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In Memoriam: June D. MacArtor, Esquire

Delaware's Environmental Guardian

on display in Morris Library June 27, 2013 – July 30, 2013

One of Delaware's first twenty-five women lawyers, June D. MacArtor (June 3, 1930 - June 13, 2013) leaves a legacy of ardent environmental stewardship and is credited with establishing a body of state court case law supporting coastal zone management and protection of public lands from encroachments. The selected items shown on display in Morris Library for this memorial exhibit – from the June D. MacArtor papers housed in Special Collections – represent the range of speeches, reference clippings, environmental reports, and policy research materials available in her papers.

Selected items:

  1. "June D. MacArtor, Deputy Director, Division of Air and Waste Management, State of Delaware," computer printout of biographical introduction for MacArtor before an unidentified speaking engagement, February 26, 1989.

  2. "Zeroing in on air pollution," Wilmington News Journal, October 15, 1966, from MacArtor.s files on environmental concerns. From committee work for the League of Women Voters and as a late-1960s resident of smoggy Los Angeles, MacArtor particularly tracked information about air quality.

  3. Handwritten notes for a speech to Girl Scouts on Citizenship in Action, April 19, 1984. MacArtor urged her audience, ages 10-13, to "Make the people know; Make the people care; Help the people act."

  4. "Insurer's plan sparks new coalition," Wilmington News Journal, November 28, 2001. The two state legislators and staff attorney named in this clipping follow the lead of Delaware women's public activism set by MacArtor, the unidentified woman in the red shirt with her note-taking pen in mouth, who continued to monitor environmental policy and planning, even in retirement.

  5. Handwritten notes for presentation by MacArtor before unidentified speaking engagement, November 18, 1993. MacArtor championed education, legal avenues, and the "Holler a lot" approach to raise public awareness of environmental issues.

  6. "Existing Industrial Ownership," state map from a Delaware Coastal Zone report, Delaware State Planning Office, July 1973. MacArtor's early legal career included defense of Delaware's landmark Coastal Zone Act.

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