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The twin purposes of the 1933 International Exposition were to celebrate the centennial of the founding of Chicago and to highlight the scientific and industrial progress of the country in the past hundred years. The "look" of the Fair was to be modern and scientific, avoiding the traditional, classical styles of the previous expositions. The functional, unornamented style of the buildings' exteriors was influenced by the Bauhaus and other modernist European styles.

The organizers hoped that the Fair would make advances in the sciences understandable even to the uneducated viewer. They wanted to show processes in action rather than static machines. In order to encourage innovation, all competition for blue ribbons was eliminated. Visitors could see an operating oil refinery and an automobile assembly line. One of the most popular exhibits was "The World a Million Years Ago" which included life-like dinosaurs in a realistic setting.

Official Pictures of a Century of Progress Century of Progress International Exposition Chicago, Ill.
A Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, official pictures in color. Chicago: A Century of Progress, 1934.

Official View Book Century of Progress International Exposition Chicago, Ill.
Official View Book, a Century of Progress Exposition. Chicago: The R. H. Donnelley Corporation, 1933.

American Asphalt Paint Company.
Progress in Industrial Color and Protection at "A Century of Progress." Chicago: American Asphalt Paint Company, 1933.

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