from Printing News.  Dec 27, 1969.

          Series II.  The American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1923-1958
				    Includes bound volumes of the Fifty Books of the
                    Year catalogs for 1923-1944.  Paul A. Bennett was an
                    active member of the AIGA.				

3         F16A Information, 1935-1944, 1958
               Report of the Fifty Books Committee for 1935
               The American Institute of Graphic Arts: Objects
          and Activities, Constitution and By-Laws.  New York:
          George Grady Press, Sep 1935.
               With letter from C.C. Lane, President, AIGA to
          “Dear Member”
               1935 Nov 8          TLS  1 p.
               How our quarter century began: an address
          delivered at the 25th Annual Meeting…May 31st, 1939.
          Grand Rapids, MI: Commonwealth Printing Co.
               Keepsake No. 63
               Invitations to lectures and meetings
               President’s report for 1941-42, Ts, 11 pp.
               “A Letter from the Critical Committee”

          F16B Newsletters, 1934-1944, 1958
               1934 Nov 20
               1942 Oct
               1943 Jan
               1943 Mar
               1943 Dec
               1943 Sep
               1944 Sep
               1958 Oct

          F16C Annual Meeting, 1945
               Announcement of Annual Meeting
               Informational correspondence to members regarding
               Press release regarding elections
               Report of the President for 1944-1945, Ts, 11pp.

          F17A Exhibitions
               Exhibition catalogs, announcements, calls for
          submissions, programs for openings, 18 items

          F17B Annual Book Auction
               Items related to the AIGA Annual Book Auction
          including checklists, reminders and a poster, 9 items


3         F17C Fifty Books of the Year, 1923-1944
               4 items (659 pp.)
               Books selected and shown under the auspices of the
          American Institute of Graphic Arts.  Consists of two
          bound volumes.
               Volume one contains the issues for 1923-1934, 315
          pp.  This volume bears Bennett’s bookplate.  A catalog
          for 1923 and a retrospective catalog for 1923-1932 are
          laid in.
               Volume two contains issues for 1936-1944.  344 pp.

          Series III.  The Rounce & Coffin Club, California, 1940-1950

               Includes correspondence and printed material.
          Paul Bennett was a non-resident member of the club and
          spoke at several meetings.

4    F18  Announcements, Keepsakes, Correspondence, and Speeches,
               Caroline Anderson to Bennett
               1946 Jan 1          ALS       1 p.

               H. Richard Archer to Bennett
               1947 Jan 27         TLS       1 p.
                    Mar 1          TLS       1 p.
               1948 Feb 18         TLS       1 p.
               1949 Nov 10    TLS       1 p.

               Bennett to Archer
               1947 Mar 7          TL(carbon)     2 pp.
               1948 Mar 1          TL(carbon)     1 p.

               Announcements and invitations to club events,
          exhibition catalogs, reprints, offprints, broadsides,
          poster, clipping, including:
               The Mantua-Makers: A poem.  Broadside.  1949.
               From H. Dick Arhcur.  A Picture, sent to G.
          Dahlstrom.  Broadside.
               “Oh! If there were no printers” by E.M. Heist.
               “Wide prospects: an address delivered at the
          thirty-seventh commencement exercises … Los Angeles
          City College, 1949.”  Program.
               Autograph notes in Bennett’s hand on two different
               Poster for 5th Annual Founder’s Day.  William
          Andrews Clark Memorial Library.  Jun 5, 1949.

          Series IV.  The Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1951-1959

          Revised Index and Addenda to One-Line Specimen Book: 2
4    F19A Proofs with autograph corrections and note: “Ok
          11/17/52,” 27 pp.
     F19B Proofs with autograph note “R? 11/19,” 1 p.
          Proofs with autograph corrections and note: “Checked
          11/13/52,” 26 pp.
     F19C Proofs with overlay sheets, 10 pp.
     F19D Autograph notes in Bennett’s hand, 2 pp.
          “To be added to Index,” Ts with autograph notes, 3 pp.
          Proofs with autograph corrections, 12 pp.
     F19E Proofs, 9 pp.
     F19F Proofs with autograph notes, 27 pp.
          “ok 11/14/52 Rf” and “Dble checked 11/24/52 P.”
     F19G Revised Index and Addenda to One-Line Specimen Book: 2.
          June 5, 1951.  20 pp.
     F19H Cards with printed designs
          Original sketches “E” and “F”
          “Fairfield Medium: Designed by  Rudolph Ruzicka.”  Ts,
          1 p.
          Printed “EF” design
          Advance proof font descriptions, 12 pp.
          Sketches on vellum, 3 pp.
          “On Paragraph Marks.”  Ts, 1 p.
          “Eldorado: Designed by W.A. Dwiggins.”  Ts, 1 p.
          Galley proofs with autograph notes, 1 p.
          Proof with autograph note “more coming 8/22/52,” 1 p.
          Galley proofs, 11 pp.
          “Yuletide Decoration.”  Ts, 1 p.
          “Addenda Specimen Alphabets.”  Ts, 1 p.
          “Revised index and addenda:2.”  Ts, 1 p.
          “Revised index and addenda:2.”  Ts, 1 p.
          Sketches for title page
          Mock up pages
          Galley proofs, 5 pp.
          Ts mockup with autograph note: “omit,” 3 pp.
          Autograph notes, 3 pp.
          Galley proof, 2 pp.

          Jackson Burke to Harvey George
          1952 Sep 16         ANS       1 p.
          from Bennett
          1952 Sep 16         TL        2 pp.
               Oct 22         TL        2 pp.

4         Doubleday Dictionary
          F20A Miscellaneous
               Autograph notes, 3 pp.
               Photocopy, 1 p.
               Autograph notes, 2 pp.
               Proof pages with autograph notes, 3 pp.
               Proof pages, 2 pp.
               TLS (carbon) from Bennett to Jackson Burke, Nov
          19, 1959, 1 p.
               Proof pages, 5 pp.
               Autograph note, 3 pp.
               Photocopy with overlay sheet with autograph notes,
          2 pp.
          F20B Photocopies with autograph notes, 16 pp.
          F20C Autograph notes, 2 pp.
               Proofs, 10 pp.
               Photocopies, 2 pp.
          F20D Uncut page proofs, 32 pp.

          F21  Ts (mimeograph) with autograph notations.  June 9,
          1959.  171 pp.

          Series V.  Beatrice Warde, 1928-1969
               Includes correspondence, photographs, printed
          books, and issues of London Calling and Outpost.

          Series V.1.  Visits and Tours in the United States,
          Includes correspondence, keepsakes by various groups in
          honor of Beatrice Warde, photographs of Warde and
          others (including Paul Bennett), clippings about her
          visits, and other ephemera.  Arranged chronologically.

5         F22  1937-1947
               Keepsake produced by Bennett for Warde

               Warde to Paul Bennett
               n.y. Mar 6          ALS       1 p.

               Bennett to Warde
               1939 Mar 7          TL(carbon)     1 p.  With
          second carbon copy on letterhead.

               “This is a printing office” greeting card from
          Warde “to her friends and colleagues of the printing
          trade in America: June 1940.”  2 copies
               “We Are An Army of a Million Americans” pamphlet
               New York Herald Tribune.  Feb 10, 1941, page 1.
          With autograph notes.
               “Eagle Club closing ‘for alterations.’”  The Stars
          and Stripes.  Apr 29, 1943.  New York, London.  With
          autograph notes.
               The token of Freedom.  Prospectus and specimen
          pages.  With envelope addressed to Arthur Rushmore from
               “Typophiles dedicate a book to England.”  American
          Printer.  May 1941.  p. 34
               “Keepsake on the occasion of introducing Beatrice
          L. Warde to friends of Print.”  With invitation and
               “Books across the sea” reprint from The Manchester
          Guardian.  Apr 12, 1947.
               “Reflections: -- B.W. 8-21-1947.”  Ts, 2 pp.
               Autograph notes in Bennett’s hand, 4 pp.
               Photograph of Warde.  Fotographic Services Inc,
          NY.  Signed by Lise Steiner.

5         F23  1950-1952
               Warde to Bennett
               n.y. Mar 3          ALS       2 pp.  With envelope

               Announcement of Warde’s talk in Philadelphia, Mar
          10, 1950
               What’s that typeface.  London: The Monotype
               “Keepsake for dinner by The Ampersands 4/4/1950.”
          2 copies, with envelopes.
               Invitation to dinner for Warde at Architectural
          League, Apr 28, 1950.  2 copies.
               “This is a printing office” printed card
               Autograph notes in Bennett’s hand
               “BW” design on card in Bennett’s? hand
               Type Directors Club Membership roster for 1950
               Folder with hand lettered label including:
                    Imprinted keepsake, 2 copies
                    Type Directors Club Membership roster for
                    “Beatrice Warde: Printing Should Be
          Invisible” keepsake
                    “Paul Beaujon disguised as Beatrice Warde”
                    Original wood engraving by Bernard Brussel-
          Smith, signed

               Bennett to Warde
               1952 Jan 7          TL        1 p.

               from Warde to Bennett
               1952 Feb 1          Telegram  1 p.

          F24  1953-1959
               Photographs, each labeled on verso, 8 items
               Envelope addressed to Bennett Jun 23, 1953
               Photograph of Warde with others

     F25  1960-1962
               Page 2 of a TL from Bennett to Warde, Mar 28,
          1960, 1 p.
               Photocopy of attendees’ signatures at dinner, Jun
          20, 1962
               Announcement postcard for Warde luncheon
          Envelope addressed to Bennett

5    F26  1965
          Warde to Bennett
          1965 May 4          Telegram  1 p.
               May 11    Telegram  1 p.
               May 11    TLS       3 pp.

          Warde to Dr. Robert L. Leslie
          1965 May 11    TL(carbon)     5 pp.

          Thomas W. McDonald (Bill) to Bennett and Warde
          1965 Jun 2          TLS       2 pp.  With envelope

          Bennett to Warde
          1965 Jun 11         TL(carbon)     1 p.

          Autograph note in Bennett's hand
          Postcard announcement of Warde’s talk on “Heritage of
          the Graphic Arts” 1965
          Clippings and 14 photographs with envelope
          Photocopy of attendees’ signatures at Typophile’s
          dinner Jun 6, 1965
          Photocopy of call for contributions for keepsake in
          honor of Warde
          Folder with label “Being a visible bouquet for Beatrice
          Keepsakes, 15 items, with autograph list, 2 pp.

     F27  Miscellaneous, 1939-1966
          Clippings and photographs

          R.L. to Mr. Rushmore
          19[30]    Dec 24         ACS       1 p.

          Erling Bache to Reginald Orcutt
          1939 Jun 15         TLS       1 p.  With envelope

          “Chapbook commentary No. 6”
          “Graphic Arts Columbia University” pamphlet
          Typophile miscellany
          Pomfrets, London postcard advertisement
          Reprint of obituary for Warde
          Printed sample of Monotype Gills Sans
          Broadside from the Marchbanks Press
          16 envelopes addressed to Bennett, Reginald Orcutt,
          Arthur Rushmore, many opened by censors.  One includes
          cancelled stamps.

               Series V.2.  London Calling: The Overseas Journal
               of the British Broadcasting Corporation, 1940-1946

6    F28A 1940-1941.  Material related to London Calling
               “This is London Calling” program description and
               schedule for BBC broadcasts, North American
               TLS from Sir Stephen Tallents, Controller,
               Overseas Services, BBC, Aug 7, 1941, 1 p.

     F28B Issues Nos. 62, 95-107 of London Calling

               Series V.3.  News From the Outpost

               Published by Americans in Britain Outpost of the
          Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies.
          Printed in London by Unwin Brother Ltd.

          F29A 1940 Aug – 1943 May
               Issues were sent to Arthur Rushmore and Paul
          Bennett.  Includes issues 1-36 with some wrappers.
          Some of the issues bear autograph notes to Bennett from
          Beatrice Warde.  Issues 1-20 were titled News from the
          Outpost.  Beginning with issue 21, the title changed to
          The Outpost.
               Also includes:
               Envelope labeled “The National City Bank of New
               York/ New York City/ For the American Outpost in
               Great Britain
               India: Speeches Delivered at a Tea Given by The
               American Outpost in London on May 6th, 1943, in
               Honour of The Rt. Hon. Leopold Amery, M. P.
               Secretary of State for India.  London: Unwin Bros.
               “A letter from Beatrice Warde in London to her
               friends in the U.S.A.” galley with autograph notes
               to Bennett
               TLS (mimeograph) signed by Beatrice Warde, Mar
          1941, 2 pp.

          F29B 1943 Jun – 1946 Jan/Mar
               Issues 37-60, 62-67, 69
7         F30A 1940 Aug – 1941 Feb
               Issues 2-13, some duplicates
               Reprint of a political cartoon from The Evening
          Standard Aug 26, 1940
          Offprint “Nazism and The Bill of Rights”
               “A letter from Beatrice Warde in London to her
               friends in the U.S.A.” galley addressed to Mr.
               Rushmore, signed by Warde
               The St. James Lyre and the Piccadilly Gazette.
          Vol. 1, No. 12, Dec 17, 1940
               Christmas card from the St. James’ Bomber Fund

               Warde to Arthur Rushmore
               n.d.           TLS(mimeograph)     2 pp.
               1940 Oct       TLS(mimeograph)     2 pp.
                    Dec 24         TLS(mimeograph)     2 pp.

          F30B 1941 Feb – 1941 Jul
               Issues 13-15, 17-20, some duplicates.
               “Foodstuffs for Europe,” reprint from Aug 8, 1940
               “American Generosity in War Relief Work” reprint
               from The [London] Times Jun 4, 1941, 2 copies
               TL “Greeting from the American Outpost in Great

               Warde to Rushmore
               1941 May 31    TLS       4 pp.

               Charles A. Dana, Vice President American Outpost
          in Great Britain, to Rushmore
               1941 Jun 19         TLS       1 p.  Includes
          membership application

          F31A 1941 Aug – 1943 Sep
               Issues 21-28, 30-31, 34, 38-41
               Copy of the pamphlet India that appears also in

          F31B 1943 Oct – 1946 Jan/Mar
               Issues 42, 44-47, 49, 51, 53, 55-57, 64-67, 69


          Series V.4. Books written by Beatrice Warde, 1928-1940

7         F32  Bergerettes and Other Light Lyrics of the French
          XVII-XVIII Centuries by Paul Beaujon.  Frankfurt Main:
          The Fleuron, 1928.  14 pp.

          F33  Enjoying England: A Book About An Enchanted Island
          by B. L. Warde.  London: London & North Eastern
          Railway, 1931.  64 pp.

     F34       A Letter From London by Beatrice Warde.  New York:
               Privately Printed, n.d.
                    25 pp.

          F35  “The Same Book” A Suggestion to Readers on the
          Five Hundredth Anniversary of the Invention of Printing
          with Movable Type by Beatrice Warde An American in
          England.  London: Privately Printed for the Author,
          June 1940.  16 pp.

          F36  The Shelter in Bedlam: A Story in Dialogue by B.
          L. Warde.  Edinburgh: Privately Printed for B. L. W.,
          1937-38.  45 p

               Series V.5.  Printed Lectures, Speeches, and
               Articles by Beatrice Warde, 1932-1969

     F37  Printing Should Be Invisible
               “Printing Should Be Invisible.”  An address by
               Beatrice L. Warde before the British Typographers’
               Guild at St. Bride’s Institute London.  New York:
               The Marchbanks Press, 1937.  12 pp.

               “Printing Should Be Invisible.”  Copy of an
               address by Mrs. Beatrice Warde before the British
               Typographers’ Guild at St. Bride’s Institute
               London.  New York: The Marchbanks Press, 1932.  15

               “Beatrice Warde: Printing Should Be Invisible.”
               New York: American Book-Stratford Press, [1950].
               12 pp.

               “Printing Should Be Invisible” by Beatrice Warde.
               New York: Privately Printed for W. R. Thurman,
               Jr., 1935.  13 pp.

8         F38  “Design and Management.”  The Special Lecture
          given to The London Centre of the Printers’ Managers
          and Overseers Association on Wednesday, May 25, 1949 by
          Mrs. Beatrice Warde.  4 pp.

         F39  “New Light on Typographic Legibility” by Beatrice
               Reprint from The Penrose Annual.  Volume 50, 1956,
          pp. 51-55.  5 pp.

          F40  “The Rescuing Mouse.”  A Speech by Beatrice Warde
          Opening an Exhibition of Private Press Printing
          Organized in 1963 by The London Chappell.  Boston:
          David R. Godine Publisher, 1969.  13 pp.

          F41  Selections From the Addresses and Essays of B W
          Commemorating Mrs. Warde's Visit to the U. S. in April,
          1967.  Jackson Heights, N. Y.: Frank E. Powers, n.d.
               12 pp.

          F42  “Typography in Art Education.”  A paper read at
          the Annual Conference, 1945, of the National Society
          for Art Education by Beatrice Warde.  Leicester: The
          Association of Art Institutions and The National
          Society for Art Education, 1946.
               22 pp.

          Series V.6.  Books Related to Beatrice Warde, 1953-1962

     F43       Go To It: An Exchange of Letters in Nineteen Fifty
               Eight on the Subject of Typography Between
               Beatrice Warde of the Monotype Corporation of
               London England and Arnold Rockman then Secretary
               of the Society of Typographic Designers of Canada.
               Thornhill, Ontario: Village Press, 1962.  19 pp.
               Inscribed to Bennett by Gus Reuter

               Gustav Reuter to Bennett
               n.y. Jul 30         TLS       1 p.

               Bennett to “Mr. Rockman and … printers, Gus and
               Vincent Reuter”
               1962 Jul 11         TLS(carbon)    1 p.

     F44       Concerning Some Words by Beatrice Warde & Types by
               Varied Hands.  Maple Shade, N.J.: The Pickering
               Press, 1953.  56 pp.

     F45  “Beatrice Warde, the First Lady of Typography” by John
           Dreyfus.  8 pp.

               Series V.  Beatrice Warde (cont’d)

          Series V.7.  Presentation Copies From Beatrice Warde, 1953-1961

8    F46A The Little Yelloe Car by Sally Holliae.  London:
          Ernest Benn Limited, 1961.  Presentation copy to Paul
          Bennett from Beatrice Warde.  32 pp.

     F46B The Form and Order of The Service That Is To Be
          Performed and the Ceremonies That Are To Be Observed in
          The Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the
          Abbey Church of St. Peter Westminster on Tuesday The
          Second Day of June 1953.  Oxford: The University Press,
          n.d.  Presentation copy to The Typophiles [New York]
          from Beatrice Warde, June 3, 1953.  48 pp.

          Series V.8.  Other books sent by Beatrice Warde, 1931-1940
     F47A The London Mercury.  Volume XXV, No. 145, November
          1931.  164 pp.

     F47B Planning For War & Peace: Ten Leading Articles
          Reprinted From The Times.  London: The Times Publishing
          Company, Limited, 1940.  40 pp.

          Series VI.  Rudolph Ruzicka, 1935-1961
               Includes correspondence, biographical notes, and
          proofs for the Random House Dictionary and Billy Rose's
          Nobody Important, on which artist and engraver Ruzicka
          and Bennett collaborated.

9         F48  Biographical Material About Ruzicka, [1937]
               Typescript with autograph corrections
               Notes by Bennett about Ruzicka
               Ts essay by Ruzicka titled, "A Note on the
               Development of Colour Printing From Wood

          F49  Material Related to Billy Rose's Nobody Important,
               Bennett and Ruzicka collaborated on this Overbrook
          Press Christmas booklet.
               TL (carbon) from Bennett to Ruzicka
               Galley proofs of Nobody Important
               Proofs for two Mergenthaler bookplates which they


9         F50  Ruzicka’s Design of the Random House College
          Dictionary, 1961
               Proofs with autograph corrections and notes by
          Bennett and Ruzicka

               Ruzicka to Bennett
               1961 Feb 25         ALS       1 p.
                    Mar 2          ALS       1 p.
                    Mar 7          ALS       1 p.

               Bennett to Ruzicka
               1961 Mar 7          TL(carbon)     1 p.

               Bennett to Harry Gage
               1961 Feb 24         TL(carbon)     1 p.

               Andre Braun to Bennett
               1961 Mar 5          TLS(x)         1 p.
                    Mar 13         TLS(x)         1 p.

          F51  Type Specimen Sheets of Types Designed by Rudolph
          Ruzicka, n.d.
               Includes one sheet of Fairfield Type designed by

          F52  Miscellaneous Material, 1935-1951
               American Institute of Graphic Arts catalog An
               Exhibition of the Work of Rudolph Ruzicka
               Printed keepsake honoring Ruzicka given by The
               Society of Printers for the Study and Advancement
               of the Art of Printing, 1951

               Bennett to Ruzicka
               1947 Dec 1          TL(carbon)          1 p.
               1949 Apr 19         TL(carbon)          1 p.

               Ruzicka to Bennett
               1949 Apr 5          ACS            1 p.

          Series VII.  Lester Douglas, 1959

9         F53  Correspondence, 1959 Jan 30 - Mar 30
               Information Bulletin January 19, 1959 from the
          Library of Congress which describes an American
          Institute of Graphic Arts dinner honoring Lester

               Bennett to Douglas
               1959 Feb 2          TL(carbon)     1 p.
                    Feb 10         TL(carbon)     2 pp.
                    Feb 17         TL(carbon)     1 p.
                    Mar 20         TL(carbon)     2 pp.

               Douglas to Bennett
               1959 Jan 30         ALS       2 pp.
                    Feb 4          ALS       5 pp.
                    Feb 10         ALS       5 pp.
                    Feb 12         ALS       1 p.
                    Mar 15         ALS       3 pp.

               Series VIII.  Printing and Graphic Arts, 1952-1961
               A journal by The Stinehour Press.

          F54  Correspondence and Announcements, 1952-1961

               Ray Nash to Bennett
               1955 Jan 24         ALS       1 p.

               Bennett to Roderic D. Stinehour
               1959 Jul 1          TL(carbon)     1 p.
               1961 Mar 10         TL(carbon)     1 p.

               Jim Eckman to Bennett
               1960 Mar 4          TNS       1 p.

               Bennett to Eckman
               1960 Mar 9          TL(carbon)     1 p.

               Stinehour to Bennett
               1961 Mar 4          TLS       1 p.

          Series IX.  Articles written by Bennett, 1943-1965
          Includes reprinted articles, research notes for
          articles, and correspondence.

9         F55  Reprinted Articles by Bennett, 1960-1962
               Includes reprints from The Penrose Annual of
          articles written by Bennett:
               “The Typophiles' Adventures in Bookmaking” from
          volume 54, 1960
               “Distinguished American Book Designers and
          Printers” from volume 55, 1961
               “American Children's Books in a Changing World”
          from volume 56, 1962
               Also includes an announcement for The Penrose

          F56  Correspondence and Research Notes for Possible
          Articles, 1943-1965
               Includes a Ts (carbon) essay on John Baskerville,
          6 pp.
               Autograph notes on an article about the Grabhorns,
          6 pp.
               Reprinted article on T. M. Cleland by Valter Falk
          in Swedish (1965)
               Correspondence, clippings, tear sheets, and
               photocopies for research related to a World War II
               song, “Dirty Gertie From Bizerte” (1943)

               Bennett to “Val”
               1965 Jan 24         TLS(carbon)    1 p.

               James Barnett to Bennett
               1943 Apr 30         TLS       1 p.

          Series X.  Speeches presented by Bennett, 1963
          Two speeches delivered by Paul Bennett in 1963.

10        F57  Notes, Programs, and Invitations for Speeches by
          Bennett, 1963
               Autograph notes for an address at UCLA on November
          7, 1963
               Invitation, program, and Ts notes for a speech for
               the Stanford University Libraries (October 18,
               1963) titled “The Enduring Pleasures of Fine Book
               Making.”  The Stanford address coincided with the
               dedication of Gunst Memorial Library.
               Designs for the posters and the brochure
          announcing a Bennett speech

          Series XI.  Material honoring Paul A. Bennett, 1952-1953

          F58  Prints and Drawing, 1952-1953
               Prints from an engraving of Bennett by John De Pol
               Original drawing of Bennett drawn, inscribed and
          signed by George F. Trenholm
               “Membership Scroll to Paul A. Bennett from Privy
          Council Press” (1953)
               Brochure for an exhibition, “Printers at Play,” at
               The Lakeside Press Galleries (1952) which includes
               items contributed by Paul Bennett

          Series XII.  Bookplates of Paul A. Bennett, [n.d.]

10        F59  Printed designs of bookplates created for Paul A.
          Bennett for his personal library. Also includes several
          bookplates for the Linotype Library of Mergenthaler.
          Includes ten different designs.

          Series XIII.  Miscellaneous material, 1914-1965
               Includes a copy of Letters and Lettering, A
               Treatise with 200 Examples, and various pieces of
               ephemera collected by Bennett.

          F60  Ephemera Collected by Paul Bennett, 1949-1965
               Brochures and information concerning a tour of
          Princeton, N. J.
               Printed items related to small presses
               Correspondence with the U. S. Copyright Office and
          with Sherwood Grover

          F61  Letters and Lettering by Frank Chouteau Brown
          (1914), 1914-1922
               Copy owned by Bennett and bears his bookplate and
          is inscribed by him.  Laid in is a brochure about the
          John Huntington Polytechnic Institute (1921-1922)

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