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Women's Suffrage Collection

Vote Bird
"Votes for Women."
Window hanger.
Suffrage Postcards
Postcard, Cargill Co., ca. 1910.
Votes for Women
"People Say: We Say"

The fight for woman suffrage in the United States grew out of the anti-slavery campaigns of the early nineteenth century. Women who were actively involved in the Abolition movement found that they were often denied leadership roles in these organizations. This discrimination led to the first major event of the Woman's Rights Movement in America, the Seneca Falls Convention, which took place in New York State in July, 1848.

During the next seventy years, the campaign for woman suffrage fought on both the state and federal level for voting rights. In 1890, Wyoming entered the Union as the first state to give women the vote, but it was not until 1920 that the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution giving women full suffrage was ratified.

The Woman Suffrage Collection documents the struggle through dozens of flyers, broadsides, postcards, banners, buttons and other objects produced by women's groups for advertising, fund raising and educational purposes. The study of these objects, along with the more traditional books, journals and government documents, allows for a more well-rounded understanding of the Movement and American society during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Students of gender studies, American history, as well as visual communications and advertising history can gain a unique prospective from this collection.

  • "Votes for Women a Success, The Map Proves It." NY: National Woman Suffrage Publishing Company, circa 1915. Broadside.
  • Women's Political Union.
    "People Say: We say." National American Women Suffrage Association, circa 1910-1915. Broadside.
  • Mass. Woman Suffrage Assn.
    "Votes for Women." Boston: Mass. Woman Suffrage Assn., 1915. Window hanger.
  • "United Equal Suffrage States of America." Grand Rapids: The Cargill Co., circa 1910. Postcard.
  • Selection of celluloid buttons advocating votes for women, 1895 - 1910.

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