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Poetry Slams: Where Artistic Verbal Creations Compete

Women in Slam

Female spoken word artists have become the spokeswomen for a new generation. This demanding oral poetry of the early 21st century has defined a vanguard of lithely muscled voices; women who think and act decisively to create their distinctive and desperately earned realities. The combination of the eminent slam movement and the upsurge of bold underground feminism has created a unique pool of women who verbally challenge society on all fronts.

Patricia Smith

Word Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Revolution. Emeryville, CA : Seal Press, [2007].

Patricia Smith is an American poet, spoken word performer, former journalist and a four time National Poetry Slam champion. Smith has performed on the Home Box Office (HBO) Series, Def Comedy Jam and has a featured appearance in the 1996 documentary SlamNation. Smith has an accomplished selection of poetry collections.

Patricia Smith

Big Towns, Big Talk. Hanover, NH : Zoland Books, [1992].

Patricia Smith

Blood Dazzler: Poems. Minneapolis : Coffee House Press, [2008].

Patricia Smith

Close to Death. Cambridge, Mass. : Zoland Books, 1993.

Patricia Smith

Life According to Motown. Chicago : Tía Chucha Press ; Oak Park, IL : Distributed by Independent Literary Publishers Association, [1991].

Patricia Smith

Teahouse of the Almighty. Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, [2006].

Jessica Care Moore

The Alphabet: Verses; The Ghetto. New York : Moore Black Press, [2002].

Jessica Care Moore

The Words Don't Fit in My Mouth.New York: Moore Black Press, [1997].

Moore is an American poet born in Detroit, Michigan. Moore was previously a news writer at Detroit's Fox television network outlet. Featured are two of her collections of poetry and prose.

Dana Bryant

Song of the Siren.New York: Boulevard Books, [1995].

Bryant is a poet and musician. In Song of the Siren, she reflects the feelings and concerns of women, set against the rhythms of the streets.

Maggie Estep

The Love Dance of the Mechanical Animals: Confessions, Highly Subjective Journalism, Old Rants & New Stories.New York: Three Rivers Press, [2003].

Estep the child of horse trainers grew up in nomadic households throughout the United States and France. Estep is a poet as well as the author of several crime novels. Love Dance of the Mechanical Animals showcases some of the works that helped her to appear on MTV and HBO’s Def Poetry.

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