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Architectural landmarks are daily reminders of Newark's historical legacy and part of its enduring charm. Civic groups such as the New Century Club of Newark, the Newark Historical Society, the Newark Heritage Alliance, the City Planning Department, and individuals such as artist Vernon Good or noted historian Henry Clay Reed or photographer Asa Pieratt have all made efforts to document Newark's historic buildings.

(Historic Newark Delaware poster)
Detail from Historic Newark Delaware, 1983.
Vernon L. Good.

Historic Newark Delaware [original watercolor art work of 37 sites in Newark] / conceived and published by Vernon L. Good with the cooperation of the Newark Historical Society, November 1983. Signed and dated by the artist, "Vernon L. Good, 11/1/1983."

Newark Heritage Trail, 1975-1976. Community Improvements scrapbook, 1975-1976.
New Century Club of Newark records.
Gift of the New Century Club

"Historical Data," [list of historic sites in Newark], May 1961.
Henry Clay Reed papers.
Gift of Mrs. Henry Clay Reed

Properties on Main Street are documented in varied sources in Special Collections, from the rich Wilbur T. Wilson map collection, to atlases and city directories, to planning documents such as the City Planning Department's improvement workbook for building facades or other comprehensive development plans available from that office.

Village of Newark, 1858.
UD Photographs collection.

Map identifying commercial properties fronting Mainstreet. Main Street fašade improvement workbook. Newark, Del. : Newark Planning Department, January 1977.
William J. Cohen Technical Library.
Gift of William J. Cohen

Rooflines and a Story of Change

(National bank of Newark)
National Bank of Newark, 1901
National Bank building to the left of Neighbor's Drugs, 1950s

The Green Mansion

The Green Mansion, 1919
G. Burton Pearson, Jr., papers.

"Desirable Residence for Sale at Newark," 1919 real estate ad for 94 East Main Street. The ad notes that Newark hosts "an unusually high-grade class of citizens."
G. Burton Pearson, Jr., papers.
Gift of the Pearson family

Documenting Main Street, 1990s

Asa Pieratt Photograph collection.
Gift of the photographer

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