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Emily Dickinson, 1830-1886.
Poems, edited by two of her friends, T.W. Higginson and Mabel Loomis Todd. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1893.

This copy is the fifth edition of the second series of Dickinson's posthumously published poems. Only one of Dickinson's poems was published during her lifetime. Todd and Higginson were contacted by Dickinson's family after her death and asked to publish her work. Both had corresponded with the poet and knew her work, but neither had ever met her.

Compound Frame

Emily Dickinson, 1830-1886.
Compound Frame: Seven Poems; with relief prints by Susan Johanknecht. West Burke, Vt.: Janus Press; London: Gefn Press, 1998.

A modern version of Dickinson's own handmade books; the cover is constructed from needlepoint mat and bound in a backstitch. The woodcuts and linocuts which accompany the text are abstract to reflect the emotional content of the poems

The Bewildering Thread, lithographs by Enid Mark; poems selected by Ruth Mortimer and Sarah Black. Wallingford, Pa.: ELM Press, 1986.

The Bewildering Thread developed from Ruth Mortimer's plan for an anthology of poems using weaving and fabric arts as metaphor. An exhibition of woven prints by Enid Mark, at the Eric Makler Gallery in Philadelphia in 1980, suggested to the compiler the possibility of collaboration on an artist's book. The poems selected for this book are all by contemporary poets, with the addition of the Emily Dickinson text to provide not simply "the bewildering thread" but a continuous thread.

World in a Frame

Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886.
The World in a Frame. Drawings by Will Barnet; poems by Emily Dickinson. New York: G. Braziller, 1989.

Born in 1911 in Beverly, Massachusetts, Barnet has had a long and distinguished career as a painter and printmaker. He began his career as an abstract painter, but he is best-known for his figurative works which emphasize flat planes of color punctuated by strong linear elements. The drawings for The World in a Frame are plain and unornamented, reflecting the spare eloquence of Dickinson's poetry.

Emily Dickinson, 1830-1886.
Five Poems; relief prints, Susan Johanknecht. London: Gefn Press, 1989.

Susan Johanknecht is an American-born book artist living and working in London. She founded the Gefn Press in 1977. The images on this simple accordion fold book appear to be rather menacing kitchen utensils.

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