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Arthur Miller

Death of a Salesman. New York: The Viking Press, 1949.

This copy of the play contains a two-page note written on the preliminary pages by the author Elaine Carrington who attended the opening performance in New York. The book has also been signed by Miller, members of the cast, and director Elia Kazin.

Death of a Salesman. London: The Cressett Press, 1949.

This copy of the first British edition of the play has been signed by the cast members of the first London production, which featured Paul Muni in the role of Willy Loman.

All My Sons. New York: Reynal & Hitchcock, [1947].

This play was Miller’s first Broadway success. Opening at the Coronet Theatre on January 29, 194, All My Sons ran for 328 performances and was awarded the 1947 Tony Award for Best Authored Play. Signed by Miller.

The American Clock. Theatre program, Signature Theatre Company, New York City, the Arthur Miller Season 1997 – 1998.

Directed by James Houghton.

Broken Glass. Playbill, The Booth Theatre, May 1994.

Program for the play starring Ron Rifkin, Amy Irving, and David Dukes.

Ride Down Mt Morgan. Playbill, Ambassador Theatre, New York City, April 2000.

Directed by David Esbjornson and signed by cast member Patrick Stewart.

Death of a Salesman. Photograph of Lee J. Cobb and Mildred Dunnock, [1949].

The Price. Photograph of Pat Hingle, Harold Gary, and Arthur Kennedy, [1968].

An Enemy of the People. Typescript,  New York: Studio Duplication Services,1958.

Miller's adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play. This copy is annotated with stage directions by cast member Esther Person who played Mrs. Stockman.

HUAC Trials - Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

In 1947, the House Un-American Activities Committee which had been established several years earlier, began investigating whether the motion picture industry had communist sympathizers.  More than forty professionals in the industry were subpoenaed to testify.  Ten people refused to testify and became known as the Hollywood Ten. Herbert Biberman, Lester Cole, Albert Maltz, Adrian Scott, Samuel Ornitz, Dalton Trumbo, Edward Dmytryk, Ring Lardner Jr., John Howard Lawson and Alvah Bessie refused to answer any questions. Bertolt Brecht, a playwright who emigrated to American fleeing the Nazi’s in World War II, fled back to East Germany after testifying.

The trials continued into the 1950s, leading to 320 people in the entertainment industry being blacklisted.  The HUAC Trials were devastating the accused, destroying not only careers but tearing families apart.  Playwrights and screenwriters were targeted for their works, some of whom would write under and alias’s in order to continue to work.

Arthur Miller was one of the many to be accused. He refused to testify and was blacklisted. Miller wrote The Crucible, a historical drama about the 1692 Salem witch trials as a reaction to the HUAC trails and the Hollywood blacklists.  The play premiered on January 22, 1953 at the Martin Beck Theatre in New York City.  The Crucible is Miller’s most performed plays, although, Death of Salesman remains his most popular.

In his poignant essay, "Are You Now Or Were You Ever?", Miller writes:

It would probably never have occurred to me to write a play about the Salem witch trials of 1692 had I not seen some astonishing correspondences with that calamity in the America of the late 40s and early 50s. My basic need was to respond to a phenomenon which, with only small exaggeration, one could say paralysed a whole generation and in a short time dried up the habits of trust and toleration in public discourse.

Arthur Miller, "Are You Now Or Were You Ever?" from The Guardian/The Observer (on line), Saturday, June 17, 2000

The Crucible.  New York: The Viking Press, 1953.

The Crucible. Program, Martinique Theatre, March 1958.

Off-broadway production starring Michael Higgins, Ford Rainey, Noah Keen, and Ann Wedgeworth.

The Crucible. Playbill, Virginia Theatre, March 2002.

Play starring Liam Neeson and Laura Linney.

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