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The history of the University of Delaware is intimately entwined with the history of Newark. In addition to its growth as a significant institution of higher education and a major employer in Delaware, the University is a prominent presence in town by virtue of its central location, (largely) Georgian archictecture, and cultural and intellectual offerings. Yet it is the collegiate spirit of each generation of young men and women who spend their student lives in Newark that adds much to the vitality of the city.

University of Delaware [original watercolor art work of 25 buildings and research vessel] / conceived and published by Vernon L. Good and University Bookstore, undated (circa 1983).

Aerial view of campus, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, [1928] / by Charles Z. Klauder. Day and Klauder, prominent collegiate architects, designed many of the campus buildings in the Georgian style.
Delaware maps collection.

Silver Goblet
Silver Goblet awarded
to Samuel Harrington for best essay
on "Our Nation's Greatness,"
Littell family papers.

The College experience for young men at Delaware College was strongly shaped by membership in student groups and organizations. Rival literary societies, sort of fraternal debating leagues, flourished before the Civil War; the cadet corps was a major part of Everett C. Johnson's student identity; and fraternities were fully ensconced by the time J. Allen Frear, Jr. (Class of 1924) attended.

Speech to "Fellow Athenaeans," accepting presidency of the Society / by Gideon B. Waples, 1850-1852.
Waples family papers.
Gift of Mrs. Charles D. Carey

The Delta Phi Literary Society of Delaware College, 56th anniversary excercises, June 17, 1891.
Delaware Ephemera collection.

Silver goblet : "Best Essay on Our National Greatness" presented by John C. Smith at Washington City to Samuel M. Harrington, Jr., of Delaware College, Newark, July 2, 1856. Samuel Milby Harrington was a member of the Athenaean Literary Society.
Littell family papers.
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Julian D. Winslow

Cadet Everett C. Johnson,
Everett C. and Louise Staton
Johnson papers.

Cadet Everett C. Johnson, 1895-1899.
Everett C. and Louise Staton Johnson papers.
Gift of Marjorie Johnson Tilghman

Sigma Nu fraternity, including J. Allen Frear, Jr. (Class of 1924) in the front row, seated far left.
Prints, Photographs and Images collection.

Though women had attended Delaware College between 1872 and 1885, it was not until 1914 that a coalition of women--including Emalea Pusey Warner and several leaders of the New Century Club of Newark--successfully campaigned for a Women's College at Delaware. Delaware College became the University of Delaware in 1921; but it was not until 1944, however, that the sexes were fully integrated for classroom instruction.

Photograph of publisher Everett C. Johnson with Dr. Winifred Robinson, first dean of the Women's College, 1914-1937.
UD Photo collection.

Photograph of young women parading to the dedication of Memorial Hall, the new, centrally located library, which was built to honor Delawareans killed in World War I, 1923.
UD Photo collection.

Women at the University of Delaware,
(left to right) 1923, 1954, 1949.

Photograph of commencement gathering, 1929, representing the entire student body and faculty. Women students stand to the left with robed seniors in the forefront, undergraduate males (including freshmen in their beanies) are in the center, faculty and deans stand to the right. Evans Hall is under construction in the background, where a young child plays on a mound of dirt (with, no doubt, a faculty spouse standing nearby).
UD Photo collection.

The Blue Hen Gridder : official program for West Chester v. Delaware, November 19, 1949.

Dormitory life for modern coeds, 1954.
UD Photo collection.

UD Marching Band, UD photograph by
Jack Buxbaum, 1990s.
Delaware Postcard Collection.

Spirited times at UD are captured in student journalism and sports. The late 1960s brought radical changes to campus life, beginning with the abolishment of both the student dress code and mandatory ROTC service, and culminating with anti-war protests. Shaun D. Mullen, editor-in-chief of The Review during momentous times, captioned 1968 "An Up-Against the Wall year" in his editorial review.

Almost without saying, Delaware football and the Fighting Blue Hens are a vital part of Newark.

Peace in Our Time / An Up-Against the Wall Year (editorial review). The Review, December 1968.
Gift of Shaun D. Mullen

Enlarged photo postcard : Delaware vs. Indians, November 26, 1914, Joe Frazer Field.
Delaware Postcard collection.

Two photographs of legendary UD football coach (1951-1966) and scholar of the game, 1960s.
David M. Nelson papers.
Gift of David M. Nelson and Mrs. Shirley Nelson

"UD Marching Band is an integral part of the football spirit," / UD photograph by Jack Buxbaum, 1990s.
Delaware Postcard collection.

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