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Alternative Conspiracy Theories

As with all major cataclysmic events, the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln gave rise to numerous alternative interpretations of the events surrounding the assassination, the conspiracy, and the judicial proceedings.

DeWitt, David Miller, 1837–1912.

The judicial murder of Mary E. Surratt. Baltimore: John Murphy & Co., 1895.

Chiniquy, Charles Paschal Telesphore, 1809–1899.

The murder of Abraham Lincoln: planned and executed by Jesuit priests. Indianapolis, Ind.: Ironclad age, 1893.

Tumblety, Francis.

A few passages in the life of Dr. Francis Tumblety: the Indian herb doctor, including his experience in the old Capitol Prison, to which he was consigned with a wanton disregard to justice and liberty, by order of Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War. Also journalistic and documentary vindication of his name and fame, and professional testimonials respectfully inscribed to the American public. Cincinnati: The author, 1866.

Tumblety produced this little book to exonerate himself after he was arrested and held for a time as a conspirator in the Lincoln assassination. This was apparently just a case of mistaken identity due to the fact that he used an alias that happened to be that of a suspect. He was a quack doctor who obtained significant wealth but was always on the move due to one trouble or another. He is of additional interest in that in recent years he has become a primary suspect in the “Jack the Ripper” murders which terrorized late–nineteenth century London.

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