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Location influenced transportation and growth, especially by rail in the nineteenth century. The Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad was built along the skirts of Newark in 1837, one long mile south of town, a line that later became the Pennsylvania Rail Road (now CONRAIL/Amtrak). In 1886, the Baltimore & Ohio built an extension to Philadelphia with a station in Newark on Elkton Road, not far from the Deer Park Hotel. (This is today's CSX rail system.) The nineteenth-century rails carried passengers, but more importantly, supported economic growth with delivery of supplies and fuels, and export of dairy and agricultural produce, and locally milled lumber, paper, and textiles.

(Map showing the road to the New Castle ferries from Newark
Road to New Castle Ferries from Deer Park Hotel, an enduring landmark.
Wilbur T. Wilson map collection.

"Centrally located."
Map by E.B. Gephart, from Newark, Delaware,
Board of Trades invites industries: free land,
no taxes
by E.P. Cowell.
Newark, Del.: Newark Board of Trades, 1901.

Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore railroad guide : containing a description of the scenery, rivers, towns, villages, and objects of interest along the line of road including historical sketches, legends, &c. / by Charles P. Dare. With a color facsimile of train schedules showing six stops, daily, in Newark in 1856. Philadelphia : T. Fitzgibbon, c1856.

Road to New Castle Ferries from Deer Park Hotel [with distances] / by Wilbur T. Wilson, circa 1910.
Wilbur T. Wilson map collection.
Gift of the estate of Wilbur T. Wilson

Railroad receipts regarding delivery of wood, mules, and livestock to Elliot & Hossinger, 1900-1901.
James Hossinger papers.
Gift of James Thompson

Railroad receipt regarding B&O delivery of mules to Elliot & Hossinger,
January 17, 1900.
James Hossinger papers.

Two postcards of Newark train stations: B&O Rail Road Station, 1906 ; Pennsylvania R.R. Station, 1905.
Both cards distributed by E.B. Frazer, Newark, Del.
Delaware Postcard collection.

Map showing railroad lines, trolley lines completed, or building of Newark trolley lines, [with 25 and 50 mile radials] / by E.B. Gephart, from Newark, Delaware, Board of Trade invites industries : free land, no taxes / by E.P. Cowell. Newark, Del. : Newark Board of Trade, 1901.

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