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Type Specimens

The Library's collection of more than 2,000 trade catalogs includes a substantial number relating to the printing and publishing industries. In addition, the catalogs often serve as examples of developments in the technology of printing and illustration. Special Collections houses a strong collection of type specimens, and also holds numerous paper samples.

  • Braunworth & Co.
    The Braunworth type book: showing monotype and linotype faces, special characters, accents, borders, ornaments and complicated type setting. Brooklyn: The Company, c1931.
  • J. Howe & Co.
    A Specimen of Metal Ornaments and Job Type, cast, and for sale, at the stereotype foundry of J. Howe, corner of Crown and Callowhill Streets, Philadelphia. [Philadelphia: J. Howe], 1823.
  • Ledger Job Office.
    Specimens of Show Printing: being fac-similes in miniature of poster cuts, comprising colored and plain designs. Philadelphia: Ledger Job Office, 1882.
  • Ornamented Types: twenty-three alphabets from the Foundry of Louis John Pouchée. London: I.M. Imprimit, in association with the St. Bride Printing Library, 1992-1993.
Type Specimen 1882
Specimens of Show
, 1882.
Type Specimen 1823
A Specimen of Metal Ornaments and
Job Type...
, 1823.
Specimens of Show Printing..., 1882.

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