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Though milling and machining industries have been a part of Newark's economic base from its earliest days, farming balanced the small town's urban growth with an enduring rural landscape. Agricultural and dairy farms in and around Newark fostered cooperation between local residents and Delaware College, particularly through the Agricultural Experiment Station on the University Farm, which is still operating in city limits, and the Agricultural Extension. Charles L. Penny's account book, described below, shows Extension purchases of milk from local farmers, who were interested in working with the College to learn to maximize return weight and yield for butter and milk, which the famers sold and shipped by rail.

(President Perkins and Senator Frear with a cow)
Photograph of UD President John A.
Perkins and Senator J. Allen
Frear, Jr. with a dairy cow, 1950s.
UD Photograph collection.

Pictorial report of county agricultural agent R.O. Bausman, New Castle County, Delaware : from October 1, 1917 to October 1, 1923. Newark, Del. : University of Delaware, Division of Agricultural Extension, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and New Castle County Farm Bureau Cooperative, 1923.

Liberty gardens tended by school children in Newark. Newark Extension agent Agnes P. Medill taught the importance of food conservation to youth during World War I, in a program that was the precursor of 4H Clubs, 1918-1922.
Agnes P. Medill Boys' and Girls' Liberty Club scrapbook.
Gift of the children of Mrs. Joseph McVey

Photograph of UD President John A. Perkins and Senator J. Allen Frear, Jr., with a dairy cow on the University Farm, 1950s. Senator Frear (Class of 1924), had a dairy of his own near Dover, and maintained a strong interest in the University's programs.
UD Photograph collection.

Charles L. Penny account book for the Agricultural Experiment Station at Newark, Delaware, 1892-1916.
Account Books, Ledgers collection.
Gift of Charles L. Penny

Insurance advertisement featuring the Richards Dairy, Inc., one of the largest in Newark, 1950s.
Henry Clay Reed papers.
Gift of Mrs. Henry Clay Reed

(New Castle County Potato Demonstrations)
Image from the Pictorial report of county agricultural agent
R.O. Bausman, New Castle County, Delaware
, 1923.

James Hossinger (1838-1906), partner with John Elliot, owned and operated Elliot & Hossinger, an agricultural and livestock business specializing in sheep, cattle, and hogs. With easy access to the rails and interested clientele from dairy farms and textile mills, Hossinger became a successful businessman and prominent Newarker. He took an active interest in public service, serving as a trustee on the board of Delaware College, treasurer for the Board of Trustees of the Academy of Newark, treasurer for Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder Company, treasurer for Newark Real Estate Company, and president of the National Bank of Newark.

(Receipt for 223 sheep)
Receipt for 223 sheep delivered via the B&O Railroad,
Elliot & Hossinger receipts, June 26, 1897.
James Hossinger papers.

The varied receipts found in Hossinger's papers are for trade in livestock and delivery of fuel, farming implements, and building supplies, altogether reflecting the interdependence of regional merchants and the growth of nineteenth-century commerce in Newark.

Elliot & Hossinger receipts, 1889-1901.
James Hossinger papers.
Gift of James Thompson

Photographic portrait of James Hossinger.
UD Photograph collection.

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