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Ishmael Reed in Translation

Mumbo Jumbo. Barcelona: Ediciones Grijalbo, [1975].
First Spanish edition, translated by Horacio González Trejo.

De Laatse Dagen van Louisiana Red. Haarlem: In der Knipscheer, 1982.
The first edition in Dutch of The Last Days of Louisiana Red, translated by Djuke Houweling.

Japanese translation of Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down
Die Weihnachtsmann Connection: roman. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Taschenbuch, 1993.
The first German-language edition of The Terrible Twos, translated by Peter Torberg.

Mumbo Jumbo. Milan: Rizzoli Editore, 1981.
First Italian edition, translated by Fedora Giordano.

Rãup Garãu Kiddo no gyakushãu. [Tokyo: Farao Kikaku, 1994].
This first Japanese edition of Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down was translated by Takaaki Iida.

Klaas en Claus. [Haarlem]: In de Knipscheer, 1984.
The first Dutch edition of The Terrible Twos, translated by Hans Plomp.



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