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Ernest Hemingway In His Time

Death of a Legendary Writer

Ernest Hemingway's life of adventure was filled with more than one near-death episode. When his end did come, it was by his own hand, sudden and violent as the events in many of his own novels.

Daily News "Hemingway Feared Dead in Nile Air Crash,"
Daily News, January 25, 1954.

When Hemingway and his fourth wife, Mary Welsh, were involved in a plane crash in Uganda in 1954, search planes mistakenly reported that there were no survivors, and Hemingway's death was prematurely announced by press around the world.

"Gunshot Kills Hemingway,"
Chicago Daily Tribune, 120 (July 3, 1961).

Hemingway's suicide was initially reported as an accident.

Chicago Daily Tribune

Atlantic Monthly The Atlantic Monthly, 223 (January 1969).

Eight years after Hemingway's death, this issue contained "Hemingway: Living-Loving-Dying," the first part of a new book by Hemingway biographer Carlos Baker.

The Daily Telegraph Magazine (London), May 19, 1972.

Cover from a photograph by Karsh. "Miss Mary's Lion" was one of Hemingway's posthumously-published stories.

The Humanist, 76 (September 1961).

Cover with Karsh's famous 1958 photograph of Hemingway.

The Humanist

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