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Dyeing and Bleaching

The great depth of the holdings in science and technology reflects the University of Delaware's program and research strengths in these areas. The core of these holdings is the Unidel History of Chemistry Collection which contains several thousand primary sources in the history of chemistry, with over half the titles published prior to the chemical revolution of the 1780s, and extends into related areas such as alchemy, pharmacy, medical botany, natural philosophy and applications such as distillation, fermentation, brewing, and dyeing and bleaching.

Allerley Matkel
Allerley Matkel..., 1532.
Berthollet Equipment
Close-up from Essay on
the new method
of bleaching...
, 1790.
Dyeing Sample Book
Traité de la teinture...,

The art and science of dyeing and bleaching represents an aspect of chemical history that has been an integral component of human life since early antiquity. The Unidel Collection includes a wealth of material on dyeing and bleaching, including early books of secrets which began to appear throughout Europe in the sixteenth century, recipe books, technical manuals, specimen books, and treatises on dyeing in general and on specific applications. The collection appeals to a wide variety of scholarly investigation including the history of color and color theory, textile printing, material and popular culture, and the history of industry and technology.

  • Allerley Matkel [sic] und Flecken auss Gewant, Sammath, Seyden, güldinen Stücken, Kleydern [et]c. z bringen: es seyen Schmaltz Flecken, O°l odder Weyn Flecken, odder wie die mo°gen genennt werden: und das alles leychtlych on schaden Y. Getruckt zu Meintz: Bey Peter Jordan ..., 1532.
  • Leonard Mascall, d. 1589.
    A profitable booke declaring dyuers approoued remedies, to take out spottes and staines, in silkes, veluets, linnen and woollen clothes: with diuers colours how to die veluets and sylkes, linnen and woollen, fustian and threade: also to dresse leather, and to colour felles: how to gild, graue, sowder and vernishe: and to harden and make softe yron and steele ..., taken out of Dutche, and Englished by L.M. Imprinted at London: By Thomas Purfoote ..., 1588.
  • Claude-Louis Berthollet, 1748-1822.
    Essay on the new method of bleaching, by means of oxygenated muriatic acid: with an account of the nature, preparation, and properties, of that acid, and its application to several other useful purposes in the arts, from the French of Mr. Berthollet ; with figures of all the necessary apparatus and explanatory notes by Robert Kerr ... Edinburgh: Printed for William Creech, and G.G.J. and J. Robinson, London, 1790.
  • Joseph Dépierre, b. 1839.
    Traité de la teinture et de l'impression des matières colorantes artificielles. Paris: Baudry & Cie, 1891-1903.
  • E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company.
    The Gallopont colors. Wilmington: The Company, 1924.

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