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Index of Names

(with birth and death dates, when known)
Bazelon, David T., 1923- .

[Billing?] Louis.

Boss, Charles.

Bowles, Paul, 1910- .

Boynton, Lucien Cyrus 1811-1886.

Bradley, ____.

Brayman, Harold 1900-1988.

[Brinck, John C.] b. 1811.

Carothers, Ethel G.

Champney, Richard.

Coffey, Brian, 1905-1995.

Coleman, Emily Holmes, 1899-1974.

Cooper, Georgina Maria.

Crothers, Harriet S.

Darley, Arthur.

Dunbar-Nelson, Alice Moore, 1875-1935.

Fisher, Milton M..

Gray, George Arthur.

Harris, Mark, 1922- .

Hazlitt, Margaret, 1771-1844.

Hemperley, Harriet.

Henderson, Benjie.

Herbert, Charles, 1757-1808.

Hodge., Frederick A.

[Ingrahm?] William A..

Jennings, Elizabeth, 1926- .

Johnson, Louise S. (Louise Staton), 1882-1977.

Johnson, Robert Underwood, 1853-1937.

Jonson, George Washington, b. 1801.

K„sebier, Gertrude, 1852-1934.

Larsen, Wanda, 1910- .

Marston, Henry W.

Maxwell, James R. (James Riddle), 1836-1912.

Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.

Milford High School (Milford, Mass.).

Needham, George G., b. 1842.

Nelson, David M., 1920-1991.

Oakley, Thornton, 1881-1953.

Osborn, Stanley Hart.

Parker, Jessie Southard, b. 1873.

Patterson, William D., b. 1833.

Pepys, Walter Courtenay, 1840-1914.

Potts, Anna M., b. 1830.

Reynolds, Florence, 1879-1949.

Shedd, Charlotte, 1913- .

Shore, Emily, 1819-1839.

[Smith?, James E.]

Snodgrass, W.D. (William De Witt), 1926- .

Sowden, Emily.

Stockton, Sarah Marks.

Swift, Dudley.

Tupper, Samuel.

Viel‚, Teresa Griffin, 1831 or 2 - 1906.

Voorhies, Athaliah.

Walsh, Grace Lloyd, 1896?-1992.

Warren, Samuel Edward.

Washburn, Selina C..

Welsh, J.C..

White, Mary Avery, d. 1861?.

Williams, John J., 1904-1988.

Worrel, M.C.L..

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