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Treasures of the University of Delaware Library
An online exhibition


The Hugh M. Morris Library of the University of Delaware presents this catalog for the exhibition, "Treasures of the University of Delaware Library," on view in Special Collections from October 1986 through April 1987. Both the catalog and the exhibition demonstrate the richness of the library's special collections available for students, faculty and friends of the library.

A library is more than a collection of books. It is a place which brings together in a logical arrangement the thoughts of humankind, making them accessible to individuals seeking information and knowledge. The Morris Library's diverse collections of books, periodicals, manuscripts, maps and microforms strongly support the study, teaching and research needs of the entire University community.

At the heart of the Morris Library's holdings is Special Collections. Among the treasures in Special Collections which appear in this catalog are rare books, historic maps, manuscripts, typescripts and letters. Special Collections serves as an important resource for a dynamic institution, poised to meet the needs of today and the challenges and opportunities of the future.

E.A. Trabant


To collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to the accumulated knowledge of civilization is the mission of the Hugh M. Morris Library of the University of Delaware. The strength of the University of Delaware Morris Library in meeting this mission rests upon the superior collections that have been created in the last 150 years, of which the rare books and manuscripts described in this catalog are a part. From its origin as a small college library with a handwritten catalog of thirty-five titles has emerged the University of Delaware Library with mature research collections that support a dramatic variety of academic programs. The creation of broadly based and highly respected research collections has not occurred by chance but has been created by dedicated librarians over many years who have worked closely with University faculty and administrators, friends, and alumni to bring into being distinguished library resources.

The rare book and manuscript collections have been enhanced by gifts of books, manuscripts, bequests, and donations from numerous individuals. For more than twenty-five years, the University of Delaware Library Associates have supported the acquisition of many treasures that are now in the Special Collections in the Morris Library. To every individual who has so generously given materials, thank you. Surely, adding books to a research library where they will remain in the collections for the use of students and scholars in the decades to come is a notable contribution.

The continuing interest and support of Dr. Samuel Lenher, former Chairman of the University of Delaware Board of Trustees and Chairman of the University of Delaware 150th Anniversary Advisory Committee; Mr. J. Bruce Bredin, Chairman of the University of Delaware Board of Trustees; Dr. E. A. Trabant, President of the University of Delaware; and Dr. L. Leon Campbell, Provost of the University of Delaware, deserve special recognition for the role each has played in bringing into being lovely and spacious new library facilities and in providing encouragement for building distinguished collections. Dr. Campbell's support for library needs ranging from the materials budget for books and journals to computer-based systems to staffing levels allows the University of Delaware to live up to its reputation of having broad and strong library collections, of offering an excellent quality of library service, and of having a dedicated and scholarly faculty, student population, and user community which use them.

A special thanks go to the Honorable and Mrs. G. Burton Pearson for the support of the Lammot du Pont Fund; to Mrs.Henry B. du Pont for many years of unswerving interest and unselfish devotion to the interests of the library; to the Unidel Foundation for support for collections and exhibits; to Mrs. Samuel Schwartz for assistance in creating collections of distinction in the American decorative arts; to Mrs. C. Lalor Burdick for creating the opportunity for distinguished collections to be given to Special Collections; and to Daniel Wolcott, president, and Gordon Pfeiffer, immediate past president, of the University of Delaware Library Associates for their leadership and dedication.

To all of these and to many others who have assisted the University of Delaware in building its library collections and new library facilities, thank you.

Susan Brynteson
Director of Libraries


The Special Collections Department of the University of Delaware Library is a microcosm of the library's general collections. It comprises books, manuscripts, prints, broadsides, periodicals, pamphlets and realia from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries that reflect the complexity and variety of many fields of knowledge in both ancient and modern languages. The works described in this catalog are highlights of the collections. While the individual works are splendid treasures, each also represents a comprehensive collection of which it is an integral part. The books, manuscripts and other items are placed in four broad subject categories and arranged chronologically within each.

Alice D. Schreyer
Head, Special Collections

Nathaniel H. Puffer
Assistant Director of Libraries
for Collection Development

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Treasures of the University of Delaware Library A catalog and exhibit prepared under the direction of Susan Brynteson. Copyright 1986 University of Delaware.

The generous support of the University of Delaware Library Associates and the Unidel Foundation in making this publication of this catalog possible is gratefully acknowledged.

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