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A Bibliography

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Asian American and Latin American Writers

Castillo, Ana.
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The Mixquiahuala Letters.
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Black Gay and Lesbian Writers

Bâ, Mariama.
Scarlet song.Harlow: Longman, 1986. (PQ3989.2 B23 C4313x 1986>

Corbin, Steve.
The Fragments That Remain.
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No past, no present, no future
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By the Light of My Father's Smile.
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Euro-Caucasian Gay and Lesbian Writers

Barker, Clive.
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New York: Berkley Books, c1998. (PR6052 .A6475 B6 1998)

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New York: High Risk Books, 1995. (PS3557 .L82 J33 1995) Euro-Caucasian case

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Plays Well With Others.
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Additional Materials

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