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George Handy Bates
Samoan Papers
Photographs Appendix

1886 - 1893


Manuscript Collection Number: 125
Accessioned: Gift of Daniel Moore Bates, 1924.
Extent: 143 items
Content: Photographs, portraits, images.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1992, by Anita Wellner.

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Table of Contents

Contents List

Box - Plate - Description

          Un-numbered portraits and unmounted images
          (13 items)
     na   Happy New Year [collage of images].  J. Davis,
			Photo. Samoa.
          On verso:  Bates

     na   Port of Apia on the harbo[r].  M. & W. Garrett,
			Wilmington, Del.
          On verso:  M & W Garrett / 720 Market St /

     na   Fiti Akia [portrait].
          On verso:  From G.H. Bates.  Wilmington, Del.,
     		Feb. 1/89

     na   Seuwanutafa [portrait]
          On verso:  From G.H. Bates.  Wilmington, Del.,
     		Feb. 1/89

     na   Malietoa [portrait]
          On verso:  Return to Mr. Geo. H. Bates,
		     Wilmington, Del., 1Feb 89

     na   Malietoa [portrait]
          On verso:  From Geo. H. Bates, Wilmington, Del.,
			Feb 1/89

     na   Shirley W. Baker [sp? portrait].  Hanna, 134 Queen
			Street, Auckland.
          On verso:  Tonga, Oct 21/86

     na   [Otto von Bismarck, portrait] am Arbeitstisch in
          Friedrichsruhe 27.12.86.  Originalaufnahme v. A.
          Bockmann, Lübeck, ges geschützt, 1886.

     na   [portrait].  Loescher & Petsch, Hof-Photographen
          S.M.D. Kaisers, Berlin, Leipzigerstrasse132,
          Atelier parterre.

     na   Charles S. Scott 18/6/89 [portrait].  Fritz Leyde
          & Co., Hofphotograph, Berlin N.W., Unter Den
          Linden 59.

     na   John Bates Thurston [sp? portrait].  Taber, 8
          Montgomery Street, Opposite the Palace and Grand
          Hotels, San Francisco.
          On verso:  Geo. H. Bates, with Kindest regards
          from his colleague – “in factibus infidelium” –
          John Bates Thurston [sp?], July. 1887

     na   Nukualofa, Tonga.  183.  Q.V.
          On verso:  G.T. Chapman, Bookseller & Stationer,

     na   Nukualofa, Tonga.  188.  Q.V..
          On verso:  G.T. Chapman, Bookseller & Stationer,

          Numbered, mounted photographs
          (16 items)

6A   1    King’s Palace.  Honolulu.
     2    H.H..M. Kalakaua [portrait].

     3    Queen of Hawaii [portrait].
     4    King’s Palace.  Honolulu.

     [5]  Throne room, Palace.  Honolulu.
     6    New Government building.  Honolulu.

     7    King Lunalilo [portrait]
     8    Royal Palms.  Honolulu.

     9    Ancient Hawaiian idol.
     10   Date Palm Avenue.  Honolulu, Hospital grounds.

     11   Banana tree.
     12   Residence of Hon. C.R. Bishop.  Honolulu.

     13   Statue of Kamehaweha I.  Honolulu.
     14   Newman Avenue.  Honolulu.

     15   Hula Dancers
     16   Hula Dancing girls
          Numbered, mounted photographs
          (14 items)

     17   Bank of Bishop & Co..  Honolulu
     18   Honolulu from clock tower

     19   Hawaiian Hotel – Honolulu
     20   Residence of John H. Paty - Honolulu

     21   Residence of John H. Paty - family group
     22   View from North chamber window of the Paty’s

     23   View from East chamber window of Mr. Paty’s home
     24   Grove cottage near Honolulu.  Maruana Valley

     25   Residence of Princess Ruth.  Hawaii
     26   Coconut grove, Weikiki

     27   Kailuaua Falls
     28   Kalewauwau.  The house of the everlasting fire

     29   Kilauea Crater in eruption
     30   Lava flow, 1871

          Numbered, mounted photographs
          (73 items)

6C   31   Plate 31 with two images
     31a  2612-Apia – Samoa – From the Sea
     31b  2613-Apia – Samoa – From the Sea
     32   Plate 32 with two images
     32a  2614-Apia – Samoa – From the Sea
     32b  2615-Apia – Samoa – From the Sea

     33   Plate 33 with two images
     33a  2616-Apia – Samoa – From the Sea
     33b  2617-Apia – Samoa – From the Sea
          (all Burton Bros., Dunedin.  Copyright Series)
     34   Fiti, Maid of the Village at Apia Samoa

     35   Plate 35 with four images
     35a  Portrait of two Samoan men
     35b  Portrait of Samoan woman
     35c  Portrait of Samoan woman, “Faapia”
     35d  Portrait of Samoan woman
          On verso:  J.R. Bates, Wilmington, Del.

     36   Plate 36 with three images
     [36a]     2646-Samoan house, Apia.  Kawa making
     [36b]     2661  Samoan village, Pango- Pango.
          On verso:
     [36c]     2726  Banyan Tree,  Mua, Tongatabu
          (all Burton Bros., Dunedin.  Copyright Series)

     37   Plate 37 with four images
     37a  Samoan hut and children
     37b  Samoan hut
     37c  Samoan huts
     37d  Copra Making
     38   House of King Malietoa

     39   Interior of a Samoan Hut.  Pago Pago
     40   Plate 40 with two images
     40a  Group, Honolulu
     40b  Capt Hamilton’s picnic to the officers of the
          U.S.S Mohican and the H.M.S Miranda.  Samoa
6C   41   Plate 41 with three images
     41a  U.S flag raised over the Samoan flag  1886
     41b  Street in Apia, Samoa
     41c  Street in Apia, Samoa
     42   Harbor of Pago Pago.  U.S coal pile at the left

     43   Harbor of Pago Pago
     44   Plate 44 with three images
     44a  Mauga, Head chief of the island of Tutuila, Samoa
     44b  Samoan maiden, with fine mat, their most valuable
     44c  Samoan hut

     45   Plate 45 with three images
     45a  Samoan chief, Asi
     45b  Asi’s daughter. Faapeia
     45c  Samoan village
     46   Plate 46 with four images, “Samoan Views”
     46a  Cocoanut Trees
     46b  Cocoanut tree
     46c  Cocoanut Grove
     46d  Bridge near Apia

     47   Plate 47 with five images
     47a  Two Samoan men: Maliepoa anohis, Tuapali or
     talking man
     47b  Samoan hut
     47c  Samoan Canoes
     47d  Samoan women Bathing
     47e  Samoan Canoes alongside the U.S.S Mohican
     48   Plate 48 with eight images, “Samoan Women”
     48a  Samoan woman
     48b  Samoan woman
     48c  Samoan woman
     48d  Samoan woman
     48e  Samoan woman
     48f  Samoan woman, Faatulia, wife of Seumanatafa
     48g  Samoan woman
     48h  Samoan woman
     47   Plate 47 with four images
     47a  2619  Apia- Samoa (large portion of image cut out)
          (Burton Bros. Dunedin.  Copyright Series)
     47b  Portrait of a Samoan woman
     47c  Portrait of a Samoan woman
     47d  Portrait of two Samoan men
     48   Plate 48 with nine images
     48a  Samoan woman
     48b  Samoan man, Malietoa
     48c  Samoan woman
     48d  Samoan woman
     48e  Samoan woman
     48f  Samoan woman
     48g  Samoan woman
     48h  Samoan woman
     48i  Samoan man

     49   Ko Ene Afio, Ko Kigi Jioaji Tubou, King George of Tonga
          (print, Wilsons & Horton, Auckland)
     50   Plate 50 with two images
     50a  2720  Tongan Woman, Nukualofa
     50b  2724  Tongon girls
          (both Burton Bros., Dunedin.  Copyright Series)

     51   2709  At the Palace of Nukualofa, Tongatabu:
          Princess Salote Mafileo, Daughter of King George,
          Princess Anazien, Daughter of the King, Jiaogi
          Fatafehi, Governor of Hadaii
     52   Plate 52 with two images
     52a  2681  Wesleyen Church- Neiafu, Vavau, Tonga
     52b  2695  Neiafu, Vavua, Tonga

     53   Plate 53 with two images
     53a  2707  Nukualofa, Tongatabu
     53b  2700  Nukualofa, Tongatabu, From Zion
     54   Plate 54 with two images
     54a  2716  R.C Mission, Tonagatabu
     54b  2704  Tubou College, Nukualofa, Tongatabu
          (all Burton Bros., Dunedin.  Copyright Series)

          Numbered, mounted photographs
          (28 items)

6D   55   Plate 55 with two images
     55a  2698  “Zion,” Nukualofa, Tonga
     55b  2710  A German merchant’s, Funcalor, Tongatabu
     56   Plate 56 with two images
     56a  2699  Nukualofa, Tongatabu, Form “Zion”
     56b  2715  Near Nukualofa, Tongatabu
          (all Burton Bros., Dunedin.  Copyright Series)

     57   2721  A Tongan Belle
     58   Plate 58 with two images
     58a  2713  Houses of Europeans, Tongatabu
     58b  2701  Kualofa, Tongatabu
          (all Burton Bros., Dunedin.  Copyright Series)

     59   Tongan Dance
     60   Tongan view

     61   U.S.S Mohican, Neiafu, Vavau, Tonga Islands
     62   U.S.S Mohican from the hill behind Neiafu, Vavau,
			Tonga Islands

     63   The U.S.S Mohican in the Habor of Neiafu, Vavau,
			Tonga Islands
     66   Plate 66 with two images
     [66a]     [Grave of Michael H. McAdams, 1868-1886]
     [66b]     Views of the grave of a naval apprentice who
          fell from the Royal Yard of the Mohican and was
          killed in the harbor of Neiafu, Vavau, Tonga

     67   Pool, Fiji
     70   Tara Plantation, Fiji

     71   Plate 71 with two images
     71a  Sunset view, Fiji
     71b  Human sacrifice stones, Fiji, commemorating the
          human bodies of which part were eaten by Ra Hudre
          Hudre Chief  of Ruke Suke.  Each stone repesents
          one.  He had reached 872 when he died.  His son
          tried to exceed the number and had reached 40.
     72   Levuka, Fiji

6D        (cont’d)
     73   Plate 73 with two images
     73a  Mormon Baptism, Tahiti
     73b  Sunset view, Tahiti
     74   Plate 74 with two images
     74a  Papeiti, Tahiti
     74b  View in Tahiti

     75   Plate 75 with two images
     75a  House of the Justice Gillies, near Auckland, NZ
     75b  Park of the Justice Gillies, near Aucklnad, NZ
     76   Plate 76 with two images
     76a  Views in the Garden of the Justice Gillies,
			Auckland, NZ
     76b  Meryta Sinclairii (sp?), Mr. Justice Gillies
			Garden, Rockalnd  Auckland

     77   Landscape view from the house of the Justice Gellies,
          Auckland NZ

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