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Series I. Literary Work, 1940 - 1995

Series I.a. Paper Economy, (New York: Random House, 1959).

The Paper Economy is a critique of late twentieth-century American capitalism. The collection includes Bazelon’s corrected typescript of the book, a collection of clippings and letters that document the book’s reception, Bazelon’s research notes, and his correspondence with the publisher.


Final Draft

1          F1        Chapters 1 – 5

F2        Chapters 6 – 9

F3        Chapters 10 – 13

F4        Chapters 14-16


F5        Commentary/Reviews (I)

F6        Commentary/Reviews (II)

F7        Publicity, copyright, etc.

F8        Outline


            Research, Notes, and Drafts

F9        General

F10      Reading Notes

F11      Miscellaneous and Introductory

F12      “Property”

F13      “Capitalism”

F14      “Money and Credit”

F15      “The Big Debts”

F16      “Taxes”

F17      “Taxes” (continued)

F18      “Corporations”

F19      “Regulations”

F20      “Antitrust”


2          F21      “Managers”

            F22      “Rich People”

F23      “Organization”

F24      Russia

F25      Politics and Power


F26      Draft of Chapter 10 (“Big Underwriter”)

F27      Draft of Chapter 11 (“Antitrust”)

F28      “A New Kind of War”- Two drafts of Chapter 17 (“Soviet-American Confrontation”)

F29      Notes on Research

F30      Correspondence with Publisher (Random House)

            Series I. Literary Work, 1940 - 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.b. Power in America: the Politics of the New Class (New York: New American Library, 1967).

Power in America discusses the idea of a New Class of intellectuals wielding power in American society. Inspired by Milan Diljas’ The New Class, Bazelon applied Diljas’ analysis of the Communist system to American culture, economy, and politics, within the context of a larger discussion of the idea of the New Class among intellectuals. Includes correspondence with the publisher, research notes, galleys, and author’s proofs, and three revised, partial drafts of the book. Also of note are carbon copies of the first three chapters annotated by Jason Epstein.


2          F31      General and Preliminary Notes

F32      Early Draft

F33      Correspondence with Publisher (New American Library)

F34      Draft of Chapter 1

F35      Draft of Chapter 1 (Returned, Retyped by Publisher 27 July 1966)

F36      Draft of Chapter 6

F37      Draft of Index (Copy)

F38      Duplicate Dictation


            Draft A

F39      Chapter 1

F40      Chapter 2

F41      Chapter 3

F42      Chapter 4

F43      Chapter 5

F44      Chapter 6


3          F45      Chapter 8

F46      Chapter 9


            Draft B

F47      Chapter 1

F48      Chapter 2

            F49      Chapter 3

            F50      Chapter 3a

            F51      Chapter 4

F52      Chapter 5

            F53      Chapter 8

            F54      Chapter 10

            F55      Chapter 11


                        Draft C

            F56      Chapter 1

            F57      Chapter 5

                        Series I. Literary Work, 1940 - 1995 (cont’d)

                        Series I.b. Power in America, 1967 (cont’d)


3          F58      Chapter 7

F59      Chapter 9

            F60      Chapter 10

            F61      Chapter 11

            F62      Chapter 12

            F63      Chapter 13


            F64      Galleys

F65      Author’s copy of proofs

            F66      Summary Statements of chapters; acknowledgment pages; book covers

F67      Comments on Chapters 1, 2, and 3 by Jason Epstein

F68      Reviews of the Book


            Research Files

            F69      General

F70      Chapter 1

F71      Chapter 2

F72      Chapter 3


4          F73      Chapter 4

F74      Chapter 5

F75      Chapter 7

F76      Chapter 8

F77      Chapter 9

F78      Chapter 10

F79      Chapter 11



Series I.c. Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb: Essays in Social Criticism, 1944 – 1969 (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1970).

Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb collects much of the freelance work Bazelon did over his career. The volume also includes a number of previously unpublished articles, new introductory material, and an epilogue.


F80      Correspondence with Publisher

F81      Typescript (I)

F82      Typescript (II)

F83      Typescript (III)

F84      Typescript (IV)

F85      Typescript (V)

F86      Typescript of Preface


Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.c. Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb, 1970 (cont’d)


4          F87      Introduction: Notes, Drafts, Correspondence

Includes a carbon copy of a draft of the Introduction with annotations and commentary by Midge Decter.

            F88      Versions of Introduction

F89      Copies of Introduction; Commentary Galleys

F90      Typescript

            F91      Typescript of New Material

F92      Typescripts of Epilogue

F93      Author’s Galleys

F94      Articles Collected in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb (I)


5          F95      Articles Collected in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb (II)



Series I.d. Articles, 1943 - 1988

Arranged chronologically, “Articles” documents Bazelon’s freelance career from 1946 through 1988. Files typically include drafts of articles and correspondence with editors. A large notebook contains clippings and notes for a projected book on O’Hara. The series also includes materials related to Bazelon speeches and conferences he attended. Most notable among the latter is the 50th anniversary conference of the American Library in Paris, with bilingual transcripts of Bazelon’s discussion with French philosopher Paul Ricouer at the conference and a copy of John Kenneth Galbraith’s keynote address. The series also contains four scrapbooks with clippings of Bazelon’s work, starting with his earliest publication in the New Republic, through May 1966. Note: does not include all of Bazelon’s periodical publications from his more-than-forty-year career.


F96      “Nothing But Power,” unpublished 1946 (Commentary); published in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb.

F97      “Notes on Roosevelt’s Personality,” unpublished 1947 (Commentary); published in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb

F98      “Dashiell Hammet’s Private Eye,” Commentary, May 1949

F99      “A Couple of New Kittens,” unpublished 1955; published in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb

F100    Review of Agee on Film, by James Agee, Village Voice, 24 December 1958

F101    John O’Hara Reviews in the New Leader: On the Terrace, December 1958; Ourselves to Know, April 1960; Sermons and Soda-Water, February 1961

F102    John O’Hara Notebook

F103    Review of Voices of Dissent: a Collection of Articles from Dissent Magazine, New Leader 4 April 1959

F104    “Trotsky: the Hero as a Symbol,” Dissent, Summer 1959

Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

            Series I.d. Articles, 1943 - 1988 (cont’d)


5          F105    “Notes on the New American Property” and draft of “Facts and Fictions of U.S.

Capitalism,” Reporter 17 September 1959

            F106    “It’s All There,” Review of Statistical Abstract of the United States, Reporter 15

October 1959

F107    Leisure Magazine columns, January and April 1960

            F108    “Portrait of a Business Generalist,” Commentary, April 1960

F109    Review of Power without Property by Adolf Berle, unpublished 1960 (Commentary); published in Nothing But A Fine Tooth Comb.

F110    Commentary Reviews, 1962 – 1965:

My Life in Court by Louis Nizer, July 1962

The Warfare State by Fred Cook, January 1963

The National Wealth of the United States by Raymond Goldsmith, March 1963; The Great Treasury Raid by Philip Stern and The Cold War and the Income Tax by Edmund Wilson, August 1964

The Real Voice by Richard Harris, February 1965

House Out of Order by Richard Bolling, December 1965.

F111    “Reply to Father Maxwell,” University of Detroit Law Journal April 1962

F112    Reviews of Robert L. Heilbroner books

The Making of Economic Society, unpublished

The Great Ascent in New York Review of Books, February 1963

The Limits of American Capitalism in Partisan Review, Fall 1966.

F113    “The Military-Industrial Complex,” TV Talk, Court of Reason, Channel 13, 7 February 1963.

F114    City Club Speech (Cleveland, OH), March 1963

            F115    Reviews:

The Struggle for the World by James Burnham, unpublished 1947 (Modern Review), published in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb

On the Prevention of War by John Strachey, Partisan Review, Summer 1963; Profiles in Power by Joseph Kraft, unpublished 1966 (Commentary), published in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb.

F116    “Peter Wiles and Convergence,” Encounter August 1963.

F117    “Advancing Technology and its implications for Urban Life”-Speech given at Annual Conference of American Institute of Planners, October 1963.

F118    Kennedy and After” from the NY Review of Books 26 December 1963

F119    Review of Powers of Attorney by Louis Auchincloss, unpublished 1963, published in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb.  

F120    “So This is Washington” unpublished 1963 (New York Review of Books),

            published in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb.

Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.d. Articles, 1943 - 1988 (cont’d)


5          F121    Reviews, 1964:

The Economists of the New Frontier edited by B. Hugel Wilkens and Charles B. Friday, Book Week 26 January 1964

Justice on Trial by A.L. Todd, New Republic 30 May 1964

The Vested Interests by Edward Ziegler, Washington Post 7 July 1964

            F122    Point of Order (1964): documentary film on Joseph McCarthy produced by Emile       de Antonio and Daniel Talbot. Bazelon contributed to the film’s script and          provided an introduction and epilogue to the book of the same title published by                 W. W. Norton. An excerpt from the epilogue was used as in the liner notes for the related release by Columbia Records. The folder includes drafts of the script,   correspondence dealing with the production, and related material.

F123    “Mr. Clapp’s Wonderful Book,” review of The Congressman: his Work as He Sees It by Charles L. Clapp, Dissent, Autumn 1964

F124    Review of Wall Street Lawyer by Erwin O. Smigel, unpublished 1964 (New York Review of Books), published in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb

F125    “Who Pays? Debt and Taxes” Speech for Urban Studies Center, Rutgers, January 1965

F126    “Business and the Democrats”-Speech at Social Service Forum, Tougaloo College (Mississippi), March 1965.

F127    “Eleanor Roosevelt”: Liner notes for a Columbia Records release, March 1965


6          F128    Speech: TVA Social Science Study Program, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, May 1965

F129    Review of The New Radicalism by Christopher Lasch, unpublished 1965 (New Republic), published in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb.

F130    “The Louder Reality” from the Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry, Spring 1966.

F131    Review of The Ways of the Will by Leslie H. Farber, unpublished 1966, published in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb.

F132    Commentary Symposium September 1967

F133    Partisan Review Symposium 1967

F134    “A Law Degree Can’t Hurt You,” Harper’s September 1967: early versions.

F135    “A Law Degree Can’t Hurt You”: drafts and corrections.

F136    “A Law Degree Can’t Hurt You”: material on legal profession.

F137    “New Factor in American Society” from AAUW Journal March 1968.

F138    “We Are Still Mumbling,” review of A Great Society? ed. Bertram M. Gross, New Republic, 15 June 1968.

F139    “It Don’t Pay to Kill the Ruling Class” from Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry Fall 1968

F140    “Money Must Go” from Esquire October 1968

Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.d. Articles, 1943 - 1988 (cont’d)


6          F141    Review of Waist Deep in the Big Muddy by Richard H. Rovere, Commentary

December 1968.

Includes typescript of the review with annotations and comments by Norman Podhoretz.

F142    Harper’s Reviews, 1969:

Marshall Zhukov’s Greatest Battles by Georgi K. Zhukov, August 1969

You Must Know Everything by Isaac Babel, August 1969

Once in Golconda by John Brooks, September 1969.

            F143    Review of The Unperfect Society by Milovan Djilas, Commentary, September           1969.  

            F144    “Luddite Rebellion on Channel Four,” Humanist, January/February 1970

F145    Paris Conference: 50th Anniversary of American Library in Paris, March 1970: correspondence, programs.

F146    Paris Conference: Transcripts (English and French) of Bazelon/Paul Ricoeur Discussion on “Youth and Communication”; Text of J.K. Galbraith Address, “Organization, Conflict”

F147    “The Future of the University,” Humanist, September/October 1970

F148    “A New Class, a New Coalition,” Humanist, January/February 1971

F149    “The Very Glaring Sun,” short story, Human Inquiries, May 1971

F150    “Notes on the New Youth,” Change, May/June 1971

F151    “Revisions in Cold War Strategy,” Humanist November/December 1971

F152    “Strong Women, Weak Men-or Unisex,” Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry, Summer 1972

F153    “Strong Women, Weak Men-Or Unisex”: clippings and other material

F154    “Strong Women, Weak Men-Or Unisex”: magazines

F155    Commentary Symposium, September 1976

F156    Review of Power, Inc by Morton Mintz and Jerry S. Cohen, and The Average Man Fights Back by David Hapgood, New York Times, 27 March 1977

F157    “In Memoriam: In Defense,” Salmagundi, Summer/Fall 1977

F158    “Questions of Upbringing,” review of The Psychoanalysis of Money, ed. Ernest Boremann, Times Literary Supplement, 2 December 1977

F159    Notes for Talk: “Business and the American Mind,” SUNY Buffalo, March 1983

F160    Review of Surplus Powerlessness by Michael Lerner, Contemporary Psychology, September 1988

F161    Scrapbooks:

1943 – 1947

1948 – 1958

1959 – 1963

1963 – 1966

F162    “Old Drafts”


7          F163    “Raw Dictation”

            Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.e. Unpublished Material, 1940 - 1995

Includes early reading notes, notebooks, and journals, as well as a number of Bazelon’s undergraduate essays and his early attempts at fiction. Also included are manuscripts and typescripts of articles not accepted for publication and not subsequently printed in Nothing But a Fine Tooth Comb. The collection contains material on a number of abandoned book projects, including a proposed book on celebrity in collaboration with the psychiatrist Leslie Faber and the critic Richard Schickel, and Bazelon’s late effort, an extended essay entitled “How to Think about Power.” Throughout his career, Bazelon also wrote autobiography, working in both fictional and non-fictional forms. The “1981 Autobiographical Package” constitutes an attempt to synthesize both published and unpublished autobiographical material written over the course of the previous forty years.


7          F164    D. H. Lawrence Reading Notes

F165    Notebooks, 1940-August 1942

F166    Notebooks, September 1942-August 1946

F167    Pre-1943

F168    Term paper on Ants (1941); Term paper on Racism (1942); Research notes on Arbitration (1942)

F169    University of Virginia Composition Course (9/41-6/42)

F170    Four Early Short Stories

F171    “Ruthie’s Letters;” “Love Story”: short stories

F172    “First Novel”

F173    “Two Moments of Silence;” One and One”: short stories

F174    “Eileen Reflects”: short story

F175    “Strangers to Us”: short story

F176    Notes, 1943-1950

F177    “Autobiography” (1945)

F178    If X Equals You: novel

F179    If X Equals You (1946); “The Sovereign People”: short story

F180    “Fragment of a Late Forties Novel” (If X Equals You)

F181    Journal 8/47-4/49

F182    “Jerome Weidman’s Naturalism,” (Commentary, 1951). Article on the Jewish-American novelist. Includes correspondence and an annotated copy of the typescript from Commentary editor Robert Warshow.

F183    Journal: [“Joyce’s Book”: September 19, 1927-1955]

F184    “Prose: Miscellaneous Notes and Material” (c. 1955-59)

F185    Journal 7/55-12/58

F186    “‘I’ll Cry Tomorrow’ and similar Confessional Pieces” (c. 1958): notes and research

F187    “The War for the Make-Believe World” (Show 1962)

F188    Journal, 1/1/1959-1963

F189    “Taxes and Politics” (Harper’s, 1962)

F190    “The Grass is Greener” (play, c. 1965)

Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.e. Unpublished Material, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)


7          F191    The World Out There (“the new novel”)

            F192    “Can We Stand Prosperity” (1965)


8          F193    “Can We Stand Prosperity” (1965): clippings

F194    “One Way of Winning” (April 1967)

F195    Proposed Book on Celebrities in Collaboration with Leslie Farber and Richard Schickel (1969): correspondence and notes

F196    “The Political Point d’Appui” c. 1970

F197    “Open Letter to the Ruling Class” (1971)

F198    “Further Notes on the New Youth” (1971)

F199    “The Latter Day Notebooks” (c. 1971). Contains earlier material arranged for inclusion in a new autobiographical project.

F200    “The Latter Day Notebooks”: typescript

F201    “Recent Politics” c. 1972

F202    “American Expectations”: drafts (c. 1974)

F203    “American Expectations”: notes and research (c. 1974)

F204    “Reinventing Nature” (c. 1975)

F205    “Notes on the American State” (1976-77) notes, correspondence

F206    “Notes on the American State” typescript

F207    “Notes on the American State” copy of typescript with corrections

F208    “Notes on the American State” copy of typescript without front matter

F209    “Socialism Essay” (1977)

F210    “Women” c. 1977

F211    Journal, 1979-1994

F212    “Psychology of Affluence and the New Religiosity” (c. 1980)

F213    “Writing Notes (Before 1981)”

F214    Leslie Faber Eulogy (1981)

F215    “Current Writing—August, 1981”

F216    “1981 Autobiographical Package”

F217    “The Helpless Clone” (1982)

F218    “The Party Girl” (1983). Submission to PEN Syndicated Fiction Project

F219    “All About Her”: notes, letters, etc. (c. 1983-1984)

            Includes notes and commentary from Leslie Fiedler and Irving Howe whose opinions on the manuscript Bazelon had solicited

F220    “All About Her”: original typescript

F221    “All About Her”: copy of typescript

F222    “The Real Truth About Whatsisname” (undated)


9          F223    “The Truth About Lying”-drafts and research (c. 1992)


            “How to think about Power” (Dec 1994 – Jul 1995)

F224    Promotion, Correspondence

Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.e. Unpublished Material, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)


9          F225    Early draft and notes

F226    Headings and Afterwords

            F227    Outlines and Lists

F228    6 Dec 1994 Draft (60 pp.)

            F229    Print-out of later draft (72 pp.)

F230    Corrected Draft, (97 pp.)

F231    Spiral-bound booklet, 1 Dec (102 pp.)

F232    Spiral-bound booklet, 15 Dec (105 pp.)

F233    Spiral-bound booklet, 23 Dec(108 pp.)

F234    Draft, 1 Apr 95(122 pp.)

F235    Draft (124 pp.)

F236    Research: Arendt, Behrn, Emerson

F237    Research Files (I)

F238    Research Files (II)

F239    Research Files: Talcott Parsons Material

F240    Bibliographical Notes



Series I.f. “The New Class Study,” 1966 – 1981

“The New Class Study” documents the progress of an ongoing intellectual discussion initiated in large part by Bazelon’s article in the August, 1966 issue of Commentary. The collection includes a copy of Commentary containing the 1966 article as well as issues of the magazine with articles, letters, and reviews that made significant contributions to the discussion. “The New Class” section of the Literary Work Series documents the evolution of the idea from transcriptions of taped conversations in 1962 involving Bazelon, the lawyer Bernard Rosenberg, and the writer F. William Howton, and early notes made by Bazelon. Bazelon’s participation in the subsequent development of the discussion includes the text of a speech given by Bazelon at North Texas State University in 1968, and articles written for Urban Review in 1969 and for Dissent in 1979. Of particular interest is Bazelon’s participation as advisor to the project that resulted in the volume The New Class? Ed. B. Bruce-Briggs (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books, 1979). Bazelon received drafts of the essays published in the volume and the collection contains his annotations and commentaries on these drafts.


F241    Commentary: Aug. 66, Sept. 67

F242    Commentary: Jun 68, Nov 68

F243    Commentary: July 75, Sept. 76, April 78

F244    Transcription, taped discussions on proposed book on intellectuals, 1962. Tape #1


10        F245    Proposed book on intellectuals. Tape # 2

F246    Proposed book on intellectuals. Tape # 3

Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.f. “The New Class Study,” 1966 – 1981 (cont’d)


10        F247    Notes

F248    Speech at North Texas State University. April 1968.

F249    “This New World” published as “New Factor in American Society” in Environment and Change: The Next 50 Years, ed. William R. Ewald Jr., 1968

F250    “In Defense of the Idea of the New Class”-early version of “The Idea of the New Class” in Urban Review, 1969

F251    “How Now, the New Class?” Dissent Fall 1979

F252    The New Class ed. B. Bruce-Briggs, 1979: proposal and correspondence

F253    New Class study drafts (I).

Includes copies of drafts annotated by Bazelon of articles by Daniel Bell, Peter Berger, Andrew Hacker, and Michael Harrington.

F254    New Class study drafts (II).

Includes copies of drafts annotated by Bazelon of articles by Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Everett Carl Ladd, S.M. Lipset, Kevin Phillips, and Aaron Wildavsky.

F255    Seminar, SUNY Buffalo Fall 1980

F256    New Class session at Eastern Sociological Society Meeting, March 1981

F257    Daniel Bell and Post-Industrial Society

F258    Harold Orlans

F259    Clippings on Neoconservatives

F260    Clippings-1960s

F261    Clippings (I)

F262    Clippings (II)

F263    Clippings (III)

F264    Clippings (IV)

            Series I.g. Ghost-Writing, 1959 – 1966

Between 1959 and 1965, Bazelon worked as a ghostwriter for his uncle, Judge David L. Bazelon. David L. Bazelon sat on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia from 1949 until his retirement in 1986. He was well-known for his opinions establishing the right of mentally ill patients to treatment, most notably the Durham decision in 1954. Bazelon was involved in the preparation of lectures and articles by his uncle. The files contained in this section of the series include, besides drafts of lectures and articles, the correspondence between Bazelon, his uncle, and third parties, including editors. There are also collections of clippings and reprints that served as background and research for the topics covered in the writing. Also included is “The Report of the Task Force on Law” of the President’s Panel on Mental Retardation (1962) of which David L. Bazelon served as chairman. The Ghost-writing section of the series includes a folder with material related to a speech given by attorney Morris D. Liebman to the Law School of Northwestern University on which Bazelon worked. Finally, there is a folder of notes related to Bazelon’s brief employment as a writer and interviewer for the Mike Wallace television show in the late 1950s.


            David L. Bazelon

10        F265    Correspondence (non-financial)

F266    Financial correspondence


11        F267    Copies of letters from third parties

F268    Notes

            F269    Cases (crime and mental illness)

Includes reprint of the Durham case (1954) in which Judge Bazelon “adopting a new test of criminal responsibility, held that if a defendant’s unlawful act was the product of mental disease or mental defect, he was not criminally responsible.”

F270    Notes on post-Durham cases

F271    Law Journal and other articles discussing the effects of the Durham ruling

F272    Articles on the relation of psychiatry and law

F273    Grant Application: Foundation’s Fund for Research in Psychiatry, 1959

            Request for funding for a research project culminating in a book on criminal responsibility. David L. Bazelon is named as Principal Investigator and David T. Bazelon as chief research and writing assistant.

F274    Newspaper clippings on crime and mental illness (I)

F275    Newspaper clippings on crime and mental illness (II)

F276    Articles by David L. Bazelon

            “The Awesome Decision,” Saturday Evening Post, 23 Jan 1960

“The Imperative to Punish,” Atlantic Monthly, Jul 1960

“The Interface of Law and the Behavioral Sciences,” New England Journal of Medicine, 26 Nov 1964

F277    “The Awful Decision,” David L. Bazelon, Saturday Evening Post, January 1960

            Includes drafts of the article, notes, and correspondence


            Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

            Series I.g. Ghost-Writing, 1959 – 1966 (cont’d)


11        F278    Speeches given by David L. Bazelon

            “Reflections in Psychiatry and the Law” [n.d., location unknown]

“Remarks on Psychiatry and the Law,” American Psychiatric Association, Cleveland OH, 30 Sep 1957

Meeting of the District of Columbia Bar Association, 12 Nov 1957

“Psychopathy: Deep Mental Disease or Mild Abnormality of Behavior?” American Psychiatric Association, 28 Apr 1959

“The responsibility of the Accused—and the Psychiatrist” New York Society for Clinical Psychiatry, 11 Jan 62

“Law Observance and Individual Rights,” Federal Bar Association, 30 Apr 1963

“Mental retardation: Some Legal and Moral Considerations,” 14 Mar 1965 [location unknown]

“Alcohol and Alcoholism: Some Judicial Impressions,” 11 Jun 1965 [location unknown]


F279    President’s Panel on Mental Retardation: Report of Task Force on Law (1962)

            David L. Bazelon served as Chairman of the Task Force. File includes drafts of the Task Force’s Report and correspondence


F280    Brandeis Memorial Lecture, March 1960

            Includes drafts and typescript of lecture delivered by David L. Bazelon at Brandeis University, editorial correspondence with The Atlantic Monthly regarding the magazine’s subsequent publication of the lecture, and correspondence documenting the reception of the lecture.


            Isaac Ray Lectureship Award Series of the American Psychiatric Association. University of Chicago, 19 – 20 Apr 1961: “Equal Justice for the Unequal”

            F281    Final Typescript

F282    Notes and Outline, Apr 1960

F283    Early material

F284    Draft

F285    Revisions by Patricia Weinberg (“Wendy”)


12        F286    Research

F287    Bound Draft

F288    Lowell Institute Lecture (1964). “The Interface of Law and the Behavioral Sciences”

F289    Articles and Speeches 1961-1964: Drafts, Notes, and Correspondence

F290    Morris D. Liebman Speech: Northwestern University, October 1959.

F291    The Mike Wallace Interview Show (1957 – 1959)

            Includes Bazelon’s notes for interviews with Sammy Davis Jr., Ben Gazzara, Alger Hiss, Hubert Humphrey, and others.

Series I.h. Research Files, 1950 - 1995

The research Files sub-series contains collections of clippings on subjects of interest to Bazelon over the course of his career organized according to the topic headings he himself assigned them.


12        F292    James Baldwin

F293    “The Budget and the Deficit” (c. 1962-1965)

F294    “Business and the Democrats” (1964)

F295    Business and Economy (1969-1994)

F296    Civil Rights Organizations

F297    Clay-Liston Fight (1965)

F298    Communism and Socialism

F299    Congressional Hearings and Investigations—Research Notes (I) (1950s)

F300    Congressional Hearings and Investigations—Research Notes (II) (1950s)

F301    Congressional Hearings and Investigations (1950s): (“Televised Congressional Hearings,” draft)

F302    Congressional Hearings and Investigations (1950s): (“Televised Congressional Hearings,” footnotes)


13        F303    Congressional Hearings and Investigations (1950s): (“Congressional Hearings                           and Television,” draft)

F304    Congressional Hearings and Investigations (1950s): (“Congressional Hearings and Television,” carbon)

            F305    Congressional Hearings and Investigations—clippings and other material           

            F306    Corporate Image

F307    “Corporate Order” (1958-1972)

F308    Economics (1960-1985)

F309    Education (1960-1985)

F310    Elections (Nixon-Clinton)

F311    Friends

F312    Ideology (1985)

F313    Intellectual and Literary Issues

F314    Kennedy and his Administration

F315    Law

F316    Law and Lawyers (I)

F317    Law and Lawyers (II)

F318    Law and Lawyers (III)

F319    Law and Lawyers (IV)

F320    Law and Lawyers (V)

F321    Law and Yale Law School

F322    Literary (1952-1969)


14        F323    Media

F324    “Negroes” General

F325    “Negroes (through 1964)”

Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.h. Research Files, 1950 - 1995 (cont’d)


14        F326    “Negroes (1965)”

F327    “Negroes-Voting”

F328    Ocean Hill-Brownsville School Controversy (1968)

F329    Party Realignment—Goldwater and After

F330    People’s Temple

F331    Personalities-Businessmen

F332    Personalities-General

F333    Political and Social Issues: Domestic (1962-1995)

F334    Politics-International


            Popular Culture

F335    Biographies

F336    Celebrities (I)

F337    Celebrities (II)

F338    Consumerism

F339    General (I)

F340    General (II)

F341    General (III)

15        F342    Language


F343    Presidential Campaign-1964

F344    Property

F345    Prosthetics


            F346    Reagan

F347    Reapportionment

F348    Reapportionment Supreme Court Decisions and Congressional Districting, Andrew Hacker Brookings Institution (1963)

F349    “Rich People”



F350    Columbia and Chicago Demonstrations

F351    Dissent Magazine and the Student Movement

F352    General (I)

F353    General (II)

F354    The Greening of America (Reich)

F355    Hippies

F356    New Student Left (I)

F357    New Student Left (II)


F358    Soviet Union

F359    Space

Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.h. Research Files, 1950 - 1995 (cont’d)


15        F360    Sociology


16        F361    “Zany” Sociology

F362    Suicide

F363    Taxes

F364    Television

F365    Writing

F366    T.V. Quiz Scandal (1959-1960)          



            Series I.i. Conferences, 1963 – 1969


F367    Aspen Film Conference (1963)

F368    Conference at Old Westbury (N.Y) 7 June 1967

F369    “The Next Fifty Years” American Institute of Planners October 1967, Washington D.C.

F370    U.S. Student Press Association. February 1969

F371    Conference on the Campus Crisis. Arden House, Harriman, NY. 26-28 September, 1969



            Series I.j. Organizations, 1963 – 1967


F372    Association for Evolutionary Economics

F373    Cornucopia Group

F374    Education Alliance

F375    League for Industrial Democracy (1963)

F376    National Coalition for a New Congress (NCNC) Correspondence

F377    NCNC Proposal Drafts

F378    NCNC Working Paper, March 1964

F379    NCNC Working Paper, March 1964 (with corrections)

F380    NCNC Working Paper Revised April 1964

F381    NCNC Project—Address File

F382    Religion and Labor Council of America (1962-1964)

F383    U.S. Commission on Civil Disorders (1967)



            Series I.k. Reprints and Clippings by and about Friends and Associates


F384    David L. Bazelon

F385    Adolf Berle

F386    Gerald T. Dunne

Series I. Literary Work, 1940 – 1995 (cont’d)

Series I.k. Reprints and Clippings by and about Friends and Associates (cont’d)


16        F387    Leslie Faber

F388    Oscar Gass

F389    Paul Goodman


17        F390    Irving Harris

F391    “The New Possibilities For Peace.” Thomas (Tom) Hayden and Richard Flacks (August 1963). Peace Research and Education Project, Ann Arbor MI

F392    “Radical Nomad: Essays on C. Wright Mills and His Times” by Thomas (Tom) Hayden/ “Preprint,” 1964. Center for Research on Conflict Resolution, U of Michigan

F393    Bosco Nedelcovic

F394    David Nyberg

F395    David Riesman

F396    Charles Winick

F397    A-J

F398    K-P

F399    R-So

F400    Sp-Z



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