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Series IV. Personal Life.

Series IV.a.  Personal Letters to David T. Bazelon, 1937 - 1984

                        Letters to David T. Bazelon comprises a record of Bazelon’s professional and personal relationships over the course of more than fifty years. The first sub-series, Letters from Individuals, contains files organized by individual correspondents. Particularly significant in this group are the letters from Bazelon’s uncle David L. Bazelon, a federal judge and early supporter of Bazelon’s legal and writing careers. The letters from the novelist James T. Farrell, together with those from his friends, novelist and screen writer Calder Willingham (Rambling Rose, The Graduate) and peace activist Robert Pickus (World Without War), document Bazelon’s early intellectual development. Bazelon carried on a long term correspondence with the sociologist David Riesman. Reisman’s letters discuss manuscripts sent to him by Bazelon.

                        The chronological sub-series include letters from family and friends as well as professional correspondence. Bazelon’s cousins, the composer Irwin Bazelon and psychiatrist Irving Harris, include discussions of family and personal matters together with discussions of their and Bazelon’s professional activities. Other significant family correspondents include Bazelon’s sister and brother-in-law Judith and Bernard Gross, Bazelon’s parents, and his aunt and uncle Selma and Harry Mittelman. Professional correspondence includes exchanges with editors and letters from a number of the “New York Intellectuals” including Norman Podhoretz, Midge Decter, Irving Kristol, Dorothy Rabinowotz, Leslie Faber, and others. Bazelon also exchanged letters regularly with the novelist William Humphrey and the critic Richard Schickel.


                        Letters from Individuals (arranged in reverse chronological order)


                        David L. Bazelon (1920 – 1993)

                        Includes letters from David T. Bazelon’s uncle, David L. Bazelon, who served as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and was a pioneer in establishing the legal rights of mentally disabled defendants. Early letters from Judge Bazelon detail the interest he took in David T. Bazelon’s career as a writer and a lawyer, as well as their personal relationship. Includes some carbon copies of David T. Bazelon’s replies to his uncle’s letters and some copies of letters sent to third parties.


22        F501    Letters, 1937 – 1957 (77 items)

            F502    Letters, 1958 – 1967 (27 items)


                        Saul Bellow (1915 - )

            F503    Letters, 1944 – 1953 (31 items)

                        Discussing both his and Bazelon’s early literary careers and their friendship.

Series IV. Personal Life. (cont’d)

Series IV.a.  Personal Letters to David T. Bazelon, 1937 – 1984 (cont’d)


                        James T. Farrell (1904 – 1979)

                        Letters from the novelist to Bazelon, written in response to Bazelon’s request for advice from the older writer. Farrell’s letters recommend reading and discuss a range of literary, philosophical, and political topics. Includes inlaid clippings and other printed material.

22        F504    1942 (18 items)

Note: Includes pamphlets from The Civil Rights Defense Committee of which Farrell was Chairman.

            F505    1943 (8 items)

            Note: Includes material from The Civil Rights Defense Committee.

            F506    1944 (14 items)


                        Eileen Geist

            F507    Letters, 1961 – 1971 (143 items)

                        Letters from Bazelon’s friend, Eileen Geist, carbons of Bazelon’s letters to Geist, and unsent letters. Much of the correspondence was carried on while Geist was residing in France.


Irving Howe (1920 – 1993)

            F508    Letters, 1946 – 1959 (49 items)

                        Personal and professional correspondence from the literary and social critic, Irving Howe (1920 – 1993). Many of the letters from Howe concern Bazelon’s contributions to Howe’s journal, Dissent.


                        Dwight MacDonald (1906 – 1982)

            F509    Letters, 1943 – 1949 (39 items)

                        Letters from the editor, essayist, and critic Dwight MacDonald concerning Bazelon’s contributions to MacDonald’s journal, Politics. Also includes manuscripts of two Bazelon manuscripts edited by Macdonald.


                        Laura Monroe

            F510    Letters, 1969 – 1983 (41 items)

Letters from Bazelon’s friend Laura Monroe, long-time employee of the ACLU and wife of ACLU activist Eason Monroe (1909 – 1975)

Series IV. Personal Life. (cont’d)

Series IV.a.  Personal Letters to David T. Bazelon, 1937 – 1984 (cont’d)


Robert Pickus

Letters from peace activist Robert Pickus, an early friend of Bazelon’s.

22        F511    Letters, 1940 – 1942 (34 items)

F512    Letters, 1943 (31 items)

F513    Letters, 1944 – 1946 (46 items)

F514    Letters, 1947 – 1956, 1977 (27 items)

            Includes material relating to Pickus’ early pacifist work and material relating to the foundation of the World Without War Council in 1977.


            David Riesman (1909 – 2002)

F515    Letters, 1949 – 1971 (33 items)

            Includes letters from sociologist David Reisman with many comments by Riesman on Bazelon’s writing.


            Calder Willingham, (1922 – 1995)

            Includes letters from the novelist and screen writer, Calder Willingham, an early friend of Bazelon’s whom he met when they were undergraduates at the University of Virginia.

F516    Letters, 1941 (3 items)

F517    Letters, 1942 (48 items)

F518    Letters, 1943 (57 items)

F519    Letters, 1944, Jan – June (35 items)

F520    Letters, 1944, Jul – Dec (20 items)

F521    Letters, 1945 (5 items)

F522    Letters, 1946 – 1983, 1993  (21 items)

            Note: Correspondence becomes irregular after 1948.


            1935 – 1943

            F523    A – C

F524    D – G.

F525    H – N

            Includes letters from Bazelon’s cousin, psychiatrist and author Irving Harris (b.1914)

F526    P – Z


            1944 – 1949

F527    A – E.

            Includes letters from Bazelon’s cousin, composer Irwin “Buddy” Bazelon (1922 – 1995.

Series IV. Personal Life. (cont’d)

Series IV.a.  Personal Letters to David T. Bazelon, 1937 – 1984 (cont’d)


            1944 – 1949 (cont’d)

22        F528    F-G

                        TLS from art critic Clement Greenberg asking Bazelon to review a book for the Jewish Record; begins extensive correspondence with Judith and Bernard Gross, Bazelon’s sister and brother-in-law.

F529    H – P

            Includes letters from Irving Harris; 5 ALS from the poet Randall Jarrell regarding Bazelon’s reviews for The Nation; ALS from Delmore Schwartz as an editor at Partisan Review rejecting a piece Bazelon had written on Dashiell Hammet; 2 ALS from “Margot,” secretary for the French poet Jacques Prevert acknowledging the receipt of food and clothing packages sent by Bazelon.

F530    R-S

            Letters from former German officer and POW Horst Raczynski, a post-war “penpal”; John Sarkissian; and Erna and Fritz Sternberg, who introduced Raczynski to Bazelon.

F531    T – Z.

Includes letters and cards from Lionel Trilling advising Bazelon on employment after graduation from Columbia, and agreeing to provide recommendations.


            1950 – 1957

23        F532    A – B

            Includes TLS from Justice Hugo Black; ALS and card from the artist, Nell Blaine (1922 – 1996).

F533    C – F

            Includes TLS from future Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas informing Bazelon of the lack of an opening with Fortas’ law firm.

F534    G – I.

            Includes letters from Judith (sister) and Bernard Gross; letters from the novelist William Humphrey.

F535    J – L

            Includes letters from U.S. Representative Jacob Javits and the screen writer Peter Stone (1930 – 2003).

F536    M-P

F537    Q-T

F538    U – Z.

            Includes ALS from the poet Theodore Weiss (1916 – 2003) and letters from the Canadian sociologist, Dennis Wrong (b. 1923).


            1958 – 1964

            Includes some carbons of Bazelon’s letters.

F539    A – B.

            Includes letters from Irwin Bazelon (“Buddy”) and from Bazelon’s parents.

Series IV. Personal Life. (cont’d)

Series IV.a.  Personal Letters to David T. Bazelon, 1937 – 1984 (cont’d)


1958 – 1964 (cont’d)

23        F540    C – D

            Includes letters from the American political scientist Harlan Cleveland, then serving as Assistant Secretary of State, regarding a manuscript of The Paper Economy sent to him by Bazelon; also, letters from Norman Podhoretz regarding Bazelon’s submissions to Commentary.

            F541    E –F

            Includes letters from W.H. Ferry (“Ping”) at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions with editorial comment on Bazelon’s “paper economy” and other writings. Sharon and Howard Freeman

F542    G

            Includes letters from artist Max Gordon, Judith and Bernard Gross

F543    H

            Includes letters from Irving Harris; TNS from playwright Lillian Hellman acknowledging receipt of Bazelon’s article on Dashiell Hammet; ACS from American philosopher Sidney Hook.

F544    I – M

            Includes Louis Kelso, economist Leon Keyserling

F545    N – P

            Includes TNS from New Yorker editor Howard Moss declining publication of Bazelon’s poetry.

F546    R

            Includes TN from Dorothy Rabinowitz; letters regarding Bazelon’s contributions to The Reporter from editor Irving Kristol.

F547    S – U

            Includes letters from American painter and poet Carolyn Stoloff (1927- ).

F548    V – Z

            Includes letters from sociologist Dennis Wrong.


1965 – 1970

F549    A – B

            Includes letters from Irwin “Buddy” Bazelon and from Bazelon’s parents.

F550    C – D

            Includes copy of letter to the editor by Dorothy Rabinowitz written in response to Bazelon’s article “A Writer between Generations” (Commentary, Feb. 1969); also letters from Norman Podhoretz as editor of Commentary regarding Bazelon’s contributions to the magazine, and from Midge Decter with carbons of Bazelon’s replies.

Series IV. Personal Life. (cont’d)

Series IV.a.  Personal Letters to David T. Bazelon, 1937 – 1984 (cont’d)


1965 – 1970 (cont’d)

24        F551    E – G

            Includes artist Max Gordon, note from Harold Hayes, editor of Esquire, TNS from Leslie Fiedler; invitation to party hosted by Betty Friedan as a fund-raiser for Writers’ and Editors’ War Tax Protest with autograph note by Friedan.

            F552    H – J

            Includes letters from Irving Harris and William Humphrey.

F553    K – M

            Includes 2 TNS from writer Richard Kostelanetz soliciting material for an anthology.

F554    N – O

F555    P – R

            Editorial correspondence with Playboy, Random House, Redbook, etc.

F556    S

            Includes letters from the critic Richard Schickel.

F557    T – Z


            1971 – 1979

F558    A

                                Includes letter from James Atlas seeking Bazelon’s comments about Delmore


F559    B

            Includes letters from Irwin “Buddy” Bazelon and from Bazelon’s parents.

F560    C

            Includes letters from Norman Podhoretz as editor of Commentary.

            F561    D – E

            Includes letters from Midge Decter.

F562    F

            Includes wedding invitation from Leslie Fiedler; material from Betty Friedan’s Economic Think Tank for Women.

F563    G

            Includes letters from Bernard and Judith Gross, Oscar Gass

F564    H

            Includes letters from Irving Harris and William Humphrey.

F565    I – K

F566    L – M

            Includes minutes from “Second Lozins Think-In held at Vanxains, France, June 5, 1972” attended by Bazelon.

F567    N – P

F568    R – S

            Includes letters from Richard Schickel and Peter Stone.

F569    T – Z

Series IV. Personal Life. (cont’d)

Series IV.a.  Personal Letters to David T. Bazelon, 1937 – 1984 (cont’d)


            1980 – 1984

24        F570    A – B

            Includes cards from Irwin “Buddy” Bazelon

            F571    C – F

            Includes letters from Bernard and Judith Gross, Irving Harris

F572    G – J

F573    K – M

F574    N – S

F575    T – Z

            Includes TNS from Richard Schickel


            1985 – 1988

F576    A – H

            Includes TNS from Clement Greenberg

F577    K – M

            Includes TLS from Seymour Krim

F578    N – Z

            Includes TNS from Norman Podhoretz, TLS from Richard Schickel


            1989 – 1995

25        F579    A

F580    B

            Includes cards from Irwin “Buddy” Bazelon

F581    C – G

            Includes cards from Barbara Ehrenreich, letter from Judith Gross

F582    H – P

F583    S – Y

            Includes cards and TLS from Richard Schickel



Series IV.b. Family and Personal Records


            Joyce Himmelstein Bazelon (1927 – 1955)

F584    Correspondence with David T. Bazelon

F585    Wedding Congratulations

F586    Letters to Joyce Himmelstein (various correspondents)

F587    Letters to Joyce Himmelstein from James Holland

F588    Material Related to Death of Joyce Himmelstein, 1955

F589    Notes, Writing, Drawings

F590    Photographs

F591    Addresses, appointment books, financial records, recipes


Series IV. Personal Life. (cont’d)

Series IV.b. Family and Personal Records (cont’d)


25        F592    Mary Coleman Bazelon – Divorce, 1969

F593    Patricia Layman Bazelon – Divorce, 1982


            Coleman Bazelon (son)

F594    Honors Thesis, Wesleyan University (1986): Dahl and Democracy


F595    SRA Royalties (from game “Cross-Numbered Puzzle Boxes” designed by Bazelon’s father, Jack Bazelon)


F596    Landlords, Leases

F597    Passports and other Personal Documents


26        F598    1940 Senn High School Yearbook (Chicago, Bazelon class of June, 1940)

F599    Address Books

F600    Bills and Insurance

F601    Mementos

F602    General Employment Material

F603    Lecture Bureau (New York), 1966 – 1967, including DTB bookings

F604    Financial / Income records



            Series IV.c. Photographs


F605    David T. Bazelon

            F606    David L. Bazelon

            F607    Coleman Bazelon

            F608    David Bazelon family photographs        



Series IV.d. Books


Books by David T. Bazelon

Os Artificios do Capitalismo.  Trans. Luiz Acacio Bueno de Camargo. Rio de Janeiro: Civilizacao Brasileira, 1968

L’economia di Carta.  Trans. Cesare Mannucci. Milan: Edizioni di Comunita, 1964.

Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb: Essays in Social Criticism, 1949 – 1969.  New York: Simon & Schuster, 1970

The Paper Economy.  New York: Random House, 1963.  Inscribed “For Jack and Florence, with all my love, David”

The Paper Economy (pbk.)  New York: Vintage Books, 1965

Series IV. Personal Life. (cont’d)

Series IV.d. Books (cont’d)


Books by others.  Include annotations and marked passages by Bazelon

Bruce-Briggs, B., Ed. The New Class? New Brunswick NJ: Transaction Books, 1979

Burnham, James. The Managerial Revolution Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1960.

Djilas, Milovan. The New Class: an Analysis of the Communist System. New York: Frederick A. Praeger, 1957.

Gouldner, Arthur W. The Future of Intellectuals and the Rise of the New Class. New York: Seabury Press, 1979.

Konrad, George, and Ivan Szelenyi. The Intellectuals on the Road to Class Power. Trans. Andrew Arato and Richard E. Allen. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1979.

Lasswell, Harold D. A Pre-view of Policy Sciences. New York: American Elsevier, 1971.

Nisbet, Robert A. Tradition and Revolt: Historical and Sociological Essays. New York: Vintage Books, 1970.

Trotsky. The Revolution Betrayed: What Is the Soviet Union and Where Is it Going?  Trans. Max Eastman.  Garden City NY: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1937.



Series IV.e. Realia


Jack Bazelon (father) (2 items)

Cross-Number Puzzles: Decimals & Percent; Whole Numbers


Joyce Himmelstein Bazelon (first wife)

Wedding ring in box



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